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Huntttrs, Ayr. 

SB 1281. 






RHorta No. 7243. 






'hone 2680 Day and Night Service. 



' .-'-. 


Head Offices 


General Manager 

Property is a sound and profit- 
able form of investment, and 
anyone who buys with the aid 
of the Halifax Building Society 
is truly "spending to save." 

Over £1,000,000 a month is 
advanced by the " Halifax " on 
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largest financial assistance without 
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how the "Halifax" can help you. 





Agent, .... DAVID PATERSON, C.A. 




- , ■■■;. 





^-'^ <:.:.:;: - ... 


Established 1833. 

Booksellers, Librarians and Stationers. 
Artistic Printing. . . . Stationery. 
Leather Goods. . ♦ . Fancy Goods. 

Pewter, Brass and Copper. 
Picture Framing. Fountain Pen Experts. 






Established 1903. 
(Incorporated under the Companies Acts, 1892 to 1900. 

CAPITAL, £1,000. 

Board of Directors : 

JOHN CAMERON, Grocer and Wine Merchant, 149 

High Street, Ayr. 
JAMES LIMOND, Ironmonger, 120 High Street, Ayr. 
JOHN HOURSTON, Draper, 26 Alloway Street, Ayr. 
WALTER PATERSON, Grocer, 227 High Street, Ayr 
THOMAS FREW, Flesher, 245 High Street, Ayr. 
WILLIAM HARVEY, 12 Miller Road, Ayr. 

Bankers : 

Auditor : 
PETER LYLE, Chartered Accountant, Ayr. 

Joint Secretaries and Managers : 

JOHN T. SCOTT, Corporate Accountant and Chartered Secretary. 
ALFRED T. SCOTT, Chartered Accountant. 


29 Newmarket Street, Ayr. 

Telephone No. 2401. 

Prospectus, Forms of Proposals, and further information will be 
furnished on application to the Secretary or District Agents. 


'"■I '•■"'* 

Ayr and District 

With STREEf MAP of the TOWN 
FOR 1934-1935 

To which is added — The Principal Residents, 
Farmers, etc., of the Parishes of Ayr, Coylton, 
Dalrymple, Kirkmichael, Maybole, Monkton, 
Prestwick, Ochiltree, Stair and Tarbolton. 

A List of Gentlemen's Residences and Farms, etc., 
in the County, with their Occupants and 
Postal Addresses. 

A Trades Directory and General, Local, and Post 
Office, etc., Information. 

Published by 


57 Dalblair Road, Ayr. Phone 2469. 





Because they give you better quality goods 
at a Less Price than you can get elsewhere. 

Continue the SHARP HABIT and you will be 
SURE and 


Big Value 
Drapery Store, 

8 and lO HIGH STREET, 

Phone 3903. 


Advertisement Index 

Agricultural and Business Associations, etc. 

Allotment Holders and Horticultural Society 

Ambulance Association 

Animals, Cruelty to ... 

Assets, etc., of Burgh 










See advt. page 53. 

Note New Address •_ 

Garage, Stores and Office, 
65-71 South Harbour Street. 

Coalowners' Association 

County Council 

County Nursing Association ... 

County Officials 

Customs, Excise and Board of Trade 

Dairymen's Association 
Deaf and Dumb Mission 

District Directory 


Employment Committee (Local) 
Employment Exchange 
Entertainment, Places of 


Friendly Societies 

Gardeners' Mutual Improvement Association 

Gas Companies 

General Directory 

Gentlemen's Residences and Occupants 

Girls' Club and Hostel 

Girl Guides and Brownies 










Telephone, Ayr 2325. Telegrams— Wilson & Dickson, Ayr. 

Wilson, Dickson S Co., Ltd., 

Electrical 6 Wireless Engineers 6 Contractors, 

SSKsrseu* nd : Advic t 185 high street, ayr. 

Repairs promptly and Skilfully Executed. 
Power, Heating, and Lighting Installations* 

Telephones and Bells. Repairs to Motors and Dynamos 
a Speciality. Accumulators Repaired and Re-charged. 

Lamps and Appliances in Large Variety. 
Everything Electrical Supplied. 

INDEX— continued. 

Grocers & Provision Merchants' 

Association ... .., ... 320 
'Guildry of Ayr 29 

Harbour of Ayr 

Historical Notes and Statistics 


Hon. Sheriff Substitutes 

Hospitals — 

County, Fever, Glengall, 
Kirkmichael House, Seafield, 

Inland Revenue 

Justice of Peace Court 
Justices of the Peace ... 
Juvenile Employment 




Kyle Home 




Landlords & Factors' Assoc 339 

Lands Valuation ... ... 29 

League of Nations Union ... 339 
Library, Carnegie Public 31 

Licensed Grocers' Association 339 
Licensing Appeal Court ... 29 
Lifeboat Institution ... ... 350 

Local Institutions, Charitable 
Societies, etc. 348 

Market Days and Fairs ... 33 

Masonic Bodies 344 

Motor Taxations ... ... 39 

Musical and Operatic Associa- 
tions and Societies ... ... 345 

National Bible Society ... 348 
National Service League ... 339 
Newspapers 33 

Outlying Districts Directory... 355 
Parishes of Coylton, Kirk- 
michael, Maybole, Monkton 
and Prestvvick, Dalrymple, 
Stair, Ochiltree, Tarbolton, 

Police Office 27 

Political and Recreation Clubs 340 


Population of Burgh 25 

Post Office 45 

Preface 19 

Prestwick General Directory 365 
Probation Officers ... ... 29 

Public Offices 29 

Quarter Sessions 


Race Meetings ... ... ... 33 

Recreation Clubs ... ... 340 

Registrar Office 29 

Religious, Tern perance Societies, 

etc 348 

Royal Scots Fusiliers 346 

Sanatorium for Consumption. . . 349 

Schools 342 

Schools, H.M. Inspector ... 342 
Schools, Private ... ... 343 

Scottish Milk Records Assoc. . 339 
Seaman's Christian Society ... 348 

Session Clerks 348 

Sheriff and Commissary Court 41 
Sick Nursing Association ... 349 
Sisters of the Cross & Passion 348 
Social and Recreation Clubs... 341 
Society for Social Service ... 348 
Soldiers' and Sailors' Families' 
Association ... ... 350 

Solicitors before Sheriff Court 43 
Stamp Duties ... ... ... 49 

Station Agents... ... ... 31 

Steamers ... ... ... 31 

Street Directory 207 

Streets, Index and Guide to 7-13 
Sunday School Union... ... 348 

Territorial Association and 
Reserve Forces ... ... 346 

Town Council 27 

Transport Services 33 

Trades' House Incorporation... 339 
Trade Operatives' Secretaries 346 

Women's Citizens' Association 339 

Yeomanry, Ayrshire 

Young Men's Christian Assoc. 





It is the natural desire of 
those who take pride in their 
homes to own a Piano, and it 
has heen a source of pleasure 
to us to satisfy this desire in 
many thousands of homes 
throughout Scotland. 

From our stock of Upright Pianos from 
25gfns., Minature Grands from49g , ns., 

there is sure to be just the model that suits 
your requirements. Suitable terms will be 
gladly arranged. 


"Scotland's National Music House, 



Index and Guide to Streets, Places, etc. 

The Burgh of Ayr is divided into Six Wards— 1, 2, and 4 on the South 
side of the river (except the part on the North from the West side of 
Green Street to the Sea), 3, 5, and 6 on the North. 

4. Academy Street — off Sandgate. 

4. Ailsa Place— Eglinton Terrace to Arran Terrace. 

3. Albert Terrace— John Street to Content Street. 

6. Alderston Avenue — off Prestwick Road at No. 76. 

6. Alexandria Terrace — off M'Call's Avenue. 

5. Allison Street, 1 to 87— Wallace Street to New Eoad. 

6. Allison Street, 2 to 88— Wallace Street to New Eoad. 
1. Alloway Park — off Alloway Place. 

1. Alloway Place— Wellington Square to Racecourse Road. 
•2. Alloway Street— High Street to Killoch Place. 

5. Ardlui Road— off Prestwick Road at No. 69. 

6. Argyle Street — Wellington Street to Nelson Street. 

4. Arran Terrace — Ailsa Place to Seahank Road. 

4. Arthur Street — Lome Arcade to Boswell Park. 

2. Ashgrove Street— Castlehill Road to Holmston Road. 
1. Arrol Drive — Seafield Road to Carwinshoch "View. 

6. Back Hawkhill Avenue— Somerset Road to Lochside Road. 

5. Back Main Street — off Crown Street, left. 

5. Back Peebles Street— off Hall's Vennal, right and left. 
1. Ballantine Drive — Bowman Road to Chalmers Road. 
1. Barns Crescent — Barns Park to Miller Road. 

1. Barns Park — Alloway Place to Barns Crescent. 

1. Barns Street— Carrick Street to Wellington Square. 

1. Barns Terrace — off Alloway Place. 

1. Bath Place—Wellington Square to Promenade. 

1. Bellevale Avenue — Monument Road to St. Leonard's Road. 

1. Bellevale Quadrant — Monument Road to Bellevale Avenue. 

1. Bellevue Crescent — Racecourse Boad to Bellevue Street. 

1. Bellevue Cottages — off Bellevue Road. 

1. Bellevue Road — Racecourse Road to Midton Road. 

1. Bellevue Street — Beresford Terrace to Bellevue Crescent and Park Circus. 

6. Bellesleyhill Avenue — Northfield Avenue to Seaforth Road. 
6. Bellesleyhill Road — off Prestwick Road at 'Bus Depot. 

5. Bellrock Road — from Woodfleld Road to St. Nicholas Golf Links. 

2. Belmont Avenue — off Castlehill Road at 48. 

2. Belmont Road — St. Leonard's Road to Castlehill Road. 

6. Belvidere Terrace — off Allison Street at 88. 
1. Beresford Coal Lye — Townhead. 

1. Beresford Lane — off Bellevue Street. 

1. Beresford Terrace — Killoch Place to Grammar School. 

1. Blackburn Drive — Low Green to Seafield Drive. 

1. Blackburn Road — off Racecourse Road at 28. 

4. Boat Vennal — New Bridge Street to South Harbour Street. 

4. Boswell Park — Carrick Street to Sandgate. 

1. Bowman Road — off Carrick Road at No. 17. 

6. Britannia Place— off M'Call's Avenue at 45. 

4. Bruce Crescent— Citadel Place to Cassillis Street. 

1. Broomfield Road — from Carrick Road to Midton Road. 
6. Burnett Terrace— Whitletts Road to Hawkhill Avenue. 

2. Burns Statue Square — Alloway Street to Ayr Station. 
6. Cambuslea Road — off Hunter's Avenue at No. 10. 

6. Campbell Street — Union Avenue to Northfield Avenue. 

1. Carno<man Street — Seafield Drive to Arrol Drive. 

1. Carrick Avenue — Midton Road to Carrick Park. 

1. Carrick Park — from Carrick Road to Midton Boad. 

1. Carrick Road— Beresford Terrace to St. Leonard's Church. 

2. Carrick Street, 1 to 53— Hieh Street to Barns Street. 
4. Carrick Street. 2 to 70— High Street to Barns Street. 
1. . Carwinshoch View— Doonfoot Road to Seafield Drive. 

1. Cassillis Street — Wellington Square to Eglinton Terrace. 

2. Castlehill Crescent— Castlehill Road to Chalmers Road. 
2. Castlehill Road — Ayr to Dalmellington Road. 

4. Cathcart Street — Sandgate to Port Street. 

2. Chalmers Road— St.Leonard's Road to Castlehill Road. 





20-22 Fort Street, Ayr. 

House: 215 HIGH STREET. 

Phone 3664 (extended to House). 

Telephone No. 

/~*> 1 - ^a/1 Telephone No. 




— AYR. — 









1. Chapel Park Road — Monument Road to Racecourse View. 

1. Charlotte Street, 1 to 39— Fort Street to Ayr Esxilanade. 

4. Charlotte Street, 2 to 36— Port Street to Ayr Esplanade. 

3. Church Street — off John Street at 59. 

4. Citadel Place — Port Street to Bruce Crescent. 
1. Clarke Avenue — off Blackburn Road at Txo. 3. 

5. Content Avenue— off Craigie Road. 

3. Content Street — George Street to' Gordon Terrace. 

1. Corsehill Road— Monument Road to Racecourse View. 

3. Craigie Avenue — Content Street to Craigie Road. 

3. Craigie Road — Gordon Terrace to Whitletts Road. 

4. Cromwell Place— Port Street to Montgomerie Terrace. 

4. Cromwell Road— Charlotte Street to Ayr Esplanade. 

5. Crown Street — Main Street to York Street Lane. 

6. Daisy Cottages — off Bellesleyhill Avenue at No. 1. 

1. Dalblair Road, 2 to 76 — Burns Statue Square to Barns Street. 

2. Dalblair Road, 1 to 85 — Burns Statue Square to Barns Street. 

5. Damside Street — Main Street to Russell Street. 

3. Davidson Place — off Church Street at No. 70. 

4. Dock Buildings— at Dock. 

2. Dongola Road — Holmston Road to Castlehill Road. 
1. Doonfoot — alongside River Doon. 

1. Doonfoot Road — Ayr to Girvan Road. 

6. Duke Street — Nelson Street to Wellington Street. 

4. Eglinton Terrace — Cassillis Street to Montgomerie Terrace. 

4. Eslinton Terrace Lane— Ailsa Place to Montgomerie Terrace. 

3. Elba Street — Content Street to Queen Street. 

3. Elba Street Lane — Elba Street to Church Street. 

5. Elmbank Street — Tarn's Brig to Glebe Road. 

6. Ens'lewood Avenue — off Heathfield Road. 

1. Ewenfield Road — Monument Road to St. Leonard's Road. 

1. Fairfield Road — Racecourse Road to Low Green. 

5. Falkland Park Road — Prestwick Road to Falkland Road. 

5. Falkland Road — Prestwick Road to Oswald Road. 

5. Falkland Place — Falkland Road to Lansdowne Road. 

4. Fort Street — South Harbour Street to Wellington Square. 

3. Fothringham Road — Craigie Road to Craigie Avenue. 

1. Fullarton Street, 2 to 44 — Sandgate to Carrick Street. 

4. Fullarton Street, 1 to 37 — Sandgate to Carrick Street. 

5. Garden Street — River Street to King Street. 

3. George Street — River Street to Whitletts Road. 

6. George's Avenue — off Northfleld Avenue. 

5. Glebe Crescent— Peebles Street to Glebe Road. 

5. Glebe Road— Waggon Road to Limekiln Road. 

6. Gordon Street — Union Avenue to Northfleld Avenue. 

3. Gordon Terrace — Content Street to Dam Park. 

6. Goschen Terrace — M'Call's Avenue to St George's Road. 

6. Gould Street — Hawkhill Avenue to Walker Road. 

4. Green Street, 5 to 107— North Harbour Streets to Waggon Road 

5. Green Street, 2 to 108— North Harbour Street to Waggon Road ' 

5. Green Street Lane— North Harbour Street to Waggon Road. 

2. Hamilton Crescent — off Lothian Road. 
1. Hartfleld Road — off Monument Road. 

6. Hawkhill — Hawkhill Avenue to Somerset Road. 

6. Hawkhill Avenue— Russell Street to Lochside Road. 

1. Hazelwood Road — off St. Leonard's Road at No. 9. 
6. Heathfield Road— off Prestwick Road. 

2. High Street, 159 and 178 to 247 and 266— New Bridge Street to AHowav 

Street. J 

4. High Street, 1 and 2 to 157 and 176— New Bridge Street to Alloway 

4. Lome Arcade— 115 High Street. 

2. Hilary Crescent — off Inverkar Road. 

2. Holmston Road— Ayr-Cumnock Road. 

4. Hope Street— off High Street. 

6. Hunter's Avenue— Northfleld Avenue to Heathfield Road 

2. Inverkar Road— Castlehill Road to Chalmers Road. 

3. James Street— George Street to Victoria Street. 

3. John Street — off George Street. 

2. Killoch Place— Alloway Street to Beresford Terrace 

4. Kirk Port— off High Street at No. 114. 


Telephone 3693, Ayr. Established 1880. 






Plate and Sheet Glass. Mirrors. 
Shelves. Embossed, Stained, 
and Leaded Lights for Upper 
Sashes, Doors, Screens, Etc. 
Triplex Glass for Motors. Vita 
Glass for Health. : : : 

Special Attention to Replacing 
MoYor Wind Screens. 

Greenhouses Painted and Repaired. 

Branches at 


Head Office : 


Telephone: South 2076 (2 lines). 



5. Kirkholrn Avenue— Prestwick Koad to Oswald Boad. 

5. King Street, 1 to 33 — Main Street to George Street. 
3. King Street, 36 to 134 — Main Street to George Street. 

6. King Street, 35 to 111— Main Street to George Street. 
2. Kyle Street — High Street to Smith Street. 

5. Lansdowne Eoad — Prestwick Eoad to Oswald Eoad. 

6. Lawson Street — "Wilson Street to Lochside Eoad. 

2. Leslie Crescent — off Lothian Eoad. 

5. Limekiln Eoad — Tarn's Brig to Weir Eoad. 

3. Limond's Wynd — George Street to Eussell Street. 

5. Lisburn Eoad — Prestwick Eoad to Oswald Eoad. 

6. Lochside Koad — Hawkhill. 

Longbank Eoad — off Monument Eoad. Ayr Parish. 

Long bank Drive — off Monument Eoad. Ayr Parish. 

2. Lothian Eoad — off Ashgrove Street. 

6. M'Cali's Avenue — Tarn's Brig to West Sanquhar Eoad. 

5. Main Street — New Bridge to New Eoad. 

5. Marchfield Quadrant — Oswald Eoad to Marchfleld Eoad. 

5. Marchfleld Eoad— Prestwick Eoad to Oswald Eoad. 
1. Marchmont Eoad — off Bellevue Eoad. 

1. Maybole Eoad — Ayr to Mayhole Eoad. 

1. Mews Lane— Fort Street to Cassillis Street. 

1. Midton Eoad— Beresford Terrace to Eacecourse View. 

2. Mill Street, 2 and 43 to 115— High Street to Smith Street. 

2. Millbrae— Mill Street to Holmston Eoad. 

4. Mill Street, 1 to 41— High Street to Smith Street. 
1. Miller Eoad — Alloway Place to Burns Statue. 

4. Montgomerie Terrace — Citadel Place to Seabank Eoad. 

1. Monument Eoad— Ayr to Alloway Eoad. 

6. Mosside Eoad — off Heathfleld Eoad. 

6. Nelson Street — Eussell Street to Viewfleld Eoad. 

4. New Bridge Street — Sandgate to the New Bridge. 

4. Newmarket Street— Sandgate to High Street. 

5. New Eoad, 1 to 123 and 2 to 92— Main Street to Tarn's Brig. 

6. New Boad, 94 to 120— Main Street to Tarn's Brig. 

4. Nile Court— off High Street at 154. 
6. Noltmyre Eoad — off Heathfleld Boad. 

6. Northfield Avenue — Prestwick Eoad to West Sanquhar Eoad. 

5. North Harbour Street, 14 to 26— from the New Bridge to the Dock. 
4. North Harbour Street, 30 to 45 — from the New Bridge to the Dock. 

6. Northpark Avenue — off Northfield Avenue a,t No. 42. 

4. Old Bridge Street— High Street to Auld Brig. 

5. Oswald Place — Marchfleld Quadrant to Marchfield Eoad. 

5. Oswald Eoad — Falkland Eoad to burgh boundary at New Prestwick. 

4. Oswald Lane — North Harbour Street to York Street. 

6. Paterson Street — off Heathfleld Eoad. 

1. Park Circus — Eacecourse Eoad to Bellevue Street. 

1. Park Terrace — Alloway Place to Low Green. 

5. Peebles Street — Main Street to Waggon Eoad. 

5. Prestwick Boad, 1 to 195 — Tarn's Brig to New Prestwick. 

6. Prestwick Eoad, 2 to 258 — Tarn's Brig to New Prestwick. 
6. Princes Street — Wellington Street to Victoria Eoad. 

5. Quail Eoad — Prestwick Eoad to Oswald Eoad. 

3. Queen Street — George Street to Wallacetown School. 

1. Queen's Terrace, 1 to 17 — Bath Place to Cromwell Eoad. 

4. Queen's Terrace, 18 to 33 — Bath Place to Cromwell Eoad. 
1. Eacecourse Eoad — Alloway Place to Doonfoot Eoad. 

1. Eacecourse View — Bacecourrse Eoad to Chapel Park Eoad. 

1. Eailway Bridge — Townhead. 

5. Eiver Street — New Bridge to George Street. 

3. Eiver Terrace — off Eiver Street. 

1. Eobsland Avenue — Monument Eoad to St. Leonard's Eoad. 

1. Eonaldshaw Park — Eacecourse Eoad to Midton Eoad. 

1. Eosebank Crescent — Monument Eoad to Corsehill Eoad. 

6. Boss Street — Lochside Eoad to Gould Street. 

6. Eussell Street — Wallace Street to George Street. 

6. Eussell Terrace — Limond's Wynd, at 34 Eussell Street. 

2. St. Andrew's Street — Castlehill Eoad to Lothian Eoad. 

6. St George's Eoad — Northfield Avenue to Goschen Terrace. 

6. Stewart Eoad — off Hunter's Avenue. 

4. St. John Street— Sandgate to Fort Street. 





26 SANDGATE, :: :: AYR 

Hours— 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. -:- Phone No. 2807 




The Oldest Scottish Insurance Office 

Transacts all Classes of Insurance Business 

Moderate Rates Liberal Conditions Absolute Security 

District Office: - 23 WELLINGTON SQUARE, AYR 

'Phone— 2640 Prospectuses sent on Application 



1. St. Leonard's Eoad— Carrick Koad to Maybole Road. 

1. St. Phillan's Avenue— Dongola Eoad to Lothian Eoad. 

4. Saltfield House — off Taylor Street. 

4. Saltfield Lane— York Street to York Street Lane. 

4. Sandgate— New Bridge Street to Wellington Square. 

1. Savoy Park — Eacecourse Eoad to Low Green. 

1. Seafleld Drive — off Seafleld Eoad, along sea front. 

4. Seabank Eoad — Montgomerie Terrace to Ayr Esplanade. 

1. Seafleld Eoad — Eacecourse Eoad to Ayr Shore. 

1. Seafleld Street — Seafleld Drive to Arrol Drive. 

1. Seafleld Crescent — Doonfoot Eoad to Arrol Drive. 
6. Seaforth Crescent — off Seaforth Eoad. 

6. Seaforth Eoad — Prestwick Eoad to Hunter's Avenue. 

2. Smith Street — Mill Street to Burns Statue Square. 

6. Somerset Eoad — Back Hawkhill to West Sanquhar Eoad. 

4. South Harbour Street— from the New Bridge to Ayr Esplanade. 

1. South Park Eoad — Eacecourse Eoad to Midton Eoad. 

4. South Beach Eoad— South Harbour Street to Seabank Eoad. 
6. Springbank Eoad — Belles) eyhill Eoad to Seaforth Eoad. 

1. Springvale Park— off Midton Eoad. 

1. Springvale Eoad— off Midton Eoad. 

2. Station Road— Holmston Road to Victoria Bridge. 

2. Station Bridge—Burns Statue Square to Castlehill Eoad. 

5. Tarn's Brig — New Eoad to Prestwick Eoad. 

6. Tarn's Brig — New Eoad to Prestwick Eoad. 

4. Taylor Street— from goods railway line to Ayr Dock. 

5. Taylor Street — from goods railway line to Ayr Dock 

6. Teviot Street — off Hunter's Avenue. 

6. Tig Eoad— off Prestwick Eoad at No. 28. 

6. Tryfleld Place— off Somerset Eoad. 

6. Union Avenue — Prestwick Eoad to Alexandria Terrace. 

1. Victoria Park — Eacecourse Eoad to Midton Eoad 

6. Victoria Eoad — off Eussell Street. 

3. Victoria Street — James Street, right and left. 

6. Viewfleld Eoad— off Allison Street to Hawkhill Eailway Bridge. 

6. Virginia Gardens — New Eoad to Belvidere Terrace. 

5. Waggon Eoad— New Eoad to York Street. 

3. Wallace Street, 2 to 52— George Street to Allison Street. 

5. Wallace Street, 1 to 113 — George Street to Allison Street. 

6. Wallace Street. 54 to 100 — George Street to Allison Street. 
1. Wattfleld Eoad— off Midton Road at No. 33. 

5. Weaver Street— Damside to Allison Street. 

1. Wellington Lane — Alloway Place to Low Green. 

1. Wellington Square— off Port Street towards shore. 

6. Wellington Street — Russell Street to Viewfleld Road. 

6. West Sanquhar Road — Somerset Road to Northfield Avenue. 

1. Westfield Road— off Seafleld Road. 

1. Wheatfleld Eoad— off Racecourse Road at No. 26. 

6. Whitehill Street— off West Sanquhar Eoad. 

6. Whitletts Eoad — George Street to Whitletts. 

5. Woodfleld Avenue — Prestwick Eoad to Oswald Eoad. 

5. Woodfleld Crescent — Prestwick Eoad to Oswald Road. 

5. Woodfleld Road — Prestwick Road to Oswald Road. 

5. Weir Road— Waggon Road to Newton Esplanade. 

6. Walker Road — Somerset Road to Whitletts Eoad. 
6. Wilson Street — Back Hawkhill to Lawson Street. 

4. York Street — North Harbour Street to Waggon Eoad. 

4. York Street Lane— North Harbour Street to Waggon Eoad. 

5. Young Street— off Marchfield Eoad. 


































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is "B 



Advertisement Index. 



Adam-, Mrs A. F. (back) 29 

Afflecks Ltd., 36 

Allan, Robert (back) 25 

Anderson Bros (back) . . . . . . 60 

Anderson, .James (back) .. .. .. 13 

Andreoli, P. (back) 13 

Art Fireplace Co. .(back) 60 

Auld. Alexander (back) 19 

Anld, Wm., & Sons (back) .. .. 6 

Avery, W. & T., Ltd 44 

Ayr Automobile & Electric Supplies 

Co 42, 205 

Ayr County Automobile Co 20 

Ayr Foot Hospital (back) . . . . 48 

Ayr Gas Co., Ltd 40 

Ayr Hosiery Factory, Ltd. . . . . 18 

Ayr Observer Co. (back) 26 

Ayrshire < ■ lass Insurance Co. , Ltd. (front) 
Ayrshire Laundry Co. . . Back Cover 

Ayrshire Ticket Writing Co. (back) . . 51 

Bailey's . . . . . . . . . . 59 

Baillie, Wm., & Son (back) .. ..36 

Barr, Andrew (back) . . . . . . 44 

Beauty Parlour (back) 11 

Bea van's Garage . . Inside Back Cover 

Bell, Henry (back) 22 

Belmont Riding School 24 

Bennett, A. M., & Co 46 

Bennett, J. B., & Sons 44 

Berkeley Hotel 322 

Blackwell's Stores 30 

Bowie, M. R 67, 354 

Bowman, Robert (back) . . . . . . 25 

Boyd, Alexander (back) 46 

Boyd & Co. (back) 36 

Brand & Mollison Ltd. (back) . . . . 38 

Brown Bros. (back). . .. .. ..37 

Browning & Co., John, Ltd. ... .. 415 

Caledonian Insurance Co. .. ..12 

Callan, Thomas R. (back) . . . . 64 

Cameron, Andrew, & Son (back) . . 57 

Cameron & Neil 409 

Carnegie & Sons (back) . . ,. . . . 3 

City of Glasgow Insurance Co 304 

Clark, Quintin (back) 19 

Clark's Restaurant (back) . . . . 46 

County Garage 20 

Cowan, Robert (back) . . . . . . 57 

Craig, James, Ltd. (back) . . . . 31 

Cross, J. & J. (back) 55 

Crossley, Herbert, & Co. (back) . . 24 

Crowe, James, 48 

Cuthbert, Archibald K. (back) 
Cuthbert, David M. (back) 
Cuthbertson, J 


. 45 
. 63 
. 330 

Dallas (Ayr), Ltd (back) 12 

Dalrymple, Alexander (back) . . . . 2 
Davidson, Wm. A., & Co. .. ..21 

Dempster, Hugh (back) 29 

Dewar, Robert, & Sons 16 

Dickie, Paterson, & Riddick . . . . 205 
Dietrich, H, & Son (back) .. ..64 
Donald, Alexander (back) .. ..10 

Duff Robert (back) 50 

Dunbar, Alexander . . . . . . 331 

Duncan, Peter (back) 16 

Dunlop, William 325 

Eagle Star & British Dominions In- 
surance Co. , Ltd 92 

Fairbairn, J. J 48 

Fergusson, E. (back) . . . . . . 53 

Forbes & Fergusson, Ltd. (back) . . 42 

Forrest, James, & Co. (back) . . . . 15 

Forrest, Robert, & Co. (back) . . . . 54 

Fraser, A. & D., Ltd. (back) . . . . 61 

Fraser, G. D. (back) 17 

Fraser James, & Son (back) . . . . 42 

Fulton, Robert H. (back) 2 

Galbraith, W. C. & Son, Ltd., (back). . 39 
Galloway & Bowie (back) . . . . 56 

Gee, Mathieson (Ayrshire), Ltd. . . 414 

Gibson, Jack . . . . . . . . 8 

Gilchrist, James, Ltd 338 

Girdwood, G. & J. (back) . . . . 21 

Girdwood& Walker, C. A. ,. ..34 

Goudie's Restaurant (back) . . . . 13 

Gould, James, & Sons (back) . . . . 44 

Greenan Laundry Co. . . . . . . 38 

Greenshields, Elizabeth (back) . . 
Groener, A 

. 323 

Halifax Building Society . . Inside Front Cover 

Hall, Alexander (back) 21 

Hamilton, Cecil A. (back) . . . . 34 

Hamilton, John P , & Co. (back) . . 63 
Haning, James (back) . . . . . . 11 

Hay, John W. (back) 18 

Henry, Hugh, Ltd 382 

Highet, J. C. & Son (back) . . . . 30 

Hill, P. B. (back) 50 

Hogarth, David 8 

Hourston, D., & Son 22 



Established over 60 Years. 

Offices and Furniture Sale Rooms : 

i, 27-2S 

Fortnightly Sales of Furniture and Goods of 
all descriptions : — every alternate "Wednesday. 


Goods sent for on receipt of Notice. 

Sales of Furniture in Dwellings conducted personally 
on Moderate Terms. 

Valuations for Probate Duty, Fire Insurance, 
Transfers, or Information of Trustees made 
promptly and accurately. : : : : 

*^* Fire, Life, Burglary, and Accident Insurance effected 
with the best Companies. 


Telephone No. 2387. 



Irvine, S., & Sons 



Johnstone * Kvle 20 

Johnstons, Paton & Rankin, Ltcl.(back) 27 

Kay, David W. (back) 51 

Kennedy, James 30 

Kilmarnock Equitable Co-operative 

Society, Ltd. 65,122 

Kirk, George G , Ltd 10 

Kirkland, David 309 

Lawrie, E. G . . 410 

Lawi ie & Smith, Ltd 28 

Le Clair. L. (back) 34 

Leggat, James. & Sons (back) . . . . 11 
Limond, Thomas . . . . 50 

Lyall, Henry (back) 62 

Macarrhur, J. D. (back) 40 

Macdonald, Kenneth, & Son . . 316 

Macdonald, Neil, & Son (back). . . . 30 

Macmaster, A. < '. (back) 18 

Mains & Co., Ltd. (back) 9 

Meikle, J., & Son (back) 20 

Meldrum, Martin 312 

Miller, William (back) 58 

Milrig Hotel 322 

Mil roy, James, & Son 45 

Mitchell, Walter, & Son, Ltd. (back) . . 23 

Morgenthaler, E. (back) 58 

Morrison, M., & Sons (back) .. .62 

Morrison's Shoe Stores 306 

Murchie, W.0 326 

M 'Call, James 32 

M'Call William 329 

M ' Cardie & Cassie 328 

M 'Cardie, Robert W 320 

M'Clov, John (back) .. .. ..55 

M'Cririck, H. (back) 8 

M'Culloch, Robert (back) 28 

M'Gilvray & M'Culloch (back) . . .24 

M 'Gregor, Campbell (back) . . . . 40 

M'Gregor, H. D., & Co 42 

M'llwraith, James (back) . . . . 45 

M '11 wrath Cowan, & Co. (back) .. 16 

M'Kellar, Daniel 410 

M'Leod, John (back) 47 

M'Millan James (back) .. .. 3 

M'Millan. James M. (back) . . . . 10 

M'Quiston, Hugh (back) 58 

M'Quoid, Thomas (back) 4 

Neil, J. B. (back) 33 

Newton-on-Ayr Gas Co. (back) . . . . 1 

Noble, Miss (back) 59 

Nortli British and Mercantile Insurance 
Co., Ltd 165 

Ogg & Co. (back) 59 

Paterson& Black, C.A., David 

Inside Front Cover 

Paterson, R 310 

Paterson, R., & Co., Ltd. (back) . . 35 

Paterson, Win., & Sons (back) . . . . 7 

Paterson, Sons, & Co., Ltd 6 

Patons' Knitwear Specialists . . . . 18 

Picken, James (back) 39 

Provan, J. W. (back) . . . . . . 35 

. . 52 
. . 52 

Quaite, James (back) 

Quaite, Jean (back) 

Quaite, M., Miss (back) 

Ramsay, John (back) 

Reid, David, & Co. (back) 
Robertson, John B., & Son (back) 
Rodger, John M.. & Son (back). . 

Rusk, James (back) 

Russell, Misses 

Russell, G 

Ruthven, Andrew 

Scott, James (back) 

Scott, John 

Scottish Agricultural Industries, Ltd, 


Sharp & Co. (Ayr), Ltd 

Smith, John 

Speir, J.ohn (back) 
Stephen & Pollock 
Stewart, W. & C 



.. 2 
.. 112 
.. 14 
52, 208 
.. 311 

.. 17 
.. 38 
.. 12 
.. 335 


Thomson, James, & Sons (back) 
Thomson, Mrs (back) 

Thomson, William 

Turnbull, G 

Tweedie, James, Ltd 

Thursby, E 331 

Utilitarium, Ltd. (back) 5 

Viewfield Laundry 416 

Waddell & Dunn 413 

Walker, W. G., & Sons, Ltd 14 

Wallace, Robert, Ltd 321 

Wallace Tower Restaurant (back) . . 43 
Wason, A., & Son (back) . . . . . . 55 

Watson & Batchelor, Ltd. (back) . . 66 

Watson, Win. N. (back) 9 

Westof Scotland Canninglndustries(back;65 

Wilkie, Walter M 332 


Wilson, Dickson, & Co 

Wilson, J. , & Son (back) 

Woolwich Equitable Building Society 
Wyllie, Daniel, & Co., Ltd. (back) . . 
Wyllie. W. R 

Young, George, & Son (back) . . . . 49 
Young, William, Ltd. . . Front Cover 



Knitwear Specialists. 


Have your Knitted Garments made to Measure. 

No matter what size you are, 
we will fit you. 


Quality, Style and Fit Guaranteed. 




















Pram Sets, 

Breechette Sets, 


Suits, etc. 


27 Content Street and 
27 Burns Statue Square, 

'Phone 3013. 




HE Compilers would like to assure their sub- 
scribers that no effort has been spared to 
produce a Directory at once up-to-date and 
accurate. While great care has been taken to 
ensure accuracy, the Publishers will be glad to 
receive notice of any errors or omissions, so that 
they may be corrected in future issues. 

The Printing has been excellently carried out 
by the Ayr Observer Coy. The map has been 
brought up-to-date and produced by Messrs D. 
Mills, Duncan & Co., 70 Wellington Street, 

The Compilers also desire to acknowledge 
the assistance so willingly given by Public Officials, 
Secretaries of Societies and Institutions, and all 
others who furnished the information which helped 
to make the book as comprehensive as possible. 
They hope the Directory will justify the support 
accorded to them by the numerous subscribers and 

The Directory is an indispensible book of 
reference, particularly for commercial and pro- 
fessional people in the town and district. It is a 
valuable guide for tradesmen and townspeople 
because of the comprehensive character of its con- 
tents, and circulates largely among these classes. 

It is thus a good advertising medium. 

For full particulars as to the rates for next 
Edition, applv to the publishers, John Browning 
& Co., Ltd., 57 Dalblair Road, Ayr. 





Telephone : 2487 Ayr. 


Contractors for the 





■ ■ ■ ■ 


■ ■ ■ ■ 







Official Repairers for R.S.A.C. 




Telephone : 



Telegrams : 
County Garage, 


(The Ayr County Automobile Coy.), 




He who pays the piper does not 
always call the tune. 

That tune, in insurance matters, 
is the music printed in the 
policy he buys. 

If he does not read music, he 
must listen, without protest, to 
what the piper plays. 


If you have your Insurances placed 
and your Policies read by : : 


Insurance Brokers, 

2 Newmarket Street, 

EST. 1924. AYK. TEL. 2958. 





DRAPERY ESTABLISHMENTS in the West of Scotland 



Quick and Efficient Service 


Every Feature to make Shopping a pleasure. 


Telephone - - 3283 (Two Lines). 




Ayr and District Directory. 

Historical Holes and Statistics. 

The Royal Burgh of Ayr, the capital of Ayrshire, is situated at the mouth 
of the River Avr. The town and county receive their name from the River 
Ayr, a name 'which is prohahly a survival from the old times of the 
Strathclyde Britons, signifying in Cymric, " the gentle water, ' or Ar m 
Gaelic, which signifies " a battlefield." Distant about 30 miles S. S.-W. 
from Glasgow, and by rail 74 miles S.-W. from Edinburgh. The spot has 
been inhabited from a remote antiquity. It was the =iite of a Roman 
Station, and it has been ascertained that a hamlet remained here until 
the year 1197, when William the Lion engrafted a new town upon it, which 
about the year 1202 he constituted a royal burgh. 

In ancient times Ayr was distinguished both for trade and military 
strength; and, being an important point of concentration on the west, it was 
the scene of frequent conflicts, and repeatedly changed hands during the 
wars of Scottish independence, in the time of the Edwards and the Bruces. 
Here Edward I. fixed a powerful garrison, and here the patriotic exploits of 
Sir William Wallace commenced. 

When Scotland was over-run by Oliver Cromwell, he fixed upon it as the 
site of one of the four forts which he built to command the country. This 
fortification, termed the Citadel, enclosed an area of about ten or twelve 
acres, including the Church of St. John. The Tower (which only remains) 
is a venerable relic founded in the twelfth century, and dedicated to St 
John the Baptist. In 1560 it fell into the hands of the reformed clergy, of 
whom was the Rev. John Welsh, son-in-law of John Knox, the Reformer. 
The Scottish Parliament met here, and confirmed the title of Robert the 
Bruce to the throne. When the Protector, in 1652, took possession of it, 
turning the Church into a storehouse, he indemnified the inhabitants for 
the seizure by contributing 1000 merkes sterlinge money towards the erection 
of the present Old Church, on the site of a former Franciscan monastery. 
The Citadel was purchased in 1855 by Mr John Miller. It has now been 
secured by the Marquis of Bute, who has had it cleared of the modern 
buildings built to it by " Baron " Miller, and is restoring it to its original 

Wallace Tower. — A Gothic structure 113 feet high, erected on the site of 
a former one which was taken down about 1830. It was designed by Thomas 
Hamilton, and cost about £1,400. It has always been associated with the 
name of Sir William Wallace. A statue of the renowned chief, cut by Thorn, 
the famous sculptor of " Tam o' Shanter and Souter Johnnie," occupies a 
niche in front. The cost of the statute was 120 guineas, and the money was 
subscribed in a fortnight, chiefly through the exertions of Mr Auld, Doonbrae, 
Thorn's chief patron. A figure of less pretensions, cut by Mr Reid, of 
Glasgow, stands in a niche of the Scotch baronial building at the east end 
of Newmarket Street, placed in 1810 by Henry Cowan to replace an old 
representation of the head of Wallace which had fallen into decay. The 
effigy was originally erected there to commemorate the sheltering of Wallace 
from his enemies under this roof. 

The reputed date of the building of the Auld Brig is 1232, and the early 
documentary record is a charter of Alexander II., dated 7th December, 1235. 
Traditionally it was built by Isobel Lowe and her sister, two maiden ladies, 
who spent their fortune on the undertaking. About 25 years ago a con- 
siderable sum of money was raised by private effort, and was expended 
in the preservation of the Bridge. In 1877 the heavy floods under- 
mined the foundations of the New Brig, referred to by Burns, and the 
present New Bridge was built on the same site. Victoria Bridge, erected in 
1897. Burns Statue, unveiled 1891. Royal Scots Fusiliers Memorial 
Statue, unveiled 1902. Burns Monument, built 1820. The Town's 
Buildings, with a spire 226 feet high, erected in 1828, cost £14,000, 



Telephone 3345. 



(off Castlehill Road) 


Tuition given Day or Evening by Appointment. 
Expert Instructors. 

Large Illuminated Riding Enclosure 
and Open Jumping: Field. 

Every convenience and encouragement for children 
and beginners. Moderate Fees. 

Splendid Selection of Hunters, Hacks and Ponies. 

Suitably situated for Beach and good Country Roads. 

H. W. HARRISON, Proprietor. 



and greatly enlarged in 1881. Town Hall, destroyed by fire on 1st 
July, 1897, rebuilt 1904. The County Buildings, modelled after the Temple of 
Isis in Eome, completed in 1822, costing upwards of £30,000. The new 
County Buildings, built on the site of the old Prison, in the rear of the old 
County Buildings, to the designs of Mr Alexander Mair, at an approximate 
cost of £125,000. It contains the County Halls and the offices of the 
County Council officials. It has an imposing frontage to the Low 
Green, the Esplanade, and Bath Place. The Ayr Academy was 
founded chiefly on a bequest of £1,000 left for educational purposes 
in 1790 by Mr Fergusson of Doonholm. This sum was supple- 
mented by private subscriptions of £6,585. The cost of erection was £2,837; 
and the balance of the fund was vested in Government securities. A charter 
was obtained in 1798, under which the management was committed to seven 
directors annually chosen from among the Magistrates and Town Council. 
Since 1872 the Academy has come under the Education Act, and is now 
under the management of the County Council Educational Committee. In 
1911-12 additional improvements were made on the Academy buildings at the 
cost of £20,000. 

Newton-upon-Ayr is of very ancient creation, owing its privileges to Robert 
Bruce, who, upon being attacked by leprosy, came to reside in it, and was 
induced to establish a lazar-house to confer considerable favours on the 
town. Newton and Wallacetown were comprehended within the Parlia- 
mentary Burgh of Ayr in 1832. The Municipal Burgh was in 1873 rendered 
conterminous with the Parliamentary, and again extended in 1885. Its 
present area is about 1996 acres. 

No notes on Ayr, however brief, would be complete without some reference 
to the places so intimately connected with the birth a.nd life of the National 
Poet. Ayr is the very heart of the Burns country. At Alloway (2i miles) 
is the birthplace, and close around it are " Alloway's Auld Haunted Kirk," 
" Tam o' Shanter's Brig," and many other associations with Burns and his 
poems. At Burns' Cottage is the Museum of Belies. Burns' Monument should 
also be visited, nor should the Banks o' Doon Tea Gardens be omitted, afford- 
ing access to the far-famed banks and braes, and showing much to justify 
its claim to be the beauty spot of the far-famed Land of Burns. 

Area of the Burgh — 2,000 acres. 

Roads in tbe Burgh — 42 miles. 

Rates, 1933-1934— Owners. Occupiers. 

Consolidated Rate, 3/8J 5/6J 

Water Rate — 2/- 

This Burgh, with Prestwick, Troon, Irvine, Saltcoats, and Ardrossan, 
returns one Member to Parliament. Ayr is the Returning Burgh. Member 
elected at last Election — Colonel Moore. 

Population of Municipal Burgh of Ayr in 1931 was 36,784, and in 1921 
35,763, an increase of 1,021. 

Number of Inhabited Houses, 1933—8,449. 

Municipal Constituency in 1933-34- 

-1?,432 (including 


1st Ward, 


2nd „ 


3rd „ 


4th „ 


5th „ 


6th „ 



Abstract of Valuation of Burgh of Ayr for 1933-34— 

1st Ward £79,7)6 






65,705 4 


77,«05 7 

56,303 13 

61,775 19 

£370,848 3 


£387,980 3 

£79,236 10 
59,489 10 
28,165 10 
73,477 1 > 
52,955 10 
56,762 10 






Telephone— 2128 (5 Lines). 

Telegrams— "Alas, Ayr." 



Lome Arcade, 







Business transacted 

by Post, 

Telegraph or Telephone 




COSTUMIERS :: :: :: 




Statement Showing the Assets and Liabilities of the Burgh of Ayr as at loth January, 1933. 

Assets. Liabilities. Surplus 

Common Good. .. £159,^69 12 1 £»7,8« 12 8 £72,130 19 5 

Rating Accounts, .. 59,762 1 2 387,163 18 7 211,598 2 7 

Tramwavs, Housing, etc. 1 36,573 16 3 603,657 2 7 32,916 13 8 

Sundrv Accounts, .. 9 56 10 .0 936 10 

Charities, etc., . . 19,925 6 8 11,711 15 11 5 ,213 10 9 

Total, .. £1,416, '66 17 £1,093.371 9 9 £322,795 7 3 

The amount of Loans outstanding in Common Good Account, £83,319 13 5 

Sum due to Bank on Capital Account, 8,065 15 7 

Sum applied from Sinking Fund, 16 189 19 11 

Casualties Redeemed, etc 5,302 8 10 

Instalments Repaid to Public Works Loan Board, . . . . 1,822 2 3 

The amount authorised under the Ayr Burgh Act, 1889, is £100,000, and 
under the Ayr Burgh (Tramways, etc.) Order Confirmation Act, 1922, for 
the Extension and Improvement of the Slaughterhouse, £15,000, making a 
total of £115,000. 


Provost — Thomas Galloway. 

Bailies — William Ross, Houston Paterson, Thomas Murray, James Wills. 

Master of Works — Robert Bowman. 

Treasurer — Peter Boyle. 

Police-Judges— Thomas Wilson, John S. Stewart. 

Councillors — 

Ward 1— James Wills, William H. Kennedy, Thomas Galloway. 

Ward 2 — Peter Boyle, Thomas Murray, Thomas Wilson. 

Ward 3 — Houston Paterson, John S. Stewart, David Blackwell. 

Ward 4 — Hugh Mackie, James Smith, Hugh F. Smith. 

Ward 5 — William Ross, Robert Bowman, Adam Hart. 

Ward 6 — Thomas Paterson, William M'Lean, William M'Dowall. 
Conveners — 

Works — Dean of Guild Bowman. 

Finance — Treasurer Boyle. 

Public Health— Bailie Wills. 

Cleansing — Bailie Paterson. 

Lighting and Fire — Bailie Murray. 

Housing — Police-Judge Stewart. 

Water— Mr Hugh F. Smith. 

Markets and Slaughter -House — Bailie Ross. 

Parks — Police-Judge Wilson. 

Public Assistance — Hugh Mackie. 

Appeals and Arrears of Rates— Treasurer Boyle. 

Executive, Provost's, and Police — Provost Galloway. 

Valuation Appeal Committee — Provost Galloway. 


Town Clerk— P. A. Thomson. Depute— John Graham. 
Chamberlain and Collector of Rates — T. L. Robb. 
Surveyor and Water Engineer — John Young, M.Inst.C.E. 
Medical Officer— James Grant, M.D., Ch.B., D.P.H. 
Sanitary Inspector — John C. Hamilton. 
Inspector of Cleansing — William Alexander. 
Chief Constable — James Lowdon 

Firemaster and Superintendent of Lighting — Robert Paterson. 
Public Assistance Officer— Hugh B. Wright. 
Burgh Factor— William Steen. 

Superintendent of Slaughter-House — John Robertson. 
Superintendent of Cemetery — James Dunlop. 
Superintendent of Parks— Alfred T. Harrison. 
Superintendent of Cattle Market— Alexander M'Call. 
Procurator-Fiscal — Leonard C. Boyd. 
Burgh Assessor— Robert Black. 
Registrar of Births, etc.— Edward Pow. 
Burgh Veterinary Surgeons — Macgregor & Gillmor, V.S. 
Auditor— A. C. Strathie, 86 St. Vincent Street, Glasgow. 
Town Officer and Hallkeeper — James F. Currie. 
Burgh Analyst— R. M. Clark. 

Matron of Infectious Diseases Hospital at Heathfield— Miss Maud I*. 









Iglinton Silk Handkerchiefs 





Guildry of Ayr. 

Dean of Guild — Robert Bowman. 
Clerk— P. A. Thomson. 
Treasurer — T. L. Robb. 
Officer — William Cummings. 

Attractions Committee of the Guildry. 

Chairman — Dean of Guild Bowman. 

Hon. Secretary — W. A. Davidson, 132 High Street, Ayr. 

Hon. Treasurer — T. L. Robb, Town Chamberlain, Ayr. 

Members of Council — Provost Galloway, Bailies Ross and Murray, Dean of 
Guild Bowman, Police-Judges Wilson and Stewart, and Messrs Mackie, 
James Smith, Hart, Paterson, M'Lean, and MacDowall. 

Co-opted Members— Archibald Reid, Richard Kissell, William Scott, James 
Shedden, Robert Brodie, and Robert W. Hutchison. 

Ayr Burgh Licensing Appeal Court. 

Magistrates— Provost Galloway, Bailies William Ross, Houston Paterson, 

Thomas Murray, and James Wills. 
Justices— H. M. Poe, Knockronald, Carrick Road, Ayr; Charles G. D. Irvine. 

76 Charlotte Street, Glasgow; ex-Provost John S. Stewart, Blackburn 

Drive, Ayr; William W. Paterson, 25 Montgomerie Terrace, Ayr; David 

Happell, 21 Fothringham Road, Ayr. 

Employment Exchange. 

And Local Office of the Unemployment Fund, 6 Cathcart Street, Ayr. 
Manager— W. B. Scott. 

Ayr District Local Employment Committee. 

Chairman— Alexander Dalrymple, 115 High Street. 

Probation of Offenders' Act. 

For Ayr Burgh Police Court— Alexander B. Brackenridge, 86 Oswald Road. 

Lands Valuation. 

Assessor for Ayr Burgh— Robert Black, 7 Wellington Square. 
Assessor for Irvine Burgh and Kyle, Carrick, and Cumnghame Districts— D. 
Millar, County Buildings. 

Ayr Cemetery. 

Open Daily in Summer from S a.m. to 8 p.m.; Sundays, 12.30 to 6 p.m. 
In Winter the Cemetery closes at dusk. 
Managers — The Provost, Magistrates, and Councillors. 
Treasurer— T. L. Robb. Secretary— P. A. Thomson. 
Superintendent — James Dunlop. 

Registrar Office. 

Births. Marriages. Deaths. 

1930 773 270 577 

1931 858 294 622 

_ . 1932, 845 253 637 

Registrar for Births, Marriages, and Deaths for the Burgh of Ayr— Edward 
Pow. Office, 11 High Street. House address, St Phillan's Avenue, off 
Dongola Road. Office hours, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.; Saturdays, 9 a.m. to 1 
p.m.; Tuesday and Friday evenings, 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. Births require 
to be registered within 21 days, Deaths 8 days, and Marriages 3 days. 

Advisory Committee for Juvenile Employment. 

Ministry of Labour, Employment Exchange, 6 Cathcart Street, Ayr. 
Chairman— H. Robertson, M.A., 22 Belmont Avenue, Avr. 
Home Visitor for Boys— J. Sawyers, 15 Pleasantfield Road, Prestwick. 
Home Visitor for Girls— Miss K. Brownlie, 2 Barns Terrace, Ayr. 
Secretary— Miss A. M. Dickson, Ministry of Labour, Employment Exchange, 
6 Cathcart Street, Ayr. 













PHONE 2859. 

Cemetery Gate, HOLM5TON ROAD, AYR. 

Five minutes from Station and Cattle Market. 

PHONE 3756. 


China. Household Ironmongery, 
and Drysaltery Goods. 



motor hearse and cars for hire, 
lock-ups. repairs. accessories. 

Special Agent for AVON TYRES. 


PHONE NO. 34-21. 



Works and Registered Office— Cromwell Road. 
Chairman — J. A. D. Murdoch. Yice-Chairman — J. M. Goodwin. Directors- 
Walter Young, D. Paterson, James Wills, T. W. Harper, James Wilson, 
D. Hyslop. Secretary and Treasurer — James Wilson, Barrcraigs, Ayr. 
Manager — Thomas W. Harper. Clerk — J. Steen. Collector — William 
M'Callum. Auditors— John T. Scott, F.C.I.S., C.A., and A. T. Scott, C.A. 


Works and Registered Office — Damside, Newton -on- Ayr. 
Chairman — Thomas Frew. Vice-Chairman — J. St. Clair Williamson. Directors 
— Robert Smith, A. T. Hart, James Macleod, T. A. Hay, Alexander 
Monnickendam, jun., James R. Gould. Secretary and Treasurer — 
George Miller, The Clydesdale Bank, Ltd. Manager — R. A. Maclaren. 
Cashier — H. F. Thomson. Collector — John M'Garva. 


Opened 2nd September, 1893. 

Erected through munificence of late Andrew Carnegie, LL.D., who offered 
£10,000 on condition that " Public Libraries Act " was adopted. Act adopted 
August, 1890, and building opened September, 1893. Original total cost, 
£12,000. Opened January, 1934. extensions at a further cost of about £5000 
to provide additional accommodation. 

Lending Library open daily from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.; Saturday, 10 a.m. 
to 9 p.m.; Wednesday, 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Reference Department open daily 
from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. General and Ladies' Reading-Room open daily from 

9 a.m. to 9.30 p.m. : Saturday, 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. Junior Library and Reading- 
Room open daily from 12 noon to 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. to 9 p.m.; Saturday. 

10 a.m. to 9 p.m. All Departments arranged on Open Access System. Stock 
of Books, 38,556 volumes; yearly issue, 280,680 volumes. Issue from 1893 to 
1933, 5,646,735 volumes. New Readers are enrolled at any time. Delivery 
Stations are established in connection with the ten public schools in Area 
No. 3. 

Now open the Alexander Collection of Natural History, etc.; also Museum 
of Ayrshire Antiquities and an Art Gallery. Hours— -10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and 
2 to 4 p.m. ; Wednesdays, 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. only. 

A series of Lectures are held during winter months at fortnightly 
intervals. Ayr Readers' Union for lectures, debates, etc., meets from October 
to March on alternate Mondays. 

._ Convener of Book Committee — J. H. Goudie. Convener of Finance Com- 
mittee— Ex-Provost Gould. Convener of Lecture Committee — John Hay. Con- 
vener of Works Committee — Ex-Provost Stewart. Librarian, Clerk and 
Treasurer — D. E. Edward, F.L.A. 


Proprietors — L.M. and S. Railway Company. 

Accommodation— Quayage in river extending to 3600 feet in river, and 
wet dock on north side of river 8 acres in area. 

Depth of water— H.W.O.S.T. in Harbour, 23 feet; in Dock, 22 feet. 

Harbourmaster— Captain R. W. Orr. Collector— J. Kerr. Agent for Lloyds 
—A. & J. Guthrie (W. F. Kerr), North Quay. 


Burns and Laird Line, Ltd., North Quay, Ayr— 

To Belfast— Tuesdays and Thursdays. 

To Larne — Mondas r s, Wednesdays, and Fridays. 
L.M. and S. Passenger Steamers sail from South Quav to Firth of Clyde 

ports daily in Summer Months. 


Ayr (Goods), North Quay— James Alcorn, Kenora, 10 Caerlaverock Road, 

Ayr (Passenger), Townhead— James Toward, 26 Ashgrove Street. 
Newton-on-Ayr (Passenger)— James Murray, 26 Falkland Park Road, off 

Prestwick Road. 
District Goods and Passenger Manager, Ayr — Hugh Ross. 








James M^call, 


38 Sandgate, 1 

Telephone No. 3068. 

Specialist in Die Stamped Headings 

Samples and 'Prices on application. 



A.A. Motor Services, Ltd. — Boswell Park. 

Percy Hull 'Bus Services — Auld Brig End. 

Western S.M.T. Company, Ltd. — Sandgate and 1 High Street. 


FACTORY HOLIDAYS— Monday, April 16, and either Monday, July 16, or 

Wednesday, August 15. 
SHOPKEEPERS' HOLIDAYS— Monday, April 16; Wednesday, May 23; 

Wednesday, August 15; Wednesday, September 26; and Monday, 

October 15. 
SHOPKEEPERS', Etc.. WEEKLY HALF-HOLIDAY— Wednesday, from 1 p.m. 

Fishmongers, Monday, from 1 p.m. 


Hiring Fairs— Third Tuesday of April, third Tuesday of October, and first 

Tuesday after 28th of May and November. 
Palm Fair (Horses and Cattle) — Last Friday of April. 
Midsummer Fair (Horses and Cattle) — Thursday before second Monday of 

Michaelmas Fair (Horses and Cattle) — Second Tuesday of October. 
Market Days. — Every Tuesday. Special Sales of Lambs and Sheep, Thursday 

and Friday. 



April 20 and 21. 
June 15 and 16. 
July 16 and 17. 
September 19, 20, and 21. 

Secretary— Peter E. Tear, 24 Sandgate. 

April 13 and 14. 
June 9. 

July 20 and 21. 
September 22. 

Secretary— A. M'Harg, 24 Sandgate. 


" Ayr Advertiser "—Thursday. T. M. Gemmell & Sons, Publishers. 
" Ayrshire Post "—Friday. W. G. Wallace, Manager. 

Members Elected for Landward Part of the County. 

Thomas Robertson, Clocbranhill, Alloway. 
Auchinleck (1) — 

William V. Stoner, 17 Heathfield Road, Auchinleck. 
Auchinleck (2) — 

The Rev. James Hill, The Manse, Auchinleck. 
Old Cumnock — 

George M'Turk, miner's agent, Old Cumnock. 
Coylton — 

Alexander Sloan, Kerse Cottage, Rankinston. 
Dalmellington (1) — 

George Park, S Craigmark, Dalmellington. 
Dalmellington (2)— 

William Park, 23 Jellieston Terrace, Patna. 

Lieut.-Commander E. W. B. Leake, Hollybush House, Hollybush. 



House Purchase 

Before buying your House consult 
the " WOOLWICH" for their terms of 

Substantial Advances at reasonable 
interest for guaranteed periods. 

Full Particulars from the Society's Agents: 


64 Wellington Chambers, AYR. 

'Phone 3027. 


Monkton, Craigie, and Symington— 

G. D. Findlay-Hamilton, of Carnell, Hurlford. 

John Colthart, Wanlass Place, Muirkirk. 
New Cumnock (1) — 

James M'Ewan, Ashnock, hew Cumnock. 
New Cnmnock (2) — 

John Trotter, Castle, New Cumnock. 
Stair and Ochiltree — 

John Neill Watson, East Tarelgin, Coylton, by Ayr. 
Tarbolton — 

Robert Goodwin, 10 Croft Street, Tarbolton. 

Robert Fullarton, Wilton Cottage, Loans. 
Fenwick and Kilmarnock — 

James Middleton, Braehead, Kilmarnock. 
Galston and Loudon — 

George R. Shield, Lanflne Estate Office, Newmilns. 
Kilmaurs — 

Daniel Sim, Crofthead Road, Kilmaurs. 
Mauchline — 

Robert Jack Dunlop, Barskimming, Mauchline. 
Riccarton — 

Jacob W. Kerr, Galston Road, Hurlford. 
Sorn — 

James B. Anderson, Main Street, Sorn. 
Stevenston and Ardrossan South — 

Thomas Lambie, 9 Garven Road, Stevenston. 
Stevenston and Ardrossan North — 

James Patrick, 4 Fullarton Place. Stevenston. 
Beith (TJ— 

Hamilton Fleming, Kilwinning. 
Beith (2)— 

N. J. K. Cochran-Patrick, Ladyland, Beith. 
Dairy (1)— 

Mrs Clarice M. Shaw, 1 Portland Terrace, Troon. 
Dairy (2)— 

James M'Cosh, Pitcon, Dairy. 
Dreghorn — 

Thomas Nishet, Dreghorn. 
Dunlop and Stewarton— 

James H. Allan, Broomhill, Dunlop. 
Irvine — 

A. W. Brady, 5 New Street. Irvine. 
Kilwinning — 

Robert Smith, 2 Garnock View, Kilwinning. 
Kilbirnie East — 

Robert Craig, Braefoot, Glengarnoek. 
Kilhirnie West — 

Hugh Munro, 55 Glenriddet Avenue, Kilbirnie. 
Largs — 

The Right Hon. Patrick James Boyle, Earl of Glasgow, Kelhurn Castle, 
Fair lie. 
West Kilhride— 

John H. Gemmill, " Dunvegan," West Kilbride. 
Barr and Barr hill— 

Tjieut.-Commander G. H. Hughes-Onslow, Alton Albany, Barr. 
Ballantrae and Colmonell — 

Major William Hew Coltman, Daljarrock. 
Girvan and Dailly— 

General Sir Charles Fergusson, of Kilkerran, Mayhole. 
Kirkmiohael and Straiton— 

Colonel W. T. R. Houldsworth, Kirkbride, Mayhole. 
Rirkoswald — 

Thomas Smith, The Castle, Maybole. 

Lieut.-Colonel John C. Kennedy, Dalquharran Castle, Dailly. 




I Furniture 



Removal Contractors, 



Funeral Undertakers. 


27 & 49 High Street, 

15 & 17 Sandgafe, 


ESTABLISHED - - 1810. | 

Day and __ ) Telephone 2251 § 

Night J (2 lines). ( 

nilliiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiii mil iniiiiiiiiiii > iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiii iiiimilllllllllilliiiiimimiiiiiiilllf; 


Members Elected by the Burghs. 

Ardrossan — 

Provost David M'Dowall, " Ardrnillan," 51 Eglinton Eoad, Ardrossan. 

Police-Judge Harry Hopperton, 8 South Crescent, Ardrossan. 
Cumnock — 

Councillor Emrys Hughes, " Lochnorris," Cumnock. 
Darvel — 

Councillor James Baird, " Myrtle Cottage," Darvel. 
Galston — 

Councillor David M'Queen, Bentinck Street, Galston. 
Girvan — 

Police-Judge David B. Conway, 23 Montgomerie Street, Girvan. 

Councillor John Junor, Commercial Bank House, Girvan. 
Irvine — 

Bailie A. B. Dickie. 23 West Boad, Irvine. 

Bailie M'Kinlay. " Ailsa," Waterside, Irvine. 

Bailie Scott, 6 Loudon Street. Irvine. 

Treasurer Bubie, " Moorvale," Waterside, Irvine. 
Kilwinning — 

Councillor William Niblock, Beechwood, Kilwinning. 

Bailie James Kirkland, Elleray, Kilwinning. 
Largs — 

Councillor Mrs Jessie J. Morris, The Knowe, Largs. 

Bailie J. W. Shields, Lovatlea, Largs. 

Provost M'Cubbin, Kings' Arms Hotel, Maybole. 
Newmilns — 

Provost W. J. Young, 116 Main Street, Newmilns. 
Prestwick — 

Bailie David S. Govan, Tramore. St. Quivox Boad, Prestwick. 

Provost Thomas Howie, Maxwood, St. Ninian's Boad, Prestwick. 
Saltcoats — 

Councillor the Bev. James Adams, Trinity Manse, Saltcoats. 

Councillor John Anderson, 34 Christie Gardens, Saltcoats. 

Police-Judge James Beid, 2 Winton Street, Saltcoats. 
Stewarton — 

Ex-Bailie William Kerr, Morag, Stewarton. 

Bailie James C. Brown, " Shyrock," Bentinck Drive, Troon 

Councillor Stuart Bell, " Cessnock," Bentinck Drive, Troon. 

Provost Walter M. Donald, " Amajoda," Harling Drive, Troon. 

Police-Judge Thomas Wilson. 48 Ashgrove Street, Ayr. 

Councillor James Smith, 4 Cromwell Place, Ayr. 

Councillor T. Paterson. 79 Oswald Eoad, Ayr. 

Councillor Hugh Mackie, 16 New Bridge Street, Ayr. 

Treasurer Peter Bovle, 18 Craigie Boad, Ayr. 

Bailie T. Murray, 35 Castlehill Boad. Ayr. 

Bailie Houston Paterson, 79 Bellesleyhill Avenue, Ayr. 

Councillor H. F. Smith, 4 Broomfield Boad, Ayr. 

Bailie James Wills, 27 High Street, Ayr. 

Bailie William Boss, 7 Kirkholm Avenue, Ayr. 

Councillor MacDowall, Corriecravie, Chalmers Boad, Ayr. 

Councillor William M'Lean, 100 Hunter's Avenue, Ayr. 
Kilmarnock — 

Councillor William M'Minn, 34 Holehouse Boad, Kilmarnock. 

Bailie James Middleton Bryce, 26 London Boad, Kilmarnock. 

Councillor John Lamont, 31 King Street, Kilmarnock. 

Councillor Archibald M'Taggart, 5 Munro Avenue, Kilmarnock. 

Bailie John Orr. 48 Witch Boad, Kilmarnock. 

Bailie G. H. Wilson, 48 London Boad, Kilmarnock. 

Councillor W. B. Tannahili, 75 John Finnie Street, Kilmarnock. 

The Bev. J. Hamilton, D.D., 52 London Eoad, Kilmarnock. 

Bailie B. M'G. Hood, 45 North Hamilton Street, Kilmarnock. 

Councillor P. Munro, 65 Gibson Street. Kilmarnock. 

Treasurer J. H. Carnie, 1 Howard Street, Kilmarnock. 

Councillor John A. Aird, 4 Princes Street, Kilmarnock. 








OUTSIDE DRYING (weather permitting) 

DRY CLEANING done in a Day. 

The Greenan Laundry Co., 
Doonfoof, Ayr. 

Alloway 7. 

Proprietors : 
D. & T. BOWIE. 



Telephone 'Numbers in Brackets. 
County Clerk and Treasurer— James Edward Shaw, County Buildings, Ayr 

(2201 Ayr). 
Committee Clerks — 

Finance, Highways, etc. — W. Robertson, County Buildings,, Ayr (2201 

Public Assistance and Health, etc.— Thomas Pate, County Buildings, 
Ayr (2201 Ayr). 

Education, Property and Works— R. W. Caldwell, County Buildings, 
Ayr (2201 Ayr). 
Accountant— James Hall, County Buildings, Ayr (2201 Ayr). 
County Collector— John Lusk, 7 Wellington Square, Ayr (2181 Ayr). 
County Assessor — D. Millar, County Buildings, Ayr (2201 Ayr). 
County Boad Surveyor — G. S. Barry, County Buildings, Ayr (2201 Ayr). 
Divisional Road Surveyors — 

David Torrance, Ayr (2201 Ayr). 

Robert B. S. Gilmour. Wallace Chambers, Kilmarnock (57 Kilmarnock). 

James Paton. District Offices, Kilwinning (48 Kilwinning). 

Alexander Frame, District Offices, Maybole (29 Maybole). 
County Engineer— W. Gray, County Buildings, Ayr (2201 Ayr). 
County Architect— W. Reid, Ayr (2201 Ayr). 
County Auditor— J. M. Norman MacLeod, C.A., 149 West George Street, 

Glasgow (Central 2587 Glasgow). 
Analyst under the Sale of Food and Drugs Act — John William Biggart, 29 

Cathcart Street, Greenock (952 Greenock). 
Chief Constable— Captain H. F. M. Munro, Ayr (2728 Ayr). 
Deputy Chief Constable — Superintendent William Duffus, Ayr (2728 Ayr). 
County Veterinary Inspector— A. Douglas, 18 Wellington Square, Ayr (2921 


County Medical Officer— Dr Charles A. Bignold, County Buildings, Ayr (2201 


Assistant Medical Officers of Health — 

Dr P. Hutchison, County Buildings. Ayr— Senior (2201 Ayr). 
Dr M. J. Millar, County Buildings, Ayr (2201 Ayr). 
Public Assistance Officer— J. E. Howie, County Buildings, Ayr (2201 Ayr). 
Director of Education— W. A. F. Hepburn, County Buildings, Ayr (2201 Ayr). 
Sanitary Inspectors — 

Chief Inspector— Walter Little, County Buildings, Ayr (2201 Ayr). 
Depute Inspector— G. P. Greenlaw, County Buildings, Ayr (2201 Ayr). 
District Inspectors— 

W. B. Strain, County Buildings, Ayr (2201 Ayr). 
J. O. Stewart, Cumnock (6 Cumnock). 

T. Samuel, Wallace Chambers, Kilmarnock (57 Kilmarnock). 
R. Prentice, District Offices, Kilwinning (66 Kilwinning). 
W. R. Johnstone, District Offices, Kilbirnie (116 Beith). 
H. Morton, District Offices, Kilwinning (66 Kilwinning). 
Sampling Officer and Food Inspector— John Craig, Wallace Chambers, 

Kilmarnock (57 Kilmarnock). 
Analyst under Fertilisers and Feeding Stuffs Act— John William Biggart, 29 

Cathcart Street, Greenock (952 Greenock). 
Motor Taxation Department— J. E. Shaw, Local Taxation Officer, County 
Buildings, Ayr (2201 Ayr). 

Quarter Session of the Peace. 

Held First Tuesday of March. First Tuesday of May, First Tuesday of 
August, and Last Tuesday of October. 

Justice of Peace Court. 

The Court held First Monday of every month, except January, May, and 

August; then Second Monday of March. 

Clerk— John Howie. Depute-Clerk— W. S. M'Millan. 



USE GfiS . 
for Cooking. 

Gas is the ideal fuel 
for cooking. 

It is clean, safe, 



With a cooker having an oven control, whole 
dinners can he cooked without attention. 
The food is perfectly cooked, yet the cost of 
cooking is less than ever. You will be pleased 
with the bright porcelain enamel finish. 

Full particulars, prices and advice on all uses 
of gas can be had free from 


28 Cromwell Road. 


Resident Acting Justices of the Peace. 

Henry Allan, Prestwick. 

Robert L. Angus, Ladykirk, Monkton. 

Andrew Arthur, Roseroount, Monkton. 

James Arthur, Montgoinerie. 

George S. Abbott, Middleton, Ayr. 

Edmund Bruce Ball, Braemar, Ayr. 

James Brown, Annbank. 

Mrs Catherine Brown, Annbank. 

J. A. Campbell, of Craigie, Ayr. 

J. A. Clarke, Afton Lodge. 

Hugh Cunningham, 3 Alloway Park, Ayr. 

David Downie, Coylton. 

Adam Dodd, Cunningham Street, Tarbolton. 

James B. Gould, 2 Eglinton Terrace, Ayr. 

Arnold E. Jones, M.B., Ch.B., Monkreddan House, Prestwick. 

J. C. Kennedy, of Dunure. 

J. M. M. Morton, of Belmont. 

George Miller, Clydesdale Bank, Ayr. 

Dr. Alexander Macrae, Drongan. 

Dr. G. D. M'Rae, Glengall, Ayr. 

Bobert M'Cosh, Coylton. 

John Neil, 20 Pullarton Street, Ayr. 

Major Julian Oswald, of Mounthamilton, Ayr. 

William W. Paterson, 25 Montgomerie Terrace, Ayr. 

H. M. Poe, Knockronald, Ayr. 

James H. Reid, Tantallon, Ayr. 

Nicol Reid, Glenember, Dalrymple. 

Thomas Robertson, Clochranhill, Alloway. 

Samuel Scott, 46 Castlehill Road, Ayr. 

James Edward Shaw, Ayr. 

James Turn bull, Grangemuir Road, Prestwick. 

W. G. Wallace, " Ayrshire Post," Ayr. 

John W. Weir, Craigard, Monkton Road, Prestwick. 

James Wilson, Barrcraigs, 6 Broomfield Road, Ayr. 

James G. Young, Adamton Road, Prestwick. 

The Sheriff and Sheriffs-Substitute of the County. 

The Provost, Magistrates, and Chairman of the Dean of Guild Court, 

and Master of the Merchants' Company, Ayr. 
The Provost of Prestwick. 
The Provost of Newton-on-Ayr. 

The Chairmen of the several C.C. District Committees. 
Clerk of the Peace — John Howie. 
Depute-Clerk— W. S. M'Millan. 
Office — 58 Alloway Street. 

Sheriff and Commissary Court. 

Sheriff and Commissary — William Lyon Mackenzie, K.C. 

Sheriff-Substitute and Commissary Depute — John Alexander Menzies. 

Sheriff and Commissary Clerk — John Hamilton. 

Procurator-Fiscal — W. R. Duncan Macmillan. 

Macer — James Paterson. 

The Procurators before the Sheriff Court are Practitoners also before the 
Commissary Court. 

Ordinary Court sits every Tuesday at 10.30 a.m. and Thursday at 10.30 a.m. 

during Session. 

Small Debt Court sits every Thursday at 11 a.m. 

Hon. Sheriffs-Substitute — James Edward Shaw, Solicitor; Peter Allan Thomson, 
Town Clerk: William Hyslop, of Bank; William Boyd Anderson, R. D. 
Macmillan, J. H. Goudie, Solicitor; J. B. M. Young, Advocate. 

Sheriff Court Officers— James Paterson. G. G. Cumming, Archibald Reid, 
Malcolm C. M. Dow, and Roderick M'Cafferty. 








45 Fort St. 

jt OUR MOTTO j. 

"Good Work at Moderate Charges' 




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Triumph Gloria Saloons from £285 

Other Models from £175 

Demonstrations with pleasure at any time from the distributors — 

Prestwick Road Garage, 

Phone Ayr 3951 AYR Phone Ayr 3951 



P. H, WADDELL, Dean of Faculty. 
(Those marked * are Notary Public also.) 
J. Eric Andrew, Ayr ; George T. Adam, Troon ; W. B. Addison, Ayr ; Eugene 
Andrew, Girvan ; *A. B. Boyd, B.L., Ayr; John Boyd, Ayr; Leonard 0. 
Boyd, Ayr; A. N. Buchanan, Ayr; Robert Black, Ayr; David Brigga, 
Maybole; Jas. B. Black, Prestwick; J. O. Brown, Ayr; Hugh C. Candlish, 
Ayr; R. G. Cochrane, Ayr; Stephen Cosh, Ayr; William S. Corbett, Ayr; 
James M. Gibson, Maybole; James H. Goudie, Ayr; John Graham, 
Ayr; P. P. Lyon Gardiner, Ayr; Maurice H. Goudie, Ayr; 
William Gardiner, Ayr; John Hay, Ayr; James HiUhouse, Ayr; John 
Howie, Ayr; R. D. Hunter, Cumnock; George M. Lockhart, Ayr; 
♦William M. Lockhart, Ayr; "John Lusk, Ayr; *A. F. Mathie Morton, 
Ayr; J. A. D. Murdoch, M.A., B.L., Ayr; Charles Murray, Ayr; Hugh 
M'Call, Ayr; William R. M'Millan, Ayr; Tan M. Mackintosh, Troon; 
William H. M'Cosh, Ayr; A. F. M'Jannet, Irvine; W. S. M'Millan, Ayr; 
F. H. Macpherson, Ayr; J. M'Cosh, Dairy; Aileen M. Paterson, 
Maybole; Frank W. Paterson, Kilwinning; John H. Robb, Ayr; James 
E. Shaw, Ayr; William Shaw, Prestwick; R. Peden Smith, Irvine; 
*D. H. Tait, Ayr; William Templeton, Maybole; P. A. Thomson, Ayr; 
William H. Templeton, Ayr; Peter E. Tear, Ayr; P. H. Waddell, Troon; 
James Watt, Ayr; *Robert Welsh, Ayr; Anthony C. White, Ayr; 
Alexander R. Wilson, Irvine; John Watt, Troon; *Robert Young, 
Troon; Charles Young. Ayr. 

Clerk and Treasurer — George M. Lockhart. 

Auditor of Faculty — George M. Lockhart. 

Auditor of Sheriff Court — Hugh Laird. 

H.M. Customs and Excise and Board of Trade. 

Office— 27 Wellington Square. 
Surveyor, Receiver of Wreck, and Superintendent, Board of Trade — C. M'InneB. 
Customs Officers — P. M'Dermott, R. Gemmell, J. B. Wood, J. Blackwood. 
Clerk— J. B. Young. 
Excise and Old-Age Pensions Officers— P. M'Dermott, R. Gemmell, J. Blackwood. 


Bank of Scotland, 24 Sandgate. Agent, William Comrie. Accountant, Charles 

A. Scott. Tellers, Esme C. R. Keir and W. Dunning. 
Bank of Scotland, 39 Burns Statue Square — Branch. Agent, Andrew 

Royal Bank of Scotland, 39 Sandgate. Agent, James Kirk. Accountant, J. 

K. Ferguson. Tellers, Alexander Maxwell and Andrew Brown. 
Royal Bank of Scotland, 48 Alloway Street — Branch. Agent, James Kirk. 

Accountant, H. S._M'Nicol. 
British Linen Bank, l2o High Street. Agent, Robert Allison. Accountant. 

T. M'Murtrie. 
British Linen Bank, 7 Killoch Place — Townhead Branch. Agent, Robert 

Allison. Accountant, R. H. Wilson. 
Commercial Bank of Scotland, Ltd., 34 Sandgate. Joint Agents, James N. 

Barns and James H. Goudie. Accountant, H. E. White. 
National Bank of Scotland, Ltd., 34 New Bridge Street. Agent, Thomas B. 

Gow. Accountant, Joseph M. Buchanan. Tellers, J. A. M. M'Gregor 
and J. P. Davidson. 
North of Scotland Bank, Ltd., 211 High Street. Agents, John W. and G. 

Lockhart. Accountant, Alexander Wilson. 
Union Bank of Scotland, Ltd., 128 High Street. Agent, Charles G. D. Tennant. 

Accountant, J. G. Paterson. Teller, Robert Meek. 
Union Bank of Scotland, Ltd., 58 Main Street— Branch. Agent, Alexander 

Oram. Accountant, John Laing, jun. 
Clydesdale Bank, Ltd.. 81 High Street. Agent, George Miller. Accountant, 

Arthur Middleton. Tellers— W. M'Millan, W. M'Cutcheon, and K. R G. 

Clydesdale Bank, Ltd.— Townhead Branch. Same officials. 
Clydesdale Bank, Ltd.— Tarn's Brig Branch. Agent, George Miller. Sub-Agent, 

Thomas Bimson. 
The Savings Bank of Glasgow, 67 High Street— Ayr Branch. Head Office 

177 Ingram Street, Glasgow. Actuary, Thomas Henderson. 




Painters and Decorators 


Agents for Royal Doulfon China Figures. 

'Phone 3983. 

W. & T. AVERY, LTD., 
Weighing Machines and Scales. 


No need to send your Scales away. 
We make a Thorough Job. No Tinkering. 

W. &. T. AVERY, LTD.. 


Local Repair Depot : 

Butter Market, 90 High Street, Ayr. 

District Offlee, - - 304 St. Vincent Street, Glasgow. 



MAJOR D. M. HEYDE, O.B.E., Head Postmaster. 

Hours of Business. 

Eor Sale of Stamps, Registration of Letters, etc., 
Express Delivery of Letters and Parcels, 

Parcel Post Business, Sale and Payment of 
Postal Orders, 

Telephone Business, ... 

Money Order, Annuity Business and Issue of 

Savings Bank Business, 

Telegraph Business, 

Week Days. 

8 A.M. 

8 P.M. 

8 a.m. to9p.m, 


9 to 10.0 

9.0 to 10.0 

^On Public Holidays there is One Delivery only by Postmen, viz. 
Letters, etc., at 7 a.m. Parcels, 10 a.m. 
Inward Mails. 

Mails from 

England, Ireland, Scotland generally, and 

London, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dalmellington, 
Monkton, Maybole and English, 

London, Glasgow, Kilmarnock. Girvan, and 

Time of 

of Delivery. 

7 a.m. 

10.30 a.m. 

4.20 p.m. 

Box Closes 
for Town 
Delivery at 

6.45 a.m. 


4.15 p.m. 

James IVIilroy &Son, 

2-4 AHoway Street, Ayr, 

and sl± Kilmarnock, 


Sole Distributors 

Telegrams— " Milroy, Ayr." Telephones— 2228-2229. 





W ( 





























-4— » 



























I j^ j 








Outward Mails. 

Mails to 

o « * 


Week Days. 
Annbank, ... 

Troon, Prestwick and Monkton, 

Dalmellington, Dunaskin, Hollybush, Patna, Rankinston, 
Glasgow, Girvan, Maybole, Ballantrae, Colmonell, Dailly, 

Pin wherry, Barrhili and Dalrymple, 
Drongan and Coylton, ... 
1st Town and Rural Delivery, 
Dun ure and Maidens, ... 

Glasgow (Troon, Prestwick — Parcels only), 
Parcel Delivery, ... 

2nd Town Delivery, 

Edinburgh, Prestwick and Troon, 



Maybole and Dalrymple (Except Sats. ), 

Glasgow, ... 


Annbank and Mauchline, 

Prestwick, Monkton, Troon, Irvine — not despatched on 


Maybole and Dalrymple (Sats. only), 



Turn berry (April to September), 

Dalmellington, Patna, Dunaskin, Hollybush and 

Rankinston, ... 

do., do., do., (Saturdays only) 

Dunure and Maidens, ... ... ... ... ... I 

Coylton, ... ... ... ... ... ... ... \ 

Glasgow and Perth, 

Belfast (June to September), ... 

3rd Town Delivery, 

London and all England (Night Mail), Foreign, Ireland ] 

(via Holyhead), Dumfries and South of Scotland, V 

Kilmarnock, not despatched on Saturdays ... J 

Maybole, ... 
Girvan (June to August), 
Glasgow and Scotland generally, 
Kilmarnock, Glasgow and England (not on Saturdays), ... 

England (on Saturdays only), 

All Parts, 

Glasgow and Edinburgh and all parts, 






















































Telephone 3583. 


SS4 High Street, 

My advice is 



from £195. 


J. J. FAIRBAIRN, m.i.m.t.. 



Phone 2681. 



Pillar and Wall Letter Boxes. 

Cleared at 5.15 a.m., 8.50 a.m., 11.15 a.m., 3 p.m., 5.30 p.m., 6.45 p.m.. 
8.30 p.m., all Town Boxes (except Docks Wall Box). Sunday, 6.15 p.m. to 
7.0 p.m., all Town Boxes (except Docks). 

Town Sub-Offices. 

Hawkhill (Ralston Place)— Robert Warnock. Sub-Postmaster. 
High Street (53 Alloway Street)— Miss Kerr, Sub-Postmistress. 
Newton head (80 Main Street)— James Linden, Sub-Postmaster. 
Seafield— Mrs H. M'Dougall, Sub-Postmistress. 
Wallacetown (11 George Street)— R. M'Ninch, Sub-Postmaster. 
All ordinary business is transacted at these Offices from 9 a.m. till 1 pjn., 
ani from 2 till 7 p.m., with the exception of Telegraph. 

Money Order and Telegraph Offices. 

North Quay (North Harbour Street)— John M. Goodwin, Sub-Postmaster. 
Tarn's Brig (ill New Road)— Mrs Hannah, Sub-Postmistress. 

Property and Income Tax (Kyle Division). 

Commissioners — 

Colonel Claud L. C. Hamilton, C.M.G., D.S.O., of Rozelle, Ayr. 

James A. Clarke, of Townhead, Annbank Station. 

J. A. Campbell, of Craigie, Ayr. 

William Hyslop, of Bank, Cumnock. 

Sheriff Menzies, County Buildings, Ayr. 

Andrew J. Gray, of The Knowe, Ayr. 

William H. Kennedy, 2 Carrick Avenue, Ayr. 

Sir William Frederick Stuart-Menteith, Bart, of Mansfield, New 

H. M. Poe, of Knockronald, Ayr. 

Thomas Robertson, of Clochranhill, Alloway. 
H.M. Inspectors — 

First District— H. Booth, 25 Wellington Square. 

Second District— R. Horsburgh, 70 Wellington Chambers. 
Collector of Taxes— T. Robson, 64 Wellington Chambers. 

Valuation Department. 

District Office— Union Bank Buildings, 130 High Street. 
District Valuer— E. J. W. Dakers, F.S.I. 

Stamp Duties. 

AGREEMENT, or any Memorandum of an Agreement without a Clause 

of Registration, and not otherwise charged with duty 6d 

BILL OF EXCHANGE, payable on demand Id 

BILL OF EXCHANGE, including Advance Notes for Seamen's Wages of any 
other kind whatsoever (except a Bank Note), and Promissory Note of any 
kind whatsoever (except a Bank Note), drawn or expressed to be payable, 
or actually paid, or endorsed, or in any manner negotiated in the 
United Kingdom — 

When the amount does not exceed £5 0s Id 

0s 2d 
0s 3d 
0s 6d 
0s 9d 
is Od 
Agreements " under hand ' 

Exceeds £5 and does not exceed £10 
Exceeds £10 and does not exceed £25 
Exceeds £25 and does not exceed £50 
Exceeds £50 and does not exceed £75 
And for £100 or fractional part thereof 

only must be lodged for Stamping within 14 days of date of first signature; 

ordinary deeds within 30 days. Leases are not agreements. 


The term " Bill of Exchange " includes Draft Order, Cheque, and Letter 
of Credit, and any document or writing (except a Bank Note), entitling or 
purporting to entitle any person, whether named therein or not, to payment 
by any other person of, or to draw upon any other person for, any sum of 
money therein mentioned. 

EXEMPTIONS.— Any draft or order drawn by any banker upon any other 
banker, not payable to bearer or order, and used solely for the purpose of 
settling or clearing any account between said bankers. Any letter written by 




Agents for the TRIPLEX GRATE, ESSE COOKER and 
all makes of Combination Grates. 

A large and varied selection of Tile Surrounds, Interiors and 

Arches in the following finishes : — Natural, Ant. and Satin 

Brass, Ant. Copper, Ox. Silver, Stainless and Chromium, 

always on view in our Showrooms. 

Our Oivn Workmen. :-: Satisfaction Guaranteed. 


for the Home, Garden, Farm, Dairy and Estate. 
for the Apiary. Tools for all trades. 

Best Quality and Keenest Prices. 

Bee Appliances 
Sports Goods. 



2KmKroRT. us High Street, ■ AYR. 

Phone No. 2211. 


Workshop : 

16 FORT ST. 



a banker to any other banker, directing the payment of any sum of money, 
the same not being payable to bearer of order, and such letter not being 
sent or delivered to the person to whom payment is to be made, or to any 
person on his behalf. 

BILL OF LADING ... ••• . •■• 6d 

Whatever number of Bills may form a set, each Bill of a set is liable to 
this duty. Penalty for executing any Bill of Lading not duly stamped, £50. 
BONDS AND MORTGAGES, being the only or principal or primary security 

for the payment or repayment of money not exceeding £10 Os 3d 

Above £10, not exceeding £25 ... 

Above £25, not exceeding £50 ... 

Above £50, not exceeding £100 

Above £100, not exceeding £150 

Above £150, not exceeding £200 

Above £200, not exceeding £250 

Above £250, not exceeding £300 

And for every £100, or fractional part of £100 .. 
CONVEYANCE OR TRANSFER OF SALE of any Property (except Debenture 

Stock or Funded Debt), when the amount or value of the consideration 

does not exceed £s 0s 6d 

For every £50 or fractional part thereof 5s Od 

... OS 


... is 


... 2S 


. ... 3S 


. ... 5S 


... 6s 


. ... 7s 


... 2S 


Exceeding £125, not exc. £150—15/- 
Exceeding £150, not exc. £175—17/6 
Exceeding £175, not exc. £200—20/- 
Exceeding £200, not exc. £225—22/6 
Exceeding £225, not exc. £250—25/- 
Exceeding £250, not exc. £275—27/6 
Exceeding £275, not exc. £300—30/- 
At same rate for first £500. 

Exceeding £5, not exc. £10— 1/- 
Exceeding £10, not exc. £15— 1/6 
Exceeding £15, not exc. £20— 2/- 
Exceeding £20, not exc. £25— 2/6 
Exceeding £25, not exc. £50— 5/- 
Exceeding £50, not exc. £75— 7/6 
Exceeding £75, not exc. £100—10/6 
Exceeding £100, not exc. £125—12/6 

Above £500, £l per £l00. 

Duty on an indenture to be borne by the master, unless the contrary 

be agreed on. 

LEASES AND AGREEMENTS FOR LEASES are chargeable with rates of duty 

according to the following scale : — 

I.— Lands and Unfurnished Houses. 

Where the term is definite and does not exceed 35 years, or is indefinite. 

Not exceeding £5 per annum 
Exceeding £5 and not exceeding 














not exceeding £100 

of £50, and also for any fractional 

not exceeding 

not exceeding 

not exceeding 

not exceeding 

not exceeding 


5/ ," 



Exceeding £10 
Exceeding £15 
Exceeding £20 
Exceeding £25 
Exceeding £50 
Exceeding £75 
For every full 

part of £50 thereof ~ 10/- 

Such agreements, if not drawn upon stamped paper, must be presented 
for stamping within thirty days after the date of the first execution thereof. 

II.— Dwelling-Houses or Part Thereof. 

For any term not exceeding a year, at a rent not exceeding the rate of 
£40 per annum, Id. 

Documents must be stamped before execution, but adhesive stamps may 
be used in certain cases. 
RECEIPTS given for or upon the payment of money amounting to £2 

and upwards 2d 

The term " receipt " means and includes any note, memorandum, or writing 
whatsoever whereby any money amounting to £2 or upwards, or any Bill 
of Exchange or Promissory Note for money amounting to £2 or upwards, 
is acknowledged or expressed to have been received, or deposited or paid. 

If any person (1) gives any receipt liable to duty and not duly stamped: 
(2) in any case where a receipt would be liable to duty refuses to give a 
receipt duly stamped; (3) upon a payment to the amount of £2 or upwards 
gives a receipt for a sum not amounting to £2, or separates or divides the 
amount paid with the intent to evade the duty— he shall forfeit the sum 
of £10. 

SPOILED STAMPS.— Application for allowance in lieu of spoiled stamps must 
be made within two years after the stamp has been spoiled or become 




Stephen & Pollock 


for Imperial typewriters 

British and Best. 

37 Sandgate & 68 Newmarket St., 



General Directory. 

Abbott, George S., shoe manufacturer, Middleton, 2 Racecourse View. 
Telephone 2667. 

Abbott. John S., The Bungalow, 5 Ewenfleld Road. Telephone 3917. 

Aberdein, Andrew, tailor's cutter, 6 Wattfleld Road. 

Abernethy, Alexander, painter, 83 South Harbour Street. 

Abernethy, Arthur, 54 Green Street. 

Abernethy, James, weaver, 10 Seaforth Crescent. 

Abernethy, Miss Mary, L.R.A.M., music teacher, 26 Viewfield Road. Tele- 
phone 2535. 

Ackroyd, John, Knoweside Dairy, 32 Northfield Avenue. Telephone 3333. 

Adair, Thomas, labourer, 49 Lochside Road. 

Adam, Thomas, coal merchant and contractor, Westbourne Villa, 33 Race- 
course Road. Telephone 3701. 

Adam, William, farmer, South Sanquhar Farm, Lochside. 

Adam, Misses, The Neuk, Monument Road. Telephone 2273. 

Adam, Miss Jeanie, 8 Seafield Crescent. 

Adams, Albert D., engineer, 109 George Street. 

Adams, Alexander, 43 Elmbank Street. 

Adams, Edwin, engineer, 16 Ardlui Road. 

Adams, Erank, clerk, 3 Whitletts Road. 

Adams, Thomas, meat inspector, 7 Craigie Avenue. 

Adams, Miss Mary, 25 Millar's Land, Limond's Wynd. 

Adams, Mrs, Cattle Market Restaurant. House— 5 Ashgrove Street. Tele- 
phone 2411. 

Adams, Mrs, hairdresser, 6 Teviot Street. 

Adamson, James, 1 Wattfleld Road. 

Adamson, John, salesman, 147 High Street. 

Adamson, Robert, railway servant, 38 New Road. 

Adamson, Robert, police sergeant, 28 Fort Street. 

Adamson, Mrs H. M., 38 Bellevue Crescent. 

Addie, Alexander, 35 Peebles Street. 

Adie, Mrs Annie, 44 Green Street. 

Afflecks Ltd., cabinetmakers, upholsterers, and funeral undertakers, 2? 
High Street and 17 Sandgate. Telephone 2251. 

Afflecks, Ltd., Auction Hall, 17 Sandgate. Telephone 2251. 

Affleck, Alexander, 48 Whitletts Road. 

Agnew, Andrew, dairyman, 172 Prestwick Road. 

Agnew, Andrew, dairyman, 176 Prestwick Road. 

Agnew, James, 18 Wellington Street. 

Agnew, James, labourer, 116 George Street. 

Agnew, James, caulker, 24 Peebles Street. 

Agnew, James, mason, 44 Lochside Road. 

Agnew, James, surgeon dentist, 4 Barns Street. 

Agnew, John, 35 Glebe Crescent. 

Agnew, Robert, tanner, 9 Glebe Crescent. 

Agnew, Robert, labourer, 91 Lochside Road. 

Agnew, Thomas. 88 Wilson Street. 

Agnew. William, labourer, 21 Gould Street. 

Agnew, William, 52 York Street. 

Agnew, William, 45 Main Street. 

Agnew, William, driller, 38 Taylor Street. 

Agnew, Miss Margaret, 11 Heathfield Road. 

Agnew, Mrs Margaret, 27 Main Street. 

Agnew, Mrs, 33 Lochside Road. 

Ailsa Shipbuilding Company, Ltd., South Quay. Telephone 2726 

Aird, Robert, rural postman, 10 Somerset Road. 

Aird, William, 67 Mill Street. 

Aird, William, painter, 10 Fothringham Road. 

Airdrie, Robert, painter, 38 Northfield Avenue. 

Aitchison, Alexander, Gatehouse, South Lodge, 29 Racecourse Road 

Aitchison, James, chauffeur, 24 West Sanquhar Road. 

Aitchison, Joseph, motor driver, 83 Main Street. 


Aitchison, Robert, linesman, 23 Elmbank Street. 

Aitchison, Thomas, blacksmith, 93 Main Street. 

Aitchison, Thomas, coachman. 26 Victoria Street. 

Aitchison, William, railway guard, 38 Elmbank Street. 

Aitchison, Mrs, 15 King Street. 

Aitchison, Mrs, 18 Kyle Street. 

Aitken, Alexander, joiner, 114 King Street. 

Aitken, Andrew J., 9 Seafleld Crescent. Telephone 2956. 

Aitken, Hugh, 11 Midton Road. 

Aitken, J., motor driver, 38 Paterson Street. 

Aitken, James, engine driver, 30 Elmbank Street. 

Aitken, Robert, van driver, 14 Allison Street. 

Aitken, Robert, butcher, 19 M'Call's Avenue. 

Aitken, Robert, 9 Elba Street Lane. 

Aitken, William, railway checker, 2 Church Street. 

Aitken, Misses A. and M., 30 New Bridge Street. 

Aitken, Miss Agnes, 14 Ronaldshaw Park. Telephone 2024. 

Aitken, Mrs M., 186 High Street. 

Aitken, Mrs, 23 Castlehill Road. . 

Aitken, Mrs, Burnock, 13 Racecourse Road. Telephone 3437. 

Aitken, Mrs, 8 Craigie Avenue. 

Aitken, Mrs, 2a New Bridge Street. 

Aitken, Mrs, 8 Seafleld Road. 

Aitkenhead, Stewart, pipe maker, 8 Alexandria Terrace. 

Alcroft, Frederick, shipyard worker, 36 Green Street. 

Alexander, Alexander, 28 Kyle Street. 

Alexander, Alexander S., 8 Wattfield Road. 

Alexander, Andrew, engine driver, 74 New Road. 

Alexander, Charles, 16 West Sanquhar Road. 

Alexander, D., miner, 2 Victoria Street. 

Alexander, David, storeman, 25 York Street Lane. 

Alexander, George, railway servant, Bellrock Road. 

Alexander, Hugh, railway porter, 116 Green Street. 

Alexander, J., 8 Wallace Street. 

Alexander, James, 54 York Street Lane. 

Alexander, James, baker, 94 Wallace Street. 

Alexander, James, labourer, 31 Gould Street. 

Alexander, James, police constable, 47 M'Call's Avenue. 

Alexander, James, builder, 28 Seafleld Drive. 

Alexander, James, baker, 32 Russell Street. 

Alexander, John Murray, timber merchant, 2 Barns Park. Telephone 3875. 

Alexander, John, hairdresser, 3 Wallace Street. Telephone 2097. 

Alexander, John, chemical agent. 4 Wellington Square. Telephone 3039. 

Alexander, John, clerk, 26 Fort Street. 

Alexander, John, baker, 166 High Street. 

Alexander, Peter, compositor, 120 Hunter's Avenue. 

Alexander, Peter, 138 High Street. 

Alexander, Robert, engineer, 25 Gordon Terrace. 

Alexander, Robert, grocer, 41 Russell Street. 

Alexander, Robert, 54 Russell Street. 

Alexander, Thomas, labourer, 2 Stewart Road. 

Alexander, Thomas, traveller, 4 Bellevue Cottages, Bellevue Road. 

Alexander, Thomas, labourer, 40 Green Street Lane. 

Alexander, Thomas. 35 Crown Street. 

Alexander, William, inspector of cleansing, 30 Bellesleyhill Road. 

Alexander, William, carter, 58 York Street Lane. 

Alexander, William, civil engineer, 2 Alloway Park. Telephone 2170. 

Alexander, William, mason, 64 Allison Street. 

Alexander, William R., teacher, 49 Whitletts Road. 

Alexander, William, & Sons, timber merchants, 73 John Street. 'Phone 3330. 

Alexanders Stores, Ltd., 14-20 Alloway Street. Telephone 3447. 

Alexander, Miss Elizabeth M., 5 Ballantine Drive. 

Alexander, Miss Jane, teacher, 4 Ballantine Drive. 

Alexander, Miss J., draper, 25 River Street. 

Alexander, Mrs, 5 South Park Road. Telephone 2393. 

Alexander, Mrs Lennox, The But and Ben, 4 Wellington Square. 'Phone 3039. 

Alexander, Mrs, 25 Marchmont Road. 

Allan. A. D., tailor, 31 New Road. 

Allan, Arthur A., 8 Cromwell Road. 

Allan, D., & Son, coal merchants, 31 Beresford Terrace. Telephone 2712. 

Allan, David, 27 Alderston Avenue. 

Allan, David, tenter, 40 Heathfield Road. 


Allan, George, traveller, 7 Springvale Road. 

Allan, James, sculptor, 6 Prestwick Road. 

Allan, John, loco, fireman, 5.s St. George's Road. 

Allan, Robert, fishmonger, 22 New Bridge Street. Telephone 3211. House— 
19 Charlotte Street. 

Allan, Robert M., draughtsman, Fernhurst Cottage, 6 Maybole Road. 

Allan, Wallace, watchmaker, 4 Newmarket Street. Teiepnone 2516. 

Allan, William, miner, 43 Wallace Street. 

Allan, William, joiner, 17 Marchfield Quadrant. 

Allan, William (of D. Allan & Son), 46 Park Circus. Telephone 3594. 

Allan, Miss Elizabeth, 22 Seafield Crescent. 

Allan, Miss Elizabeth N., shop, Belmont Crossing, St. Leonard's Road. 

Allan, Miss Jessie BL, 3 Barns Terrace. 

Allan, Miss Mary E., 33 Charlotte Street. 

Allan, Mrs, 29 Bellevue Crescent. Telephone 3603. 

Allan, Mrs, 8 Ballantine Drive. 

Allan, Mrs, 102 New Eoad. 

Allan, Mrs, 11 M'Call's Avenue. 

Allan, Mrs, 5 Russell Terrace. 

Allardyce, William, retired, 72 Marchfield Quadrant. 

Allcroft, Mrs, 40 Russell Street. 

Allison, Archibald, shoemaker, 19 Allison Street. 

Allison, John, storeman, 8 Princes Street. 

Allison, Robert, agent, British Linen Bank, 123 High Street. 'Phone 2729. 

Allison, Robert, 32 Bellesleyhill Road. 

Allison, Robert, clerk, 43 Bellesleyhill Avenue. 

Allison, William, 26 Cromwell Road. 

Allison, William, railway fireman, 52 Princes Street. 

Allison, Miss Helen, 14 St Leonard s Road. 

Allison, Mrs, 55 Content Street. 

Anderson, A., labourer, 123 George Street. 

Anderson, Alfred J., 5a Miller Eoad. Telephone 2063. 

Anderson Bros., drapers and outfitters, 62 Alloway Street. Telephone 2179. 

Anderson, David, skinner, 49 Wilson Street. 

Anderson, David, cluhmaster, Unionist Club, New Road. 

Anderson, Frederick, spirit merchant, 83 High Street. House — 4 Fothringham 

Anderson, George, labourer, 131 George Street. 
Anderson, George W., draper, 57 George Street. 
Anderson, Hope V., draper (of Anderson Bros.), 41 Carrick Road. 
Anderson, Hugh, weaver, 46 M'Call's Avenue. 
Anderson, Hugh, checker, 30 Hawkhill Avenue. 
Anderson, Hugh, railway surfaceman, 34 Russell Street. 
Anderson, James, outfitter, 7 and 9 Alloway Street. 
Anderson, James, 1 Gordon Street. 
Anderson, James, clerk, 18 Smith Street. 
Anderson, John, shoemaker, 22 Elba Street Lane. 
Anderson, John, 33 Workmen's Dwellings, King Street. 
Anderson, John, 47 Carrick Road. 
Anderson, John, labourer, 164 Prestwick Road. 
Anderson, John A., 29 Wilson Street. 
Anderson, R., hamcurer, 86 Paterson Street. 
Anderson, Robert, coal merchant, 3a TJnion Avenue. 
Anderson, Robert, 105 High Street. 

Anderson, Robert G., solicitor, Wellington Chambers, 64 Fort Street. Tele- 
phone 2057. House — 21 Bellevue Crescent. 
Anderson, Samuel, saddler, 47 Content Street. 
Anderson, Thomas, engine-driver, 75 Oswald Road. 
Anderson, William, 18 Green Street. 

Anderson, William, dentist, 21 Burns Statue Square. Telephone 2581. 
Anderson, William, teacher, 132 Hunter's Avenue. 
Anderson, William, labourer, 53 Content Street. 
Anderson, William Boyd, solicitor, Flaxton House, 1 St. Leonard's Road. 

Telephone 2365. 
Anderson, vVilliam J., mason, 32 Back Main Street. 
Anderson, William M., 17 Dalblair Road. 
Anderson, Miss Agnes, 1 Belmont Avenue. 
Anderson, Misses M. C. & F., provision merchants, 15 Alloway Street and 79- 

Main Street. Telephone 3454. 
Anderson, Misses, 4 Bellevale Avenue. 
Anderson, Miss Mary S., teacher, 3 Rosebank Crescent. 
Anderson, Mrs, 10 Goschen Terrace. 


Anderson, Mrs, 81 King Street. 

Anderson, Mrs Margaret, 26 Elmbank Street. 

Anderson, Mrs, 11 Alloway Street. 

Anderson, Mrs, 105 Green Street. 

Anderson, Mrs, 58 Alloway Street. 

Andreoli, Pierre (of Goudie's Restaurant), Longstone, 17 Monument Road. 
Telephone 2835. 

Andreoli, Pierre (Goudie's Restaurant), 231 High Street. Telephone 2575. 

Andreoli, Pierre (Victoria Restaurant), 2 New Bridge Street. 

Andreoli, Mrs V. M., 18 Eglinton Terrace. 

Andreucci, Austin, 6 Mill Street. 

Andreucci, Robert, restaurateur, 87 South Harbour Street and 8 Mill Street. 

Andreucci, Eoberto, restaurateur, 26 and 30 Smith Street. 

Andreucci, Miss J., 10 Mill Street. 

Andrew & Addison, solicitors, 75 Dalblair Road. Telephone 3319. 

Andrew, Andrew, chauffeur, 4 Bath Place. 

Andrew, George, car driver, 4 Lisburn Road. 

Andrew, James, 75 Main Street. 

Andrew, James, 42 Smith Street. 

Andrew, James, porter, 10 Content Street. 

Andrew, James, postman, 14 River Terrace. 

Andrew, James, joiner, 4 Queen Street. 

Andrew, James, pointsman, 168 Prestwick Road. 

Andrew, John, 19 Green Street. 

Andrew, Norman, 7 Belvidere Terrace 

Andrew, Samuel M'Connell, 112 New Road. 

Andrew, Samuel, hairdresser, 13 Queen Street. 

Andrew, Thomas, solicitor, 17 Newmarket Street. Telephone 3835. 

Andrew, W. B., & Co., hamcurers, 100 High Street. Telephone 3912. 

Andrew, William, 181 Prestwick Road. 

Andrew, William, carpet weaver, 34 Elmbank Street. 

Andrew, William, Ewenfleld Stables, St. Leonard's Road. 

Andrew, William B., merchant, 6 Woodfield Road. 

Andrew, William F. L., Newnham Hotel, 10 Barns Street. Telephone 2881. 

Andrew, Miss Ena, 9 Ballantine Drive. Telephone 2121. 

Andrew, Miss I. R., Glent'airn, 28 Racecourse Road. Telephone 2537. 

Andrew, Miss Mary, 18 Wellington Square. 

Andrew, Mrs, 15 Church Street. 

Andrew, Mrs Jane, 42 Green Street Lane. 

Andrew, Mrs, 27 Elmbank Street. 

Andrew, Mrs, 34 Nelson Street. 

Andrew, Mrs, 42 Nelson Street. 

Andrew, Mrs, 24 New Bridge Street. 

Anglo-American Oil Co., Ltd., Waggon Boad. Telephone 3404. 

Angus, Robert C, 1 Burns Statue Square. 

Anthony, William, machineman, 69 Princes Street. 

Anton, James, bread salesman, 17 Seafield Drive. 

Apps, Thomas, 20 New Bridge Street. 

Arbuckle. Archibald, printer, 10 Bath Place. 

Archibald, Martin, 6 Arran Terrace. 

Arkieson, George, power loom tenter, 19 Gordon Street. 

Arkieson. John P.. clerk, 10 Alexandria Terrace. 

Armer, Douglas, Carrick View, 31 Maybole Road. Telephone 3455. 

Armour, Daniel, mason, 34 Heathfield Road. 

Armour, Henry, tailor, 17 Elba Street. 

Armour, James, caretaker, 30 Alloway Street. 

Armour, James, tailor, la North Park Avenue. 

Armour, Joseph, tenter, 105 Wallace Street. 

Armour, Bobert B., 120 Prestwick Road. 

Armour, William, joiner, 19 Falkland Road. 

Armour, Miss Janet, 53 Sandgate. 

Armour, Miss Martha, 32 Campbell Street. 

Armour, Mrs, 46 Fort Street. 

Armstrong, George, mason, 11 Church Street. 

Armstrong, Nicholas, engine-driver, 76 Oswald Road. 

Armstrong, Robert, mason, 34 York Street Lane. 

Armstrong, Mrs, 28 Mill Street. 

Arnold, Miss Margaret, 31 St. Leonard's Road. 

Arnott. John, ironmonger, 126-128 George Street. 

Arnott, L., railway employee, 63 John Street. 

Arnott, Mrs, 9 South Beach Road. 

Arnsheen Board-Residence, 11 Racecourse Road. Telephone 2992. 



Arroll. Richard H., artist, 1 Blackburn Road. Telephone 3502. 

Arthur, Alexander, Benston, 10 Garrick Avenue. Telephone 3324. 

Arthur, Ezekiel D., 27 Hilary Crescent. 

Arthur, George F., chauffeur, 24 Rosebank Crescent. 

Arthur, Peter, 6 Tain's Brig. 

Arthur. Miss Helen, 17 Carrick Road. 

Arthur, Mrs, 43 Fort Street. 

Arthur, Mrs, 51 Green Street. 

Arthur, Mrs, 93 South Harbour Street. 

Art Fireplace Company, Wellington Chambers, 8 Fullarton Street and Union 
Arcade. Telephone 2746. 

Arts and Crafts, 84 Sandgate. 

Aston, Mrs, 8 Woodfield Road. 

Atkinson, Ernest, analyst, 6 Craigie Avenue. 

Atkinson, James, homeopathic specialist, 6 Doonfoot Road. Telephone 2602. 

Atkinson, John, hosiery manufacturer, 97 High Street. House — 5 Springvaie 

Atkinson, William, & Son, Goods Station. Telephone 2464. House address— 
Balgregan, Prestwick. Telephone 7549. 

Atkinson, Miss Agnes L., 6 Lisburn Road. 

Auchinachie, Alexander, 16 Robsland Avenue. 

Auld, Alexander, joiner, 4 Wattfield Road. 

Auld, Alexander, 50 Princes Street. 

Auld, Alexander, electrical engineer, Alloway Place. Telephone 3352. House 
— 14 Arran Terrace. 

Auld. Alfred, 101 Oastlehill Road. 

Auld, Andrew W., 1 Academy Street. 

Auld, B., & Co., outfitters, 71 Sandgate. 

Auld Brig Motor Company. 5 River Terrace. Telephone 3449. 

Auld, Charles, electrician, 23 Stewart Road. 

Auld, James B. (of William Auld & Sons), plumber, 44 Fort Street. Tele- 
phone 2717. 

Auld, John, sen., plumber, 45 Mill Street. 

Auld, R. W., clerk, 8 Hilary Crescent. 

Auld, William, plumber, 11 Hilary Crescent. 

Auld, William, measurer, 9 Ailsa Place. 

Auld, William, plumber, 25 Green Street Lane. 

Auld. William L., grocer, 16 Montgomerie Terrace. 

Auld, William, & Sons, slaters and plumbers, electrical and sanitary engineers, 
70 Sandgate. Telephone 2717. 

Auld. Miss Annie H., 6 Ballantine Drive. 

Auld, Mrs, 51 Woodfield Crescent. 

Auld. Mrs, 6 Eglinton Terrace. 

Auld, Mrs, china merchant, 7 Sandgate. 

Auld. Mrs, 14 Kirkport. 

Auld, Mrs, 24 New Bridge Street. 

Auld, Mrs, 66 Sandgate. 

Auld. Mrs Grace, 49 Oswald Road. 

Austin, David, baker, 2 Virginia Gardens. 

Austin, John, 26 Hope Street. 

Austin, John, 59 Kyle Street. 

Austin, Joseph M'P., 1 Kyle Street. 

Austin, Matthew, baker, 51 St. George's Road. 

Austin, Mrs Margaret, 13 Main Street. 

Austin, Mrs, 11 Montgomerie Terrace. 

Automatic Scale Company, Ltd., 3 Enplewood Avenue. Telephone 3157. 

Automotor Finance Company, Ltd., 55 Newmarket Street. Telephone 3012. 

Avery, W. & T., Ltd., manufacturers and contractors for the upkeep of every 
description of weighing machine. Local Repair Depot— Butter Market, 
90 High Street. 

Ayr Academy, Fort Street. Telephone 2302. 

" Ayr Advertiser," printing and publishing office, 100 High Street. Tele- 
phone 3866. 

Avr Amateur Photographic Association, 1 Boat Vennal. 

Ayr Arms Hotel, 209 High Street 'Matthew Dickie, proprietor). 'Phone 2526. 

Ayr Attractions Committee, 132 High Street. Telephone 3615. 

Ayr Automobile and Electric Supplies Company, garage, 79 Prestwick Road. 
Telephone 3951. 

Ayr Bowling Club Green, Cassillis Street. 

Ayr Burghs Central Unionist Association (Miss A. E. Cowan, organising 
secretary), 25 Wellington Square. Telephone 3991. 

Ayr Charity Organisation Society, 4 Main Street. Telephone 2546. 


Ayr Club. 9 Academy Street (clubmaster, James Mowbray). 'Phone 3436. 

Ayr Cooperage, Arthur Street. 

Ayr County Automobile Company, County Garage, 18 Beresford Terrace. 
Telephone 2027. 

Ayr County Council (Education), School, 32 Charlotte Street. 

Ayr Cricket Club, Dam Park. Telephone 3720. 

Ayr Daisy Lodge, No. 69, British Order of Ancient Free Gardeners, 6 Sandgate. 

Ayr District Asylum, Glengall. Telephone 3677. 

Ayr District County Veterinary Inspector (Alexander Douglas), 17 Wellington 
Square. Telephone 2921. 

Ayr District Nursing Association (Nurse M'Lean), 7 Barns Street. Tele- 
phone 2749. 

Ayr and District Window Cleaning Company, 43 Paterson Street. 'Phone 3911. 

Ayr Equitable Loan Company, 115 High Street. 

Ayr Ex-Service Men's Club, Ltd., 16 Cathcart Street. 

Ayr Foot Hospital, 61 Kyle Street (Charles Ian Stewart, A.S.C., I.C.M.M.). 
Telephone 2692. 

Ayr Gas Company, Ltd., 26 Cromwell Road. Telephone 3950. 

Ayr Girls' Club and Hostel, 2 James Street. Telephone 3389. 

Ayr Hosiery Factory, Ltd., 27 Content Street. Telephone 3013. 

Ayr, Newton, and Wallacetown Working Men's Unionist Club, 2 New Road 
(clubmaster, David Anderson). 

" Ayr Observer " Company, printing works, 30 Smith Street. Telephone 3144. 

Ayr Public Assistance Department, 27 Kyle Street. 

Ayr (^uniting Club, ground, 3 Hawkhill. 

Ayr Sketch Club, 9 Cathcart Street. 

Ayr St. Paul Masonic Lodge, Nile Court, 154 High Street. 

Ayr United Football and Athletic Club, Ltd., Somerset Park. 'Phone 3435. 

Ayr United Liberal Association, club room, 69 Sandgate. 

Ayrshire Agricultural Association, 13 Kyle Street (secretary, James Paterson). 
Telephone 2560. 

Ayrshire Cattle Herd Book Society (Hugh Bone, secretary), 58 Alloway Street. 

Ayrshire Coalowners' Association (secretary, James Borland), 6 Barns Street. 

Ayrshire County Association (secretary, Colonel Alexander Cecil Adair), 6 
Wellington Square. 

Ayrshire County Nursing Association, 18 Wellington Square. 'Phone 2725. 

Ayrshire Electricity Board. Mill Street. Telephone 2557. 

Ayrshire Electro Plating Company, Content Street. Telephone 3825. 

Ayrshire and Galloway Hotel, 1 Killoch Place. Telephone 276811. 

Ayrshire Glass Insurance Company, Ltd. Joint Secretaries and Managers- 
John T. Scott and Alfred T. Scott, C.A., 29 Newmarket Street. Tele- 
phone 2401. 

Ayrshire Hide, Skin, Fat and Wool Company, 16 Smith Street. Tele- 
phone 2491. 

Ayrshire Houses of Refreshment, Ltd., 10 Academy Street. 

Ayrshire Laundry Company, 4 Wallace Street. Telephone 3891. 

" Ayrshire Post," Ltd., publishing and printing works, 154 High Street. Tele- 
phone 3521. 

Ayrshire Rubber Company, 40 Smith Street. Telephone 2861. 

Ayrshire Ticket Writing Company, 10 Alloway Street. Telephone 2416. 


■" Baby Castle," 45a Alloway Street. Telephone 2372. 
Bacon, Mrs, 8 Dalblair Road. 
Bagen, Mrs, 61 Seaforth Crescent. 
Bailes. John F., traveller, 116 Hunter's Avenue. 

Bailey's, grocers and wine merchants, 158 High Street. Telephone 2848. 
Bailey, Mrs, 3 Broomfield Road. 
Baillie, David, 50 Sandgate. 

Baillie, George Scott, lighthouse keeper, North Harbour Street. 
Baillie, John, engineer, 32 North Park Avenue. 
Baillie, Osmond T.. master painter, 18 Smith Street. 
Baillie, Thomas, 33 Carrick Street. 
Baillie, Walter, 54 Taylor Street. 
Baillie, William W., 45 Newmarket Street. 
Baillie, William W., joiner, 10 Kirkport. 
Baillie, William W., 28 Lansdowne Road. 

Baillie, William, & Sons, painters, 12 Kirkport and 89 High Street. Tele- 
phone 3476. 




High-Class grocers & wine merchants 


HERE is to be found one 
of the most comprehensive 
ranges of High-Class Groceries 
and Provisions. Fresh goods by 
the best known manufacturers. 

Hams and Bacons from the 
finest curers. 

Our stock of Wines, Spirits 
and Liqueurs is the largest in 
the County of Ayr. We are 
direct importers from the 
World's Finest Vineyards. 

All Medicinal Tonics, 
Wines and Proprietary 
Whiskies stocked. :: :: 

1 MRisk 

" <} 

Telephone 2848 Ayr 


Baillie, Mrs, 146 George Street. 

Baillie, Mrs, shoe store, 12 Newmarket Street. 

Bain, Daniel, chemist, 27 Woodfleld Road. 

Bain, Harold, The Tyre Surgery, 6 Kyle Street, 

Bain, Ronald, 30 Bellevale Avenue. 

Bain, Misses, 15 Rosebank Crescent. 

Bain, Miss Janet, 18 Wellington Square. 

Bain. Miss Janet, teacher, 8 Midton Road. 

Baird, Andrew, Boselea Dairy, 36 Princes Street. 

Baird, David M., insurance agent, 43 Elmbank Street. 

Baird. George, horticultural glazier, 7 Britannia Place. 

Baird, George, 26 York Street Lane. 

Baird, Hugh, labourer, 3 Garden Street. 

Baird, James, tailor, 10 Walker Boad. 

Baird, John, joiner, 14 Allison Street. 

Baird, John, 48 Mill Street. 

Baird, William, traveller, 22 George's Avenue. 

Baird, William Arthur, teacher, 16 Hunter's Avenue. 

Baird, Miss Euphemia, 23 Nelson Street. 

Baird, Mrs, 100 New Road. 

Baird, Mrs, 144 Hawkhill Avenue. 

Baird, Mrs, 1 Elmbank Street. 

Baird, Mrs, 63 Wallace Street. 

Baird, Mrs, 89 Castlehill Road. 

Bairds & Dalmellington, Ltd., coal merchants, Beresford Lye, Beresford 
Terrace, and North Harbour Street. 

Baker, George, shoemaker, 14 Victoria Street. 

Baker, Mrs, 82 Northfleld Avenue. 

Balderstone, John S., pension officer, 28 Hawkhill Avenue. 

Baldi, Antonio, restaurateur, 89 George Street, 

Balfour, James, 30 Kyle Street. 

Ball, Edmund Bruce, engineer, Braemar. 55 Midton Road. Telephone 3889. 

Ballantine, Robert, optician, 1 Racecourse Road. Telephone 3656. 

Ballantyne, Andrew, slater and plumber, 6 River Terrace. Telephone 2221. 
House — 15 Quail Road. 

Ballantyne, Peter, slater, 97 High Street. 

Ballantyne, Robert, slater, 29 Bellesleyhill Avenue. 

Balmer, William, docker, 21 George Street. 

Bank of Scotland, 24J Sandgate. Telephone 2511. (Agent, William Coinrie.) 
Townhead branch — 59 Burns Statue Square. 

Banks, Misses, 9 Rosebank Crescent. Telephone 3114. 

Bannatyne, John, contractor, 44-46 Peebles Street and 61 New Road. Tele- 
phone 3939. 

Barbour, David S.. veterinary surgeon, 13 Arran Terrace. 

Barbour, Hugh, 25 Workmen's Dwellings, King Street. 

Barbour, James, piano tuner and dealer, 15 Castlehill Road. 

Barbour, John, grocer, 32a Northfield Avenue. 

Barbour, William, weaver, 8 Britannia Place. 

Barbour, William, chauffeur, 10 Heathfleld Road. 

Barbour, Mrs, 1 Britannia Pla.ce. 

Barclay, Robert, 47 St. George's Road. 

Barclay, Bobert, joiner, 6 Sandgate 

Barclay, Walter, motor driver, 39 Springbank Road. 

Barclay, William, 2 Mosshill Cottage, Northfield Avenue. 

Barclay, Misses, 33 Quail Road. 

Barclay, Mrs, 37 Charlotte Street.. 

Barclay, Mrs, 3 Viewfield Road. 

Barlas, Bobert, tax officer, 7 Hilary Crescent. 

Barlow, Edward, fireman, 3 Somerset Road. 

Barlow, James, 'bus driver, 35 Moss-side Road. 

Barlow, Mrs. 88 Green Street. 

Barnard, Mrs, grocer. Shop — 24 Wellington Street. House— 37 Wellington 

Barnes, Archibald W., engine-driver, 31 Oswald Place. 

Barnes, Edward, printer, 36 Back Main Street. 

Barnes, George B., Old Brewery House, Eglinton Lane. 

Barnes. George Benjamin, clerk. 26 Queen's Terrace. 

Barnes. John, gunsmith and fishing tackle maker, Burns Statue Square. 
Telephone 2969. 

Barnes. Mrs, " Redthom." Chalmers Road. 

Barr, Andrew, " Auld Brig " Salerooms. 2-4 River Terrace. Telephone 3949. 

Barr, Andrew, 'bus driver, 69 Walker Road. 



Barr, Andrew M., furniture dealer, 76 Church Street. 

Barr Bros., 80 Russell Street, and at 121 George Street and 78 Main Street. 
Telephone 2321. 

Barr, Campbell, 1 Seafield Drive. 

Barr, Charles, labourer, 45 Glebe Crescent. 

Barr, George, 67 M'Call's Avenue. 

Barr, Henry, engine-driver, 119 Oswald Road. 

Barr, James, dealer, 112 Green Street. 

Barr, James, labourer, 11 Content Street. 

Barr, James, 88 Elba Street. 

Barr, James H., 25 Fothringham Road. 

Barr, John, liftman, 35 Noltmyre Road. 

Barr, John Wallace, 19 North Park Avenue. 

Barr, Nathaniel (of Barr Bros.), Gowanlee, 4 Maybole Road. 

Barr, Robert, riveter, 7 King Street. 

Barr, William, constable. 34 Charlotte Street. 

Barr, Misses, 48 Wellington Street. 

Barr, Mrs, 8 Wellington Street. 

Barr, Mrs, 54 York Street Lane. 

Barr, Mrs, 67 Mill Street. 

Barrowman, Mrs, 63 Main Street. 

Barry, Adam, shoemaker, 44 Viewtield Road. 

Barry, George S., F.S.I., FJj.G.A., road surveyor, 57 Castlehill Road. 

Barry, Henry, Blackburn Road. 

Barry, Peter, blacksmith, 30 Allison Street. 

Barry, Thomas, engine-driver, 16 Gordon Terrace. 

Bartolucci, Oscar, restaurateur, 100-102 Sandgate and 37 Fort Street. 

Barton, Miss Janet, 9 Queen's Terrace. 

Bates, Robert, 41 Hawkhill Avenue. 

Bath, Robert, driver, 13 Alderston Avenue. 

Battery Repair Depot, 22 George Street. Telephone 3193. 

Baxter, John, mill manager, 14 Holmston Road. 

Baxter, Miss Margaret, violinist. 40 Marchfield Road. 

Bayes, Alfred, colorist, 7 Woodfield Crescent. 

Bayne, Mrs, Glencloy, 51 Midton Road. 

Beaddie, James, Heathfield Road. 

Beale, George N., salesman, 4 Church Place, King Street. 

Beaton. Miss Jessie, 32 Allison Street. 

Beattie, Francis, 103 Green Street. 

Beattie, Isaac, blacksmith, 34 Wellington Street. 

Beattie, James, 81 King Street. 

Beattie, Maxwell, letter-carrier, 6 Sandgate. 

Beattie, Robert, 35 Workmen's Dwellings, King Street. 

Beattie, Robert, weaver, 4 Woodfield Crescent. 

Beattie, Robert, labourer, 84 Wallace Street. 

Beattie, Thomas, railway fireman, 50 Taylor Street. 

Beattie, William, sen., factory worker, 49 Content Street. 

Beattie, William, jun., 49 Content Street. 

Beattie, William, fireman. 12 Stewart Road. 

Beattie, Mrs, 29 Weaver Street. 

Beattie. Mrs. 21 High Street. 

Beattie, Mrs. 99 Green Street. 

Beauty Parlour, 44 Dalblair Road. Telephone 2585. 

Beavan. John, motor agent and automobile engineer, Burns Statue Square. 
Telephone 3773. 

Beavan, John (of Beavan's Garage), 3 Virginia Gardens. Telephone 3438. 

Beavan, John A., railway worker, 27 Whitletts Road. 

Beavan, Mrs, 33 Dongola Road. 

Beavis, Leonard, 105 Wallace Street. 

Beebee. Benjamin (of H. Beebee & Co.). 33 Bellevue Crescent. 'Phone 3606. 

Beebee & Co., Harry, tanners, 80-84 Mill Street. Telephone 3485. 

Begg, Adam, 32 Princes Street. 

Begg & Co., woollen manufacturers, Ayr Tweed Mills, Viewfield Road. Tele- 
phone 3456. 

Begg, John, grocer, 7 Nortbfield Avenue. 

Begg, Robert. 31 Peebles Street. 

Begg, Mrs, 24 Wallace Street. 

Begg, Mrs, 2 St. George's Road. 

Beggs, James, 31 Castlehill Road. 

Bell, Alexander, 9 Bellesleyhill Avenue. 

Bell, Andrew, labourer. 4 Russell Street. 

Bell, Charles, motorman, 72 Allison Street. 


Bell, David, skinner, 31 Kyle Street. 

Bell, David, painter, 4 Wilson Street. 

Bell, E. A. (of E. A. Bell & Co.), Ravelston, Longbank Road. Telephone 3037. 

Bell, E. A., & Co., accountants, 5 and 13 Alloway Street and 13 Kyle Street. 
Telephone 3638. 

Bell. Henry, teacher, 136 Hunter's Avenue. 

Bell, Henry, druggist, 54 Main Street. Telephone 3942. House— 2 Lansdowne 

Bell, Henry, labourer, 31 "Walker Road. 

Bell, Hugh, commission agent, 23 New Road and 1 Boat Vennal. 'Phone 2903. 

Bell, James, craneman, 42 York Street. 

Bell, James, labourer, 79 Wallace Street. 

Bell, James, stationer and tobacconist. 40 Wallace Street. Telephone 2655. 

Bell, James, labourer, 10 Limond's Wynd. 

Bell, James, labourer, 110 King Street. 

Bell, James, 4 Eglinton Terrace. 

Bell, James, motor contractor, 12 Viewfield Road. 

Bell, James, post office linesman, 12 St. George's Road. 

Bell, James, glazier, 86 Green Street. 

Bell, John, 76 Allison Street. 

Bell, John, 37 Mill Street. 

Bell, John. 4 Victoria Street. 

Bell. John, moulder, 43 Seaforth Crescent. 

Bell, Malcolm, 10 York Street. 

Bell, Robert A., chemist, 9 Ardlui Road. 

Bell, Thomas, labourer, 86 King Street. 

Bell, Thomas S.. 16 Bellevale Avenue. 

Bell, William, railway servant, 38 Hunter's Avenue. 

Bell. William, 30 Elba Street. 

Bell, William, railwayman, 71 Wellington Street. 

Bell, William, railway servant, 1 Hall's Vennal. 

Bell, Miss Elizabeth W., 12 Carrick Avenue. 

Bell, Mrs, 31 Elba Street. 

Bell, Mrs, 115 George Street. 

Bell, Mrs, 2 Belmont Avenue. 

Bell, Mrs, 81 King Street. 

Bell, Mrs, 27 Main Street. 

Bell, Mrs, 84 Wallace Street. 

Belmont and Annfield Glen Nurseries, Maybole Road. 'Phone Alloway 50. 

Belmont Riding School, Belmont Avenue. Telephone 3345. 

Bennett, A. M., & Co., tailors and clothiers, 39-43 Newmarket Street. Tele- 
phone 3778. 

Bennett, Alexander M., tailor, 66 St Leonard's Road. Telephone 3778. 

Bennett, Alexander M., 27 Bellevue Crescent. 

Bennett. Frederick W. M., resident inspector, Eagle, Star and British 
Dominions Insurance Company, Ltd., St Anne's, Arrol Drive, Seafield. 
Telephone 2122. 

Bennett, James, tailor and clothier, 24 St, Leonard's Road. Telephone 3778. 

Bennett, J. B., & Sons, Ltd., painters and decorators, Wellington Chambers. 
Telephone 3983. 

Bennett, William, carpet weaver, 30 Heathfield Road. 

Bentham. Mrs, 83 Mill Street. 

Benzie, Frank, plumber, 8 Tryfield Place. 

Benzie, John, painter, 19 John Street. 

Beresford Temperance Hotel. 4 and 5 Killoeh Place. Telephone 2102. 

Berkeley Hotel, 1 Barns Street. Telephone 3658. 

Berry & Son, hairdressers, 26 North Harbour Street. 

Berry, James, 6 West Sanquhar Road. 

Berry, Thomas, hairdresser, 38 Stewart Road. 

Berry, William, retired constable, 13 George's Avenue. 

Berry, Mrs, 38 Marchfleld Road. 

Berry, Mrs, 14 Ross Street. 

Best, John, hairdresser, 54 Princes Street. 

Best, William, 3 Craigie Avenue. 

Beth, Robert, driver, 1 Alderston Avenue. 

Bethune, Mrs, 4 St. Leonard's Road. Telephone 3387. 

Betts, Frank, spirit merchant, 18 Smith Street and 58 Kyle Street. 

Beveridee, Harold J. C. resident inspector. Royal Insurance Company, 5 
Wellington Square. House — 36 Robsland Avenue. 

Biagi, Arturo L., 30 New Bridee Street. Telephone 3885. 

Biagi, Gnelielmo, 90 High Street. House — 4 Charlotte Street. 

Biagini, Olinto, 42-44 Carrick Street and 2 Boswell Park. 


Biagioni. Francesco, 50 Princes Street. 

Bianchini, Marcello, 9-11 New Bridge Street and 9 Tain's Brig. 
Bibby's Agents, James A. Cochrane & Son, South Harbour Street. leie- 
phone 2217. 

Bicker, James, carter, 33 Noltmyre Road. 

Bicker, Peter, beamer, 27 Marchfield Quadrant. 

Bicker, William, labourer, 92 Oswald Koad. 

Bicker, Miss Annie, weaver, 44 Wilson Street. 

Bicker, Mrs Jane, 52 Glebe Crescent. 

Bicket, James, mechanic, 51 Oswald Road. 

Biggins, Robert, 97 Oswald Koad. 

Bignold, Dr Charles A., County Medical Officer, 2 Park Terrace. 'Phone ouVo. 

Bingham, William, greenkeeper, 74 Green Street 

Birch, Francis, 47 Wellington Street. 

Bird, Robert, 11 Woodtieid Road. 

Bird, Mrs, 82 St. Leonard's Road. 

Birrell, Ltd., confectioners, 223J High Street and 'aO Sandgate. 

Birrell, George R., clerk, 6 Tryfield Place. 

Bishop, Elijah, labourer, 57 Peebles Street. 

Bissett, Andrew, labourer, 9 Lochside Road. 

Bissett, Mrs, 51 Paterson Street. 

Black, Alexander, joiner, 11 Young Street. 

Black, Andrew, 72 York Street Lane. 

Black, Charles, porter, 7 Russell Terrace. 

Black, Dixon W., chemist, 155 Prestwick Road. 

Black, James, labourer, 53 Gould Street. 

Black, James, railwayman, 86 George Street. 

Black, James, railwayman, 30 New Bridge Street. 

Black, James, marine fireman, 65 Woodfield Crescent. 

Black, James B., clerk, 8 Taylor Street. 

Black, Joseph, coal merchant, 19 Seafield Crescent. 

Black, Robert, solicitor and Burgh Assessor, 7 Wellington Square. Tele 

phone 2827. 

House— 1 Broomfield Road. Telephone 3826. 
Black, William, 1 Glebe Boad. 

Black, William, mine manager, 21 Ballantine Drive. 
Black, William, baker, 37 Paterson Street. 
Black, William A., engineer, 5 West Sanquhar Road. 
Black, W. Austin, 75 South Harbour Street. 

Black. Miss Agues Richmond, 1 Daisy Cottages, Bellesleyhill Avenue. 
Black, Mrs, 41 Seaforth Road. 
Black, Mrs, 74 Elba Street. 
Black, Mrs, 56 Wilson Street. 

Blackburn Board Residence, 2 Blackburn Road. Telephone 278911. 
Blackley, Mrs, Conar Lyn, 6 Wheatfield Road. Telephone 3647. 
Blackwell, David, ironmonger, 41 George Street. Telephone 3756. House- 

19 Craigie Road. 
Blackwood, Alexander, gardener. 3 Bellevne Cottages, Bellevue Road. 
Blackwood, David, constable, 5 Bellesleyhill Road. 
Blackwood, James, mason, 26 Content Street. 

Blackwood, John, Walkerburn, Chalmers Road Telephone 3017. 
Blackwood, Peter, blacksmith. 105 Wallace Street. 
Blackwood, William, joiner, 13 Belvidere Terrace. 
Blackwood, AVilliam, 221 High Street. 
Blackwood, Misses, 26 St Leonard's Road. 
Blackwood, Mrs, 24 Monument Boad. 
Blackwood. Mrs, 3 Falkland Place. 
Blaikie, George, carpet weaver, 15 Elmhank Street. 
Blaikie, Robert, labourer, 59 Gould Street. 
Blaikie, Robert, electrician, 9 M'Call's Avenue. 
Blaikie, Walter, 26 York Street. 
Blaikie, Walter, 40 York Street. 
Blaikie. Mrs. 11 Elmbank Street. 
Blain, James, baker, 53 Green Street. 
Blair, Allan, engineer, 30 Russell Street. 
Blair, David, joiner, 48 Northfield Avenue. 
Blair, James, joiner, 89 New Road. 
Blair, John, 196 Hisjh Street. 

Blair, John C, fruiterer, 86 Sandgate. Telephone 3375. 
Blair, John O, grocer, 113 New Road. Telephone 2524. House— 6 Prestwick 

Blair, Robert, baker, 38 John Street. 


Blair, Robert, 50 Alloway Street. 

Blair, Thomas, baker, 15 Cambuslea Road. 

Blair, William, surfaceman, Belmont Crossing, St. Leonard's Road. 

Blair, Mrs, 74 Castlehill Road. 

Blair, Mrs, 24 Argyle Street. 

Blakeley, Hawthorn, .ioiner, 57 Peebles Street. 

Blakeley, William, 51 Dalblair Road. 

Blane, David, railway guard, 4 Noltmyre Road. 

Blane, George, clerk, 17 Ehribank Street. 

Blane, John, engine-driver, 6 Seaforth Road. 

Blane, Quintan, signalman, 30 Prestwick Road. 

Blane, Robert, 102 Prestwick Road. 

Blane, Thomas, blacksmith, 7 Craigie Avenue. 

Blane, Thomas, labourer, 7 Elba Street Lane. 

Blendon Private Hotel. 18 Bellevue Road. Telephone 2687. 

Bloy, Alfred, labourer, 95 Lochside Road. 

Blue. Robert, traveller, 2 Woodfleld Avenue. 

Blunt, William, weaver, 39 Northfield Avenue. 

Blyth, Robert, 13 Elba Street Lane. 

Blyth, Thomas, motorman, 23 Nelson Street. 

Blyth, Mrs, 5 Garden Street. 

Boase, William R., Ardvarna. 17 Ronaldshaw Park. Telephone 3711. 

Bolton, William, 40 Church Street. 

Bolton, Mrs, 28 Taylor Street. 

Bonar, Edward, 22 Russell Street. 

Bonar, Miss A., draper, 20 Russell Street. 

Bond, William, railway servant, 74 Green Street. 

Bone, David, 31 Montgomerie Terrace. 

Bone. George, traveller, 68 Marchfield Quadrant. 

Bone, Hugh, secretary, Ayrshire Cattle Herd Book Society, 58 Alloway Street. 

Telephone 3818. House — 6 Ronaldshaw Park. Telephone 3995. 
Bone, James, joiner, 42 Kyle Street. 
Bone. James, 5 Ronaldshaw Park. 

Bone, James (of William Bone & Son), 27 Eglinton Terrace. 
Bone. John, civil servant, 30 Dalblair Road. 
Bone. John, signalman, 7 King Street. 
Bone, John, coal salesman, 42 Viewfield Road. 
Bone, John, 183 High Street. 

Bone, Robert, dairyman, 30 Smith Street. Telephone 3335. 
Bone, Thomas, coal salesman. 18 Elmbank Street. 
Bone. William, & Sons, saddlers and sports outfitters, 30 Newmarket Street. 

Telephone 2650. 
Bone, Misses, 123 Prestwick Road. 
Bone, Miss Margaret, 2 Fort Street. 
Bone, Mrs, 11 Ailsa Place. 
Boning. Charles, 76 New Road. 
Boning, George, 38 Green Street Lane. 
Boning, James M., shoemaker. 30 Green Street Lane. 
Bonner. William, carter, 29 Elmbank Street. 
Boon, Alexander, carpenter, 5 Millar's Land, Limond's Wynd. 
Boon, Neil, 10 York Street. 
Boon, Neil Clark, 28 Taylor Street. 
Boon, William, craneman, 25 Prestwick Road. 
Booth. Herbert, inspector of taxes, 30 Castlehill Road. 
Booth, Mrs. 3 Goschen Terrace. 

Boots Cash Chemists (Northern), Ltd., 140-142 High Street. Telephone 2937 
Boots, Mrs, 264 High Street. 
Borland, James, secretary, Ayrshire Coalowners' Association, 3 Barns Street. 

Telephone 3874. 
Borland, James, & Sons, Ltd., seed merchants, Cattle Market. 
Borland, John, nlumber, 43 York Street Lane. 
Borland, John H., plumber, 46 Whitletts Road. 
Borland. Robert, 7 Alexandria Terrace. 
Borland, Robert, clerk, 34 George Street. 
Borland, Miss Mary, 31 Church Street. 
Borland, Mrs, 5 Alexandria Terrace. 
Borland, Mrs, 33 Russell Street. 
Borland, Mrs, 22 Mill Street. 

Borthwick. James, railwayman, 56 Princes Street. 

Bostock, Francis H., Commander. R.N., 10 Dalblair Road. Telephone 2708. 
Boswell, Walter C, advertising agent, 6 Bath Place. 
Boswell, Misses, Sandgate House, 63 Sandgate. Telephone 2476. 



. — l\.*£L*V-<*0* — — ■ — 

Pasteurised Bottled Milk 



Daily Morning Delivery Service by Lorry and Messenger. 


FINEST BOTTLED CREKM (Double and Single), 

Orders handed in at Bakery or Grocery Branches have immediate attention. 



Branches Throughout Ayr and District. 


Botterill, Darrell, shoemaker, 152 Prestwick Eoad. House— 40 Marchfield 

Bowie, Douglas (of James Bowie & Co.), 4 Dongola Road. Telephone 3572. 
Bowie, James, & Co., cabinetmakers, upholsterers, and house furnishers, 63-69 

and 52-64 Newmarket Street. Workshop and Stores— 154 High Street. 

Telephone 3117. 
Bowie, John, 58 Midton Eoad. Telephone 3133. 

Bowie, M. R., cabinetmaker, upholsterer, and funeral undertaker, 64 Welling- 
ton Chambers and 48 High Street. Telephone 2446. House address— 

Wallacefield, Alloway. Telephone— Alloway 74. 
Bowie, Thomas (of Greenan Laundry Company), 33 Marchmont Road. Tele- 
phone 3808. 
Bowie, Miss Annie A. I. (of James Bowie & Co.), 5 Citadel Place. Telephone 

Bowman, David, traveller, 38 Heathfleld Eoad. 
Bowman, Edmund, salesman. 11 North Park Avenue. 
Bowman, Isaac, railway guard, 54 Smith Street. 
Bowman, James, baker. 70 Mill Street. 
Bowman, Matthew, drysalter, 9 Union Avenue. 
Bowman, Robert, joiner and funeral undertaker. Workshop— 109 Main Street. 

Telephone 3649, House— 99 New Road. 
Bowman, Miss M. L., fancy goods merchant, 94 Sandgate. 
Bowman, Mrs, 4 Smith Street. 

Boyce, John, 28 Workmen's Dwellings, King Street. 
Bos^ce, John A., clerk, 5 Goschen Terrace. 
Boyd, Alexander, shoemaker, Auld Brig Shoe Shop, 57 High Street. Telephone 

Boyd, David, constable, 37 "Woodfleld Crescent. 
Boyd, David, engineer, 17 Somerset Eoad. 

Boyd, Edwin E., C.A., Thinacre, 36 Eacecourse Eoad. Telephone 2569. 
Boyd, J. & A. B., solicitors, 79 High Street. Telephone 3668. 
Boyd, James, depute director of education, 40 Park Circus. Telephone 2734. 
Boyd, John, solicitor, Whinmuir, Ewenfield Eoad. 
Boyd, John, joiner, 3 Virginia Gardens. 
Boyd, John, iron driller, 50 Springbank Eoad. 
Boyd, John, bootmaker, 40 Taylor Street. 
Boyd, John A. M., architect, 16 Rosebank Crescent. 
Boyd, John C, plumber, 6 Springbank Eoad. 
Boyd, Joseph, sculptor, 21 Beresford Terrace. Telephone 2106. House — 36 

Castlehill Eoad. 
Boyd, Leonard C, procurator-fiscal for the Burgh of Ayr, 6 Fullarton Street. 

Telephone 2019. House — 34 Park Circus. 
Boyd, Leonard C, & Cochrane, solicitors, 6 Fullarton Street. 'Phone 2054. 
Boyd, Montgomerie, tanner, 55 Mill Street . 

Boyd, Robert J., boot merchant, 62 Prestwick Road. Telephone 3126. 
Boyd, Samuel, 70 Wallace Street. 

Boyd, Thomas, Doonleigh, 27 Carrick Eoad. Telephone 3412. 
Boyd, Walter, railway servant, 52 Church Street. 
Boyd, William, joiner, 15 Bussell Street. 
Boyd, William, 202 High Street. 
Boyd, William B., plumber, 8 Springbank Eoad. 

Boyd & Co., coal merchants, 25 Beresford Terrace. Telephone 3814. 
Boyd, Miss Janet W.. 13 Springvale Park. 
Boyd, Miss M., 6 Inverkar Eoad. 
Boyd, Mrs, 6 Church Street. 
Boyd, Mrs, 64 Elba Street. 

Boyd, Mrs, 6 Holmston Eoad. Telephone 2174. 
Boyd, Mis, 27 Noltmyre Eoad. 
Boyd, Mrs, 65 Gould Street. 
Boyd, Mrs, 3 Falkland Eoad. 
Boyes, William, 13 Heathfleld Eoad. 
Boyes, Mrs, 27 Main Street. 
Boyle, George, 7 Fothringham Eoad. 
Boyle, James, blacksmith, 84 Wallace Street. 
Boyle, James, labourer, 18 Walker Eoad. 
Boyle, Peter, pawnbroker, 220 High Street. Telephone 3286. House— 18 

Craigie Eoad. Telephone 3975. 
Boyle, Miss Jessie, 15 Whitletts Eoad. Telephone 2553. 
Braekenbridge, Alexander, baker, 86 Oswald Eoad. 
Brackenridge, Daniel, butcher, 8 Alloway Street. Telephone 2539. House— 

24 Craigie Eoad. 
Brackenridge, David, 34 Waggon Eoad. 




Funeral Undertaker, 
Licensed Valuator, 
Furniture Remover & Storer 

Manufacturer of: — 


Supplier of: — 


Renovations and Repairs 

House Agent 




House Phone 

Alloway 74 Jt\_ 1 f\ Phone 2446 


Brackenridge, David, labourer, 49 Walker Road. 

Brackenridge, James, 80 York Street Lane. 

Brackenridge, John, tailor, 19 Duke Street. 

Brackenridge, John, joiner, 37 Elmbank Street. 

Brackenridge, Thomas, leather cutter, 104 Wallace Street. 

Brackenridge, Miss Agnes, 17 Virginia Gardens. 

Brackenridge, Mrs, 8 Albert Terrace. 

Brackenridge, Mrs, 15 North Park Avenue. 

Brackenridge, Mrs, 31 Glebe Crescent. 

Brackenridge, Mrs, 11 Waggon Road. 

Bradford, Thomas, 2 Fort Street. 

Bradley, Mrs, 22 Wallace Street. 

Brady, E., commission agent, 9 and 14 River Terra.ce. 

Brady, John, miner, 116 King Street. 

Brady, Thomas, labourer, 50 St George's Road. 

Bramwell, George, foreman cleaner, 1 George's Avenue. 

Brand, Dr A. G., surgeon, 2 Monument Road. Telephone 2657. 

Brand, John, billiard saloon, 32 Sandgate. 

Brand, John, confectioner, 26 Sandgate. House — Blackburn Drive. 

Brand, Miss Charlotte, 97a New Road. 

Brand, Mrs, 19 Monument Road. Telepbone 2735. 

Brand & Mollison, Ltd., dyers and cleaners, 21 Sandgate. Telephone 3607. 

Braney, Mrs, 15 New Bridge Street. 

Brash, Mrs, Tourville, 7 Seafield Drive. Telephone 3941. 

Brawley, James, 4 Marchfield Boad. 

Breakenridge, Miss A. A., 2 Seafield Drive. Telephone 3306. 

Brebner, John. 63 Green Street Lane. 

Brechany, Mrs, 3 Oswald Lane. 

Breckenridge, John S., sawyer, 65 Wellington Street. 

Breen, Patrick. 5 Reid's Square, Russell Street. 

Breen, Patrick, 54 Wallace Street. 

Brewster, Thomas M., 28 Bellevale Avenue. 

Bridges, Harry, 10 Sandgate. 

Bridges, William, spirit merchant, 8 Sandgate. House— 30 Beresford Terrace. 

Briggs. Miss Winifred K., 18 Hunter's Avenue. 

Briody, Patrick, labourer, 214 Prestwick Road. 

Brisbane, James, chauffeur, 196 High Street. 

Britannic Assurance Company, Ltd., 2 Alloway Street. Telephone 3463. 

British Legion Hall, 65-67 Kyle Street. 

British Linen Bank, 125 High Street and 7 Beresford Terrace. Agent— Robert 

Allison. Telephone 2729. 
Broadfoot, James, joiner, 33 Oswald Place. 
Broadfoot. Miss M.. fruiterer, 124 George Street. 
Brockie, Thomas, clothier, 52 Smith Street. 
Brockie, Thomas, tailor, 14 Ailsa Place. 
Brodie, Alexander, stamp worker, 67 Lochside Road. 
Brodie, Andrew B., 50 Green Street Lane. 
Brodie, Robert S., ladies' and gentlemen's tailor, 11 Old Bridge Street. House 

— 7 Ardlui Road. 
Brodie. Mrs, 48 George Street. 

Brodie. Mrs, Temperance Hotel, 4 Carrick Street. 
Brogan, Alexander, craneman, 9 Taylor Street. 
Brogan, Hugh, craneman, 68 Lochside Road. 
Brogan, James, 69 Green Street. 
Brogan, Mrs, 30 Elmbank Street. 
Brooks, Archibald, musician, 32 St George's Boad. 
Brotherston, David, cabinetmaker, 95 South Harbour Street. 
Brotherston, Edward J., plumber, 42 Nelson Street. 
Brotherston, William, 60 Mill Street. 
Brotherston, Mrs, 99 South Harbour Street. 

Broun, Bev. Francis D., B.D., Craigencallie, 15 Racecourse Road. 
Brown, Adam M.. civil servant, 55 Prestwick Road. 
Brown, Andrew, bricklayer, 90 Russell Street. 
Brown. Andrew S., motor engineer, 38 Union Avenue. 
Brown, Angus, foreman, 71 South Harbour Street. 
Brown, Angus, mechanic, 83 Mill Street. 
Brown, Archibald E. B., baker, 6 Lansdowne Road. 
Brown, Arthur, loco, fireman, 46 Taylor Street. 

Brown Bros., fishmongers and poulterers, 29 High Street. Telephone 3659. 
Brown, Ben. 101 Green Street. 
Brown, Charles, 50 New Road. 
Brown, Charles, baker, 65 Russell Street. 



Brown, David, mason, 121 South Harbour Street. 

Brown, David, 21 George Street. 

Brown, David, draper, 56 Green Street. 

Brown, George, surfaceman, 15 Elmbank Street. 

Brown, Hugh, railway servant, 164 George Street. 

Brown, Hugh, painter, 5 Virginia Gardens. 

Brown, Hugh, labourer, 20 New Road. 

Brown, Hugh, 22 Robsland Avenue. 

Brown, Hunter, picture house manager, 8 Barns Terrace. 

Brown, James, carter, 93 Main Street. 

Brown, James, motor driver, 28 Oswald Place. 

Brown, James, miner, 76 Elba Street. 

Brown, James, painter, 21 Lochside Road. 

Brown, James C., traveller, 37 Seaforth Road. 

Brown, John, 18 Kyle Street. 

Brown, John, 39 Church Street. 

Brown, John, mechanic, 10 George's Avenue. 

Brown, John, produce merchant, Mabonga, Chapel Park Road. 'Phone 3958. 

Brown, John, 25 Quail Road. 

Brown, John, assistant .inspector, P.O., Annfleld Cottage, Burnbank, Maybole 

Brown, John P., chauffeur, 51 Seaforth Crescent. 

Brown, John J., carter, 8 West Sanquhar Road. 

Brown, John O., solicitor, Wellington Chambers, 64 Fort Street. Telephone 
3416. House — 18 Bellevale Avenue. Telephone 3682. 

Brown, J. W., 36 Inverkar Road. 

Brown, Joseph, 24 Marchfleld Road. 

Brown, Niven, baker, 3 Tarn's Brig and 35 Burns Statue Square. Telephone 
3708. House — 43 Prestwick Road. 

Brown, Robert, railway servant, 37 Nelson Street. 

Brown, Robert, miner, 10 Elba Street. 

Brown, Robert Alfred. 38 Main Street. 

Brown, Robert C. (of Brown Bros.), 22 Woodfield Avenue. 

Brown, Robert H., tobacconist, 5 Burns Statue Square. Telephone 3560. 
House — 41 Ashgrove Street. 

Brown, Robert W., builder, 25 Academy Street. Telephone 2736. House — Barn- 
cluith, Ewenfield Road. Telephone 2327. 

Brown, Samuel M'Clung, loco, fireman, 2 George's Avenue. 

Brown, Thomas, carter, 1 Green St. Lane. 

Brown, Thomas, coal merchant, INewtonhead Lye, 4 M'Call's Avenue. Tele- 
phone 2413. House — 51 Seaforth Road. 

Brown, Thomas, manager, 6 St Leonard's Road. Telephone 3920. 

Brown, Thomas, oO Kyle Street. 

Brown, Thomas, telegraph linesman. 109 George Street. 

Brown, Thomas Irving, postman, 14 Goschen Terrace. 

Brown, Walter, 32 Princes Street. 

Brown, Walter, blacksmith, 24 Wilson Street. 

Brown, William (of Brown Bros.), 2 Cassillis Street. 

Brown, William, railway servant, 102 Hunter's Avenue. 

Brown, William, motorman, 52 Princes Street. 

Brown, William, cashier, 26 Bellevale Avenue. 

Brown, William S., mechanic, 12 Green Street. 

Brown, Miss, 25 Springbank Road. 

Brown, Misses, Invercloy, 46 Racecourse Road. Telephone 2154. 

Brown, Misses, 12 Monument Road. 

Brown, Miss Emily J., 72 Ashgrove Street. 

Brown, Miss Grace C, 7 George Street. 

Brown, Miss, 43 New Road. 

Brown, Miss Jeanie H., 18 Carrick Avenue. 

Brown, Mrs, 46 Waggon Road. 

Brown, Mrs, 14 Waggon Road. 

Brown, Mrs, 8 Campbell Street. 

Brown, Mrs, 11 Lawson Street. 

Brown, Mrs, 3 River Terrace. 

Brown, Mrs, Southbank. 2 Cassillis Street. 

Brown, Mrs, ladies' outfitter, 57 Newmarket Street. 

Brown, Mrs, 23 Hilary Crescent. 

Brown, Mrs, 36 Allison Street. 

Brown, Mrs, 16 Sandgate. 

Try Viewfield Laundry for Beautiful Finish. Phone 3181. 


Brown, Mrs, 33 St. George's Eoad. 

Brown, Mrs, 226 High Street. 

Brown, Mrs, 2 Falkland Road. 

Brown, Mrs, Durrie, 3 Ewenfield Road. 

Brown, Mrs, tea rooms, 12 Kyle Street. 

Browning, John, railway fireman, 74 Marchfield Quadrant. 

Browning, John (of John Browning & Co., Ltd.), 2 Gordon Terrace. Tele- 
phone 2469. 

Browning, John, & Co., Ltd., advertising contractors, 57 Dalblair Road. Tele- 
phone 2469. 

Browning, Mrs, 10 High Street, 

Brownlie, Miss Catherine, fruiterer, 60 High Street. Telephone 2143. 

Brownlie, Charles, bricklayer, 55 Peebles Street. 

Brucciani, Pietro, confectioner, 56 Smith Street. 

Brucciani, P. & S., restaurateurs, 23-25 South Harbour Street. 

Bruce, David. 81 Mill Street. 

Bruce, George M., Magdala, 35 Carrick Road. Telephone 2919. 

Bruce, John, salesman, 14 Kirkholm Avenue. 

Bruce, John, baker, 14 Gordon Terrace. 

Bruce, Middleton, wholesale confectioner, 207 High Street. House— 63 
Whitletts Road. Telephone 3538. 

Bruce, Robert, traveller, 10 Marchfield Quadrant. 

Bruce, Thomas, upholsterer, 94 High Street and 7 Kirkport. 

Bruce, Miss Jessie L., 37 Woodfield Road. 

Bruce, Mrs, grocer, 44 North Harbour Street. 

Bruce, Mrs, 105 High Street. 

Brumwell, George T., 58 Castlehill Road. 

Brunton, James, ironmonger, 122 Hunter's Avenue. 

Bryan, Fergus, 'bus driver, 24 Seaforth Road. 

Bryan, James, dentist, 54 Smith Street. 

Bryan, John, railway guard, 56 Lochside Road. 

Bryan, Robert, caretaker, 70 High Street. 

Bryan, Mrs, 15 -Argyle Street. 

Bryan, Mrs, Temperance Hotel, 7 Kyle Street. 

Bryan, Mrs, store, 11-12 River Street. 

Bryce, Miss Marion, 27 Barns Street. 

Bryce, Mrs, 58 York Street Lane. 

Bryden, Alexander, engine-driver, 37 Wellington Street. 

Bryden, Alexander, 77 Oswald Road. 

Bryden, Andrew, joiner, 90 Elba Street. 

Bryden, James, cutter, 35 North Park Avenue. 

Bryden, James A., haulage contractor, 239 High Street. Telephone 2519. 
House — 1 Cathcart Street. 

Bryden, John G., carpet, weaver, 36 Elmbank Street. 

Bryden, jS eill, 8 Victoria Street. 

Bryden, Robert, artist, Lyndhurst, 14 Maybole Road. 

Bryden, Thomas, miner, 20 Elmbank Street. 

Bryden, Thomas, foreman fur cutter, 13 Cambuslea Road. 

Bryden, Thomas P., French polisher, 11 M'Call's Avenue. 

Bryden, William, railway servant, 19 M'Call's Avenue. 

Bryden, Miss Margaret, 28 Wellington Square. 

Bryden, Mrs, 7 Falkland Park Road. 

Bryson, Archibald, Knowlton, Racecourse View. Telephone 3179. 

Bryson, James, patternmaker, 58 King Street. 

Bryson, James B., dairyman, 17 Northfield Avenue. Telephone 3712. 

Bryson, Matthew, 36 Holmston Road. 

Bryson, Mungo, 12 Barns Terrace. 

Bryson. Robert H., stud groom, stables, Wellington Lane. 

Bryson, William, 22 Back Main Street. 

Bryson, Miss Martha, 8 Garden Street. 

Bryson, Miss Mary, 35 M'Call's Avenue. 

Buchan, Mrs, 27 Craigie Road. 

Buchanan, Alexander Nieol, solicitor, 154 High Street. Telephone 3963. 
House — 12 Carrick Park. Telephone 3369. 

Buchanan, Andrew, foreman brass finisher, 31 Wallace Street. 

Buchanan, Andrew, labourer, 38 Glebe Crescent. 

Buchanan, J. Millar, bank accountant, 46 Holmston Road. 

Buchanan, John, contractor, 2 Cambuslea Road. 

Buchanan, John, 7 Cambuslea Road. 

Waddell & Dunn, Boot Repair Specialists, 10 Hope Street. 



Buchanan, John, 48 Crown Street. mix. 

Buchanan, Lieut.-Colonel Maurice B., Savoy House, Savoy Park. Telephone 

Buchanan, W., 31 Craigie Road. 

Buchanan, Misses, 6 Gordon Street. 

Buchanan, Miss Elizabeth, 18 Wellington Street. 

Buchanan, Miss M., 54 Prestwick Road. 

Buchanan, Mrs, 136 Prestwick Road. 

Buchanan, Mrs, 43 Oswald Road. 

Bucher, Henry G., clerk, 10 Smith Street. 

Buck, Richard, caretaker, Beresi'ord Lane. 

Buhler, Mrs, 31 Gordon Terrace. 

Bulloch, James, labourer, 56 Lochside Road. 

Bulloch, James, barber, 61 Wallace Street. 

Bulloch. James, 27 Workmen's Dwellings, King Street. 

Bulloch, John, labourer, 27 Pater son Street. 

Bulloch, Robert, baker, 29 Peebles Street. 

Bulloch, Samuel, 57 Wallace Street. 

Bulloch, William, chauffeur, 15 New Bridge Street. 

Bulloch, Miss Grace, teacher, 76 Castlehill Road. 

Burgess, Donald, joiner, 7 Belvidere Terrace. 

Burgess, George, labourer, 24 Back Peebles Street. 

Burgess, John, shipwright, 1 Queen Street. 

Burgess, Malcolm, joiner, 2 Cathcart Street. 

Burgess, Matthew B., 26 Marchfield Road. 

Burgess, Paul, 41 Green Street. 

Burgess, Robert, 1 Wallace Street. 

Burgess, Thomas, riveter, 22 Viewfleld Road. 

Burgess, William, plumber, 17 Belvidere Terrace. 

Burgess, Miss Mary, 53 Sandgate. 

Burgh Assessor (Robert Black), 7 Wellington Square. Telephone 2S27. 

Burgovne, Frank, postman, 8 Hunter's Avenue. 

Burgoyne, Mrs, 62 Mill Street. 

Burgoyne, Misses, 12 Teviot Street. 

Burleigh, Miss Mary. 39 York Street. 

Burnet, James, chauffeur, 19 Fort Street. 

Burnett, John A., pipe fitter, Inchmarlo, 18 Maybole Road. 

Burns, James, 2 Inverkar Road. Telephone 5669. 

Burns, James N., bank agent, 1 St. John's Street. 

Burns, John, drapery manager, 51 Bellesleyhill Avenue. 

Burns, Robert S., cashier, 16 Belmont Avenue. 

Burns, Thomas, miner, 74 Elba Street. 

Burns, Thomas, groom, 58 Wallace Street. 

Burns, William, 6 Seai'orth Crescent. 

Burns, William, 12 Mill Street. 

Burns and Laird Lines, Ltd., Dock Buildings, North Harbour Street. Tele- 
phone 2012. 

Burns, Miss Jean, teacher, 27 Robsland Avenue. 

Burns, Miss Jenny, 78 Russell Street. 

Burns, Mrs. 42 Inverkar Road. 

Burns, Mrs, i>4 York Street Lane. 

Burrell. Gordon, Benalt, 2 Victoria Park Road. Telephone 2030. 

Burt, Mrs, 41 Monument Road. 

Burt, Mrs, 43 Union Avenue. 

Burton, John (of M'Uwrath. Cowan & Co.), 8 Bellevue Road. Telephone 2745. 

Burton, Montague, Ltd., tailors, 58 High Street. 

Burton, Mrs, 49 St. Leonard's Road. 

Burton, Mrs, 2 Boswell Park. 

Butchart, Mrs, 1 Hartfield Road. 

Butler, Hubert, civil servant, 55 Woodfield Road. 

Butler, John, labourer, 14 Back Peebles Street. 

Butler, William H., inspector, R.S.P.C.C, 6 Wellington Square. House— 5 
Marchfield Quadrant. 

Butter Supply Company (Hugh Bone), 125 Prestwick Road. 

Buttercup Dairy Company. Ltd., 164 High Street. Telephone 3536. 

Butter Market Hall. 90 High Street. 

Byars, James, painter, 14 Woodfield Road. 

Byars & M'Cubbin, painters, 6 St. John's Street. Telephone 3846. 

Byrne, Mrs, 1 Hawkhill Avenue. 

Try Viewfleld Laundry for Prompt Attention. Phone 3181. 


Cachie, Misses, 29 Church Street. 

Caddis, David, Devon Cottage, 37 Hawkhill Avenue. 

Caddis, Hugh, window cleaner, 16 Queen Street. 

Caddis, Hugh, drop forger, 89 New Road. 

Caddis, John, labourer, 14 Loehside Eoad. 

Caddis, Stewart, miner, 10 Boss Street. 

Caddis, Thomas, labourer, 18 Waggon Eoad. 

Caddis, Thomas, labourer, 73 Wilson Street. 

Caddis, William, labourer, 35 Content Street. 

Caddis, Mrs, 18 Wallace Street. 

Cain, John, 38 Workmen's Dwellings, King Street. 

Cain, John, miner, 82 Paterson Street. 

Cairney, William, 65 Content Street. 

Cairnie, John B., Holborn, Chalmers Eoad. 

Cairns, Hugh, brass finisher, 16 Argyle Street. 

Cairns, James, engine-driver, 17 Belvidere Terrace. 

Cairns, James, loco, fireman. 19 Belvidere Terrace. 

Cairns, James, slater, 4 Tryfield Piace. 

Cairns, James D. teacher, 23 Dongola Eoad. 

Cairns, John L., Northfield Hotel, 46 Prestwick Eoad. Telephone 2862. 

Cairns, Matthew, railway surfaceman, 12 Elba Street. 

Cairns, Samuel, slater, 1 Tryfield Place. 

Cairns, Mrs Janet, 93 Main Street. 

Calder, Alexander, plumber, 48 Main Street. 

Calder, George C, sculptor, 4 Hillfoot Eoad. 

Calder, Hugh, slater, 26 Elmbank Street. 

Calder, John, spirit merchant, 109 South Harbour Street. 

Calder, John E., plasterer, 5 St. George's Eoad. 

Calder, John S., docker, 42 Green Street Lane. 

Calder, William, checker. 45 Main Street. 

Calder, Mrs, 2a New Bridge Street. 

Calderwood, Andrew Y., joiner. 36 Marchfield Eoad. 

Calderwood, Eobert, 'bus driver, 60 Allison Street. 

Caldwell, Archibald, 4s Hawkhill Avenue. 

Caldwell, David, gardener, 14 Eobsland Avenue. 

Caldwell, George, constable, 12 Union Avenue. 

Caldwell, Gordon, engineer, 72 Church Street. 

Caldwell, Hugh, painter, 64 Paterson Street. 

Caldwell, Hugh, engineer, 109 Georse Street. 

Caldwell, James C, 2 Seafield Crescent. Telephone 2120. 

Caldwell, John, traveller, 17 Stewart Eoad. 

Caldwell, John, blacksmith, 1 Alexandria Terrace. 

Caldwell, John A., tailor, 19 Elmbank Street. 

Caldwell, Peter, analytical chemist, 22 Whitletts EoajL 

Caldwell, Eobert (of "Vulcan Engineering Company), 35 Sandgate. 

Caldwell, Eobert W., 46 Green Street. 

Caldwell, William, coach ana motor body builder, 65 Content Street. Tele- 
phone 2009. House — 32 Eobsland Avenue. 

Caldwell, William, 59 Dalblair Eoad. 

Caldwell, William, gentlemen's outfitter, 195 High Street. 

Caldwell. William, 20 Church Street. 

Caldwell, Mrs, 77 King Street. 

Caldwell, Mrs, 109 George Street. 

Caldwell, Mrs, 8 Falkland Place. 

Caledonian Insurance Company, 23 Wellington Square. Telephone ::< - mo, 

Calla^han D., law clerk, 114 King Street. 

Callan, David. Fenwickland Farm, Maybole Road. Telephone 5684. 

Callan, Miss Jessie Y., 59 Bellevne Crescent. 

Callan, Miss Sarah, 24 Seafield Drive. 

Callan, Thomas R., auctioneer and valuer, 108 High Street. Telephone 2064. 

Callum, Thomas, carrier, 101 Green Street. 

Cambers, Walter, cinema attendant. 7 Crown Street. 

Cameron, Andrew, & Son, grocers and wine merchants, 149-151 High Street. 
Telephone 2234. 

Cameron, Charles, fitter, 42 Marchfield Quadrant. 

Cameron, Duncan, labourer, ^9 Loehside Eoad. 

Waddell & Dunn, Boot Repair Specialists, 10 Hope Street. 


Cameron, Hugh, linesman, 11 Glebe Road. 

Cameron, James, 3t> Waggon Road. 

Cameron, James, baker, 6 Stewart Road. 

Cameron, James, gardener, 2 Bellevue Cottages, Bellevue Road. 

Cameron, John, foreman packer, 68 M'Call's Avenue. 

Cameron, John (of Andrew Cameron & Son), Kelton, Fairfield Road. Tele- 
phone 3757. 

Cameron, John, 28 Kyle Street. 

Cameron, John A., police sergeant, 69 Wellington Street. 

Cameron, Kenneth, jun., hardware merchant, 73 Prestwick Road. 

Cameron, Robert M., 1 Craigie Avenue. 

Cameron, Rev. Robert T.. 15 Miller Road. Telephone 2067. 

Cameron, Robert W., 28 Kyle Street. 

Cameron. William S., painter, 1 Viewfieid Road. 

Cameron, .Miss Elizabeth S., hair specialist, 2 Beresford Terrace. 'Phone 2565. 

Cameron, Misses, 17 Carrick Road. Telephone 3119. 

Cameron, Miss Minnie, 5 Arran Terrace. 

Cameron, Mrs, 14 Front Buildings, King Street. 

Cameron, Mrs, 45 Alloway Street. 

Cameron, Mrs, 7 Robsland Avenue. 

Cameron, Mrs, 55 Peebles Street. 

Cameron, Mrs, 4i Kyle Street. 

Cameron, Mrs, 2 Old Bridge Street. 

Cameron, Mrs, caretaker, 79 High Street. 

Campbell, Colin, manager of Ayr County Automobile Company, 18 Beresford 
Terrace. Telephone 2027. 

Campbell & Scott, surveyors, 2 Academy Street. Telephone 3591. 

Campbell, A. B., iron dresser, 46 Paterson Street. 

Campbell, Alexander, labourer, 14 Back Peebles Street. 

Campbell, Alexander, valet, 7 Charlotte Street. 

Campbell, Alexander, spirit merchant, Imperial Bar, 124 High Street. 

Campbell, Alexander, blacksmith, 31 Nelson Street. 

Campbell, Alexander, retort builder, 39 New Road. 

Campbell, Andrew L., grocer, 2a New Bridge Street. 

Campbell, Angus B. A., inspector of weights and measures, 3 Miller Road. 

Campbell, Archibald, motor driver, 64 Green Street. 

Campbell. D., gardener, Seafield Gatehouse, Doonfoot Road. 

Campbell, Daniel, antique dealer, 26 Newmarket Street and 60 Sandgate. 
Telephone 3393. 

Campbell, David, 7 Dongola Road. 

Campbell, David, bookkeeper, 2 North Park Avenue. 

Campbell, David, 21 High Street. 

Campbell, Donald, 6 Bnglewood Avenue. 

Campbell, Duncan, gardener, 7 George's Avenue. 

Campbell, Fergus, guard, 18 Oswald Place. 

Campbell, Frank, 22 Mill Street. 

Campbell. Frederick A., clerk, 19 Stewart Road. 

Campbell, Gavin, manager, Bellevale Cottage, 112 St. Leonard's Road. 

Campbell, George, carter, 113 George Street. 

Campbell, George R., engine fitter, 20 Oswald Place. 

Campbell, G. Stuart, fruiterer and confectioner, 51 Alloway Street. 

Campbell, George W., 25 Eglinton Terrace. 

Campbell, Hamilton, barman, 31 Peebles Street. 

Campbell, Hugh, railway foreman, 21 Paterson Street. 

Campbell, Ivie, drainer, 89 Wallace Street. 

Campbell, I., insurance agent, 22 John Street. 

Campbell, James, stoker, 4 Elmbank Street. 

Campbell, James, bricklayer, 78 Oswald Road. 

Cnmpbell, James, railwayman, 22 Lochside Road. 

Campbell, James, vanman, 67 Princes Street. 

Campbell, James, constable, 4 Bath Place. 

Campbell, James, engineer, 5 Craigie Avenue. 

Campbell. James A., Craigie House. Telephone 3061. 

Campbell, James, tailor, 8 Victoria Street. 

Campbell, James G., plumber, 70 Wallace Street. 

Campbell, James S.. clerk, 5 Craigie Avenue. 

Campbell, John, painter, 27 Elmbank Street. 

Campbell, John, clerk, 18 George's Avenue. 

Campbell, John, 23 Lawson Street. 

Try Viewfieid Laundry for Quick Service. Phone 3181. 




John, labourer, 11 Loebside Road. 

John, electrician, 54 Northfleld Avenue. 

John, blacksmith, 08 Taylor Street. 

John, mason, 108 High Street. 

John, 14 Academy Street. 

John, glazier, 9 Teviot Street. 

John, traveller, 1 Teviot Street. 

John, 48 Union Avenue. 

John, dealer, 10 River Street. 

John, dealer, 8 Craigie Avenue. 

John, upholsterer, 7 Craigie Avenue. 

John, ship's cook, 96 King Street. 

John P., M.B., CM., 20 Ashgrove Street 

Joseph, 16 Alexandria Terrace. 

Kennedy, railway fireman, 22 Back Main Street. 

Matthew, 11 Arran Terrace. 

Neil, 4 Church Place, King Street. 

Quintin, storeman, 132 George Street. 

Robert, grocer, 56 Hunter's Avenue. 

Robert, labourer, 78 Wilson Street. 

Robert, tailor, 39 Seaforth Crescent. 

Robert, railwayman, 55 Green Street Lane. 

Ronald, 13 Belvidere Terrace. 

Thomas, waiter, 30 Smith Street. 

Thomas, miner, 38 Peebles Street. 

Thomas C, 85 Dalblair Road. 

Walter, 62 Workmen's Dwellings, King Street. 

William, labourer, 10_ Taylor Street. 

William, gas stoker, 65 Allison Street. 

William, miner, 41 Lochside Road. 

William, clerk, 51 Church Street. 

William, joiner, 67 Dalblair Road. 

William, clerk, 229 High Street. 

William, engine-driver, 104 Wallace Street. 

William C, teacher, 65 Oswald Road. 

Misses, 2 St. Andrew's Street. 

Miss Annie. 58 Whitletts Road. 

Miss Jessie B., 8 Miller Road. 

Miss Margaret, 84 York Street Lane. 

Miss M.. 26 Wallace Street. 

Miss M. V. Hamilton, Auchincar, 29 Dongola Road. 

Mrs, 33 Elmbank Street. 

Mrs, 26 Duke Street. 

Mrs, 42 Hunter's Avenue. 

Mrs, 23 Northfleld Avenue. 

Mrs, 6 Fullarton Street. 

Mrs, 4 Midton Road. 

Mrs, 13 Seafleld Road. 

Mrs, 22 St. Leonard's Road. 

Mrs, 18 Bellevue Crescent. 

Mrs, 8 Content Street. 

Mrs, 32 Craigie Road. 

Mrs, 22 Wallace Street. 

Mrs, 71 Princes Street. 

Mrs,. 2a New Bridge Street. 

Mrs, 14 Crown Street. 

Mrs, 39 Fort Street. 

Mrs, 86 Allison Street. 

Mrs, 18 Peebles Street. 
. Mrs, 7 Quail Road. 
Candlish, Hugh C, solicitor (of R 

phone 2863. 

Candlish, William, engine-driver, 43 Weaver Street. 
Cannell, Alexander, compositor, 19 Belvidere Terrace. 
Cannell, Alexander, printer, 41 and 45 Wallace Street. 
Cannell, John, boot finisher, 8 Belvidere Terrace. 
Canning, William, 66 Mill Street. 
Cannon, Alexander, 74 York Street Lane. 
Cannon, J., painter, 10 Paterson Street. 

J. A. M'Callum), 32 Park Circas. Tele* 

Waddell & Dunn, Boot Repair Specialists, 10 Hope Street. 


Cannon, John, 36 York Street. 

Cannon, Thomas, labourer, 93 Main Street. 

Capes, Mrs, 21 Park Circus.. Telephone 2512. 

Capperall, Mrs, 51 Mill Street. 

Capperauld, Arthur, gatekeeper, Poorhouse, Holmston Road. 

Capperauld, D., plater's helper, 96 George Street. 

Capperauld, David, foreman, 3 Craigie Avenue. 

Capperauld, David, 65 Princes Street. 

Capperauld, Mrs, 50 Church Street. 

Car and General Insurance Company, 45 Newmarket Street. 'Phone 3635. 

Caravan, Andrew, seaman, 54 Weaver Street. 

Card, Mrs, 39 Fort Street. 

Cardie, Samuel, carpet weaver, Limekiln Road. 

Cardy, Mrs, 109 Wallace Street. 

Carey, A., labourer, 66 Paterson Street. 

Carey, John, aerated water manufacturer, Limekiln Road. House — 13 Union 

Carey, Mrs, 6 Bellevue Road. 

Carlton House Private Hotel, Seafield Drive. Telephone 2622. 

Carlyle, W. & R., poultry farmers, Bankfield. Telephone 2364. 

Carlyle, John, 54 Mill Street. 

Carlyle, John, Is Content Street. 

Carmicha.el, John A., 4 Barns Crescent. 

Carmichael, Peter, ironmonger, 95a New Road. Telephone 3005. House— 6 
Woodfield Avenue. 

Carnegie & Sons, Belmont and Annfield Nurseries, Maybole Road. Telephone 
50 Alloway. 

Carnegie, C. L., Woodlea Nursery, Maybole Road. Telephone 54 Alloway. 

Carnegie, David, The Bungalow, Annfield Glen, Maybole Road. Telephone 
54 Alloway. 

Carnegie, James W., nurseryman, Spottiswood, Annfield, Maybole Road. 

Carnegie, Miss Isa, Sunnybrae, Annfield, Maybole Road. 

Carnegie Public Library, Main Street. Librarian — D. E. Edward. 

Carnduff, Robert, tobacconist, 33 Alloway Street. Telephone 2003. 
Carragher, James, cashier, 11 West Sanquhar Road. 
Carrick Boot and Shoe Shop, 41 and 43 High Street. 
Carrick Furniture House, Carrick Street. Telephone 2732. 

Carrick, James, L.R.I. B. A., architect, 25 Wellington Square. Telephone .5045. 
Carruthers, James A., salesman, 38 Elmbank Street. 
Carruthers, William, railway guard, 3 Moss-side Road. 
Carruthers, Mrs, 58 Mill Street. 
Carruthers, Mrs, 28 Hope Street. 
Carson, Alexander, 13 Crown Street. 
Carson, Charles, "slater, 4 Nelson Street. 
Carson, David, ironmonger, 54 Church Street. 

Carson, John Findlay, C.A., Dereel, Barns Park. Telephone 3592. 
Carson, William, steward, Ayr Town and County Club, 26 Wellington Square. 
Carter, Miss Mary, schoolmistress, Wellington School, Blackburn Road. 
Carty, Robert, & Co., pipemakers, 32 Crown Street. 
Cashman, John, miner, 6 Millar's Land, Limond's Wynd. 
Cassells, Allan W., painter, 125 South Harbour Street. 
Cassels. Andrew, 28 St. Leonard's Road. 
Cassells, David, jun., engineer, 166 High Street. 
Cassels, David B., 6 Beresford Terrace. 
Cassels, James, grocer, 84 Castlehill Road. 

Cassels, James, grocer and wine merchant, 157 High Street. Telephone 2604. 
Cassels, James, M.A., B.Sc, 24 Woodfield Avenue. 
Cassels, John C, stationer, 9 Clarke Avenue. 
Cassels, Thomas, labourer, 67 Gould Street. 
Cassels, Thomas M'G., architect, 46 St. Leonard's Road. 
Cassel, Mrs, 10 Oswald Road. 

Cassie, Henry G. (of M'Cardle & Cassie), 19 St. Andrew's Street. Tele- 
phone 2970. 
Castlebank Dye Works, dyers and cleaners, 57 Alloway Street. 'Phone 3139. 
Cathcart, Hugh, 26 Mill Street. 
Cathcart, James, 50 Green Street Lane. 
Cathcart, James, coal salesman, 72 George Street. 
Cathcart, Mrs, 12 Northfield Avenue. 
Cattanach, Peter H., 13 Russell Street. 

Viewfleld Laundry Prices are Extremely Moderate. Phone 3181. 


Cavannah, John, miner, 58 King Street. 

Cavanagh, William, 12 Workmen's Dwellings, King Street. 

Cave, Charles W., baker, 66 M'Call's Avenue. 

Cave, Charles W., railway fireman, 3 Queen Street. 

Cave, Thomas, railwayman, .33 Nelson Street. 

Cave, Miss Marie J., 49J Wellington Street. 

Caw, Mrs. 53 Church Street. 

Cecil Tea Rooms, 143 High Street. Telephone 3820. 

Cellars, David, 13 Rosebank Crescent. 

Cerri, Urbano, shop, 119-121 Wallace Street. 

Chalmers, Alexander P., plumber, 43 York Street. 

Chalmers, John, engineer, 34 Hunter's Avenue. 

Chalmers, Joseph, moulder, 14 Viewfield Road. 

Chalmers, Robert, tinsmith, 21 St. George's Road. 

Chalmers, Robert D., joiner, 8 St. Andrew's Street. 

Chalmers, Thomas, labourer, 58 King Street. 

Chalmers, Thomas, 23 Duke Street. 

Chalmers, William, 49 Carrick Street. 

Chalmers, Mrs, 108 High Street. 

Chambers, Andrew H.. Forehill House. Telephone 2176. 

Chambers, Blackney W., tinsmith, 252 High Street and Burns Statue Square. 

Chambers Bros., tinsmiths, 56 Kyle Street. Telephone 2341. 

Chambers, H., cattle salesman, Farm of Forehill. 

Chambers, Mrs, 12 Hilary Crescent. 

Chambers, Mrs. 28 Whitletts Road. 

Chapel, John M. M., slater and plumber, 7 Midton Road. Telephone 2926. 

Chapman, A., tram conductor, 51 Stewart Road. 

Chapman, Archibald, ship's plater, 62 Wilson Street. 

Chapman, Archibald, riveter, 99 South Harbour Street. 

Chapman, David, 48 Allison Street. 

Chapman, James, labourer, 32 Glebe Crescent. 

Chapman, Percy J. V., 21 Main Street. 

Chapman, Mrs, 5 Glebe Crescent. 

Charity Organisation Society (Thomas B. Gow), 4 Main Street. 

Charlton, Miss Annie, 24 Bellevale Avenue. 

Chesney, James, 13 Old Bridge Street. 

Chester, Mrs J. C, tobacconist, a6 Smith Street. Telephone 2873. 

Chisholm, Adam, seaman, 5 Seaforth Crescent. 

Chisholm, William, blacksmith, 53 Alloway Street. 

Chisholm, William Stirling, blacksmith, 17 Ballantine Drive. 'Phone 3514- 

Chisholm, Mrs, 5 Belmont Avenue. 

Chisholm, Mrs, 62 York Street. 

Christian Scientists' Society in Ayr, 45 Newmarket Street. 

Christie, Alexander & George S., ironmongers, 189 High Street. 

Christie, Alexander, moulder. 19 Belvidere Terrace. 

Christie, Alexander, engine cleaner, 2 Duke Street. 

Christie, Daniel, labourer, 4 Walker Road. 

Christie, Daniel, 88 Prestwick Road. 

Christie, David A., hairdresser, 187-| High Street. House— 28 Fothringharo 

Christie, George, engine-keeper, 2 John Street. 
Christie, George, barman, 54 Paterson Street. 
Christie, Hugh, riveter, 86 King Street. 
Christie, Hugh, engineer. 40 Spriugbank Road. 
Christie, Hugh, 37 Mill Street. 
Christie, James, carter, 22 King Street. 
Christie, James, vanman, 90 New Road. 
Christie, John, fireman, 29 Russell Street. 
Christie, John, fireman, 32 Seaforth Crescent. 
Christie, William, riveter, 16 Walker Road. 
Christie, William, 35 John Street. 

Christie, William, paper salesman. 84 Wilson Street. 
Christie, Mrs, 68 Asberove Street. 
Christie, Mrs, 14 Falkland Road. 
Christie, Mrs, shop, 137-139 Main Street, 
r'hristison. Miss B. M., 7 Castlehill Crescent. 
City of Glasgow Friendly Society, 13 Kyle Street. District Manager, Arch 

Clacherty, Alexander, 79 Dalblair Road. 

Waddell & Dunn, Boot Repair Specialists, 10 Hope Street. 


Clacherty, Alexander "Ross, traveller, 108 New Road. 

Clachrie, Joseph, 61 Green Street. 

Clachrie, Mrs, 44 York Street. 

(..'lacker, Miss C, nurse, 62 Marchfield Quadrant. 

Claney, Mrs, 20 King- Street. 

Clark, Alexander Gunu, employment officer, 62 Ashgrove Street. 

Clark, Andrew, lorryinan, 40-42 Crown Street. 

Clark, Charles, engineman, 40 Eussell Street. 

Clark, David J., clerk, 16 Oswald Road. 

Clark, Frank, painter, 25 Sandgate. 

Clark, G., mechanic, i6 Paterson Street. 

Clark, Henry, engine-driver, 103 Green Street. 

Clark, Hugh, clerk, 6 Arrol Drive. 

Clark, James, joiner, 59 Princes Street. 

Clark, James, 62 Carrick Street. 

Clark, James, chemist, 3 Seabank Road. 

Clark, James, miner, 40 Lochside Road. 

Clark, James, miner, 15 Front Buildings, King Street. 

Clark, James, retired farmer, 34 Falkland Park Road. 

Clark, James, 6 Kyle Street. 

Clark, James, carter, 39 Elmbank Street. 

Clark, James F., baker, 16 George Street. Telephone 2822. House — 43 
Whitletts Road. Telephone 3642. 

Clark. James M., timber merchant, 12 Barns Crescent. Telephone 3194. 

Clark, John, railway guard, 23 Church Street. 

Clark, John, painter, 90 Mill Street. 

Clark, John, miner, 50 Wilson Street. 

Clark, John, labourer, 35 Green Street Lane. 

Clark, John, 92 York Street Lane. 

Clark, John, motor driver 40 Nelson Street. 

Clark, John A., confectioner, 34 Alloway Street. 

Clark. Joseph, surfaceman, 16 Peebles Street. 

Clark, Joseph, van driver, 15 Waggon Road. 

Clark, Joseph, miner, 106 King Street. 

Clark, Malcolm, chemist, 147 High Street. 

Clark, Nelson, barber. 12 Green Street. 

Clark, Quintin, joiner and builder, 119 Main Street. Telephone 3880. House 

—24 Carrick Park. Telephone 3533. 
Clark, Richard, bricklayer, 19 Union Avenue. 
Clark, Richard F., engine-driver, 16 North Park Avenue. 
Clark, Robert J., Western House, Craigie Road. 
Clark, Robert James, gardener, 21 JMoltmyre Road. 
Clark, Samuel, salesman, 52 Church Street. 
Clark, Samuel F., salesman, 20 Falkland Park Road. 
Clark, Thomas, works manager, 11 Teviot Street. 
Clark, William, carriage inspector, 55 Princes Street. 
Clark, William, joiner, 50 Sandgate. 
Clark, William, miner, 31 Argyle Street. 
Clark, William, sawyer, 42 Peebles Street. 
Clark, William, labourer, 7 Allison Street. 

Clark. William, commission agent, 4 Garden Street. Telephone 2386. 
Clark's Restaurant, 42 Smith Street. Telephone 2470. 
Clark, Misses, 24 Chalmers Road. Telephone 2572. 
Clark, Miss A., 1 Alderston Avenue. 
Clark, Miss Jessie, 9 Eglinton Terrace. 
Clark, Misses M. & A., 13 Virginia Gardens. 
Clark, Miss Margaret, 14 Newmarket Street. 
Clark, Miss Sarah, factory worker, 6 Wellington Street. 
Clark, Mrs, 3 Campbell Street. 
Clark, Mrs, 51 Kyle Street. 
Clark, Mrs, 4 Arran Terrace. 
Clark, Mrs, 16 St. Andrew's Street. 
Clarke, Joseph, colliery agent, 2 Marchmont Road. 
Clarke, Miss Jane, nurse, 15 Alderston Avenue. 
Clarke, Misses, 30 Whitletts Road. 
Clearie, John, vanman, 1 Trvfield Place. 
Cleary, Peter G.. 101 Green Street. 
Cleary, Robert W., 31 Waggon Road. 
Cleary, Mrs, 39 Peebles Street. % 

Viewfield Laundry— Costumes Washed and Steamed. Phone 3181. 


Cleat, James, spirit merchant, Athole Arms, 11-15 Burns Statue Square. 

Telephone 3047. House — Blackburn Drive. Telephone 2406. 
Cleat, William M., manager, 9 Burns Statue Square. 
Cleckner, Harry, carpet weaver, 1 West Sanquhar Road. 
Cleckner, William, carpet inspector, 105 Oswald Road. 
Cleckner, Miss E., 77 George Street. 
Clegg, Thomas, engine-driver, 56 St. George's Eoad. 
Clelland, James, vanman, lo Nelson Street. 
Clelland, Rev. Peter W., Wallacetown Manse, 48 John Street. 
Clelland, Mrs, 16 Mill Street. 
Clemenson, Peter, 29 St. Andrew's Street. 
Clement, J., craneman, 32 Paterson Street. 
Clement, Robert, gardener, 51 Main Street. 
Clement, William, 68 Mill Street. 
Clement, Miss Margaret, 76 Prestwick Road. 
Clewlow, Thomas, labourer, 45 Walker Road. 
Clifford, Stewart, labourer, 53 Lochside Road. 
Clifford, William, 35 Fullarton Street. 
Climie, Andrew, butcher, 223 High Street. Telephone 2370. House— 13 

Inverkar Road. 
Climie, Thomas, butcher, 23 Prestwick Road. 
Clinton, George, 14 Garden Street. 
Clive, George, weaver, 37 Peebles Street. 
Clive, Thomas, dyer, 59 Seaforth Crescent. 
Clive, William, labourer, 133 George Street. 
Cloy, Robert, labourer, 33 Walker Road. 
Cloy, William, blacksmith, 28 Kyle Street. 
Clunie, Miss Margaret, 16 Queen's Terrace. 
Clydesdale Bank, Ltd., Clydesdale Bank Buildings, 81 High Street. Townhead 

Branch — 33 Burns Statue Square. Telephone 2454. Branch — 2 Tarn's 

Brig. Agent — George Miller. 
Clydesdale Supply (1922) Company, Ltd., wireless appliances, 256 High Street. 

Telephone 2131. 
Clydesdale, John, labourer, 21 Elmbank Street. 
Clyne, John S., 30 Sandgate. 

Clynes, Thomas, 15 Millar's Land, Limond's Wynd. 
Coastguard Lifesaving App., 11 Arran Terrace. Telephone 2609. 
Coats, George M., thread manufacturer, 31 Miller Road. Telephone 3334. 
Cochrane, Andrew, boilermaker, 63 Main Street. 
Cochrane, Andrew, coach trimmer, 83 Main Street. 
Cochrane, Andrew, 15 New Bridge Street. 
Cochrane, George, weaver, 3 St. George's Road. 
Cochrane, James A., & Son, agents, Bibby Cake Company, grain merchants, 

43-53 South Harbour Street. Telephone 2217. 
Cochrane, James G., traveller, 67 Woodfield Crescent. 
Cochrane, James E., 46 Waggon Road. 
Cochrane, John, sawyer, 7 Russell Street. 

Cochrane, John (of James A. Cochrane & Son), 48 Prestwick Road Tele- 
phone 2192. 
Cochrane, Robert G. (of Leonard C. Boyd & Cochrane), 9 Belmont Avenue 

Telephone 2916. 
Cochrane, Thomas, carriage cleaner, 4 Mews Lane, Fort Street. 
Cochrane, William, labourer, 25 Seaforth Crescent. 
Cochrane, William T., teacher, 1 Woodfield Crescent. 
Cochrane. Mrs, 4 Britannia Place. 
Cochrane, Mrs, 34 Fort Street. 

Cockburn & Co., Ltd., chemists, 112 High Street. Telephone 2043 
Coffer, Robert, railway labourer, 70 Green Street. 
Coffer, Mrs, 67 King Street. 
Coid, Mrs, 108 King Street. 
Coils, John, ship's carpenter, 89 King Street. 
Cole, Edward, lamplighter, 24 Back Main Street. 
Cole, William Pattinson, detective, 11 Bellesleyhill Avenue 
Cole, Mrs, 18 Mill Street. 
Collan, Miss Agnes, 47 New Road. 
Colley, Mrs, 3 Clarke Avenue. 
Collins, Alexander, clerk, 11 Green Street. 
Collins, Alexander, commercial traveller, 56 Church Street. 
Collins. Arthur, hois&ry manufacturer, 65 Bellesleyhill Avenue. 

Repairs While You Wait at Waddell & Dunn, 10 Hope Street. 



Collins, John, 42 Wilson Street. 

Collins, John, baker, 52 St. George's Road. 

Collins, John P., Customs officer, 4 Main Street. 

Collins, Thomas, labourer, 12 Wilson Street. 

Collins, Thomas, railwayman, 5 Young Street. 

Collins, William H., manager, 3 Craigie Avenue. 

Collins, William Henry, manager, 32 New Road. 

Collins, Mrs, 22 Workmen's Dwellings, King Street. 

Collins, Mrs, 18 Wellington Street. 

Collins, Mrs, 9 King Street. 

Collins, Mrs, 46 Mill Street. 

Colquhoun, John, ship worker, 63 Seaforth Crescent. 

Colquhoun, Joseph, railway guard, 57 Paterson Street. 

Colquhoun, Robert, 86 George Street. 

Coltart, James, chauffeur, 4 Chalmers Road. 

Coltart, William, teacher, 31 Ashgrcve Street. 

Colville, Ritchie, engine-driver, 54 St. George's Road. 

Commercial Bank of Scotland, The, Ltd., 54 Sandgate. Joint Agents— Jam. ?9 
E. Shaw and Hugh H. Reid. Telephone 3574. 

Commercial Union Assurance Company, Ltd., 108 High Street. 'Phone 3109. 

Commissioners of_ Inland Revenue, Wellington Chambers, 70 Fort Street. 
Telephone 5759. 

Compton, James, labourer, 3 James Street. 

Compton, William, labourer, 18 North Harbour Street. 

Comrie, William, agent, Bank of Scotland, Barbarton, 8 Ronaldshaw Park. 
Telephone 2015. 

Conkie, John, 137 Main Street. 

Conkie, John, carter, 46 Lochside Road. 

Conkie, John, 75 Green Street. 

Conkie, Robert, carter, 22 Green Street Lane. 

Conkie, William, glazier, 55 Green Street La?ie. 

Conkie, Mrs, 7 Belvidere Terrace. 

Conkie, Mrs, 84 King Street. 

Conlan, Mrs M., 60 King Street. 

Conlin, Thomas, painter, 36 Peebles Street. 

Conlin, William, labourer, 17 Moss-side Road. 

Conlin, Mrs, 36 Workmen's Dwellings, King Street. 

Conn, J. Carlyle, insurance broker, 130 High Street. Telephone 3946. 

Connar, Patrick, labourer, 27 Seaforth Crescent. 

Connel, Thomas, 8 Chalmers Road. 

Connell, Alexander Muir, tailor and clothier, 6 Beresford Terrace. Tele- 
phone 2654. 

Connell, John, chimney sweep, 5 New Road . 

Connell, John, jun., 19 Kyle Street. 

Connell, John P., 30 Ashgrove Street. Telephone 5216. 

Connell, Malcolm, riveter, 62 York Street Lane. 

Connell, Robert, tenter, 6 North Park Avenue. 

Connell, Miss M., dressmaker, 42 John Street. 

Connell, Mrs, 5 Wattfield Road. 

Connell, Mrs A. M., Eglinton Boarding-House, 14 Eglinton Terrace. Tele- 
phone 2547. 

Connell, Mrs, 3 Alexandria Terrace. 

Conway, James, Trades Hotel, 20 Yorx Street. Telephone 2384. 

Conway, John, miner, 43 Green Street Lane. 

Conway, Robert, 91 South Harbour Street. 

Cook, Adam, labourer, 93 Main Street. 

Cook, Alexander, engine-keeper, 51 Waggon Road. 

Cook, Allan, carpenter, 3 Cathcart Street. 

Cook, David, 27 Main Street. 

Cook, Donald R.. engineer, 86 Marchfield Quadrant. 

Cook, James, cashier, 23 Fort Street. 

Cook, John, grocer, 106 Hunter's Avenue. Telephone 3906. 

Cook, William, 6 Virginia Gardens. 

Cook, Miss Annie, 7 Viewfield Road. 

Cook, Miss Isabella, 8 Carrick Park. Telephone 2707. 

Cook, Miss Jeanie, 41 Wellington Street. 

Cook, Mrs, 55 Oswald Road. 

Cook, Mrs, 33 South Harbour Street. 

Cooney, Michael, 46 Mill Street. 

Viewfield Laundry— Suits Washed and Pressed. Phone 3181. 


Cooper & Co.'s Stores, Ltd., provision merchants, 148-150 High Street. Tele- 
phone 2391. 

Cooper, George, riveter, 59 Elba Street. 

Cooper, George, labourer, 31 Noltmyre Road. 

Cooper, Francis, wholesale newsagent, 18 Craigie Avenue. 

Cooper, James, 78 High Street. 

Cooper, James, labourer, 10 Limond's Wynd. 

Cooper, James, riveter, 109 George Street. 

Cooper, John, fireman, 29 New Bridge Street. 

Cooper. Robert (of Waistel Cooper & Co.), 28 Campbell Street. 

Cooper, Thomas, porter, 17 Barns Street. 

Cooper, Thomas, railway servant, 45 Mill Street. 

Cooper, Waistel (of Waistel Cooper & Co.), 41 John Street. 

Cooper, Waistel, & Co., Ltd., wholesale newsagents, stationers, and fancy goods 
merchants, 67a Kyle Street, 12 George Street, and 9a Main Street. 
Telephone 2620. 

Cooper, William H. W.. weaver, 33 Northfield Avenue. 

Cooper, William, waterman, 46 Walker Road. 

Cooper, Misses, 9 Charlotte Street. 

Cooper, Mrs, 62 Content Street. 

Co-operative Insurance Society, The, Ltd., 2 Academy Street. Telephone 3128. 

Cope, Charles, 239 High Street. 

Cope, James, labourer, 54 Lochside Road. 

Cope, James, labourer, 58 Glebe Crescent. 

Copeland, Andrew, gardener, 33 Church Street. 

Copeland, James, labourer, 86 Paterson Street. 

Copeland, John, baker, 5 Northpark Avenue. 

Copeland, John, gardener, 3 Queen Street. 

Copeland, S., gardener, 85 Paterson Street. 

Copland, Miss Jeannie, 93 High Street. 

Copland, Mrs, 10 Craigie Road. 

Copland, Mrs, 93 High Street. 

Copperauld, David, commission agent, 101 Main Street. Telephone 2377. 

Corbett, David, miner, 115 Lochside Road. 

Corbett, John, baker, 262 High Street. House — 1 Alloway Place. 

Corbett, John, miner. 41 Main Street. 

Corbett, John, labourer, 6 Glebe Crescent. 

Corbett, Samuel, baker, 32 Allison Street. 

Corbett, William, clerk, 36 York Street. 

Corbett, William, labourer, 15 Wilson Street. 

Corbett, William 8., solicitor, 25 Wellington Square. Telephone 3953. House 
— Strona, Longbank Road. Telephone 3578. 

Corbett, Miss Susan Gray, teacher, 47 Hawkhill Avenue. 

Corbett, Mrs, 26 Workmen's Dwellings, King Street. 

Corbett, Mrs, 5 Queen Street. 

Corbitt, Andrew, 49 Charlotte Street. 

Corbett, Mrs, Green Lodge Boarding-House, Charlotte Street. 'Phone 2427. 

Cormack, Dr Robert, 3 Alloway Place. Telephone 2636. 

Cormack, William J., 52 Fort Street. 

Cormack, Mrs, 54 Fort Street. 

Cornelius, Mrs, 21 M'Call's Avenue. 

Corrance, George, shoemaker, 7 Mill Street. House— 64 Mill Street. 

Corrance, Mrs S., 62 Mill Street. 

Corrieri, Ugo, shop, 15 Wallace Street. 

Corrigan, John, locomotive engine-driver, 18 Lansdowne Road. 

Corrigan, John, labourer, 119 Main Street. 

Corrigan, John, builder's labourer, 47 Russell Street. 

Corrigan, Richard, 126 High Street. 

Corrigan, Robert, fireman, 154 George Street. 

Corrigan, William, 7 Russell Street. 

Corrigan, Mrs, 75 George Street. 

Cosh, Mrs, 44 Wallace Street. 

Coulson, Richard N., D.S.O., Airthrey, 8 Corsehill Road. Telephone 2581. 

Coulter, Hugh, motor driver, 27 St George's Road. 

Coulter, James, labourer, l]5 George Street. 

Coulter. John, chemical worker, 24 Back Peebles Street. 

Coulter, William, leather cutter, 74 Main Street. 

Coulters, Thomas, labourer, 11 King Street. 

County Club, 41 Sandgate. Telephone 2072. 

Repairs While You Wait at Waddell & Dunn, 10 Hope Street. 


County Coustabulary, 34 Charlotte Street. Chief Constable— H. F. Munro. 
County Rates Office, 7 Wellington Square. John Lusk, collector. 
County Garage, 15 Beresford Terrace. Telephone 2027. 

County Hospital, Holmston Road. Telephone 3287. Matron— Miss Clark. 
Secretary — William Lyle. 

County of Ayr Territorial Army Association, 2 Citadel Place. 

County of Ayr Territorial Army Association Hall, 111 South Harbour Street. 
Telephone 2069. 

Coupland, John, linesman. 12 Allison Street. 

Couttie, John, carter, 50 Lochside Road. 

Cowan, Alexander, joiner, 56 Sandgate. Telephone 2495. 

Cowan, Alexander, joiner, 83 Prestwick Road. 

Cowan, Alexander, 6 Saltfield. 

Cowan, Andrew, lorryman, 46 Russell Street. 

Cowan, Andrew, chauffeur, 45 John Street. 

Cowan, Henry, carter. 74 York Street Lane. 

Cowan, .Henry, carter, 42 Walker Road. 

Cowan, Henry, craneman, 74 Allison Street. 

Cowan, Henry, coal merchant, Beresford Lye, Beresford Terrace. Tele- 
phone 5434. 

Cowan, James, railway worker, 25 Seaforth Road. 

Cowan, James, millowner, 23 Holmston Road. Telephone 5681. 

Cowan, John, market foreman, Mossgiel, 11 Castlehill Road. 

(Jowan, John, coal merchant, 56 Content Street and Beresford Lye. Tele- 
phone 3433. 

Cowan, John, flesher, 91 Main Street. Telephone 3378. House— 54 Hunter's 

Cowan, John, engineer, 5 Wellington Street. 

Cowan, John, joiner, Easton, 1 Ewenfield Road. 

Cowan, John, labourer! 14 Walker Road. 

Cowan, Robert, gardener. 58 Marchfield Quadrant. 

Cowan, Robert, draper, 2 George Street. Telephone 3168. 

Cowan Robert, Castlehill Dairy, 68 Castlehill Road. 

Cowan, Robert B., dairyman, 3 Inverkar Road. 

Cowan, Samuel, carter, 76 York Street. 

Cowan, William, coal salesman, 46 Waggon Road. 

Cowan, Misses, Edendarroch, 65 Midton Road. Telephone 5526. 

Cowan, Misses, o2 Prestwick Road. 

Cowan, Misses M. & J., 72 Prestwick Road. 

Cowan, Mrs, 5 Monument Road. Telephone 2674. 

Cowan, Mrs, 52 Kyle Street. 

Cowan, Mrs, 1 Tryfield Place. 

Cowan, Mrs, 24 Springbank Road. 

Cowan, Mrs, 20 Duke Street. 

Cowan, Mrs, 8 Content Street. 

•Cowan, Mrs, 29 Union Avenue. 

Cowan, Mrs, 97 Green Street. 

Cowan, Mrs, 76 Allison Street. 

Cowan, Mrs, 19 Peebles Street. 

Cowan, Mrs, 87 Prestwick Road. 

Cowie, William, A.R.I.B.A., architect, 5 Wellington Square. Telephone 3477 

Cox, Adam C, 1 Eglinton Terrace. 

Coyle, William, spirit merchant, 7 South Harbour Street. 

Coyle, Mrs, boarding-house, 9 Wellington Square. Telephone 278611. 

Coyle, Mrs, 5 Seafleld Road. 

Crabtree, Jack, musician, 61 Paterson Street. 

Craib, John B., detective inspector, 21 Woodfleld Road. 

Craib, Mrs, 30 Falkland Park Road. 

Craig, Alexander, hairdresser, 5 George Street. House — 14 Church Street 

Craig, Andrew, tailor, 226 High Street. 

Craig, Arthur J., musician, 29 Quail Road. 

Craig, Charles, superintendent, 5 Craigie Avenue. 

Craig, Charles, depot superintendent, 147 Prestwick Road. 

Craig, David, railway porter, l Moss-side Road. 

Craig, George, labourer, 47 Seaforth Crescent. 

Craig, Hugh, traveller, 15 Woodfield Crescent. 

Craig, James, miner, 191 Prestwick Road. 

Craig, James, miner, 195 Prestwick Road. 

Craig, James, shoemaker, 42 Northfield Avenue. 

Viewfield Laundry- Curtains, etc., skilfully treated. Phone 3181. 


Craig, James, engineer, 6 Oswald Road. 

Craig, James, engine greaser, 50 Paterson Street. 

Craig, James, baker, 7 Lawson Street. 

Craig, James (of James Craig, Ltd.), Holmston Farm. Telephone 2241. 

Craig, James, Ltd., auctioneers, valuators, and cattle salesmen, 45 Burns 

Statue Square and Cattle Market. Telephone 2241. 

John, 47 Content Street. 

John, quarrymaster, 29 St Leonard's Road. 

John, engine-driver. 16 Hawkhill Avenue. 

John, insurance agent, 5 Falkland Place. 

John, labourer, 16 Crown Street. 

Peter, miner, 55 Lochside Road. 

Robert, groom, 37 Mill Street. 

Robert, 59 Mill Street. 

William, labourer, 4 Seai'orth Crescent. 

William, moulder, 80 Oswald Road. 

Misses, Cunning Park, Doonfoot Road. Telephone 3976. 

Miss E., 38 Russell Street. 

Miss Martha, 10 Monument Road. 

Mrs, Greystones, 44 Park Circus. Telephone 2137. 

Mrs, 30 Russell Street. 

Mrs, 115 High Street. 

Mrs, 28 Queen's Terrace. 

Mrs, 68 York Street Lane. 

Mrs, 5 Falkland Place, 
gie, Matthew, engine fitter, 96 Oswald Road, 
k, John, ironmonger, 21 John Street. 
Crawford, Alexander, joiner, 8 Virginia Gardens. 
Crawford, Andrew Young, tobacconist (of James Ferguson & Son), 26 New 

Bridge Street. Telephone 2960. 
Crawford, George, cattleman, Farm of Forehill. 
Crawford, George D., 36 Oswald Place. 
Crawford, Hector L., teacher, 23 St. Andrew's Street. 
Crawford, Hugh, baker, 4 Victoria Street. 
Crawford, James. 74 Church Street. 
Crawford, Joseph, 59 Kyle Street. 
Crawford, Maurice, baker, 123 George Street. 
Crawford, Thomas, 35 Fullarton Street. 
Crawford, Thomas, clerk, 3 Woodfleld Avenue. 
Crawford, William, 1 Green Street. 
Crawford, Miss Helen P., 5 Bellevue Crescent. 
Crawford, Mrs, 11 Queen's Terrace. 
Crawford, Mrs, 50 Union Avenue. 

Crawford, Mrs, 10 Ballantine Drive. Telephone 3123. 
Crawford, Mrs, 3 Bellevue Road. Telephone 2972. 
Crawford, Mrs Agnes, 84 Allison Street. 
Crawford, Mrs, 23 Workmen's Dwellings, King Street. 
Crawford, Mrs, 38 Allison Street. 
Crawford, Mrs, 6 Alderston Avenue. 
Crawley, Miss Teresa, 7a Cathcart Street. 
Cree, George, 8 York Street. 
Cree, John, skinner, 24 King Street. 
Cree, John C, draper, 1 Noltmyre Road. 
Cree, Robert, blacksmith, 3 Falkland Park Road. 
Cree, William, tailor, 106 New Road. 
Creighton, William, 183 High Street. 
Cresswell, Hubert F., organist, 27 Ballantine Drive. 
Crichton, George, 20 New Bridge Street. 
Crichton, William, coal salesman, 81 King Street. 
Crichton, Misses, 20 Seafleld Crescent. 
Crichton, Mrs, 17 M'Call's Avenue. 
Crichton, Mrs, 62 Carrick Street. 

Cringan, William G., headmaster (retired), 7 Whitletts Road. 
Crisp, Albert, fruiterer, 62 Oswald Road. 
Crisp, Albert E., fruiterer, 44 Northfield Avenue. 
Crisp, Herbert, carpet cropper, 6 Tryfield Place. 
Crisp, Miss Gladys, fruiterer, 7 Tarn's Brig. 
Crockart, Alexander, 90 Mill Street. 
Crockett, George W., Earnsciiff, Annfield, Maybole Road. 

Repairs While You Wait at Waddell & Dunn, 10 Hope Street. 



Crockett, John, fitter, 56 Wallace Street. 

Crockett, R., miner, 70 Paterson Street. 

Croft, Ernest, gentlemen's outfitter, 44 Alloway Street. 

Crombie, Alexander, 6 York Street Lane. 

Crombie, John, 12 Mill Street. 

Crombie, Moffat, 36 Back Main Street. 

Crombie, William, 76 York Street Lane. 

Crombie, Mrs, 32 Waggon Road. 

Crombie, Mrs, 44 Crown Street. 

Crompton, Mrs S., 3 Alderston Avenue. 

Crook, Robert, clerk. 8 Noltmyre Road. 

Crorkan, Mrs, 59 Russell Street. 

Crorkan, Mrs, 14 Oswald Place. 

Crosbie, Michael, labourer, 20 Glebe Crescent. 

Crosbie, Mrs, 3 James Street. 

Cross, J. & J., ladies' and children's outfitters, 11 Sandgate. 'Phone 2542. 

Cross, John, bar manager, 169 Prestwick Road. 

Cross, Walter, miner, 12 Elba Street. 

Cross, Miss Helen, 75 Mill Street. 

Cross, Mrs, 33 Craigie Road. 

Cross, Mrs, 22 Heathfield Road. 

Crossan, James, labourer, 38 Elba Street. 

Crossan, Neil, labourer, 66 Lochside Road. 

Crossan, Mrs, 54 York Street Lane. 

Crossley, Herbert (of Herbert Crossley & Co.), 21 Fort Street. 

Crossley, Herbert, & Co., French polishers and upholsterers, 108 High Street. 

Crowe, James, ladies' and gentlemen's hairdresser, 254 High Street. Tele- 
phone 2582. House— 17 Seafield Road. 

Crowe, William D., 12 Academy Street. 

Crow, Mrs, 1 Taylor Street. 

Crown Cinema (Ayr), Ltd., 57 Main Street. Telephone 3419. 

Crozier, Miss Margaret, 7 South Harbour Street. 

Cruickshanks, John, miner, 14 Oswald Road. 

Crump, Mrs, 16 Carrick Avenue. Telephone 3371. 

Cryer, Frank A., 35 Marchmont Road. Telephone 2871. 

Cumming, Alexander, coach painter, 12 Quail Road. 

Camming:, Alexander, 3 3 Wellington Street. 

Cumming, Claud, engine-driver, 39 New Road. 

Cumming, Daniel, 7 Saltfield. 

Cumming, David, joiner, 55 Princes Street. 

Cumming & Gordon, accountants, 21 Newmarket Street. Telephone 2256. 

Cumming, George G., messenger-at-arms, 21 Newmarket Street. 'Phone 2256. 

Cumming, Henry, manager, 18 Gordon Street. Telephone 3528. 

Cumming & Henderson, Ltd., joiners, 1 Limond's Wynd. Telephone 3666. 

Cumming, James, electrical engineer, 108 High Street. Telephone 2102. 
House — 256 Prestwick Road. Telephone 2722. 

Cumming, John, engineer, 84 St Leonard s Road. 

Cumming, John, 19 Church Street. 

Cumming, John, shoemaker, 37 Elmbank Street. 

Cumming, Peter, grocer, 69 _Princes Street. 

Cumming, Robert, currier, .s Taylor Street. 

Cumming, Robert, baker, 11 Belvidere Terrace. 

Cumming, Robert, carpet weaver, 31 Wellington Street. 

Cumming, William, slater, 32 Elmbank Street. 

Cumming, William, inspector, 9 Sandgate. 

Cumming, William, joiner, 144 High Street. Telephone 2025. 

Cumming, William, 34 Viewfield Road. 

Cumming, William, 2 Hilary Crescent. 

Cumming, William, joiner, 13 St Andrew's Street. 

Cumming, William A., joiner (of Hart & Cumming), 22 Springbank Road. 

Cumming, Miss Agnes A., 12 Charlotte Street. 

Cumming, Miss Amelia, grocer, 107 Green Street. 

Cumming, Mrs Jessie, 48 Smith Street. 

Cumming, Miss Mary, 45 Hawkhill Avenue. 

Cumming, Mrs, 18 John Street. 

Cumming, Mrs, 26 Holmston Road. 

Cumming, Mrs, 37 Elmbank Street. 

Cumming, Mrs, 10 Wellington Street. 

Try Viewfield Laundry for Washing by Weight Service. Phone 3181. 


dimming, Mrs, tea rooms and confectioner, 23 New Bridge Street. Tele- 
phone 2875. 
Camming, Mrs, 88 York Street Lane. 

Cummings, Miss Agnes A., dressmaker, 75 South Harbour Street. 
Cummings, William S., police sergeant, 8 St. George's Road. 
Cummings, William, 41 Workmen's Dwellings, King Street. 
Cunning, James, motor driver, 36 Peebles Street. 

Cunningham's Temperance Hotel, 4 and 5 Killoch Place. Telephone 2102. 
Curningham, Alexander, plater, 49 York Street Lane. 
Cunningham, Alexander, dustman, 42 Green Street Lane. 
Cunningham, Alexander, vanman, 1 Princes Street. 
Cunningham, Andrew, 54 Smith Street. 
Cunningham, Angus, shipyard worker, 73 Lochside Eoad. 
Cunningham, Archibald, riveter, 40 Weaver Street. 
Cunningham, Hugh, 3 Alloway Park. Telephone 3191. 
Cunningham, James, secretary, Doonfoot Road. 
Cunningham, John, 98 Wallace Street. 
Cunningham, John, Kyle Hotel, 9-11 Kyle Street. 
Cunningham, Robert, shoemaker, 37 Northfleld Avenue. 
Cunningham, Robert W., storeman, 4 Craigie Avenue. 
Cunningham, Robert, 29 Workmen's Dwellings, King Street. 
Cunningham, Robert M., Ill High Street. 
Cunningham, William, foreman, 57 Wellington Street. 
Cunningham, Mrs, 4 Queen's Terrace. 
Cu^mirgham, Mrs, nurse, 45 Union Avenue. 
Cunringbam, Mrs, 43 Glebe Crescent. 
Curdle. Mrs 59 Seaforth Road. 
Curdy. Miss M. M'L., nunter's Avenue. 
Curley, John, 29 Seafleld Drive. Telephone 2623. 
Cuii', William, Rosebank, 70 Castlehill Road. 

Cunan, John, saddler, 17_Carrick Street. House — 61 George Street. 
Cuiran, John, labourer, 2o Gould Street. 
Curran, Mrs, 63 Green Street. 
Currie, Enoch, pensioner, 143 George Street. 
Currie, Ernest, miner, 11 John Street. 
Currie, James, hallkeeper, 13 High Street. 
Currie, John, 53 Princes Street. 
Currie, John, joiner, 14 Hawkhill Avenue. 
Currie, John, house factor, 18 Hawkhill Avenue. 
Currie, Michael, polisher, 23 Argyle Street. 
Currie, Peter, confectioner, 42 Taylor Street. 
Currie, Peter G., grocer, 31 Ardlui Road. 
Currie, Rev. Robert G., 29 Craigie Road. 
Currie, Robert, 56 Workmen's Dwellings, King Street. 
Currie, Robert, 51 Kyle Street. 
Currie, William, gardener, 24 Oswald Place. 
Currie, William, labourer, 84a Wilson Street. 
Currie, Misses, 16 Barns Crescent. Telephone 3894. 
Currie, Miss Mary S., 50 Workmen's Dwellings, King Street. 
Currie, Mrs, 49 M'Call's Avenue. 
Currie, Mrs, 19 Seafield Road. 
Currie, Mrs, 21 Elmbank Street. 
Currie, Mrs, 25 Marchfleld Quadrant. 

Customs and Excise, 27 Wellington Square. Telephone 2457. 
Cuthbert, Adam, craneman, 97 Green Street. 

Cuthbert, Alexander, & Son, shoe factory, 45 M'Call's Avenue. 'Phone 2338. 
Cuthbert, Andrew, 187 High Street. 
Cuthbert, Andrew, labourer, 143 George Street. 
Cuthbert, Archibald K., glazier and stainer, 101 Main Street. 
Cuthbert, Archibald, 3 Alderston Avenue. 
Cuthbert, David, 8 Crown Street. 

Cuthbert, David M., plumber and gasfitter, 101 Main Street. 
Cuthbert, Frederick, miner, 16 Lochside Road. 
Cuthbert, James, craneman, 92 York Street Lane. 
Cuthbert, James, retired stationmaster, 53 M'Call's Avenue. 
Cuthbert, James, railwayman, 106 Main Street. 
Cuthbert, James, labourer, 17 Gould Street. 
Cuthbert, John, coal trimmer, 9 Paterson Street. 
Cuthbert, Robert, craneman, 67 Paterson Street. 

Repairs While You Wait at Waddell & Dunn, 10 Hope Street. 


Cuthbert. Ross, shoe manufacturer, (of Cuthbert, Ross & Co.), 26 Park Circus. 

Telephone 3760. 
Cuthbert, Thomas, plasterer, 121 Oswald Road. 
Cuthbert, Thomas, plasterer, 97 Green Street. 
Cuthbert, William, sawyer, 6 Church Street. 
Cuthbert, William, electrical fitter, 1 Davidson Place. 
Cuthbert, William, 18 Hope Street. 

Cuthbert, Mrs, Springvale, 25 Midton Road. Telephone 2508. 
Cuthbert, Mrs, 55 Springbank Road. 
Cuthbert, Mrs, 41 New Road. 
Cuthbert, Mrs, 50 Glebe Crescent. 
Cuthbertson, George, 9 Alderston Avenue. 
Cuthbertson, George, contractor, 3 Belvidere Terrace. 
Cuthbertson, James, painter and decorator, 24 River Street. House— 1£ 

Marchfield Road. 
Cuthbertson, William, motor driver, 30 St. George's Road. 
Cuthbertson, William B. (of D. Wyllie & Co.), Dunallaster, 10 Wheatfield 

Road. Telephone 2481. 
Cuthbertson, William B. (of D. Wyllie & Co.), Dunallaster, 10 Wheatfield 

Road. Telephone 2481. 
Cuthbertson, Mrs, 6 Prestwick Road. 
Cuthbertson, Mrs, 30 Monument Road. 
Cuthill, John, lath splitter, 33 Paterson Street. 
Cuthill, Miss Jessie, 17 Peebles Street. 

Dakers, Edward J. W., F.S.I., Inland Revenue valuer, 93 Castlehill Road 
Telephone 5937. 

Dalblair Hand Landry, 43 Dalblair Road (Miss Kelly, proprietrix). 

Dalgleish, Miss F., Barnsley, 39 Castlehill Road. Telephone 278711. 

Dalgleish, Miss F., Blackburn Board-Residence, 2 Blackburn Road. Tele- 
phone 278911. 

Dallas (Ayr), Ltd., automobile engineers, 1 Beresford Terrace. Phone 3338. 

Dallas, Douglas, 2 Charlotte Street. 

Dallas, Walter, 4 Bellevue Road. Telephone 2080. 

Dalling, Robert, storeman, 17 Belvidere Terrace. 

Dalling, Thomas H., wholesale tobacconist, 239 High Street. Telephone 2459. 
House — 13 Craigie Avenue. 

Dalling, Miss J. R., 34 Holmston Road. 

Dalmellington Iron Company's Coal Office, Beresford Lye. 

Dalrymple, Alexander, slater, plumber, and glazier, 115 High Street. Tele- 
phone 2705. House— 24 Fothringham Road. 

Dalrymple, David, 2 Millar's Land, Limond's Wynd. 

Dalrymple, William, 12 Blackburn Road. Telephone 3066. 

Dalrymple, Mrs, 25 Wellington Street. 

Dalrymple-Hay, Captain J. E., R.S.E., 23 Carrick Road. Telephone 3311. 

Dalton, Alexander, fireman, 94 High Street. 

Dalton, David, carpet worker, 6 Elba Street. 

Dalton, Robert, clerk, 6 Saltfield. 

Dalton, Thomas, 88 Russell Street. 

Dalton, Thomas, groom, 3 Davidson Place. 

Dalton, Mrs, 29 John Street. 

Dalziel. Alexander, hairdresser, 40 Carrick Street. House — 70 Mill Street. 

Dalziel, David, 5 Russell Terrace. 

Dalziel, James, masseur and electro thereapentist, 3 Ballantine Drive. 

Dalziel, William, groom, 264 High Street. 

Dandie. James, Pomona House, 1 Seabank Road. 

Darlington Place Church, Main Street (Rev. Samuel Greer, M.A., minister). 

Dante, Alfred, sen., 87 George Street. 

Dante, Alfred, jun., 5 River Street. Telephone 2923. House — 19 Hawkhill 

Darbison, Joseph, butcher, 6 Union Avenue. 

Darrell, Miss Agnes, 31 Wilson Street. 

Darrell, Mrs, 2 Somerset Road. 

Darroch, Alexander, 54 Holmston Road. 

Try Viewfleld Laundry for all Hand-washed Goods. Phone 3181. 


Darroch, Alexander, niotorman, 144 High Street. 
Davey, Daniel, 64 Hawkhill Avenue. 
Davey, Owen, 28 Russell Street. 

David, Frederick, boot salesman, 14 Fothringharn Road. 
Davidson, Alexander, 6 Belmont Avenue. 
Davidson, Andrew, 3 Peebles Street. 
Davidson, Benjamin, labourer, 4 Russell Street. 
Davidson, Ernest, chauffeur, 47 Carrick Street. 
Davidson, Hugh, Govandale, 11 Whitletts Road. 
Davidson, Hugh, drop forger, 19 Seaforth Crescent. 
Davidson, Hugh, traveller, 57 M'Call's Avenue. 
Davidson, J. & M., bakers, 52-54 George Street. 
Davidson, James, motor driver, 10 River Terrace. 
Davidson, James, labourer, 63 Lochside Road. 
Davidson, James, 5 Dalblair Road. 

Davidson, John, grocer and wine merchant, 264-266 High Street. Tele- 
phone 3468. 
Davidson, John, grocer, 21 Ashgrove Street. 
Davidson, John, lorryman, 61 Peebles Street. 
Davidson, John, auditor, 1 Hillfoot Road. 
Davidson, John, labourer, 7 Crown Street. 
Davidson, John H., clerk, 6 Springvale Road. 
Davidson, John M., fishcurer, 45 King Street. 
Davidson, Robert B., 17 Robsland Avenue. 
Davidson, Samuel, miner, 119 Wallace Street. 
Davidson, Samuel, fireman, 67 Green Street Lane. 
Davidson, Thomas, janitor, 58 Russell Street. 
Davidson, William, upholsterer, 132 Prestwick Road. 
Davidson, William, labourer, 26 Content Street. 
Davidson, William, insurance broker, 4 Craigie Avenue. 
Davidson, W. A., & Co., stockbrokers, 2 Newmarket Street. Telephone 2958. 
Davidson, Misses J. and H., 58 New Road. 
Davidson, Misses, 13 Cathcart Street. 

Davidson, Miss Jessie, Glendoon, Fairfield Road. Telephone 3213. 
Davidson, Mrs, Tantallon, 8 Chalmers Road. Telephone 2414. 
Davidson, Mrs, 11 Carrick Street. 
Davidson, Mrs, 28 Taylor Street. 
Davidson, Mrs, 10 Sandgate. 
Davidson, Mrs, 51 Allison Street. 
Davidson, Mrs, 55 Allison Street. 
Davidson, Mrs, 67 Wallace Street. 
Davies, John, railway servant, 45 Mill Street. 
Davis, Harry, 39 York Street. 

Davis, Frederick A., picture house manager, 6 Fullarton Street. 
Davis, Hugh, engine-driver, 17 Woodfield Crescent. 
Davis, James, railway porter, 119 South Harbour Street. 
Davis, Patrick, labourer, 93 King Street. 
Davis, William B., butler, 16 Craigie Road. 
Davis, Miss Elizabeth, 14 Newmarket Street. 
Davison, Miss Blanche, 17 Bellevue Crescent. 
Davitt, John, postman, 25 Argyle Street. 
Dawes, Robert, labourer, 5 West Sanquhar Road. 
Dawson, Charles, labourer, 98 Wallace Street. 
Dawson, Daniel, miner, 37 Elba Street. 
Dawson, James, 70 Russell Street. 
Dawson, James, chauffeur, 23 M'Call's Avenue. 

Dawson, Misses B. & E„ ladies' outfitters, 47a Alloway Street. 'Phone 2838. 
Dawson, Mrs, 25 Oswald Place. 
Dawson, Mrs, 31 High Street. 
Dean, John, baker, 13 Main Street. 
Dean, John, baker, 33 King Street. 
Dean, John, baker, 252 High Street. 
Deans, James, 54 York Street Lane. 
Deans, Misses, 4 Dalblair Road. 
Dearie, James, groom, 33 Burns Statue Square. 
Delahunty, Thomas E., 44 Hilary Crescent. 
Dempey, Walter, labourer, 29 Glebe Crescent. 
Dempsey, A., sweep, 10 Limond's Wynd. 
Dempsey, James, 18 Peebles Street. 

Waddell & Dunn, 10 Hope Street fop Invisible Patching. 


Dempsey, Martin, labourer, 26 Waggon Road. 

Dempsey, Peter, labourer, 63 Wilson Street. 

Dempsey, Peter, labourer, 48 George Street. 

Dempsey, Thomas, 58 York Street Lane. 

Dempsey, Mrs, 39 Workmen's Dwellings, King Street. 

Dempster, Austin G., scalemaker, 42 Paterson Street. 

Dempster, Hugh, butcher, 36 Alloway Street. Telephone 3953. House— 9© 
Castlehill Road. 

Dempster, John, storeman. 21 Dalblair Road. 

Dempster, Eobert, Heronlea, 25 St. Leonard's Road. Telephone 2935. 

Dempster, Robert, carter, 2 Green Street Lane. 

Dempster, Mrs, 91 South Harbour Street. 

Denham, John, mason, 7 Church Street. 

Denham, Joseph, baker, 10 Argyle Street. 

Denham, Joseph, compositor, 14 Green Street. 

Denham, Samuel, 30 Craigie Road. 

Denham, Mrs, 70 George Street. 

Denovan, Thomas, hairdresser, 30 Main Street. 

Devan, John, linesman, 36 Green Street. 

Devan, John, 101 Wallace Street. 

Devan & Riley, commission agents, 101 Wallace Street. Telephone 2395. 

Devine, Mrs, 32 Wallace Street. 

Devine, Mrs, 2 Argyle Street. 

Devine, Mrs, 35 Elmbank Street. 

Devlin, George, miner, 69 Wallace Street. 

Devlin, James, seaman, 13 Waggon Road. 

Devlin, John, tinsmith, 108 High Street. 

Devlin, John, fish salesman, 21 Lawson Street. 

Devlin, Thomas L., & Sons, fish salesmen. South Harbour Street. 'Phone 3987. 

Devoy, William M., shoemaker, 15 Kirkholm Avenue. 

Dewar, Frederick C, Strathie & Co., C.A., stockbrokers and house factors, 5 
Wellington Square. Telephone 3503. 

Dewar, Robert, & Sons, furniture auctioneers and valuators, 23 Kyle Street 
Office and Salerooms— Kyle Hall. Telephone 2387. 

Dewar, Robert A. (of R. Dewar & Sons), 7 Barns Crescent. 

Dewar, Robert N. (of Galloway & Bowie), 9 Springvale Road. 

Dewar, William J., auctioneer, Norwood, 31 Bellevue Road. Telephone 2891. 

Dewar, Miss A. M'K., 19 Castlehill Road. 

Dewar, Miss Margaret H., shop, 121 New Road. 

Diamond, James, driver, 11 West Sanquhar Road. 

Diamond, John, labourer, 69 Lochside Road. 

Diamond, Miss Mary, 61 Princes Street. 

Diamond, Mrs, 14 Church Street. 

Dick, Charles, labourer, 6 Ross Street. 

Dick, Charles, cattleman, 71 George Street. 

Dick, David, carter, 70 Green Street. 

Dick, Gilbert, storeman, 119 Main Street. 

Dick, Hugh, painter, l Peebles Street. 

Dick, Hugh, joiner, 63 Princes Street. 

Dick, James, brassfinisher. 34 Wellington Street. 

Dick, James A., ironmonger, 4 Virginia Gardens. 

Dick, John, 4 Union Avenue, 

Dick, R. & J,. Ltd., shoemakers, 114 High Street. 

Dick, Robert, coal trimmer, 19 Green Street Lane. 

Dick, William, dairyman, 68-70 New Road. 
Dick, William, engineer, 39 M'Call's Avenue. 

Dick, William, outfitter, 5 Old Bridge Street. 

Dick, Miss Catherine Seton, modiste, 32 Beresford Terrace. Telephone 3655* 

Dick, Miss Lillias, 82 Allison Street. 

Dick, Miss Mary, 10 Nelson Street. 

Dick, Miss Mary, 53 Hawkhill Avenue. 

Dick, Miss Mary B., ladies' and children's outfitter, 9J Old Bridge Street. 

Dick, Miss M. P., 13 Dongola Road. 
Dick, Mrs, 164 George Street. 

Dickie, Paterson & Riddick, produce merchants, 96 Wallace Street. Tele- 
phone 2408. Telegraphic address, " Provisions," Ayr. 
Dickie, Adam, storeman, 2 Wellington Street. 
Dickie, Alexander, railway fireman, 41 Walker Road. 
Dickie, George, commission agent, 56 Weaver Street. Telephone 2168. 

Every Care for Dainty Lingerie at Viewfleld Laundry. Phone 3181. 


Dickie, James, & Co.. drop forging- manufacturers, Victoria Stamping Works, 

Somerset Road. Telephone 3494. 
Dickie, James, 28 Mill Street. 

Dickie, James, commission agent, 8 Smith Street. 
Dickie, John L., jeweller and watchmaker, 65 High Street. 
Dickie, Matthew, goods guard, Hawkhill Junction, Back Hawkhill Avenue. 
Dickie, Matthew. Ayr Arms Hotel, 209 High Street. Telephone 2526. 
Dickie, Robert, tobacconist. 193 High Street. Telephone 3754. 
Dickie, Thomson, electrician, 5 Falkland Place. 
Dickie, William, butcher, 9 Belvidere Terrace. 
Dickie, William, coach painter, 1 Oswald Lane. 

Dickie, William B. (of Dickie, Paterson & Riddick), merchant, 5 Carrick Road. 
Dickie, Miss Agnes, 91 New Road. 
Dickie, Miss Helen, Gowanlea, 26 Whitletts Road. 
Dickie, Miss I. W., typist, 6 Belvidere Terrace. 
Dickie, Miss Jeanie, o9 Wellington Street. 
Dickie, Miss Rose, 3 Crown Street. 
Dickie, Mrs, 73 Gould Street. 
Dickie, Mrs, 16 Nelson Street. 

Dickson, Archibald S., engineer, 11 Belmont Avenue. 
Dickson, James, 36 Paterson Street. 
Dickson, James, 48 Kyle Street. 
Dickson, James G. (of Wilson, Dickson & Co.), " Stronvar," Beilevale Avenue. 

Telephone 2325. 
Dickson, John, clerk, 26 Peebles Street. 
Dickson, John, 24 New Bridge Street. 
Dickson, John, baker, 53 Mill Street. 
Dickson, Mrs, 2 Kirkport. 
Dickson, Mrs, 93 Mill Street. 
Dietrich & Son, hairdressers, 46 Alloway Street. Telephone 2318. House— 7 

Rosebank Crescent. 
Dietrich, Alexander O., 23 Inverkar Road. 
Dietrich, Mrs, 59 Dalblair Road. 
Dillan, Alexander, 54 York Street Lane. 
Dillon, Edward, labourer, 36 Ross Street. 
Dillon, Daniel, 39 Elmbank Street. 
Dillon, James, grocer, 17 James Street. 
Dillon, Mrs, 40 Green Street Lane. 
Dingwall, George, shoemaker, 4 Cromwell. Road. 
Dingwall, David, chauffeur, 8 George's Avenue. 
Dingwall, James, 67 Mill Street. 
Dingwall, Mrs, 4 Woodfield Road. 
Dinnan, Thomas, 76 Allison Street. 
Dinning, Miss Elizabeth, 39_Fort Street. 
Dinwoodie, John, sergeant, o4 Charlotte Street. 
Dinwiddie, Joseph, assistant loco, foreman, 4 Gordon Street. 
Doak, James, organist, 21 Bellevue Crescent. Telephone 2326. 
Dobbie, James, labourer, ] 4 Glebe Road. 

Dobbie, Richard M., leather manufacturer, 8 St John Street. Telephone 2584. 
Dobbie, Miss Agnes B., 11 Dalblair Road. 
Dobbie, Miss Janet, 9 Park Circus. 
Dobie, William J.. 47 Dongola Road. 
Dobson, John A., furrier, 15 Charlotte Street. 
Docherty, Daniel, blacksmith, 117 South Harbour Street. 
Docherty, George, 38 Taylor Street. 
Docherty, John, labourer, 16 Elba Street. 
Docherty, John, engine-driver. 26 Wellington Street. 
Docherty, John, labourer, 38 Noltmyre Road. 
Docherty, William, 69 South Harbour Street. 
Dock Labourers' Union, 44 North Harbour Street. 
Dodds, Barclav, labourer, 4 Limond's Wynd. 
Dodds, Charles, 2 Whitehill Street. 
Dodds. Leslie, postman, 74 Green Street. 

Dodd, W. G., Ltd., electrical engineers, 175a High Street. Telephone 2851. 
Dodd, William George, electrical engineer, 22 Monument Road. 
Don, Robert C., van driver, 102 Green Street. 
Donald, Alexander, upholsterer, 84 Northfield Avenue. 
Donald Alexander, cycle agent, 15 River Street. 
Donald, D., commission agent, 19 River Street. 

Waddell & Dunn, 10 Hope Street for Invisible Patching 1 . 


Donald, James C, 5 Barns Crescent. Telephone ol54. 

Donald. Mrs, 66 Sandgate. 

Donald, Mrs, 50 Kyle Street. 

Donaldson, William, waiter, 9 Marchfield Quadrant. 

Donaldson, Mrs, 23 Locbside Road. 

Donelly, William, sawyer, 23 Wallace Street. 

Donnachie, B. J., teacher, 9 Craigie Avenue. 

Doimachie, Edward, lorryman, 97 Green Street. 

Donnelly, John, labourer, 6 Victoria Street. 

Donnelly, John, miner, 152 George Street. 

Donnelly, Patrick, storekeeper, 58 M'CaR's Avenue. 

Donnelly, Samuel, labourer, 21 Stewart Road. 

Doolan, John, labourer, 8 Glebe Road. 

Doolau, Peter, seaman. 104 King Street. 

Doolan, Mrs, 98 King Street. 

Doolan, Mrs, 110 King Street. 

Dorance, John, 23-25 Content Street. 

Dornan, S., engine-driver, 4 Paterson Street. 

Dorris Lunch and Tea Rooms, 66 Hsgh Street. Telephone 3637. 

Dougall, Goudie k Douglas, solicitors and notaries public, Wellington! 
Chambers, 70 Port Street. Telephone 3714. 

Dougan, James, 6 "York Street. 

Dougan. James, 25 York Street Lane. 

Dougan, William, miner, 28 Mill Street. 

Doughty, Archibald B., wine and spirit merchant, 145 George Street. House 
— 10 Bellevue Crescent. Telephone 3753. 

Douglas, Alexander, county veterinary officer, 17 Wellington Square. House- 
— 50 Bellevue Crescent. Telephone 3922. 

Douglas, Andrew, architect, 10 Seaforth Road. 

Douglas, Dr Charles, 2 Alloway Place. Telephone o483. 

Douglas, Charles, fireman, 30 Elba Street. 

Douglas, Charles, painter, 48 Walker Road. 

Douglas, Henry, grocer, 49 Dongola Road. 

Douglas, James, baker, 54 Elmbank Street. 

Douglas, John, signalman, 45 Stewart Road. 

Douglas, John, signalman, 10 Virginia Gardens. 

Douglas, John, constable, 41 M'Call's Avenue. 

Douglas, William, miner, 3 Young Street. 

Douglas, William H., 20 Rosebank Crescent. 

Douglas, Miss Isa K., 43 Park Circus. 

Douglas, Mrs. 24 Fullarton Street. 

Douglas, Mrs. 24 Inverkar Road. 

Douglas, Mrs, 3 Heathfield Road. 

Douglas, Mrs, 144 Prestwick Road. 

Dove, James, joiner. 2o9 High Street. Telephone 2550. House— 71 Castlehili 
Road. Telephone 3728. 

Dove, Mrs, 53 George Street. 

Dow, John C, motor mechanic, 16 Seaforth Road. 

Dow, Thomas, Arranview Nursery, 14 2 Prestwick Road. Telephone 3078. 

Dow, Misses, 4 Hazelwood Road. 

Dow & Newlands, dra.pers, 7 Main Street. 

Dow, Mrs, Murrayfhld, 6 Hazelwood Road. 

Dow, Mrs, tea rooms, 246 High Street. 

Dow, Mrs, lo Virginia Gardens. 

Dow, Mrs, 6 Ardlui Road. 

Dowie, James, loco, fireman, 17 Virginia Gardens. 

Downie, Alexander, railwayman, 165 High Street. 

Downie, James, 9 New Bridge Street. 

Downie, John, joiner, 4 Lisburn Road. 

Downie, William, gardener, 6 John Street. 

Downie, Mrs, 98 St Leonard's Road. 

Downie, Mrs, 25 Whitletts Road. 

Downie, Mrs, 4 Young Street. 

Downie, Mrs, 139 Prestwick Road. 

Downs. John, engine-driver, 40 Green Street Lane. 

Draper, Walter, 158 Prestwick Road. 

Drinnan, James Eadie (of William Drinnan, joiners), 8 Bellevale Avenue. 

Drinnan, James H. (of Drinnan & Murphy), Mayfield, 38 Whitletts Road- 
Telephone 3833. 

Drinnan, James L. (of Drinnan & Murphy), 7 Craigie Road 

Drinnan, John, moulder, 24 Peebles Street. 


Drinnan & Murphy, plumbers and slaters, 88-90 George Street. 'Phone 2583. 

Drinnan, William, joiner and builder, 82 George Street. Telephone 2542. 

Drinnan, William B., 18 Fothringham Road. 

Drinnan, Misses, 16 St. Leonard's Eoad. 

Drinnan, Miss Mary, 40 Whitletts Eoad. 

Drinnan. Mrs, 10 Union Avenue. 

Drumrnond, Miss Agnes, 16 Seafteld Crescent. 

Drummond, Miss Jean, factory worker, 35 Wellington Street. 

Dryburgh, George, grocer, 6 George's Avenue. 

Drynan, David, caretaker, 3 Wellington Square. 

Drynan, Mrs, 51 Bellevue Crescent. 

Drysdale, George, factory worker, 28 Allison Street. 

Drysdale, James, beamer, 23 Duke Street. 

Drysdale, Butherford, labourer, 15 Peebles Street. 

Drysdale, Thomas Ward, telephone linesman, 16 George's Avenue. Tele- 
phone 3908. 

Drysdale, William, baker, 38 Nelson Street. 

Drysdale, Miss A., 56 Prestwick Eoad. 

Drysdale, Mrs, 18 North Park Avenue. 

Dudgeon, Miss "E. B., 16 Miller Eoad. 

Dudgeon, Miss Nan, P.O. clerk, o4 Oswald Eoad. 

Duff, James, carter, 30 Seaforth Eoad. 

Duff, John, 57 New Eoad. 

Duff, Robert, ladies' outfitter, 7 Beresford Terrace. Telephone 3617. 

Duff, Eobert, 28 Inverkar Eoad. Telephone 2981. 

Duff, Thomas, carter, 48 Allison Street. 

Duff, William, teacher, 126 Hunter's Avenue. 

Duff. William H., labourer, 88 Paterson Street. 

Duff, Mrs, 16 Oswald Place. 

Duffin, Charles, 240 High Street. 

Duffus, William, deputy chief constable, 54 Charlotte Street. 

Duffy, James, 75 Wallace Street. 

Duffy, John, labourer, 1 Millar's Land. 

Duffy, S., ex-soldier, 77 Paterson Street. 

Duffy, Mrs, 98 King Street. 

Dunbar, Alexander, plumber, 6 Church Place, King Street. 

Dunbar, Alexander, plumber and slater, 4 St. John Street. House—51 New 
Road. Telephone 2857. 

Dunbar, Alexander, confectioner, 52 Hilary Crescent. 

Dunbar, James, hairdresser, 87 Wallace Street. 

Dunbar, James, hairdresser, 74 Main Street. 

Dunbar, James, M.B., Ch.B., 1 Barns Park. Telephone 3025. 

Dunbar, Miss Sarah, caretaker, 25 Wellington Square. 

Duncan, Arnold J., surgeon dentist, 4 Bellevale Quadrant. 

Duncan, Charles, joiner, 57 Woodfield Crescent. 

Duncan, George, fishcurer, 75 South Harbour Street. Telephone 3523. 

Duncan, George M., civil servant, 24 Oswald Eoad. 

Duncan, Matthew, Norwood, 35 Whitletts Eoad. 

Duncan, Peter, contractor, 2 Green Street (telephone 2492) and 12-14 Dalblair 
Road. Foreman's house— 27 Peebles Street. Telephone 2368. 

Duncan, Peter, 12 Lansdowne Eoad. 

Duncan, Eobert, engine-driver, 15 Goschen Terrace. 

Duncan, Eobert, grocer, 59 Wallace Street. House— 71 Whitletts Eoad. 

Duncan, Eobert Semple, 14 Arrol Drive. 

Duncan, William, sawyer, 51 Church Street. 

Duncan, William, plumber, 4 Victoria Street. 

Duncan, William, gardener, 175 Prestwick Eoad. 

Duncan, William, gardener, 75 Paterson Street. 

Duncan, William, 94 High Street. 

Duncan, William, stamp worker, 2 Marchfleld Eoad. 

Duncan, Misses, 24 Ashgrove Street. 

Duncan, Mrs, 7 Miller Eoad. Telephone 5127. 

Duncan, Mrs, 28 Kyle Street. 

Duncan, Mrs, 17 Union Avenue. 

Dundee Equitable Boot Depot, 33 High Street. 

Dungavell, William, traveller, 39 Paterson Street. 

Dunlop, A., civil engineer, 6 Prestwick Road. 

Dunlop, Alexander, 6 Crown Street. 

Dunlop, Allan C, dyer, 2 Springbank Eoad. 

Dunlop, Andrew, 9 Belvidere Terrace. 

Dunlop, Andrew, 11 John Street. 



Dunlop, Archibald F., insurance superintendent, Glenellen, 26 Hilary Cres. 

Dunloo, Charles. 103 Green Street. 

Dunlop, D. & J., solicitors, 2 Barns Street. Telephone 3751. 
Dunlop, Daniel, 74 York Street. 
Dunlop, Daniel, labourer, 106 George Street. 
Dunlop, Edw., railway worker, 65 Paterson Street. 
Dunlop, George, foreman riveter, 5 Seafield Road. 
Dunlop, George, butcher, 19 Tarn's Brig. Telephone 2906. 
Dunlop, George, waterman, 69 Wilson Street. 
Dunlop, Hugh, watchmaker, 187 High Street. 
Dunlop, Hugh, 15 New Bridge Street. 
Dunlop, Jacob, slater, 67 Princes Street. 

Dunlop, James, superintendent, Ayr Cemetery, Gardenholm, Holmston Road. 
Dunlop, James, 31 Charlotte Street. 
Dunlop, James, miner, 60 Elba Street. 
Dunlop, James, shipyard worker, 20 Garden Street. 
Dunlop, John, 1 Bellevue Cottages, off Bellevue Road. 
Dunlop, John, 28 Taylor Street. 
Dunlop, John, joiner, 42 Peebles Street. 
Dunlop, John, coal trimmer, 20 King Street. 
Dunlop, John, coal trimmers, 20 King Street. 
Dunlop, John M'Nee, chauffeur, 28 Allison Street. 
Dunlop, Matthew S., 73 Oswald Road. 
Dunlop, Robert, plasterer, 13 Viewfield Road. 
Dunlop, Robert, miner, 116 Green Street. 
Dunlop, Robert I., clerk, 99 Green Street. 
Dunlop, Thomas, labourer, 61 Content Street. 
Dunlop, Thomas, plasterer, 48 York Street. 
Dunlop, Thomas, labourer, 15 King Street. 

Dunlop, W. M., & Co.. hide and skin factors, River Terrace. Telephone 3962. 
Dunlop, William, gardener, Gatehouse, 64 Midton Road. 
Dunlop, William, shoemaker, 13 George Street. House — 52 John Street. 
Dunlop, William, miner, 19 Carrick Street. 

Dunlop, William, joiner, 61 New Road. House— 1 Virginia Gardens. 
Dunlop, William, labourer, 69 Paterson Street. 
Dunlop, William, 48 High Street. 
Dunlop, William, carpet weaver, 74 Green Street. 
Dunlop, William R., commercial traveller, 29 Maybole Road. 
Dunlop, Miss Agnes, 31 Russell Street. 
Dunlop, Miss Elizabeth, 17 Eimbank Street. 
Dunlop, Miss Margaret, 104 St. Leonard's Road. 
Dunlop,. Mrs, 37 Fullarton Street. 
Dunlop, Mrs, Woodvale, Annfield, Maybole Road. 
Dunlop, Mrs, 29 Waggon Road. 
Dunlop, _Mrs, 9 Monument Eoad. 
Dunlop, 'Mrs, 39 Marchmont Road. 

Dunlop, Mrs, Haysmuir, 35 Racecourse Road. Telephone 2107. 
Dunlop, Mrs, The Bield, 12 Ronaldshaw Park. Telephone 3504. 
Dunlop, Mrs, 3 Seafield Crescent. 
Dunlop, Mrs, 93 George Street. 
Dunlop, Mrs, 27 Castlehill Road. 
Dunlop, Mrs, 59 M'Call's Avenue. 
Dunlop, Mrs, 1 Lansdowne Road. 
Dunlop, Mrs, 135 High Street. 
Dunn, Alexander, 7 Marchfield Quadrant. 
Dunn, Alexander, school teacher, 8 Teviot Street. 
Dunn, Edward, tweed finisher, 6 Tryfield Place. 
Dunn, Hugh, 137 Main Street. 

Dunn, Hugh Sbaw, coalmaster, Cranston Lodge, 2 Chalmers Road. Tele- 
phone 3279. 
Dunn, James, railway servant, 4 Tryfield Place. 
Dunn, John, tailor, 5 Queen Street. 
Dunn, John (of Waddeil & Dunn), 42 Whitletts Road. 
Dunn, Thomas, electrician. 3 Noltmyre Road. 
Dunn, William, cycle repairer, 1 Back Peebles Street. 
Dunn, William J., gardener, 137 Main Street. 
Dunnachie, George, traveller, 7 M'Call's Avenue. 
Dunnachie, William, shoemaker, 71 Princes Street. 
Dunnett, Sinclair, motor driver, 6 Queen Street. 
Dunnett, Mrs, 63 Russell Street. 
Dunsmuir, Allan, shoemaker, 54 Green Street. 



Dunsmuir, Allan, storeman, 28 Main Street. 

Dunsmuir, Mrs, 86 St. Leonard's Road. 

Durham & Wright, Misses, dressmakers, 3 Killoch Place. 

Durie, Mrs, 8 Waggon Road. 

Durward, James (of Imrie & Sons), Blackburn House. 

Dyke, Alfred, electrician, 23 Church Street. 

Dyke, Alfred C, groom, 85 High Street. 

Dykes, Alexander, blacksmith, 93 Main Street. 

Dykes, George, electrician, 21 Church Street. 

Dykes, John, millowner, 35 Gordon Terrace. 

Eagle, Star, and British Dominions insurance Company, Ltd., 140 West George 
Street. Glasgow. Telephone Douglas 1316. Telegrams " Dormarico " 
Glasgow. Resident Inspector— F. W. M. Bennett, St Anne's, Arrol 
Drive, Seafield, Ayr. 

Eaglesham, Hugh, architect and civil engineer, 1 Wheatfield Road. 
Eaglesham, J. & H. V., architects and civil engineers, 20 Cathcart Street. 

Telephone 3500. 
Eaglesham, J., bricklayer, 22 Wallace Street. 
Eaglesham, James, grocer, 129-131 South Harbour Street. 
Eaglesham, James, labourer, 29 Seaforth Road. 
Eaglesham, James, wholesale confectioner, 16 New Bridge Street. 
Eaglesham, Richard, 86 York Street Lane. 
Eaglesham, Samuel, seaman, 8 Content Street. 
Eaglesham, Mrs, 7 Tryfield Place. 
Eaglesham, Mrs, 20 Carrick Street. 
Earl, Mrs, 44 M'Call's Avenue. 

Easdale, Alexander, gas worker, 110 George Street. 
Easdale, Andrew, labourer, 48 New Road. 
Easdale, William, slater, 55 Mill Street. 
Easdale, Mrs, 2 Elba Street. 
Eastmans, Ltd., butchers, 238 High Street. 
Easton, Alexander, labourer, 4 Bath Place. 
Easton, George, tramway motorman, 40 St. George's Road. 
Easton, Hugh, 22 Seafield Drive. 

Easton, John, insurance agent, 52 Paterson Street. 
Easton, William, joiner, 59 Lochside Road 


Head Office: - - - - 1 THREADNEEDLE STREET, LONDON, E.C.2 

The most Progressive office for all Classes of Business 
Glasgow Office: 140 WEST GEORGE STREET, C.2 
Tel. Address: "Dormarico, " Glasgow. Telephone: Douglas 1316 

ASSETS EXCEED £22,000,000 

F. W. 

Ayrshire Representative— 


'St. Annes," Arrol Drive, Seafield, Ayr 


Telephone— Ayr 2122 



Ebenezer Hall, 120 New Road. 

Eccles, Mrs, 54 Workmen's Dwellings, King Street. 

Bcrepont, Edward, builder, 9 is ■ oad. Telephone 2932. 

Edey, Charles, vanman, 9 Carrick Street. 

Edgar, John, labourer, 44 Stewart Eoad. 

Edgar, William, fisherman, 25 Sandgate. 

Edgar, William, traveller, 56 New Road. 

Edgar, Miss A. M'C, teacher. 58 Ashgrove Street. 

Edgar, Mrs, 35 St. Leonard's Road. 

Edward, David E., librarian, Carnegie Public Library. House— 9 Cromwell PI. 

Edwards. Walter, 9 New Bridge Street. 

Elder, Mrs, 6 Sandgate. 

Elliot, George, tailor, 90 High Street. 

Elliot, Harold R., gardener, 57 New Road. 

Elliot, James, bootmaker, 84 High Street. 

Elliot, James G., dentist, 3 New Bridge Street. House— 2 Woodfield Road. 

Elliot, Robert, joiner, Ac George Street. 

Elliot, Thomas, draper, 2 Woodfield Road. 

Elliot, William, mason, 61 Walker Road. 

Ellis & Cumming. drapers, 48 Smith Street. 

Elsden, Mrs. 19 Bellevue Crescent. 

Elsdon, Thomas, baker, 14 Green Street. 

Elson, Eric, 56 Stewart Eoad. 

Ely, Frederic, music teacher, 3 Burns Statue Square. 

Emery, Edward J., chef, 21 Robsiand Avenue. Telephone 2837. 

Emmet, George, steward, 30 Back Main Street. 

Emmett, John, labourer, 86 George Street. 

Employment Exchange, 6 Cathcart Street. 

Eruslie, Duncan, telephone linesman, 38 Marchfield Quadrant. 

English, John J., 29 Elmbank Street. 

English, Thomas D., confectioner. Burns Statue Square. House— 8 Hawkhill 

Erskine, Charles, railway porter, 44 Weaver Street. 
Erskine & Sons, James, shoemakers, 41-4o High Street. 
Erskine, Thomas, 44 Church Street. 

Erskine, William (of James Erskine & Sons), 5 Rosebank Crescent. 
Erskine, Mrs, 160 High Street. 
Etchells, Robert, labourer, 44 Elba Street. 
Eunson, Mrs, 55 Whitletts Road. 
Everson, Mrs, 85 High Street. 
Ewart, William, packer, 41 Seaforth Crescent. 
Ewart, Mrs, 6 York Street. 

Ewing, John, contractor, 24 Lansdowne Road. 
Ewing, Peter, labourer, 12 Smith Street. 
Ewing, Miss Harriet, 24 Whitletts Boad. 
Exchange Telegraph Company, 70 High Street. Telephone 3261. 

Faber, James, postman, 6 Woodfield Crescent. 
Pagan, James, hide worker, 16 Elba Street Lane. 
Pagan, Michael, 19 Millar's Land, Limond's Wynd. 
Page, James H., traveller, 18 Carrick Park. 

Pairbairn. Ltd.. wireless and photographic dealers, 181 High Street. Tele- 
phone 2930. 
Fairbairn, Ltd., Gartferry Hotel, 40 Racecourse Road. 
Pairbairn, George, insurance inspector, 98 Oswald Road. 

Fairbairn, John J., motor engineer, 24 and 28 Dalblair Road. Telephone 2681. 
Fairley, Alexander, engineer, 95 Mill Street. 
Fairlie, Alexander, plasterer, 91 Prestwick Road. 
Pairlie, A. H., baker, 32 Wallace Street. 
Fairlie, Alexander, labourer, 4 Wellington Street. 
Pairlie. David, gardener, 19 Racecourse Road. 
Fairlie, James, 20 Mill Street. 
Pairlie, William, plumber, 26 George Street. 
Pairlie, Mrs, 4 Craigie Avenue. 
Fairlie, Mrs, 6 Heathfield Boad. 
Fairlie, Mrs, 168 Prestwick Road. 

Faith, Ian, optician, 4 Sandgate. House— c/o Chambers, 12 Hilary Crescent. 
Falconer, William, gardener. Shieling Lodge, 10 Racecourse Road. 
Falconer, Mrs, 85 Main Street. 


Falkland Creamery Company, 46 Falkland Park Road. Telephone 3926. 
Farmer, Edgar, Berkeley Hotel, 1 Barns Street. Telephone 3658. 

Parmer, Edgar. Hotel, 6 Alloway Place. 

Farmers' Traffic, Ltd., haulage contractors, Falkland Koad. Telephone 2850. 

Farquharson, John S , grocer, 7 Content Avenue. 

Farrell. Patrick, Lochside Nursery, Lochside Koad. Telephone 3420. 

Farrow, Mrs, 35 Elmbank Street. 

Faulds, Alexander, miner, 22 Green Street. 

Faulds, James G., Art Fireplace Company, Wellington Chambers, 8 Fullarton 
Street and 33 Burns Statue Square. Telephone 2746. House— 37 
Ashgrove Street. 

Faulds, John, eugineer, '62 Carrick Street. 

Faulds, Robert, 22 Academy Street. 

Faulds, Thomas, slater, 38 Peebles Street. 

Faulds, Miss C, 21 Dongola Road. 

Faulds, Mrs, 14 Garden Street. 

Favali, Elisso, confectioner, 84-86 New Eoad. Telephone 3156. 

Fawcett, Miss Agnes W., 84 Sandgate. 

Feggans, Frederick, builder, 70 Main Street. House — Iddesleigh, Chalmers Ed. 

Feggans, John, 29 Wallace Street. 

Feggans, Samuel, 207 High Street. 

Feggans, Mrs, 26 John Street. 

Feggans, Mrs, 16 Allison Street. 

Fenwick, Miss H. M., milliner, 80 King Street. 

Fergie, James, roadman, 86 York Street Lane. 

Ferguson, A. B., 3o Gordon Terrace. 

Fergusson, David, painter, 67 Wallace Street. 

Ferguson, David, signalman, 3 Victoria Road. 

Ferguson, Duncan, chauffeur, ^5 Fullarton Street. 

Ferguson, Ernest, general motor carrier to Glasgow and Troon, Arthur 
Street. Telephone 3339. House— 5 Miller Road. 

Ferguson, George, carpet worker, 88 York Street Lane. 

Ferguson, James Carrick, 3 Bellevale Quadrant. Telephone 2180. 

Ferguson, James, baker, 16 Springbank Road. 

Ferguson, James, & Sons, tobacconists, 26 New Bridge Street. Telephone 2960. 

Ferguson, John K., teller, 39 Woodfield Road. 

Ferguson, John, timber merchant, 4 Lansdowne Road. 

Ferguson, John C, clerk, 126 High Street. 

Ferguson, Thomas M'C, 5 Union Avenue. 

Ferguson, William, carter, 34 Green Street Lane. 

Ferguson, William (of Forbes & Ferguson, Ltd.), 19 Robsland Avenue. Tele- 
phone 3943. 

Ferguson, William, caretaker, 21 Wellington Square. 

Ferguson, William, labourer, 18 Glebe Crescent. 

Ferguson, William, cashier. 18 Whitletts Road. Telephone 2305. 

Ferguson, William, 20 Prestwick Road. 

Ferguson, Miss E., 228_Prestwick Eoad. 

Forguson, Miss G. C, o Arrol Drive. 

Ferguson, Miss Janey, 15 Seafleld Drive. 

Ferguson, Miss H., 5 Victoria Street. 

Ferguson, Mrs, 35 Park Circus. Telephone 3^10. 

Ferguson, Mrs, 36 Hawkhill Avenue. 

Ferguson, Mrs, 26 Woodfield Avenue. 

Ferguson, Mrs, 80 St. Leonard's Eoad. 

Ferguson, Mrs, 23 Montgomerie Terrace. 

Ferguson, Mrs, 65 Main Street. 

Ferguson, Mrs, 218 Prestwick Eoad. 

Fergusson, Alexander, & Sons, printers and stationers, 18-20 High Street. 
Telephone 2918. 

Fergusson, Alexander J. (of A. Fergusson & Sons), 25 Charlotte Street. 

Fergusson, William, insurance agent, 38 Midton Road. 

Fergusson, Mrs, 41 St. Leonard's Eoad. Telephone 2362. 

Fernie, Miss J., teacher, 43 Kyle Street. 

Ferrier, John, gardener, Corsehill, Monument Eoad. 

Fiddes, William, 6 York Street. 

Filippi, Simon, confectioner, 31 Main Street. 

Findlater, James W., 6 Noltmyre Eoad. 

Findlay, A., baker, 3 Elba Street Lane. 

Findlav, Alexander, bricklayer, 22 Lansdowne Road. 

Findlay, David, jun. (of P. B. Hill), fishmonger, 47 High Street. House— 
49 John Street. 

Findlay, David, 49 High Street. 


Findlay, David, chauffeur, 10 Castlehill Orescent. 

Findlay, David, labourer, 47 Glebe Crescent. 

Findlay, D., & Co., drysalters. 46-48 Green Street Lane. Telephone 3579. 

Findlay, Hugh, 50 Charlotte Street. 

Findlay, Hugh, outfitter, 22 Craigie Road. 

Findlay, Hugh O.. grocer, 6 Lisburn Road. 

Findlay, J. & J., furniture saleroom. 16 and 18 Old Bridge Street. 

Findlay, James, dealer, 6 Church Place, King Street. 

Findlay, James, labourer, 86 Green Street. 

Findlay, James, joiner, 64 Allison Street. 

Findlay, James Ml., Bennals, Chalmers Road. 

Findlay, John, outfitter, 45 Craigie Road. 

Findlay. John, carter. 83 Main Street. 

Findlay, Robert, drysalter, 26 Fothringham Road. 

Findlay, William, janitor. Grammar School, 2a Midton Road. 

Findlay, William, tailor, 33 Dalblair Road. 

Findlay, William, cemetery worker, 1 St. George's Road. 

Findlay, William, factory manager, 23 Woodfield Road. 

Findlay, William, e?igine-driver, 26 Duke Street. 

Findlay, Mrs, Ervie. 52 Holmston Road. Telephone 3732. 

Findlay- Mrs, ol Kyle Street. 

Findlay, Mrs, 7-S Wallace Street. 

Findlay, Mrs, 32 York Street Lane. 

Findlay, Mrs, fruiterer, 13 Carriek Street. Telephone 2982. House— 37a 

Dalblair Road. 
Findlay, Mrs, 77 Wilson Street. 
Findlay, Mrs, 48 Viewfield Road. 
Finlay, James, 7 Elba Street Lane. 
Finlay, William, joiner, 35 Elmbank Street. 
Fin gland, George, secretary, 8 Barns Street. 
Fingland. Mrs, 52 Crown Street. 
Finn, Miss Mary. 155 Prestwick Road. 
Finnie, William, chauffeur, 31 Alloway Street. 
Firth, Wilmot, painter, 15 West Sanquhar Road. 
Fisher, George, joiner, 89 King Street. 
Fisher, George, labourer, 32 Victoria Street. 
Fisher, Harry, commission traveller, 121 High Street. 
Fisher, Hugh, baker, 66 Wallace Street. 
Fisher, James, labourer, 14 Church Street. 
Fisher, James. 20 Northfield Avenue. 
Fisher, John, baker, 10 Content Street. 
Fisher, John, 1 Arran Terrace. 
Fisher, John, joiner, 5 Bellesleyhill Avenue. 
Fisher, Kenneth, shop, 88a New Road and 77 Allison Street. House — 11 

Union Avenue. 
Fisher, Peter, plater, 13 River Terrace. 
Fisher, Robert, bootmaker. 52 Marchfield Quadrant. 
Fisher, Robert, 9 Church Street. 
Fisher, Thomas, chauffeur, 11 Union Avenue. 
Fisher, Thomas, sawyer, 111 Lochside Road. 
Fisher, Thomas, 91 King Street. 
Fisher, William, 26 Green Street Lane. 
Fisher, William, clerk, 73 St. George's Road. 

Fisher, Miss K., children's and ladies' outfitter, 49 Newmarket Street. Tele- 
phone, 3408. 

Fisher, Mi«s, confectioner, 60 Smith Street. 

Fisher, Mrs, 62 York Street. 

Fisher, Mrs, 61 New Road. 

Fisher, Mrs, 14 Hawkhill Avenue. 

Fisher, Mrs, 115 South Harbour Street. 

Fisher. Mrs, 21 Elmbank Street. 

Fitzpatrick, Richard, S3 Castlehill Road. 

Fitzsimmons. Thomas, 7 Saltfield. % 

Fitzsimons, Miss R., rag merchant. 16 River Street. Telephone 2659 

Flaherty, James, labourer, 12 Seaforth Crescent. 

Fleming, Reid & Co., Ltd., hosiery stores, 102-104 Hiah Street. 

Fleming, J. S., & Co., Ltd., 239 High Street. 

Fleming Thomas, plasterer, 1 Virginia Gardens. 

Fleming, Miss Mary, 6 Lisburn Road. 

Fleming, Mrs, 101 Prestwick Road. Telephone 2700. 

Fletcher, Peter, joiner, 51 Content. Street. 

Fletcher,, Miss Margaret P.. 12 Bellevue Road. 


Fletcher. Miss Mary. 21 Newmarket Street. 

Flinn, Joseph, cable jointer, 46 Northfield Avenue. 

Flinn, Miss Jane, 20 Elm hank Street. 

Floyd, Miss Janet, 46 Nelson Street. 

Flynn, Douglas, 8 Garden Street. 

Flynn, Hugh, painter, 20 Garden Street. 

Flyn, Eobert, painter, 32 Elm bank Street. 

Flynn, Miss Annie, 8 Garden Street. 

Fogarty. Ellen, 9 Crown Street. 

Foggo, John, builder, Fernlea, 48 Falkland Park Road. 

Foggo, William, builder, 55 Prestwick Eoad. 

Foggo, William, electrical engineer, 7 Lansdowne Eoad. 

Foggo, Miss Emily J., 47 Prestwick Road. 

Foord, Thomas, motor engineer, 49 Fort Street. 

Foord, Mrs, 45 Seaforth Eoad. 

Forbes, Alexander, 9 Midton Eoad. 

Forbes, Hugh, baker. Central Eestaurant, 165 High Street and 17 Tarn's Brig. 

House — 12 Holmston Eoad. 
Forbes, John, ex-superintendent of police, 40 Falkland Park Road. 
Forbes, Marcus, 45 Content Street. 

Forbes, Stewart (of Forbes & Ferguson, Ltd.), Clyde Cottage, 1 Arran Terrace 
Forbes, William, miner, 4 Millar's Land, Limond's Wynd. 

Forbes, William, & Co., colliery agents. 2 Marchmont Eoad. Telephone 3884. 
Forbes & Ferguson, Ltd., civi! and military tailors, hosiers, and shirtmaKers. 

67 Sandgate and 2 Boswell Park. Telephone 3131. 
Forbes, Mrs. 10 St Andrew's Street. 

Ford, Archibald, traveller. 5 Marchmont Eoad. Telephone 2852. 
Ford, George, groom, 23 Elmbank Street. 
Ford, John, 4 6 Allison Street. 
Ford, Eichard. 55 Wallace Street. 
Forgan, Eev. James E., M.A., Trinity Manse, 7 Blackburn Eoad. Telephone 

Forker, Kenneth A., 63 Oswald Eoad. Telephone o873. 
Forrest & Son, J. (David Murray, sole partner), coal merchants, Beresford 

Lye, 27 Beresford Terrace. Telephone 2874. 
Forrest, James, railway clerk, 27 Springbank Eoad. 

Forrest, James, joiner, 39 George Street. House — 12 Alderston Avenue. 
Forrest, Mitchell, general merchant. 232 Prestwick Eoad. 

Forrest, R., & Co., grocers and wine merchants, 53 High Sireoi. 'Phone 2434, 
Forrest. Thomas, dealer, 58 York Street. 
Forrest. William, 6 St. Andrew's Street. 
Forrest, William, & Son, Ltd., 95 Mill Street. 
Forrest, Mrs, 44 Beresford Terrace. 

Forrester. Mrs M.. children's outfitter, 45a Alloway Street. 
Forshaw, James, 3 Cathcart Street. 
Forsyth. Alexander L., teacher, 121 High Street. 
Forsyth, Misses, 66 Prestwick Eoad. 
Forsyth, Mrs, ISO High Street. 
Fortune, Andrew, hairdresser, 35 New Eoad. Telephone 2062. House— 17 

Campbell Street. 
Fortune, James, painter, 18 Green Street. 
Fortune, Waiter, tailor, 100 High Street. 
Forwell, Charles, 41 King Street. 
Forwell, Henry, painter, 34 Princes Street. 
Forwell, James, mason, 74 Green Street. 
Foster, Anthony, 41 Northfield Avenue. 
Foster, William, labourer, 8 Limond's Wynd. 
Foster, William, labourer, 70 Wallace Street. 
Foulds. Basil, traveller, 41 Paterson Street. 
Fonlds. James M., confectioner and stationer, 24 George Street and 1 John 

Street. House — 6 Prestwick Eoad. 
Fowler, James J., teacher, 25 Seafield Drive. 
, Foy, Edward, labourer, 15 King Street. 
Frame, Oeorge Murray, tobacconist, 99 High Street. 

Fraser, A. & D. (Ayrshire), Ltd., motor agents, Fullarton Street. 'Phone 2285, 
Fraser. Abraham, engineer, 14 Viewfield Road. 
Fraser. Alexander, teacher, 63 Castlehill Eoad. 
Fraser, Alexander, dyer, 74 Green Street. 
Fraser, David, carpet weaver, 5 Belvidere Terrace. 
Fraser, Donaid, sawyer, 9 Content Street. 
Fraser. George, skinner, 63 Main Street. 


Fraser, G. D., house painter and decorator, 77 Dalblair Road. Telephone 
3507. House— 24 Holmston Road. 

Fraser, George D., jun., painter and decorator, is Rosebank Crescent. Tele- 
phone 2668. 

Fraser, Hugh, retired, 88 Green Street. 

Fraser, Hugh G., salesman, o George's Avenue. 

Fraser, H. A., civil engineer, 15 River Terrace. 

Fraser, James, & Son, slaters, plumbers, and gasfitters, 175 High Street. Tele- 
phone 2514. House— 37 Charlotte Street. 

Fraser, John, company director, 23 Monument Road. Telephone 3360. 

Fraser, John, warehouseman, 20 Hawkhill Avenue. 

Fraser, John, upholsterer, 22 North Park Avenue. 

Fraser, Simon, gardener, 47 Content Street. 

Fraser, Thomas, barman, 24 Nelson Street. 

Fraser, Thomas, jun., dyer, 50 M'CalFs Avenue. 

Fraser, William, grocer, 85 Main Street. House— 25 Woodfield Crescent. 

Fraser, Mrs, 4 Goschen Terrace. 

Fraser, Mrs, 135 George Street. 

Fraser, Mrs, 196 High Street. 

Fraser, Mrs, tea rooms, 48 High Street. 

Fraser, Mrs, 5 Garden Street. 

Fraser, Mrs, 52 New Road. 

Frater, William, greenkeeper, 3 Loch side Road. 

Frattarolli, Fransesco. confectioner, 40-42 New Road. 

Frattaroli, Giacinto, 15 Wellington Street. 

Fredericks, George, hanker, 30 Oswald Road. 

Freeman, Albert, salesman, 12 Montgomerie Terrace. 

Freeman, Harris (of H. Freeman & Sons), 49 Bellevue Crescent. 

Freeman, H., & Sons, house furnishers, auctioneers, and valuators, Carrick 
Auction Halls, 26-58 Carrick Street. Telephone 2732. 

Freeman, John, 26 Barns Street. 

Freedmans, ladies' wear specialists, 1-3 Alloway Street. Telephone 3619. 

Freednian, Mrs, outfitter, 99 Main Street and 15 Tarn's Brig. House— 15 ±>arns 

Free Gardeners' Hall, '6 Sandgate. 

French, James, shoemaker, 68 Mill Street. 

French, Thomas, Corporation employee, 93 South Harbour Street. 

French, Thomas, plumber, 7 Virginia Gardens. 

Frew, Charles, painter, 87 King Street. 

Frew, George Frederick, L.D.S., 35 Prestwick Road. 

Frew, James, 91 Wallace Street. 

Frew, James, butcher, 15 Ronaldshaw Park. Telephone 3636. 

Frew, James D. (of John Frew & Sons), Glenlea, 7 St. Leonard's Road. Tele- 
phone 3407. 

Frew, John Dickie, master flesher, 6 Bellevale Avenue. Telephone 3336. 

Frew, John, & Sons, fleshers, 245 High Street (telephone 2184) and 51 High 
Street (telephone 3217). 

Frew, Peter, miner, 110 King Street. 

Frew, Thomas, painter, 110 King Street. 

Frew, William (of John Frew & Sons), 29 Barns Street. Telephone 3473. 

Frew, Misses, 5 Robsland Avenue. 

Frew, Miss Sarah, 41 Craigie Road. 

Frew, Mrs, 60 Prestwick Road. 

Friend, John, 3 Church Street. 

Fullarton, Adam, Gleniffer, 11 Craigie Road. 

Fullarton, David, 93 Green Street. 

Fullarton, David, labourer, 51 Gould Street. 

Fullerton, James, labourer, 48 Stewart Road. 

Fullarton, James, 5 Cambuslea Road. 

Fullarton, J. & W., lath splitters, 60 New Road and 45 Weaver Street. House 
— 49 George Street. 

Fullarton, R. & H., butchers, 47 George Street. 

Fullarton, Robert (of R. & H. Fullarton), butcher, 15 Craigie Avenue. 

Fullarton, Robert, labourer, 40 Walker Road. 

Fullarton, William (of J. & W. Fullarton), lather, 61 Seaforth Boad. 

Fullarton, William, labourer, 51 Lochside Road. 

Fullarton, Miss E., 49 George Street. 

Fullarton, Mrs, 10 Cassillis Street. 

Fullarton, Mrs, Elmsley, 7 Racecourse Road. 

Fullarton, Mrs, 38 King Street. 

Fulton, Alexander J., clerk, 3 South Harbour Street. 

Fulton, Andrew, engine-driver, 21 Alderston Avenue. 



Fulton, David, traveller, 15 Stewart Road. 

Fulton, David H., 18 Wellington Street. 

Fulton, Hugh, seaman, 70 York Street Lane. 

Fulton, James, clerk, 2 Woodfield Crescent. 

Fulton, James, shoemaker, 35 Nelson Street. 

Fulton, James (of Ayrshire Rubber Company), 40 Smith Street. House— 5 

Castlehill Road. 
Fulton, James, 50 Green Street Lane. 
Fulton, Joseph, machineman, 7 Virginia Gardens. 
Fulton, Robert H., joiner, 20 Church Street. Telephone 2564. House— 2 

Craigie Road. 
Fulton, Robert, weighbridgeman, 4 Green Street Lane. 
Fulton, Roderick, painter, 32 Victoria Street. 
Fulton, William, 52 Green Street Lane. 
Fulton, William, labourer, 71 Walker Road. 
Fulton, William W., carpenter, 31 Springbank Road. 
Fulton, Miss Margaret, 19 Elmbank Street. 
Fulton, Mrs Jane, 39 New Road. 
Fulton, Mrs Margaret, 23 Alderston Avenue. 
Furlong, Robert, teacher, 66 Marchfield Quadrant. 
Furrey, John, Jabourer, 51 Walker Road. 
Fyfe, Alexander John, labourer, 12 Allison Street. 
Fyfe, James, watchmaker, 2 Newmarket Street. 
Fyfe, Thomas, labourer, 11 Seaforth Road. 
Fyfe, Miss Margaret, 12 Rosebank Crescent. 
Fyfe, Mrs, 9 Weaver Street. 
Fyvie, William, traveller, 22 Taylor Street. 

Gaffney, Rodger, 125 South Harbour Street. 

Gage, Willam, labourer, 96 King Street. 

Gaiety Theatre, Carrick Street (Ben Popplewell & Sons). Telephone 2536. 

Gairdner, William, ironmonger, 14 Albert Terrace. 

Galbraith, James, hammerman, 5 York Street Lane. 

Galbraith, James W. (of W. C. Galbraith & Sons, Ltd.), 14 Barns Terrace. 

Telephone 3944. 
Galbraith, John, 14 New Road. 

Galbraith, Robert, carpet weaver, 192 High Street. 
Galbraith, Robert, labourer, 50 Stewart Road. 
Galbraith, Thomas, railway servant, 29 Wallace Street. 
Galbraith, William, ship stoker, 59 Elba Street. 
Galbraith, William, clerk. 21 Bellevue Crescent. 

Galbraith, W. Campbell, C.A., 4 Fullarton Street. Telephone 3132. 
Galbraith, William C. (of W. C. Galbraith & Sons, Ltd.), 14 Barns Crescent. 

Telephone 3790. 
Galbraith, William C. & Sons, Ltd., bakers and confectioners, 80 High Street 

and 82 Ailsa Buildings, Prestwick. 'Phone- Ayr 3253, Prestwick 7644. 
Galbraith, William J., electrician, 252 Prestwick Road. 
Galbraith, Miss Jeanie. 13 Quail Road. 
Galbraith, Mrs, 10 Springvale Road. Telephone o028. 
Galbraith, Mrs, Dalarnan, 15 Monument Road. Telephone 2130. 
Galbraith, Mrs, 5 Ardlui Road. 
Gallacher, James, 20 New Road. 
Gallacher, Mrs, 75 Main Street. 
Gallagher, John. 1J M'Call's Avenue. 
Gallaher, S., 2 Elba Street Lane. 
Gallaher, Miss H., fruiterer and florist, 10 Newmarket Street. Telephone 

2317. House— 36 Midton Road. 
Galli, Inno, restaurateur, 156-158 George Street and SI High Street. 
Galloway, Adam, labourer, 3 James Street. 
Galloway, Alexander, signalman, 13 Elmbank Street. 
Galloway, Alexander, bakery, 3 Limekiln Road. 
Galloway, Alexander, traveller, 28 Springbank Road. 
Galloway, Alexander, baker, 35 Paterson Street. 
Galloway, Andrew, painter, 18 Springbank Road. 
Galloway, Archibald, dock foreman. 65 Wellington Street. 
Galloway, John, railway porter, 2 Duke Street. 
Galloway, Thomas, Tanglin, 12 St. Leonard's Road. Telephone 5878. 


Galloway, Thomas, 45 York Street Lane. 

Galloway, William, capstanman, 17 Elmbank Street. 

Galloway, William, railway fireman, 71 Paterson Street. 

Galloway, William B., 22 Doonfoot Road. 

Galloway & Bowie, cabinetmakers and upholsterers, etc., 59-61 Alloway Street. 

Telephone 2882. 
Galloway, Miss E., dairy, 36 Mill Street. 
Galloway, Mrs, 25 Heathfield Road. 

Galloway, Mrs, St. Andrew's, 2 Seafield Road. Telephone 2156. 
Galloway, Mrs, 61 Green Street. 
Gait, Adam, railway servant, 5 Davidson Place. 
Gait, David, traveller, 7 Seaforth Road. 

Gait, David, greyhound trainer, 9 Oswald Road. Telephone 2876. 
Gait, Robert, labourer, 93 Main Street. 
Ganly, Andrew, cabinetmaker and funeral undertaker, 10 Alloway Street. 

Telephone 3774. House— 20 Viewfield Road. 
Ganly, James, commercial traveller, Ferndean, 27 Maybole Road. 
Gannon, John, labourer, 140 George Street. 
Gardener, Joseh F., traveller, 7 Carrick Street. 
Gardiner, Andrew S., commercial traveller, 26 Ballantine Drive. 
Gardiner, George, 8 Arran Terrace. 
Gardiner, John, guard, 125 Oswald Road. 
Gardiner, Patrick P. L., solicitor, 33 Newmarket Street Telephone 3623. 

House — 7 Barns Terrace. 
Gardiner, Peter, L.D.S., dental surgeon, 7 Kirkport. Telephone 3614. 
Gardiner, Mrs, 19 M'Call's Avenue. 
Gardner, James, 2 Alexandra Terrace. 
Gardner, Robert, 54 Main Street. 

Gardner, William, solicitor, 4 Park Circus. Telephone 2913. 
Gardner, William B., Dryburgh, 17 Racecourse Road. Telephone 3302. 
Gardner, Thomas, bricklayer, 4 Ardlui Road. 
Gardner, Miss Janet, 27 Bellevue Road. Telephone 2215. 
Gardner, Mrs, 53 Russell Street. 
Gardner, Mrs, 2 Tig Road. 

Garland, Robert, postman, 44 Paterson Street. 

Garmen, James L., stockbroker, Dalmeny, 4 Ashgrove Street. Telephone 3551. 
Garner, Thomas, butcher, 40 Princes Street. 
Garrett, Robert, 11 Back Peebles Street. 
Garrett, William, 48 Mill Street. 
Garrett, Mrs, 13 Crown Street. 

Garrity, John, labourer, 7 Millar's Land, Limond's Wynd. 
Gartferry Private Hotel, Racecourse Road. Telephone 2420. 
Garven, Allan, shoemaker, 62 Wallace Street. 
Garven, Mrs, 12 River Terrace. 

Garvie, Miss Kate, Ardblae, 34 Fothringham Road. 
Gaw, William, painter, 17-19 Main Street. 

Gebbie, Mrs, Mayburdon, Longbank Drive. Telephone 3634. 
Geddes. John Russell, photographer, 44 Sandgate. Telephone 2973. House — 

34 Quail Road. 
Geddes, Miss Helen, 119 Main Street. 

Gee, Mathieson, Ltd., funeral undertakers, Tarn's Brig. Telephone 3401. 
Geikie, James Stewart M.D., 8 Alloway Place. Telephone 5511. 
Gemmell, Andrew W., insurance agent, 27 Stewart Road. 
Gemmell, Charles, shoemaker. 50 Princes Street. 
Gemmell, Christian, coalman, 24 Back Peebles Street. 
Gemmell, George, pit worker, 75 Main Street. 
Gemmell, James, capstanman, 30 Green Street. 
Gemmell, James, coal trimmer, 105 Green Street. 
Gemmell, James, craneman, 22 Green Street. 
Gemmell, James, painter, 2 Saltfield Lane. 
Gemmell, James, 19 Carrick Street. 
Gemmell, John, 26 Crown Street. 
Gemmell, John, engineer, 17 Oswald Place. 
Gemmell, John, 54 Taylor Street. 

Gemmell, John D„ Ltd., motor hirers, 33 Carrick Street. Telephone 2281. 
Gemmell, Joseph B., printer, 43 Seaforth Road. 

Gemmell, M. & M., drapers, 92a Sandgate. House— 3 Craigie Road. 
Gemmell, Neil, 6 York Street. 
Gemmell, Robert, officer of Customs and Excise, Prinlaws, 8 Maybole Road. 

Telephone 2177. 
Gemmell, Robert, 89 High Street. 
Gemmell, Robert, 20 Crown Street. 


Gemmell, Robert, labourer, 34 St George's Road. 

Gemmell, Thomas, railway servant, 29 Gordon Terrace. 

Gemmell. T. M., & Son, publishers, 100 High Street. Telephone 3866. 

Gemmell, William, coal trimmer, 75 Main Street. 

Gemmell, William, craneman, 168 Prestwick Road. 

Gemmell, William, 32 York Street Lane. 

Gemmell, Misses, dressmakers, 35 Union Avenue. 

Gemmell, Miss Grace P., 33 Green Street Lane. 

Gemmell, Miss Margaret, 7 Woodfleld Road. 

Gemmill, Mrs, 6 Craigie Road. 

Gemson, Lawrence, 6 Somerset Road. 

General Fire, Accident, and Life Assurance Company, Ltd., 215 High Street. 

Telephone 3567. 
George, David, fishmonger, 16 Viewfield Road. 
George, Robert, lorryman, 44 Green Street. 
George, Robert A., miner, 6 Church Place, King Street. 
George, William, 105 Wallace Street. 
Georgeson, Miss Janet B., Hampton, 25 Carrick Road. 
Gerrand, James G., traveller, 10 Seafield Crescent. 
Gerrand, James G., cabinetmaker, 37 John Street. 
Gerrand, James G., fruiterer, 14 George Street, 'telephone 3915. 
Gerrand, Mrs, 56 M'Call's Avenue. 
Getgood, James, 1 Peebles Street. 
Getgood, Thomas, labourer, 2 Glebe Crescent. 
Gibb, David, brassfinisher, 13 Old Bridge Street. 
Gibb, Elias, tailor, 41 Main Street. 
Gibb, John, tailor, 44 Falkland Park Road. 
Gibb, John, 252 High Street. 
Gibb, Robert, clerk, 20 John Street. 
Gibb, Robert, 1 Alderston Avenue. 
Gibb, William, painter^ 51 Main Street. 
Gibb, William D., baker, 4J Cromwell Place. 
Gibb, Misses, 20 Dalblair Road. 
Gibb, Miss Helen, 41 Main Street. 
Gibb, Miss Margaret H. W. R., 103 King Street. 
Gibb, Mrs, 119 Main Street. 
Gibbs, Mrs, 23 M'Call's Avenue. 
Gibbons, Joseph, motor driver, 28 Nelson Street. 
Gibson, Alexander, labourer, 3 Glebe Road. 
Gibson, Allan, bricklayer, 170 Prestwick Road. 
Gibson, Arthur, 54 Mill Street. 
Gibson, Charles, 19 Green Street. 
Gibson, David, groom, 50 Content Street. 
Gibson, David, confectioner, 9 Woodfleld Road. 
Gibson, Hugh, bank clerk, 130 Hunter's Avenue. 
Gibson, Hugh, labourer, 93 King Street. 
Gibson, Hugh, barman, 173 Prestwick Road. 
Gibson, Hugh, spirit merchant, 1 South Harbour Street. 
Gibson, James, miner, 113 Lochside Road. 
Gibson, James, baker, 38 Back Main Street. 
Gibson, James, 14 Lansdowne Road. 
Gibson, James, railway fireman, 47 New Road. 
Gibson, James, labourer, 63 Walker Road. 
Gibson, James, chauffeur, 15 Springvale Park 
Gibson, James, shunter, 19 Waggon Road. 
Gibson, James, tailor, 84 High Street. 
Gibson, James, 28 Taylor Street. 
Gibson, John, coal trimmer, 24 Peebles Street. 

Gibson, John, hosier and hatter, 31 Burns Statue Square. Telephone 2493. 
Gibson, John, manager, 20 Carrick Park. 
Gibson, John, motor mechanic. 56 Content Street. 
Gibson, John, commission agent, 14 Old Bridge Street. Telephone 3205 

House— 44 Carrick Road. 
Gibson, John, engine-driver, 20 Springbank Road. 
Gibson, John, plumber, 55 St. George s Road. 
Gibson, John, checker, 71 St. George's Road. 
Gibson, John, labourer, 50 Peebles Street. 
Gibson, John, plater's helper, 36 Green Street. 
Gibson, John, railway servant, 56 Allison Street. 
Gibson, Peter, hairdresser, 24 Crown Street. 
Gibson, Peter, & Sons, butchers, 102 Main Street. Telephone 5451. House — 

98 Main Street. 


Gibson, Robert, boot finisher, 27 M'Call's Avenue. 

Gibson, Thomas, railway shunter, 7 Russell Terrace. 

Gibson, Thomas, 27 Dalblair Road . 

Gibson, Thomas, guard, 46 Viewfield Road. 

Gibson, Thomas J., signalman, 5 Nelson Street. 

Gibson, W. & D., confectioners, 23 Main Street. 

Gibson, William, motor driver, 60 M'Call's Avenue. 

Gibson, William, miner, 11 Back Peebles Street. 

Gibson, William, railway fireman, 26 St. George's Road. 

Gibson, William, butcher, 24 New Bridge Street. 

Gibson, Miss Jane, 23 Wallace Street. 

Gibson, Misses J. & C, confectioners, 54 Sandgate. House — 10 Charlotte Street. 

Gibson, Miss Mary M., 49 New Road. 

Gibson, Miss Minnie, 24 Crown Street. 

Gibson, Mrs, caretaker, 20 Cathcart Street. 

Gibson, Mrs, 7 M'Call's Avenue. 

Gibson, Mrs, 26-28 Green Street. 

Gibson, Mrs, Normanhurst, 56 Midton Road. Telephone 2517. 

Gibson, Mrs, 5 Dongola Road. 

Gibson, Mrs, 4 Peebles Street. 

Giffen, William, clerk, 8 Duke Street. 

Gilchrist, D. & W., Dalblair Dairy, 42 Dalblair Road. 

Gilchrist, David, 21 Falkland Road. 

Gilchrist, David, chauffeur, 61 Content Street. 

Gilchrist, James, spirit merchant, 34 Union Avenue. 

Gilchrist, James, dairyman, 66 York Street Lane. 

Gilchrist, James, Ltd., bakers and confectioners, 233 High Street and Land ©* 

Burns Tea Rooms, Boswell Park. Telephone 2238. 
Gilchrist, John B., engineer, 7 Newmarket Street. 
Gilchrist. Matthew, P.O. driver, 30 Oswald Place. 
Gilchrist, Robert, postal clerk, 18 Marchfield Quadrant. 
Gilchrist, Thomas, baker, 4 Marchfield Quadrant. 
Gilchrist, Thomas, 34 John Street. 

Gilchrist, Thomas (of James Gilchrist, Ltd.), 35 Craigie Road. 
Gilchrist, William, motor mechanic, 32 Nelson Street. 
Gilchrist, William, dairyman, 9 Castlehill Road. 
Gilchrist, William, storeman, 5 James Street. 
Gilchrist, William, 31 Woodfield Crescent. 
Gilchrist & Anderson, Misses, fruiterers, 4 Content Street. 
Gilchrist, Miss Marion, 21 Seafield Road. 
Gilchrist, Mrs, 11 Blackburn Road. Telephone 2453. 
Gilchrist, Mrs, The Grapes Bar, 9 Newmarket Street. House — 7 Newmarket 

Gilfillan, Rev. B. S., B.D., Wallacetown Manse, 58 John Street. Telephone 3356. 
Gill, John J., railwayman, 8 Russell Street. 
Gillan, John, 11 Back Peebles Street. 
Gillan, John, waterman, 75 Main Street. 

Gillan. Thomas, printer, Smith Street. House — 14 Woodfield Avenue. 
Gillespie, John, L.D.S., surgeon dentist, 19 Barns Street. Telephone 3550. 

House— 19 Miller Road. Telephone 3680. 
Gillespie, John G., draper, 90J New Road. 
Gillespie, Robert, bricklayer, 13 Wilson Street. 
Gillespie, Mrs, 36 Church Street. 
Gillespie, Mrs, 8 Woodfield Avenue. 
Gillies, James, signal linesman, 30 Campbell Street. 
Gillieson, Rev. W. Phin, M.C.. M.A. (minister of Ayr First Charge), Dartlach, 

24 Racecourse Road. Telephone 3755. 
Gillon, Daniel. 50 Russell Street. 
Gillon, John, labourer, 33 Allison Street. 
Gillon, Mrs, 18 Garden Street. 
Gillon, Mrs, 58 York Street Lane. 
Gillon. Mrs, 52 Allison Street. 

Gillmor, Herbert, veterinary surgeon, 3 Castlehill Road. 
Gilmore, John, building supervisor, 19 Ashgrove Street. 
Gilmour, Alexander, compositor, 67 Seaforth Crescent 
Gilmour, Ambrose, 72 Mill Street. 

Gilmour, David W., La Paz, 7 Ronaldshaw Park. Telephone 2475. 
Gilmour, George, railway signalman, 6 Falkland Park Road. 
Gilmour, Harry, fireman, 5 Belvidere Terrace. 
Gilmour, Hugh, salesman, 74 Oswald Road. , , . 

Gilmour, Hugh, 102 George Street. 
Gilmour, James, miller, 61 Allison Street. ^ 

p ' 


Gilmour, James, railway fireman, 12 Glebe Road. 

Gilmour, James, plumber, 23 George Street. 

Gilmour, James, railway fireman, 183 Prestwick Road. 

Gilmour, John, labourer, 20 Elba Street Lane. 

Gilmour, John, 27 Dalblair Road. 

Gilmour, John, hamcurer, 180 High Street. 

Gilmour, John, miner, 24 North Harbour Street. 

Gilmour, Matthew, bank agent (retired), 55 Bellevue Crescent. 

Gilmour, Robert, engine-driver, 14 Allison Street. 

Gilmour, Robert, 36 Content Street. 

Gilmour, Thomas, railway worker, 8S Bellesleyhill Avenue. 

Gilmour, William J., nurseryman, Albert Cottage, Belmont Road. 'Phone 270'6. 

Gilmour, Miss Mary H., 1 Craigie Avenue. 

Gilmour, Mrs, newsagent, 2-4 Falkland Park Road. 

Gilmour, Mrs, 39 Green Street Lane. 

Gilmour. Mrs, 112 Green Street. 

Girdwood, G. & J., bakers, confectioners, and purveyors, 168 High Street and 
20 Sandgate, Ayr, and 1 Main Street, Prestwick. Telephone— Ayr 3351, 
Prestwick 7418. 

Girdwood, Gavin, C.A., 29 Robsland Avenue. Telephone 3529. 

Girdwood, Gavin (of G. & J. Girdwood), Doonbank, Alloway. Telephone— 
Alloway 56. 

Girdwood, John (of G. & J. Girdwood), Glenmuir, 25 Monument Road. Tele- 
phone 2312. 

Girdwood & Walker, C.A., Wellington Chambers, 64 Fort Street. 'Phone 3027. 

Girdwood. Miss Margaret, 4 Springvale Road. 

Girvan, Alexander, saddler, 16 Gordon Terrace. 

Girvan, Daniel, engine-driver, 13 West Sanquhar Road. 

Girvan, John, electrician, 26 Marchfield Quadrant. 

Girvan, John, electrician, 240 High Street. Telephone 3305. House— 35 Crown 

Girvan, John, gardener, Goukscroft, Doonfoot Road. 

Girvan, John, hawker, 115 South Haibour Street. 

Girvan, Walter M., postman, 9 Kirkholm Avenue. 

Girvan, Miss Martha, Weston Grey, Clarke Avenue. 

Girvan, Miss M., 42 Kyle Street. 

Girvan, Mrs, Arthur Lodge, 7 Broomfield Road. Telephone 3184. 

Girvan, Mrs, 102 Paterson Street. 

Glasgow Chocolate Manufacturing Company (1921), Ltd., 10 New Bridge Street. 

Glass, David, brassfinisher, 10 Alloway Street. 

Glass, David, brass moulder, 240 High Street. 

Glass, Francis, labourer, 27 Glebe Crescent. 

Glass, George, labourer, 75 Wilson Street. 

Glass, Hugh, slater, 13 Glebe Road. 

Glass, Hugh, sawyer. 42a New Road. 

Glass, John, machineman, 93 George Street. 

Glass, John, 2 Hunter's Avenue. 

Glass, Robert, machineman, 49 Elba Street. 

Glass, Mrs, 8 Barns Crescent. 

Glass, Mrs, 95 Green Street. 

Glavin, John, 1 Boat Vennal. 

Gleeson, William J., electrical engineer, 24 Peebles Street. 

Glen, Andrew, plasterer, 56 Marchfield Quadrant. 

Glen, Charles, coachman, 7 Kirkport. 

Glen, James M., Auchenbeg Villa, Maybole Road. 

Glen. William. 14 Cathcart Street. 

Glen & Galbraith, plasterers, 138 George Street. 

Glen, Mrs, 36 Elmbank Street. 

Glen, Mrs, 21 Bellevue Crescent. 

Glendinning, George, carpenter, 17 Green Street. 

Glendinning, J., 28 Wallace Street. 

Glendinning, Joseph, fireman, 52 Stewart Road. 

Glendinning, Thomas, 15 George Street. 

Glendinning, Mrs. 6 George Street. 

Glover, John, 46 Workmen's Dwellings, Xing Street. 

Glover, William, miner, 23 Millar's Land, Limond's Wynd. 

Glover, Miss J. S., Greenside, Park Terrace. 

Goldie, Andrew, traveller, Bumage, 6 Seafield Drive. 

Goldie, Mrs, board-residence, Burnage, 6 Seafield Drive. 

Goldman, Max, loan office, 24 Newmarket Street. Telephone 3717. 
Gonnella & Mazzei, 52 Wallace Street. 
Good, James, 20 Ardlui Road. 


Goodall, George, painter, 29 Newmarket Street. 

Gooden, Henry W., draper, 69 Russell Street. 

Goodwin, James, ship chandler, 42 Falkland Park Road. Telephone 3923. 

Goodwin, John M., ship chandler, 38 North Harbour Street (North Quay Post} 

Office). Telephone 3837. House — 4 Citadel Place. 
Goodwin. William G., motor mechanic, 81 Prestwick Road. 
Goodwin, Mrs, 20 Bellevue Crescent. 
Gordon, Andrew, chauffeur, 9 Westfield Road. 
Gordon, David, 48 Workmen's Dwellings, King Street. 
Gordon, David, painter, 46 Waggon Road. 
Gordon, David R., 44 Inverkar Road. 
Gordon, Hugh, railway worker, 18 Elmbank Street. 
Gordon, John, railwayman, 23 Church Street. 
Gordon, Joseph, engineer, 5 Ailsa Place. 
Gordon, Oliver, lorryman, 21 Church Street. 
Gordon, Thomas, 59 Dalblair Road. 
Gordon, William, 86 Russell Street. 
Gordon, Misses, 12 Eglinton Terrace. 
Gordon, Mrs, o Eglinton Terrace. 
Gordon, Mrs, 22 Bellesleyhill Road. 
Gordon, Mrs, 41 York Street. 
Gorman, Miss Janet W., 41 Woodfield Road. 
Gorrie, A. H.. engineer, 34 George Street. 
Goudie, Charles, shipyard worker, 10 John Street. 
Goudie, David, 'bus driver, 165 High Street. 
Goudie, George, motor driver, 84 Oswald Road. 
Goudie, James, 17 Crown Street. 

Goudie's Restaurant, 231 High Street (P. Andreoli, proprietor). 'Phone 2575. 
Goudie, James H., solicitor (of Dougall, Goudie & Douglas), 25 Miller Road. 
Goudie, John, coal salesman, 90 Wilson Street. 
Goudie, John T., solicitor, 14 Alloway Place. Telephone 2103. 
Goudie, Maurice H., solicitor. 18 Carrick Road. Telephone 3113. 
Goudie, Peter, labourer, 16 Millar's Land, Limond's Wynd. 
Goudie, Richard, tailor, 164 Prestwick Road. 
Goudie, Robert, railway porter, 20 Argyle Street. 
Goudie, Robert, chauffeur, 12 Smith Street. 
Goudie, Robert W., labourer, 74 Green Street. 
Goudie, Thomas, labourer, 9 Front Buildings, King Street. 
Goudie, William, railway worker, 22 Ross Street. 
Goudie, William, 26 Hope Street. 

Goudie, William, railway police, 79 St. George's Road. 
Goudie, William, mason, 28 Kyle Street. 
Goudie, Miss C, 26 Prestwick Road. 

Goudie, Miss Marion T., 5 Bellevale Quadrant. Telephone 3186. 
Gould, James R. (of J. Gould & Sons), 2 Eglinton Terrace. Telephone 2951. 
Gould, James R., jun. (of J. Gould & Sons), 7 Montgomerie Terrace. 
Gould, James, & Sons, general drapers and house furnishers, 38 Wallace Street. 

Telephone 3807. 
Gould, William Ross (of J. Gould & Sons), 29 Charlotte Street. 
Gould, Misses, ladies' outfitters, 49-51 Newmarket Street. 
Gourlay, George, gamekeeper, 14 Falkland Park Road. 
Gourlay, John, 16 Cathcart Street. 
Gourlay, Thomas, 37 Mill Street. 
Gourlay, Thomas, miner, 55 Wilson Street. 
Govan, Robert, labourer, 103 Oswald Road. 
Govan, Thomas, coalman, 25 Glebe Crescent. 
Gow, David, artist, 19 Wellington Lane 

Gow, Thomas Buchanan, bank agent, Inverernan. Bellevale Avenue. 
Gow. Mrs. 11 St. Leonard's Road. Telephone 3660. 
Gowans, Jamps, miner, 93 King Street. 
Grace, James, labourer, 19 St. George's Road. 
Gracie, Miss Mary, 16 James Street. 
Graham, Alexander, 144 High Street. 
Graham, Alfred, clerk, 28 North Park Avenue. 
Graham, Andrew L., police constable, 10 Allison Street. 
Graham, Archibald, watchman, 43 Gould Street. 
Graham, Archibald, hairdresser. 8 Oswald Road. 
Graham, Daniel, painter, 584 Wallace Street. 
Graham, Daniel, 16 Carrick Street. 
Graham, David, fireman, 40 Princes Street. 
Graham, David O, 2 Killoch Place. 
<Jraham, Donald, seaman, 153 Prestwick Road. 


Graham, Donald B., 18 Mill Street. 

Graham, George, painter, 92 Main Street. 

Graham, George, joiner, 7 Argyle Street. 

Graham, Hector, seaman, 13 Peebles Street. 

Graham, Hugh, 12 Glebe Crescent. 

Graham, Ivy, labourer, 25 Lochside Road. 

Graham, James, 74 High Street. 

Graham, James, lamplighter, 83 Main Street. 

Graham, John, depute town clerk, 23 Castlehill -Road. 

Graham, John, engine-driver, 101 Oswald Eoad. 

Graham, John (of Window Cleaning Company), 43 Paterson Street, Tele- 
phone 3911. 

Graham, John, 35 Wallace Street. Telephone 3048. 

Graham, Robert, ice worker, 189 Prestwirk Road. 

Graham, Robert H.. police constable, 70 Marchfleld Quadrant. 

Graham, Thomas, cloth finisher, 71 Princes Street. 

Graham, Wallace, janitor, 20 Oswald Road. 

Graham, William, labourer, 5 Glebe Road. 

Graham, William, labourer, 90 Paterson Street. 

Graham, William, machineman, 138 Wilson Street. 

Graham, William, 15 Church Street. 

Graham, Miss Elizabeth, 5 Hope Street. 

Graham. Miss Jennie D., 16 Carrick Road. 

Graham, Miss Margaret, tailoress, 32 Quail Eoad. 

Graham, Miss Mary, 32 John Street. 

Graham, Mrs, 13 Main Street. 

Graham, Mrs, 95 Green Sreet. 

Graham, Mrs, 3 Wilson Street. 

Graham, Mrs, 109 George Street. 

Graham, Mrs, 10 Barns Terrace. Telephone 2651. 

Graham, Mrs, 74 York Street Lane. 

Grammar School, Midton Road. Headmaster — John H. B. Lochhead, M.A- 

Grand Emporium Warehouse Company, .35-39 High Street. 

Grant, Alexander, mason, 11 Elmbank Street. 

Grant, Alexander, railwayman, 122 Georgre Street. 

Grant, Charles, architect, 26 Heathfield Road. 

Grant, Charles, chauffeur, 3 North Park Avenue. 

Grant, David, clerk, 54 Stewart Road. 

Grant, Donald, motor driver, 9 Sandgate. 

Grant, Hector, joiner, 17 West Sanquhar Road. 

Grant, Hector, vanman, 104 George Street. 

Grant, Dr Jame3, medical officer of health, 20 Ballantine Drive. 

Grant, James, labourer, 55 Gould Street. 

Grant, John, carpet weaver, 92 York Street Lane. 

Grant, John, 38 Peebles Street. 

Grant, John, dyer's labourer, 80 New Road. 

Grant, John, 31 Elmbank Street. 

Grant, Peter, shoemaker, 81 King Street. 

Grant, Peter, labourer, 11 St. George's Eoad. 

Grant, Peter R., motor engineer, 42 Castlehill Eoad. Telephone 2823. 

Grant, Richard, cable jointer, 42 Fothrinsrham Road. 

Grant, Robert, labourer, 25 Glebe Crescent. 

Grant, Robert, 95 Green Street. 

Grant, Thomas H, motor driver, 14 Marchfleld Quadrant. 

Grant, Thomas. 45 High Street. 

Grant & Watson (Ayr), Ltd., hatters, hosiers, and outfitters, 33 Sandgate; 
Telephone 2378. 

Grant, Miss A. S., ] 2 Prestwick Road. 

Grant, Miss Grace, dressmaker, 16 Elmbank Street. 

Grant, Mrs, 6 Northfield Avenue. 

Grant, Mrs, 10 Elmbank Street. 

Grant, Mrs, nurse, 21 Kirkholm Avenue. 

Grant, Mrs, Woodcroft. 23 Midton Road. 

Grant, Mrs, 8 Arrol Drive. 

Grant, Mrs, 70 George Street. 

Grant, Mrs, 62 Castlehill Road. 

Grant, Mrs, 49 Green Street. 

Granton, Mrs, 18 Victoria Street. 

Grass, Mrs, 26 Hawkhill Avenue. 

You read these lines— Others will read yours. 


Grassick, Mrs, 72 St. Leonard's Road. 
Gray, Adam, retired, 25 Peebles Street. 

Grav, Andrew J. (of W. C. Gray & Sons), The Knowe, 64 Midton Eoad. Tele- 
phone 2800. 
Gray, George G., grocer, 149 Prestwick Road. House — 11 Woodfield Avenue. 
Gray, George S., traveller, 140 Hunter's Avenue. 
Gray, James, motor engineer, 148 George Street. 
Gray, James, 36 York Street. 

Gray, John, Sea Tower, 42 Racecourse Road. Telephone 2417. 
Gray, John, baker, 66 Whitletts Road. 
Gray, John, Reraig, 52 Hilary Crescent. 
Gray, Joseph, Trosten, 33 Bellevue Road. 
Gray, Kenneth C, clerk, 50 Marchfield Quadrant. 
Gray, Robert, accountant, 10 Rosebank Crescent. 
Gray, Samuel, labourer, 17 Lawson Street. 
Gray, Thomas, barman, 143 George Street. 
Gray, Thomas, carter, 148 George Street. 
Gray, William, water engineer, Loch Bradan Water District. House — 9 

Robsland Avenue. Telephone 3777. 
Gray, William C, & Sons, Ltd., carpet manufacturers, Newton Carpet Works, 

40-42 M'Call's Avenue. Telephone 3224. 
Gray, Misses, Hazelwood, 9 St. Leonard's Road. Telephone 2442. 
Gray, Misses, Stafla Lodge, 19 Midton Eoad. Telephone 2304. 
Gray, Miss Isabella, registrar of births, deaths, and marriages, Annanhill, 

12 Maybole Road. 
Gray, Miss Jeanie, 164 Prestwick Road. 
Gray, Miss Mary, stationer and tobacconist, Falkland Park Road. House — 

20 Lansdowne Road. 
Gray, Mrs, 29 North Park Avenue. 
Gray, Mrs, 19 Crown Street. 
Gray, Mrs, 162 George Street. 
Gray, Mrs, 13 John Street. 
Gray, Mrs, 129 Prestwick Road. 

Green, Hugh, gardener, St. Leonard Lodge, 67 Midton Road. 
Green, James, 7a Cathcart Street. 
Green, James S., 239 High Street. 
Green, Joseph, 62 Elba Street. 
Green, Patrick, labourer, 2 Walker Boad. 
Green, Robert, jost office clerk, 42 Beresford Terrace. 
Green, Sydney, labourer, 42 Glebe Crescent. 
Green, William, 13 Workman's Dwellings, King Street. 
Green, Miss E., 5 West Sanquhar Road. 
Green, Mrs, 50 Prestwick Road. 
Green, Mrs, 57 York Street. 
Green's Playhouse, Boswell Park. 
Greenan Laundry Company, Doonfoot. D. Bowie, manager. Telephone 

Alloway 7. 
Greenlees & Sons, Ltd., shoemakers, 194 High Street and 41 Main Street. 
Greenlees, John, piano tuner, 21 Springbank Road. 
Greenlees, John, Ltd., boot merchants, 6 New Bridge Street. 
Greenlees, Muir C, 9 Ronaldshaw Park. Telephone 3932. 
Greenlees, William, joiner, 20 St George's Road. 
Greenshields, James A., 4 Church Street. 
Greenshields, Robert, 122 Prestwick Road. 

Greenshields, Miss E., shoe specialist, Burns Statue Square. Telephone 3739. 
Greenshields, Miss Margaret, 18 Woodfield Road. 
Greenway, Mrs, 59 Prestwick Road. 
Greenwood, Alexander, 69 King Street. 
Greenwood, John, baker, 5 Front Buildings, King Street. 
Greenwood, William, coal trimmer, 92 York Street Lane. 
Greenwood, Mrs, 44 Crown Street. 

Greer, Rev. Samuel, M.A., Darlington Manse, 17 Miller Road. Telephone 3766. 
Greer. Mrs, 70 Mill Street. 

Gregory, Lieut. -Colonel George M. A.. R.A., Blackburn, 2 Blackburn Road. 
Greig, Kenneth B. S., stockbroker, Chapel Park, Ewenfield Road. Telephone 

Greig, James, gardener, 16 Carrick Street. 
Greig, Miss Eliza, 25 Union Avenue. 

Why not a bold type entry next year ? 


Greig, Miss M., 11 Carrick Street. 

Gribtaen, Andrew, painter, 94 George Street. 

Gribben, Francis, tailor, 90 York Street Lane. 

Gribben, John W., painter, 36 Russell Street. 

Gribben, Ro'bert, railwayman, Millbrae. 

Grier, William, groom, 66 Carrick Street . 

Grier, Mrs, Rosebank Cottage, Viewfteld Road. 

Grierson, Alexander, 88 Wallace Street. 

Grierson, Robert, insurance superintendent, 8 Seafield Drive. 

Grieve, Mrs M., 75 Dalblair Road. 

Griffiths, Miss E. A., teacher, 27 Bellesleyhill Avenue. 

Grimwood, Harry R., commercial traveller. 19 Bellevue Road. Telephone 2558'. 

Groener, Albert, hairdresser, 109a New Road. Telephone 3049. House— 

Gudgeon, Mrs, Nithsdale, 10 Blackburn Road. Telephone 2363. 
Guidi. Giovanni, restaurateur, 105 High Street and 115 High Street. 
Gunning, James, vanman, Lochside Road. 
Gunning, John M., 1 Kyle Street. 
Gunning, Thomas, labourer, 40 Waggon Road. 
Guthrie, A. & J., shipping agents, North Quay. Telephone 3241. 
Guthrie, Charles, grocer, 10 Bellesleyhill Road. 
Guthrie, Henry, fireman, 32 Wellington Street. 
Guthrie, Hugh M., clerk, 21 Hawkhill Avenue. 
Guthrie, James, joiner, 8 Falkland Eoad. 
Guthrie, James, blacksmith, 8 Church Place, King Street. 
Guthrie, Robert, 1 Mosshill Cottage, Northfield Avenue. 
Guthrie, William, gardener, 80 Northfield Avenue. 
Guthrie, William, teacher, 100 St Leonard's Road. 
Guthrie, Mrs, 50 Beresford Terrace. 
Guthrie, Mrs, 10 Alloway Place. Telephone 3734. 
Guthrie, Mrs. certificated midwife, 35 Fullarton Street. 
Guy, Alexander R., traveller, 1 Castlehili Crescent. 


Haddow, Gabriel, railwayman, 90 Mill Street. 

Haddow, James, Lynhurst, 37 Robsland Avenue. 

Haddow, Miss Annie, 5 Virginia Gardens. 

Haffey, Thomas, joiner, 26 Peebles Street. 

Hagan, William, labourer, 41 St. George's Road. 

Haggart, Miss Elizabeth, 26 Dalblair Road. 

Hainey, Andrew, shoemaker, 23 Falkland Road. 

Hainey, Daniel, stableman, ^9 Wallace Street. 

Hainey, Robert, tailor, 11 King Street. 

Hainey, Thomas, bamcurer, 34 Elmbank Street. 

Hainey, Thomas B., painter, 13 M'Call's Avenue. 

Haining, Mrs, 6 Goschen Terrace. 

Hair, James D., joiner, 9 Oswald Place. 

Hair, Robert, gardener, 22 Hilary Crescent . 

Halbert, John, baker, 56 Content Street. 

Haldane, John Rodger, sheriff-substitute, Eversfield, 29 Bellevue Road. 

Halifax Building Society, 130 High Street. Branch Manager— David Paterson 

Halkett, Alexander, railway foreman, 6 Alexandria Terrace. 
Halkett, George, railway fireman, 48 Hunter's Avenue. 
Halkett, William. 50 Mill Street. 
Hall, Alexander, carting and haulage contractor, 9 River Street. Tele* 

phone 3858. 
Hall, Charles, dock labourer. 15 Peebles Street. 
Hall, James, accountant, 7 Ashgrove Street. 
Hall, John, confectioner, 18 River Street and 1 Halls Vennal. 
Hall, John, 129 High Street. 

Hall, Stanley, electrical engineer, 48 Oswald Road. 
Hall, Thomas, 20 New Road. 
Hall, Misses, 34 North Park Avenue. 
Hall, Miss Helen W., dressmaker, 7 Craigie Avenue. 

You read these lines— Others will read yours. 


Hall, Mrs, Tregenna, 20 Inverkar Road. 

Halliday, David, spirit merchant, 24 Hope Street. House — 38 Oarrick Road. 

Halliday, James, tailor, 11 Rosebank Crescent. 

Halliday, James, janitor, 2 Davidson Place . 

Halliday, Joseph, draper, 34 Marchfield Quadrant. 

Halliday, Matthew, gardener, 62 Midton Road. 

Halliday, Mrs, 37 Union Avenue. 

Halliwell, Mrs, 6 Quail Road. 

Hamilton, Adam, labourer, 67 Green Street Lane. 

Hamilton, Captain Alexander, 2 Arran Terrace. 

Hamilton, Alexander, 58 Mill Street. 

Hamilton, Alexander, 44 Workmen's Dwellings, King Street. 

Hamilton, Andrew, motor driver, 74 Main Street. 

Hamilton, Andrew, butcher, 32 Oswald Place. 

Hamilton, Andrew, 10 Queen's Terrace. 

Hamilton, Cecil A., engineer and millwright, Arthur Street. Telephone 2660. 
House— 9 Lansdowne Road. 

Hamilton, Charles K., baker, Somerset Road. 

Hamilton. Charles, baker, 35 Woodfield Crescent. 

Hamilton, Colonel Claud, C.M.G., D.S.O., Eozelle, Alloway. Telephone 
Alloway 31. 

Hamilton, Daniel, 93 Green Street. 

Hamilton, David, 26 Green Street Lane. 

Hamilton, David, traveller, 62 Northfield Avenue. 

Hamilton. David, mason, 5 Tryfield Place. 

Hamilton, Edward, carter, 5 Lochside Road. 

Hamilton, Frank, plumber, 56 Mill Street. 

Hamilton, H., shoemaker, 14 John Street. 

Hamilton, Hugh, labourer, 24 Back Main Street. 

Hamilton, James, traveller, St. Ives. 27 Monument Road. Telephone 2307. 

Hamilton, James, shoemaker, 14 Elmbank Street. 

Hamilton, James, railway guard, 50 Northfield Avenue. 

Hamilton, James, postman. 13 Somerset Road. 

Hamilton, James, blacksmith, 88 Russell Street. 

Hamilton, James Piper, hairdresser, 2 George's Avenue. 
Hamilton, John, 80 Green Street. 

Hamilton, John, gardener, 50 Content Street. 

Hamilton, John, watchmaker, 47 Newmarket Street. Telephone 3892. House 
— 34 Fort Street. 

Hamilton, John, 50 Whitletts Road. 

Hamilton, John, lace finisher, o2 Weaver Street. 

Hamilton, John, groom, Hillfoot Road. 

Hamilton, John P., & Co., drapers, 155 High Street. Telephone 2927. 

Hamilton, M., mason, 12 Limond's Wynd. 

Hamilton, Robert, groom, 74 Main Street. 

Hamilton, Robert, railway fireman. Back Hawkhill Avenue. 

Hamilton, Robert, 19 Viewfield Road. 

Hamilton, Robert B., 1 Woodfield Road. 

Hamilton, Thomas, baker, 56 Sandgate. 

Hamilton. Thomas H.. inspector of mines, 41 Oswald Road. 

Hamilton, William, moulder, 10 Glebe Road. 

Hamilton, William, labourer, 92 George Street. 

Hamilton. William, blacksmith, 24 Gordon Terrace. 

Hamilton, William, gamekeeper, 9 Wilson Street. 

Hamilton. William, postman, 4 Springbank Road. 

Hamilton, William, blacksmith. 19 River Street. 

Hamilton. Miss Helen, 27 Whitletts Boad. 

Hamilton. Miss M. A., confectioner, 41 Burns Statue Square. 

Hamilton, Mrs, 20 Seaforth Crescent. 

Hamilton, Mrs, 45 Carrick Street. 

Hamilton, Mrs, Ingleside, 45 Prestwick Road. Telephone 2704. 

Hamilton, Mrs, house and surgery, 3 New Road. 

Hamilton, Mrs, o2 Allison Street. 

Hammond, Miss Isabel M., 57 Bellevue Crescent. Telephone 2839. 

Haning, James, motor agent and hirer, 44 Dalblair Road. Telephone 2585. 

Hannah, Alexander, 9 Craigie Avenue. 

Hannah, Andrew, draper, 162 High Street. 

Hannah, Charles, weaver, 3 Northfield Avenue. 

Hannah, James, telephonist, Arrol Drive. 

Why not a bold type entry next year ? 


Hannah, James, railway fireman, 70 Green Street. 

Hannah, James, engine-driver, 14 Duke Street. 

Hannah, James, retired goods agent, 119 Prestwick Road. 

Hannah, James, telephonist, 55 Woodfield Crescent. 

Hannah, John, joiner, 101 High Street. 

Hannah, John, fireman, 74 Allison Street. 

Hannah, M., joiner, Racecourse, Whitletts Road. 

Hannah, Thomas, tobacconist, 16 Newmarket Street. 

Hannah, Thomas, joiner, 37 Whitletts Road. 

Hannah, William^ provision merchant, 11 Monument Road. Telephone 2781. 

Hannah, William, draper, 241-243 High Street. 

Hannah, William, compositor, 11 Cambuslea Road. 

Hannah, William, 25 Green Street. 

Hannah, Miss Annie, confectioner. 104 Main Street. 

Hannah, Miss M., boot and shoe warehouse, 12 Newmarket Street. Telephone- 

Hannah, Miss Mary, 27 Green Street. 
Hannah, Mrs, 48 Beresford Terrace. 
Hannah, Mrs, 27 Main Street. 

Hannah, Mrs, draper and tobacconist, 119 New Road. House— ill New Road. 
Happell, David, 21 Fothringham Road. 
Harbison, David, labourer, 39 Glebe Crescent. 
Harbison, John H, 14 Montgomerie Terrace- 
Harbison, Mrs, 6 Queen's Terrace. 
Hardie, Thomas A., 78 Mill Street. 
Hardwick, Miss Ethel, teacher, 6 Charlotte Street. 
Hare, Mrs Blanche, fruiterer, 69 New Road and 4 Waggon Road. House — Z 

Waggon Road. 
Harkness, Mrs, 19 Park Circus. Telephone 2805. 

Harper, Thomas W., gas manager, Cromwell Road. House— 5 Bruce Crescent. 
Harris, A., Ltd., tobacconists, 98 High Street. 
Harris, David, drop forger, 40 Glebe Crescent. 
Harris, Joseph, blacksmith. 56 Content Street. 
Harris, Mrs, 29 Waggon Road. 
Harris, Mrs, 1 Kyle Street. 

Harrison, Alf. T., parks superintendent, 27 Oswald Place. 
Harrison, Arthur, 72 Mill Street. 

Harrison, James A., 14 Bellevale Avenue. Telephone 2132. 
Harrison, John, manager, 17 George's Avenue. 
Harrison, John, & Son. blacksmiths, 47 Carrick Street. 
Harrison, Captain R., recruiting officer, Ayrshire, 1 Inverkar Road. 
Harrison, Robert R., clerk, 32 Marchfield Road. 

Harrison, W. W., Belmont Riding School. House— 47 Carrick Street. 
Harrow, Mrs, 170 Prestwick Road. 

Hart & Gumming, joiners, 55 Allison Street. Telephone 3784. 
Hart, Adam, joiner (of Hart & Cumming), 18 Quail Road. 
Hart, Alexander B.. joiner, 4 Victoria Road. 
Hart, George, advocate, Corsehill, Monument Road. 
Hart, Gilbert B., 24 Elmbank Street. 
Hart, John, railway servant, 40 Princes Street. 
Hart, Percy, milk tester, 12 Woodfield Avenue. 
Hart, Miss Annie G., 18 Academy Street. 
Hart, Miss Mary, china merchant, 35 New Road. 
Hart, Mrs, 2 Viewfield Road. 
Hart, Mrs, 1 Alderston Avenue. 
Harvey, Albert, groom, 58 Mill Street. 
Harvey, Alexander, railway servant, 49 Elba Street. 
Harvey, Fergus, mason, 69 Green Street Lane. 
Harvey, Fergus, 14 New Road. 
Harvey, George H., tailor, 32 Kyle Street. 
Harvey, Hugh, labourer, 24 Crown Street. 
Harvey, James, 26 Elmbank Street. 
Harvey, Robert George, 25 Northfield Avenue. 
Harvey, Victor, traveller, 19 George's Avenue. 
Harvey, William, 12 Miller Road. Telephone 3143. 
Harvey, Misses, 64 Prestwick Road. 

Harvey, Mrs, Wellpark Boarding-House, 29 Miller Road. 
Harvey, Mrs, 11 King Street. 
Hassan, Edward, vulcaniser, 23 Duke Street. 

You read these lines— Others will read yours. 


Hassard, Joseph, fishmonger, 1 Northfield Avenue. 

Hassard, Mrs. 1 Boat Vennal. 

Hastie, Miss Helen, 3 Carrick Eoad. 

Hastings, Fred., blacksmith, 100 Wallace Street. 

Hastings, Gilbert, 58 Alloway Street. 

Hastings, John, labourer, 12 Walker Eoad. 

Hastings, Miss Mary, 6 Falkland Park Eoad. 

Hastings, Mrs, 21 Carrick Eoad. 

Hastings, Mrs, 3 Seafield Drive. 

Haugh, J., & Son, florists, 57 Sandgate. Telephone 2404. 

Haugh, J., & Son, fruiterers, 58 Smith Street (telephone 2883), 20 Wallace 

Street, and 45 New Eoad. 
Haugh, Mrs, 25 M'Call's Avenue. 

Haughton, George F., railway guard, 31 High Street. 
Hawkhill Bowling Club Green, Hawkhill. 
Hawkyard, Frank, engineer, 71 Woodfield Crescent. 
Hawson, Miss, 86 George Street. 
Hawthorn, Alexander fl., 10 Alloway Street. 
Hawthorn, Thomas, 9 Belvidere Terrace. 
Hawthorn, Mrs, 21 Marchmont Eoad. Telephone 3171. 

Hay, Andrew, & Co., house furnishers, 2d0-252 High Street. Telephone 3177. 
Hay, George, 58 Workmen's Dwellings, King Street. 
Hay, Henry, painter, 9 Crown Street. 

Hay, Hugh, ladies' tailor and furrier, 4 Beresford Terrace. 
Hay, Hugh, labourer, 41 King Street. 
Hay, James, football manager, 42 Marchfield Eoad. 
Hay, James, chauffeur, 7 Hawkhill Avenue. 
Hay, James, 18 Crown Street. 

Hay, John, solicitor (of D. & J. Dunlop), 63 Midton Eoad. Telephone 2078. 
Hay, John, 24 Elmbank Street. 
Hay, John, 3 Somerset Eoad. 

Hay, John W., fishmonger and poulterer, 178 High Street. Telephone 3363. 
Hay, Bonald Paterson, stockbroker, The Pines, Ballantine Drive. Telephone 

Hay, Thomas, porter, 24 Lochside Eoad. 
Hay, Thomas, slater, 54 Green Street. 
Hay, William A., police constable, 4 Bath Place. 
Hay, William E., 8 Doonfoot Eoad. 
Hay, Miss Elizabeth, 20 Nelson Street. 
Hay, Miss Lily E., 20 Bellevue Crescent. 

Hay, Miss Susan. Brooksby, 4 Seafield Eoad. Telephone 237'6. 
Hay, Mrs, 70 Wilson Street. 

Hay, Mrs, Kenmure, 4 Corsehill Eoad. Telephone 3559. 
Hay, Mrs, 65 Mill Street. 

Hay, Mrs, Clon-Lara, 53 Whitletts Eoad. Telephone 3887. 
Hay, Mrs, 19 King Street. 
Hay-Boyd, Mrs. 1 Wellington Square. 
Haymarch. Alexander, carter, 2 Wilson Street. 
Haymarch, James, sawyer, 75 Lochside Eoad. 
Haymarch, James, labourer, 55 Paterson Street. 
Haymarch, John, 33 Carrick Street. 
Haymarch, Mrs, 1 Elba Street Lane. 
Hayworth, William, 44 St Leonard's Eoad. 
Head, John, coachbuilder, 150 George Street. 
Headley, Mrs, 4 St Andrew's Street. 

Healy, Patrick Joseph, groom, 29 South Harbour Street. 
Hearton, Eobert, 84 Eussell Street. 
Heathcote, Agnes, caretaker, 9 Barns Street. 

Heathfield Service Garage, Heathfield Works, Prestwick Eoad. 'Phone 3016. 
Heathfield Fever Hospital, Heathfield Eoad. 

Heffron, Thomas, spirit merchant, 103 Main Street. House — 57 John Street. 
Hemsley, Edward, railway guard, 26 George's Avenue. 
Henderson, Alexander, tailor, 9 Alderston Avenue. 
Henderson, Andrew, sculptor, 12 Woodfield Eoad. 
Henderson, Captain Angus, 68 Northfield Avenue. 
Henderson, Charles, gardener, Blanefield, 52 Ashgrove Street. 
Henderson, David, 89 High Street. 
Henderson, Frank, photographer, 17 New Eoad. Telephone 2127. House— 

11 Quail Eoad. 

Why not a bold type entry next year ? 


Henderson, G., 'bus driver, 8 Paterson Street. 

Henderson, George, taxi driver, Fullarton Street. Telephone 2021. 

Henderson, James, & Sons, ladies' tailors, 10 Miller Eoad. 

Henderson, James, 39 Craigie Road. 

Henderson, James, cashier, 21 Quail Eoad. 

Henderson, James 0., tailor, 2 Bath Place. 

Henderson, John, miner, 58 Mill Street. 

Henderson, John, fencer, 7 Nelson Street. 

Henderson, John D., tobacconist, 17 High Street. House— 14 Craigie Avenue. 

Henderson, John M., chemist, 71 High Street. Telephone 3640. House— 52 

Prestwick Eoad. 
Henderson, Joseph, electrician, 54 Princes Street. 

Henderson, Eobert, glass stainer and lead lattice worker, 105 High Street. 
Henderson, Thomas, plumber, 42 Elba Street. 
Henderson, Walter, clerk, 32 Queen's Terrace. 
Henderson, William G., clerk. 22 Gordon Terrace. 
Henderson, Mrs, S3 Mill Street. 
Henderson, Mrs, 8 Craigie Avenue. 
Henderson, Mrs, 48 Lochside Eoad. 
Henderson, Mrs, 17 Falkland Park Eoad. 
Henderson, Mrs, 154 High Street. 
Hendrie, George, hammerman, 4 Glebe Crescent. 
Hendrie, George, joiner, 77 New Eoad. 
Hendrie, James, joiner, 75 New Eoad. 
Hendrie, James, oil salesman, 32 York Street Lane. 
Hendrie, John, 24 Northfield Avenue. 
Hendrie, Eobert, flesher, 14 Green Street. 
Hendrie, Misses, 9 Nelson Street. 

Hendrie, Mrs, 12 Wellington Square. Telephone 2533. 
Hendrie, Mrs, 35 Green Street Lane. 
Hendron, Mrs, 8 Craigie Avenue. 
Hendry, Alexander, 31 New Eoad. 
Hendry, David, labourer, 11 King Street. 
Hendry, George, spirit merchant, 117 New Eoad. 
Hendry, James, labourer, 20 King Street. 
Hendry, James, coal bagger, 75 Walker Eoad. 
Hendry, John, yardsman, 19 John Street. 
Hendry, John, carter, 9 Millar's Land, Limond's Wynd. 
Hendry, John Douglas, 24 Millar's Land, Limond's Wynd. 
Hendry, Eobert, 39 Peebles Street. 

Hendry, Thomas, coal merchant, 47 Green Street Lane. 
Hendry, William, coal merchant, 70 Green Street and 4 M'Call's Avenue. 
Hendry, Mrs, 17 Workmen's Dwellings, King Street. 
Hennessey, Mrs, 18 Elmbank Street. 
Henry, Angus, 90 Mill Street. 
Henry, Herbert, baker. 3 Oswald Eoad. 
Henry, Hugh, Ltd., bookbinders, printers, and stationers, 35 Newmarket 

Street. Telephone 3877. 
Henry, James, 37 Dalblair Eoad. 

Henry, William, spirit merchant, 75-77 South Harbour Street. 
Henry, Miss Jessie, 3 Arran Terrace. 

Hepburn, Alexander, grocer (of R. Forrest & Co.), 121 High Street. 
Hepburn, W. A. P., M.A., B.Sc, director of education, 43 Park Circus. 
Hepburn, Miss Jessie, 2 St. Leonard's Eoad. Telephone 2340. 
Hepburn. Mrs, 3 Tryfield Place. 

Hepworth, J., & Son, Ltd., tailors and clothiers, 134-136 High Street. 
Herbertson, James, stockbroker, Cumberland Lodge, 32 Eacecourse Eoad. 

Telephone 2191. 
Herbertson, Mrs, Sunnyside, Wellington Lane. 
Heron, George, 49 Midton Eoad. 

Heron, James, gardener, Corsehill, Monument Eoad. 
Hesp, John W., weaver, 3 Oswald Place. 
Hesketh, Mrs, 14 Seafield Drive. 
Hess, Mrs, 7 Killoch Place. 

Hetherington, William, caretaker, 13 Moss-side Eoad. 
Hetherington, Mrs, 10 Limond's Wynd. 
Hewitson, George, 57 Mill Street. 
Hewitson, George, fireman, 5 Moss-side Eoad. 

You read these lines— Others will read yours. 


Hewitson, Robert, plumber, 8 Church Street. 

Hewitsou, William D., chauffeur, 154 High Street. 

Hewitson, William D., confectioner and servants' registry, 25 Alloway Street. 
Telephone 3366. 

Hewitson, Miss J. W., 39 Alloway Street. 

Hewit, David, gardener, South Lodge, Belleisle. 

Hewitt, Andrew, 24 North Harbour Street. 

Hewitt, James, roadman, Goukscroft, Doonfoot Eoad. 

Hewitt, Miss Margaret, Burnbank, Maybole Road. 

Hewitt, Mrs, 55 Green Street. 

Heyde, Douglas, postmaster, 12 Bellevue Crescent. 

Higgie, Mrs, 41 Dongola Road. 

Higgins, Joseph, 119 South Harbour Street. 

High, John, nurseryman, 2 Russell Street. 

Highet, David (of J. C. Highet & Son), Spring Park, 13 Dalblair Road. Tele- 
phone 2036. 

Highet, David, seed merchant, Loeksley. 18 Belmont Avenue. Telephone 2090. 

Highet, J. C, & Son, plumbers and slaters, 10 Alloway Street. 'Phone 2036. 

Highet, James, commission agent, 2^9 High Street. 

Highet, John J. I., seed merchant, 8 Wheatfield Eoad. Telephone 3101. 

Highet, Robert, plumber, 239 High Street. 

Highet, Robert, plumber, 14 Union Avenue. 

Hill Brothers, Ltd., pawn office, 63 High Street and 25-27 King Street. Tele- 
phone 2831. 

Hill, Alexander, 178 Prestwick Road. 

Hill, Alexander, post office overseer, 2 Kirkholm Avenue. 

Hill, Andrew, 20 Workmen's Dwellings, King Street. 

Hill, Felix, engine-driver, 50 Content Street. 

Hill, Henry, miner, 32 Lochside Road. 

Hill, James, carpet worker, 28 Elm bank Street. 

Hill, John, cashier, 33 Ashgrove Street. 

Hill, P. B., fish, game, and poultry merchant, 47 High Street. 'Phone 2715. 

Hill, Bobert, labourer, 14 Elba Street Lane. 

Hill, Samuel, Annagh, 1 Eobsland Avenue. 

Hill, William, 8 Crown Street. 

Hill, Mrs, 28 Elmbank Street. 

Hillen, William, motor driver, 3 Russell Terrace. 

Hillhouse, A. M. L., engineer, 2 Fothringham Road. 

Hillhouse, James, solicitor, Marlow, 17 Bellevue Road. Telephone 3707. 

Hillhouse, James, & Co., solicitors, 9 Barns Street. Telephone 3767. 

Hillhouse, Miss J., Ardwell, 10 Belmont Avenue. 

Hilston, John, painter, 55 Seaforth Crescent. 

Hilton, James, draughtsman, 34 Craigie Road. 

Hinde, George S., tenter. 25 M'Call's Avenue. 

Hine, Thomas, miner, 10 John Street. 

Hislop, David M., school teacher, 39 Blackburn Drive. 

Hislop, John H., sheriff clerk depute, 8 Charlotte Street. 

Hislop, William, school teacher, 26 Oswald Road. 

Hitchen, Mrs L. B., 33 Burns Statue Square. 

Hobson, Joseph, butcher, Blackburn Drive. 

Hodge, John, shoemaker, 22 John Street. 

Hodge, Joseph, dairyman. 4 Lisburn Roa.d. 

Hodge, Mrs, Parkview Cottage, 5 Somerset Road. 

Hodgert, Joseph, hamcurer, 2a New Bridge Street. 

Hodinott, Duncan, railway porter, 60 Green Street. 

Hogarth, David, & Son, plumbers and slaters, 20 Fort Street and 13 Academy 
Street. Telephone 3664. House— 215 High Street. 

Hogg, Alexander, slater, 38 Wilson Street. 

Hogg, David, engineer, 1 Tryfield Place. 

Hogg, Daniel, 28 Victoria Street. 

Hogg, Donald, slater, 27 Russell Street. 

Hogg, Donald, slater, 68 York Street. 

Hogg, James, miner, 13 Queen Street. 

Hogg, John, painter, 36 Russell Street. 

Hogg, John, 36 York Street. 

Hogg, John, blacksmith, 42 Allison Street. 

Hogg, John S., baker, 6 Tryield Place. 

Why not a bold type entry next year ? 


Hogg, Matthew, & Son, grocers, 182 High Street. Telephone 3021. House— 
53 Midton Road. 

Hogg, Robert, engine-driver, 114 ISiew Road. 

Hogg, Thomas, blacksmith, 3 Allison Street. 

Hogg, William, 1 Alderston Avenue. 

Hogg, William, baker, 7 Stewart Road. 

Hogg & Stewart, blacksmiths, 79 Wallace Street. 

Hogg, Miss Agnes, Arrol Drive. 

Hogg, Miss Margaret, 175 High Street. 

Hogg, Mrs, 39 Elmbank Street. 

Hoggan, Thomas, labourer, 12 Elba Street Lane. 

Hoggans, John, 3 Reid's Square, Russell Street. 

Hoggans, Mrs, 28 Kyle Street. 

Hoggans, Mrs, 15 Carrick Street. 

Holland, Alexander, 187 High Street. 

Holland, Andrew, labourer, 37 Gould Street. 

Holland, Charles, storeman, 81 King Street. 

Holland, Charles, 5 Garden Street. 

Holland, Frederick S., chef, 24 Queen's Terrace. 

Holland, Robert, storeman, 2 Wellington Street. 

Holland, Thomas, motor driver, 39 Content Street. 

Holland, Thomas, 73 Green Street. 

Holland, Mrs, 107 Main Street. 

Holland, Mrs, 43 Wellington Street. 

Holland, Mrs, 40 Waggon Road. 

Hollas, Mrs, 3 West Sanquhar Road. 

nolmes, James, railway inspector, 28 Main Street. 

Holmes, James, labourer, 90a Wilson Street. 

Holmes, John, tailor, 7a Cathcart Street. House — 49 Fort Street. 

Holmes, Mrs, 13 Lawson Street. 

H.M. Office of Works, Employment Exchange, 160 High Street and 6 Cathcart 

H.M. Postmaster-General, Post Office, 43 Sandgate. 

Home and Colonial Stores, The, Ltd., 188 High Street . 

Honeyman, James, glazier, 4 Nelson Street. 

Honeyman, Thomas, 74 Prestwick Road. 

Hood, A., 31 St. Andrew's Street. 

Hood, Alexander, confectioner and tobacconist, 42 George Street. Tele- 
phone 3331. 

Hood, Alexander, surfaceman, 14 Paterson Street. 

Hood, Andrew, gas stoker, 43 Allison Street. 

Hood, Bryce, 8 York Street. 

Hood, David, 119 Wallace Street. 

Hood, David, labourer, 48 Paterson Street. 

Hood, Douglas, L.D.S., dental surgeon, 28 Prestwick Road. Telephone 2939. 

Hood, Hugh, railway fireman, 84 Paterson Street. 

Hood, James, 6 Kyle Street. 

Hood, James, dentist, Beresford Lane. 

Hood, John, vanman, 6 Russell Street. 

Hood, John, plumber, 12 Russell Street. 

Hood, John A., goods guard, 33 Main Street. 

Hood, Matthew, labourer, 84 Wallace Street. 

Hood, Matthew, labourer, 11 King Street. 

Hood, Robert, porter, 21 Duke Street. 

Hood, Thomas, joiner, 121 New Road. 

Hood, Thomas, compositor, 16 Gordon Terrace. 

Hood, Thomas, dentist, 8 Alderston Avenue. 

Hood, William B., dentist, 28 Prestwick Road. Telephone 2939. 

Hood, Miss Grace, 14 Northfield Avenue. 

Hood, Miss Jessie, Wellpark, 5 Racecourse Road. 

Hood, Miss Marion, teacher, 44 North Park Avenue. 

Hood, Miss T., 30 Midton Road. 

Hood, Mrs, 2t> Craigie Avenue. 

Hood, Mrs, Tullochan, 10 Maybole Road. 

Hood, Mrs, 59 Kyle Street. 

Hood, Mrs, 50 Hilary Crescent. 

Hornal, David, joiner, 23 Quail Road. 

Hornal, John, signalman, 17 M'Call's Avenue. 

You read these lines— Others will read yours. 


Hornal, Robert, clerk. 15 Duke Street. 

Home, Sergeant David, 24 Wellington Square. 

Home, Rev. John, F.S.A.(Scot.), Norland, Longbank Road. Telephone 3586. 

Hose, David, 81 South Harbour Street. 

Hose, Mrs, newsagent, 8-10 Carrick Street. 

Hosie, John, 24 Barns Street. 

Hosiery Manufacturing Company, The, Ltd., 119 High Street. 

Hotel Berkeley, 1 Barns Street (proprietor, G. Farmer). Telephone 3658. 

Hotel Carrick, 4 Carrick Street. Telephone 2853. 

Hotel Dalblair, 42 Alloway Street; carriage entrance, Dalblair Road (pro- 
prietor, James Houston). Telephone 2007. 

Hotel AVindsor, 6 Alloway Place. Telephone 2017. 

Houghton. Henry, 187 High Street. 

Hourston, David, & Sons, drapery warehouse, 22-30 Alloway Street. Tele- 
phone 3283. 

Hourston, James S. (of Hourston & Sons), St. Ola, 2 Ronaldshaw Park. 
Telephone 3534. 

Household Bazaar, 203-205 High Street. 

Houston, Andrew, tailor, 28 Robsland Avenue. Telephone 2739. 

Houston, Andrew, gentlemen's outfitter, 15 Newmarket Street. 

Houston, Archibald, marine fireman, 101 New Road. 

Houston, David, miner. 99 Lochside Road. 

Houston, Francis, Customs officer, 98 Paterson Street. 

Houston, James, Hotel Dalblair, 42 Alloway Street. 

Houston, John, 4| Cromwell Place. 

Houston, John A." hotel, 59 Sandgate. 

Houston, W. Wyllie, tailor and clothier. 19 Newmarket Street. Telephone 
3709. House — 14 Bellevue Crescent. 

Houston. Miss Janet, Doura, 46 Bellevale Avenue. Telephone 3329. 

Houston, Mrs, 78 George Street. 

Houston. Mrs, 49-51 Wallace Street. 

Howat, James, Dean Park, Fairfield Road. Telephone 3821. 

Howat, John, brassfinisher, 35 Crown Street. 

Howat, Robert, commercial traveller, 9 Hawkhill Avenue. 

Howat, Mrs, 1 Hope Street. 

Howatson. John, photographer, 153 High Street. 

Howe, James, baker, Auchlewan, 59 Castlehill Road. 

Howie, D. L., draper, 48 George Street. 

Howie, George, butcher, 7 Newmarket Street. 

Howie, James E., public assistance officer, 10 Montgomerie Terrace. Tele- 
phone 2344. 

Howie, John, solicitor (of M'Millan & Howie), 25 Dongola Road. 'Phone 3687. 

Howie, John, constable, 20 Alexandria Terrace. 

Howie, William. 15 Queen's Terrace. Telephone 26.51. 

Howieson, Robert, motorman, 6 Princes Street. 

Hudson, Miss Agnes B., 5 Dalblair Road. 

Hughes, Arthur, 93 Main Street. 

Hughes, Hugh, 29 Wallace Street. 

Hughes, James, 26 York Street. 

Hughes, John J., tailor, 229 High Street. 

Hughes, William M., clerk, 19 Ardlui Road. 

Hull, Percy, 'bus owner, 16 Barns Street. 

Hull, William J., 58 York Street Lane. 

Hume, Robert, baker, 33 Marchfield Quadrant. 

Hume, Robert S., newsagent, 99 George Street. 

Hume, Mrs, 32 Charlotte Street. 

Hurara, Thomas, baker, 28 Wallace Street. 

Hunter & Grant, general drapers, 2 High Street. Telephone 2471. 

Hunter, Aaron, cabinetmaker. 31 South Harbour Street. 

Hunter, Alexander, labourer, 5 Wilson Street. 

Hunter, Andrew M., ironfounder (of A. & J. Hunter), Green Street. 

Hunter, A. & J., ironfounders, 100 Green Street. Telephone 2548. 

Hunter, D., clerk, 58 Paterson Street. 

Hunter, David, labourer, 11 Back Peebles Street. 

Hunter, George, 16 Church Street. 

Hunter, Hugh, 28 Mill Street. 

Hunter, Hugh, 9 Wbitehill Street. 

Hunter, James, 175 High Street. 

Why not a bold type entry next year ? 


Hunter, James, boot finisher, 26 Russell Street. 

Hunter, James, traveller, 10 Stewart Road. 

Hunter, James, ploughman, 37 Mill Street. 

Hunter, James, blacksmith, 17 Lochside Road. 

Hunter, James, railwayman, 31 Northfield Avenue. 

Hunter, James B., baker, 19 Eglinton Terrace. 

Hunter, James K., architect, 51 Sandgate. Telephone 5600. 

Hunter, John, carter, 51 Green Street Lane. 

Hunter, John, coal trimmer, 62 Marchfield Quadrant. 

Hunter, John, miner, 86 King Street. 

Hunter, John, baker, 240 High Street. 

Hunter, John, insurance district manager, 165 Prestwick Road. 

Hunter, John, labourer, 69 Wallace Street. 

Hunter. John N., house agent, 5 .Fort Street. House— 11 Barns Street* 

Hunter, John S., labourer, 7 Davidson Place. 

Hunter, Joseph, baker, 20 Falkland Road. 

Hunter, Maitland, 28 Kyle Street. 

Hunter, Peter, 57 Dongola Road. 

Hunter, Peter, cooper, 30 Smith Sti'eet. 

Hunter, Robert, salesman, 24 Duke Street. 

Hunter, Robert, lorryman, 14 Bellesleyhill Road. 

Hunter, Robert, railway clerk, 167 Prestwick Road. 

Hunter, Robert M., cashier, Charlton, 38 Hawkhill Avenue. 

Hunter, Robert S., ironmoulder, 2 Somerset Road. 

Hunter, Thomas, motor driver, 53 Seaforth Crescent. 

Hunter, Walter T., 37 Mill Street. 

Hunter, William, joiner, 4 Lisburn Road. 

Hunter, William, 24 Back Main Street. 

Hunter, William, bricklayer, 12 Lochside Road. 

Hunter, William, fitter, 8 Tryfield Place. 

Hunter, W., foreman, Hawkhill Chemical Works, 15 Somerset Road. 

Hunter, William B., railwayman, 17 Paterson Street. 

Hunter, Misses, 16 Midton Road. 

Hunter, Misses. 9 Bellevue Crescent. 

Hunter, Miss E. A., 17 Ashgrove Street. 

Hunter, Miss Jane, 63 Green Street. 

Hunter, Miss Jeanie, 27 St. Leonard's Road. Telephone 3604. 

Hunter, Miss Lilias, 8 Springvale Road. 

Hunter. Miss Mary, 135 High Street. 

Hunter, Miss M., 240 High Street. 

Hunter, Mrs, 15 River Terrace. 

Hunter, Mrs, 110 New Road. Telephone 2303. 

Hunter, Mrs, 39 Monument Road. Telephone 3033. 

Hunter, Mrs, 12 Midton Road. 

Hunter, Mrs, 5 Carrick Avenue. 

Hunter, Mrs, 25 North Park Avenue. 

Hunter, Mrs, 3 Gordon Street. 

Hunter, Mrs, 11 Russell Street. 

Hunter, Mrs, 10 Mill Street. 

Hunter, Mrs, 55 Peebles Street. 

Hunter, Mrs, 8 Quail Road. 

Hunter, Mrs, 28 Argyle Street. 

Hutcheon, Alexander, labourer, 31 Moss-side Road. 

Hutcheon, John, slater, 2 Wellington Street. 

Hutcheson, Thomas, engineer, 14 Queen's Terrace. 

Hutchison & M'Creath, Ltd., Cattle Market. 

Hutchison, Charles C, dry goods merchant, 81 Main Street. House — 52 North- 
field Avenue. 

Hutchison, George A., 58 Viewfield Road. 

Hutchison, James, plumber, 30 Elba Street. 

Hutchison, Robert W., builder, Falkland Park Road. Telephone 2038. House 
— 25 Bellevue Crescent. Telephone 3040. 

Hutchison, William, hamcurer, 11 Campbell Street. 

Hutchison, William, roadman, 28 Wilson Street. 

Hutchison, Misses, 2 Ballantine Drive. 

Hutchison, Mrs, board-residence, 16 Barns Street. 

Hutton, James, fireman, 59 Elba Street. 

Hyndman, Gilbert, marine officer, 6 Sandgate. 

You read these lines— Others will read yours. 


Hyslop, Lyle & Mackinnon, stockbrokers and accountants, 239 High Street. 

Telephone 243a. 
Hyslop & Co., drapers, 24 Smith Street. 

Hyslop, David (of Hyslop, Lyle & Mackinnon), 17 Craigie Road. 'Phone 2330. 
Hyslop, James, baker, 5 Hilary Crescent. 
Hyslop, James C, plumber, 61 Peebles Street. 
Hyslop, John, Leabank, 60 Castlehill Koad. 

Hyslop, Robert, draper, 217 High Street. House — 20 Bellevale Avenue. 
Hyslop, William, plumber. 18 Cathcart Street. 

Hyslop, William, coalmaster, Lyndoch, 2 Park Circus. Telephone 2568. 
Hyslop, Miss, 7 Kirkport. 
Hyslop, Mrs, 76 St. Leonard's Road. 
Hyslop, Mrs, 22 Peebles Street. 


Imperial. Hotel, Sandgate. Telephone 2428. 

Imrie & Son, seed merchants, 156 High Street. Telephone 3830. 

Inglis, Dr Anthony. 32 Miller Road. Telephone ^652. 

Inglis, James, solicitor, '6 Fullarton Street. 

Inglis, John J., & Sons, seed merchants, 43 Alloway Street and Cattle Market. 

Telephone 3956. 
Inglis, John, 3 Quail Road. 
Inglis, Thomas, 123 South Harbour Street. 
InglisT William, butcher, 79 Castlehill Road. 
Inglis, Mrs, 95 South Harbour Street. 

Inglis, Mrs W. G., tea merchant, 41 Alloway Street. House— 11 Carrick Ave. 
Ingram, Harry, labourer, 51 Green Street Lane. 
Ingram, James, storeman. 74 Wilson Street. 
Ingram, Mrs, 94 High Street. 
Ingram, Mrs, 8 Cromwell Place. 

Inland Revenue (Valuation Department), 130 High Street. 
Inland Revenue, Commissioners of, 25 Wellington Square. Telephone 3804. 
Innes, Daniel, shoemaker, 109 Oswald Road. 
Innes, James, 264 High Street. 
Innes, James, 4 Burnett Terrace. 
Innes, John, miner, 52 Wilson Street. 
Innes, John M. B., teacher, 31 Oswald Road. 
Innes, William S., spirit merchant, 36 North Harbour Street. 
Innes, Mrs, 23 Hawkhill Avenue. 
Innes, Mrs, 99 Green Street. 

Inrig, Alexander G., accountant, 7 Woodfield Avenue. 
Inverclyde, Lord, Hunt Stables, Wellington Lane. Telephone 3780. 
Ireland, Mrs, 17 Wellington Street. 
Irvine, Bryce, motoraian, 93 South Harbour Street. 
Irvine, Charles, painter and decorator, 70 Main Street. Telephone 2501. 

House — 13 Falkland Park Road. 
Irvine, David, teacher, 133 Prestwick Road. 
Irvine, George, upholsterer and cabinetmaker, 45 Newmarket Street. House — 

31 Fullarton Street. 
Irvine, John, chimney sweep, 25 Dalblair Road. Telephone 3459. 
Irvine, John, machinist, 8 Nelson Street. 
Irvine, John A., banker, 23 Craigie Road. 
Irvine, M'Gregor, insurance agent, 80 Northfield Avenue. 
Irvine, Robert, surfaceman, 110 King Street. 
Irvine, S., & Sons, printers, booksellers, and stationers, "Ye Old Tolbooth," 

75 High Street. Telephone 2315. 
Irvine, William, 28 Eglinton Terrace. 
Irvine, William, 153 High Street. 
Irvine, Misses, la M'Call's Avenue. 
Irvine, Miss Agnes, 10 Virginia Gardens. 
Irvine, Miss Elizabeth, 6 Front Buildings, King Street. 
Irving, James, superintendent, 1 Quail Road. 
Irving, John, shoemaker, 26 Victoria Street. 
Irving, Matthew, pointsman. 4 Somerset Road. 
Irving, William, baker, 57 St. George's Road. 
Irving, William C, gardener, 3 Craigie Avenue. 
Irving, Mrs, 86 Green Street. 
Irving, Mrs, 40 Union Avenue. 
Ivory, Michael, plumber, 9 Sandgate. 

Why not a bold type entry next year ? 


Jack, A., & Son, Ltd., implement makers, Cattle Maiket. Telephone— 

Maybole 11. 
Jack, Alexander A., grocer, St. Fillans, 29 Ashgrove Street. 
Jack, Bertram, motor driver, 45 Alloway Street. 
Jack, James, motor driver, 5? Seaforth Eoad. 
Jack. Thomas, groom, 9 Craigie Avenue. 
Jack, Misses, 8 Rosebank Crescent. 
Jack, Miss Janet H., teacher, 15 Content Avenue. 
Jackson, Alexander, mason, 32 Elba Street. 
Jackson, Charles, mason, 15b Whitletts Road. 
Jackson, J. & W., builders, 29 Elba Street. 
Jackson, John, mason, 15a "Whitletts Road. 
Jackson, John, fruiterer, 95-97 Wallace Street. 
Jacksons. Ltd., hatters and boot specialists, 50 High Street. 
Jackson, Robert, secretary, 36 Miller Road. Telephone 2618. 
Jackson, Thomas, 8 Newmarket Street. 

Jackson, Thomas, grocer, 13 Tarn's Brig. Telephone 2830. 
Jackson, William, mason, 8 James Street. 
Jackson, Mrs, 36 High Street. 
Jackson, Mrs, Alderbrae, 23 Maybole Road. 
Jacobs, Arthur, 10 Wilson Street. 
Jaconelli, A., restaurateur, 38 George Street. 
James, Mrs, 27 Church Street. 

Jamie, James (of R. & J. Jamie), 3 Fothringham Road. 
Jamie, Matthew, plumber, 38 Content Street. 

Jamie, R. & J., plumbers and slaters, 39 George Street, Telephone 3083. 
Jamie, "W illiam, plumber, 40 Content Street. 
Jamie, Mrs, 1 Fothringham Road. 
Jamieson, Alexander, fireman. 41 Stewart Road. 
Jamieson, Alexander, shoemaker, 76 Russell Street. 
Jamieson, Andrew, tenter, 1 Goschen Terrace. 
Jamieson, Archibald, groom, 20 Victoria Street. 
Jamieson, Charles, 20 Church Street. 
Jamieson, Charles, 221 High Street. 
Jamieson, David, railwayman, 51 Green Street Lane. 
Jamieson, David W. (of Afflecks, Ltd.), 21 Barns Street. Telephone 3085. 
Jamieson, Hugh, 7 Kirkport. 

Jamieson, Hugh, coal salesman, 26 York Street Lane. 
Jamieson, Hugh A., Carlock, Ewenfield Road. Telephone 2806. 
Jamieson, James, mechanic, 14 George's Avenue. 
Jamieson, John, shoemaker, 6 Church Street. 
Jamieson, John, joiner, 61 Mill Street. 

Jamieson, John C, company secretary, 21 Inverkar Road. Telephone 3834. 
Jamieson, R., photographer, 16 Stewart Road. 

Jamieson, Robert Agnew, C.A., 40 Bellevue Crescent. Telephone 3323. 
Jamieson, Thomas, railway servant, 9 Tryfield Place. 
Jamieson, William, carter, 39 Gould Street. 
Jamieson, William T., tenter, 102 Prestwick Road. 
Jamieson, Misses, Flussh, 43 Ashgrove Street. 
Jamieson, Miss Agnes. 19 Heathfield Road. 
Jamieson, Miss A. C. H., 3 9 Kyle Street. 
Jamieson, Mrs, 3 Russell Terrace. 
Jamieson, Miss Margaret K., 55 M'Call's Avenue. 
Jamieson, Miss M., 25 John Street. 
Jamieson, Mrs, 8 Albert Terrace. 
Jamieson. Mrs, 28 Mill Street. 

Jardine, Alexander, stoker, 40 Green Street Lane. 
Jardine, James, dealer, 16 Peebles Street. 
Jardine, James, weaver, 29 Waggon Road. 
Jardine, James C, labourer, 115 Wallace Street. 
Jardine, Joseph, inspector, 56 Northfield Avenue. 
Jardine, Peter, platelayer, 14 St. George's Road. 
Jardine, Robert, 60 Mill Street. 
Jardine, Robert, 40 St. Leonard's Road. 
Jardine, Samuel, 20 Church Street. 
Jardine, Samuel, confectioner, 37 Allison Street. 

You read these lines— Others will read yours. 


Jardine. William Dalziel, teacher, 55 Bellesleyhill Avenue. 

Jarvie, Eobert, labourer, 62 Glebe Crescent. 

Jary, Fred. C, Ltd., fish salesmen, South Harbour Street. 

Jeffrey, David, 74 York Street Lane. 

Jeffrey, Miss H., Berlin Wool Expository, 40 Sandgate. 

Jenkins, Alexander, teacher, 22 Inverkar Eoad. 

Jenkins, Fred., clerk, 14 New Eoad. 

Jenkins, James, baker, 6 Smith Street. 

Jenkins, Mrs, 45 Dongola Eoad. 

Jess, Alexander, goods guard, Newton Lodge, 48 Waggon Eoad. 

Jess, James, labourer, 81 Wilson Street. 

Jess, James, 21 High Street. 

Jess, John, gardener, 6 Limond's Wynd. 

Jess, John, foreman, 48 Waggon Eoad. 

Jess, Samuel, 82 George Street. 

Jess, Mrs, 47 Green Street Lane. 

Jewitt, Thomas, carpet weaver, 16 Nelson Street. 

Jewitt, William, labourer, 74 Elba Street. 

John, Walter, outfitter, 107a New Eoad. 

Johns, Stephen, postman, 72 Wallace Street. 

Johns, Walter, salesman, 1 Campbell Street. 

Johns,. Mrs, 183 High Street. 

Johnson, Alfred H., 70 Church Street. 

Johnson Bros. (Dyers), Ltd., 84 High Street. 

Johnson, Mrs, 50 Sandgate. 

Johnston, Alexander, labourer, 15 Elmbank Street. 

Johnston, Alexander, engineer, 125 South Harbour Street. 

Johnston, Andrew, slater, 19 Lawson Street. 

Johnston, Daniel, engine-driver, 21 Duke Street. 

Johnston, Frank, teacher. 19 Woodfield Eoad. 

Johnston, George, railway servant, 8 Belvidere Terrace. 

Johnston, James, labourer, 2 Workmen's Dwellings, King Street. 

Johnston, James, labourer, 44 Nelson Street. 

Johnston, James, labourer, 8 Crown Street. 

Johnston, James, cemetery worker, 74 Paterson Street. 

Johnston, James B., 12 Mill Street. 

Johnston. John, 65 Whitletts Eoad. Telephone 2115. 

Johnston, John, miner, 9 Noltmyre Eoad. 

Johnston, John, railway servant. 18 Gordon Terrace. 

Johnston, Eichard, painter, 74 York Street Lane. 

Johnston, Eobert, fireman, 21 Duke Street. 

Johnston, Eobert, gardener, 29 Nelson Street. 

Johnston, Eobert, car driver, 19 Nelson Street. 

Johnston, Eobert, 3 Limond's Wynd. 

Johnston, Eobert, railway worker, 45 Stewart Eoad. 

Johnston, Thomas, gardener, 62 York Street Lane. 

Johnston, Thomas, labourer, 49 Gould Street. 

Johnston, William, painter, '60 Paterson Street. 

Johnston, William, miner, 82 George Street. 

Johnston, William C, painter (of Johnston & Kyle), 12 Falkland Road. 

Johnston, William E., blacksmith. 7 Duke Street. 

Johnston, Miss E., 20 Wilson Street. 

Johnston, Miss Helen, Seafield, 2 Springvale Park. 

Johnston, Miss Jessie, 10 Falkland Eoad. 

Johnston, Miss Margaret, 21 Heatthfield Eoad. 

Johnston, Misses. 104 Prestwick Eoad. 

Johnston, Mrs, 1 Kyle Street. 

Johnston, Mrs, 9 Victoria Street. 

Johnston, Mrs, 2 Carrick Park. 

Johnston, Mrs, 2 Eosebank Crescent. Telephone 2751. 

Johnston, Mrs, 64 St. Leonard's Eoad. 

Johnston, Mrs, 67 Princes Street. 

Johnston, Mrs, 33 Wellington Street. 

Johnston, Mrs .Cleveden, Chalmers Eoad. 

Johnston & Kyle, painters and decorators, 7 Cathcart Street. Telephone 24ST 

Johnstone, Archibald, riveter, 52 Green Street Lane. 

Johnstone, Hugh, gardener, 45 St. George's Eoad. 

Johnstone, James, engine-driver, 25 Eussell Street. 

Johnstone, John, 13 Woodfield Avenue. 

Why not a bold type entry next year? 


Johnstone, John, traveller, Blackburn Drive. 
Johnstone, John J., 20 Academy Street. 
Johnstone, Kobert, 50 Allison Street. 
Johnstone, Robert, wheel turner, 5 Garden Street. 
Johnstone, Thomas A., caretaker, County Buildings. 
Johnstone, William, shoemaker, 22 Stewart Road. 
Johnstone, William, grocer, 4 North Park Avenue. 
Johnstone, William, 8 Bath Place. 
Johnstone, William, hawker, ]4 Glebe Crescent. 
Johnstone, William, marine officer, 10 Young Street. 
Johnstone, Miss Helen M., 37 St. Leonard's Road. 
Johnstone, Mrs, 54 Content Street. 
Johnstone, Mrs, 1 Bellevue Crescent. 
Johnstone, Mrs, 1 Victoria Road. 
Johnstone, Mrs, 11 Allison Street. 

Johnstons, Paton & Rankin, Ltd., builders, 8, 11, and 16 Green Street. Tele- 
phone 2071. 
Jones, Ernest. & Sons, shoemakers, 175 High Street. 
Jones, Ian, railwayman, 20 Noltmyre Boad. 
Jones, Thomas, bootmaker, 37 Fullarton Street. 
Jones, Thomas A., weaver, 22 Paterson Street. 
Jones, Miss Elizabeth, 9 Bellesleyhill Road. 

Jones, Miss Mary, grocer and registry tor servants, 45 Carrick Street. 
Jordan, Albert V., manager, 62 M'Call's Avenue. 
Jordon, Arthur, foreman weaver, 4 Elmbank Street. 
Jowett, Ernest, 72 Mill Street. 

Kain, Mrs. 196 High Street. 

Kane, William, miner, 1 Hall's Vennal. 

Kane, Mrs, 21 M'Call's Avenue. 

Kane, Mrs, 63 Workmen's Dwellings, King Street. 

Kane, Mrs, 12 York Street. 

Kay, Allan Wilson, G.P.O. clerk, 27 Ardlui Road. 

Kay, David Watt, chemist, 69 Prastwick Road. 

Kay, David W., cnemist, 1 Tarn's Brig. Telephone 3776. Also 14 Sandgate. 

Telephone 3973. 
Kay, George, Kenmuir, 32 Inverkar Road. 
Kay, James, shipwright, 37 Wellington Street. 
Kay, James, 58 Hawkhill Avenue. 
Kay, John, Wetherall, 16 Ashgrove Street. 
Kay, John, joiner, 116 Green Street. 
Kay, John, burgh sweeper, 61 Gould Street. 

Kay, John H., newsagent, 70 Main Street. House — 11 Prestwick Road. 
Kay, Robert, labourer, 52 M'Call's Avenue. 

Kay, Thomas, journalist, 3 Hazelwood Road. Telephone 2022. 
Kay, Thomas, mechanic, 48 Marchfield Quadrant. 
Kay, Thomas, pilot, 128 Hunter's Avenue. 

Kay, William, grocer. 36 George Street. House — 65 Dalblair Road. 
Kay, William, 36 Hilary Crescent. 

Kay, William Stevenson, draper, 53 Bellesleyhill Avenue. 
Kay, Miss E. C, Blair Lodge, 34 Racecourse Road. Telephone 3706. 
Kay, Misses, 25 Barns Street. 
Kay, Miss Elizabeth Bell, 67 Dalblair Road. 
Kay, Mrs, Invermay, 66 Cast! chill Road. 
Kay, Mrs, 4 Wellington Street. 
Kean, Archibald C, jeweller, 36 Dalblair Road. 

Kean, J. T., watchmaker and jeweller, 163 High Street. Telephone 2531. 
Kean, John, jeweller, 27 Fullarton Street. 
Kean, John S., 16 Sandgate. 
Kean, Mrs, 26 Eglinton Terrace. 
Kean, Mrs, 67 Mill Street. 
Keenan, William, miner, 25 Stewart Road. 
Keenan, Mrs, 4 Ailsa Place. 

Keith, Claud H. T., 60 St. Leonard's Road. Telephone 3583. 
Keith, Mrs, 2 Barns Crescent. Telephone 3988. 

You read these lines— Others will read yours. 


Kellie, Mrs, 30 Park Circus. Telephone 3811. 

Kellock, John, 11 Alderston Avenue. 

Kellock, W. J., motor driver, 36 St. George's Eoad. 

Kelly, Alexander, joiner, 76 Wallace Street. 

Kelly, Charles, 5 Liraond's Wynd. 

Kelly, Charles, loco, fireman, 37 Moss-side Eoad. 

Kelly, Daniel, signalman, 86 King Street. 

Kelly, David, vanman, 55 George Street. 

Kelly, Edward, 38 Taylor Street. 

Kelly, George, labourer, 19 Glebe Crescent. 

Kelly, George, fireman, 22 Noltmyre Eoad. 

Kelly, Henry, miner, 58 King Street. 

Kelly, Hugh, 31 Kyle Street. 

Kelly, James (of Barr Bros.) 14 Hawkhill Avenue. 

Kelly, James, labourer, 54 King Sreet. 

Kelly, JameSj labourer, 12 Eoss Street. 

Kelly, James, hoistman, 78 Eussell Street. 

Kelly, James, riveter, 93 Main Street. 

Kelly, James, labourer, 40 Elba Street. 

Kelly, John, 30 Kyle Street. 

Kelly, John, 187 High Street. 

Kelly, «J ohn, grocer, 62 King Street. 

Kelly, John, ironfounder, 99 South Harbour Street. 

Kelly, John, 14 Workmen's Dwellings, King Street. 

Kelly, John, 44 Allison Street. 

Kelly, John, boot finisher, 49 Eussell Street. 

Kelly, John, baker, 20 Woodfield Avenue. 

Kelly, Patrick, butcher, 42 Weaver Street. 

Kelly, Patrick, 53 King Street. 

Kelly, Patrick, 55 Workmen's Dwellings, King Street. 

Kelly, Peter, labourer. 12 Limond's Wynd. 

Kelly, Peter, fireman, 39 Green Street Lane. 

Kelly, Peter, shoemaker, 55 Princes Street. 

Kelly, Eobert, shipwright, 23 Peebles Street. 

Kelly, Eobert, Limekiln Eoad. 

Kelly, Thomas, 17 Eiver Street. 

Kelly, Thomas, 15 Crown Street. 

Kelly, William, labourer, 33 Seal'orth Crescent. 

Kelly, William, 84 High Street. 

Kelly, William, labourer, 41 King Street. 

Kelly, William, fireman, 14 Garden Street. 

Kelly, Miss, Dalblair Hand Laundry, 4i> Dalblair Eoad. 

Kelly, Miss E., 222 High Street. : 

Kelly, Miss Jane, 20 Victoria Street. 
Kelly, Misses, 55 George Street. 

Kelly, Mrs, 46 Hawkhill Avenue. 

Kelly, Mrs, 115 George Street. 

Kelly, Mrs, 53 King Street. 

Kelly, Mrs, 6 Paterson Street. 

Kelly, Mrs, 2 Cathcart Street. 

Kellv, Mrs, 7 Allison Street. 

Kelly, Mrs, 32 Kyle Street. 

Kelly, Mrs, 74 Wallace Street. 

Kelly, Mrs. 102 Prestwick Eoad. 

Kelman, Mrs, 15 Bellesleyhill Avenue. 

Kelso, James, 45 Main Street. 

Kelso, John, motor mechanic, 252 High Street. 

Kelso, Robert, cabinetmaker, 76 King Street. 

Kelso, Eobert L., architect, 49 Hawkhill Avenue. 

Kelso, William, mason, 32 Green Street. 

Kelso, William, blacksmith, 86 Green Street. 

Kemp, Madam, furrier, 22 Beresford Terrace. Telephone 2410. 

Kennedy, Alexander, mason, 87 King Street. 

Kennedy, Alexander, shoemaker, 97 King Street. 

Kennedy, Alexander, labourer, 47 Walker Eoad. 

Kennedy, Alexander D. K., 50 Hawkhill Avenue. 

Kennedy, Alexander, & Sons, Castlebank Dyeworks, 55 Alloway Street. 

Kennedy, Allan, guard, 44 Viewfield Eoad. 

Kennedy, Charles, labourer, 22 Back Main Street. 

Why not a bold type entry next year ? 


Kennedy, Daniel, joiner, 67 Green Street Lane. 

Kennedy, Daniel, grocer, 14 Monument Road. 

Kennedy, David, labourer, 87 George Street. 

Kennedy, George, groom, 7 Westfield Eoad. 

Kennedy, Major Gordon R. T., 54 Midton Road. Telephone 3098. 

Kennedy, Hugh, engineer, 30 Content Street. 

Kennedy, Hugh, 13 Front Buildings, King Street. 

Kennedy, Hugh, 8 Front Buildings, King Street. 

Kennedy, James, trimmer, 13 Peebles Street. 

Kennedy, James, groom, 51 Kyle Str.eet. 

Kennedy, James, slater, 39 Gordon Terrace. 

Kennedy, James, mechanic, cs2 New Road. 

Kennedy, James C, monumental sculptor, Tigh-an-alt, Holmston Road. Tele- 
phone 2859. 

Kennedy, John, traveller, 21 Marchfield Quadrant. 

Kennedy, John, tinsmith, 50 Wallace Street. 

Kennedy, John, miner, 6 Victoria Street. 

Kennedy, John, painter, 2 Alloway Street. 

Kennedy, John, Benbain, 13 Ailsa Place. 

Kennedy, John, 6 Saltfleld Lane. 

Kennedy, John, grocer, 21 Wellington Street. 

Kennedy, John, 49 Workmen's Dwellings, King Street. 

Kennedy, John A., organist, 1 Oswald Place. 

Kennedy, John J. R. Y., architect, 5 Broomfield Road. 

Kennedy, Matthew C, grain traveller, 8 Craigie Road. 

Kennedy, Peter, grocer and spirit merchant, 14 New Bridge Street. Tele- 
phone 3i84. 

Kennedy, Captain Ross, Beaufort, 30 Holmston Road. 

Kennedy, Samuel, miner, li> Noltmyre Road. 

Kennedy, Thomas, burgh employee, 69 South Harbour Street. 

Kennedy, William, slater, 10 Main Street. 

Kennedy, William C, butcher, 70 Oswald Road. 

Kennedy, William Henry, 2 Carrick Avenue. Telephone 2920. 

Kennedy, William J., 28 Hilary Crescent. 

Kennedy, William M., 105 New Road. 

Kennedy, William M., grocer, 11 Woodfleld Crescent. 

Kennedy, Miss Jane, 16 Peebles Street. 

Kennedy, Miss Jane M., 32 Bellevue Crescent. 

Kennedy, Miss Mary, 9 George Street. 

Kennedy, Mrs, Ardvoulin, 8 South Park Road. 

Kennedy, Mrs, 4 Barns Park. 

Kennedy, Mrs. 51 Kyle Street. 

Kennel, William, labourer, 12 Young Street. 

Kennion, Mrs, 11 Alloway Place. 

Kenny, John, labourer, 83 Wilson Street. 

Kenny, Robert, firewood merchant. 28 Wallace Street. 

Kenny, Robert, stevedore, 36 Wallace Street. 

Kenny, Robert, juri., 32 Wallace Street. 

Kenny, Robert, labourer, 23 Crown Street. 

Kenny, William, dock labourer, 47 Wallace Street. 

Kent, Mrs, 6 Charlotte Street. 

Kerr & Andrews, frozen meat dealers. 11 Main Street. 

Kerr, Adam, hammerman. 37 Seaforth Crescent . 

Kerr, Alexander, boot finisher ,77 Bellesleyhill Avenue. 

Kerr, Alexander, miner, 7 Allison Street. 

Kerr. Alexander, grocer, 30 Taylor Street. 

Kerr, Andrew, painter, 76 Elba Street. 

ICerr, Andrew, labourer, 31 Lochside Road. 

Kerr, Archibald C, grocer, 68 Green Street. 

Kerr, David, fruiterer and confectioner, 23 Burns Statue Square. Telephone 


Kerr, David, blacksmith, 12 Bath Place. 

Kerr, David, clerk, 85 New Road. 

Kerr, David, Limekiln Road. 

Kerr, Frank W., garage, 216 Prestwick Road. 

Kerr, George, & Son. A.F.G.L., blacksmiths, 38 Kyle Street. House — 9 Dalblair 

Kerr, George, caretaker, 29 Carrick Street. 
Kerr, Hugh, labourer, 3 Limond's Wynd. 

You read these lines— Others will read yours. 


Kerr, Hugh, gardener, 59 Moss-side Road. 

Kerr, Hugh G., bank inspector, 18 Robsland Avenue. TeleDhone 2865. 

Kerr, James, butcher. Effiebank, Castlehill Road. Telephone 3079. 

Kerr, James, 44 Kyle Street. 

Kerr, James, coal trimmer, 82 Green Street. 

Kerr, James, clubmaker, Bellrock Road. 

Kerr, John, mason's labourer, 10 Glebe Crescent. 

Kerr, John, mason, 20 Heathfield Road. 

Kerr, John S.. 75 Belleslevhill Avenue. 

Kerr. Mark N.. saddler, 102 "Wallace Street. 

Kerr, Matthew, licensed valuator, 54 St. Leonard's Road. 

Kerr, Maxwell Wright, clerk, 25 Ardlui Road. 

Kerr, Michael, 40 Workmen's Dwellings, King' Street. 

Kerr, Peter, slater, 53 Mill Street. 

Kerr, Robert, riveter, 106 Main Street. 

Kerr, Robert, butcher. 16 Kirkholm Avenue. 

Kerr. Robert, fireman, 27 Elmbank Street. 

Kerr, Robert, dustman, 15 Lawson Street. 

Kerr, Robert, butcher, 65 St. George's Road. 

Kerr, Robert, loco, engine-driver, 61 Russell Street. 

Kerr. Robert, traveller, 100 Prestwick Road. 

Kerr, Robert S., draper, 105 High Street. 

Kerr. Thomas, tobacconist. 37 Burns Statue Square. House— 36 Beresford Terv 

Kerr, Thomas Keir. motor mechanic. 2 Oastlehill Crescent. 

Kerr, Walter, blacksmith, 5 Russell Terrace. 

Kerr. William, hammer driver, 7 Crown Street. 

Kerr. William, railwayman, 10 Northfield Avenue. 

Kerr, "William, traveller, 20 George's Avenue. 

Kerr, William, 246 Prestwick Road. Telephone 2175. 

Kerr, "William, jun., 19 Hilary Crescent. 

Kerr, "William Ferguson, coal merchant, 66 North Harbour Street. House — 

127 Prestwick Road. 
Kerr. Nurse A., 202 High Street. 
Kerr, Misses, 35 Charlotte Street. 
Kerr, Miss Agnes, bookseller and stationer, 80 Sandgate. House — 5 Cassillis- 

Kerr, Misses E. & M.. stationers and fancy goods merchants, 53| Alloway 

Street. Telephone 275011. House — 7 Queen's Terrace. 
Kerr, Misses M. & C, milliners, 5 Newmarket Street. 
Kerr, Mrs, 2 Church Street. 
Kerr, Mrs, 26 North Park Avenue. 
Kerr. Mrs, 192 High Street. 
Kerr, Mrs, 24 Prestwick Road. 
Kerr, Mrs, 1 Bruce Crescent. 
Kerr, Mrs, 2 Hope Street. 
Kerr, Mrs, 51 Mill Street. 
Kerr, Mrs, 54 York Street. 
Kerr, Mrs, 14 Green Street Lane. 
Kevan, John, 57 Mill Street. 
Kevan, Mrs, 6 Sandgate. 
Kidd, James "W., traveller, 42 Oswald Road. 
Kidd, Robert, 59 Church Street. 
Kidd. Robert, 250 Prestwick Road. 

Kidd. William, sergeant of police, 193 Prestwick Road. 
Kilgour, John, engineer, 12 Marchfield Road. 
Kilgour, William, draper, 19 "West Sanquhar Road. 
Kilgour, William, tramway conductor, 69 St. George's Road. 
Kilgour, Miss, ladies' and children's outfitter, 71 Newmarket Street. House — 

25 Fort Street. 
Kilgour, Mrs, 14 Kirkport. 
Killan, John, labourer, 48 St. George's Road. 
Killicoat, Mrs, 5 Bellevale Avenue. Telephone 3517. 
Killin, Mrs. 19 Bellevue Crescent. Telephone 3142. 
Kiltie, James, labourer, 17 Wilson Street. 
Kiltie, Mrs, 8 Millar's Land, Limond's Wynd. 

Why not a bold type entry next year? 


Kilmarnock Equitable Co-operative Society Ld, 






19,000 Members 

Save Money Every Week in Life 



Kilmarnock Equitable Go-operative Society Ld. 

John Dickie Street, Kilmarnock. 

Branches Throughout Ayr- and District. 


Kilmarnock Equitable Co-operative Society, Ltd.— District Office, 9 Weaver 
Street, telephone 2711. Halls, Limond's Wynd, telephone 2574. Boot 
department, 117 Main Street. Drapery and dressmaking departments. 
121-125 Main Street, telephone 2037. Grocery departments, 5 South 
Harbour Street, telephone 2522; 10 New Road, telephone 3890; m 
George Street, telephone 2525; 154 Prestwick Road, telephone 2954. 
Butchery departments, 8 New Road and 103 George Street, telephone 
3364. Bread shops, 24 Taylor Street and 107 George Street. Fish 
shop, 105 George Street. Coal department, Newtonhead Lye, telephone 
2164. Bakery and stables, M'Call's Avenue, telephone 3422. 

Kilmurray, Edward, insurance agent. 2 Old Bridge Street. 

Kilmurray, George, joiner, 7 Paterson Street. 

Kilmurray, Janies, grocer. 9 Virginia Gardens. 

Kilmurray, William, 'bus driver, 16 Glebe Crescent. 

Kilmurray, Mrs, 9 Belvidere Terrace. 

Kilpatrick & Wilson, solicitors, 33 Newmarket Street. Telephone 3543. 

Kilpatrick, Findlay, mechanic, 63 Bellesleyhill Avenue. 

Kilpatrick, George, clerk, 8 Fothringham Road. 

Kilpatrick. James J., stockbroker, Nenthorne, 35 Monument Eoad. Tele- 
phone 2259. 

Kilpatrick, Thomas, footballer, 8 Tryfield Place. 

Kilpatrick, Mrs. 9 Blackburn Road. Telephone 3824. 

Kilpatrick, Mrs, 18 Seaforth Boad. 

Kincaid. William, baker. 11 Wilson Street. 

King, Alexander, craneman, 105 Green Street. 

King, David, cashier, 6 Oswald Place. 

King, George, foreman, 11 Whitehill Street. 

King, Frederick, lamplighter, 18 Lochside Eoad. 

King, James, labourer, 1 Seaforth Crescent. 

King, James, clerk, 17 Arrol Drive. 

King, Thomas, labourer, 30 Marchfield Road. 

King, William, painter, 5 Craigie Avenue. 

King, William, joiner, 1 Sandgate. 

King, Miss Agnes, 187 High Street. 

King, Miss Marion H., 19 Bellesleyhill Avenue. 

King, Mrs, 78 Marchfield Quadrant . 

King. Mrs, Rhona, Bellevale Avenue. 

King, Mrs, 19 Craigie Avenue. 

Kirby, Mrs, 12 Seafield Crescent. 

Kirk, Alexander, 'bus driver. 9 West Sanquhar Road. 

Kirk, Francis, insurance agent, 25 M'Call's Avenue. 

Kirk, George, music teacher, 21 Burns Statue Square. 

Kirk, George G., Ltd., glaziers, 100 High Street. Telephone 3693. 

Kirk, James, gunsmith, 46 Smith Street. Telephone 3390. House— 13 Robs- 
land Avenue. Telephone 2652. 

Kirk, James, bank agent, 39 Sandgate. Telephone 2412. 

Kirk, John, gardener, 17 Russell Street. 

Kirk, Joseph, gateman, Dam Park. 

Kirk, Robert, motor driver, 55 Stewart Road. 

Kirk, Thomas, clerk, 1 1 Arrol Drive. 

Kirk, William, vanman, 28 Content Street. 

Kirk, William, gardener, 41 Gould Street. 

Kirkland, Alexander G., builder, 2 Robsland Avenue. Telephone 3170. 

Kirkland, David, builder and joiner, 33 Burns Statue Square. Telephone 2126.. 

Kirkland, David, 25 Paterson Street. 

Kirkland, George, labourer, 21 Damside. 

Kirkland, Thomas, vanman, 16 Carrick Street. 

Kirkland, William, motor driver, 2 Noltmyre Road. 

Kirkland, Misses, 29 Hilary Crescent. 

Kirkland, Miss Agnes G., 42 Park Circus. 

Kirkland, Miss Ellen M., Ill High Street. 

Kirkland, Miss Jean G., 21 Castlehill Road. 

Kirkland, Mrs, 5 Ashgrove Street. 

Kirkpatrick, John, 138 High Street. 

Kirkpatrick, Robert, confectioner, 177-179 High Street. House— Ecila, 2a. 
Carrick Road. 

Kissell, James, tailor's cutter, 38 Bellevale Avenue. 

Kissell, Nathaniel, engineer, 1 10 Hunter's Avenue. 

Kissell, Richard, ladies' and gentlemen's tailor, 14 Barns Street. 'Phone 3791. 

Kissell. Thomas, tailor, 34 George Street. 

Knight, Thomas, manager, 67 Main Street. 

Knox, Charles M., upholsterer, 72 Church Street. 


Knox, James, salesman, 42 North Harbour Street. 

Knox, James, miner, 86 George Street. 

Knox, William, Redcraig, 88 Castlehill Road. 

Knox, Mrs, 5 Castlehill Crescent. 

Krause, Mrs, 3 Springvale Park. Telephone 2670. 

Kyd, David, electrical engineer, 67 Dalblair Road. 

Kyd, David R., assistant inspector of poor, 35 Oswald Road. 

Labour. Ministry of, Cathcart Street. Telephone 3584. 

Lacaille, Misses, 1 Monument Road. Telephone 2856. 

Lady Jane Hamilton's School. 32 Charlotte Street. 

Lafferty, Joseph, railway servant, 108 George Street. 

Laidlaw, James, traveller, 14 North Park Avenue. 

Laidlaw. John H., Laurieknowe, 19 Carrick Road. Telephone 3905. 

Laing, Alexander P., science master, 6 Carrick Park. 

Laing, George, teacher, 190 Prestwick Road. 

Laing, John, hawker, 6 Limond's Wynd. 

Laing, P. M., & Son, stationers and fancy goods merchants, Boswell Park. 
Telephone 3014. 

Laird, Andrew, 2 Hazelwood Road. 

Laird, Hugh, solicitor, 9 Alloway Place. Telephone 3091. 

Laird, Dr James W., 9 Alloway Place. Telephone 3091. 

Laird, Thomas, bank accountant, 94 St. Leonard's Road. 

Lamb, Gilbert, slater and chimney sweep, 30 Argyle Street. 

Lamb, James, dentist, 2 Miller Road. Telephone 3006. 

Lamb, James, 207 High Street. 

Lambie. James, railway servant, 23 Wallace Street. 

Lamb, John, joiner. 19 River Street. House— 4 Church Place, King Street. 

Lamb, William, & Co., confectioiwrs, 31 Wallace Street. Telephone 3107. 

Lamb Shop, The, 11 Main Street. Telephone 3601. 

Lamb, Misses, Malta, 25 Craigie Avenue. 

Lamb, Mrs, outfitter. 115 Main Street. House — 7 Gordon Street. 

Lambie, David, 29 Dalblair Road. 

Lambie, Miss Grace, 31 Kyle Street. 

Lammie. Misses, Belridding, 11 South Park Road. Telephone 2437. 

Lamont, Duncan, 53 Church Street. 

Lamont, John, clerk, 45 Burns Statue Square. 

Lamont, Miss, teacher, 14 River Terrace. 

Lamont, Misses, 51 Prestwick Road. 

Lamont, Miss J., teacher, 26 Inverkar Road. 

Lamont, Mrs, board-residence. 52 Bellevue Crescent. Telephone 3^58. 

Lamont, Mrs, 123 South Harbour Street. 

Lamont, Mrs, 62 Carrick Street. 

Lamont. Mrs, 61 Wellington Street. 

Lancaster, Mrs, 34 Paterson Street. 

Lancey, Mrs, 9 Ashgrove Street. 

Landi, Umberto. restaurateur, 8 and 3 2 Hope Street. 

Landies, Hugh, hairdresser, 15 M'Call's Avenue. 

Landsburgh, D„ .joiner, 28 Wallace Street. 

Landsburgh, David, mason, 18 King Street. 

Landsburgh, James, joiner, 7 Bellesleyhill Road. 

Landsborough, Dr William, 12 Alloway Place. Telephone 2108. 

Landsborough, Misses, Barns House, 1 Barns Crescent. Telephone 3788. 

Lang, William, baker. 7 Virginia Gardens. 

Lang, William, cloth finisher. 11 Paterson Street. 

Langan, Francis, motor engineer, Clyde House Garage, Blackburn Drive. Tele- 
phone 2694. 

Lanham, William S., insurance inspector, Sun Insurance Office, 74 St. 
Leonard's Road. Telephone 2803. 

Lapharn, Thomas, motor driver, 160 George Street. 

Lapham, William, foreman carter, 12 North Harbour Street. 

Lapham, William, jun., 8-10 North Harbour Street. 

Lapraik, Hugh, contractor, 77 Prestwick Road. Telephone 2938. 

Lapsley. William, guard, 80 Northfield Avenue. 

Large, Joseph, electrical engineer, 58 Northfield Avenue. 

You read these lines— Others will read yours. 


Larmer, Robert, insurance agent. 46 John Street. 

Larmer, William, 32 Princes Street. 

Larmer, Miss C, 61 Princes Street. 

Latta, James D., engineer, 7 Springvale Park. Telephone 2421. 

Latta, Douglas J., trading as Scottish Coal Supply Co., Burns Statue Square. 

Latta, John, engineer, Bellevue House, 3 Marchmont Road. Telephone 3029. 

Latta, Mrs, Ravensworth, 35 Bellevue Road. Telephone 2379. 

Lauchlan, James, butcher, 83 St. George's Road. 

Lauchlan, Robert, upholsterer, 40 Content Street. 

Lauchlan, William, 8 Goschen Terrace. 

Lauchland, Mrs, 9 Virginia Gardens. 

Lauder, Alexander D., traveller, 7 Hartfield Road. 

Lauder, Ian, banker, 29 Oswald Road. 

Lauder, William, police constable, 28 St. George's Road. 

Laughland, John, manager, 48 St. Leonard's Koad. 

Laughland, William, O.A.. 3 Wellington Square. Telephone o503. House: — 
" Craiglaw," 78 St. Leonard's Road. Telephone 3981 

Laurence, William, groom, 45 Content Street. 

Laverie, John, butter merchant, 15 Robsland Avenue. Telephone 2819. 

Lavery, Alexander, lorryman, 75 Green Street. 

Lavery ,• Alexander. '61 M'Call's Avenue. 

Lavery, Joseph, labourer, II Content Street. 

Lavery, Thomas, labourer, 70 Main Street. 

Lavery, Miss Jessie, general' dealer, 77 Green Street. 

Law and Co., 89 Main Street. 

Law, Charles B., bus owner, 14 Seafield Crescent. 

Law, George, trainer, 155 High Street. 

Law, George, shipwright, 38 Taylor Street. 

Law, George, coal trimmer. 11 Stewart Road. 

Law, George, surfaceman, 6 Whitehill Street 

Law, Henry, coal trimmer, 24 Green Street Lane. 

Law, James, coal trimmer, 14 Seaforth Road. 

Law, James, docker, 64 Lochside Road. 

Law, James, labourer, 11 Glebe Crescent. 

Law, John, labourer, 21 Crown Street. 

Law, John, coal trimmer. 24 Green Street Lane. 

Law, Samuel, postman, 76 Allison Street. 

Law, Thomas, 13 Belvidere Terrace. 

Law, Walter, fireman, 22 Elba Street Lane. 

Law, William, tailor, 4 Elba Street Lane. 

Law, Wiliam B., clerk, 15 Seaforth Crescent. 

Law, William G.. butcher. 152 George Street. 

Law, Mrs, 239 High Street. 

Law, Mrs, 74 Allison Street. 

Law, Mrs, 23 Green Street. 

Lawrence, Alexander, carter, 16 Wilson Street. 

Lawrence, John, 43 Workmen's Dwellings, King Street. 

Lawrie & Smith, Ltd., silk mercers and drapers, 29 Sandgate. Telephone 2140. 

Lawrie, Alexander, dairy, 15 Lansdowne Road. House — 17 Lansdowne Road. 

Lawrie, George, 16 Monument Road. 

Lawrie, James, confectioner and tobacconist, 21 Tarn's Brig. House — 3 Belles- 
leyhill Avenue. 

Lawrie, James, motor driver, 27 Main Street. 

Lawrie, John, 'bus driver, 46 Princes Street. 

Lawrie, Robert, labourer, 20 Walker Road. 

Lawson, Adam, machineman. 124 Hunter's Avenue. 

Lawson, Adam, carter, 111 Wallace Street. 

Lawson, Allan, labourer, 7 Lochside Road. 

Lawson, Allan, bricklayer, 82 New Road. 

Lawson, Duncan A. H., of Ayr Automobile and Electric Supplies Co., 14 Belle- 
vue Road. Telephone 3900. 

Lawson, James, mason, 17 Belvidere Terrace. 

Lawson, John, labourer, 93 Main Street. 

Lawson, Peter, insurance agent, 109 George Street. 

Lawson, Robert, 61 Green Street. 

Lawson, William, railway fireman, 17 Noltmyre Road. 

Lawson, William, joiner, 5 Peebles Street. 

Lawson. Mrs, 58 Mill Street. 

Leach, William J., postman, 12 Old Bridge Street. 

Why not a bold type entry next year ? 


Leaman, Miss Annie, 105 Main Street. 

Leaskie, George, carpenter, 106 Green Street. 

Leckie, James, weaver, 48 M'Call's Avenue. 

Leckie, James, railway servant, 6 Campbell Street. 

Leckie, Walter, 33 Wellington Street. 

Leckie, Mrs, 97 High Street. 

Le Clair, Louis, hairdresser, 5C Newmarket Street. Telephone 3716. 

Ledingbam, J., 45 Alloway Street. 

Lee, William, 47 Workmen's Dwellings, King Street. 

Lee, Miss C. F., Minard Villa, 20 Craigie Road. 

Lees & Sons, Ltd., Andrew, boot and shoe manufacturers, St. Crispin Works, 

6-8 M'Call's Avenue. Telephone 2050. 
Lees, James, butcher, 25 Noltmyre Road. 
Lees, John, boot manufacturer, 7 Park Terrace. 
Lees, Robert, moulder, 53 Paterson Street. 
Lees, Robert, 34 Fort Street. 
Lees, Robert, tailor, 40 Green Street. 
Lees, Miss Agnes B., 57 Green Street. 
Lees, Mrs, 10 Barns Crescent. Telephone 3165. 
Leggat, Alexander, joiner. 46 St. George's Road. 
Leggat, Charles D., .ioiner, s8 John Street. 
Leggat, Edward, shipwright, Back Hawkhill Avenue. 
Leggat, George A., letter carrier, 9 Virginia Gardens. 
Leggat, James, junr., plasterer (of James Leggat & Sons), Farnley, Doonfoot 

Road. Telephone 3733. 
Leggat, James, & Sons, plasterers, 11 Nelson Street. Telephone 3370. 
Leggat, \\ illiam, joiner, 45 Content Street. 
Leggat, William, 34 Content Street. 
Leggat, Miss Jean, 63 Hawkhill Avenue. 
Leggat, Miss Mary, 65 Hawkhill Avenue. 
Leggat, Mrs, 16 Fothringham Road. 
Leggat, Mrs, 207 High Street. 
Leishman, John, tailor, 5 Dalblair Eoad. 
Leishman, Peter, tar worker, 140 George Street. 
Leith, James, chauffeur, 2 Park Circus. 
Leith. Mrs, 44 Taylor Street. 

Lelland. Robert, N., engine driver, 21 Russell Street. 
Leman, Mrs, 12 Whitletts Road. 
Lendrum, Thomas, fireman, 126 High Street. 
Lennon, Francis, labourer, 64 Elba Street. 
Lennon, Hugh, 1 Whitehill Street. 
Lennox, James, fireman, 14 Green Street La,ne. 
Lennox, Robert. 32 Fothringham Road. 
Lennox, Samuel B., motorman, 53 Main Street. 
Lennox, William, moulder. 41 Main Street. 
Lennox, Miss Elizabeth, 26 Crown Street. 
Lennox, Mrs, 44 Crown Street. 
Lennox, Mrs, 92 Prestwick Road. 
Leonard, Thomas, clerk, 123 Oswald Road. 
Leslie, Gilbert, barman, 18 Kyle Street. 
Leslie, Mrs Elizabeth. 63 New Road . 
Letford, John, coal salesman, 69 Gould Street. 
Lewington, Mrs, 16 Ballantine Drive. 
Lewis, Hugh, 15 Crown Street. 
Lewis, Bees M., teacher, 4 Bellevue Crescent. 
Lewis, Robert, currier, 1 Northfield Avenue. 
Lewis, Robert, 54 Mill Street. 

Leyden, William, draper, 21 Falkland Park Road. 
Liddell. Walter, law clerk, 5 Charlotte Street. 
Liddle, Miss Annie P.. weaver. 127 South Harbour Street. 
Ligertwood, Miss Eliza J., 23 Charlotte Street. 
Liroond, Charles, grocer, 11 Argyle Street. 
Limond, George. 61 Wellington Street. 

Limond, James, ironmonger (of Thomas Limond), 45 Carrick Road. 
Limond. Robert, 11 Lansdowne Road. 
Limond, Thomas, baker, 43 Allison Street. 
Limond, Thomas, furnishing ironmonger, 116 High Street. Stores— 101 Highr 

Street. Workshop— 16 Fort Street. Telephone 2211. 
Limond, William, caretaker, Damside. 

You read these lines— Others will read yours. 


Liniond, Miss Margaret, 22 Argyle Street. 

Lindegger, Hermann, 10 Inverkar Road. 

Linden. James, grocer and provision merchant, 80 Main Street. Telephone 

2117. House— 82 Main Street. 
Lindsay, Alexander, engineer, 13 Seaforth Crescent. 
Lindsay, Alexander, woodcutter, 58 Green Street. 
Lindsay, George, storeman, 52 Princes Street. 
Lindsay, James, 216 High Street. 
Lindsay, John, carter, 43 Green Street Lane. 
Lindsay, John M., baker, 15 Kirkholm Avenue. 
Lindsay, M. & W.. confectioners, 26 High Street. 
Lindsay, R. G., architect, 27 Seafield Drive. 
Lindsay, Robert, 10 York Street. 

Lindsay, William, salesman, 50 Green Street Lane. 
Lindsay, Miss Colina. Fastcroft, Doonfoot Road. Telephone 2872. 
Lindsay, Mrs, 48 George Street. 
Lindsay, Mrs, Linwood, 2 Holmston Road. 
Lindsay, Mrs. Woodlands, 10 Woodfield Road. 

Lipton, Ltd., provision merchants, 54 High Street. Telephone 2429. 
Little, Gilbert, 226 High Street. 
Little, James, labourer, 21 Church Street. 
Little, John N. H.. machineman, 53 Woodfield Crescent- 
Little, Thomas, roadman, 12 Limond's Wynd. 
Little. Thomas, 88 Prestwick Road. 

Little, Walter, county sanitary inspector. 29 Woodfield Road. 
Little, William, 15 Carrick Street. 
Little, William, coal merchant, 44 Heathfield Road. 
Little. Mrs, 7 Front Buildings, King Street. 

Littiejohn Brothers, wine merchants, 3 Sandgate. Telephone 2135. 
Liverpool "Victoria Legal Friendly Society, 239 High Street. 
Livingstone, Duncan, traveller, 112 Hunter's Avenue. 
Livingstone, John, engine-driver, l6_Duke Street. 
Livingstone, Robert, engine driver, s5 Ardlui Road. 
Livingstone, William, baker, 82 Northfield Avenue. 
Livingstone, Miss Jean Scott, 3 Argyle Street. 
L.M.S. Goods Station. Telephone 3236. 

Harbour Master's Office. Telephone 2163. 

Harbour Traffic Inspector. Telephone 2676. 
Locomotive Shed. Telephone 3332. 
Passenger Station. Telephone 3513. 
South Quay Fish Office. Telephone 2840. 

Newton-on-Ayr Station. Telephone 3309. 
Station Hotel. Telephone 3268. 
Loader, Arthur, 16 Garden Street. 
Lobban, John, lairage foreman, 59 Walker Road. 
Lochhead, Bizland Hamilton, retired banker, 9 Bellevue "Road. 
Lochhead, John H. B.. schoolmaster, Kinneil, Clarke Avenue. Telephone 3304. 
Lochhead, Robert, clerk, 35 Seaforth Road. 
Lochhead, Misses, Dalmain. 9 Craigie Road. 
Lochhead, Misses, Rose Cottage, 9 Carrick Avenue. 
Lochhead, Miss Isabella R., antique dealer, 20 Hope Street. 
Locke, William C, 51 Kyle Street. 
Lockhart, Campbell, mason, 10 Albert Terrace. 

Lockhart, John, W. & G., solicitors and notaries public, 211 High Street. Tele- 
phone 2400. 
Lockhart, Mungo, railway worker, 23 Moss-side Road. 
Lockhart. William, painter, 74 George Street. 
Lockhart. William M., solicitor. 211 High Street. House — 25 Park Circus. 

Telephone 2314. 
Lockhart, Mrs, 41 Inverkar Road. Telephone 2902. 
Lockhart. Mrs, 21 Miller Road. Telephone 2403. 
Logan, Alexander, traveller, 47 Green Street Lane. 
Logan, Alexander R.. compositor. 8 Union Avenue. 
Logan, Archibald, labourer, 11 Seaforth Crescent. 
Logan, Charles M'Crorie. traveller, 9 Campbell Street. 
Logan, George, miner, 19 Carrick Street. 

Logan, George A., watchmaker, 90 Main Street. House— 5 Quail Road. 
Logan, Rev. Innes, M.A., minister of Cathcart Street United Free Church, 13 

Miller Road. Telephone 3089. 

Why not a bold type entry next year ? 


Logan, James. 8 Workmen's Dwellings. King Street. 

Logan, James, signalman, 44 Smith Street. 

Logan, James, 36 Charlotte Street. 

Logan, James, 23 Green Street. 

Logan, John, 32 Wilson Street. 

Logan, Robert, labourer, 18 Elba Street Lane. 

Logan, Robert, fish merchant, 49 Alloway Street. Telephone 2556. House — 3 

Belmont Avenue. 
Logan, Eobert, 'bus driver, 18 Fort Street. 
Logan, Eobert, jeweller, 19 Eiver Street. 
Logan, Thomas, engineer, 20 West Sanquhar Eoad. 
Logan, W., caretaker, 9 Limond's Wynd. 
Logan, William, timber merchant (of Wm. Alexander & Sons), 29 Park Circus. 

Telephone 3632. 
Logan, William, butcher. 155 Prestwick Road. 
Logan, William, traveller, 15 Prestwick Road. 
Logan, Miss C, Barra§dale, 12 Ashgrove Street. 
Logan, Miss Susan R., Cloncaird Villa, 26 Carrick Road. 
Logan, Mrs, 8 Gordon Street. 
Logan, Mrs, 216 High Street. 
Logan, Mrs, 232 High Street. 
Logan, Mrs, 35 Green Street. 
Logan, Mrs, 2^> Queen's Terrace. 
Logan, Mrs, 141 Main Street. 
Logie, George, valuer, 13 Fothringham Road. 
Lohoar, James, mining engineer, 26 Eobsland Avenue. 
London & Lancashire Insurance Co., Ltd., 29 Newmarket Street. Telephone 

Longair, James, labourer, 35 Seaforth Crescent. 
Longmuir & Hunter, grain merchants, Cattle Market. 
Lord, John George, traffic manager, Springhaven, Bellevale Avenue. 
Lorimer, John, Oakwood, 5 Bowman Road. 
Lorimer, Thomas, 54 York Street Lane. 
Loudon, Adam, janitor, Ayr A.cademy, Fort Street. 
Loudon, David, joiner, 10 Cathcart Street. 
Loudon, Gavin M., traveller, 8 Oswald Place. 
Loudon, James, blacksmith, 17 Virginia Gardens. 
Loudon, James, blacksmith, 27 New Road. 
Loudon, John, clerk. 38 Dalblair Road. 
Loudon, John, 25 Elmbank Street. 
Loudon, Eobert, shop manager, 61 Content Street. 
Loudon, William, storeman, 33 Carrick Street. 

Loudon, William W., grocer. Back Hawkhill Avenue. Telephone 3954. 
Loudon, Mrs, 29 M'Call's Avenue. 
Loudon, Mrs Laura J. B.. artist, Studio, 9 Cassillis Street. House— Moorlands, 

1 Bellevale Quadrant. 
Loudon, Mrs, 16 Academy Street. 
Love, Allan, shoemaker, 94 High Street. 
Love, Andrew, cabinetmaker, upholsterer, and funeral undertaker, 105 High 

Street. House — 36 Viewfield Road. 
Love, David, 1 Boat Vennal. 
Love, John, 88 Allison Street. 
Love, Jobn, 49 Seaforth Road. 

Love, John, & Son, tailors and clothiers. 61 Newmarket Street. 
Love, John W., 10 Chalmers Eoad. Telephone 3432. 
Love, Robert, ticket collector, 54 Content Street. 
Love, Robert, tailor (of John Love & Son), 5 Tig Road. 
Love, Samuel John, 20 Hunter's Avenue. 
Love, William, tailor, 53 Carrick Street. 
Love, William, 'bus driver, 162 Prestwick Road. 
Love, William. 103 South Harbour Street. 
Love, Miss Barbara. Ivy Bank. 3 Chalmers Road. 
Love, Mrs, 38 Falkland Park Road. 
Love, Mrs, 14 Whitletts Eoad. 
Love, Mrs, 51 Kyle Street. 
Lovie, William. 2 Nelson Street. 
Lowe, Alexander, turner, 42 Princes Street. 
Low, John M., cashier. 20 Montgomerie Terrace. 
Low, John M., bank clerk, 1 Craigie Avenue. 

You read these lines— Others will read yours. 



Low, William, chauffeur, 17 West Sanquhar Road. 

Low, William, & Co., Ltd., fruiterers and confectioners. 240-242 High Street. 
Telephone 2801. 

Low, Misses, 19 Bailantine Drive. 

Lowdon. James, burgh chief constable, 29 New Bridge Street. House— 55 
Bellevue Crescent. 

Lucas, Alexander, labourer, 39 Church Street. 

Lucas, John, spinning overlooker, 18 Ardlui Road. 

Lucas, John Pollock, newsagent, 4 New Bridge Street. 

Lucas, John P., 48 Kyle Street. 

Ludgate, Mrs E., 17 Castlehill Road. 

Luke, John, insurance agent, 31 Argyle Street. 

Lumsden, James, janitor, 21 St. Leonard's Road. 

Lumsden, Joseph, motor driver, 18 Eoss Street. 

Lumsden, Thomas, motor driver, 35 St. George's Road. 

Lumsden, Miss Margaret, clinic, 26 Sandgate. Telephone 2432. 

Lupetti. Alexandre restaurateur, 24 and 28 Mill Street. 

Lusk, James, 4 Miller Road. Telephone 3280. 

Lusk, John, county collector, 7 Wellington Square. Telephone 2181. 

Lusk, John, stockbroker, 14 Chalmers Road. 

Lusk, Mrs, 8 Wellington Square. 

Lutingo, Hugh, 61 Workmen's Dwellings, King Street. 

Lyall, David, jeweller, 36 Springbank Road. 

Lyali, Henry, watchmaker, 4 Old Bridge Street. House— 216 High Street. 

Lyall, Miss Mary, confectioner and fancy goods merchant, 6-8 Old Bridge 
Street. House — 9 Old Bridge Street. 

Lydon, Thomas, labourer, 39 Walker Road. 

Lye, Beryl P., M.B., Ch.B., 45 Carrick Road. Telephone 3373. 

Lyle, Alexander, 34 Queen's Terrace. 

Lyle, Andrew B., inspector, 28 Seaforth Crescent. 

Lyle, Peter, C.A. (of Hyslop, Lyle & Mackinnon), 27 Queen's Terrace. Tele- 
phone 5839. 

Lymburn, Mrs, 24 Eglinton Terrace. Telephone 3613. 

Lynch, David, constable, 19 Belvidere Terrace. 

Lynch, Patrick, miner, 18 Elba Street Lane. 

Lynch, Mrs, 31 Elba Street. 

Lyon, Alexander, engineer, 19 Kyle Street. 

Lyon, Alexander, retired plumber, 46 Bellevue Crescent. 

Lyon, George, H.M. inspector of factories, 13 Queen's Terrace. Telephone 2505. 

Lyon, James, traveller, 19 Alderston Avenue. 

Lyon, Thomas B., art master, Mosside, 40 Ashgrove Street. 

Lyon, Mrs, 101 Main Street. 


M'Adam, William, 76 York Street Lane. 

M'Adam, William, 51 Kyle Street. 

M'Aldon, Peter, grain miller, 71 Beileslevhill Avenue. 

M'Aldon, William, 252 High Street. 

M'Allister, Alexander, 10 Viewfield Road. 

M'Allister, Hugh, labourer. 50 King Street. 

M'Allister, John Welsh, 17 Ardlui Road. 

M'Allister, Robert, farm worker, 2 Content Street. 

M'Allister, Robert J., insurance inspector, 45 Dongola Road. Telephone 2527. 

M'Allister, William, porter, Seafield Lodge, 1 Sealield Crescent. 

M'Alister, Mrs, 25 Springbank Road. 

M'Alpine, Donald, seaman, 68 York Street Lane. 

M'Alpine, Samuel, engineer, 49 Princes Street. 

M'Alpine, William, 15 Goschen Terrace. 

M'Alpine, William, 216 High Street. 

M'Alpine, Mrs, 104 New Road. 

M'Anally, Alexander. 56 York Street. 

M' Anally. D., 4 Victoria Street. 

M'Andrew, David B., gardener, 69 Dalblair Road. 

M'Andrew. James, motor driver, 30 Russell Street. 

M'Andrew, John, miner, 90 Mill Street. 

Why not a bold type entry next year? 


M'Andrew, Miss Nan, hairdresser. 69 Dalblair Koad. Telephone 3713. 

M'Andrew, Mrs, South Park, 37 Racecourse Road. Telephone 2182. 

M'Andrew, Mrs, 2 Virginia Gardens. 

M'Anespie, Henry, traveller, 15 Virginia Gardens. 

MacArthur's, ladies' outfitters, Clydesdale Bank Buildings. Telephone 2402. 

MacArthur, John, insurance inspector, 13 Ashgrove Street. 

M'Arthur, John, chauffeur, 14 Hunter's Avenue. 

M'Arthur, Robert, 40 High Street. 

MacArthur, Miss E. K., 106 Hunter's Avenue. 

M'Arthur, Mrs, 21 Eglinton Terrace. 

M'Arthur, Mrs, 23 Marchfield Quadrant. 

M'Arthur, Mrs, Auckland, 163 Prestwick Road. 

Macaulay, Mrs, 35 Miller Road. Telephone 3801. 

Macaulay, Mrs, 37-39 Mill Street. 

M'Aulay, Mrs, 26 Wilson Street. 

M'Auslan, Peter C, accountant (of E. A. Bell & Co.), 5 Alloway Street. Tele- 
phone 3638. 

M'Avoy, Robert, labourer, 23 Walker Road. 

M'Bain, James, journalist, 30 Castehill Road. 

M'Birnie, Mrs, 2 Bruce Orescent. 

M'Blain, Alexander, joiner, 28 Peebles Street. 

M'Blane, Alexander, traveller, 51 New Road. 

M'Blane, James, vanman, 185 Prestwick Road. 

M'Blain, John, piano tuner, 6 Oarrick Road. 

M'Blain, Miss S., 38 John Street. 

M'Bride, Alexander, carpet weaver, 15 St. George's Road. 

M'Bride, David, 5 Whitehill Street. 

M'Bride, James, gardener, 46 Wallace Street. 

M'Bride, James, skinner, 46 Mill Street. 

M'Bride, Peter, railwayman, 40 Green Street Lane. 

M'Bride, Robert, shoemaker, 28 Blmbank Street. 

M'Bride, S., baker, 80 George Street. 

M'Bride, S., baker, 17 James Street. 

M'Bride, Thomas S., storeman, 11 Kirkholm Avenue. 

M'Bride, Miss Jeanie, 100 Prestwick Road. 

M'Bride, Mrs, 42 Workmen's Dwellings, King Street. 

M'Bride, Mrs, 17 James Street. 

M'Bride, Mrs, 41 Elmbank Street. 

M'Bride, Mrs, 14 Kirkport. 

M'Burnie, Alexander, labourer, 76 Wilson Street. 

M'Burnie, Robert, traveller, 12 Springbank Road. 

M'Burnie, Thomas, 4 Alloway Place. Telephone 3938. 

M'Burnie, Mrs, 25 Fort Street. 

M'Cabe, Mrs, 71 Gould Street. 

M'Cabe, Mrs, 75 Main Street. 

M'Caffer, Alexander, labourer, 84 Prestwick Boad. 

M'Caffer, Mrs. 22 Nelson Street. 

M'Cafferty, George, commercial traveller, 2 Belvidere Terrace. 

M'Cafferty, George, cattle checker, 24 Stewart Road. 

M'Caffertv, Henry E., grocer, 15 Nelson Street. 

M'Cafferty, Patrick, 36 Peebles Street. 

M'Cafferty, Roderick, stationer and newsagent, 92 New Road. House— 6 Argyle 

M'Cafferty, Mrs, 45 Burns Statue Square. 

M'Caig, Ivie, engine-driver, 19 Woodfield Crescent. 

M'Caig, Thomas, railway inspector, Dalgig, 68 Hawkhill Avenue. 

M'Caig, Mrs, 24 Green Street Lane. 

M'Call, A., baker, 85-89 High Street and 40 Alloway Street. Telephone 2085. 

M'Call, David, joiner. 33 Fort Street. 

M'Call, Gilbert, railway checker, 16 Marchfield Road. 

M'Call, Hugh, solicitor, 9 Sandgate. Telephone 3645. House— 49 Prestwick 
Road. Telephone 3159. 

M'Call, James, bookseller, stationer, and librarian, 38 Sandgate. Telephone 
3068. House— 23 Bellevue Crescent. 

M'Call, John, 66 Dalblair Road. 

M'Call, John, bricklayer, 22 Victoria Street. 

M'Call, John, railway porter, 17 Russell Street. 

M'Call, Malcolm, baker (of A. M'Call), 28 Park Circus. 

You read these lines— Others will read yours. 


M'C'all, Landale, motor driver, 36 Peebles Street. 

M'Call, Robert, hairdresser, 174 Prestwick Road. 

M'Call, S., storeman, 24 Victoria Street. 

M'Call, Thomas, baker, 25 Fort Street. 

M'Call, William, landscape gardener, 23 Alloway Street. 

M'Call, William J., bricklayer, 74 Main Street. 

M'Call, Miss Margaret J., dressmaker, 12 Cathcart Street. 

M'Call, Misses, 3 Montgomerie Terrace. 

M'Call, Mr,s, 8 York Street. 

M'Callum, Alexander, painter, 63 Main Street. 

M'Callum, Daniel, bricklayer, 8 York Street. 

M'Callum, Donald, butcher, 18 Viewfield Road. 

M'Callum, Donald, baker, 65 Princes Street. 

M'Callum, Donald, upholsterer, 29 Oswald Place. 

M'Callum, Duncan, hairdresser, 58 Lochside Road. 

M'Callum, Duncan, pilot, 7 Union Avenue. 

M'Callum, George, ship carpenter, 14 Cromwell Road. 

M'Callum, J., coal salesman, 10 Queen Street. 

M'Callum, John, joiner, 39 Woodfield Crescent. 

M'Callum, John, 3 Princes Street. 

M'Callum, John, railway fireman, 10 St. George's Road. 

M'Callum, John, baker, 73 Walker Road. 

M'Callum, John, 17 Green Street 

M'Callum, John C, mining engineer, 16 Campbell Street. 

M'Callum, John D., golf professional, 6 Seafield Crescent. 

M'Callum, J., & Sons, coal merchants, Beresford Lye, Beresford Terrace. 

M'Callum, Joseph, 43 Carrick Street. 

M'Callum, R., & Son, coal merchants, Beresford Lye, Beresford Terrace. 

M'Callum, Robert, police constable, 9 John Street. 

M'Callum, Robert, coal merchant, 11 Hawkhill Avenue. 

M'Callum, Robert, lorryman, 3 Northfield Avenue. 

MacCallum, R. & J. A., solicitors, J4 High Street. Telephone 3541. 

M'Callum, William, gas collector, 60 Quail Road. 

M'Callum, William, wood worker, 100 Paterson Street. 

M'Callum, William, marine engineer, 72 Wilson Street. 

M'Callum. William F., engineer, 12 Content Street. 

M'Callum, Wilson, grocer, 13 King Street. 

MacCallum, Miss Annie, 15 Park Circus. Telephone 6909. 

MacCallum, Miss Helen I., 16 Seafield Drive. 

M'Callum. Miss Mary, 17 Marchfield Road. 

MacCallum, Misses W. & H., antique dealers, 38 Newmarket Street. Tele- 
phone 6626. 

M'Callum, Miss W. H., 226 High Street. 

M'Callum, Mrs, 12 Cromwell Boad. 

M'Callum, Mrs, 116 George Street. 

M'Callum, Mrs, confectioner, 44 Princes Street. 

M'Callum, Mrs, 2 Victoria Road. 

M'Callum, Mrs, 58 York Street Lane. 

M'Camley, Joseph, baker, 26 Walker Road. 

M'Camley, William, 125 South Harbour Street. 

M'Cance, John, grocer, 4 Charlotte Street. 

M'Cance, Mrs, 4 Smith Street. 

M'Candlish, Matthew, baker, 10 Victoria Street. 

M'Cann, Andrew, 38 York Street. 

M'Cann, Thomas, labourer, 22 Crown Street. 

M'Cardle, Alexander, Gladellis, 32 Holmston Boad. Telephone 2167. 

M'Cardle, George, joiner, 9 Woodfield Crescent. Telephone 2084. 

M'Cardle, James (of M'Cardle & Cassie), St. Julien, Doonfoot Road. Tele- 
phone 3736. 

M'Cardle, Robert John, timekeeper, 16 M'Call's Avenue. 

M'Cardle, Robert W., 19 New Road. 

M'Cardle, William, 26 West Sanquhar Boad. 

M'Cardle, William, joiner. 22 West Sanquhar Road. 

M'Cardle, William A., 30 Kyle Street. 

M'Cardle & Cassie, motor engineers, 53-55 New Road. Telephone 2680. 

M'Cardle, Mrs, 97 South Harbour Street. 

M'Cartan, Frank, compositor, 63 Wellington Street. 

M'Cartney, Andrew, 33 Elmbank Street. 

M'Cartney, George, 9 Burns Statue Square. 

Why not a bold type entry next year? 


M'Cartney, George, draper, 53 Newmarket Street. Telephone 2288. 

M'Cartney, Hugh, lamplighter, 40 Viewfleld Road. 

M'Cartney, James, 93 High Street. 

M'Cartney, James, 19 New Bridge Street. 

M'Cartney, James, billiard-room, 70 High Street . 

M'Cartney, John, teacher, 6 Barns Terrace. 

M'Cartney, John, journalist, 15 Ballantine Drive. 

M'Cartney, John, 51 Whitletts Boad. Telephone 3092. 

M'Cartney, John, 14 Carrick Street. 

M'Cartney, John, upholsterer, 2 Boswell Park. 

M'Cartney, John B., tailor and breeches maker, 31 Alloway Street. House — 

10 Charlotte Street. 
M'Cartney, Peter, labourer, 81 Walker Boad. 
M'Cartney, Philip, railwayman, 67 Wallace Street. 
M'Cartney, Bobert, motor driver, 14 Argyle Street. 
M'Cartney, Miss Elizabeth, Cowan Cottage, 40 Midton Boad. 
■^'Cartney, Miss Margaret, 5 Whitletts Boad. 
M'Cartney, Miss M., 13 Princes Street. 
Art '( lartney, Misses, 81 King Street. 
M'Cartney, Mrs, caretaker, 7 Wellington Square. 
M'Cartney, Mrs. 21 Carrick Street. 
M'Cartney, Mrs, 2 Whitletts Boad. 
M'Cartney, Mrs, 11 Princes Street. 
M'Cartney, Mrs, 121 South Harbour Street. 
M'Oarroll, Bobert H., police constable, 29 Springbank Boad. 
M'Cleary, Allan, labourer, 15 Lochside Boad. 
M'Cleary, George, butcher, 17 New Bridge Street. Telephone 3810. House — 

23 George's Avenue. 
M'Cleary, Mrs, 11 Wellington Street. 
M'Clelland, Donald, weaver, 42a New Boad. 
M'Clelland, George, labourer, 89 Lochside Boad. 
M'Clelland, James, M.A., teacher, 7 Wattfield Boad. 
M'Clelland, John, hotel, 20 Seafield Drive. 

M'Clelland, William, architect, 10 Cathcart Street. House — 24 Beresford Ter. 
M'Clelland, Miss Margaret, grocer, 6o George Street. 
M'Clelland, Mrs, dressmaker. 24 Beresford Terrace. 
M'Clelland, Mrs, 101 Main Street. 
M'Clement, John, 138 High Street. 
M'Clement, John, watchmaker, 61 Princes Street. 
M'Clements, John, blacksmith. 3 Tryfield Place. 

M'Clew, James, surfaceman. Belmont Crossing, St. Leonard's Boad. 
M'Clintock, William. 5 Westfield Boad. 
M'Clinton, James, sawyer, 14 Church Street. 
M'Clinton, Peter, baker, 14 Church Street. 
M'Clinton, Thomas, slater, 21 High Street. 
M'Cloy, John, Ayr and Glasgow carrier, 18 High Street. House— 2 Limond's 

M'Clung, Andrew, engine-driver, 8 Belvidere Terrace. 
M'Clung, Andrew, butcher, 38 Viewfleld Boad . 
M'Clung, John, traveller, 51 Wellington Street. 
M'Clung, Matthew, fireman, 6 Belvidere Terrace. 
M'Clung. Matthew, 'bus driver. 24 St. George's Boad. 
M'Clung, Bobert, labourer, 4 Crown Street. 
M'Clung, Bobert, drysalter. 55 Content Street. 
M'Clung, Thomas, motor driver, 12 Gordon Street. 
M'Clung, William, baker, 38 Elmbank Street. 
M'Clure, Alexander, tram driver, 31 Stewart Boad. 
M'Clure, David, mechanic, 20 Garden Street. 
M'Clure. David, labourer, 71 George Street. 
M'Clure, James, plumber, 29 New Bridge Street. 
M'Clure, James, insurance agent, 38 Princes Street. 
M'Clure, John, 8 Montgomerie Terrace. 
M'Clure, John, miner, 53 Stewart Boad. 
M'Clure, Miss Sarah, 42 North Park Avenue. 
M'Clure, Mrs, 40 York Street. 

M'Cluskey, George, cabinetmaker, 34 Allison Street. 
M'Cluskey, James, spirit merchant, 9 Content Avenue. 
M'Cluskey, James, spirit merchant. 23 Elba Street. 
M'Cluskey, John E., spirit merchant, 81-83 George Street. 

You read these lines— Others will read yours. 


M'Cluskey, John Emmett, spirit merchant, 12 Hawkhill Avenue. 

M'Cluskey, Patrick, furniture dealer, 35-37 Main Street. Telephone 3322. 

House — 33 Main Street. 
M'Cluskey, Mrs, 62 Main Street. 
M'Cluskey, Mrs, 44 Nelson Street. 

M'Clymont, Andrew, Ardgowan. 50 St. Leonard's Road. 
M'Clymont, George, roller driver, 61 Peebles Street. 
M'Clymont, Henry, 8 Albert Terrace. 

M'Clymont, Hugh, moulder, 3 Workmen's Dwellings, King Street. 
M'Clymont, James, vanman, 17 Princes Street. 
M'Clymont, John, engine-driver, l.s Virginia Gardens. 
M'Clymont, John, miner, 24 Noltmyre Eoad. 
M'Clymont, Quintin, 82 Sandgate 

M'Clymont, Robert Jones, cable jointer, 7 Heathfield Road. 
M'Clymont, Wiliam, merchant, 221 High Street. 
M'Clymont, William J., 55 Dongola Road. 
M'Clymont, Misses, 4 Barns Terrace. 
M'Clymont, Mrs, 54 Waggon Road. 
M'Clymoni, Mrs, 28 Peebles Street. 
M'Clymont, Mrs. 26 Millar's Land, Limond's Wynd. 
MacColl. A., & Co., merchants, c>7 Newmarket Street. 
M'Coll, R. S., Ltd., confectioners, 36 Sandgate, 133 High Street, and 53 Main 

M'Coll, William, clerk, 26 Northfield Avenue. 
M'Coll, Mrs, 6 Church Street. 
M'Colm, Alexander, pedlar, 15 Carrick Street. 
M'Colm, George, engineer, 13 River Terrace. 
M'Colm, James, traction driver, 36 Glebe Crescent. 
M'Colm, Muir, 62 Allison Street. 
M'Colm, Quintin, 41 Green Street. 
M'Colm. Robert, 187 High Street. 
M'Colm, Stephen, driver. 70 York Street Lane. 
M'Colm, Mrs, 17 Green Street. 
M'Colm, Mrs. 87 Oswald Road. 
M'Conechy, Mrs, 2 Queen's Terrace. 
M'Connachie, Alexander, 62 Carrick Street. 
M'Connachie, John, miner, 137 George Street. 
M'Connachie, John, hewer. 36 Wilson Street. 
M'Connachie, Mrs, 24 Elmbank Street. 
M'Connell, A. M. (of Fleury Meng, Ltd.), La Linea, Longbank Drive. Telephone 

M'Connell, Adam, shoemaker, 7 West Sanquhar Road. 
M'Connell, Andrew, 59 Kyle Street. 
M'Connell, David, shoemaker, 77 Russell Street. 
M'Connell. David, bricklayer, 24 Seaforth Crescent. 
M'Connell, David, miner, 69 Mill Street. 
M'Connell, Hans, traveller, 23 Marchfleld Quadrant. 
M'Connell, Harry, butcher. 18 George Street. 
M'Connell, Hugh, carter, 16 Green Street Lane. 
M'Connell, Hugh, grocer and confectioner, 88 Main Street. 
M'Connell, Hugh, 74 High Street. 
M'Connell, Hugh, spirit merchant, 33-35 Kyle Street. House— Ashgrove, 23 

Carrick Road. 
M'Connell, Ivie, jun., shoemaker, 16 Allison Street. 
M'Connell, John, "butcher. 36 York Street. 
M'Connell, John, 33 M'Call's Avenue. 
M'Connell, John, foreman, 27 Peebles Street. 
M'Connell, John, slater, 94 Gporge Street. 
M'Connell, John, ioiner, 19 Kyle Street. 
M'Connell, Oswald, ioiner, 63 Main Street. 
M'Connell, Thomas S., M.B., Ch.B., Hermiston, 31 Monument Road. Telephone 

M'Connell, Thomas, painter, 32 Viewfteld Road. 
M'Connell, Thomas, painter. 108 High Street. 
M'Connell, William. 56 Whitletts Road. 
M'Connell, William, riveter, 37 Peebles Street. 
M'Oonnell, William, 11 Green Street. 
M'Connell, William, engineer, 33 Green Street. 
M'Connell, William J., miner, 68 Mill Street. 

Why not a bold type entry next year ? 


M'Connell, Misses J. & B., drapers, 35 Alloway Street. 

M'Connell, M. & M.. milliners, 60 Main Street. House— 8 Bellesleyhill Eoad. 

M'Connell, Mrs, 21 Main Street. 

M'Connell, Mrs, 64 Allison Street. 

M'Connell, Mrs, 33a Green Street. 

M'Connell, Mrs, fruiterer, 1 Wellington Street. 

M'Connochie, Mrs, 3 Park Terrace. Telephone 2513. 

M'Cord, Alexander, surfaceman, 178 Prestwick Koad. 

M'Cord. James, labourer, 46 Wilson Street. 

M'Corkindale, Captain Robert, 1 Duke Street. 

M'Cormack, George, drapery salesman, 12 New Eoad. 

M'Cormack, George, 33 Peebles Street. 

M'Cormack, James, bricklayer, 107 Main Street. 

M'Cormack, John, 105 Green Street. 

M'Cormack, Eobert, 70 York Street. 

M'Cormack, William, 74 Allison Street. 

M'Cormick, John, engine-driver, 11 Marchfield Quadrant. 

M'Cormick, John, 25 York Street Lane. 

M'Cormick, Thomas, 187 High Street. 

M'Cormick, Miss B., 76 George Street. 

M'Cormick, Mrs, 10 Falkland Park Road. 

M'Cormick, Mrs, 34 Bellevue Crescent. 

M'Cormick, Mrs. 31 TV aggon Road. 

M'Corquodale, Donald A., retired inspector of police, 159 Prestwick Eoad. 

M'Corquodale, James, mechanic, 42 Wellington Street. 

M'Cosh, Pritchard & Co., C.A., 2 Academy Street. Telephone 2074. 

M'Cosh. James, tailor, 37 George Street. Telephone 2720. 

M'Cosh. William H„ solicitor, secretary, Choral Union, Wellington Chamber*. 

Telephone 3019. House — 4 Park Terrace. Telephone 3301. 
M'Coy, John, 92 Wilson Street. 

M'Cracken, A., gatekeeper, Ayr County Hospital, Holmston Road. 
M'Cracken, Duncan, labourer, 72 Oswald Road. 
M'Cracken, E., miner, 98 King Street. 
M'Cracken, George, 16 Garden Street. 
M'Cracken, James, labourer, 60 Marchfield Quadrant. 
M'Cracken, John, car driver, 55 Mill Street. 
M'Cracken, John, labourer, 45 Mill Street. 
M'Cracken, John, engine-driver, Ho Bellesleyhill Avenue. 
M'Cracken, John A., vanman, 207 High Street. 
M'Cracken, Joseph, 37 Mill Street. 

M'Cracken, Robert, railway signalman, Back Hawkhill Avenue. 
M'Cracken, Thomas, craneman, 52 Lochside Road. 
M'Cracken, Thomas, porter, 48 Princes Street. 
M'Cracken, William, baker, 93 Lochside Road. 
M'Cracken, Miss E., 31 Wallace Street. 
M'Cracken, Mrs, 147 High Street. 
M'Crae, David, mason, 30 Russell Street. 
M'Crae, David, brassfinisber, 196 High Street. 
M'Crae, John, hairdresser, 27 Moss-side Road. 

M'Crae, John K., curled hair manufacturer, 48 Carrick Road. Telephone 2227. 
M'Crae. Robert, tailor, 40 Content Street. 
M'Crae, Miss Mary J., 14 Carrick Road. 
M'Crae, Mrs, music teacher, 40 Dalblair Road. 
M'Crae, Mrs, 38 Inverkar Road. 
M'Crae, Mrs, 39 New Road. 
M'Crae, Mrs, 16 Carrick Street. 
M'Creadie, Duncan, miner, 43 St. George's Road. 
M'Creadie, Robert, 37 Fullarton Street. 
M'Creadie, Robert S., 72 Mill Street. 
M'Creadie, William, 46 Mill Street. 
M'Creadie, William John, 20 Gordon Street. 
M'Creadie, Mrs, 19 Russell Street. 
M'Creadie, Mrs, 28 Wellington Street. 
M'Creadie, Mrs, 42 Mill Street. 
M'Creadie, Mrs, 15 Virginia Gardens. 
M'Creath, Allan, machineman, 11 Moss-side Road. 
M'Creath, David, merchant, 24 Ballantine Drive. 
M'Creath, James, labourer, 31 Seaforth Crescent. 

You read these lines— Others will read yours. 


M'Oreath, James, guard, 49| Wellington Street. 
M'Creath, James, fisherman, 16 John Street. 

M'C'reath, James, & Sons, joiners, 29 Fullarton Street. Telephone 3555. 
M'Creath, Robert, motor salesman, 104 Wallace Street. 
M'Creath, Thomas, 25 Ballautine Drive- 
M'C'reath, Thomas, joiner, 7 Cromwell Place. 
M'Creath, William, stevedore, 35 Wellington Street. 
M'Creath, Miss M. C, teacher, 60 Ashgrove Street. 
M'Creath, Mrs, 12 Carrick Road. 
M'Creath, Mrs, 30 Fort Street. 
M'Creath. Mrs, 31 John Street. 
M'Creath, Mrs, 20 Paterson Street. 
M'Creath, Mrs, 154 High Street. 
M'Crindle. Adam, carter, 30 Allison Street. 
M'Crindle, David, shoemaker, 55 Wallace Street. 
M'Crindle, David, 61 Princes Street. 
M'Crindle, James, deck hand, 10 ^ork Street. 
M'Crindle, James, 'bus driver, 4 Stewart Road. 
M'Crindle. James, engine-driver, 7 Princes Street. 
M'Crindle, Thomas, pilot, 10 Ardlui Road. 
M'Crindle, William, joiner, 31 South Harbour Street. 
M'Crindle, William, 'bus driver, 4 Elba Street. 
M'Crindle, Mrs, IS Marchfield Road. 
M'Crindle, Mrs, 62 Carrick Street. 

M'Cririck, James (of Homer M'Cririck), 27 Inverkar Road. 
M'Cririck, Homer, bookseller, stationer, and newsagent, 236 High Street. 
M'Cririck, Mrs, 3 Dongola Road. 
M'Crone, James, baker, 264 High Street. 
M'Crone, John, carter, 26 Noltmyre Road. 

M'Crone. Robert O. O., research chemist, Midsands, 23 Racecourse Road. Tele- 
phone 3689. 
M'Crone, William. 12 Millar's Land, Limond's Wynd. 
M'Crorie, Allan. 115 Wallace Street. 
Macrorie, A., dyer, 55 Russell Street. 
M'Crorie, Archibald, weaver, 54 Allison Street. 
M'Crorie, Charles, 75 Green Street. 

M'Crorie, Charles, ticket collector, 10 Gordon Terrace. 
M'Crorie, Frank, 36 Back Main Street. 

M'Crorie, James S., clerk, Hawthorn Cottage, 15 Hawkhill Avenue. 
Macrorie, John, baker, 9 Britannia Place. 
M'Crorie, Peter, foreman, 20 Campbell Street. 
M'Crorie, Richard, engine fitter, 3 Tryfield Place. 
M'Crorie, Robert, loco, fireman, 3 Somerset Road. 

M'Crorie, Robert A.7 manager, Rowallan, 19 Whitletts Road. Telephone 2004. 
M'Crorie, Robert, joiner, 31 Nelson Street. 

M'Crorie, William F., public-house manager, 5 Falkland Road. 
M'Crorie & Meredith, car hirers. 19 River Street. ■ 
M'Crorie, Miss Elizabeth, 2 Gordon Street. 

Macrorie, Mrs, Seacroft. 1 Clarke Avenue. Telephone ^054. 
M'Crorie, Mrs, 59 Princes Street. 
M'Crorie, Mrs, 9 M'Call's Avenue. 
M'Crorie, Mrs, 62 Green Street. 
M'Crorie. Mrs. 44 Whitletts Road. 
M'Crorkan, Peter, gardener, 28 New Road. 
M'Croskie, John, 30 Mill Street. 
M'Crumb, Thomas, moulder, 187 High Street. 
M'Cubbin, Andrew, 41 New Road. 
M'Cnbbin, David, gardener, 49 Stewart Road. 

M'Cubbin, Fergus, painter (of Byers & M'Cubbin), 20 Quail Road. 
M'Cubbin, Herbert, clerk, 46 Marchfield Quadrant. 
M'Cubbin, James, railwayman, 27 St. Andrew's Street. 
M'Cubbin, John, miner, 63 Princes Street. 
M'Cubbin, Martin, 7 Belvidere Terrace. 
M'Cubbin, Matthew, labourer, 25 George Street. 
M'Cubbin, Mrs, 18 Argyle Street. 

M'Cullagh, Reginald, engineer, 103 South Harbour Street. 
M'Culloch, Archibald, clerk, 95 High Street. 
M'Culloch, David, fruit salesman, 1 Union Avenue. 

Why not a bold type entry next year ? 


M'Culloch, George, storekeeper, 3 New Bridge Street. 

M'Culloch, Harry, 39 Weaver Street. 

M'Culloch, John, postman, 7L Wallace Street. 

M'Culloch, John, carter, 25 St. George's Road. 

M'Culloch, John, porter, 44 Viewfleld Road. 

M'Culloch, John, joiner, Ellenbank, 8 Carrick Road. 

M'Culloch, John, plasterer, 152 George Street. 

M'Culloch, John, chauffeur, 28 Craigie Road. 

M'Culloch, John M., draper, 171-173 High Street. Telephone 2004. House— 

4 Carrick Road. 
M'Culloch, Joseph, 51 Workmen's Dwellings, King Street. 
M'Culloch, Peter, bread salesman, 2 George's Avenue. 
M'Culloch, Robert, fruiterer and confectioner, 61-65 Main Street. Telephone 

M'Culloch, Robert, Gartmore, 33 Carrick Road. 
M'Culloch, Thomas, miner, 67 Wallace Street. 
M'Culloch, Thomas, electrician, 104 Paterson Street. 
M'Culloch, Thomas, 18 Russell Street. 
M'Culloch, Thomas, carter, 40 Viewfleld Road. 
M'Culloch, William, potato merchant, 72 New Road. 
M'Culloch, William, insurance agent. 27 Seaforth Road. 
M'Culloch, William (of M'Gilvray & M'Culloch), 17 Midton Road. 
M'Culloch, Miss Agnes T., 25 Bellevue Crescent. 
M'Culloch, Miss, 59 George Street. 
M'Culloch, Miss Rachel, Goukscroft, Doonfoot Road. 
M'Culloch, Mrs, 8J Alderston Avenue. 
M'Culloch, Mrs, 91 Wallace Street. 

M'Cutcheon, James, market gardener. Low Bridge of Doon, Doonfoot Road. 
M'Cutcheon, John, vanman, 13 River Terrace. 
M'Cutcheon, John, 55 Wellington Street. 
M'Cutcheon, John L., baker, 27 M'Call's Avenue. 
M'Cutcheon, Matthew, miner, 41 Content Street. 
M'Cutcheon, William, bank teller. 44 Ashgrove Street. 
M'Cutcheon, William, dairyman, Blackburn Drive. 
M'Cutcheon, Mrs, 14 Springvale Road. 
M'Cutcheon, Mrs, 18 Elmbank Street. 
M'Cutcheon, Mrs, 50 Viewfleld Road. 
M'Dade, Charles, labourer, 83 Wallace Street. 
M'Dade, Charles, labourer, 110 King Street. 
M'Derment, James, tailor, 56 Main Street. 
M'Derment, Misses, 24 Park Circus. 
M'Derment, Mrs, 126 High Street. 

M'Dermid, Malcolm, boot and shoe repairer, 1 BelEevue Street. 
M'Dermont, Peter, mason, 56 Viewfleld Road. 
M'Dermott, John, joiner, 6 Duke Street. 

M'Dermott, Patrick, officer of Customs and Excise, 48 Holmston Road. 
M'Dairmid, Mrs, 43 John Street. 
M'Donald, Alexander, plumber, 8 Content Street. 
M'Donald, Alexander T., spirit mei-chant, 18 Green Street Lane. House— Thirl- 

stane. Bellevale Avenue. 
M'Donald. Allan, carter, 39 St. George's Road. 
M'Donald, Bernard, labourer, 21 Moss-side Road. 
M'Donald, D., drop forger. 13 Peebles Street. 
M'Donald, David, engine driver, 25 Gould Street. 
Macdonald. David, shipping clerk, 10 Woodtteld Avenue. 
M'Donald, Duncan, commission agent. 97 High Street. Telephone 3940. 
Macdonald, Hugh, painter, 116 Main Street. 
M'Donald, James, 3 Westfield Road. 

Macdonald, James, draper, 31 Bellevue Crescent. Telephone 3519. 
Macdonald, James, secretary, 25 Bellesleyhill. Avenue. Telephone 2186. 
M'Donald, John, brass finisher, 40 High Street. 
M'Donald, John, joiner, 55 Seaforth Road. 
M'Donald, John, police sergeant, 36 Hunter's Avenue. 
M'Donald, John, shoemaker, 27 Campbell Street. 

M'Donald, John M., assistant veterinary inspector. 35 Hawkhill Avenne. 
M'Donald, Capt. Kenneth, berthing master, 9 Craigie Avenue. 
M'Donald, Kenneth, banker, 57 Oswald Road. 
Macdonald, Kenneth, tailor (of Kenneth Macdonald & Son), 1 Hazelwood Road 1 . 

Telephone 3175. 

You read these lines— Others will read yours. 


M'Donald & Son, Kenneth, ladies' tailors and furriers, 8 Cathcart Street. 

Telephone 3153. 
Macdonald & Son, Neil, drapers and clothiers, 103 High Street. 'Phone 3512. 

M'Donald, Peter B.. 105 Wallace Street. 

M'Donald, Ronald, 34 Princes Street. 

MacDonald, William, shoemaker, 113 Main Street. 

M'Donald, William, policeman, 16 Woodfield Avenue. 

Macdonald, William M. (of Kenneth Macdonald & Son), 40 Inverkar Road. 

M'Donald, Miss Isabel, dressmaker, 9 Beresford Terrace. 

M'Donald, Miss Lillias, 18 Wellington Street. 

MacDonald, Misses, 11 Wellington Square. Telephone 2328. 

Macdonald, Mrs, 40 Northfield Avenue. 

Macdonald. Mrs, 55 Bellevue Crescent. 

M'Donald, Mrs, 59 Content Street. 

M'Donald. Mrs, 6 Kyle Street. 

M'Donald, Mrs, 16 Russell Street. 

M'Donald, Mrs, 5 Virginia Gardens. 

Macdonald, Mrs, 5 Eglinton Terrace. 

MacDougaL James, 32 Dalblair Road. 

M'Dougall, James S., Kinnoull, 8 Seafleld Road. 

M'Dougall, John R.. tweed merchant, 1 St. Andrew's Street. 

M'Dougall, Robert, confectioner, 24 Fort Street. House — 81 CastlehUl Road. 

Telephone 3737. 
M'Dougall, Samuel, clerk, 27 Union Avenue. 
M'Dougall, Miss Agnes, 11 Seafleld Drive. 
M'Dougall, Miss Margaret, Keithbank, 2 Maybole Road. 
M'Dougall, Mrs, 42 Bellevale Avenue. 
M'Dougall, Mrs, 23 Park Circus. 

M'Dowall, Alexander, joiner, 46 North Park Avenue. 
M'Dowall, Andrew, motor driver, 12 Elmbank Street. 
M'Dowall, Charles, chauffeur, Beresford Lane. 
M'Dowall, David, dairyman, 4 George's Avenue. 
M'Dowall, George, 4 Saltfield Lane. 

M'Dowall, Hutcbeson, inotorman, 12 Alexandria Terrace. 
M'Dowall, James, tinsmith, 11 Goschen Terrace. 
M'Dowall, James, tinsmith, 30 Hope Street. 
M'Dowall, James, joiner, 51 Church Street. 
M'Dowall, James, 56 Mill Street. 

M'Dowell, Peter, dock labourer, 7 St. George's Road. 
M'Dowall, William. Corriecravie, Chalmers Road. 
M'Dowall, Mrs, 3 Britannia Place. 
M'Dowall, Mrs, 18 Inverkar Road. 
M'Dowall, Mrs, 3 Green Street Lane. 
M'Dowall, Mrs, 64 York Street. 
M'Ewan, Allan, lorryman, 104 George Street. 
M'Bwan, Allan, fireman, 29 New Bridge Street. 
M'Ewan, Charles, 17 Green Street. 
M'Ewan, Elijah, secretary (Session Clerk, Newton Parish), 27 Charlotte Street. 

Telephone 3135. 
M'Ewan, Hugh, labourer, 15 Peebles Street. 
M'Ewan, John, merchant, 17 Dongola Road. 
M'Ewan, Richard, grocer, 8 Young Street. 
M'Ewan, Thomas, guard, 48 Waggon Road. 
M'Ewan, Thomas, railway guard, 10 Oswald Place. 
M'Ewan, Mrs, 24 Gordon Street. 
M'Ewan, Mrs, 7 Elba Street Lane. 
M'Ewan, Mrs, 4 Bruce Crescent. 
M'Ewan, Mrs Jane, 101 Main Street. 
M'Fadzean, David J., dairy, 93-95 Prestwick Road. Telephone 2989. House— 

1 Kirkholm Avenue. 
MTadzean, James, joiner, 21 Queen Street. 
M'Fadzean, James, carrier and carting contractor, 30-32 Garden Street. 

Telehone 2554. 
MTadzean, John, labourer. 36 Elmbank Street. 
M'Fadzean, John, loom tenter, 115 Wallace Street. 
M'Fadzean, Thomas, lorryman, 40 Allison Street. 
M'Fadzean, William, railwayman, 44 Walker Road. 
M'Fadzean, Miss Margaret, 10 Cathcart Street. 
M'Fadzean, Mrs, 4 Duke Street. 

Why not a bold type entry next year ? 


MTadzean, Mrs, 5 St. Andrew's Street. 

MTadzean, Mrs, 42 Peebles St. 
MTadzean, Mrs, Delcombe, Chalmers Road. 
M'Farlane, Alexander, 12 West Sanquhar Road. 

M'Farlane, Charles, slater, 70 George Street. 

M'Farlane, Daniel, 175 High Street. 

M'Farlane, Daniel, mason, 3 Teviot Street. 

M'Farlane, Frank, fireman, 5 Belvidere Terrace. 
M'Farlane, Garret, plumber. 14 River Street. 

Macfarlane, George, 15 Seafield Road. 

M'Farlane, Henry, 64 Allison Street. 

M'Farlane, James, tailor, 13 Oswald Road. 

M'Farlane, James, maehineman, 13 Old Bridge Street. 

M'Farlane, James, grocer, 8 Church Place, King Street. 

M'Farlane, James, 6 River Street. 

M'Farlane, John, 248 High Street. 

Macfarlane, John, 12 Arrol Drive. 

M'Farlane, John, plater, 2 Argyle Street. 

M'Farlane, John, cashier, 12 Allison Street. 

M'Farlane, Peter, foreman, 36 Nelson Street. 

M'Farlane, Eobert, labourer, 29 St. George's Road. 

MacFarlane, Robert A., tobacconist, bookseller, and stationer, 56 Allowajr 
Street. Telephone 3792. House— 13 Arrol Drive. 

Macfarlane, Robert A., newsagent, 49 Main Street. 

Macfarlane, William, spirit merchant, ill Main Street. House — 12 Campbell 
Street. Telephone 2173. 

M'Farlan, Miss Annie, draper and hosier, £>1 Alloway Street. House — 64 Ash- 
grove Street. 

MacFarlane, Miss A., 19 Springbank Road. 

Macfarlane, Miss Jessie, 33 Fullarton Street. 

M'Farlane, Mrs, 5J Carrick Street. 

M'Farlane, Mrs, 28 Fort Street. 

M'Farlane, Mrs, 63 Main Street. 

M'Farlane, Mrs, Fenwick Lodge, Ewenfield Road. Telephone 2701. 

M'Feat, John, 32 Green Street. 

M'Feat, John P., traveller, 4 Oswald Place. 

M'Fedries, Alexander, 15 New Bridge Street. 

M'Fedries, Hugh, 38 York Street. 

M'Fedries, James. 17-19 York Street. 

M'Fedries, John, plasterer, 91 Wallace Street. 

M'Fedries, John, carter, 2 Saltfield Lane. 

M'Fedries, John, haulage contractor, 95-97 George Street. Telephone 2348t 
House — 137 George Street. 

M'Fedris, Miss, 1 Russell Street. 

M'Fedries, Miss Barbara, 1 Allison Street. 

M'Gann & Stark. Misses, 40 Prestwick Road. 

M'Gaffney, George, chauffeur, 24 George's Avenue. 

M'Gaftney, John^ electrician, 22 Gordon Street. 

M'Garrachie, Peter, joiner. 8 Victoria Street. 

M'Garry, Peter, 37 Mill Street. 

M'Garva, Alexander, blacksmith, 21 M'Call's Avenue. 

M'Garva, Andrew, engine driver. 7 Elba Street Lane. 

M'Garva, Hector, P.O. clerk, 19 Marehfield Quadrant. 

M'Garva, J., carter, 30 Victoria Street. 

M'Garva, Jas. B., traveller, 21 Craigie Avenue. Telephone 3069. 

M'Garva, John, motorman, 17 West Sanquhar Road. 

M'Garva, John, engine driver, 15 M'Call's Avenue. 

M'Garva, John, surveyor, 7 M Call'* Avenue. 

M'Garva, Miss Margaret, grocer, ^5 M'Call's Avenue. Telephone 2682. 

M'Garvey, William, 4 Crown Street. 

M'Garvie, David, surfaceman. Belmont Crossing, St. Leonard's Road. 

M'Garvie, Samuel, drop forger, 5 Garden Street. 

M'Gaw, Alexander, storemari, 28 Waggon Road. 

M'Gawn, Thomas, mason, 55 Mill Street. 

M'Geachie, David, 65 Lochside Road. 

M'Geachie, William, stoker, 24 Green Street. 

M'Geachie, Mrs, 5 Cathcart Street. 

M Geachin, William, builder, 1 M'Call's Avenue. 

M'Geachy, Miss Jane, 38 Beresford Terrace. 

You read these lines— Others will read yours. 


M'Geachy, John, 12 Whitehill Street. 

M'Genn. John, 52 Wallace Street. 

M'Ghee, Chas. M., laundry, 25-27 Wallace Street. 

M'Ghee, James, 3 Eussell Terrace. 

M'Ghie, Eobert. 16 Workmen's Dwellings, King Street. 

M'Ghie, Samuel, joiner, 15 Falkland Park Road. 

M'Ghie, Thomas, labourer, 32 Noltmyre Road. 

M'Ghie, William, cashier, 16 Bellesleyhill Road. 

M'Ghie, Mrs, 2 Front Buildings, King Street. 

M'Gibbon, James, goods checker. 59 Oswald Road. 

M'Giffen. Andrew, joiner, 5 Russell Street. 

M'Giflen. J.. 152 George Street. 

M Gill & Smith, Ltd., seed and grain merchants, 69 Kyle Street, 29 Burns 
Statue Square, Cattle Market, and 14 York Street. Telephone 3960. 

M'Gill, Alexander, miner, 137 George Street. 

M'Gill, A. W.. civil servant, 1 Dalblair Road. 

M'Gill, David, mason, 44 Elba Street. 

M'Gill, David, grocer, 48 Hilary Crescent. 

M'Gill. Edward, joiner, 29 Stewart Road. 

M'Gill, Edward, 2 Cathcart Street. 

M'Gill, George, 42 Kyle Street. 

M'Gill, James, chauffeur, 50 Midton Road. 

M'Gill, John, cabinetmaker, 30 Queen's Terrace. 

M'Gill, John, miner, 4 Alderston Avenue. 

M'Gill, John, insurance manager, 20 St. Andrew's Street. 

M'Gill. John B. F., seedsman, 22 Carrick Road. Telephone 3189. 

M'Gill, John F. (of M'Gill & Smith), Ardantrae, ba Bacecourse Road. Tele- 
phone 2440. 

M'Gill, Robert, boot top cutter, 37 North Park Avenue. 

M'Gill, Robert, 44 Elba Street. 

M'Gill, Eobert, 7 Russell Street. 

M'Gill, Thomas, 19 Bellevue Crescent. 

M'Gill, Thomas, 1 Falkland Place. 

M'Gill. Miss E., 56-58 King Street. 

M'Gill, Miss, 50 Hilary Crescent. 

M'Gill, Misses J. & C, 9 Russell Street. 

M'Gill, Mrs, 94 Wallace Street. 

M'Gill. Mrs Mary, 43 Green Street Lane. 

M'Gilvray & M'Culloch, painters and decorators, 55 Dalblair Road. 
Telephone 3809. 

M'Gillvray, Duncan, painter, 252 High Street. 

M'Ginlay, Francis, baker, 170 Prestwick Road. 

M'Ginlay, Francis, drainer, 101 Lochside Road. 

M'Ginlay & Craig. Misses, dressmakers and costumiers, 6 Fullarton Street. 

M'Ginn, Francis, butcher. 58 King Street. 

M'Ginn, John, fruit salesman, 22 Walker Road. 

M'Ginn, Robert M'Lean, masseur, 46 Newmarket Street. Telephone 3515. 
House — 15 Arrol Drive. 

M'Ginnes, James, shoemaker, 73 Russell Street. 

M'Ginnis. John, 92-94 Green Street. 

M Ginnis, Mrs, 35 Elmbank Street. 

M'Given, Mrs, 2 Cambuslea Road. 

M'Gougan, Archibald, painter, 12 Ardlui Road. 

M'Govern, Mrs, 26 Argyle Street. 

M'Gowan, George, sawmiller, 60 Wallace Street. 

M'Gowan, Mrs, 17 Bellevue Crescent. 

M'Graw, Thomas, labourer, 8 Walker Road. 

M'Graw, Mrs, 50 York Street. 

Macgregor & Gilmour, veterinary surgeons, 20 Smith Street, and 3 Castle- 
hill Road. Telephone 3744. 

M'Gregor, Campbell, stationer and fancy goods merchant, 47 Burns Statue 
Square. Telephone 3015. House— Salamis, Hillfoot Road. 'Phone 2741 

M'Gregor, D., railway servant, 114 King Street. 

MacGregor. Duncan, clerk, 17 Heathfleld Road. 

M'Gregor, Duncan, 'bus driver, 36 Walker Road. 

M'Gregor, George 0., 18 Queen's Terrace. 

M'Gregor H. D., & Co., painters and decorators, Fort Street. Telephone 2347. 
House -8 Lansdowne Road. 

M Gregor, Ian, fireman, 29 New Bridge Street. 

Why not a bold type entry next year ? 


M'Gregor, James, signalman, 14 Wallace Street. 

M'Gregor, James L., DeanhoLme, Chalmers Road. 

M'Gregor, John, cashier, 37 Gordon Terrace. 

M'Gregor, John, timber merchant, 7 Eglinton Terrace. Telephone 2445. 

M'Gregor, Matthew, 15 Seafield Crescent. 

M'Gregor, Miss Jane, 20 Wellington Street. 

MacGregor, Mrs, Anchengreoch. 7 Clarke Avenue. 

M'Gregor, Mrs, 4 8 Bellevue Crescent. Telephone 3088. 

M'Gregor, Mrs, 4 Reid's Square, Eussell Street. 

M'Gregor, Mrs, 116 George Street. 

M'Gregor, Mrs, 30 Castlehill Road. 

M'Gregor, Mrs, 154 High Street. 

M'Gregor, Mrs, 18 Wellington Street. 

M'Gregor, Mrs, 15 Whitletts Road. 

M'Grevy, Henry, labourer, 17 Elba Street. 

M'Grory. James, footballer, 23 Miller Road. Telephone 2322. 

M'Grory, Patrick, commission agent, 18 Oswald Road. Telephone 3405. 

M'Guigan, David, horse trainer, 98 New Road. 

M'Guigan, Da.vid, commission agent, 207 High Street. 

M'Guigan, James, cabman, 21 River Street. 

M'Guigan. James B., commission agent, 12 High Street. Telephone 2261» 
House — 19 Fothringham Road. 

M'Guigan, John, horse trainer, Cree Lodge, 47 Craigie Road. Telephone 2195. 

M'Guigan, William, clerk, 118 Hunter's Avenue. 

M'Guigan, Miss Eva, 24 Waggon Road. 

M'Guigan, Miss A., 44 George Street. 

M'Guire, Hugh, 5 Reid's Square, Russell Street. 

M'Hardy, Very Re?. Canon J., 27 John Street. Telephone 3488. 

M'Harg, Alexander, tel. inspector, 17 Woodfleld Avenue. 

M'Harg, Andrew, 22 Prestwick Road. 

M'Harg, James, baker, 31 Nelson Street. 

M'Harg, James, jun., 63 Main Street. 

M'Harg, Peter, baker, 6 Craigie Avenue. 

M'Harg, Samuel, stevedore, lo Prestwick Road. 

M'Harg, Samuel, 4 Rosebank Crescent. 

M'Harg, Mrs. 9 Elmbank Street. 

M'Harg, Mrs, bakery, 20 River Street and 28 George Street. 

M'llloney, Archibald, 85 Wilson Street. 

M'lloney, Israel, 32 Mill Street. 

M'llloney, John, roadman. 64 Marchfield Quadrant. 

M'llloney, Thomas, 44 Elba Street. 

M'llloney, William, miner, 117 George Street. 

M'llroy, William, Bellrock Road. 

M'llveen, John, 3 Whitehill Street. 

M'llwrath, Cowan & Co., slaters, plumbers, and glaziers, 55 Newmarket 
Street. Telephone 2138. 

MTJLwraith, James, carter. 36 Elba Street. 

M'llwraith, James, butcher, 3 Peebles Street. Telephone 2669. House— 28 
Falkland Park Road. 

M'llwraith, Thomas, joiner, 4 Virginia Gardens. 

M'llwraith, Mrs, 6 Park Circus. 

M'llwrick, Mrs, 34 Dalblair Road. 

M'Inally, Andrew, miner, 33 Elba Street. 

M'Inally, Francis, labourer, 51 Wilson Street. 

M'Inally. John, engine-driver. 8 Heathfield Road. 

M'Innally, John, coal trimmer, 15 Glebe Crescent. 

Macinally, Thomas, 126 High Street. 

M'Innes, Charles, inland revenue, 11 Marchmont Road. 

M'Innes, David, 35 Ashgrove Street. Telephone 2460. 

M'Innes, David G., grocer, 67-69 Content Street. Telephone 3344. 

M'Innes, Duncan, railwayman, 4 Saltfleld. 

M'Innes, John, railway servant. 6 Davidson Place. 

M'Innes, Neil, railwayman, 3 West Sanquhar Road. 

Mackintosh, Alexander, sawyer, 19 Church Street. 

M'Intosh. David, painter and decorator, 1 Limekiln Road. House— 22 North- 
field Avenue. 

M'Intosh, David, painter, § M'Call's Avenue. 

M'Intosh, George, grocer, Wellington Chambers, 62 Fort Street. Telephone 
2506. House— 17 Montgomerie Terrace. 

You read these lines— Others will read yours. 


M'Intosh, J., engineer. 62 Paterson Street. 

M'Intosh. James, labourer, 107 Lochside Road. 

Macintosh, James, 101 High Street. 

M'Intosh, John, gardener, 39 Marchmont Road. 

Macintosh, John, 31 New Road. 

M'Intosh, William Kelso, painter, 7 North Park Avenue. 

M'Intyre, Alexander, motor driver, 34 Green Street Lane. 

M'Intyre, Andrew, 144 High Street. 

M'Intyre, Charles A., grocer and provision merchant, 67 New Road. House— 

140 Prestwick Road. 
M'Intyre, Edward, drop forger, 65 Mill Street. 
M'Intyre, James, haker, 9 John Street. 
M'Intyre. James, grocer, 79 South Harbour Street. 

M'Intyre, John, shipbuilder, The Durdans. Monument Road. Telephone 2580. 
M'Intyre, John, traveller, 2 Young Street. 
M'Intyre, Thomas, 4 Church Street. 
M'Intyre, William, traveller, 6 Lisburn Road. 

Macintyre, Misses, Roberton Cottage, 21 Whitletts Road. Telephone 5055. 
Macintyre, Mrs, 10 Arrol Drive. 
Macintyre, Mrs, 13 Springvale Park. 
M'Intyre. Mrs, 42 Green Street. 
M'lvor, John, clerk, 6 Fullarton Street. 
M'lvor, John, electrician, 17 Seaforth Road. 
M'Jannet, Thomas, carter, 11 Elmbank Street. 
M'Janet, William, joiner, 22 Ardlui Road. 
M'Janet, Mrs, 26 Lansdowne Road. 
Mackay Bros., coal merchants, 6 York Street Lane. 
Mackay, David M., chartered surveyor, E.S.I. , F.F.S., 80 Castlehill Road. 

Telephone 2925. 
Mackay, Duncan, M.A., 3 Monument Road. Telephone 2556. 
M'Kay, James, postman. 26 Seaforth Road. 
Mackay, John, 4 Seafield Drive. 
M'Kay, Joseph, 54 Content Street. 

Mackay, Matthew, laundry manager, 15 Montgomerie Terrace. 
Mackay, Niveu C, grocery manager, 41 Union Avenue. 
M'Kay, Patrick, tiler, 44 Wellington Street. 
Mackay, Robert, coal trimmer, 47 Greeu Street. 
M'Kay, Thomas, labourer, 44 Elba Street. 
Mackay, William, writer, 20 Beresford Terrace. 
M'Kay, William, 28 York Street Lane. 
M'Kay, William, machinist. 5 Saltfield. 
Mackay, William J. M.. spirit merchant, 61 High Street. 
M'Kay, Misses, teachers, 3 Bruce Crescent. 
Mackay, Miss Jessie H., 7 Bellevue Crescent. 
M'Kean, James, inspector, 29 Hawkhill Avenue. 
M'Kean. James, engineer, 24 Paterson Street. 
M'Kean, Robert, mason, 6 Young Street. 
M'Kean, Misses. 5 Prestwick Road. 
M'Keand, Michael, 239 High Street. 
M'Keand, Thomas, labourer, 29 Mews Lane. 
M'Keand, Mrs, 14 Quail Road. 

M'Kechan, Alexander, waggon inspector, 35 Quail Road. 
M'Kechnie, A. E., dentist, 47 Paterson Street. 
M'Kechnie, Andrew, mason, 60 Glebe Crescent. 
M'Kechnie. Donald S., dentist, 56 Main Street. 
M'Kechnie, James L, traveller, 9 Cambuslea Road. 
M'Kechnie, Robert, billposter, 7 Belvidere Terrace. 
M'Kechnie, William. 68 Elba Street. 
M'Kechnie, Miss, confectioner, 70 Main Street. 
M'Kechnie, Mrs, 22 Campbell Street. 
M'Keen, James K., wine merchant, 78 Castlehill Road. 
M'Keen, Mrs, 11 Elmbank Street. 
M'Kellar, Donald, vamnan, 12 Green Street. 
M'Kellar, James, hawker, 21 Wilson Street. 
M'Kellar, Miss Jane, 30 Woodfield Road. 
M'Kelvie, Archibald, vegetable merchant, 73 Main Street. 
M'Kelvie, David, labourer, 67 Wallace Street. 
M'Kelvie, James, labourer, 31 Marchfield Quadrant. 
M'Kelvie, John, labourer, 58 King Street. 

Why not a bold type entry next year? 


MKelvie, John, 16 Mill Street. 

M'Kelvie, Matthew, brassfinisher, 12 Viewfield Road. 

M'Kelvie, William, 28 Mill Street. 

M'Kelvie, Miss Agnes, 77 Main Street. 

M'Kelvie, Mrs, 11 Green Street. 

M'Kelvie, Mrs, 95 South Harbour Street. 

M'Kenna, Dr. Fergus, Stronvar, 31 Prestwick Road. Telephone 3651. 

M'Kenna, Francis, 21 High Street. 

M'Kenna, George, labourer, 29 Walker Road. 

M'Kenna, James. 1 Front Buildings, King Street. 

M'Kenna, Michael, plasterer, 15 Content Street. 

M'Kenna, Thomas, plasterer, 65 Wilson Street. 

M'Kenna, William, drover, 95 King Street. 

M'Kenna, Miss Jemina, la Back Peebles Street. 

M'Kendrick, Hendry, 7 Hope Street. 

Mackenzie, Rev. Archibald. B.D., minister of Ayr Second Charge, 36 Park 

Circus. Telephone 3167. 
M'Kenzie, Daniel, nursery foreman, 31 Quail Road. 

M'Kenzie, Hugh, tobacconist, stationer and confectioner, 2 Prestwick Road. 
M'Kenzie, Hugh, die sinker, 43 Springbank Road. 
M'Kenzie, Hugh, 216 High Street. 
M'Kenzie, James, 100 High Street. 
M'Kenzie, James, moulder, 9 Lawson Street. 
M'Kenzie, James, painter, 239 High Street. 
M'Kenzie, John, bricklayer, 29 Elmbank Street. 
Mackenzie, John, 17 Seafield Orescent. 
M'Kenzie, John R., civil engineer, 4 Blackburn Drive. 
M'Kenzie, Kenneth, constable, 3 South Harbour Street. 
M'Kenzie, Thomas, railway worker, 41 Nelson Street. 
M'Kenzie, William, painter, 99 King Street. 
Mackenzie, William, grain miller, 11 Somerset Road. 

Mackenzie, William, managing director, 27 Park Circus. Telephone 2538. 
M'Kenzie, William, 23 Carrick Street. 

Mackenzie, William, ship's draughtsman, 15 Springbank Road. 
M'Kenzie, Helen, 4 Workmen's Dwellings, King Street. 

Mackenzie, Miss Margaret E., Netherby, 16 Ronaldshaw Park. 'Phone 2813. 
Mackenzie, Misses. Oakdene, 12 St. Andrew's Street. 
Mackenzie, Mrs, The Chalet, 8 Carrick Avenue. 
M'Kenzie, Mrs, 21 Woodfleld Avenue. 
M'Kergow, Hugh, joiner, 45 Green Street. 

M'Kerrow, Andrew, Langley Bank. 39 Carrick Road. Telephone 2845. 
M'Kerrow, James, 40 Weaver Street. 
M'Kerrow, John, '68 York Street. 
M'Kevitt, George, plumber, 59 Content Street. 
M'Kevitt, Miss C, 57 Content Street. 
M'Kevitt, Mrs, 20 Elba Street. 
M'Kevitt, Mrs, 13 M'Call's Avenue. 


Alexander, craneman, 26 Oswald Place, 
e, Harry, labourer. 24 Glebe Crescent, 
e, James, 4 Holmston Road. 
e, James, 14 Gordon Terrace, 
e, James, miner, 62 Content Street, 
e, Robert, 23 Crown Street. 

e, Samuel, labourer, 32 Workmen's Dwellings, King Street, 
e, Thomas, vanman, 4 Russell Street, 
e, Thomas, labourer, 77 Walker Road, 
e, Thomas, labourer, 55 Walker Road, 
e, William, labourer, 68 Wilson Street, 
e, Miss Grace, dressmaker, 6 Nelson Street, 
e, Mrs, 58 King Street, 
e, Mrs, 38 Taylor Street, 
e, Mrs, 1 8 Crown Street, 
e. Mrs, 37 Elmbank Street. 
11, Robert, engineer, 10 Content Street. 
11, Mrs, 10 Allison Street, 
llop, James, grocer, 28 Woodfield Avenue. 
Hop, William, plumber, 61 Bellesleyhill Avenue. 
llop, Mrs, 12 George's Avenue, 
llop, Mrs, 72 York Street. 

You read these lines— Others will read yours. 


M'Kinlay, Alexander, hammerman, 4 Lisburn Road. 

M'Kinlay, John, labourer, 45 Walker Road. 

M'Kinlay, John, 103 Green Street. 

M'Kinlay. S„ machinist, 2 Victoria Street. 

M'Kinlay, Stephen, sawmill joiner, 18 Taylor Street. 

M'Kinlay, Thomas, labourer, 68 Elba Street. 

M'Kinnell, William, 22 Quail Road. 

M'Kinnon, Alexander, miner, 58 Wilson Street. 

M'Kinnon, David, baker, 54 Mill Street. 

M'Kinnon, Donald, motorman, 74 York Street Lane. 

M'Kinnon, Hugh, hamcurer, 50 Mill Street. 

M'Kinnon, James, foreman, Weir Road. 

M'Kinnon, John, coal trimmer, 107 Main Street. 

MacKinnon, John Donald, Locblea, 7 Carrick Road. Telephone 3924. 

MacKinnon, Norman, C.A. (of Hyslop, Lyle & MacKinnon), 18 Hilary Crescent. 

M'Kinnon, Walter, 21 Back Peebles Street. 

M'Kinnon, William, groom, 18 Dalblair Road. 

M'Kinnon, William, carter, 8 Ross Street. 

M'Kinnon. William R., 28 Woodfield Road. 

Mackinnon, Mrs, 17 Bellevue Crescent. 

M'Kinnon, Mrs, 8 Taylor Street. 

M'Kinnon, Mrs, 2 Taylor Street. 

M'Kinstray, Frank, labourer. 5 Belvidere Terrace. 

M'Kinstray, James, 1 Ailsa Place. 

M'Kinstray, James, 7 Limond's Wynd. 

M'Kinstray, Robert, mason, 2 Oswald Road. 

M'Kinstray, Misses H. & I., hosiers, 239 High Street. 

M'Kinstry, Alexander (of Mains & Co., Ltd.), 33 Burns Statue Square. Tele* 

phone 3856. 
M'Kinstry. Mrs. 12 Fothringham Road. 
M'Kinstrie. Alexander, maltster, 10 Allison Street. 
M'Kinstrie. John, coach painter, 93 High Street. 
M'Kissock, Andrew, railway servant, 116 Green Street. 
M'Kissock, John, teacher, 4 Whitletts Road. 
M'Kissock, Thomas, musician, 1 Craigie Avenue. 
M'Kissock, William, 62 Mill Street. 
M'Kissock, Mrs, 56 Mill Street. 
M'Kissock, Mrs, 5o Dalblair Road. 

M'Kissock, Mrs, stationer, Lome Arcade. 115 High Street. 
M'Kissock, Mrs, 45 High Street. 
M'Kitting, Andrew, slater, 19 New Bridge Street. 
M'Knight, Andrew, shipyard worker, 18 Seaforth Crescent. 
M'Knight, Hugh, Arnsheen, 11 Racecourse Road. 
M'Knight. Hugh, 37 Mill Street. 
M'Knight. Hugh, labourer. 23 Crown Street. 
M'Knight, James, gardener, 11 John Street. 
M'Knight, John, carpenter, 140 Wilson Street. 
M'Knight, Robert, labourer, 44 Glebe Orescent. 
M'Knight, Mrs. 48 High Street. 
M'Knight, Mrs, 15 John Street. 
Maclachlan, David, 2 Old Bridge Street. 
M'Lachlan, Hugh, sculptor. Station Road. Telephone 2641. House — 29 

Inverkar Road. 
Maclachlan, James, shoemaker, 2 Old Bridge Street. 
Maclachlan, Mrs, Ardgreen, Park Terrace. Telephone 3648. 
M'Lachlan, Mrs, 4 Arrol Drive. 
MacLagan, Mrs, 7 Belvidere Terrace. 
M'Lardie, Robert, baker, 22 Union Avenue. 
M'Laren, Hugh, 28 Taylor Street. 
M'Laren. James D., 35 Russell Street. 
M'Laren, James D., 4 River Terrace. 
Maclaren, Joseph, sergeant-ma.ior. 2 Ailsa Place. 
M'Laren. Malcolm, Plough Inn, 237 High Street. Telephone 3368. House — 

26 Bellevue Crescent. 
M'Laren, Robert, joiner, 63 Princes Street. 
M'Laren, Robert, 25 Allison Street. 
M'Laren, William. 6 Limond's Wynd. 
M'Larty. David, vanma.n, 45 High Street. 
M'Larty, Gavin, 3 Church Street. 
M'Larty, Malcoim, hotel porter, 86 Green Street. 

Why not a bold type entry next year? 


M'Larty, Neil, railway guard, 56 Paterson Street. 

M'Larty, Robert, cooper, 54 Glebe Crescent. 

M'Lauchlan, Hugh, 7 Allison Street. 

M'Lauchlan, Hugh, 30 Green Street Lane. 

M'Laughlan, Matthew, hardware merchant, 207 High Street. 

M'Laughlan, Matthew, importer, 203-205 High Street. 

M'Lauchlan, Walter, miner, 57 New Road. 

M'Lauchlan, William, 99 South Harbour Street. 

M'Laughlan, William, 57 Mill Street. 

M'Lauchlan, William, carpet weaver, 48 Princes Street. 

M'Lauchlan, Mrs, 45 Whitletts Road. 

M'Lauchlan, Mrs, 6 Elba Street Lane. 

M'Laughlin, Thomas, 13 Charlotte Street. 

M'Laughlin, William, 3 Limond's Wynd. 

Maclaurin, Mrs, Dunellan, 12 Wheatfield Road. Telephone 3230. . 

M'Lean, A. & D., joiners and undertakers, 24 Fort Street. Telephone 2129. 

M'Lean, Alexander, spirit merchant (of M'Lean & M'Parlane), 15 Craigie Road. 

Telephone 2011. 
M'Lean, Alexander, barman, 34 Wilson Street. 
M'Lean, Alexander, docker, 20 Ross Street. 
M'Lean, Alexander, compositor, 2 Paterson Street. 
M'Lean, Alexander, coal trimmer, 117 Oswald Road. 
M'Lean, Alexander, joiner, 95 Prestwick Road. 
M'Lean, Andrew, storeman, la M'Call's Avenue. 
M'Lean, Daniel, baker, 14 Campbell Street. 
M'Lean, Daniel, 53 Workmen's Dwellings, King Street. 
M'Lean, Daniel, baker, 29 New Road. 
M'Lean, David, surfaceman, 72 Green Street. 
M'Lean, David, tennis court keeper, 24 New Bridge Street. 
M'Lean, Donald C, builder, 6 Green Street Lane. 
M'Lean, Duncan, blacksmith, 93 High Street. Telephone 3151. House — 53 

Allow ay Street. 
M'Lean, George, labourer. 106 Green Street. 
MacLean, George N., traveller, 23 Seafield Drive. 
M'Lean, Henry, joiner, 23 Kyle Street. 
M'Lean, Hector, 15 Workmen's Dwellings, King Street. 

M'Lean, Captain James, quartermaster. R.S.P., Inverside. 2 Bellevale Quadrant. 
M'Lean, James, foreman, 24 Quail Road. 
M'Lean, James, engine-driver, 32 Wellington Street. 
M'Lean, James, joiner, 11 Queen Street. 

M'Lean, James Muir, post office clerk, 48 Hawkhill Avenue. 
M'Lean, John, holder-on, 11 King Street. 
M'Lean, John, railway servant, 74 Green Street. 
M'Lean, John, 84 Russell Street. 
M'Lean, Malcolm, 48 Green Street. 
M'Lean, Peter, barman, 33 Nelson Street. 
M'Lean, Robert, painter, 69 Princes Street. 
M'Lean, Robert, painter, 15 Virginia Gardens. 
M'Lean, Robert, labourer, Cunning Park, Doonfoot Road. 
M'Lean, Thomas, vanman, 57 Princes Street. 
M'Lean, William, insurance agent, 100 Hunter's Avenue. 
M'Lean, William, baker, 66 Green Street. 
M'Lean, William, carter, 57 Princes Street. 
M'Lean, William, 18 Carrick Street. Telephone 2723. 
M'Lean, Miss Mary, 2 Old Bridge Street. 
M'Lean, Mrs, 43 Lochside Road. 
M'Lean, Mrs, 4 Hawkhill Avenue. 
M'Lean, Mrs, 97 High Street. 
M'Lean, Mrs, 3 Back Peebles Street. 
M'Lean, Mrs, 16 Kyle Street. 
M'Lean, Mrs, 3 Ardlui Road. 
M'Lean, Mrs. 16 Elmbank Street. 
M'Lean, Mrs, 17 Glebe Crescent. 
M'Lean, Mrs, 100 Prestwick Road. 
MacLean, Mrs, milliner, 17 Kyle Street. 

MacLehose, Hamish A., Shona, 9 South Park Road. Telephone 2860. 
M'Lelland, Alexander, pithead worker, 13 West Sanquhar Road. 
M'Lellan, George, railway guard, 22 Elmbank Street. 
M'Lellan, Henry, loco, fireman, 30 Russell Street. 

You read these lines— Others will read yours. 


M'Lellan, Hugh, 107 New Road. 

M'Lellan, James, police constable, 5 M'CalFs Avenue. 

M'Lellan, James, 31 York Street. 

M'Lellan, James, 21 George's Avenue. 

Maclellan, John, 58 Peebles Street. 

M'Lellan, Neil, fireman, 46 Princes Street. 

M'Lellan, Robert, cabinetmaker, 40 Princes Street. 

M'Lellan, Samuel. 105 High Street. 

M'Lellan, Miss Catherine M., 13 Bellesleyhill Avenue. 

M'Lelland, Andrew H., traveller, 4 George's Avenue. 

M'Lelland, Andrew, railway fireman, 6 Wilson Street. 

M'Lelland, Angus, 24 Crown Street. 

M'Lelland, Hugh, 25 Church Street. 

M'Lelland, James, motor driver, 10 High Street. 

M'Lelland, John, joiner, 4 Smith Street. 

M'Lelland, John, coach painter, 57 Princes Street. 

M'Lelland, Robert, saddler, 8 Church Street. 

M'Lelland, Robert, 5 Blackburn Drive. 

M'Lelland, Samuel, gardener, Low Bridge of Doon. Doonfoot Road. 

M'Lelland, William, soldier, 137 Main Street. 

M'Lelland, Mrs. 6 James Street. 

M'Lelland, Mrs, 2 Cathcart Street. 

M'Lennan, Mrs, 56 Allison Street. 

M'Leod, Alexander (of John M'Leod), 10 Cromwell Place. 

M'Leod, John, painter and decorator, 28 Newmarket Street. Telephone 2409. 

M'Leod, John, shoemaker, 15 Moss-side Road. 

M'Leod, Norman, joiner, 18 Peebles Street. 

M'Leod, Miss Annie W.. " Gift Shop," 18 Newmarket Street. 'Phone 3492. 

M'Leod, Mrs, 5 Britannia Place. 

M'Leod, Mrs, 126 High Street. 

M'Leod, Mrs, 18 Elba Street Lane. 

M'Leod, Mrs, 25 New Road. 

M'Lurken, Alexander, miner, 19 Crown Street. 

M'Lurkin, Mrs, Craigie Road. 

M'Luskey, Joseph, 14 Crown Street. 

M'Luskey, Mrs. 64 Main Street. 

M'Mahon, Alexander, 68 Mill Street. 

M'Mahon, Francis, 23 King Street. 

M'Mahon, James, labourer. 30 Wilson Street. 

M'Mahon, James, hawker, 50 King Street. 

M'Mahon, Patrick, coal merchant, 40 King Street. 

M'Mahon, Patrick, labourer, 102 King Street. 

M'Mahon, Thomas, labourer, 50 Walker Road. 

M'Mahon, Mrs, 52 King Street. 

Mac Master, children's and ladies' outfitters, 63 Dalblair Road. 'Phone 2815. 

M'Master, David, engineer, Dalaruan, 8 Whitletts Road. 

Macmaster, Donald, M.A., schoolmaster, 4 Hilary Crescent. 

M'Master, Miss Margaret, 1 York Street Lane. 

M'Master. Mrs, 31 High Street. 

M'Math. James, L.D.S., dental surgeon, 2 Carrick Road. Telephone 2854. 

M'Meekin, Francis, 39 York Street. 

M'Meeking, Gilbert, joiner, 13 Belvidere Terrace. 

M'Menemy, William S., 22 Chalmers Road. Telephone 3418. 

M'Michael, William, carter, 39 Stewart Road. 

M'Millan & Howie, solicitors, 58 Alloway Street. Telephone 3986. 

M'Millan & Monro, Ltd., confectioners. 212 High Street. Telephone 2447. 

M'Millan, Alexander, tenter, 19 New Bridge Street. 

M'Millan, Alexander, 7 Reid's Square, Russell Street. 

M'Millan, Alexander, labourer, 93 Main Street. 

M'Millan, Alexander, labourer, 34 Weaver Street. 

M'Millan, Alexander W., blacksmith, 10 Waggon Road. 

MMillan, Allan, baker's salesman, 166 High Street. 

M'Millan. Andrew, 10 York Street. 

Macmillan, Dr Campbell, 1 Queen's Terrace. 

M'Millan, Daniel, 4 Saltfield. 

M'Millan, David, secretary, 6 Midton Road. 

M'Millan, Douglas, painter, 13 John Street. 

M'Millan, George, labourer, 19 Lochside Road. 

M'Milan, George, cashier, 33 Robsland Avenue. Telephone 3073. 

Why not a bold type entry next year ? 


M'Millan, George A., chemist, Carrick View, 47 St. Leonard's Road. 

M'Millan, James, 196 High Street. 

M'Millan, James, carter, 116 George Street. 

M'Millan, James, plumber, gasfitter, and slater, 20 Church Street. Telephone 

2300. House— 35 Church Street. 
M'Millan, James, plumber, 24 King Street. 
M'Millan, James, grocer, 67 Green Street. 
M'Millan, James, moulder, 44 York Street. 
Macniillan, James P., 24 Elmbank Street. 
M'Millan, James M„ chemist, 6 Alloway Street. Telephone 2388. House— 

Benvaren, 22 Carrick Road. 
M'Millan, John, caulker, 23 Princes Street. 
M'Millan, John, joiner, 81 King Street. 
M'Millan, John, labourer, 93 King Street. 

M'Millan, John, potato merchant, 19 Weaver Street and 16 New Road. 
M'Millan, John, 28 Taylor Street. 
M'Millan, John, plumber and slater, 9a Cathca,rt Street. Telephone 2826. 

House — 16 Bath Place. 
M'Millan, Matthew, watchmaker, 8 Kyle Street. 
M'Millan, Quintin, blacksmith, 6 Waggon Road. House— 36 Falkland Park 

M'Millan., Samuel, labourer, 26 Peebles Street. 
M'Millan, S., butcher, 9 River Terrace. 
M'Millan, Thomas, painter, 83 King Street. 
M'Millan, Thomas, car conductor, 8 Queen Street. 
M'Millan, William, coal merchant, 19 York Street. 
M'Millan, William, labourer, 45 Main Street. 
M'Millan, William, coalman. 44 St. George's Road. 

Macmillan, William, bank teller, Wellington Chambers. 70 Fort Street. 
M'Millan, William R. solicitor, 12 Bellevale Avenue. 
M'Millan. William S., solicitor (of M'Millan & Howie), 18 Chalmers RoadL 

Telephone 2039. 
M'Millan, Misses, 22 Eglinton Terrace. 
M'Millan, Miss Annie, dressmaker, 2 Glebe Crescent. 
M'Millan, Miss B., carpet weaver, 12 Taylor Street. 
Macmillan, Mrs. The Torr, 3 Hartfield Road. 
M'Millan, Mrs, 19 Carrick Street. 
M'Millan, Mrs, 31 Queen's Terrace. 
M'Millan, Mrs, 66 Ashgrove Street. 
M'Millan, Mrs. 24 Woodfield Road. 
M'Millan, Mrs, 226 High Street. 
M'Minn, James, brassfinisher, 105 High Street. 
M'Minn, Thomas, boarding-house, 12 Cassillis Street. 
M'Minn, Eobert. postman, 82 Sandgate. 
M'Minn, Mrs, 9 Heathfield Road. 
M'Moreland, John, 26 Green Street Lane. 
M'Morland, William, <s8 Taylor Street. 
M'Morland, Miss Mary, 1 Saltfield. 
M'Morland, Mrs, 69 Green Street. 
M'Murray, Mrs, 57 Hawkhill Avenue. 
M'Murray, Mrs, 36 Fort Street. 

M'Murtrie, Alexander, labourer, 21 Seaforth Crescent. 
M'Murtrie, D., 5 Limond's Wynd. 
M'Murtrie, David, 4 Princes Street. 

M'Murtrie, David, watchmaker (of John M'Murtrie & Son), 34 Robsland Avenue. 
M'Murtrie, David, cabinetmaker, 2 Wattfield Road. 
M'Murtrie, George, 9 Argyle Street. 
M'Murtrie, George, engine-driver, 6 Smith Street. 
M'Murtrie, George B., solicitor, 1 Craigie Avenue. 
M'Murtrie, Gilbert, coachman, 51 Kyle Street. 
M'Murtrie, J., & Son, watchmakers, 63 Kyle Street. 
M'Murtrie, John, 7 Limond's Wynd. 
M'Murtrie, John, bricklayer, 8 Wilson Street. 
M'Murtrie, John, labourer, 25 John Street. 
M'Murtrie, John, pawnbroker, Lome Arcade, 115 High Street. House— 2 

Wattfield Road. 
M'Murtrie, Robert, fireman, 42 Princes Street. 
M'Murtrie, Thomas, bank teller, 121 High Street. 
M'Murtrie, Miss Agnes, 14 Springbank Road. 

You read these lines— Others will read yours. 


M'Murtrie, Misses, confectioners. 23 Sandgate. House — 5 Cromwell Place. 

M'Murtrie, Misses, Myrtlebank, 7 Ailsa Place. 

M'Murtrie. Mrs, 29 Wallace Street. 

M'Murtrie, Mrs, 61 Wellington Street. 

M'Mynn, William, furnaceman, 30 Elba Street. 

M'Nab, Archibald, clerk, 5 Woodfield Avenue. 

M'Nab, John, motor demolisher, 22 Smith Street. Telephone 2868. 

M'Nab, Rev. J. Strathearn, minister of St. Leonard's Church, 4 Monument Rd. 

M'Nab, Misses, 23 Bellevue Crescent. 

M'Nair, Charles, architect, 15 Charlotte Street. Telephone 3514. 

M'Nair, Harry S., architect, 2 Holmston Road. Telephone 3327. 

M'Nair, John F., journalist, 2 Quail Road. Telephone 2026. 

M'Nair, W. & J., butchers, 22 Sandgate. Telephone 3100. 

M'Nair, William, 4 Eobsland Avenue. 

M'Naught, William, machineman, 18 Gordon Terrace. 

M'Naught. Mrs, 212 Prestwick Road. 

M'Naughton, Misses. 45 Fort Street. 

M'Nee, Charles, slater, 38 Viewfield Road. 

M'Nee, James, greenkeeper, 1 Doonfoot Road. 

M'Nee, John, labourer, 30 Wellington Street. 

M'Nee. Robert, vanman, 5 West Sanquhar Road. 

M'Nee, William, ship's caulker, 119 Wallace Street. 

M'Nee, Mrs, 115 Wallace Street. 

M'Neil, Henry, labourer, 27 Wilson Street. 

M'Neil, Henry, labourer, 84 Northfield Avenue. 

M'Neil, James, railwayman, 48 Waggon Road. 

M'Neil, Patrick, boot finisher, 7 Glebe Road. 

M'Neil, Robert, 16 Content Street. 

M'Neil, Mrs, 28 Elmbank Street. 

M'Neil, Mrs, 28 Taylor Street. 

M'Neilage, William, plumber, 26 Content Street. 

M'Neilage. Mrs, 17 Whitletts Road. 

M'Neill, James, teacher, 81 Oswald Road. 

M'Neill, Malcolm, cashier, 63 Woodfield Crescent. 

M'Neill, Mrs, 76 Elba Street. 

M'Neill, Mrs, 31 Midton Road. 

M'Neillie, S., labourer, 58 King Street. 

M'Neillie, William, gas stoker, 68 Allison Street. 

M'Nicol, Hector, bank clerk, 131 Prestwick Road. 

MacNicol, Miss Isabel, milliner, 2 Burns Statue Square. 

M'Nicol, Mrs, 207 High Street. 

M'Nicoli, William, 7 Goschen Terrace. 

M'Nider, Miss Isa, 31 Union Avenue. 

M'Ninch, John, engine-driver, 36 Oswald Road. 

M'Ninch, Richard, draper, Wallacetown Post Office, 11 George Street. House 

— Creathlea, 6 St. George's Road. 
M'Ninch, Robert W., chemist, 61 Sandgate. Telephone 3726. House — 28 

Fort Street. 
M'Ninch, William, 73 Woodfield Crescent. 
M'Ninch, Mrs, 36 Wellington Street. 
M'Nulty, A., labourer. 10 Limond's Wynd. 
M'Petrie, John, 126 High Street. 
M'Phail, Mrs, 8 Smith Street. 

M'Phee & Dunbar, hairdressers, 141 George Street. 
M'Phee, Alexander, plater. 58 Content Street. 
M'Phee, Hugh, 1 Oswald Road. 
M'Phee, James, fireman, 15 Belvidere Terrace. 
M'Phee, John, hairdresser, 43 York Street. 
M'Phee, William, rivet heater, 8 Glebe Crescent. 
M'Phee, Mrs, 94 High Street. 
M'Phee, Mrs, 1 Oswald Road. 
M'Pherson, Adam, miner, 28 Noltmyre Road. 
M'Pherson, Alexander, engineer, 33 Stewart Road. 
M'Pherson, Alexander, carpenter, 115 South Harbour Street. 
M'Pherson, Alexander, clerk, 3 Hawkhill Avenue. 
M'Pherson, Angus, engine-driver, 5 Springbank Road. 
M'Pherson, Daniel, coal trimmer, 41 Green Street. 
M'Pherson, Daniel, conl trimmer, 15 Taylor Street. 
M'Pherson, Donald, miner, 68 Elba Street. 

Why not a bold type entry next year ? 


M'Pherson, Francis, coal trimmer, 35 Wellington Street. 

Macpherson, Frank EL. solicitor, 2 Wellington Square. Telephone 2436. 

M'Pherson. Hugh, 45 York Street. 

M'Pherson, James, 20 New Bridge Street. 

M'Pherson, .Joh/i, 3 Lawson Street. 

M'Pherson, Peter, coal trimmer, 8 Marchfield Quadrant. 

M'Pherson, Robert. 33 York Street. 

M'Pherson, Walter. 45 York Street. 

Macpherson, Mrs, 20 Queen's Terrace. 

M'Pike, James, traveller, 13 North Park Avenue. 

M'Quaker, Alexander, shoemaker, 32 Taylor Street. 

M'Quaker, Alexander (of J. M'Quaker & Sons, Content Street), 47 Whitletts- 

M'Quaker, James, grocer, 39 Green Street. 

M'Quaker, John, & Sons, grocers and spirit merchants, 29-31 Green Street. 

M'Quaker, John, & Sons, grocers and wine merchants, 20 Content Street. Tele- 
phone 26'65. 

M'Quaker, John, grocer, 104 Green Street. 

M'Quaker, John, 123 New Road. 

M'Quaker, John T., 24 Elba Street. 

M'Quaker, Peter, grocer, 4 Belvidere Terrace. 

M'Quaker, Mrs, 37 Craigie Road. 

M'Quaker, Mrs, Dunailan, 62 Whitletts Road. 

M'Quater, Samuel, railway worker, 24 Ross Street. 

M'Queen, Charles, burgh employee, 71 Wellington Street. 

M'Queen, James, butcher, 68 Oswald Road. 

M'Queen, James, labourer, 82 Wilson Street. 

M'Queen, Mrs, 8 Charlotte Street. 

M'Queen, Mrs, 8 Blackburn Road. Telephone 3980. 

M'Quiston, Hugh, motor garage, Beresford Lane. Telephone 2089. House— 
33 Park Circus. 

M'Quiston, James, Albany, 25 Castlehill Road. 

M'Quiston, John, labourer, 14 Back Peebles Street. 

M'Quiston, Peter. 29 George Street. 

M'Quiston. Thomas, 24 North Harbour Street. 

M'Quiston. William, butcher, 31 Heathfteld Road. 

M'Quiston, William, meat salesman, 97 Mill Street. Telephone 3340. 

M'Quiston, Miss Jane, 33 Campbell Street. 

M'Quiston, Mrs, 44 Content Street. 

M'Quiston, Mrs, 51 Wellington Street. 

M'Quoid, Thomas, grocer, 226 Prestwick Road. House— 6 Falkland Place. 

Macrae. Alexander, plumber, 250 Prestwick Road. 

M'Rae, Thomas, spirit merchant. 8 Main Street. House— 10 Main Street. 

M'Robert, Hugh, postman, 68 Mill Street. 

M'Robert, Robert, motor hirer, 10 Alloway Street. Telephone 3750. 

M'Robert, Robert, 15 Carrick Street. 

M'Robert, Mrs. 76 Marchfield Quadrant. 

M'Roberts, Gordon, dairyman, 144 High Street. 

M'Roberts, Gordon, watchman, 187 Prestwick Road. 

M'Roberts, Captain Hugh, 135 High Street. 

M'Roberts, James, joiner, 72 Paterson Street. 

M'Roberts, Robert. 31 Dalblair Road. 

M'Ronald, J. & W.. haulage contractors, 42 Hawkhill Avenue. 

M'Ronald. John (of J. & W. M'Ronald, contractors), 1 Academy Street. 

M'Ronald, John, salesman, 4 St. George's Road. 

M'Ronald. Samuel, spirit merchant, 35 South Harbour Street. House— 1© 
Eglinton Terrace. 

M'Ronald, William, labourer. 11 Noltmyre Road. 

M'Sporran, James, butcher, 38 Elba Street. 

M'Sporran, Maurice, storeman, 20 Carrick Street. 

M'Sporran, Robert, grocer, 59 Wilson Street. 

M'Swan, John, shipwright, 29 Wallace Street. 

M'Taggart, Angus, labourer, 19 Gould Street. 

M'Taggart, James, 69 Green Street. 

M'Taggart, Miss Alice. 17-19 South Harbour Street. 

M'Taggart, Miss Elizabeth, fish merchant, 69 South Harbour Street. Tele- 
phone 3557. 

M'Taggart, Mrs, 33 North Park Avenue. 

M'Taggart, Mrs, 20 New Bridge Street. 

You read these lines— Others will read yours. 


M'Tairsh. Edward, draper, 77 High Street. 

M'Tavish, Leslie, police constable. 27 Woodfleld Crescent. 

M'Tavish, Mrs, caretaker, 25 Wellington Square. 

M'Turk, James, clerk, 67 St. George's Road. 

M'Turk, John, miner, 6 Lishurn Road. 

M'Turk, John, engine-driver, 21 M'Call's Avenue. 

M'Turk, Mrs, 20 Kyle Street. 

M'Vea, Dr James, Netherton, 2 Bowman Road. Telephone 3440. 

M'Vea. Dr Janet. Netherton, 2 Bowman Road. Telephone 3440. 

M'Vean, William, grocer, 19 Argyle Street. 

M'Vean, William, grocer, 84 Green Street. 

M'Vey, James, merchant, 39 Bellevue Crescent. Telephone 3984. 

M'Vey, John, hamcurer, 26 Crown Street. 

M'Vey, Mrs, 20 New Bridge Street. 

M'Vey, Mrs, 15o Prestwick Road. 

M'Vicar, Thomas, vanman, 8 Smith Street. 

M'Vicar, Miss. Craigie Cottages, 67 John Street. Telephone 3430. 

M'Vie, John, baker, 79a George Street. 

M'Vie, John, baker, 5 Victoria Road. 

M'Vie, Thomas, miner, 38 Peebles Street. 

M'Vie. Thomas, inspector of schools (retired), 45 Bellevue Crescent. 

M'Walter, William, 50 Paterson Street. 

M'Whinnie, A., groom, 1'6 Gordon Terrace. 

M'Whinnie, Hugh, loco, fireman, 61 St. George's Road. 

M'Whinnie, Hugh, tailor, 71 Princes Street. 

M'Whinnie, James, tailor, 13 Elmbank Street. 

M'Whinnie, Thomas, miner, 57 Seaforth Orescent. 

M'Whinnie, Thomas, fruit merchant, 17 Green Street. 

M'Whinnie, William, miner, 81_ Wallace Street. 

M'Whinnie, William, cashier, o3 St. Leonard's Road. 

M'Whirter, Edward, 31 Green Street Lane. 

M'Whirter, James, 25 Back Peebles Street. 

M'Whirter, James, labourer, 65 Green Street Lane. 

M'Whirter, Robert, joiner, 13 Content Avenue. 

M'Whirter, Thomas, drapery traveller. 32 Union Avenue. 

M'Whirter, Thomas B., 17 Bellesleyhill Avenue. 

M'Whirter, Thomas, builder and contractor, 161 Prestwick Road. 

M'Whirter, William, labourer, 41 Dalblair Road. 

M'Whirter, Mrs. 188 Prestwick Road. 

M'Whirter, Mrs, 5 Tryfield Place. 

M'Whirter, Mrs, confectioner, 6 Newmarket Street. 

M'William, Archibald, labourer, 22 Elmbank Street. 

M'William. Edward, caretaker, 6 Wellington Square. 

M'William, Hugh, railway guard, 20 Elmbank Street. 

M'William, John, labourer, 55 Gould Street. 

M'William, William, brassfinisher. 9 Carrick Street. 

MacWilliam, Miss Marion, 42 Bellevale Avenue. 

M'William, Mrs, 154 High Street. 

M'William. Mrs, 186 High Street. 

M'Williams, David, gardener, 1 Argyle Street. 

M'Williams, Peter, insurance agent, 12 Nelson Street. 


Macara, Thomas D., spirit merchant. 2 Kyle Street. House — 14 Kyle Street. 

Mack, David, coal salesman, 15 Taylor Street. 

Mack, Robert, 59 Kyle Street. 

Mack, Richard, dentist, 56 Main Street. 

Mackie, Adam, draper and hosier, 4 Prestwick Road. 

Mackie, Alexander M., butter merchant, 3 Woodfleld Road. 

Mackie, David, railway clerk, 171 Prestwick Road. 

Mackie, Hugh, dentist, 16 New Bridge Street. 

Mackie, James, miner, 252 High Street. 

Mackie, James, barman, 59 Princes Street. 

Mackie, John, 15 Ardlui Road. 

Mackie, John, draper, 42 Main Street. 

Why not a bold type entry next year ? 


Mackie, Peter, upholsterer, 48 Princes Street. 

Mackie, Robert, motor hirer, 216 High Street. 

Mackie, William, motor driver, 29 Noltmyre Eoad. 

Mackie, William, engine-driver, 7 Wellington Street. 

Mackie, William, 'bus inspector, Back Hawkhill Avenue. 

Mackie, William, carter, 27 Main Street. 

Mackie, William, fireman, 5 Falkland Place. 

Mackie, William, painter, 61 Woodfield Crescent. 

Mackie, Misses, 2 Hartfield Road. 

Mackie, Miss Eleanor, nurse, 10 Charlotte Street. 

Mackie, Miss Mary, 17 Queen Street. 

Mackie, Mrs, 22 Seaforth Crescent. 

Mackie, Mrs, 6 Cromwell Place. 

Madden. Miss Mary, 104 George Street. 

Main, Alexander, machineman, 37 Springbank Road. 

Main, David, transport worker, 143 George Street. 

Main, James, seaman, 30 Lochside Road. 

Main, James, police constable, 2 Alderston Avenue. 

Main, James, constable, 9 Woodfield Avenue. 

Main, John, carter, 101 Main Street. 

Main, John, craneman, 3r> Green Street Lane. 

Main, Robert, 50 Mill Street. 

Main, Robert, grocer, 21 Campbell Street. 

Main, William. 60 York Street. 

Main, William, 26 York Street Lane. 

Main, Mrs, 75 Mill Street. 

Main, Mrs, 30 Green Street. 

Mains & Co., Ltd., coachbuilders, 33 Burns Statue Square and 46 George 

Street. Telephone 3856. 
Mair, Alexander, architect, 20 Wellington Square. Telephone 3030. 
Mair, Hugh, 19 Wellington Street. 
Mair, John, 85 Dalblair Road. 

Mair, Thomas, savings organiser, 9 George's Avenue. 
Mair, Miss Jane, 10 Church Street. 
Mair, Mrs, 5 Wellington Square. 
Maitland, David, motor driver, 82 Oswald Road. 
Maitland. Robert. 4| Kyle Street. 
Maitland, Miss Margaret S., 43 Bellevue Crescent. 
Malar, George, pastry baker, ^5a Sandgate. 
Malcolm, Alexander. 74 Elba Street. 
Malcolm, Robert, tailor, 67 Dalblair Road. 
Maiden, Dr Georgina F., 11 Barns Terrace. Telephone 2424. 
Malins, Edward F. J., 2 Citadel Place. 
Malone, John 0., 61 Dongola Road. 
Malone, Mrs, 28 Main Street. 

Mancini, A., confectioner. 74 King Street and 15 New Road. Telephone 3058. 
Mann, Alexander, 26 Cromwell Road. 
Mansbridge, Thomas, shoemaker. 38 Church Street. 
Manson, Donald, 3 Academy Street. 
Manson, James, cashier, 9 Somerset Road. 
Manson, James, boilermaker, 28 Viewfield Road. 
Manson, John, insurance agent, 53 Seaforth Road. 
Manson, John M.. motor driver. 18 Seafield Crescent. 
Manson, Robert G., railwayman. 6 Smith Street. 
Manson, Robert K., 38 Robsland Avenue. 
Manson, Thomas, railway guard, 11 Virginia Gardens. 
Manson, Miss Elizabeth, 4 Virginia Gardens. 
Manson, Mrs, 13 Ballantine Drive. 
Manson, Mrs, 30 King Street. 

Mapstone, Charles R. B.. teacher, Rhu, 4 Doonfoot Road. Telephone 3526. 
Marcantonio, L., restaurateur, Wellington Chambers, 72 Fort Street. 
Marchbank, Mrs, 6 Robsland Avenue. 
Mark, Matthew & Sons, watchmakers and jewellers, 11 Newmarket Street. 

Telephone 3145. 
Mark, Matthew, watchmaker, 59 Whitletts Road. Telephone 2946. 
Mark, Mrs, 10 Ailsa Place. 

Marks, Michael E., draper, 25 M'Call's Avenue. 
Markson. Philip, 52 Sandgate. 
Marr & Fitzpatrick, motor engineers, 74-76 Dalblair Road. Telephone 2612. 

You read these lines— Others will read yours. 


Marr, Rev. H. J.. 34 Castlehill Road. Telephone 2621. 

Marr, Jack, automobile engineer, 53 Ashgrove Street. 

Marr, James, Iowa, 12 Craigie Road. 

Marr, Mrs, 7 Whitehill Street. 

Marsden, Clifford, civil engineer, 92 St. Leonard's Road. Telephone 3081. 

Marshall, Alexander, labourer, 69 Seaforth Orescent. 

Marshall, Alexander, watchmaker and jeweller, 64 High Street. 'Phone 3003. 

Marshall, Alexander, watchmaker, 35 Marchmont Road. 

Marshall, Alexander, railwayman, 19 West Sanquhar Road. 

Marshall, George, 229 High Street. 

Marshall, James, labourer, 16 Waggon Road. 

Marshall, James, retired schoolmaster, 16 Whitletts Road. 

Marshall, John, shoemaker, 44 Nelson Street. 

Marshall, Peter, labourer, 65 Walker Road. 

Marshall, William, motor driver, 18 Paterson Street. 

Marshall, William, & Co., nurserymen, Marsden, Castlehill Road. 'Phone 3671. 

Marshall, William, & Co. (Bootmakers), Ltd., 120 High Street. 

Marshall, Miss Agnes, nurse, 18 Seafield Drive. 

Marshall, Mrs, Struan, Castlehill Road. 

Martin, Alexander, miner, 93 Main Street. 

Martin, Alexander, 28 Taylor Street. 

Martin, Alexander T., 95a King Street. 

Martin, Andrew, teacher, 13 Seafield Drive. 

Martin, Claud, clerk, 9 Glebe Road. 

Martin, Daniel. 51 Green Street. 

Martin, George, miner, 28 Ross Street. 

Martin, Gilbert, police inspector, 51 Hawkhill Avenue. 

Martin. Henry, miner. Ill Wallace Street. 

Martin, Henry, labourer. 20 Waggon Road. 

Martin, Henry, 5 Russell Terrace. 

Martin, Henry N., 1 Ross Street. 

Martin, Hugh, police constable. 39 North Park Avenue. 

Martin, James, joiner, 137 Main Street. 

Martin. John, foreman, Weir Road. 

Martin, John, labourer, 22 Waggon Road. 

Martin, John, weaver, 85 Bellesleyhill Avenue. 

Martin, John, slater, 3 Nelson Street. 

Martin. John, Ardaire, 9 Racecourse Road. Telephone 2601. 

Martin. John, butcher, 167 High Street, 24 Main Street, and 11 Wallace- 
Street. Telephone 3439. House — 12 Barns Street. 

Martin, Matthew, butcher. 95 New Road. 

Martin. Peter, plasterer, 54 York Street Lane. 

Martin, Robert, railway fireman, 52 Princes Street. 

Martin, Robert, fireman, 4 Peebles Street. 

Martin, Samuel, hallkeeper, 5 Alderston Avenue. 

Martin, Theodore, hairdresser, 60 Oswald Road. 

Martin, Thomas, slater, 64 Wallace Street. 

Martin, Thomas, slater. Back Hawkhill Avenue. 

Martin. William, draper. 5 Lansdowne Road. 

Martin. William, Ltd., drapers, 36 Main Street and 2 King Street. Tele- 
phone 2114. 

Martin, William, 6 Lisburn Road. 

Martin, William, currier, 11 M'Call's Avenue. 

Martin, William, 51 Kyle Street. 

Martin, William, gardener, Seafield, Doonfoot Road. 

Martin, William W., Ayr port manager, Burns and Laird Lines, Ltd. House— 
23 Ballantine Drive. Telephone 2545. 

Martin, Miss J., 7 John Street. 

Martin, Miss J. C, Spirella corsetiere, 18 Miller Road. Telephone 3786. 

Martin, Miss Mary, 36 Prestwick Road. 

Martin, Mrs, 54 Mill Street. 

Martin, Mrs, 19 Russell Street. 

Martin, Mrs, 39 Noltmyre Road. 

Martin, Mrs, 118 George Street. 

Martin, Mrs, 30 Content Street. 

Martin. Mrs, 9 Victoria Street. 

Martin, Mrs, 7 Hope Street. 

Mason, Archibald A., engineer. 10 Noltmyre Road. 

Mason, Hugh, evangelist, 4 Hunter's Avenue. 

Why not a bold type entry next year? 


Mason, James, 20 Carrick Street. 

Mason, John, motor hirer, 33 Queen's Terrace. 

Mason, John, 3 Front Buildings, King Street. 

Mason, William A., fishmonger, 30 George Street. Telephone 2190. 

Masonic Hall, Nile Court, 154 High Street. 

Massey, Alexander, & Sons, Ltd., provision merchants, 52 Alloway Street. 
Telephone 2422. 

Matchen, Mrs, 144 High Street. 

Mather, James B., 6 Blackburn Road. Telephone 3215. 

Mathieson, Angus, cashier, 23 Heathfield Road. 

Mathieson, D., carpenter, 17 James Street. 

Mathieson, John, firewood merchant, 116 Green Street. 

Mathieson, John. Cumnor Hpll. Ba^eourse View. Telephone 2742. 

Mathieson, John, stoker, 95 Green Street. 

Mathieson, John, electrician, 116 King Street. 

Mathieson, Miller, 93 Green Street. 

Mathieson, Bobert, sailor, 52 Green Street. 

Mathieson, Bobert, assistant superintendent of slaughter-house, 15 Woodfield 

Matthews, James, fish merchant, 7 New Bridge Street. 

Matthias, John, dealer. 26 Garden Street. 

Mauchline, George, 10 Corsehill Boad. 

Maurer, James, dyer, 36 Noltmyre Boad. 

Maver, Mrs, 23 Ardlui Boad. 

Maxwell, Alexander, motor driver, 48 Kyle Street- 
Maxwell, Alexander, bank teller, 10 Hilary Crescent. 

Maxwell, James, 16 Wellington Sauare. 

Maxwell, James, plasterer, 11 M'Call's Avenue. 

Maxwell. James, railway servant, 85 Prestwick Boad. 

Maxwell, John, railway servant, 2 Tryfield Place. 

Maxwell, William, coachman, 3 Craigie Avenue. 

Maxwell, William W., postman, 64 M'Call's Avenue. 

May, Mrs, 9 Springvale Park. 

Maybole and District Farmers' Association, Ltd., 4 Tarn's Brig and 6 York 
Street Lane. Telephone 3102. 

Maypole Dairy Company, Ltd., 127 High Street. Telephone 3052. 

Meade, Dr John N., 7 Chalmers Boad. Telephone 3061. 

Meade. Thomas, salesman, 19 Biver Street. 

Meaton, Frederick, clerk, 27 Woodfield Avenue. 

Mechan, James, photographer, 45 Gould Street. 

Meek, Thomas B.. 47 Seaforth Boad. 

Meek, Mrs, 24 Bellesleyhill Boad. 

Meikle, David, plumber (of John Meikle & Son), 24 Doonfoot Road. Tele- 
phone 3794. 

Meikle, David, Parkhouse. Ballantine Drive. Telephone 2523. 

Meikle, James, joiner and builder, 46 Main Street. Telephone 2561. 

Meikle, James, 72 Mill Street. 

Meikle, John, timekeeper, 51 Carrick Street. 

Meikle, John, 10 Whitehill Street. 

Meikle, John B. W., 1 Ballantine Drive. 

Meikle, John, & Son, plumbers and slaters, 13 River Street. 'Phone 2149. 

Meikle, Bichard, labourer, 17 Elmbank Street. 

Meikle, William, 90 St. Leonard's Boad. Telephone 2886. 

Meikle, Mrs, 17 Content Avenue. 

Meldrum. Martin, pharmaceutical chemist and optician, 7 Burns Statue 
Sauare. Telephone 3448. House— 7 Monument Road. Telephone 3616. 

Mellon, William P., labourer, 58 King Street. 

Mellon, Miss Rose, cleaner, 90 Green Street. 

Melrose, Andrew G., insurance manager, 45 Oswald Road. 

Melrose, Mrs, 18 St. Leonard's Boad. 

Melville, James, 20 Green Street Lane. 

Melville, James, commission agent, 26 Sandgate. Telephone 2224. 

Meng, Fleury, Ltd., confectioners and pastry cooks, 48 Newmarket Street. 
Telephone 2392. 

Menzies, Alexander, 50 Castlehill Road. 

Menzies, Samuel, grocery manager, 4 Inverkar Road. 

Menzies, Miss A. H., 20 Belmont Avenue. Telephone 2952. 

Menzies, Misses, 27 Montgomerie Terrace. 

You read these lines— Others wil read yours. 


Meredith, David. 20 New Road. 

Meredith, John, draper, 225 High Street. House- Elm-wood, 44 Castlehill Road. 

Meredith, Mrs, 80 Northfield Avenue. 

Merrie, Alexander, 19 Church Street. 

Merry. Daniel, railway worker, 45 Seaforth Crescent. 

Merry, James, motorman, 19 Taylor Street. 

Merry. John, telephonist, 5 Paterson Street. 

Merry, Robert, 'bus driver. 84 Prestwick Road. 

Merry, Thomas, labourer, 17 St. George's Road. 

Merry, Thomas, motor driver, Back Hawkhill Avenue. 

Merry, William, bricklayer, 153 High Street. 

Merry. Mrs, 57 New Road. 

Michael, A. M'Gregor, 53 Dongola Road. 

Middleton. Arthur, accountant, 11 Seafleld Crescent. 

Middleton, Ernest, 226 High Street. Telephone 2145. 

Middleton. James, shoemaker, 27 M 'Call's Avenue. 

Milby, Mrs, 40 Wilson Street. 

Milby, Mrs, 56 Russell Street. 

Millar, Bruce D., foreman, 30 North Harbour Street. 

Millar, David, railway guard, 21 Church Street. 

Millar, George D.. caretaker, 41 Mill Street. 

Millar. James, hatter, hosier, and glover, 159 High Street. House — 52 Midtons 

Millar, James, labourer, 21 Back Peebles Street. 

Millar, William, engine cleaner, 11 Belvidere Terrace. 

Millar, William Reid. gardener, 11 Belvidere Terrace. 

Millar, Misses, 5 Wattfield Boad. 

Millar, Dr Jane, surgery, 95 Main Street. House— 9 Whitletts Road. 

Millar. Miss J. D., 77 Castlehill Road. 

Millar, Miss M. G., 7 Inverkar Road. 

Millar. Mrs, 50 Alloway Street. 

Millar. Mrs, 23 Duke Street. 

Millar. Mrs. 41 Kyle Street. 

Millar, Mrs, 73 Castlehill Road. 

Miller, Alexander, labourer, 30 Back Main Street. 

Miller. Alexander, crossing keeper, 48 Waggon Road. 

Miller, Andrew. 8 Queen's Terrace. 

Miller, Angus, 32 York Street Lane. 

Miller, David, baker, 13 Peebles Street. 

Miller. George, bank agent (Clydesdale Bank, Ltd.). Newfield, 6 South Park 
Road. Telephone 2455. 

Miller. George, labourer, 26 Glebe Crescent. 

Miller. Henry, painter, 8 York Street. 

Miller, Hugh, hawker, 34 Stewart Road. 

Miller, James, headmaster, 57 Prestwick Road. 

Miller, James, pilot, 84 Marchfield Quadrant. 

Miller, James, 28 Main Street. 

Miller, James, miner, 89 New Boad. 

Miller. James, coal bagger, 37 Stewart Eoad. 

Miller, James, fireman, 3 Seaforth Crescent. 

Miller. James, 122 George Street. 

Miller, John, confectioner, 26 Main Street. 

Miller, John, 7 Arran Terrace. 

Miller, John, evangelist, Cambuslea, 32 Hunter's Avenue. 

Miller, John, ironmonger. 17-19 Burns Statue Square. Telephone 3886. House? 
16 Hilary Crescent. 

Miller, John, chemist, 40 John Street. 

Miller, John, plasterer, 4 Bath Place. 

Miller. John H. W.. traveller 41 Bellevue Crescent. 

Miller, Joseph (of Joseph Miller & Sons). 4 Seabank Road. 

Miller, Josenh, & Sons, ladies' and gentlemen's tailors, 11 Beresford Terrace- 
Telephone 3174. 

Miller, Robert, 18 Kyle Street. 

Miller. Robert, commission agent, 97 High Street. Telephone 3683. 

Miller, Robert, clerk, 40 North Harbour Street. 

Miller, Robert, 15 Oarrick Street. 

Miller, Robert, "Victoria Dairy. 31 "Victoria Street. 

Miller, Robert, surfaceman, Belmont Crossing, St. Leonard's Boad. 

Why not a bold type entry next year? 


Miller, Robert A., 16 Carrick Park. 

Miller, Samuel, engineer, 65 M'Call's Avenue. 

Miller, Walter, 53 Alloway Street. 

Miller, William, jun., 27 York Street Lane. 

Miller, William, labourer, 25 Elmbank Street. 

Miller, William, hawker, 36 Stewart Road. 

Miller, William, 2 Seaforth Road. 

Miller, William, marine engineer, 34 Midton Road. 

Miller, William, plasterer, 40 Mill Street. Telephone 2733. House— 17 
Inverkar Road. 

Miller, William, engineer, 14 Content Street. 

Miller, Miss A., confectioner, 57 Kyle Street. 

Miller, Misses J. & A., 116 Prestwick Road. 

Miller, Miss Margaret, 25 Church Street. 

Miller, Miss Margaret. 90 New Road. 

Miller, Mrs, 73 Bellesleyhill Avenue. 

Miller, Mrs, 41 Wellington Street. 

Miller, Mrs, 82 York Street Lane. 

Miller, Mrs, 6 Glebe Road. 

Miller, Mrs, 49 High Street- 
Miller, Mrs, 9 Whitletts Road. 

Miller, Mrs, 15 Eglinton Terrace. 

Miller, Mrs, 61 Wilson Street. 

Millett, Charles E., 72 Mill Street. 

Millie, Miss J. T.. teacher, 50 Holmston Road. 

Milligan, Alexander, 72 Wallace Street. 

Milligan, Daniel, baker, 264 High Street. 

Milligan, D. & J., joiners and contractors, 46 Kyle Street. Telephone 3770. 

Milligan, Colonel John. D.S.O., valuator and assessor, The Garth, 12 Corsehill 
Road. Telephone 2529. 

Milligan, John, market gardener, 168 George Street. 

Milligan, John, 31 M'Call's Avenue. 

Milligan, Robert, miner, 54 Princes Street. 

Milligan, William, newsagent and confectioner, 14 Mill Street. Telephone 
2014. House — 164 George Street. 

Milligan, William, 9 Hilary Crescent. 

Milligan, William. 16 Church Street. 

Milligan, Misses, 22 Midton Road. 

Milligan, Mrs, Westerlea, ol Racecourse Road. Telephone 2349. 

Mill, James, police constable, 8 Stewart Road. 

Mill, Mrs, 19 M'Call's Avenue. 

Mills, Hush H., printer, 2 Doonfoot Road. 

Mills, J. K., & Co., sack merchants, 85 Wallace Street. Telephone 2603. 

Mills, James, 52 Green Street Lane. 

Mills, Misses C. & M.. milliners and dressmakers, 13a Kyle Street. House — 
Westwood, 11 St. Andrew's Street. 

Mills, Mrs, 3 44 George Street. 

Mills, Mrs, 19 Workmen's Dwellings, King Street. 

Milne, Adam, traveller, 1 Wallace Street. 

Milne, John, platelayer, 10 Gordon Terrace. 

Milne, Randle, chauffeur, 4 Westfield Road. 

Milne, William, retired. 47 Oswald Road. 

Milne, William, manager, 22 Falkland Road. 

Milne, William, Ltd., ice merchants, 24 Falkland Road. Telephone 2082. 
House— 22 Falkland Road. 

Milne, Mrs, Lall Khoti, Monument Road. 

Milne, Mrs, 7 Viewfield Road. 

Milrig Hotel, 18 Charlotte Street. Telephone 2901. 

Milroy, Alexander, engine-driver, 99 Oswald Road. 

Milroy, Andrew, foreman, 4 Campbell Street. 

Milroy, Dr Anthony, Jamesville. 14 Ashgrove Street. 

Milroy, Hugh, baker. 32 Springbank Road. 

Milrov, James, baker, 42 Lochside Road. 

Milroy, James (of James Milroy & Son), 22 Fothringham Road. 'Phone 3738. 

Milroy, James, & Son, fruit merchants and florists, 4 Alloway Street. Tele- 
phone 2228. 

Milroy, Robert, storeman, 51 Peebles Street. 

Milroy, Thomas, motor driver. Ill Oswald Road. 

You read these lines— Others will read yours. 


Milroy, Miss Edith J. H. (of James Milroy & Son), 28 Fort Street. 

Milroy, Mrs, 152 George Street. 

Milton, George, vanman, 1 West Sanquhar Road. 

Mitchell, A. S., & Co., shoemakers, 42 Newmarket Street. Telephone o715. 

Mitchell, Alexander, cashier, 4 Gordon Terrace. 

Mitchell, Allan, manager, 59 Bellesleyhill Avenue. 

Mitchell, Andrew (of Walter Mitchell & Sons, Ltd.), 1 Alloway Park. Tele- 
phone 2255. 

Mitchell, Charles, 16 Wallace Street. 

Mitchell, Daniel, billposter, 50 Sandgate. 

Mitchell, David, storeman, 78 High Street. 

Mitchell, George W., shipping agent and shipbroker, North Quay. Telephone? 
2265. House— Cordova. 21 Craigie Eoad. Telephone 2458. 

Mitchell, George, dock labourer, 1 Bellesleyhill Road. 

Mitchell. James, chauffeur, 4 Barns Park. 

Mitchell, James, labourer. 38 Elba Street. 

Mitchell, James, 12 Victoria Street. 

Mitchell. James, loco, fireman, 2 '.Tryfleld Place. 

Mitchell, James E., P.O. linesman, 28 Heathfield Road. 

Mitchell. John, shoemaker, 102 George Street. 

Mitchell. John, 65 Wallace Street. 

Mitchell. Richard, railway servant, 8 Tryfleld Place. 

Mitchell, Robert, hairdresser, 17 Elba Street. 

Mitchell, Robert, miner, 47 Gould Street. 

Mitchell, Robert, quarrymaster, 3 Duke Street. 

Mitchell, Walter (of Walter Mitchell & Sons, Ltd.), 20 Carrick Avenue. 

Mitchell, Walter, & Sons, Ltd., provision merchants and hamcurers, 22 Main- 
Street. Telephone 271 o. 

Mitchell, William, joiner, 67 Alloway Street. 

Mitchell, William, slater, 17 Russell Street. 

Mitchell, William, labourer, 16 Glebe Road. 

Mitchell, Miss Agnes, grocer, 5 King Street. 

Mitchell, Miss Annie, 1 North Park Avenue. 

Mitchell, Miss Elizabeth S., 26 Montgomerie Terrace. 

Mitchell, Mrs, 148 George Street. 

Mitchell. Mrs, 54 John Street. 

Mitchell, Mrs, 14 Elmbank Street. 

Mitchell, Mrs, 11 Allison Street. 

Mitchell, Mrs, 22 North Harbour Street. 

Mitchell, Mrs, 75 High Street. 

Mitchell, Mrs, 30 Green Street. 

Mitchell, Mrs, 67 Green Street Lane. 

Moffat, Alexander, grocer, 3 Somerset Road. 

Moffat, Alexander C, traveller, 96 St. Leonard's Road. 

Moffat, Alexander R., steelworfcer, 17 West Sanquhar Road. 

Moffat, Allan, yardsman. a 8 Princes Street. 

Moffat, James, warehouseman, 10 Robsland Avenue. 

Moffat, James, grocer, 11 Belvidere Terrace. 

Moffat, James, shoemaker, 65 Princes Street. 

Moffat, Peter R., joiner, 15 Belvidere Terrace. 

Moffat, Robert, labourer, 67 Walker Road. 

Moffat, Robert, motor driver, Back Hawkhill Avenue. 

Moffat, Samuel P., 40 High Street. 

Moffat, Misses, 12 Chalmers Road. 

Moffat, Mrs, 29 Russell Street. 

Moffat, Mrs, 31 Whitletts Road. 

Moffat, Mrs, 19 Falkland Park Road. 

Moffat, Mrs, 60 Green Street. 

Monachen, John, ice worker, 13 St. George's Road. 

Monachen, Mrs, 21 Oswald Place. 

Monachin, James, labourer, 38 Green Street. 

Monaghan, John, labourer, 79 George Street. 

Monaghan, John, 68 Mill Street. 

Monaghan, Martin, labourer, 71 Wilson Street. 

Monaghan, Thomas, labourer, 57 St. George's Road. 

Monaghan, William, labourer, 87 George Street. 

Monaghen, William, railway guard, 34 Springbank Road. 

Monaghan, Mrs, 57 Walker Road. 

Why not a bold type entry next year ? 


Monaghan, Mi*s, 51 New Eoad. 

Moncrieff, Thomas P., Eosebank Cottage, Viewfleld Eoad. 

Money, Andrew. L.D.S., surgeon dentist, 43 Miller Road. Telephone 2358. 

Money, Mrs, 41 Green Street. 

Monnickendam, Alexander, photographer, 58 Sandgate. Telephone 2462. 

House— 27 Prestwick Road. Telephone 3042. 
Monnickendam, Douglas, engineer, 24 Marchfleld Quadrant. 
Monteith, Misses, 70 Ashgrove Street. 
Montgomerie, James, 33 George Street. 
Montgomerie, James, shoemaker, 7 New Road. 
Montgomerie, Thomas, ship's carpenter, 89 King Street. 
Montgomerie, Miss Jessie, 4 Bath Place. 
Montgomerie, Miss M., 35 George Street. 
Montgomerie, Mrs, wine and spirit merchant, 12 Wallace Street. House— 5 

Fothringham Road. 
Montgomery, Adam, 41 Fort Street. 
Montgomery, Hugh, tailor, 19 Princes Street. 

Montgomery, Hugh D., painter, 6 Wallace Street. House— 2 Virginia Gardens. 
Montgomery, James, joiner, 46 Stewart Road. 
Montgomery, John, joiner, 36 Church Street. 
Montgomery, John, 17 Cambuslea Road. 
Montgomery, William, 8 Wallace Street. 
Montgomery, Mrs, 63 Allison Street. 
Montgomery, Mrs, 3 Viewfield Road. 
Montgomery, Mrs, fruiterer, 71 Allison Street. 
Moodie, James, dock labourer, 43 Wallace Street. 
Moody, George A., solicitor, Avondale Villa, 20 Carrick Road. 
Moore, A.. G., & Co., Ltd., Shieldmains Collieries, Beresford Lye. Office— Dock 

Buildings, North Harbour Street. 
Moore, David, postman, 34 Noltmyre Road. 
Moore, James, Glenreoch, Longbank Drive. Telephone 3164. 
Moore, Robert, mason, 4 Smith Street. 
Moore, Thomas, cork cutter, 15 Viewfield Road. 
Moore, Mrs, 7 Park Circus. 
Moore, Mrs, 22 Back Peebles Street. 
Moore, Mrs, 252 High Street. 
Moore, Mrs, 22 Academy Street. 
Moors, William, salesman, 9 Craigie Avenue. 
Moran, Henry L., chef, 13 Wcodfield Crescent. 
Morgan, William, miner, 55 Princes Street. 
Morgan, Miss H. M., Montgomerie Lodge, 40 Castlehill Road. 
Morgan, Misses, Alma, 36 Bellevale Avenue. 
Morgan, Mrs, 5 Victoria Street. 
Morgan, Mrs, 26 New Road. 

Morgenthaler, E. & A., hairdressers, 63-65 Alloway Street. 'Phone 3491. 
Morgenthaler, Edward A., hairdresser, 33 Inverkar Road. Telephone 2185. 
Morland, Alexander, railway guard, 15 Elmbank Street. 
Morland, Charles, 18 Kyle Street. 
Morland, Frank, musician. 52 Kyle Street. 
Morland, Joseph, 240 High Street. 
Morledge & Co., general drapers, 55-39 High Street. 

Morledge, Joseph (of Morledge & Co.), 37 Prestwick Road. Telephone 3137. 
Morledge, Joseph, commission agent, 10 Alloway Street. Telephone 3291. 
Morledge, Joseph David, clerk, 13 Gordon Street. 
Morris, James A., A.R.S.A., F.R.I.B.A., architect, Wellington Chambers. House 

Savoy Croft, 3 Savoy Park. Telephone 2841. 
Morris, Robert, clerk, 30 New Road. 
Morris, William, Gatehouse, 116 St. Leonard's Eoad. 
Morrison's Shoe Stores, 4-6 Hope Street. Telephone 2816. 
Morrison, Andrew, labourer, 39 Green Street Lane. 
Morrison, D., mechanic, 8 John Street. 
Morrison, Donald, police sergeant, 9 Dongola Road. 
Morrison, Gavin H., 18 Falkland Park Eoad. 
Morrison, George, jun., coal trimmer, 19 Green Street. 
Morrison, George, 11 Front Buildings, King Street. 
Morrison, George, hamcurer, 131 George Street. 

Morrison, Gordon S., manager, 15 Marchfleld Quadrant. Telephone 3293. 
Morrison. Hugh, labourer, 41 Green Street Lane. 

You read these lines— Others will read yours. 


Morrison, Hugh, plumber, 49 Peebles Street. 

Morrison, Hugh, goods guard, 10 Victoria Street. 

Morrison, Hugh, coal trimmer, 148 George Street. 

Morrison, Hugh M., inspector, 28 Quail Road. 

Morrison, Rev. Jacob, minister of E.TJ. Congregational Church, 28 Whitletts Rd. 

Morrison, James, 16 Marchfield Quadrant. 

Morrison, James, coal trimmer, 45 Peebles Street. 

Morrison, James, butcher, 12 Wellington Street. 

Morrison, James, fireman, 21 High Street. 

Morrison, James, railway guard, 5 Saltfield. 

Morrison, James, 2 Saltfield. 

Morrison, James, tailor and clothier. 18 Cathcart Street. 

Morrison, James, labourer, 16 Front Buildings, King Street. 

Morrison, James, labourer, 52 Workmen's Dwellings, King Street. 

Morrison, James, 15 Elba Street Lane. 

Morrison, John, labourer, 7 Crown Street. 

Morrison, John, labourer, 18 Workmen's Dwellings, King Street. 

Morrison, John, labourer, 64 Wilson Street. 

Morrison, John, manager, 10 Hawkhill Avenue. 

Morrison, John, gardener. 22 Kyle Street. 

Morrison, John G., confectioner, 113 High Street. 

Morrison, John J., 31 Kyle Street. 

Morrison, John S., wireless engineer. 109 New Road. 

Morrison, Matthew, & Sons, tailors and clothiers, 87 Main Street. 

Morrison, Ma.tthew, jun., hatter and hosier. 96 Main Street. 

Morrison, Robert, porter, 5 Russell Terrace. 

Morrison, Robert, riveter, 48 Princes Street. 

Morrison, Robert, 17 Taylor Street. 

Morrison, Samuel, labourer, 21 Crown Street. 

Morrison, Samuel, 31 Workmen's Dwellings, King Street. 

Morrison, Samuel, coal trimmer, 14 Green Street Lane. 

Morrison, Thomas, fireman, 29 Lochside Road. 

Morrison, Thomas, 29 Kyle Street. 

Morrison, Thomas G., confectioner, 69 Alloway Street. House — 2 Albert Ter. 

Morrison, William, 56 Taylor Street. 

Morrison, William, 39 Weaver Street. 

Morrison. William, compositor, 18 Duke Street. 

Morrison. William, conductor. 41 New Eoad. 

Morrison, William, labourer, 18 North Harbour Street. 

Morrison, William, baker, 15 West Sanquhar Road. 

Morrison, William, 93 High Street. 

Morrison, William, tailor, 138 Hunter's Avenue. 

Morrison, William, car driver, 19 Nelson Street. 

Morrison, William, 46 Hilary Crescent. 

Morrison, William, hamcurer, 3 Queen Street. 

Morrison's Restaurant, 27 Burns Statue Square. Telephone 2740. 

Morrison, Miss HeVen, Lyncroft, 4 Carrick Avenue 

Morrison, Miss J. O. Kerr, 56 Castlehill Road. 

Morrison, Miss, 83 Main Street. 

Morrison, Mrs, 7 Tryfield Place. 

Morrison, Mrs, 3 Reid's Square, Russell Street. 

Morrison, Mrs, 27 Heathfield Road. 

Morrison, Mrs, Bellevale Avenue. 

Morrison, Mrs, 32 Midton Road. 

Morrison, Mrs, 21 Newmarket Street. 

Morrison, Mrs, 86 King Street. 

Morrison, Mrs, 65 Green Street. 

Morrison, Mrs, Mayfield, 39 Whitletts Eoad. 

Morrison, Mrs. 3 Castlehill Crescent. Telephone 2058. 

Morrison, Mrs, 47 Allison Street. 

Morison, Mrs, 5 Marchfield Road. 

Morrison, Mrs, 32 York Street Lane. 

Morrison, Mrs, 63 High Street. 

Morrison, Mrs, 24 Back Main Street. 

Morton, A. F. Mathie, solicitor, 239 High Street. Telephone 3857. House — 

7 Belmont Avenue. Telephone 2672. 
Morton, Archibald M., coaimaster, Radella, 13 Monument Road. 'Phone 2415. 
Morton, G. & W., Ltd., bootmakers, 125 High Street. 

Why not a bold type entry next year? 


Morton, George, shoemaker, 50 George Street. Telephone 2382. House— 

Westbrae, 26 Ciaigie Avenue. Telephone 3320. 
Morton, James, grocer, 138 High Street. 
Morton, James B. B., 38 Park Circus. Telephone 2683. 
Morton, John, labourer, 76 Elba Street. 
Morton, John K., 15 Fothringham Road. 
Morton, Matthew, L.R.A.M., Braemore, Blackburn Drive. 
Morton, Robert, joiner, 59 Princes Street. 
Morton, William, tenter, 39 Green Street Lane. 
Morton, William, railway servant, 28 Seaforth Road. 
Morton, William, shoemaker, 43 George Street. 
Morton, William, constable, 216 High Street. 
Morton, William S., bookkeeper, 102 St. Leonard's Road. 
Morton, Miss Agnes, 17 Alderston Avenue. 
Morton, Miss Margaret S., teacher, 7 Ballantine Drive. 
Morton, Miss Jean, ladies' hairdresser, 34 Smith Street. 
Morton, Mrs, Warrender, 31 Carrick Road. 
Morton, Mrs, 5 Falkland Park Road. 
Morren, William, soldier, 90 Oswald Road. 

Moryson, Frederick F., jeweller, 57 Alloway Street. House— 1 Westfleld Road. 
Moryson, William F., jeweller and watchmaker, 190 High Street. House — 34 

Carrick Road. 
Mossie, James, miner, 7 Moss-side Road. 
Mossie, Robert, chauffeur, 11 South Park Road. 
Mowat, James R. W., motor mechanic, 56 Elmbank Street. 
Mowatt, Edward, & Son, coal merchants, Newtonhead Lye, 4 M'Call's Avenue. 
Mowatt, Mrs, 16 Wellington Street. 
Mowatt, Mrs, 1 Princes Street. 
Mowbray, James, clubmaster, 9 Academy Street. 

Mudie, Rev. P. Lawrence K., Newton New Manse, 42 Prestwick Road. 
Muir, Dr Alan, G.B.C.M., 20 Barns Street. Telephone 2109. 





Andrew, 28 Marchfield Road. 
Charles, plasterer, 14 Church Street. 
Charles, mason, 9 Falkland Road. 
Charles, drop forger, 13 Peebles Street. 

David H., solicitor, 64 Wellington Chambers. Telephone 2006. 
Gavin, butcher, 39 Marchfield Quadrant. 

George K., & Son, Midton Dairy, 1 Midton Road. Telephone 5317. 
George L., newsagent, 21 Burns Statue Square. House— 43 Burns Statu© 

Gilbert, Dean Cottage, 11 Maybole Road. 
Gilbert, 36 Russell Street. 
Henry Stewart, Lismore, 4 Falkland Road. 
Hugh, loco, fireman, 59 St. George's Road. 
Hugh, insurance agent, 16 Falkland Park Road. 
Hugh, coal trimmer, 27 M'Call's Avenue. 
James, joiner, 52 Hawkhill Avenue. 
John, gardener, 5 Dalblair Road. 
John, mason, 51 Green Street Lane. 
John, confectioner, 52 Sandgate. 

John S. Ramage, deputy chief constable, 105 Prestwick Road. Tele- 
phone 3062. 

Oliver, t> Limond's Wynd. 
Robert, vanman, 2 Britannia Place. 
William, retired railway guard, 7 Falkland Road. 
William, 10 York Street. 

William, shipping checker, 10 Virginia Gardens. 

William, superintendent, British Legal Assurance Company, 24 New- 
market Street. House— 129 High Street. 
William, shoemaker, 2 Queen Street. 
Miss Agnes, spirit merchant, 30 Hope Street. 
Miss Effie, Birkdale, 36 St. Leonard's Road. Telephone 5070. 
Miss Margaret, 61 New Road. 
Miss Mary J., 23 Bellevue Crescent. 
Mrs, Nethe^-croft. 8 Belmont Avenue. 
Mrs, 63 Princes Street. 
Mrs, 26 Victoria Street. 
Mrs, 28 Argyle Street. 

You read these lines— Others will read yours. 


Muirhead, Alexander, miner, 21 Duke Street. 

Muirhead, George, painter, 95 Oswald Road. 

Muirhead, Mrs, 15 Elba Street Lane. 

Mulhearn, Mrs, 79 Russell Street. 

Mulholland, Mrs, 21 King Street. 

Mullen, David, 10 Taylor Street. 

Mullen, John, groorn, 32 Walker Road. 

Mullen. Thomas, shoemaker, 80 York Street Lane. 

Mulligan, Mrs, 26 York Street. 

Munachen, Peter. 10 Falkland Place. 

Munn, David, 'bus driver, 46 Wallace Street. 

Munro, Alexander, butcher, 238 High Street. Telephone 3675. 

Munro, Allan, railway shunter, 12 Noltnayre Road. 

Munro, Colin, labourer, 14 Elba Street Lane. 

Munro. Colin, 6 Reid's Square, Russell Street. 

Munro, David, fisherman, 49 St. George's Road. 

Munro, George, 121 South Harbour Street. 

Munro, George H., mechanic, 21 North Park Avenue. 

Munro. Horace F. M., chief constable of Ayrshire, 34 Charlotte Street. House 
— 5 Barns Terrace. 

Munro, John, clerk, 28 Stewart Road. 

Munro, Joseph, labourer, 30 Russell Street. 

Munro, Peter, 18 Millar's Land, Limond's Wynd. 

Munro, Robert, confectioner, 28 Barns Street. Telephone 5406. 

Munro, William, labourer, 65 Green Street Lane. 

Munro, William, chemist, 38 Queen's Terrace. 

Munro, William, tea merchant, 49 Ashgrove Street. 

Munro, William, & Co., tea merchants, 13 Old Bridge Street and 52 High 
Street. Telephone 3460. 

Munro, Misses, 11 Springvale Park. 

Munro, Miss A., 3 St. Andrew's Street. 

Munro, Miss Catherine. 2 Old Bridge Street. 

Munro, Miss Marion S., 12 Oswald Road. 

Munro, Mrs, 36 Union Avenue. 

Munro, Mrs, 72 Wallace Street. 

Munro, Mrs, 26 York Street Lane. 

Murchie & Co., pawnbrokers, saleroom, and jewellers, 244 High Street. 

Murchie, Alexander, plumber, 18 North Harbour Street. 

Murchie, Charles, painter, 21 River Street. 

Murchie, David, railwayman, 8 Smith Street. 

Murchie, Findlay, carter, 19 Seaforth Road. 

Murchie, Hugh, engineer, 67 Russell Street. 

Murchie, James, railwayman, 1 Craigie Avenue. 

Murchie, John, Linwood, 15 Castlehill Road. Telephone 2849. 

Murchie, John, 6 Craigie Avenue. 

Murchie, John, engine driver, 42 Nelson Street. 

Murchie, William O., joiner, 22 Hawkhill Avenue. 

Murchie, Miss E., 248 High Street. 

Murchie, Miss Isa, 43-45 Russell Street. 

Murchie, Miss Jane, 44 Smith Street. 

Murchison, Mrs, 22 North' Harbour Street. 

Murdoch & Loudon, solicitors. Wellington Chambers, 64 Fort Street. Tele- 
phone 5881. 

Murdoch, Andrew, baker, 105 High Street. 

Murdoch, Andrew, 54 Taylor Street. 

Murdoch, Arthur, baker, 6 Smith Street. 

Murdoch. Charles, joiner and funeral undertaker, 175 High Street. House — 
94 High Street. 

Murdoch, Rev. David A., B.D., Newton Old Manse, 5 Montgomerie Terrace. 
Telephone 2439. 

Murdoch, David, plumber, 5 Virginia Gardens. 

Murdoch, Frederick, Rossdale, Heathfield Road. 

Murdoch, James, labourer, 1 Taylor Street. 

Murdoch, James, joiner, 58 Content Street. 

Murdoch, James A. B., M.A., B.L. (of Murdoch & Loudon). Fairfield Lodge, 
8 Racecourse Road. Telephone 5506. 

Murdoch, John, 54 King Street. 

Murdoch. John, dairyman, Annfield, Maybole Road. 

Why not a bold type entry next year? 


Murdoch, John A., tea merchant, 57 Alloway Street. House— 5 Content Ave. 

Murdoch. John A. H. K., engineer. 9 Springbank Road. 

Murdoch, John W., electrician, 19 River Street. House— 13 Paterson Street. 

Murdoch, Robert, labourer, 60 Wilson Street. 

Murdoch, Robert, miner, 19 Moss-side Eoad. 

Murdoch, Robert, watchmaker, 107-109 High Street. House— Aldersgate, 34 

Hawkhill Avenue. 
Murdoch, Samuel, labourer, 19 Kins: Street. 
Murdoch, Thomas, gardener, Shalimar, Chapel Park Road. 
Murdoch, Thomas. 9 Burns Statue Square. 
Murdoch, William, gardener, 5 Victoria Park Eoad. 
Murdoch, William, labourer, 18 Crown Street. 
Murdoch, William J., teacher, 35 Dalblair Road. 

Murdoch, Miss A., matron, Girls' Club and Hostel, 2-4 James Street. 
Murdoch, Miss A., 63 Mill Street. 
Murdoch, Miss Agnes K. P., 75 Dalblair Eoad 
Murdoch, Miss Jean. Heathpark. Heathfield Road. 
Murdoch, Mrs, Argyle Cottage, 44 Hawkhill Avenue. 
Murdoch. Mrs, Lochside Road. 
Murdoch. Mrs, 12 Albert Terrace. 
Murdoch, Mrs, 69 John Street. 
Murdoch, Mrs, 26 West Sanquhar Road 
Murdoch, Mrs, 101 South Harbour Street. 
Murdoch, Mrs, 187 High Street. 
Murphy, Alexander, miner, 13 Peebles Street. 
Murphy, Alexander, miner, 3 Limond's Wynd. 
Murphy, Andrew, 45 Workmen's Dwellings, King Street. 
Murphy, Andrew, 3 Peebles Street. 
Murphy. Daniel, gas worker. 112 George Street. 
Murphy, David, letter carrier. 38 Princes Street. 
Murphy, Francis, labourer, 30 Walker Road. 
Murphy, James, miner. 140 George Street. 
Murphy, John, confectioner. 148 Prestwiek Road. 
Murphy, John, gardener, 16 Garden Street. 
Murphy, Michael, labourer. 35 Glebe Crescent. 
Murphy. Richard, plumber, 70 Main Street. Telephone o450. House — 25 

Alderston Avenue. 
Murphy, Robert, shoemaker. 76 Elba Street. 
Murphy, Robert, 60 Workmen's Dwellings, King Street. 
Murphy, Robert, labourer. 58 King Street. 
Murphy, Thomas, joiner, 16 St. George's Eoad. 
Murphy, William, joiner, 17 Seaforth Crescent. 
Murphy, Margaret, 14 Garden Street. 
Murphy, Mary, 82 Sandgate. 
Murphy, Mrs, 6 Craigie Avenue. 
Murphy, Mrs, 22 Elba Street. 
Murphy. Mrs. 19 Campbell Street. 
Murphy, Mrs. Calderwood, 8 Ashgrove Street. 
Murphy, Mrs. 53 John Street. 
Murray, Alexander, 83 Main Street. 

Murray, Andrew, railway shunter, 16 Noltmyre Eoad. 
Murray, Charles, solicitor. 14 St. Andrew's Street. 
Murray, David (of Jas. Forrest & Son, coal merchants), 37 Miller Road 

Telephone 2339. 
Murray, David, railwayman. 81 South Harbour Street. 
Murray. David, labourer, 2 Tryfield Place. 
Murray, David, railway servant, 7 Tryfield Pla^e. 
Murray, George C. Arrandale, 4 Cassillis Street. 
Murray, Henry G., sheriff-clerk depute, 1 Seafielrl Road. 

Murray, Jack K._(of Paterson, Sons & Co.), 22 Park Circus. Telephone 3166.- 
Murray, James, ^3 Carrick Street. 
Murray. James, baker. 186 High Street. 
Murray, James, 2 Hope Street. 

Murray, James, fruit salesman, 49 Seaforth Crescent. 
Murray. James, surfaceman, 82 Russell Street. 
Murray, James, 63 Dongola Eoad. 

Murray. John (of Thomas Murray & Sons). 22 Miller Eoad. 
Murray, John, shoemaker, 12 Carrick Street. 

You read these lines— Others will read yours. 


Murray, John, joiuer, 30 Smith Street. 

Murray, John, 19 Church Street. 

Murray, John, saddler, 45 Kyle Street. House— 8 Ailsa Place. 

Murray, John, engineer, 3 Bellesleyhill Road. 

Murray, John, 31 Marchinont Road. 

Murray, John, stationmaster, 26 Falkland Park Road. 

Murray, Rohert, engineer, 43 Church Street. 

Murray, Robert, baker, 66 Main Street. 

Murray, Robert, goods guard, 25 Woodfleld Avenue. 

Murray, Robert P., painter, .si Nelson Street. 

Murray, Robert W., Carrick Dairy, 64 Oarrick Street. House— 70 Carrick 

^Murray, Thomas, Craigie Dairy, 11 Craigie Avenue. Telephone 2075. 
Murray, Thomas (of T. Murray & Sons), 35 Castlehill Road. 
Murray, Thomas, 187 High Street. 

Murray, Thomas, craneman, 95 South Harbour Street. 
Murray, Thomas, clerk, 13 Virginia Gardens. 
Murray & Sons, Thomas, wholesale butchers and ice manufacturers, 88 Mill 

Street. Telephone 3031. 
Murray, William, Eastbourne, 64 Castlehill Road. 
Murray, William, 24 Workmen's Dwellings, King Street. 
Murray, William, bookbinder, 28 Union Avenue. 
Murray, 'William, carter, 4 Tryfleld Place. 
Murray, William, asphalter, 3 Somerset Road. 
Murray, William, 31 York Street. 
Murray, William, painter, 20 Carrick Street. 
Murray & Son, William, carting contractors, 53 Peebles Street. Telephone 

3589. Also 29 Beresford Terrace. Telephone 2589. 
Murray, Miss Agnes, 13 St. Leonard's Road. 
Murray, Miss J., 11 Carrick Street. 
Murray, Miss Sarah, 33 Nelson Street. 
Murray, Miss T. R., 3 66 Prestwick Road. 
Murray, Mrs, 20 Gordon Terrace. 
Murray, Mrs, 15 Hawkhill Avenue. 
Murray, Mrs, 43 Fort Street. 
Murray, Mrs, 38 Taylor Street. 
Murray, Mrs, 5 Princes Street. 
Murrie, Mrs, 15 M'Call's Avenue. 
Mustard, Miss R. S., tobacconist, 47 Alloway Street.. ..Telephone 2931.. ..House— 

11 Carrick Avenue. 
Mutch, Henry, signalman, 18 Falkland Road. 
Mutch, James, fireman, 1 Albert Terrace. 


Naftalin, Ephraim, rag and metal merchant, Weir Road. Telephone 3429. 

House— 31 Park Circus. 
Nairn, Miss J., 90 Mill Street. 
Naismith, J., 50 Weaver Street. 
Naismith, John, baker, 44 New Road. 
Napier, Alexander, gardener, 5 Argyle Street. 
Napier, Andrew, salesman, 44 Oswald Road. 
Napier, Archibald, clerk, 4J Cromwell Place. 
Napier, David, fruiterer, 106 High Street. Telephone ^>o77. 
Napier, David, general merchant, 157 Prestwick Road. 

Napier, Gardiner (of N. G. Napier & Son), 3 Arrol Drive. Telephone 3000. 
Napier, Nimmo G. (of N. G. Napier & Son), 5 Park Circus. Telephone 2000. 
Napier, N. G., & Son, music sellers, 60 Alloway Street and 22 High Street. 

Telephone 2571. 
Napier, William, P.O. clerk, 33 Woodfleld Road. 
Nash, Alfred, Heathfield Hospital, 42 Heathfield Road. 
Nash, John, Heathfield Road. 

Nash, Thomas L., LL.D., S.E., dental surgeon 7 Alloway Place. 'Phone_5133. 
National Bank of Scotland. Ltd., 34 New Bridge Street. Telephone 234.S. 
National Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Children, 6 Wellington Square. 

William H. Butler, inspector. 
Neeson, John, baker, 9 Tryfleld Place. 

Why not a bold type entry next year? 


Neil, Adam, 1 Boat Vennal. 

Neil, Adam, dairyman. 14 Princes Street. Telephone 3025. 

Neil, Adam, 18 Garden Street. 

Neil, Alexander, motorman, 96 Paterson Street. 

Neil, Alexander, painter, 75 Main Street. 

Neil, Daniel, plumber, 25 Sandgate. 

Neil, Daniel, motorman, 19 Russell Street. 

Neil, Daniel, 40 Peebles Street. 

Neil, Finlay. 'bus driver, 48 Wilson Street. 

Neil, Fred, 39 Kyle Street. 

Neil, Fred K., dairyman, 78 Mill Street. 

Neil, James, letter carrier, 22 Wallace Street. 

Neil, James, painter, 57 Peebles Street. 

Neil, James D., fireman, 29 New Bridge Street. 

Neil, John, tobacconist, 15 Old Bridge Street. 

Neil, John, organiser, 20 Fullarton Street. 

Neil, John, engine driver, 47 Content Street. 

Neil, John B., cycle agent, 3 Kyle Street. Telephone 2419. Also 24 New Road. 

Telephone 2979. House— 32 Falkland Park Road. 
Neil, John M., chauffeur, 14 Carrick Park. 
Neil, Robert, engineer, 31 Waggon Road. 
Neil, Robert, dairyman, 18 Princes Street. 
Neil, Robert, motor engineer, 20 Princes Street. 
Neil, Samuel, contractor, 7 Russell Terrace. Telephone 2910. 
Neil, Thomas, goods guard, 4 Green Street Lane. 
Neil, William, 19 Green Street. 
Neil, William, linesman, 22 Elmbank Street. 
Neil, Misses, laundry, 72 Dalblair Road. 
Neil, Mrs, 14 Princes Street. 
Neil, Mrs, 11 Bellesleyhill Road. 
Neil, Mrs, 10 West Sanquhar Road. 
Neil, Mrs, caretaker, 24 Sandgate. 
Neil, Mrs, 24 Princes Street. 
Neil, Mrs, 35 York Street. 
Neil, Mrs, 129 High Street. 
Neill, Alexander, labourer, 49 Allison Street. 
Neill, Andrew, motor engineer, 28 Peebles Street. 
Neill, Daniel, tailor, '60 Mill Street. 
Neill, James, fireman, 5 Elba Street Lane. 
Neill, Robert, 63 Main Street. 
Neill, Thomas, 21 Charlotte Street. 
Neill, Miss Mary, milliner, Wellington Chambers, 66 Fort Street. House 28 

Monument Road. 
Neill, Mrs, 31 St. George's Road. 
Neill, Mrs, 4 Smith Street. 

Neilson, Andrew, engine driver, 12 Hunter's Avenue. 
Neilson, David, engine driver, 3 Paterson Street. 
Neilson, Henry, 91 Wallace Street. 
Neilson, James, engine driver, 30 Elmbank Street. 
Neilson, John, 9 John Street. 
Neilson, Richard, 59 Dalblair Road. 

Neilson, Mrs, Inverdoh, 3 Racecourse View. Telephone 2463. 
Neilson, Mrs, Clyde House, Blackburn Drive. Telephone 3670. 
Neilson. Mrs Mary, 80 Marchfield Quadrant. 

Neish, Misses, South Lodge Nursing Home, 29 Racecourse Road. 
Neishman, Miss Helen, 56 St. Leonard's Road. 
Nelson, Arthur J., art master, 6 Hilary Crescent. 
Nelson, Charles, 3 Cambuslea Road. 
Nelson, David, letter carrier, 25 Nelson Street. 
Nelson, George T., 13 Springbank Road. 
Nelson, James, storeman, 4 Glebe Road. 
Nelson, Malcolm, railwayman, 60 Allison Street. 
Ness, David, 'bus driver, 42 Stewart Road. 
Ness, James W., guard, 33 Elmbank Street. 
Ness, James W., railway foreman, 89 Oswald Road. 
Ness, John, labourer, 31 Seaforth Road. 
Nestor. Samuel, labourer, 87 Wilson Street. 
Nestor, Thomas, painter, 14 Garden Street. 
Neville, Matthew, miner, 22 Back Main Street. 
Neville. Mrs, 38 Wellington Street. 

You read these lines— Others will read yours. 


New Bridge Fruit Stores, 2 Main Street. Telephone 2552. 

New Prestwick Baptist Church, 194 Prestwick Road. 

Newall, Daniel, butcher, 1 Argyle Street. 

Newal'l, Eobert. labourer, 14 Elmbank Street. 

Newall, Thomas, 51 Wellington Street. 

Newall, Thomas, 42 Green Street Lane. 

Newell, William, labourer, 87 George Street. 

Newall, Miss M., 19 Carrick Street. 

Newlands, Miss Jean D., 26 Charlotte Street. 

Newlands, Mrs, 105 New Road. 

News, John, benchman, 22 Back Main Street. 

Newsome, Mrs, 11 Carrick Road. 

Newton Academy, Green Street Lane. Headmaster — Alex. D. Thomson. 

Newtonhead Post Office, 80 Main Street. James Linden. 

Newtonhead Public School, Viewfield Road. Headmaster — W. Hamilton. 

Newton Park School, M'Call's Avenue. Headmaster — Rees M. Lewis, B.Sc. 

Newton-on-Ayr Gas Company, Ltd., Damside. Telephone 3446. 

Newton-onAyr Old Church, 42 Main Street. Rev. David Murdoch, B.D. 

Newton-on-Ayr New Church, Main Street. Rev. P. Lawrence K. Mudie. 

Newton Welding Coy., 29 Main Street. Telephone 2666. 

Newton, Miss Jessie, 31 Elba Street. 

Newtonia Wallpaper Co., Ltd., 7 Old Bridge Street. 

Nichol, Misses, 15a Bellesleyhill Avenue. 

Nicholson, George, postman, 22 Glebe Crescent. 

Nicholson, William, porter. 60 Allison Street. 

Nicholson, Mrs, Boarding House, 143 High Street. 

Nicol, Alexander, joiner, 29 Northfield Avenue. 

Nicol, Frederick, engine fitter, 91 South Harbour Street. 

Nicol, George, hairdresser, 4 Quail Road. 

Nicol, Hugh, carpenter, 20 Lochside Road. 

Nicol, John, stevedore, 27 Crown Street. 

Nicol, William, cabinetmaker, 73 New Road. 

Nicol, William, 83 South Harbour Street. 

Nicol, Mrs, 22 Millar's Land, Limond's Wynd. 

Nicol, Mrs, 67 Wellington Street. 

Nicol, Mrs, 15 New Bridge Street. 

Nicol. Mrs, 17 Green Street. 

Nightingale, Daniel, 7 Carrick Street. 

Nimnio, Gavin A., shipwright, Franklin Villa, 2 Seabank Road. 

Nimmo, James, photographer, Dalblair Studio, 2 Dalblair Road. 'Phone 2528. 

Nimmo, John, plumber, 83 South Harbour Street. 

Nimmo, William, roadman, 62 Elba Street. 

Nimmo, Mrs, 54 Content Street. 

Nimmo, Mrs, 47 Fort Street. 

Nisbet, James, 8 Inverkar Road. 

Nisbet, James, window cleaner, 7 Wilson Street. 

Nisbet, Robert, butcher, 1 Rosebank Crescent. 

Nisbet, Misses, 34 St. Leonard's Road. 

Niven, Francis, vanman, 12 Argyle Street. 

Niven, James, machineman, 15 Paterson Street. 

Niven, John, railway servant, 5 Russell Street. 

Niven, John Scott, headmaster (Russell Street School), 8 Eglinton Terrace. 

Niven, Mrs, 37 Content Street. 

Niven, Mrs, Airlie, 5 Victoria Park Road. Telephone 2076. 

Nixon, Thomas, cabinetmaker, 83 Lochside Road. 

Nixon, Mrs, 49 Bellesleyhill Avenue. 

Noble, John, hairdresser, 51 Content Street. 

Noble, William, postman, 39 Green Street Lane. 

Noble, Miss Annie, 20 Wellington Street. 

Noble, Miss Isabella, furrier, 29 Newmarket Street. 

Noble, Mrs, 14 Carrick Avenue. 

Noble, Mrs, 54 Weaver Street. 

Noble, Mrs, 20 Wellington Street. 

Norris, Edward, craneman, 111 Wallace Street. 

Norris, Frederick, 15 Taylor Street. 

Norris. Hugh, stevedore, 10 Teviot Street. 

Norris, James, engineer, 16 Gordon Terrace. 

Norris, Stephen, stevedore, 36 Heathfield Road. 

Norris, Stephen, slater, 179 Prestwick Road. 

Why not a bold type entry next year ? 


North British and Mercantile Insurance Company, Ltd., 2 Academy Street. 
Telephone 2157. 

North British Publicity Company, 207 High Street. 

North of Scotland Bank, Ltd., 211 High Street— John, W. & G. Lockhart, agents. 
Telephone 2400. 

North Quay Post Office, 33 North Harbour Street— J. M. Goodwin, sub- 

Norton, James, commission agent. 10 Alloway Street. Telephone 3226. House 
— 6 Monument Road. 

Norton, William H., tobacconist, Alloway Place. Telephone cbo59. 

Norwell, Mrs, 33 Taylor Street. 

Nugent, James, 3 Church Street. 

Nursing Home, South Lodge, Racecourse Road. Telephone 5528. 

Nursing Home, Kinsley House, Prestwick Road. Telephone 2503. 

Oakley, Mrs, 87 Bellesleyhill Avenue. 

O'Beirne, Thomas, architect, 4 9 Dalblair Road. 

O'Beirne, Mrs, 3 Carrick Avenue. 

O'Brien, Misses, 75 Prestwick Road. 

Ochiltree, John Barr, 22 Rosebank Crescent. 

Ochiltree, Miss Susan, 118 New Road. 

O'Donnell, Hugh, 126 High Street. 

O'Farrell, James, hamcurer, 111 Wallace Street. 

O'Farrell, James, 7 Russell Terrace. 

O'Farrell, John, waggon tester, 61 Peebles Street. 

Officers' Mess, Ayr Barracks. Telephone 3622. 

Ogg & Co., chemists, 44 Newmarket Street— George Thomson, successor. Tele- 
phone 2366. 

Ogilvie, Edward, chemist, 45 Church Street. 

Ogilvie, George, insurance agent, 63 M'Call's Avenue. 

Ogilvie, James, 62 Mill Street. 

Ogilvie, Mrs, 32 Carrick Road. 

Ogilvie, Mrs, 56 Walker Road. 

O'Hagan, Hugh, 144 High Street. 

O'Hagan, William, guard, 26 Elmbank Street. 

O'Hara, John, railway signalman, 2 Englewood Avenue. 

O'Hara, John, 8 Reid's Square, Russell Street. 

O'Hara, Peter, tinsmith, 6 Smith Street. 

O'Hara, Miss M., 21 Burns Statue Square. 

O'Hare, Thomas, 22 Academy Street. 

O'Hare, Mrs, 29 Wellington Street. 

O'Kane, John, barman, 116 King Street. 

Oliver, Alexander, teacher, 141 Prestwick Road. 

Oliver, David J., clerk, 61 Oswald Road. 

Oliver, John, labourer, 14 Elba Street Lane. 

Oliver, Mrs, Myrtle Bank, 29 Carrick Road. 

O'Lone, James, stoker, 28 Taylor Street. 

O'Neil, Edward, dealer, 1 Taylor Street. 

O'Neil, Robert, coalman, 58 York Street Lane. 

O'Neil, William, 7 Hope Street. 

O'Neil, Mrs, 21 Millar's Land, Limond's Wynd. 

Oram, Alexander, bank agent, 11 Ballantine Drive. 

Original Secession Church, Content Avenue. 

Orlandi, Luigi, restaurateur, 16 Wellington Square. 

Orman, Ernest J., manufacturer, Thornlea, 3 St. Leonard's Road. Tele- 
phone 3464. 

Orr, James, family grocer. 218 High Street. Telephone 2658. House — 
Craig-y-Don, Craigie Road. 

Orr, Captain Robert W., harbourmaster, 51 Dalblair Road. Telephone 3152. 

Orr, Robert, traveller, 64 Oswald Road. 

Orr, Thomas T., ironmonger, 8 Tarn's Brig. 

Orr, William, motor engineer, 3 George's Avenue. 

Orr, Misses, Charlesworth, 10 Whitletts Road. 

Orr, Miss Edith. Blendon Hotel, 18 Bellevue Road. 

Orr, Miss Isabella. 18 Ballantine Drive. 

Orr, Miss V. H.. 8 Park Terrace. Telephone 3813. 

Orr, Mrs, 144 High Street. 

Orr, Mrs, 221 High Street. 

Osborne, Robert, labourer, 13 Glebe Crescent. 







All Other Glasses of Business Transacted. 



Telephone No 2157. 



Osborne, Samuel, labourer, 37 Lochside Road. 

Osborne, William, retired schoolmaster, 3 Union Avenue. 

Osborne, Mrs, 96 King Street. 

Oswald, John, overseer, post office, 8 Charlotte Street. 

Ovander, Mrs, dressmaker, 13 Eglinton Terrace. 

Owens, Alexander, butcher, 153 Prestwick Road. 

Owens, Andrew, vanman, 6 Belvidere Terrace. 

Owen, George, bricklayer, 29 Elmbank Street. 

Owens, John, 2 Wellington Street. 

Owens, Thomas, labourer, 47 Lochside Road. 

Pace, Andrew, civil servant, 2 Oswald Place. 

Palais de Danse, Burns Statue Square. Telephone 275711. 

Palmer, William F.. market gardener, 8 Hazelwood Road. 

Papple, William, cattle dealer. 34 Inverkar Road. Telephone 2448. 

Papple, Mrs, Coila. 10 Holmston Road. Telephone 2642. 

Park, Gilbert, 24 Bellevue Crescent. 

Park, John, surfaceman, 16 Taylor Street. 

Park, John, Customs clerk, 28 Rosebank Orescent. 

Park, Samuel, bricklayer, 83 Mill Street. 

Park, Thomas, L.D.S., dentist, 1 Sandgate. Telephone 3103. House — lO 
Quail Road. Telephone 3522. 

Park, Thomas, slater, 48 Main Street. 

Park, Mrs, grocer, '97-99 Prestwick Road. 

Park, Mrs Margaret, 32 Back Main Street. 

Park, Mrs, 25 New Road. 

Parker & Co., rag and waste merchants, 46 George Street. Telephone 2944- 

Parker, D. & J., fruit merchants, 110 Green Street. 

Parker, Francis, painter, 19 Queen Street. 

Parker, Henry, miner, '68 Elba Street. 

Parker, James, 3 Oswald Lane. 

Parker, John (of D. & J. Parker). 17 Quail Road. 

Parker, John Herbert, art master, 21 Queen's Terrace. 

Parker, Luther (of Parker & Co.), 2 Montgomerie Terrace. 

Parker, Norman. 68 Mill Street. 

Parker, Peter, confectioner, 2 Newmarket Street. 

Parker, Robert, joiner, 10 North Park Avenue. 

Parker, R., weaver, 83 Paterson Street. 

Parker, Robert, joiner, 5 Viewfield Road. 

Parker, Thomas, groundsman, 32 Stewart Road. 

Parker, Mrs, 39 Prestwick Road. Telephone 2093. 

Parker, Mrs, 3 Garden Street. 

Parker, Airs, 108 Green Street. 

Parr, James, gardener, 23 John Street. 

Pate, Thomas, local government officer, 6 Citadel Place. 

Paterson, Sons & Co., Ltd., pianoforte and music sellers, 40 Newmarket Street, 
Telephone 2714. 

Paterson, Alexander (of Alexander Begg & Co. and Paterson Bros.), Stanely. 
10 Ronaldsha,w Park. Telephone 3727. 

Paterson, Alexander, jun., woollen manufacturer, 27 Midton Road. Tele- 
phone 3789. 

Paterson, Alexander, dentist, 8 Beresford Terrace. 

Paterson, Allan, tailor, 7 Russell Terrace. 

Paterson, Andrew, grocer, 69 Woodfield Crescent. 

Paterson Brothers, tweed manufacturers, Ayr Tweed Mills. Viewfield Road. 

Paterson, Charles (of Dickie, Paterson & Riddick), Wendover, 60 Whitletts 
Road. Telephone 3612. 

Paterson, David, & Son. grocers, 50-52 Main Street. Telephone 5661. House — 
Newton Craig, Kingcase, Prestwick 

Paterson, David, C.A. (of David Paterson & Black, C.A.), 26 Monument Road. 

Paterson, David W., storekeeper, Maismore, 43 St. Leonard's Boad. 

Paterson, David, & Black, C.A., 130 High Street. Telephone 2686 

Paterson, George, clerk, 6 Craigie Avenue. 

Paterson, Gavin J. A., 38 Hilary Crescent. 

Paterson, Houston, engine-driver, 79 Bellesleyhill Avenue. 

You read these lines— Others will read yours. 



Paterson, Hugh, joiner, 24 Green Street. 

Paterson, Hugh, labourer, 54 Princes Street. 

Paterson, lvie, tailor, 60 Northfleld Avenue. 

Paterson, James, fishmonger, 89 Prestwick Eoad. 

Paterson, James, plumber, 229 High Street. 

Paterson, James, motor mechanic, 6 Westfiejd Eoad. 

Paterson, James, signalman, Belmont Crossing, St. Leonard's Road. 

Paterson, James, ex-detective sergeant, 15 Oswald Road. 

Paterson, James, riveter, 93 Main Street. 

Paterson, James, shoemaker, '68 Wallace Street. 

Paterson, James, scale maker, 48 Heathfield Road. 

Paterson, John, 105 Prestwick Road. 

Paterson, John, draper, 2 Ardlui Road. 

Paterson, John, barman, 41 Green Street. 

Paterson, John, clerk, 5 Gordon Street. 

Paterson, John A., teacher, 1 Ardlui Road. 

Paterson, John D., ironmonger, Drongan Cottage, 15 Midton Road. 

Paterson, M., hosier, 94 Main Street. 

Paterson, Malcolm, butcher, 34 Main Street. Telephone c>067. House— 34- 
Oswald Place. 

Paterson, Peter, o7 Wallace Street. 

Paterson, Peter G., jeweller and watchmaker, 38 Alloway Street. Tele- 
phone 3353. 

Paterson, Bobert, spirit merchant, 125-127 George Street. House — 40 
Fothringham Road. 

Paterson, Robert, fitter, 13 Hawkhill Avenue. 

Paterson, Robert, carrier, Sun Inn Yard. Telephone 2614. 

Paterson, Robert, firemaster, 13 Sandgate. 

Paterson, Robert, postman, Kelso, 7 Somerset Road. 

Paterson, R., & Son, weighing machine and scale beam makers, 35 King 
Street. Telephone 3307. 

Paterson, Thomas, M.B.E., master mariner, "Delubra, 39 Ashgrove Street. 

Paterson, Thomas, quartermaster, E.S.F., 64 Northfleld Avenue. 

Paterson, Thomas, engine-driver, 79 Oswald Road. 

Paterson, Thomas M., butcher, 1 Paterson Street. 

Paterson, Walter, 'bus driver, 14 James Street. 

Paterson, Walter, merchant (of Wiliiam Paterson & Son), Plevna, 6 Carrick 

Paterson, William, porter, 8 Victoria Street. 

Paterson, William, riveter, 51 Main Street. 

Paterson, William M'L., engineman, 92 Paterson Street. 

Paterson, William W., shipyard manager, Dunire, 25 Montgomerie Terrace. 
Telephone 2562. 

Paterson, William, & Sons, family grocers, tea, coffee, and wine merchants, 
227 High Street. Telephone 3552. 

Paterson, Misses, Linden, 44 Bellevale Avenue. 

Paterson, Misses, Albion House, 24 Carrick Eoad. 

Paterson, Misses, 45 Monument Eoad. 

Paterson, Miss A., 17 James Street. 

Paterson, Miss A., grocer, lb Union Avenue. 

Paterson, Miss Agnes, 106 Main Street. 

Paterson, Miss A. M., 81 Oswald Eoad. 

Paterson, Miss Margaret, 39 Port Street. 

Paterson, Miss M. J. J., teacher, 3 5 Inverkar Eoad. 

Paterson, Miss Mary, 49J Wellington Street. 

Paterson, Mrs, 35 John Street. 

Paterson, Mrs, 138 High Street. 

Paton, Andrew, 45 Alloway Street. 

Paton, Andrew, hairdresser, 55 Kyle Street. House — 1% Arran Terrace. 

Paton, Archibald, mason, 2 Fort Street. 

Paton, Charles (of W. Paton & Sons), Eedbourn, 31 Dongola Eoad. Tele- 
phone 2438. 

Paton, David W. (of James Paton & Sons), Etherington, 3 Victoria Park 
Eoad. Telephone 2118. 

Paton, George, 3 Viewfield Eoad. 

Paton, Gilbert, painter, 12 Heathfield Eoad. 

Paton, Hugh C. (of Hugh Paton & Son), 47 Dalblair Eoad. Telephone 3696. 

Paton, Hugh, & Co. (Ayr), Ltd., knitwear specialists, 27 Content Street and 
27 Burns Statue Square. Telephone 3013. 

Why not a bold type entry next year? 


Paton, Hugh, & Son, builders and contractors, 47 Dalblair Road. Tele- 
phone 3696. 

Paton, James, tram driver, 88 Green Street. 

Paton, James, & Sons, timber merchants, Ayr Saw Mills, 48 North Harbour 
Street. Telephone 3558. 

Paton, John, joiner, 11 Carrick Park. 

Paton, John, miner, 9 Seaforth Orescent. 

Paton, John, painter, 34 York Street. 

Paton, John, bricklayer, 4 Charlotte Street. 

Paton, John, engineer, 88 Green Street. 

Paton, John, chimney sweep, 60 Mill Street. 

Paton, John, baker, 83 Main Street. 

Paton, John, hairdresser, 5 Tarn's Brig. Telephone 3034. 

Paton, John M., butcher, 70 Dalblair Road. 

Paton, M. C, motor engineer, Doonfoot Road. House— 4 Belleisle Cottages. 

Paton, Matthew J. (of John D. Paton, Ltd.), 10 Doonfoot Road. 'Phone 2943. 

Paton, Robert W., builder (of William Paton & Sons), 19 Marchmont Road. 
Telephone 2567. 

Paton, Robert (of James Paton & Sons), 22 Bellevue Crescent. 'Phone 2159. 

Paton, Robert, mason, 38 Elmbank Street. 

Paton, Robert H., joiner, 49 Church Street. 

Paton, Thomas, 5 Workmen's Dwellings, King Street. 

Paton, Thomas, brassflnisher, 27 Russell Street. 

Paton, Thomas, 5 South Beach Road. 

Paton, Thomas, 26 King Street. 

Paton, Thomas M., law clerk, 39 Inverkar Road. Telephone 2018. 

Paton, William, labourer, 58 King Street. 

Paton, William, 21 Workmen's Dwellings, King Street. 

Paton, William, 61 Wellington Street. 

Paton, William, engineer, 78 York Street. 

Paton, William, & Sons, Ltd., joiners and builders, 15 Kyle Street. Tele- 
phone 3618. 

Paton, Miss Agnes, grocer, 59 Wellington Street. 

Paton, Miss Catherine, 53 Church Street. 

Paton, Miss Jean F.. 4 Marchmont Road. 

Paton, Mrs, 63 Bellevue Crescent. Telephone 3994. 

Paton, Mrs, 17 Bellevue Crescent. 

Paton, Mrs, 27 North Park Avenue. 

Paton, Mrs, 54 York Street Lane. 

Paton's, knitwear specialists, 27 Content Street. 

Patrick, Alexander H. (of Alexander Hall, carting contractor), 59 Peebles St. 

Patrick, John, grocer, 1 Belvidere Terrace. 

Patrick, John, clerk, 10 Gordon Street. 

Patrick, Mrs, 1 Cambuslea Road. 

Paul, Jajnes, wood machinist, 43 Carrick Street. 

Paul, Miss .Esther L., 29 Queen's Terrace. 

Pavilion Theatre (Ben Popplewell & Sons), Low Green. Telephone 2466. 

Paxton, Miss Catherine, 10 Kirkport. 

Payne, Walter, pit drawer, 2 Virginia Gardens. 

Payne, William, carpet weaver, 12 Goschen Terrace. 

Peacock, Captain George W., 1 Park Terrace. Telephone 3588. 

Peacock, Miss J., milliner, 38 Smith Street. House — 9 Ashgrove Street. 

Pearl Assurance Company, Ltd., 1 Wallace Street. Telephone 2974. 

Pearson, Alexander, 62 St. Leonard's Road. 

Peaston, Mrs, 54 Wilson Street. 

Peat, Edward, baker, 41 Woodfield Crescent. 

Peddie, William, 1 Springvale Road. 

Peebles, William, clerk, 12 North Park Avenue. 

Peggie, Thomas, piano tuner, 13 Queen Street. 

Pender, Joseph, Tallageira, 34 Monument Road. Telephone 3673. 

Pennington, Herbert, musician, Treviss, 32 Bellevale Avenue. 

Penny, James G. S., 20 Craigie Avenue. 

Penny, Peter, motor engineer, 20 Seaforth Road. 

Penny, Mrs, TJriebank, 13 Craigie Road. Telephone 3084. 

Percy, Mrs, New Lynn, 39 St. Leonard's Road. 

^erratt. Albert, postman, 96 New Road. 

Perry, Bertram P., lecturer on horticulture, 63 Whitletts Road. 

Perry, Fletcher Smith, surveyor of Customs and Excise, 1 Carrick Avenue. 

Perry, John, tailor, 39 Seaforth Road. 

You read these lines— Others will read yours. 


Perry, John, 115 Oswald Road. 

Perry, Thomas Nairn, stables, Clyde House, Blackburn Drive. 

Persichini, Frank, South Harbour Street and 26 George Street. 

Peterkin, John E., insurance agent, 68 Whitletts Road. 

Peterkin, Mrs, 23 Seafield Road. 

Peterkin, Mrs, 15 Hilary Crescent. 

Peters, John. 48 George Street. 

Petticrew, Alexander D. L., art dealer, 14 Beresford Terrace. 

Petticrew, D. 0., joiner, 61 John Street. 

Petticrew, James, 44 York Street. 

Pettigrew, Archibald, 7 Workmen's Dwellings, King Street. 

Pettigrew, James, railway servant, 6 Hunter's Avenue. 

Pettigrew, John, motor driver. 11 Cathcart Street. 

Pettigrew, William, 88 New Road. 

Pettigrew, William, 33 Heathfield Road. 

Pettigrew, William, labourer, 116 George Street. 

Pettigrew, Miss C, 41 Weaver Street. 

Pettigrew, Miss Catherine, 14 Newmarket Street. 

Pettigrew, Mrs, 4 Lisburn Road. 

Petto, Mrs, spirit merchant, 46 North Harbour Street. House — 4 York Street. 

Peyton, William H., 9 Arran Terrace. 

Phillips, James, 54 Kyle Street. 

Phillips, Miss E. M'G., 29 Campbell Street. 

Phillips. Mrs, 7 Craigie Avenue. 

Phillips, Mrs, 18 Woodfield Avenue. 

Philp, Harry, grocer, 12 Allison Street. 

Philp, Thomas, waggon builder, 13 Alderston Avenue. 

Philp, Miss Evelyn, Lilacbank, 1 Seafield Road. Telephone 5302. 

Phippen, Mrs, 9 Chalmers Road. 

Pick. David, carpenter, 113 Oswald Road. 

Picken, Alexander, cashier, 10 Cromwell Road. 

Picken, Andrew, butcher, 69-71 Main Street. Telephone 3970. House — Oyana. 
1 Englewood Avenue. Telephone 3761. 

Picken, Archibald, boot, repairer, 34 New Road. 

Picken Bros., butchers, 27 Alloway Street. Telephone 3308. 

Picken, David, butcher, 85 George Street. House — 67 Prestwick Road. 

Picken, James, butcher, 87 New Road. Telephone 3150. House — Blenheim, 
18 Prestwick Road. 

Picken, James, upholsterer, 104 Wallace Street. 

Picken, James, upholsterer, 106 Main Street. 

Picken. Mrs, 17 Wellington Square. 

Pickles, Edgar, overlooker, 23 Green Street Lane. 

Picture House, The, and Tea Rooms, 131 High Street. Telephone 2407. 

Fieri, Leo, confectioner, 54 Alloway Street and 150 Prestwick Road. Tele- 
phone 3136. House— 75 Dalblair Road. 

Pieroni, Giuseppe, 62 Sandgate and 18 New Bridge Street. Telephone 3183. 

Piper, Mrs, 69 Mill Street. 

Piper, Mrs, grocer, 47 Main Street. House — 63 Main Street. 

Piper, Mrs, 3 Alderston Avenue'. 

Pirie, James C, tanner, 34 Elba Street. 

Pirie, Mrs, 26 Seafield Drive. 

Pirrie, Andrew, 8 Elba Street. 

Pirrie, Mrs, 20 New Road. 

Pirry, Robert, weaver, 20 Elmbank Street. 

Pitt, Hugh, greenkeeper, 1 George's Avenue. 

Pitts, James, gardener, Ewenfield House, St Leonard's Road. 

Plain, Ralph, irondresser, 98 Green Street. 

Plain, Robert, painter, 62 Lochside Road. 

Plain, Mrs, 73 George Street. 

Plane, Mrs, 28 Mill Street. 

Playhouse, The. Boswell Park. Telephone— Office 3702, Enquiries 275411. 

Poe". Hugh M.. Knockronald, 37 Carrick Road. Telephone 2284. 

Police Office. Town Buildings. 29 New Bridge Street— Chief Constable James 
Lowdon. Telephone 2231. 

Pollok. Alan, seaman. 31 George Street. 

Pollock, A. & W., agricultural engineers, Station Bridge. 

Pollock, James, 210 Prestwick Road. 

Pollock, James, architect, 12 Princes Street. 

Pollock, John, insurance agent, 30 Marchfield Quadrant. 

Pollock, Peter, compositor, 5 Teviot Street. 

Why not a bold type entry next year ? 


Pollock, Peter, grocer, 49 Woodfield Crescent. 

Pollock, Robert, 62 Content Street. 

Pollock, Thomas, hairdresser, 21 Seaforth Road. 

Pollock, Thomas, hairdresser, 22 Carrick Street. 

Pollock, Thomas, boilermaker, 38 Taylor Street. 

Pollock, W. Alfred (of Stephen & Pollock), Ravenswood, 24 Whitletts Road. 

Pollock, William S. (of Stephen & Pollock), 42 Bellevue Crescent. Tele- 
phone 2443. 

Pollock, Dr W. B. Inglis, 6 Dalblair Road- 
Pollock, Miss J., 13 Bellesleyhill Road. 

Pollock, Mrs, 9 Carrick Park. 

Pollock, Mrs, 55 Mill Street. 

Pollock, Mrs, 1 Springbank Road. 

Polquhairn Coal Company, Ltd.. Office, 45 Dalblair Road. Telephone 2329- 

Poison, Mrs, Overdale, 36 Castlehill Road. 

Poole, David, motor driver, 146 George Street. 

Poole, David, porter, 142 George Street. 

Poole, James, brassfounder, 140 George Street. 

Poppleweil, Ben, & Sons, Gaiety Theatre, Carrick Street. Telephone 2536. 

Popplewell, Benjamin (of Ben Poppleweil & Sons), Ewenfield Road. Tele- 
phone 3812. 

Popplewell, C. Leslie (of Ben Poppleweil & Sons), 8 Monument Road. 

Popplewell, George Eric (of Ben Popplewell & Sons), 13 Midton Road. 

Porte, Elijah, miner, 93 George Street. 

Porte, John, miner, 54 Walker Road. 

Porter, Andrew, clerk, 21 Ardlui Road. 

Porter, J., engine-driver, 12 Paterson Street. 

Porter, Mrs, Rowallan, 25 Bellevue Road. Telephone 2023. 

Post Office, General, 45 Sandgate. Postmaster— Major D. M. Heyde, O.B.E- 

Potts, James, labourer, 9 St. George's Road. 

Poustie, Alexander, 62 Hawkhill Avenue. 

Poustie, David, creamery agent, 46 Falkland Park Road. 

Poustie, David, cabinetmaker, 17 Argyle Street. 

Poustie, Mrs, 9 Carrick Street. 

Pow, Edward, registrar, 11 High Street. House — St. Phillan's Avenue, offi 

Dongola Road. 
Powe, Mrs, caretaker, 1 Wellington Square. 
Powell, John, carpet worker, 4 Davidson Place. 
Powell, Mrs, 6 Victoria Street. 
Pratt, James, engineer, 15 Allison Street. 
Pratt, James, greenkeeper, 18 St. George's Road. 
Pratt, John, letter carrier. 61 Hawkhill Avenue. 
Pratt, Joseph, joiner, 91 Oswald Road. 
Pratt, Joseph, Braeside, 54 Whitletts Road. 
Pratt, Miss Mary, 53 Princes Strset. 
Prendergast, Joseph, 97 High Street. 
Prentice, James, traveller, 24 Hilary Crescent. 
Prentice, John, hamcurer, 131 George Street. 
Prentice, Miss Jeanie, 15 Virginia Gardens. 
Prentice, Mrs, 221 High Street. 
Preston, Henry, 32 Wallace Street. 
Prices Tailors, Ltd. (50s Tailors), 224 High Street. 
Price, Frederick John, clerk, 26 Nelson Street. 
Price, Richard, labourer, 38 Wellington Street. 
Priestly, Alexander, guard, 6 Belvidere Terrace. 
Priestly, Samuel W., goods guard, 1 Viewfield Road. 
Pringle, David, auctioneer, 135 Prestwick Road. 
Pringle, John, gentlemen's outfitter and clothier, 5 Beresford Terrace. Hous© 

—3 Midton Road. 
Pringle, William E., 93 Oswald Road. 
Pritty, Miss, music teacher, 15 Ashgrove Street. 
Proud, Albert, butler, 2 Gordon Terrace. 
Proudfoot, James, painter, 5 Woodfield Crescent. 
Provan, David, chauffeur, 25 Moss-side Road. 
Provan, D., joiner, 50 John Street. 

Provan, Joseph, joiner and funeral undertaker, 10 High Street. 'Phone 2616. 
Provan, Mrs. 31 South Harbour Street. 
Provident Clothing Supply Company, 239 High Street. 

You read these lines— Others will read yours. 


Provins, Miss Mary, 10 Prestwick Road. 

Prudential Assurance Company, Ltd., 16-18 Sandgate. Telephone 2738. 

Public Assistance Department, 27 Kyle Street. 

Puchia, Tony, labourer, 11 Millar's Land, Limond's Wynd. 

Pullar & Co., Ltd., dyers and cleaners, 72 High Street. Telephone 3555. 

Purcell, Patrick, clerk. 76 Elba Street. 

Purdie, Harry S., warehouseman, 61 Castlehill Eoad. 

Purdie, John, clothier. 20 New Bridge Street. House — 4 Argyle Street. 

Purton, Miss M., 216 High Street. 

Purvis, David, stoker, 63 Gould Street. 

Pyper, Colin R., clerk, 4-6 North Harbour Street. 

Pyper, David, clerk. 15 Belvidere Terrace. 

Pyper, James, 13 Church Street. 

Pyper, Jobn, carpet weaver, 19 Elmbank Street. 

Pyper, Mrs, 51 Princes Street. 

Pyper, Mrs, 35 Whitletts Road. Telephone 2630. 

Qua, John, engineer, 54 Wellington Street. 

Quagliozzi, Ernest, restaurateur, 26 Taylor Street and 13 Stewart Road. 

Quaite, George, 112 King Street. 

Quaite, James, massage and electrical treatment, Shielaite, 9 Carrick Road. 
Telephone 3725. 

Quaite, John, barber, 35 George Street. 

Quaite, Thomas, miller. 74 George Street. 

Quaite, Miss M., massage and electrical treatment, Swedish system. House— 
Shielaite, 9 Carrick Road. Telephone 3725. 

Quaite, Miss J., hairdresser and beautician, Shielaite, 9 Carrick Road. Tele- 
phone 3725. 

Quinn, Blaney, fireman, 97 Lochside Road. 

Quinn, Blaney, spirit salesman, 43 Wallace Street. 

Quinn, George, labourer, 100 Wallace Street. 

Quinn, James, miner, 22 Wilson Street. 

Quinn, James, ship's labourer, 17 James Street. 

Quinn, John, teacher, 17 Hawkhill Avenue. 

Quinn, William, 6 Kyle Street. 

Quinn, Miss Margaret, 79 Wilson Street. 

Queen, George, commission agent, 97 High Street. Telephone 2245. 

Queen's Hotel, 9 South Harbour Street. Telephone 278411. 


Rae, Alexander, stevedore, 14 Green Street. 

Rae, Andrew, mechanic, 5 Viewfield Road. 

Rae, Archibald, seaman, 23 Seaforth Crescent. 

Rae, Archibald, erocer, 28 New Road. 

Rae, Donald, 29 York Street. 

Rae, James, coal merchant, 42 Wallace Street. Telephone 3316. 

Rae, James, labourer, 88 King Street. 

Rae, James, miner, 5 Lawson Street. 

Rae, James J., fishmonger, 100 Main Street. Telephone 3602. House — 5 

Heathfield Road. 
Rae, John, solicitor, Meadowside, 9 Seafield Road. Telephone 3763. 
Rae, John, 98 Main Street. 
Rae. John, Burnbank, Maybole Road. 
Rae, John, miller. 14 Elmbank Street. 
Rae, Matthew, vanman. 6 Cromwell Road. 
Rae, Robert, Bellrock Road. 

Rae, William, nurseryman, 23 Heathfield Road. Telephone 2971. 
Rae, William, labourer, 2 Craigie Avenue. 
Rae, William, 35 Crown Street. 

Rae, William, yarn merchant, 95 Castlehill Road. Telephone 2515. 
Rae, William A., joiner, 66 Hawkhill Avenue. 
Rae, William J., clerk, 13 West Sanquhar Road. 
Rae, Miss Isobel, draper, 155 Prestwick Road. 

Why not a bold type entry next year ? 


Eae, Miss Isobel, milliner, 230 Prestwick Eoad. 

Kae, Miss Mary. 18 Bellesleyhill Eoad. 

Eae, Miss M.. 41 Kyle Street. 

Eae, Mrs, 57 Elba Street. 

Eae, Mrs, 240 High. Street. 

Eae, Mrs, Stewartville, 2 Tig Eoad. 

Eaeside, John. 229 High Street. 

Eaeside, Joseph, chauffeur, 40 Eobsland Avenue. 

Eaeside, Eobert H., clerk, 27 Miller Eoad. 

Eaeside, Mrs, 3 Burns Statue Square. 

Eailton, John J., architect. Lonsdale, 61 Midton Eoad. Telephone 2663. 

Eailway Bar, 21 New Eoad. 

Eainie, Miss J. A. C, 6 Montgomerie Terrace. Telephone 2375. 

Ealph, Donald Alexander, motor driver, 1 George's Avenue. 

Ealston, John L., commission agent, 9 Barns Terrace. Telephone 2980. 

Eamage, David, moulder, 25 Falkland Park Eoad. 

Eamage, James, moulder, 22 Crown Street. 

Eamage, James, tailor, 6 York Street. 

Eamage, James, 3 Limond's Wynd. 

Eamage, John, gardener, 51 M'G'aH's Avenue. 

Eamage, Miss Annie, 4 Carrick Park. 

Eamsay, George, 18 Monument Eoad. 

Eamsay, James, coal merchant, 11 Fothringham Eoad. 

Eamsay, James, joiner, 97 Castlehill Eoad. 

Ramsay, John, licensed grocer, and provision merchant, 10 George Streets 

Telephone 3867. House— 99 Castlehill Road. 
Eamsay, John, clerk, 2 Teviot Street. 
Eamsay, Thomas, joiner, 20 George Street. 
Eamsay, William, 42 Fort Street. 

Eamsay, Misses, Sleaford, 25 Eacecourse Eoad. Telephone 3929. 
Eamsay, Mrs, 53 Alloway Street. 
Eamsay, Mrs, 41 Miller Eoad. Telephone 2430. 
Eamsay, Mrs, 65 Princes Street. 
Eamsay, Mrs. 15 Eiver Terrace. 

Eankine, Andrew Dunlop, engineer, 27 Northfield Avenue. 
Eankin, Arthur. 8? Sanrtgate 
Eankin,, Colin, 68 York Street Lane. 
Eankin, James, storeman, 69 Princes Street. 
Eankin, John, 39 Content Street. 
Eankin, John, labourer, 13 Content Street. 
Eankin, Eobert. motor hirer, 82 Sandgate. Telephone 2957. 
Eankine & Murchie, automobile engineers. 88 Prestwick Eoad. 'Phone 3692. 
Eankin & Tait, solicitors & notaries public, 130 High Street. Telephone 2079. 
Eankin, Mrs, 12 Green Street Lane. 
Earity, David, labourer, 71 Lochside Eoad. 
Earity, Mrs, 36 North Park Avenue. 
Eaworth, William, 6 Albert Terrace. 
Red Ladder Window Cleaners. Telephone 3911. 
Eeddick, Hugh, miner, 4 Wellington Street. 
Eeddick, William, 16 Elba Street. 
EerMirk, William, painter 9« Hunter's Avenue. 
Eeddick, Miss Margaret, 66 New Eoad. 
Eedmayne & Sons, Ltd., S., outfitters, 152 High Street. 
Eedmond, William, joiner, 37 Peebles Street. 
Eedmond, Misses, furriers and milliners, 17 Prestwick Eoad. 
Eedmond, Mrs, Moss Side, 17 Oraigie Avenue. 
Eedmond, Mrs, 12 Limond's Wynd. 
Eees, William, vanman, 7 Saltfield. 
Eees, Mrs, 8 Taylor Street. 
Eeeves, Miss Agnes, 66 Carrick Street. 
Eefuge Assurance Coy., Ltd., 61 Dalblair Eoad. 
Eegal Cinema, Prestwick Eoad. 
Eegistrar's Office for Births, Marriages and Deaths, 11 High Street. Eegis- 

— trar— Edward Pow. 
Eeid, Alexander, railway clerk, 114 King Street. 
Eeid, Alexander, carter, 28 Victoria Street. 
Eeid, Alexander, mason, 15 Oswald Place. 

Eeid, Archibald, grocer, 46 Content Street. House— 5 Church Street. 
Eeid, Archibald, railwayman, 30 Allison Street. 

You read these lines— Others will read yours. 


Eeid, Archibald, accountant, Wellington Chambers, 64 Fort Street. House — 

11 Ashgrove Street. 
Eeid, David, joiner, 22 Duke Street. 
Eeid, David, fitter, 5 Noltmyre Eoad. 
Reid, David (of D. Reid & Co.), 14 Prestwick Road. 
Keid, David, 85 Castlehill Eoad. 

Eeid, David, Brougham Place, 3 Eacecourse Eoad. Telephone 2724. 
Eeid, David H., engineer, 40 Beresford Terrace. 

Reid & Co., David, cabinetmakers and funeral undertakers, Arthur Street. 
Telephone 2244. 

D. H. & F., engineers, Millbrae, Victoria Bridge. Telephone 2333. 

Eric W., salesman, 43 Woodfield Crescent. 

Frederic G., traveller, 114 Hunter's Avenue. 

George, labourer, 18 Garden Street. 

George, labourer, 36 Wilson Street. 

George P.. shoemaker, 17 Kirkholm Avenue. 

Gideon, labourer, 93 George Street. 

James, compositor, 18 Gordon Terrace. 

James, photographer, 48 High Street. House— 8 Somerset Eoad. 

James, coal merchant, 7 West Sanquhar Eoad. 

James, stoker, 26 Stewart Eoad. 

James, Virginia Gardens. 

James, clerk, 45 Bellesleyhill Avenue. 

James, painter, 3 Prestwick Eoad. 

James A.. 57 Whitletts Eoad. 

James G., Chelston, Longbank Eoad. Telephone 3678. 

James II., Tantallon. 6 Chalmers Eoad. Telephone 3853. 

James Paterson, engineer, 11 Marchfield Eoad. 

John, vanman, 30 Smith Street. 

John, egg merchant, 35 Dongola Eoad. 

John, o9 Content Street. 

John, confectioner. 23 Princes Street. 

John, mason, 94 High Street. 

John, 28 Glebe Crescent. 

John, roadman, 70 Lochside Eoad. 

John D.. shoemaker, 1^4 George Street. 

John W., foreman saddler, 2 Roman Eoad. 

Joseph, vanman, 229 High Street. 

Joseph, miner, 89 King Street. 

Matthew, ironmonger, 54 Hilary Crescent. 

Matthew, labourer, 12 Seaforth Eoad. 

Eobert, 75 Eussell Street. 

Eobert, painter, 19 Fort Street. 

Eobert A., 6 Eosebank Crescent. 

Eobert E., insurance inspector. 23 Content Avenue. 

Eobert W., 23 Fothringham Eoad. 

Stephen, joiner, 24 New Bridge Street. 

Thomas, stevedore, 30 Smith Street. 

Thomas, labourer, 54 King Street. 

Thomas, 1 Workmen's Buildings, King Street. 

Thomas F. H., engineer, North Barnweel, 11 Barns Crescent. 

William, coach painter, 1 Viewfield Eoad. 

William, 11 Boat Vennal. 

William, labourer, 14 Green Street Lane. 

William, machinist, 30 Allison Street. 

William, 8 York Street. 

William, grocer, 1 Waggon Eoad. House— 3 Waggon Eoad. 

Misses, 54 M'Call's Avenue. 

Miss Agnes M., Laurieston, 3 Barns Crescent. 

Miss Allison G., 42 Church Street. 

Miss Elizabeth, 84 High Street. 

Miss Helen, 71 New Eoad. 

Miss Jane M„ 10 Gordon Terrace. 

Miss Mary, school cleaner, 5 Peebles Street. 

Miss Mary T., 11 Eobsland Avenue. 

Mrs, 70 Main Street. 

Mrs, 92 Hunter's Avenue. 

Mrs, 46 Heathfield Eoad. 

Mrs, 20 North Park Avenue. 

Mrs, Beresford Lane. 

Why not a bold type entry next year? 



Reid, Mrs, 46 Glebe Crescent. 

Reid, Mrs, 7 Castlehill Eoad. 

Reid, Mrs, confectioner, 115 High Street. 

Reid, Mrs, 52 Taylor Street. 

Reilley, Michael, labourer, 105 Lochside Road. 

Rennie, Andrew, railway servant, 4 Tryfield Place. 

Rennie, George, tram driver, 29 Moss-side Road. 

Rennie, John, butcher, 107 Oswald Road. 

Rennie, John D., ticket collector, 30 Seaforth Crescent. 

Rennie, Kennedy, lather, 107 Wallace Street. 

Rennie, Robert, 68 York Street. 

Rennie, Thomas, railway fireman, 46 Wallace Street. 

Rennie, Miss Elizabeth, stationer, 50 Smith Street. 

Renton, James, engineer, 221 High Street. 

Renton, Thomas, traveller, Glencoyle, 43 Craigie Road. 

Revie, William, grocer, 4 Allison Street. 'Phone 2339. House— 18 Elba Street. 

Revie, Mrs, 20 St. Leonard's Road. 

Reynolds, Thomas, miner, 35 Walker Road. 

Rhodes, John, 3 Tig Road. 

Ronie, Charles, miner, 170 Prestwick Road. 

Rice, Mrs, 20 Miller Road. 

Richardson, Alexander, grocery manager, 22 Woodfield Road. 

Richardson, David, traveller, 33 Oswald Road. 

Richardson, George, painter, 13 Content Street. 

Richardson, John, carriage examiner, 8 Argyle Street. 

Richardson, John, traveller, 27 Ashgrove Street. 

Richardson, Thomas, salesman, 18 Gordon Terrace. 

Richardson, William, painter, 6 Crown Street. 

Richardson, Mrs, 21 Northfield Avenue. 

Richardson, Mrs, 92 York Street Lane. 

Richmond Park Laundry Company, Ltd., 11a Kyle Street. Telephone 2737. 

Richmond, Andrew T., motor engineer (of Dallas (Ayr), Ltd.), 38 Fort Street. 

Richmond, Gavin, railwayman, 5 Oswald Road. 

Richmond, Hugh, fishmonger, 83 New Road. House — 13 Woodfield Road. 

Richmond, James, clerk, 65 New Road. 

Richmond, James, 10 Springbank Road. 

Richmond, James, 110 George Street. 

Richmond, James D., house factor, 41 Wellington Street. 

Richmond, John, coal agent, 4 Northfield Avenue. 

Richmond, John, 30 Union Avenue. 

Richmond, John, provision merchant, 119 George Street. House — 126 High. 

Richmond, Robert, engine driver, 14 Gordon Street. 
Richmond, William, fishmonger, 23 Oswald Place. 
Richmond, Mrs, 7 West Sanquhar Road. 
Richmond, Mrs, 25 Carrick Street. 
Ricketts, Mrs, 6 Lisburn Road. 
Riddall, Archibald C, 21 Seafield Drive. 
Riddex., Arthur, 104 Prestwick Road. 
Riddex, John, 93 Green Street. 
Riddex, Mrs, 27 Lochside Road. 
Riddex, Mrs, 180 Prestwick Road. 
Riddick, Andrew J. (of Dickie, Paterson & Riddick), Inverawne, 33 Midton 

Road. Telephone 3935. 
Riddick, John T., salesman, 47 Church Street. 

Riley, Robert, coal merchant, Newtonhead Lye, 4 M'Call's Avenue. 
Riley, Mrs, 2 Bellevale Avenue. Telephone 3043. 
Riley, Mrs, 119 South Harbour Street. 
Riley, Miss Jane, 76 Wallace Street. 
Rillie, George, compositor, 115 George Street. 
Rillie, Hugh, blacksmith, 54 Kyle Street. 
Rillie, William, engineman, 21 Argyle Street. 
Ritchie, Alexander, 38 Princes Street. 
Ritchie, Andrew, storeman, 34 Elmbank Street. 
Ritchie, Bertie, factory worker, 31 Elmbank Street. 
Ritchie, George, policeman, 60 Lochside Road. 
Ritchie, James, clerk, 11 George's Avenue. 
Ritchie, James, tram driver, 14 Elba Street Lane. 
Ritchie, James, labourer, 93 Main Street. 

You read these lines— Others will read yours. 


Ritchie. James B., D.Sc. F.R.S.E. (rector of Ayr Academy), 28 Carrick 

Koad Telephone 2945. 
Ritchie, Robert, chauffeur, 45 Church Street. 
Ritchie, Robert, 31 Elmbank Street. 

Ritchie, William M., engineer, 17 Spring-bank Road. Telephone 3544. 
Ritchie, Miss, 35 Inverkar Road. 
Ritchie, Mrs, 81 King Street. 
Ritchie, Mrs, 33 Carrick Street. 
Ritchie, Mrs, 7 Viewfield Road. 
Ritchie, Mrs, 3 Virginia Gardens. 
Ritchie, Mrs, 11 Virginia Gardens. 
Ritchie, Mrs, 2 York Street Lane. 
Ritchie, Mrs, 1 Citadel Place. 
River Street Mission Hall, 17 River Street. 
Rivers, Ernest, 9 Workmen's Buildings, King Street. 
Robb, Fleming, engineer, 15 Princes Street. 
Robb, James, engine-driver, 20 George Street. 
Robb, John, railwayman, 8 Smith Street. 
Robb, John, 45 Alloway Street. 

Robb, John H., solicitor (of D. & J. Dunlop), 4 Blackburn Road. 'Phone 3771. 
Robb, Peter, railway clerk, 7 Bellesleyhill Avenue. 
Robb, Ronald, joiner, 6 Britannia Place. 
Robb, Thomas L., Town Chamberlain, High Street. House— 29 Midton Road. 

Telephone 3535. 
Robb, Misses, 3 Lansdowne Road. 
Roberton, Thomas, 15 Carrick Street. 

Roberts, Miss Agnes J., Dorris Tea Rooms, 66 High Street. 'Phone 3637. 
Roberts, Mrs, 41 Church Street. 
Roberts, Mrs, 33 Moss-side Road. 
Roberts-Reeves, William, 16 Chalmers Road. 
Robertson, John S., writer, Ronaldshaw Villa, 4 Ronaldshaw Road. Telephone 

Robertson & Co., general drapers, 172 High Street. 
Robertson, A., tailor, 15 River Terrace. 
Robertson, Alexander, stoker, 56 Glebe Crescent. 
Robertson, Alexander, labourer, 32 Ross Street. 
Robertson, Andrew, manager, 1 Woodfield Avenue. 
Robertson, Andrew, hammerman, 27 Allison Street. 
Robertson, Andrew, 70 Mill Street. 

Robertson, Archibald, 13 Hilary Crescent. Telephone 3409. 
Robertson, Archibald M., baker and fruiterer, 2 and 6 Main Street. 
Robertson, Charles, chauffeur, Bellevue Lane, off Bellevue Crescent. 
Robertson, David, cycle agent, 32 Alloway Street. 
Robertson, David M., 115 Prestwick Road. 
Robertson, Donald, policeman, 2 Union Avenue. 
Robertson, Francis, coal trimmer, 39 Green Street Lane. 
Robertson, George, chauffeur, 38 Prestwick Road. 
Robertson, George, Bellevale Dairy, 114 St. Leonard's Road. 
Robertson, George, slater, 57 Wellington Street. 
Robertson, George, 56 Fort Street. 
Robertson, George, plater. 7 King Street. 

Robertson, Henry, M.A., Newburn, 22 Belmont Avenue. Telephone 2002. 
Robertson, Henry, storeman, 5 Falkland Place. 
Robertson, Henry, 30 Waggon Road. 
Robertson, Hugh, labourer, 29 Gould Street. 
Robertson, Ian, 34 Hilary Crescent. 
Robertson, J., hammerman, 28 Wallace Street. 
Robertson, James, welder, 8 Whitehill Street. 
Robertson, James, insurance agent, 14 New Road. 
Robertson, James, 34 Green Street Lane. 
Robertson, James, labourer, 11 Belvidere Terrace. 
Robertson, John, 87 Mill Street. 

Robertson, John (of Robertson & Co., drapers;, 45 St. Leonard's Road. 
Robertson, John, 'bus driver, 120 George Street. 
Robertson, John, plater, 49 George Street. 
Robertson, John, moulder, 5 Seaforth Road. 
Robertson, John, labourer, 11 Back Main Street. 

Robertson, John, draper and hosier, 58 High Street. House— 39 Miller Road. 
Robertson, John B. (of John B. Robertson & Son), 28 Charlotte Street. 

Why not a bold type entry next year? 


Robertson, John B., & Son, upholsterers, cabinetmakers, and funeral under- 
takers, 68 Sandgate. Telephone 3823. 

Robertson, John N., railway worker, 71 Seaforth Crescent. 

Robertson, John W., 37 Marchmont Road. 

Robertson, Matthew, cotton yarn dresser, 23 M'Call's Avenue. 

Robertson, Richard, 40 Content Street. 

Robertson, Robert G., labourer, 7 Limond's Wynd. 

Robertson, Robert B., clerk, 48 Waggon Road. 

Robertson, Robert L., assistant inspector of poor, 25 Woodfield Road. 

Robertson, Robert S.. & Son, motor engineers, 9 Main Street. Telephone 3721. 

Robertson, Stewart, labourer, 94 Oswald Road. 

Robertson, Thomas, 56 Port Street. 

Robertson, Thomas, tailor, 15 King Street. 

Robertson, Thomas, labourer, 5 Stewart Road. 

Robertson, Thomas B., plasterer, 46 Viewfleld Road. 

Robertson, William, accountant, 23 Belleviie Road. 

Robertson, William, dairyman, 166 George Street. 

Robertson, William. 16 Lansdowne Road. 

Robertson, William, 59 Workmen's Dwellings, King Street. 

Robertson, William, West Meadows Farm, Maybole Road. 

Robertson, William C, carpenter, 21 High Street. 

Robertson, William C, 81 Mill Street. 

Robertson, Misses, 17 Fothringham Road. 

Robertson, Miss Jeannie A., 7 Alderston Avenue. 

Robertson, Miss Janet B., 30 York Street. 

Robertson, Miss Janet B., 46 Taylor Street. 

Robertson, Miss W., 187 High Street. 

Robertson, Mrs, 9 Barns Crescent. 

Robertson, Mrs, 8 Wallace Street. 

Robertson, Mrs, Vine Cottage, Burns Statue Square. 

Robertson, Mrs. 36 Carrick Road. 

Robertson, Mrs, 68 Church Street. 

Robertson, Mrs, '66 Church Street. 

Robertson, Mrs, 37 Church Street. 

Robertson, Mrs, 23 Eglinton Terrace. Telephone 5038. 

Robertson, Mrs, 5 M'Call's Avenue. 

Robertson, Mrs, 56 Ashgrove Street. 

Robertson. Mrs, 36 Green Street Lane. 

Robertson, Mrs, 11 Main Street. 

Robinson, Joseph, clerk, 5 M'Call's Avenue. 

Robinson, Robert L., railway servant, 9 Tryfield Place. 

Robinson, Mrs, 65 Mill Street. 

Robson, Prank, 29 Russell Street. 

Robson, James, locomotive fireman, 5 Kirkholm Avenue. 

Robson, James, 11 Falkland Road. 

Robson, James, engine-driver, 8 Ardlui Road. 

Robson, James E., engineer, 143 Prestwick Road. 

Robson, John, 3 Virginia Gardens. 

Robson, Joseph, engine-driver, 21 Russell Street. 

Robson, William Hay, 48 York Street. 

Roch, Mrs, Milrig Hotel, 18 Charlotte Street. Telephone 2901. 

Rock, Henry, tailor. 78 York Street Lane. 

Rock, Mrs, 9 Seafield Crescent. 

Rock, Mrs, confectioner, 40 Kyle Street. . 

Roddie, George G., stationer, Doon Cottage, 10 Carrick Road. 

Rodger, Andrew, labourer, 33 Gould Street. 

Rodger, Anthony, shunter, 9 Tryfield Place. 

Rodger, Edward C. 37 Park Circus. Telephone 2214. 

Rodger, Henry T. H. (of Henry Rodger & Co., Ltd.), 88 St. Leonard's Road. 

Rodger. Henry, & Co., Ltd., sheep dip manufacturers, 11 York Street Lane. 

Telephone 5124. 
Rodger, James, Sun Inn, 219 High Street. 
Rodger, James, power loom tenter, 39 Elmbank Street. 
Rodger, James, guard. 10 Britannia Place. 
Rodger, James I.. 9 Inverkar Road. . 
Rodger, John, labourer, 12 Front Buildings, King Street. 
Rodger, John M., & Son, ironfounders, Kyle Foundry, 14 Smith Street. Tele- 
Rodger? fohn P. M. (of John M. Rodger & Son), The Croft, Chapel Park Road. 

Telephone 2606. ^_ 

Ton read these lines— Others will read yours. 


Kodger, Robert, painter, 105 South Harbour Street. 
Rodger, Robert, labourer, 98 King Street. 
Rodger, Robert, labourer, 11 Crown Street. 
Rodger, Samuel, riveter, 6 Walker Road. 
Rodger, Thomas, 67 Wilson Street. 

Rodger, William, railway inspector, Garfield, 1 Tig Road. 
Rodger, Miss Isabella, 63 Green Street. 
Rodger, Mrs, 24 Green Street Lane. 
Rodger, Mrs, 36 Fothringham Road. Telephone 2490. 
Rodgers, Mrs, 14 North Park Avenue. 
Rogers, Philip, o Englewood Avenue. 
Rodie, John, 5 Duke Street. 
Rodie, John, 5 Virginia Gardens. 
Rodie, Mrs, 10 Duke Street- 
Rohan, Hugh, checker, 15 West Sanquhar Road. 
Rollie. William, brass moulder, 129 George Street. 
Rolph, George, ooal salesman, 142 Hunter's Avenue. 
Rolph, John G., 21 Montgomerie Terrace. 
Ronald. Gordon, clerk, Caradox, 138 Prestwick Road. 
Ronie, Mrs, 160 Prestwick Road. 
Rorison, Robert, 65 Castlehill Road. 
Rorke, Charles, painter, 3 Glebe Crescent. 
Rose. Mrs, 29 Heathfield Road. 
Rose, Mrs. 20 Monument Road. 
Roselea Football Club, 46 Wallace Street. 
Rosie, Andrew N., surveyor, 1 Marchfield Quadrant. 
Rosie, John, caretaker, 79 High Street. 
Ross's Dairies, Ltd., 95 High Street. Telephone 2083. 
Ross, Anthony, grocer, 14 Church Street. 
Ross, Anthony, engine-driver, 12 Oswald Place. 
Ross, Archibald, railway guard, 7 Oswald Road. 
Ross, David, dental mechanic, 33 Ardlui Road. 
Ross, Donald, 39 Oswald Road. 
Ross. Edwin, C.E., 105 Castlehill Road. 

Ross. G. A., coal merchant, Newtonhead Lye, 4 M'Call's Avenue. 
Ross, George, Olaengart, 21 Racecourse Road. 
Ross James, spirit merchant, 18 St. Andrew's Street. 
Ross, James, grocer, 48 Church Street. 
Ross, James, coal merchant, 11 Peebles Street. 
Ross, James, engine-driver. 40 Waggon Road. 
Ross, James A. D., motor engineer, 9 Young Street. 

Ross, James G., spirit merchant, 214 High Street. House — 145 Prestwick Road. 
Ross, Rev. John, 14 Ballantine Drive. 
Ross, John, 49 Carrick Street. 
Ross, Joseph, platelayer, 32 Wellington Street. 
Ross, Joseph, 26 Green Street Lane. 
Ross, Joseph, grocer, o5 Bellesleyhill Avenue. 
Ross, J. W., & Co., drapers, 72-74 Sandgate. 
Ross, Malcolm, storeman, 14 Fort Street. 
Ross. Patrick, baker, 15 M'Call's Avenue. 
Ross. Robert, labourer, 100 King Street. 
Ross, Thomas, painter, 13 Duke Street. 
Ross, Thomas, slater, 21 High Street. 

Ross, Thomas, jobbing contractor, 16 New Bridge Street. 

Ross, William, electrician and wireless engineer, Boswell Park. 'Phone 2617. 
Ross, William, Regal Picture House, 198-206 Prestwick Road. House — 196 

Prestwick Road. 
Ross, William, plumber, Millbrae. 
Ross, William, guard, 7 Burnett Terrace. 
Ross, William, carter, 87 Lochside Road. 
Ross. William H., 7 Kirkholm Avenue. 
Ross, Miss Ann, 6 Sandgate. 

Ross, Miss Hannah, hairdresser, 108 Main Street. Telephone 2892. 
Ross, Miss M., Greencroft, Chalmers Road. 
Ross, Miss S.. 68 Mill Street. 
Ross, Mrs, 37 Russell Street. 
Ross, Mrs, Kiloran, Bellevale Avenue. 

Ross, Mrs, South Barnweil, 13 Barns Crescent. Telephone 2136. 
Ross, Mrs, 5 Burnett Terrace. 

Why not a bold type entry next year? 


Ross, Mrs, 33 Elba Street. 

Ross, Mrs, board-residence, 37 Inverkar Road. 

Ross, Mrs, 20 Victoria Street. 

Ross, Mrs, 21 High. Street. 

Ross, Mrs, 46 Wallace Street. 

Rossi, Micbele, 4 Kyle Street. 

Rowan, Andrew, Fort House, 30 Montgomerie Terrace. 

Rowan, Andrew, 56 York Street Lane. 

Rowan, David, riveter, 38 Taylor Street. 

Rowan, Hugh, baker, 69 George Street. 

Rowan, Hugb, clerk, 1 Lawson Street. 

Rowan, William, assistant carter, 4 Virginia Gardens. 

Rowan, William, roads foreman, 66 Northfield Avenue. 

Rowan, William, cooper, Arthur Street. House — 62 Church Street. 

Rowan, William, 27 Main Street. 

Rowan, William J. C, ironmonger, 9 West Sanauhar Road. 

Rowan, Misses, Kensal Tower, 65 Bellevue Crescent. Telephone 2900. 

Rowan, Mrs, 10 Content Street. 

Rowan, Mrs, 4'6 Ashgrove Street. 

Rowdon, Alfred, & Son, nurserymen, 10 Alderston Avenue. Telephone 3913. 

Rowley, Samuel J., 25 Queen's Terrace. 

Roxburgh, William B., coal trimmer, 38 Springbank Road. 

Roy, Robert C, 26 Beresford Terrace. Telephone 2559. 

Roy, Robert P., manager, 2 Westfleld Road. 

Roy, Thomas, 62 York Street. 

Roy, Thomas, 31 York Street. 

Roy, Mrs, 35 Wallace Street. 

Royal Bank of Scotland, 39 Sandgate and 48 Alloway Street. Agent — 

William Tytler. Telephone 2412. 
Royal Insurance Company, Ltd., 5 Wellington Square. Telephone 2833. 
Ruddock, Alexander B., engineer, 6 Craigie Avenue. 
Ruddock, William, checker, 47 Union Avenue. 
Ruddocks, Andrew, labourer, 41 Glebe Crescent. 
Ruddocks, James, 5 Russell Terrace. 
Ruddocks, Robert, miner, 152 George Street. 
Rusk, James, F.S.M.C, optician, 59 Newmarket Street. Telephone 2530. 

House— 5 Alloway Place. 
Russell, A., labourer, 98 King Street. 
Russell, Archibald, 9 North Park Avenue. 
Russell, Archibald, baker, 24 Campbell Street. 
Russell, George, motor driver. 135 High Street. 
Russell, Donald, saddler, 82 Marchfleld Quadrant. 
Russell, George A., motor hirer, 207 High Street. Telephone 2730. 
Russell, G., plumber, 24 Falkland Park Road. Telephone 2634. 

Jobbings promptly Satisfaction 

attended to. guaranteed. 

Gilbert Russell 

Plumber, Slater, Sanitary 
and Heating Engineer, 

16 New Road, :: Ayr 

House Address * 
24 FALKLAND PARK ROAD. Phone No. 2634 

Moderate Estimates 

Terms. given. 


Russell, Janies, docker, 96 King Street. 

Russell, James, fireman, 12 Virginia Gardens. 

Russell, James, labourer, 1 Taylor Street. 

Russell, James F., insurance inspector, 26 Heathfield Road. 

Russell, John, 72 Mill Street. 

Russell, John, spirit merchant, 200 High Street. House — 6 Whitletts Road. 

Russell, John, 41 Green Street. 

Russell, John, tram conductor, 4 George's Avenue. 

Russell, M. & J., fruiterers and florists, 28 High Street. Telephone 2035. 

Russell, Eobert S.. 24 New Bridge Street. 

Russell, Robert, shoemaker, 21 Crown Street. 

Russell. Robert, labourer, 23 Noltmyre Road. 

Russell, Robert, fireman, 19 Belvidere Terrace. 

Russell Street Public School. Russell Street. Headmaster, John S. Niven. 

Russell. Thomas, draughtsman, 39 Fort Street. 

Russell, Thomas, fitter, 65 Mill Street. 

Russell, William, chauffeur, 13 Main Street. 

Russell, William, 20 Garden Street. 

Russell, William, labourer, 23 Woodfield Crescent. 

Russell, William L., Dornoch, 27 Racecourse Road. Telephone 3172. 

Russell, Miss, 11 River Terrace. 

Russell, Miss Annie A. K., 13 Park Circus. 

Russell, Misses, dressmakers and milliners, 166 High Street. 

Russell, Miss Margaret I., 24 Falkland Park Road. 

Russell, Mrs, 6 Charlotte Street. 

Russell, Mrs, 123 South Harbour Street. 

Russell, Mrs, 47 Carrick Street. 

Rutherford, Peter, foreman, 18 West Sanquhar Road. 

Rutherford, Miss M., 57 Alloway Street. 

Ryan, James, 14 Church Street. 

Ryan, Edward, labourer, 15 Glebe Road. 

Ryan, Mrs, 2 Burnett Terrace. 

Ryley, Arthur E., cycle merchant, 21 Kyle Street. House— 63 Prestwick Road. 


St. Andrew's Church, 39 Park Circus — Rev. Harry J. Marr. 

St. James's Church, Prestwick Road — Rev. Charles Walls, M.A. 

St. James Masonic Lodge — Hall, 26 Fullarton Street. Secretary — David 
Hogarth, 215 High Street. 

St. Leonard's Church, St. Leonard's Road — Rev. J. Strathearn M'Nab, M.A. 

St. Leonard's Home (Education Authority), Belmont Avenue. 

St. Margaret's R.C. Church, John Street— Very Rev. Canon Joseph M'Hardy, 

St. Margaret's Roman Catholic School, Whitletts Road. Headmaster— Joseph 
H. Daly, B.Sc. 

St. Margaret's B.C. Infant School, Elba Street. Headmistress— Miss Heffron. 

Sadler, Alexander W., postman, 6 Burnett Terrace. 

Sadler, Mrs, 23 Campbell Street. 

Sailors' Rest, 34 North Harbour Street. 

Salomons, Mrs, Ardsley, 25 Maybole Road. 

Salotti. Andrew, 59 Kyle Street. 

Salotti, Miss Ina, restaurateur, 38J Kyle Street. 

Salter, Mrs, grocer, 30 Noltmyre Road. 

Salvation Army Citadel, 6 New Road. 

Sampson, Mrs, 34 Glebe Crescent. 

Samson, Arthur, joiner, 9 Seaforth Road. 

Samson, Thomas, grocer and spirit merchant, 28 Sandgate. House — 16 Prest- 
wick Road. 

Samson, William, joiner, 2 Daisy Cottages, Bellesleyhill Avenue. 

Samson, William, baker, 3 Woodfield Crescent. 

Sandiford. Joseph, baker, 75 New Road. 

Sanders, Thomas, 18 Mill Street. 

Sandgate Church of Scotland Hall, 42 Fort Street. 

Sandgate Church of Scotland, West Congregation, Home Mission, 99 South: 
Harbour Street. 

Sandgate Registry, 21 Sandgate. Telephone 3607. 

Sands, David, 50 York Street Lane. 

Sands, James, civil servant, 5 Craigie Avenue. 

Sands, John, groom, 48 Allison Street. 


Sands, Robert, railway porter, 118 George Street. 

Sands, Mrs, 8 Elmbank Street. 

Sangster, James, motor engineer, 137 Prestwick Iioad. 

Sanitary Inspector's Office, 34 Newmarket Street. Inspector— John C 

Sargen, John, railway employee, 2 Campbell Street. 

Sargen, Mrs, 51 Wellington Street. 

Sargent, Henry, painter, 40 Wellington Street. 

Sargent, John, fireman, 79 Lochside Road. 

Sargent, John, carter, 1 Hall's Vennal. 

Saunders, Mrs, 23 Church Street. 

Saunders, Mrs, 67 Wallace Street. 

Savage, Hugh, 115 South Harbour Street. 

Sawers, John, miner, 96 King Street. 

Sawers, Mrs, 3 Springbank Road- 
Sawyers, James, baker, 3 Main Street. 

Sayers, Robert, coal merchant, 64 Green Street. 

Sayers, Mrs, coal merchant, Newtonhead Lye, 4 M'Call's Avenue. 

Scaife, William, fruiterer, 5 Wallace Street. 

Scoular. Mrs, 55 Hawkhill Avenue. 

Scotch Wool and Hosiery Stores, 137 High Street. 

Scott's Registry, House and Shipping Agency, 36 Newmarket Street. Tele- 
phone, 2171. 

Scott, A. L., & Sons, Ltd., boot and shoe merchants, 201 High Street. 

Scott, Captain A. H. W., 90 Prestwick Road. 

Scott, Adam, 24 ViewfieJd Road. 

Scott, Dr. Alexander, M.B.. Ch.B., surgeon, 58 Prestwick Road. Telephone 2976. 

Scott, Alexander, 229 High Street. 

Scott, Alfred T., C.A., 29 Newmarket Street. House— 38 Castlehill Road. Tele- 
phone 2748. 

Scott, Andrew, contractor, 22 Fullarton Street. 

Scott, Andrew, 45 High Street. 

Scott, Archibald, miner, 23 St. George's Road. 

Scott, Carl, ineasurer. 25 Inverkar Road. 

Scott, Charles, gardener, 39 Union Avenue. 

Scott, Charles A., bank accountant, 44 Robsland Avenue. 

Scott, David, 89 South Harbour Street. 

Scott, Evan, motor mechanic, 17 Russell Street. 

Scott, Frank, roadman, 28 Paterson Street. 

Scott. George & Son, meat salesmen, 100 High Street. Telephone 2151. 

Scott, George, butcher, 20 Stewart Road. 

Scott, George, vanman, 25 Elmbank Street. 

Scott, George, 25 Elmbank Street. 

Scott, George, 56 Port Street. 

Scott, George B , carpet designer, 24 Robsland Avenue. Telephone 3188. 

Scott, H., Belleisle House. 

Scott, James, plumber, 61 Lochside Road. 

Scott, James, stamper, 6 Wellington Street. 

Scott, James, shopman, 49 Union Avenue. 

Scott, James B., shipping agent, Maples, 8 Robsland Avenue. 

Scott, James G., checker, 17 West Sanquhar Road. 

Scott, J. T. & A. T., 29 Newmarket Street. Telephone 2401. 

Scott, John T., corporate accountant, 29 Newmarket Street. House— Twycross, 
38 Castlehill Road. 

Scott, John, agent for Day, Son & Hewitt, Lome Arcade, 115 High Street 
House— 33 Castlehill Road. Telephone 2128. 

Scott, John, welder, 28 Lochside Road. 

Scott, John, carter, 6 York Street. 

Scott, John, blacksmith, 123 South Harbour Street. 

Scott, John, draper, 4 Falkland Place. 

Scott, John, 38 Peebles Street. 

Scott, John, 4 Castlehill Crescent. 

Scott, John, fireman, 28 Kyle Street. 

Scott, John, miner, 10 Limond's Wynd. 

Scott, John, transport driver, 25 John Street. 

Scott. Malcolm D., chemist, 22 Oswald Road. 

Scott, Quintin D., joiner, 31 Elmbank Street. 

Scott, Robert, acetylene welder, 13 West Sanquhar Road. 

You read these lines— Others will read yours. 


Scott, Robert, 102 Prestwick Road. 

Scott, Robert, ship's plater, 182 Prestwick Road. 

Scott, Robert, shoemaker, 54 Green Street. 

Scott, Robert, labourer, 37 Noltmyre Road. 

Scott, Robert, machinenian, 27 Nelson Street. 

Scott, Robert J., railwa,y foreman. 3 Content. Avenue. 

Scott, Samuel, Fairholm, 46 Castlehill Road. 

Scott, Thomas, 196 High Street. 

Scott, Thomas, janitor (Newton Academy), 32 Green Street Lane. 

Scott, Thomas, grocer, 79 Green Street. 

Scott, Thomas E., Tairlaw, 56 Ashgrove Street. 

Scott, William, tenter, 86 King Street. 

Scott, William, printer, 30 Hope Street. 

Scott, William, gardener, 23 Bellesleyhill Avenue. 

Scott. William B., manager, 4 Woodfield Avenue. 

Scott, William D., 7 Peebles Street. 

Scott, Miss E., 6 Fothringham Road. 

Scott. Miss P. M., 12 Mill Street. 

Scott, Miss Janet, machinist, 9 Northfield Avenue. 

Scott, Mrs, 1 Nelson Street. 

Scott, Mrs, 70 M'Call's Avenue. 

Scott, Mrs, 31 New Road. 

Scott. Mrs. 11 Back Peebles Street. 

Scott, Mrs, 184 Prestwick Road. 

Scott. Mrs, 52 Walker Road. 

Scottish Automobile and General Insurance Company, Ltd., 55 Newmarket 
Street. Telephone 3012. 

Scottish Clerks' Association (secretary, David Hyslop), 239 High Street. Tele- 
phone 2435. 

Scottish Coal Supply Company, Burns Statue Square and Neptune Sidings 
Telephone 2866. 

Scottish Episcopal Church, Fullarton Street. 

Scottish Film Photos, 26 Sandgate. 

Scottish Girls' Friendly Society, 11 Charlotte Street. 

Scottish Legal Life Assurance Society, 21 Newmarket Street. 

Scottish Milk Records Committee, 269 High Street. 

Scottish Stamping and Engineering Company, Ltd.. Neptune Works, 2 West 
Sanquhar Road. Telephone 2866. 

Scoular, Mrs. 36 Princes Street. 

Scrimgeour, David, carpet weaver, 3 Tryfield Place. 

Scullion, John, 35J Workmen's Dwellings, King Street. 

Scullion, William, 94 Wallace Street. 

Scullion, Mrs, 7 Craigie Avenue. 

Seafield Boarding-House, Blackburn Avenue. Telephone 277711. 

Seafield Hospital, Doonfoot Road. 

Seales, Robert, bricklayer, 9 Virginia Gardens. 

Seamen's Christian Friendly Society, Soldiers' Recreation Rooms, 52-34 North, 
Harbour Street. 

Sears, J., & Co., Ltd., boot manufacturers, 76 High Street. 

Sears. Thomas, labourer, 54 Lochside Road. 

Seggie, Peter, 61 Content Street. 

Sellar, Mrs, 5 Queen's Terrace. 

Semple, Alexander, lorryman, 6 George Street. 

Semple, Charles, baker, 3 Marchfield Quadrant. 

Semple, David, hairdresser, 8 "Virginia Gardens. 

Semple, Hugh, groom, 42 Weaver Street. 

Semple, James, 37 Elba Street. 

Semple, James, 17 Church Street. 

Semple, James T., 6 Charlotte Street. 

Semple, John, 101 Green Street. 

Semple, Robert, fireman, 17 M'Call's Avenue. 

Semple, Miss Jean, 11 Eglinton Terrace. 

Senior, E., & Sons, musicsellers, 141 High Street. Telephone 3187. 

Senior, James (of E. Senior & Sons), musicsellers, 24 St. Andrew's Street. 

Senior, Mrs, 26 Rosebank Crescent. Telephone 2105. 

Service, John, & Son, measurers and surveyors, 42 Sandgate. Telephone 2644, 

Service, Robert J., groom, 1 Cromwell Place. 

Service, William, 126 Prestwick Road. 

Service, Mrs, 18 Alexandria Terrace. 

Why not a bold type entry next year ? 


Seymour, John, 44 Kyle Street. 

Seymour, Neil, clerk, 8 Woodfield Orescent. 

Shand, James, foreman, 4 Bellesieyhill Eoad. 

Shand, Mrs, 16 Woodfield Eoad. 

Shankland, Andrew, 8 West Sanquhar Road. 

Shanks, Mrs, 49 Carrick Street. 

Shannon, Andrew, gardener, 3 4 Gordon Terrace. 

Shannon, James, plater, 88 York Street Lane. 

Sharp, D., fishmonger, 76 Paterson Street. 

Sharp, George K., 30 Smith Street. 

Sharp, James, vanman, 83 Wallace Street. 

Sharp, Robert, & Co. (Ayr), Ltd., drapers, 8-10 High Street. Telephone 3903. 

Sharratt, Mrs. 12 Bellesieyhill Eoad. 

Shaw, David W., & Co., solicitors, 24 Sandgate. Telephone 2158. 

Shaw, George, traveller, 5 Viewfield Eoad. 

Shaw, Gilbert, police constable, North Lodge, Belleisle. 

Shaw, James E., county clerk and treasurer, County Buildings. Telephone 
2201. House— Greenan, by Ayr. 

Shaw, James, clerk, 46 New Eoad. 

Shaw, James, grocer, 9 Burns Statue Square. 

Shaw, J. & E., sheet metal workers, 16 Eiver Street. Telephone 2645. 

Shaw, John, 14 Millar's Land, Limond's Wynd. 

Shaw, John, motorman, 93 Main Street. 

Shaw, Eobert, constable, 20 Marchfield Quadrant. 

Shaw, Eobert L., insurance agent, 6 Prestwick Eoad. 

Shaw, Samuel, labourer, 78 Paterson Street. 

Shaw, William, tinsmith, 10 Front Buildings, Xing Street. 

Shaw, Misses N. & M., milliners, 32 George Street. House — 25 St. Andrew's St. 

Shaw, Mrs, 53 Mill Street. 

Shaw, Mrs, 1 Marchfield Eoad. 

Shea, William, grocer, 21 Nelson Street. 

Shearer, Andrew, joiner, 240 Prestwick Eoad. 

Shearer, Charles Hall, 16 Ailsa Place. 

Shearer, John, plumber, 13 Oswald Place. 

Shearer, John G., 3 George Street. 

Shearer, Eobert, grocer, 14 Nelson Street. 

Shearer, Mrs, milliner, % Wallace Street. 

Shearer, Mrs, 1 George Street. 

Shearer, Mrs, 240 Prestwick Eoad. 

Shearer, Mrs, 1 Academy Street. 

Shedden, James, clerk, 3 Cromwell Place. 

Shell Mex and B.P., Ltd., Newtonhead Lye, 4 M Call s Avenue. 

Shellotto, Alfred W., caterer, 45 Woodfield Orescent. 

Shepherds Dairies, Ltd., groceries and provisions, 96 High Street. 

Sheret, Matthew, telegraph linesman, 60 Allison Street. 

Sheridan, James, 221 High Street. 

Sherida,n, Misses, 52 Whitletts Eoad. 

Sherriffs, Mrs, St. Lawrence, 1 Eacecourse View. Telephone 2152. 

Sherrington, Thomas, ladies' and children's outfitter, 92 High Street. Tele- 
phone 2942. House— 13 BeUevue Crescent. Telephone 3581. 

Sheehan, Mrs, 148 George Street. , _ . 

Shields, Benjamin, foundry worker, 77 St. George s Eoad. 

Shields, David B., railway servant, 67 Green Street Lane. 

Shields, James, labourer, 38 Peebles Street. 

Shields, James, shoemaker, 29 Wallace Street. 

Shields, James, printer, 71 Castlehill Eoad. 

Shields, John, plumber, 3 Eussell Street. 

Shields, John, tailor, 52 Kyle Street. 

Shields, John, gardener, 18 Northfield Avenue. 

Shields, Joseph, 81 King Street. 

Shields, Eobert, clerk, 76 Green Street. 

Shields, Eobert, labourer, 64 Glebe Crescent. 

Shields, Eobert, tailor, 109 Lochside Eoad. 

Shields, Eobert, blacksmith, 65 Mill Street. 

Shields, William, joiner, 72 Wallace Street. 

Shields, Mrs, 39 Bellesieyhill Avenue. 

Shields, Mrs, 44 Smith Street. 

Shields, Mrs, 78 Green Street. 

Shields, Mrs, 129 High Street. 

You read these lines— Others will read yours. 


Shields, Mrs, 29 Argyle Street. 

Shiels, Miss Georginia E., 22 Montgonierie Terrace. 

Shiels, Miss L. E., teacher, 26 Craigie Road. 

Shiels, Mrs, 6 Dalblair Road. 

Shillinglaw, A., & Co., Ltd., 62 High Street. 

Shirran, George, railway servant, 29 Waggon Eoad. 

Short, Edward, 18 Peebles Street. 

Short, James, Commercial School of Shorthand and Bookkeeping, 143 High 
Street. House— 85 Dalblair Eoad. 

Short. Robert, boilerman, 30 Nelson Street. 

Sibbald, Alexander, wine and spirit merchant, Black Bull, 22 River Street. 

Sichi, Romolo, restaurateur, 92 Sandgate and 50 New Bridge Street. 

Silk. Edwin T., carpet weaver, 12 Nelson Street. 

Sillars, Charles, labourer, 21 Back Peebles Street. 

Sillars, Robert, loco, driver, 4 Oswald. Road. 

Sillars, William, engine-driver, 19 Russell Street. 

Sillars. Misses, 116 New Road. 

Silver, Young & Cosh, solicitors, 20 Wellington Square. Telephone 5576. 

Sim, Alexander, 4 Craigie Avenue. 

Sim, Andrew, 32 Princes Street. 

Sim, John, electrician, 17 Virginia Gardens. 

Sim, Robert, warehouseman, 20 Fothringham Road. 

Sime, Hugh, slater, 22 Wellington Street. 

Sime, Mrs, 8 Church Place, King Street. 

Simkin. Walter, clerk, 116 Main Street. 

Simm, Robert, plater, 9 Burns Statue Square. 

Simmons, William, 15 Bellevue Crescent. 

Simmons, William, groom, 1 Burns Statue Square. 

Simmons, Mrs, 46 Princes Street. 

Simpson, Alexander. 33 Carrick Street. 

Simpson, Andrew, cab driver, 50 Content Street. 

Simpson, George, constable, 53 Alloway Street. 

Simpson, George, skinner, 62 Mill Street. 

Simpson, George, groom, 44 John Street. 

Simpson, G. W. N. (of Simpson & Davidson), 82 Castlehill Road. Tele- 
phone 3566. 

Simpson, Harry, benchman, 101 Main Street. 

Simpson, J., holder-on, 14 Wallace Street. 

Simpson, James, butcher. 5 Wellington Street. 

Simpson, John, coal trimmer, 6 Elmbank Street. 

Simpson, John, 43 Content Street. 

Simpson, Quintin, 226 High Street. 

Simpson, Robert, 44 Marchfield Road. 

Simpson, William, 20 Union Avenue. 

Simpson, William G., 'bus driver, 42 Princes Street. 

Simpson & Davidson, accountants, 2 Newmarket Street. Telephone 2958. 

Simpson, Miss Helen, 11 Content Avenue. 

Simpson, Miss Mary, dressmaker, 38 North Park Avenue. 

Simpson, Mrs, 41 Bellesleyhill Avenue. 

Simpson, Mrs, 21 Content Avenue. 

Simpson, Mrs, J 16 Green Street. 

Sinclair, Alexander, 16 Mill Street. 

Sinclair, Archibald, grocer, 27 Crown Street. 

Sinclair, D. R., hide and skin merchant, 12 River Terrace. 

Sinclair. Donald R., wool merchant. The Gables, 2 Corsehill Road. Tele- 
phone 3571. 

Sinclair, George, tuner, 9 M'Call's Avenue. 

Sinclair, George, miner, 12 Duke Street. 

Sinclair, Hugh, master mariner, 29 Whitletts Road. 

Sinclair. John, 23 Green Street. 

Sinclair, John, railway servant, 13 Argyle Street. 

Sinclair, John W., coachman, 3 Craigie Avenue. 

Sinclair, Malcolm, watchmaker, 13 Noltrayre Road. 

Sinclair, Miss Jane, 14 Bath Place. Telephone 2953. 

Sinclair, Mrs, 17 Gordon Street. 

Sinclair, Mrs, 7 Waggon Road. 

Sinclair, Mrs, spirit shop, 34 High Street. 

Sinclair, Mrs, 56 Mill Street. 

Why not a bold type entry next year ? 



lf™w~ Se f! ing ^ ach i ne Company, 247 High Street and 59 Main Street. 

Singleton, Alexander J., manager, 85 Oswald Eoad 

Singleton, Thomas Waverley Temperance Hotel, 8 New Bridge Street. 

Singleton, Mrs, 7 St. Andrew's Street. 

Sisters of the Cross and Passion, 10 Wellington Square. Telephone 2662. 

Skelly, James, 175 High Street. 

Skelly, Mrs, 59 Kyle Street. 

Skilling, Robert, railway guard, 79 and 81 New Road. 

Skilhng, Mrs. 99 Green Street. 

Skinner, William, joiner, n West Sanquhar Road. 

felarke, Mrs, 48 Bellevale Avenue. 

Slater, Matthew, brassfinisher, 67 Princes Street. 

Slater. Bobert, 46 Mill Street. 

Slater, William, miner, 21 High Street. 

Slater, Mrs, 62 York Street Lane. 

Sloan, Hugh, 75 Green Street. 

Sloan, James, blacksmith, 7 West Sanquhar Road. 

Sloan, James, 4 Taylor Street. 

Sloan, James D., wine and spirit merchant, 145 High Street. House— 5 Clarke 

Sloan, John, clerk, 19 New Bridge Street. 
Sloan, John, painter, 45 Allison Street. 
Sloan, John, clerk, 16 Union Avenue. 
Sloan, Matthew, labourer, 41 King Street. 
Sloan, Robert, cartel - , 9 Stewart Road. 

Sloan, William, fruit and vegetable dealer, 84 Northfield Avenue. 
Sloan, William, insurance agent, 5 Barns Street. 
Sloan, Miss, Alderbrae, 21 Maybole Road. 

Sloan, Miss B., hairdresser, 5 Barns Street. Telephone 3414. 
Sloan, Miss Jeanie, 130 Prestwick Road. 
Sloan, Misses, Duneaton, 15 St. Leonard's Road. 
Sloan, Mrs, 11 Belvidere Terrace. 
Sloan, Mrs, 5 Bellevue Road. 
Sloan, Mrs, 5 Pa.rk Terrace. Telephone 2'624. 
Sloan, Mrs, 63 Wellington Street. 
Sloss, John, 226 High Street. 
Small, Mrs, 75 South Harbour Street. 
Smart, Misses, 16 Bellevue Crescent. Telephone 3075. 
Smellie, Thomas, miner, 68 George Street. 
Smellie, Thomas, 43 Fort Street. 
Smellie, Mrs, 64 Whitletts Road. 
Smellie, Mrs, 52 Mill Street. 

Smiley, Mrs, 29 Marchmont Road. Telephone 2086. 
Smilie, John, 29 Wallace Street. 
Smilie, Mrs, 16 Eglinton Terrace. 

Smillie, D. Murray, lecturer, 32 Whitletts Road. Telephone 3585. 
Smillie, John, clerk. 101 King Street. 
Smillie, John, 22 Mill Street. 
Smillie, Mrs, 47 Elba Street. 
Smirrell, Miss Elizabeth, 31 Elba Street. 
Smith, Adam, tailor, 244 Prestwick Road. 
Smith, Alexander, storeman, 23 Nelson Street. 
Smith. Alexander, railway guard, 22 Elmbank Street. 
Smith, Alexander, 'bus driver, 25 M'Call's Avenue. 
Smith, Alexander, traveller, 46 Hunter s Avenue. 
Smith, Alexander, 76 York Street Lane. 
Smith, Alexander, builder, 4 and 6 Lvsburn Road. 
Smith, Andrew, 7 Virginia Gardens. 
Smith, Andrew M'G., 12 Ailsa Place. 
Smith, B. D., horse shoer, 32 Content Street. # . 

Smith Carl, grain merchant, Inverlea. 42 Carrick Road. Telephone 3667. 
Smith] Charles, salesman, 50 Princes Street. 
Smith, Colin F., 3 Springvale Road. 

Smith, D. Rankin, 23 Robsland Avenue. Telephone 3805. 
Smith, David, grocer, 9 Miller Road. 
Smith, David, labourer, 27 George Street. 
Smith. David, railwayman, 17 Russell Street. 
Smith, David, grocer. 40 Waggon Road. 
Smith, David, clerk, 24 Heathfleld Road. 

You read these lines— Others will read yours. 


Smith. David, miner. Back Hawkhill Avenue. 

Smith, David, engine-driver, 94 Hunter's Avenue. 

Smith. David, roadman, 62 Allison Street. 

Smith, Donald, 3 New Bridge Street. 

Smith, Duncan, engine-driver. 5 Taylor Street. 

Smith. Edwin, watchmaker, 23 St. Leonard's Road. 

Smith. Edwin, motorman, 14 Allison Street. 

Smith. Frederick, stoker, 85 Smith Street. 

Smith, Frederick S„ grain merchant, Melling Villa, 57 Midton Road. Tele- 
phone 3510. 

Smith, George, mechanic, 88 Marchfield Quadrant. 

Smith. Hugh, 52 York Sti-eet. 

Smith, Hugh F. (of M'Gill & Smith), Millerfleld, 4 Broomfield Road. Tele- 
phone 2544. 

Smith, James, motor driver. 221 High Street. 

Smith, James, 16 Garden Street. 

Smith, James, spirit merchant, Union Tavern, 5-5 Boat Vennal and 18-20. 
Main Street. 

Smith. James, boot factor. 4 Cromwell Place. 

Smith, James, storeman, 100 High Street. 

Smith, James, confectioner, 47 Sandgate. 

Smith, James, labourer, 14 Nelson Street. 

Smith, James, labourer. 41 King Street. 

Smith, James, draper, 19 Prestwick Road. 

Smith, James, 54 Taylor Street. 

Smith, James B., 17 Hilary Crescent. Telephone 3391. 

Smith. James R., mason, 11 Seafield Road. 

Smith, James Wight, 6 Bellevue Crescent. 

Smith, John, farmer. 37 Oastlehill Road. Telephone 2048. 

Smith, John, 36 Craigie Road. 

Smith, John, draner, 37 Bellevue Crescent. 

Smith, John, gardener, 42 Robsland Avenue. 

Smith, John, goods clerk, 20 Whitletts Road. 

Smith, John, goods guard, 23 Seaforth Road. 

Smith, John, gardener. 21 Princes Street. 

Smith, John, stone mason, 91 New Road. 

Smith. John, craneman, 61 Peebles Street. 

Smith, John, miner, 152 George Street. 

Smith. John, labourer, 91 Mill Street. 

Smith. John, miner, 18 Victoria Street. 

Smith, John, storeman, 93 South Harbour Street. 

Smith, John, telephone linesman, 40 Noltmyre Road. 

Smith, John, 104 Hunter's Avenue. 

Smith, John, coal trimmer, 9 Goschen Terrace. 

Smith, John. 70 Whitletts Road. 

Smith. John, wine and spirit merchant, 13 New Bridge Street. House— 22 
Craigie Avenue. 

Smith. John L.. hosier. 215 High Street. 

Smith, John. R., plumber, 12 Smith Street. Telephone 3916. House— 57 
Peebles Street. 

Smith, John R.. plumber, 5 Craigie Avenue. 

Smith, Louis, warehouseman, 96 Hunter's Avenue. 

Smith, Malcolm, Dean Cottage, 9 Maybole Road. 

Smith. Matthew, 19 Quail Road. 

Smith, Matthew, Cecil Tea Rooms, 145 High Street. House— 22 Bellevale Ave.- 

Smith, Owen, 23 Wilson Street. 

Smith, Owen, 23 York Street Lane. 

Smith. Peter, labourer, 29 Green Street Lane. 

Smith, Robert, chauffeur, 6 Gordon Terrace. 

Smith, Robert, labourer, 38 Walker Road. 

Smith, Robert, gardener, 6 Tig Road. 

Smith, Robert, tinsmith, 3 Somerset Road. 

Smith, Robert, 71 Green Street. 

Smith, Robert, coal trimmer, 14 Noltmyre Road. 

Smith, Robert S., 100 Prestwick Road. 

Smith, Samuel, gardener, 10 Smith Street. 

Smith, Samuel, 66 Wallace Street. 

Smith, Samuel, miner, 38 Lochside Road. 

Smith, Sydney, chemist, 7 Teviot Street. 

Why not a bold type entry next year? 


Smith, Thomas, coal trimmer, 13 Taylor Street. 

Smith, Thomas, letter stamper, 9 M' Call's Avenue. 

Smith, Thomas, 26 Woodfield Road. 

Smith, Thomas B., bookseller and stationer, 29 Alloway Street. House — 10 

Beresford Terrace. 
Smith, William : plumber, 48 Kyle Street. 
Smith, William, 11 Carriek Street. 
Smith, William, 58 Mill Street. 
Smith, William, labourer, 13 John Street. 
Smith, William, labourer, 66 Wilson Street. 
Smith, William, motor driver, 34 Walker Road. 
Smith, William, 30 Viewfleld Road. 
Smith, William, miner, 23 Paterson Street. 
Smith, William, tailor, 89 New Road. 

Smith, William, water superintendent, 88 Oswald Road. Telephone 2628. 
Smith, William, 35 Green Street Lane. 
Smith, William, 35 Fort Street. 
Smith, William, 97 High Street. 
Smith, William, vanman, 4 Englewood Avenue. 
Smith, William, sweep, 177 Prestwick Road. 
Smith, William. & Son, cork cutters, 9 Boat Vennal. 
Smith, Miss Agnes, 7 "Viewfield Road. 
Smith, Miss Annie, 15 New Bridge Street. 
Smith, Miss Annie B., 11 West Sanquhar Road. 
Smith, Miss Charlotte, 125 Prestwick Road. 
Smith, Miss Elizabeth B., 10 Beresford Terrace. 

Smith, Miss Jenny, draper, 32 Main Street. House — 19 Prestwick Road. 
Smith, Miss Jessie, confectioner, 3 Wellington Street. 
Smith, Miss M., 21 Carriek Road. 
Smith, Miss M., 18 Mill Street. 

Smith, Miss Margaret, Kia-Ora, 15 Bellesleyhill Road. 
Smith, Miss Mary, 26 Content Street. 
Smith, Misses, 36 John Street. 
Smith, Misses, 51 St. Leonard's Road. 
Smith, Misses M. & C, dressmakers, 242 Prestwick Road. 
Smith, Mrs, 74 Elba Street. 

Smith, Mrs, ladies' and children's outfitter, 44 Bellevue Crescent. 
Smith, Mrs, 38 St. Leonard's Road. 
Smith. Mrs, 12 Seafield Drive. 
Smith, Mrs, 10 Park Circus. 
Smith, Mrs, 45 Midton Road. 
Smith, Mrs, 24 Union Avenue. 
Smith, Mrs, 33 Springbank Road. 
Smith, Mrs, 18 Nelson Street. 
Smith. Mrs, 59 King Street. 
Smith, Mrs, 69 Bellesleyhill Avenue. 
Smith, Mrs, 66 Mill Street. 

Smith, Mrs Ada, 13-15 Boat Vennal and 15 South Harbour Street. 
Smith, Mrs, 86 Wallace Street. 
Smith. Mrs, 18 Kyle Street. 
Smith, Mrs, 51 Dalblair Road. 
Smith, Mrs. 47 Woodfield Crescent. 
Smith, Mrs, 62 York Street. 
Smith, Mrs, 7 King Street. 
Sneddon, Miss Alice. 22 Back Main Street. 
Sneddon, Miss Elizabeth, 112 Green Street. 
Somerville, Hugh, mason, 109 Wallace Street. 
Somerville, Robert, 10 Viewfield Road. 
Somerville, Thomas, hairdresser, 29 Seaforth Crescent. 

Somerville. Misses, 23 Bellesleyhill Road. „i„„*.-.„i 

Sommerville, Alfred, A.M.I.E.E. (of Wilson, Dickson & Co.), electrical 

engineer, 17 Woodfield Road. Telephone 2324. 
Sommerville, George, railway clerk, St. Margaret s, 30 Lansdowne Road. 
Sommerville, William, mason, 23 Nelson Street. 
Sommerville, Mrs, 5 St. Leonard's Road. 
Sommerville, Mrs, 16 Quail Road. 
Sorley, William, 7 Kirkport. House-51 New Road. 

South Ayrshire Unionist Association, 41 Newmarket Street. Phone 3110. 
Southey. Mrs, 42 Midton Road. 

You read these lines— Others will read yours. 


Speed Company, The, 9 Hope Street. 

Speir, John, saddler, 25 Burns Statue Square. Telephone 2573. House— U 
Union Avenue. 

Speir. Mrs C. Paul, 52 Castlehill Koad. 

Speirs, Robert, butcher, 55 Alloway Street. Telephone 2579. House— 4 

Craigie Road. 
Speirs, Robert, 'bus driver, 2 Boswell Park. 
Speirs, William, motor engineer, 59 Kyle Street. 

Spence, Major A., B.S.F. (retired), Sialkot, 31 Inverkar Road. 'Phone 3427. 
Spenee, Frank, electrician, 82 Northfleld Avenue. 
Spence, George, miner, 1 George's Avenue. 
Spence, Hugh, blacksmith, 8 Green Street Lane. 
Spence, Joseph, labourer, 2 Seaforth Crescent. 
Spence, Louis G., vanman, 2 Peebles Street. 
Spence, Peter, engineer, Mayfield, CastlehiU Road. 
Spence, Peter, 10 Green Street Lane. 

Spence, Thomas, labourer, 4 Daisy Cottages, Bellesleyhill Avenue. 
Spence, Thomas, miner, 41 Main Street. 

Spence, William, painter, 97 High Street. House — 44 Union Avenue. 
Spenee, Nurse, 3 Seaforth Road. Telephone 2965. 
Spence, Mrs, 48 Russell Street. 
Spence, Mrs, 7 Marchfleld Road. 
Spencer. Mrs, photographer, 240 High Street. 
Spier. Mrs, 56 Queen's Terrace. Telephone 2661. 
Spiers, James, mechanic, 30 Smith Street. 
Spiers, James, labourer, 14 Crown Street. 
Spiers, John, tinsmith, 15 John Street. 
Spiers, John, railway guard, 14 Stewart Road. 
Spiers, William, 'bus inspector, 38 Oswald Road. 
Spiers, Miss Jessie. 109 Prestwick Road. 
Spiers, Misses, 20 Midton Road. 
Spiers, Mrs, 12 Ballantine Drive. 
Spiers, Mrs, 3 Russell Street. 
Spiers, Mrs, 40 Weaver Street. 
Spring, George, fisbcurer, 21 Damside. 
Sproat, Gilbert M., egg merchant, Wellington Street. 
Sproat, Hew, 4 John Street. 

Sproat, James, retired fireman, 14 Marchfleld Road. 
Sproat, James, gardener, 30 Rosebank Crescent. 
Sproat, James, labourer, 7 Queen Street. 
Sproat, Robert, railway guard, 8 Gordon Terrace. 
Sproat, Robert, vanman, 6'6 Mill Street. 
Sproat, Samuel, engine-driver, 21 Russell Street. 
Sproat, Mrs, 71 King Street. 
Sproat, Mrs, 98 King Street. 
Sproat, Mrs, 71 Wallace Street. 

Sproul. Miss Helen, milliner, 20-22 Newmarket Street. Telephone 3105,. 
Staines, William, 24 Kyle Street. 
Stanley, Mrs, 55 Content Street. 
Stark. Archibald, 39 Church Street. 

Stark, Daniel B., Summerlea, 7 Seafield Road. Telephone 2034. 
Stark. Peter, railway signalman, 26 Campbell Street. 
Stark, William, firewood merchant, 63 Main Street. 
Stary, John, confectioner, 21 St. Andrew's Street. 
Stead & Simpson, Ltd., shoemakers, 146 High Street. 
Steedman, Miss Ann, 14 Ardlui Road. 
Steel, Alexander, railway worker, 5 Viewfield Road. 
Steel, Andrew Frew, police constable, 44 Hunter's Avenue. 
Steel, James, carter, 16 Elmbank Street. 
Steel, John. 27a Bellevue Crescent. 
Steel. Matthew, 2 Allison Street. 
Steel, Robert, moulder, 79 Walker Road. 
Steel. Thomas, miner, 74 Elba Street. 
Steel, William, 45 Lochside Road. 

Steel, Mrs, fruiterer, Burns Statue Square. Telephone 3161. 
Steel. Mrs, 113 Prestwick Road. 
Steel. Mrs, 11 Northfleld Avenue. 
Steele. Alexander, 3 Bellevue Crescent. 
Steele. Alexander, hotel porter, 3 Daisy Cottages, Bellesleyhill Avenue. 

Why not a bold type entry next year? 


Steele, Andrew B., fruiterer, 22 St. Andrew's Street. 

Steele, Charles, 54 King- Street. 

Steele, David, barman, 239 High Street. 

Steele, Hugh, joiner, 34 Wellington Street. 

Steele, John, blacksmith, 24 Back Peebles Street. 

Steele, John, 69 Whitletts Road. 

Steele, John A., grain merchant, 55-65 South Harbour Street and Burns 
Statue Square. Telephone 2013. 

Steele, John M., shoemaker, 18 Stewart Road. 

Steele, Murdoch, grocer, 12 Fullartou Street. 

Steele, Robert, railway shunter, 10 Marchfield Road. 

Steele, William, labourer, 16 Seaforth Crescent. 

Steele, Miss Janet, 1 Burnett Terrace. 

Steele, Miss Jean P. II., teacher, 15 Marchfield Quadrant. 

Steele, Misses, 19 Inverkar Road. 

Steele, Misses, 23 Ashgrove Street. 

Steele, Mrs, Redgorton, 10 South Park Road. Telephone 2441. 

Steele, Mrs, 6 Workmen's Dwellings, King Street. 

Steen, William, spirit merchant, Robert Burns Tavern, 7 River Street. House 
— Ryebank, 8 Holmston Road. 

Steen, William, house factor, 121 Prestwick Road. 

Stephen & Pollock, booksellers, stationers, etc., 37 Sandgate and 68 New- 
market Street. Telephone 2150. 

Stephenson, Mrs, 36 Queen's Terrace. 

Sterry, Frederick J., 129 High Street. 

Steven, David, engine cleaner, 70 Allison Street. 

Steven, Mrs, 111 Wallace Street. 

Stevens, Mrs, 117 South Harbour Stieet. 

Stevenson, Allan, Cairn, 10 Lansdowne Road. 

Stevenson, Allan, & Cassels, architects, 56 Sandgate. Telephone 3860. 

Stevenson, David, grocer, 21 West Sanquhar Road. 

Stevenson, James, 74 York Street Lane. 

Stevenson, James, engineer, 144 Hunter's Avenue. 

Stevenson, James, tea merchant, 1113 South Harbour Street. 'Phone 3627. 

Stevenson, James, weigher, 160 George Street. 

Stevenson, John, coal weigher, 81 Lochside Road. 

Stevenson, John, riveter, 101 High Street. 

Stevenson, John, tobacconist and hairdresser, 6 High Street. 

Stevenson, John, grocer, 91 George Street. 

Stevenson, John, labourer, 38 St. George's Road. 

Stevenson, John, labourer. 3 Stewart Road. 

Stevenson, John, riveter, 1 Wilson Street. 

Stevenson, John, 110 George Street. 

Stevenson & Son, grocers, 100 George Street. 

Stevenson, Richard James, 30 Workmen's Dwellings, King Street. 

Stevenson, Robert A. (of Stevenson & Son, grocers), 19 Content Avenue. 

Stevenson, Robert, joiner, 4 Lisburn Road. 

Stevenson, Samuel, 59 Kyle Street. 

Stevenson, William, B.Sc, superintendent, Scottish Milk Records Association, 
Alloway Chambers. House — Southwood, Dongbank Drive. 

Stevenson, William, 104 Prestwick Road. 

Stevenson, Miss M., Carlton, 24 Craigie Avenue. 

Stevenson, Mrs, 27 Crown Street. 

Stevenson, Mrs, 43 Marchfield Quadrant. 

Stewart, Adam, engineer, 70 Northfield Avenue. 

Stewart, Alexander, boot and shoemaker, 88 Sandgate and 234 High Street. 
Telephone 2336. 

Stewart. Alexander, clerk, 13 Montgomerie Terrace. 

Stewart, Alexander, draper and hosier, 117 High Street. House— 54 View- 
field Road. 

Stewart, Andrew, 49 Wellington Street. 

Stewart, Archibald, plumber, 25 Church Street. 

Stewart, Charles, M.B.. CM., 11 Bellevue Crescent. Telephone 2040. 

Stewart, Charles & William, contractors, 7 Carrick Park. Telephone 2959. 

Stewart, Ian Charles (of Ayr Foot Hospital), 39 Bellevue Crescent. Tele- 
phone 3984. 

Stewart, Colin, electrician, 91 South Harbour Street. 

Stewart, David, diesinker, St. Ives, 40 Hawkhill Avenue. 

Stewart, David, carpet steamer, 7 M'Call's Avenue. 

You read these lines— Others will read yours. 


Stewart, George Roger, teacher, 31 Hawkhill Avenue. 

Stewart, George, labourer, 52 Green Street Lane. 

Stewart, George, miner, 17 Peebles Street. 

Stewart, Hugh B., joiner, 30 Fothringhara Road. 

Stewart Janies, rniner, 13 Millar's Land, Liniond's Wynd. 

Stewart, James, 105 High Street. 

Stewart. James, shopman, 5 Garden Street. 

Stewart, James, 20 Wellington Street. 

Stewart, James, hawker, 31 George Street. 

Stewart, James B., engineer, 26 Union Avenue. 

Stewart, James L., teacher, 33 Woodfleld Crescent. 

Stewart, John, 52 Waggon Road. 

Stewart, John, baker, 17 M'Call's Avenue. 

Stewart, John, baker, 48 Green Street. 

Stewart, John, machineman, 40 Stewart Road. 

Stewart, Major John C, Ministry of Agriculture, 3 Park Circus. Telephone 

Stewart, John M., railwayman, 26 Victoria Street. 

Stewart. John S., joiner and builder, 122 George Street. Telephone 3090. 
House — Blackburn Drive. 

Stewart. M. A., grocer, 31 Paterson Street. 

Stewart, Neil, inspector, 15 West Sanquhar Road. 

Stewart, Neil, 76 King Street. 

Stewart, Quintin, veterinary surgeon, 14 Belmont Avenue. 

Stewart, Robert, 72 Mill Street. 

Stewart, Robert, joiner, 11 Ardlui Road. 

Stewart, Robert, riveter, 75 Main Street. 

Stewart, Thomas D., riveter. 32 Wallace Street. 

Stewart, William, labourer, 30 Glebe Crescent. 

Stewart, William, miner, 2 Glebe Road. 

Stewart, William, lather, 75 Main Street. 

Stewart, William, telegraph linesman, 45 Mill Street. 

Stewart, William, joiner, 14 Russell Street. 

Stewart, William, painter, 42 Union Avenue. 

Stewart, W. & C, haulage contractors, Sun Inn Yard, 221 High Street. Tele- 
phone 2614. House — 7 Carrick Park. 

Stewart, Miss A. T., fruiterer and confectioner, 21 Alloway Street. 

Stewart, Miss A., 16 Victoria Street. 

Stewart, Miss Annie, 56 Whitletts Road. 

Stewart, Miss E.. hardware merchant, 84 George Street. 

Stewart, Miss Elizabeth, 4 Springvale Park. 

Stewart, Miss H. H., 9 Duke Street. 

Stewart, Miss Helen, 6 Bellesieyhiil Road. 

Stewart, Miss Helen Ann, 13 M'Call's Avenue. 

Stewart, Miss Jane, 4 Albert Terrace. 

Stewart, Miss Jeanie R., 18 Garden Street. 

Stewart, Misses, 61 Bellevue Crescent. 

Stewart, Mrs, 12 Craigie Avenue. 

Stewart, Mrs, 11 Duke Street. 

Stewart, Mrs, '60 Church Street. 

Stewart, Mrs, 7 Springbank Road. 

Stewart, Mrs, Springpark Cottage, Dalblair Road. 

Stewart. Mrs, 30 Elmbank Street. 

Stewart, Mrs, 9 John Street. 

Stewart, Mrs, 16 Allison Street. 

Stewart, Mrs, 14 Wellington Street. 

Stewart, Mrs, 2 Princes Street. 

Stewart, Mrs, 23 Union Avenue. 

Stewart, Mrs, Steamboat Tavern, 57 and 39 South Harbour Street. 

Stewart, Mrs Whyte-, 23 North Park Avenue. 

Stirling, Mrs, Glencaird, 29 Monument Road. Telephone 2619. 

Stitt, Jonathan, railway worker, 29 Woodfleld Crescent. 

Stitt, Mrs, 9 Gordon Street. 

Stobo, Mrs, 60 Content Street. 

Stoddart, Allan K. F., shipwright, 46 Church Street. 

Stoddart, Archibald, 12 Corsehill Road. 

Stoddart, Archibald, spirit merchant, 174 High Street. 

Stoddart, James, labourer, 3 Russell Terrace. 

Stoddart, William, 1 6 Sandgate. 

Why not a bold type entry next year ? 


Stodden, Frederick, musician, 100 High Street. 

Stordy, John, railway shunter, 18 Heathfleld Road. 

Storey, Andrew, labourer, 27 Gould Street. 

Storey, S.. miner, 68 Paterson Street 

Storrie, William, butcher, 53 Mill Street. 

Storrie, William, butcher. 51 Mill Street. 

Strachan, David, engine fitter, 32 Elmbank Street. 

Strachan, James, 5 Crown Street. 

Strachan, Robert, caretaker, 25 Kyle Street. 

Strachan, Mrs, 252 High Street. 

Strachan, Mrs, 48 Crown Street. 

Strachan, Mrs, 27 Elmbank Street. 

Strain, Albert B., P.O. engineer, Abercrornbie Cottage, Doonfoot Road. 

Strain, Miss M., 48 George Street. 

Strang, John, car driver, 13 River Terrace. 

Strang, Mrs. 9 Allison Street. 

Strange, Robert, joiner, 20 Bellesleyhill Road. 

Strathdee, Miss Mary, 24 Montgomerie Terrace. 

Strathearn, James, shoemaker, 35 Elba Street. 

Strathern, James, 66 Wallace Street. 

Strathern, John R., clerk. 34 Marchfield Road. 

Strathern, Misses, Maranbar, Chalmers Road. 

Strickland, Daniel, grocer, 61 King Street. House— 44 Smith Street. 

Strickland, Daniel, 1 Boat Vennal. 

Stroyan, Charles P., grocer, 17 Nelson Street. 

Stroyan, John, clerk, 34 Northfield Avenue. 

Stroyan, Mrs, 16 Viewfield Road. 

Struthers, James, card cutter, 78 _New Road. 

Stuart, Alexander, coal trimmer, o Taylor Street. 

Stuart, Mervyn A., grocer, 29 King Street. 

Sturgeon, James, Lunnan Dairy, ^>8 Midton Road. 

Sturgeon, John, hameurer, 23 Wallace Street. 

Sturgeon, John, engineer, 11 Allison Street. 

Sullivan, Thomas, checkweighman, 101 Main Street. 

Sullivan, Mrs, 28 Taylor Street. 

Summers, James, seaman, I0o Lochside Road. 

Sun Insurance Office, Ltd.- -W. S. Lanham, resident inspector, Moorlands, 7* 

St. Leonard's Road. Telephone 3444. 
Sunter, Mrs, 1 Montgomerie Terrace. 
Surgeoner, Charles, engineer, 5 Oswald Place. 
Surgeoner, Frank, 192 High Street. 
Surgeoner, Matthew, tailor, 58 Allison Street. 
Surgeoner, Robert, painter, Back Hawkhill Avenue. 
Surgeoner, Thomas, upholsterer, 23 Russell Street. 
Surgeoner, Thomas, plasterer, 15 Queen Street. 
Surgeoner, Miss E., 6a Gordon Terrace. 
Surveyor's Office, Town's Buildings, High Street. Surveyor— John Young*. 

House— 2 Bellevue Crescent. 
Sutherland, C. & E„ hairdressers, Lome Arcade. 115 High Street. 
Sutherland, Ernest, hairdresser, 35 Marchfield Quadrant. 
Sutherland, John, 7 South Beach Road. 
Sutherland, Peter, motor driver, 23 Wallace Street. 
Sutherland, Peter, 10 Smith Street. 

Sutherland, William M'K., engineer, 1 Bellesleyhill Avenue. 
Sutherland, Mrs, 16 New Bridge Street. 
Suttie, William, Dunella, 34 Bellevale Avenue. 
Swan, Alexander, guardsman, 8 Craigie Avenue. 
Swan, Donald, eoachbuilder, 17 Church Street. 
Swan, Robert, 138 High Street. 

Swan, Bobert, motor hirer, 53 Alloway Street. Telephone 5056. 
Swan, William, 144 High Street. 
Swan, Miss Agnes, 11 Green Street. 

Sword, John Cuthill, Craigweil, Blackburn Road. Telephone 2371. 
Sykes, Edward, weaver, 9 West Sanquhar Road. 
Syme, John, vanman, 4 Barns Park. 
Symington, Matthew, gardener, 4 Wattfield Road. 
Symington, Misses, 54 Bellevue Crescent. Telephone 3342. 

You read these lines— Others will read yours. 


Tait, Charles, chemist, 10 Virginia Gardens. 

Tait, Daniel, traveller, 13 Seafield Crescent. Telephone 3403. 

Tait, David H. (of Ranken & Tait), '6 Park Terrace. Telephone 3578. 

Tait, David, labourer, 27 Millar's Land, Limond's Wynd. 

Tait, James, flrenian, 4 Green Street Lane. 

Tait, James, iron worker, 21 George Street. 

Tait, James, groom, 56 John Street. 

Tait, James, 12 Limond's Wynd. 

Tait, John, labourer, 53 Walker Road. 

Tait, John, bricklayer, 27 Walker Road. 

Tait, John, chauffeur, 62 Midton Road. 

Tait, Peter, manager, 4 Teviot Street. 

Tait, Samuel, ex-constable, 57 Bellesleyhill Avenue. 

Tait, William, chauffeur, 18 Noltmyre Road. 

Tait, William, miner, 4 Front Buildings, King Street. 

Tait, William W., 10 Ashgrove Street. 

Tait & Harrison, riding school, 22 Belmont Avenue. Telephone 3345. 

Tait, Miss Lydia. 2 Blackburn Drive. 

Tait, Mrs, 82 NortMeld Avenue. 

Tait, Mrs, 3 Burnett Terrace. 

Tait, Mrs, 8 Cassillis Street. 

Tait, Mrs, 21 Glebe Crescent. 

Talman. John, 103 Castlehill Road. 

Tarn's Brig Sawmills, Ltd., timber merchants, Limekiln Road. 'Phone 2703. 

Tanner, George, craneman, 49 Paterson Street. 

Tanner, Hugh, painter, 94 Wallace Street. 

Tanner, James, 3 Cathcart Street. 

Tanner. Mrs. 70 Wallace Street. 

Tannock, Adam, 3 Church Street. 

Tannock, Thomas, chauffeur. Cunning Park, Doonfoot Road. 

Tarbet. Thomas, mechanic, 1 Stewart Road. 

Tavendale, James, 44 Kyle Street. 

Tavendale, William, commission agent, 18 Union Avenue. 

Tavendale, William, commission agent, 19 River Street. Telephone 2691, 

Taylor, Alexander, loco, fireman, 26 Ross Street. 

Taylor, Alexander M., motor mechanic, 66 Oswald Road. 

Taylor, Andrew, garage, 19 River Street. 

Taylor, Andrew, shipwright, 17 John Street. 

Taylor, Archibald, retort setter, 83 Oswald Road. 

Taylor, David, engineer, 46 Union Avenue. 

Taylor, David G., 14 Rosebank Crescent. 

Taylor, David S., clerk. 1 Falkland Road. 

Taylor, George, holder-on, 20 Victoria Street. 

Taylor, Hugh, Seafield Farm, Doonfoot Road. 

Taylor, Hugh, engineer, 35 Northfield Avenue. 

Taylor. James, 45 Mill Street. 

Taylor. James, butcher, 2 Sandgate. 

Taylor, James, 119 South Harbour Street. 

Taylor, James, gas manager, 83 Main Street. 

Taylor, John, motor driver, 25 Church Street. 

Taylor, John, commission agent, 240 High Street. 

Taylor, John, mechanic, 47 York Street Lane. 

Taylor, John, engineer, 10 Hunter's Avenue. 

Taylor, John, labourer, 53 Wallace Street. 

Taylor, Joseph, barman, 65 Seaforth Crescent. 

Taylor, Robert, seaman, 26 York Street Lane. 

Taylor, Robert F., traveller, 40 Bellevale Avenue. 

Taylor, Robert M., railway worker, 9 Moss-side Road. 

Taylor, Roland, commissionaire. County Buildings. 

Taylor, Thomas, fireman, 42 Allison Street. 

Taylor, William. G.P.O. clerk, 30 John Street. 

Taylor, William, rigger, 127 South Harbour Street. 

Taylor, William, engine-driver, 1 Hope Street. 

Taylor, William, electric worker, 26 Lochside Road. 

Taylor, William G., fitter, 116 King Street. 

Taylor, Miss Annie C, 5 Englewood Avenue. 

Taylor, Miss Betsy S., 2 Barns Terrace. 

Why not a bold type entry next year ? 


Taylor, Elizabeth, 27 Allison Street. 

Taylor, Miss Jane, hardware and fancy goods. 40 George Street. House — 
68 Dalblair Eoad. 

Taylor, Miss Jeannie, 25 Fullarton Street. 

Taylor, Miss Jessie H., 51 Ashgrove Street. Telephone 3467. 

Taylor, Miss Margaret H., Farnbank, 21 Midton Road. 

Taylor, Mrs, 10 Millar's Land, Limond's Wynd. 

Taylor, Mrs, 61a Hawkhill Avenue. Telephone 3367. 

Taylor, Mrs, 3 6 Falkland Eoad. 

Taylor, Mrs, 8i South Harbour Street. 

Taylor, Mrs, 71 Prestwick Road. 

Taylor, Mrs, 65 Mill Street. 

Tear, Peter E., Sefton, 3 Blackburn Road. Telephone 3509. 

Telfer, Andrew, labourer, 22 Seaforth Road. 

Telfer, Andrew, fireman, 30 King Street. 

Telfer, James, automobile agent, 19 West Sanquhar Road. 

Telfer, James, labourer, 29 Paterson Street. 

Telfer, John, dentist, 29 Castlehill Road. Telephone 2551. 

Telfer, John, dentist, Moorholm, 14 Inverkar Road. 

Telfer, Jonn, shoemaker, 62 Carrick Street. 

Telfer, John Smillie, civil servant, Cessnock, 52 Hunter's Avenue. 

Telfer, Richard, painter, 60 Elba Street. 

Telfer, Stephen, dental mechanic, 135 High Street. 

Teller, Thomas, bricklayer. 7 Glebe Crescent. 

Telfer, Thomas, blacksmith, 6 Virginia Gardens. 

Telfer, Thomas, labourer, 35 Stewart Road. 

Telfer. William, mason, 29 Russell Street. 

Telfer, Mrs, 12 Content Street. 

Telfer, Mrs. 18 New Road. 

Temperance Hotel, 9 South Harbour Street. 

Templeton, David, blacksmith, 76 Green Street. 

Templeton, David, labourer, 27 Green Street Lane. 

Templeton, James. & Sons. Ltd.. manufacturers of "Ayr" knitting wools, 
74-76 Mill Street. Telephone 3231. 

Templeton, James A. (of James Templeton & Sons), Stewartlea, 60-62 Midton. 
Road. Telephone 2540. 

Templeton, J. K.. clerk. 87 Paterson Street. 

Templeton, R. & J.. Ltd.. ffrocers, 184 High Street. Telephone 2185. 

Templeton. Captain Thomas, 10 Bellevale Avenue. 

Templeton, Thomas, Queen's Dairy, 14 Queen Street. 

Templeton. Thomas, dairyman, 61 King .Street. 

Templeton, William, stableman, 2 Heathfield Road. 

Templeton. William H., solicitor, 57 Alloway Street. Telephone 2367. 

Templeton, Miss Agnes, masseuse, 36 Bellevue Crescent. Telephone 3902. 

Templeton, Miss Charlotte J., Ellerslie, 30 Miller Road. Telephone 3108. 

Templeton, Mrs, Mansourah, 35 Monument Road. Telephone 2001. 

Templeton, Mrs, 6 Virginia Gardens. 

Templeton. Mrs. 4o Fort Street. 

Tennant, Charles, painter, 24 Green Street. 

Tennant, James, coal trimmer, 6 Marchfield Road. 

Tennant, Jobn. gardener, 72 Wallace Street. 

Tennant, Miss Janet, Glenalmond, 1 Marchmont Road. Telephone 2406. 

Tennent, Mrs, 13 Newmarket Street. 

Terras, Maxwell. 41 Kyle Street. 

Terras, Robert, engineer, 2 Somerset Road. 

Terras, Robert T., clerk, 15 George's Avenue. 

Terras. Mrs, 7 Campbell Street. 

Terras. Mrs, 22 Park Circus. 

Territorial Array Association, 6 Wellington Square— telephone 2521. Ayr- 
shire Yeomanry. 2 Citadel Place— telephone 2924. 79th Brigade R.A.. 
Ill Soutb Harbour Street-telephone 2069. 4/5th Battalion R.S.F., 24- 
Wellington Square — telephone 2828. 

Terry, Charles S., 2 Ailsa Place. 

Terry. David M.. tobacconist, 45 Sanngate. House— 6 Ailsa Place. 

Terry, Hugh S., painter, 130 George Street. 

Terry, Mrs, 93 George Street. 

Thorn. Charles, Laguna, 44 Holmston Road. 

Thorn, David, slater, 49 Glebe Crescent. 

Thorn, Lennox, C.A.. 4 Seafield Crescent. 

Thorn, William, 2 Elmbank Street. 

You read these lines— Others will read yours. 


Thom, Miss Margaret, milliner, 55 Sandgate. 

Thorn, Mrs, Bellevale, 37 Monument Eoad. Telephone 3426. 

Thom, Mrs, 25 Ashgrove Street. 

Thompson, James, saw doctor, 3 York Street. 

Thompson, Miss Alexandrina G. M., 19 Queen's Terrace. 

Thomson, Alexander, traveller. 111 Prestwick Eoad. 

Thomson, Alexander, motor driver, 34 Taylor Street. 

Thomson, Alexander, fruiterer and newsagent, 28 New Bridge Street. Tele* 

phone 2941. House— 30 Bellevue Crescent. 
Thomson, Alexander, storeman, 79 Paterson Street. 
Thomson, Alexander, engine-driver, 11 Springhank Road. 
Thomson, Andrew M., 4 Montgomerie Terrace. 
Thomson, Andrew, railway worker, 26 Paterson Street. 
Thomson, Andrew, engineer, 18 Queen Street. 
Thomson, Andrew, lorryman, 48 Wallace Street. 
Thomson, Andrew, vanman, 40 King Street. 
Thomson, Charles, civil servant, 30 Carrick "Road. 
Thomson, Charles, railway servant, 37 Peebles Street. 
Thomson, Christopher, teacher, 10 Seafield Drive. 
Thomson, Daniel, plater, 11 Virginia Gardens. 
Thomson, Daniel, groom, 10 Kirkport. 

Thomson, David, Southdean, 6 Corsehill Koad. Telephone 3847. 
Thomson, David, caretaker, 26 Seaforth Crescent. 
Thomson, David, plumber, 11 Falkland Park Eoad. 
Thomson, David M'C. (of James Thomson & Sons, blacksmiths), 67 Dongola 

Thomson, George, bank clerk, 4 Craigie Avenue. 
Thomson, George, chemist (of Ogg & Co.), 54 Ashgrove Street. 
Thomson, Gilbert, tenter, 81 Bellesleyhill Avenue. 
Thomson, Henry S., boilermaker, 114 Green Street. 
Thomson, Hugh, press photographer, Alloway Place. 
Thomson, Hunter, cashier, 15 Gordon Street. 

Thomson, James, St. Leonard's Nursery, 7 Ewenfield Eoad. Telephone 2345. 
Thomson, J., 8 Wallace Street. 
Thomson, James, motor driver, 5 Taylor Street. 
Thomson, James, motor hirer, 28 Peebles Street. 
Thomson, James, 69 Green Street. 
Thomson, James, bar manager, 57 Princes Street. 
Thomson, James, railway servant, 5 Russell Street. 
Thomson, James, motor engineer, 52 Viewfield Eoad. 
Thomson, James, sen., mason, 23 Wellington Street. 
Thomson, James, 187 High Street. 
Thomson, James, 40 Hilary Crescent. 
Thomson, James, baker, 10 Smith Street. 
Thomson, James, 40 Carrick Eoad. Telephone 2066. 

Thomson, Captain James G. O., Miliearn, 38 Eacecourse Eoad. 'Phone 3611. 
Thomson, James T., engine-driver, 20 Queen Street. 

Thomson. J., glass and china merchant, 7 Sandgate. Telephone 2444. 
Thomson, J., & Co., upholsterers, 71-73 Dalblair Eoad. 

Thomson, James, & Sons, general blacksmiths, Arthur Street. 'Phone 2306. 
Thomson, John, 202 High Street. 

Thomson, John (of James Thomson & Sons, blacksmiths) 1 Dongola Road. 
Thomson, John, chemist and optician, 1 New Bridge Street and 26 River 

Street. Telephone 2685. House— 37 Dongola Road. 
Thomson, John, roadman, 14 Wilson Street. 

Thomson, John, insurance superintendent, 134 Prestwick Eoad. 'Phone 3134. 
Thomson, John, pressman, 32 Oswald Eoad. 
Thomson, John, vanman, 37 Green Street Lane. 
Thomson, John V., draper, 51 Dalblair Eoad. 
Thomson, John, slater, 19 Eiver Street. Telephone 3925. 
Thomson, John, motor haulage contractor, 20 Taylor Street. 
Thomson, John, gardener, Corby, 16 Maybole Eoad. 
Thomson, John A., gardener, 48 Carrick Eoad. 
Thomson, John L., chauffeur, 59 Paterson Street. 

Thomson, John, & Son. hatters, hosiers, and glovers, 88 High Street. 
Thomson, Joseph, 46 York Street. 
Thomson, Joseph, draughtsman, 18 Campbell Street. 
Thomson, Matthew, hairdresser, 49 Sandgate. Telephone 3020. House— 18 

Ashgrove Street. 
Matthew Thomson, grocer and spirit merchant, 12 Sandgate. 'Phone 2940. 

Why not a bold type entry next year? 


Thomson, Captain Neale, Hartley House, Racecourse View. Telephone 2059. 

Thomson, Peter Allan, town clerk, 17 Park Circus. 

Thomson, Robert, 54 Hawkhill Avenue. 

Thomson, Robert, horse trainer, 51 Russell Street. 

Thomson, Robert, carriage builder, 60 Viewfield Road. 

Thomson, Robert, 264 High Street. 

Thomson, Robert, gardener, 50 John Street. 

Thomson, Robert J. C, 1 Roman Road. 

Thomson, Samuel, hairdresser. 66 Mill Street. 

Thomson, Thomas, joiner, 30 Smith Street. 

Thomson, Thomas, ironmonger, 7 Elmbank Street. 

Thomson, Thomas, labourer, 34 Workmen's Dwellings, King Street. 

Thomson, Walter (of Thomson & Blackwood), Walnes, Boswell Park. 

Thomson, William, F.S.M.C, optician, 26 Sandgate. Telephone 2807. House— 
27 Marchmont Road. 

Thomson, William, 'bus driver, 24 Walker Road. 

Thomson, William, joiner, 18 Academy Street. 

Thomson, William, traveller, 23 Woodfield Avenue. 

Thomson, William, coal trimmer, 26 Peebles Street. 

Thomson, William L., traveller, 75 Castlehill Road. 

Thomson Bros., motor hirers, 15 York Street. Telephone 2473. 

Thomson & Blackwood, joiners, Boswell Park. Telephone 3918. 

Thomson & Rae, nurserymen, 55 Castlehill Road. 

Thomson, Miss, certificated nurse, 14 River Terrace. 

Thomson, Misses, 117 New Road. Telephone 3431. 

Thomson, Miss Hildur, stationer and newsagent, 28 New Bridge Street. 

Thomson, Miss Jessie, gown specialist, Wellington Chambers, 68 Fort Street. 
Telephone 3653. House— 6 Miller Road. 

Thomson, Miss Jessie, teacher, 32 Fort Street. 

Thomson, Miss Netta, billiard room, 90 High Street. 

Thomson, Miss Susan, 40 North Park Avenue. 

Thomson, Mrs Neale, Strathdoon, 44 Racecourse Road. 

Thomson, Mrs, spirit merchant, 10 Old Bridge Street. House — 72 Castle- 
hill Road. 

Thomson, Mrs, 11 Park Circus. 

Thomson, Mrs, 7 Woodfield Road. 

Thomson, Mrs, 8 Marchfleld Road. 

Thomson, Mrs Bellwood, 23 Whitletts Road. Telephone 2664. 

Thomson, Mrs, 33 Seaforth Road. 

Thomson, Mrs, 32 Content Street. 

Thomson, Mrs, 68 Mill Street. 

Thomson, Mrs, 22 Mill Street. 

Thomson, Mrs, 101 South Harbour Street. 

Thomson, Mrs, 252 High Street. 

Thomson, Mrs, ]5 Tayior Street. 

Thomson, Mrs, 43 Green Street Lane. 

Thomson, Mrs, 16 John Street. 

Thomson, Mrs, 44 York Street. 

Thorburn, David, 3 Oswald Lane. 

Thorburn, James, labourer, 19 Crown Street. 

Thorburn, R.. miner, 10 Limond's Wynd. 

Thorburn, Elizabeth, 9 Crown Street. 

Thorburn, Mrs, 34 Ross Street. 

Thornton, Gideon, engine-driver, 15 Belvidere Terrace. 

Thornton, Wallace, 33 Wellington Street. 

Thornton, William J., painter, 7 Newmarket Street. 

Thornton. Mrs. 93 High Street. 

Thorpe. James, painter, 2 North Harbour Street. 

Thow, James, glazier and glass merchant, 33 George Street. Telephone 3705. 
House— 2T Belleslevhill Avenue. 

Thursby, Thomas, plasterer, 44 Green Street Lane. 

Thurston, Mrs, 260 High Street. _ „ , , 

Thwaites, Miss Anna,, Coilbank Villa, 32 Castlehill Road. Telephone 2936. 

Tierney, Benjamin, tenter, 21 Viewfield Road. 

Tierney, Bernard, slater, 78 High Street. 

Tierney, Matthew, riveter, 49 Green Street Lane. 

Tierney, Peter, slater, 24 High Street. 

Tierney, Peter, printer, 7 Seaforth Crescent. 

Tierney, Peter, tweed worker, 17 James Street. 

Tierney, William, ironmoulder, 66 Wallace Street. 

You read these lines— Others will read yours. 


Tierney, William, slater and chimney sweep, 19 George Street. 

Tierney, Mrs, 59 Elba Street. 

Tierney, Mrs, 7 Wallace Street. 

Timminey, Kichard, checkweighman, 13 Content Street. 

Timpany, John, slater, 21 Woodfield Crescent. 

Timpson, William, Ltd., boot and shoe makers, 110 High Street. 

Tinsley, Joseph, lecturer, Morven, 6 Seafield Eoad. Telephone 3972. 

Titterington, Eobert M., clerk, 2 Old Bridge Street. 

Todd, Allan, railway traffic inspector, 103a New Eoad. 

Todd, David, fruit merchant, 35 Oswald Place. 

Todd, John S., 8 Falkland Park Eoad. 

Todd, Miss Wilhelmina, 37 M'Call's Avenue. 

Todd, Mrs, medical herbalist, 103 New Eoad. Telephone 3719. 

Tognini, Luigi, confectioner, 14-16 North Harbour Street. 

Toll, John H., warehouseman, 5 Seafield Crescent. 

Toll, Mies Jeanie, trained nurse, 7 Seafield Crescent. 

Tomlins, Mrs, 10 Wallace Street. 

Toner, Thomas, tailor, 43 Green Street Lane. 

Torrance, George, teacher, Deanston, 20 Maybole Eoad. 

Torrance, James, clerk, 3 Ailsa Place. 

Tortolani, G., 31 Content Street. 

Torry, Frederick, architect, 5 Hawkhill Avenue. 

Tosh, Mrs, 18 Bath Place. 

Toward, James, stationmaster, 26 Ashgrove Street. 

Town Chamberlain's Office, Town's Buildings, High Street. Chamberlain— T. 

L. Eobb. House — Elgin Cottage, 29 Midton Eoad. 
Town Clerk's Office, Town's Buildings, High Street. Town Clerk — Peter A. 

Thomson. House — 17 Park Circus. 
Town and County Club, 26 Wellington Square. Telephone 2094. 
Traill, Miss Janet, 2 Nortbfield Avenue. 
Train, Mrs, 4 West Sanquhar Eoad. 
Transport and General Workers' Union (D. Campbell, secretary), 44 North 

Harbour Street. 
Traquair, Mrs, Holly Lodge, 16 Inverkar Eoad. Telephone 3472. 
Traynor, James, cabinetmaker, 30 New Bridge Street. 
Traynor, Eobert, labourer, 1 Hall's Vennal. 
Trotter, Wilfred, grocer, 4 Craigie Avenue. 
Trounson, Mrs, 12 Springvale Eoad. 

Troup, Alexander, traveller, Lanfine, 50 Hunter's Avenue. 
Trousdale, A., confectioner, 40 Pate^rson Street. 
Trousdale, James, fishmonger, 28 Princes Street. 
Trousdale, Samuel, craneman, 50 Green Street. 
Trousdale, Samuel, railway employee, 59 Content Street. 
Trousdale, Mrs, 23 Bellesleyhill Avenue. 
Truesdale, George, watchman, 18 Wilson Street. 
Truesdale, Eobert, miner, 16 Eoss Street. 
Truisdale, Miss E., 11 John Street. 

Tulloch, E. B., L.D.S.. dental surgeon, 33 Prestwick Eoad. Telephone 2465. 
Tulloch, James, M.P.S., chemist and optician, 1 New Eoad. Telephone 277411. 

House — 33 Prestwick Eoad. 
Turnbull, George B., gentlemen's outfitter, 137 High Street. 
Turnbull, George G., draper, 2-4 High Street. House — 38 Ashgrove Street. 
Turnbull, James, carter, 37 Wellington Street. 

Turnbull, William B. (of Alexanders Stores, Ltd.), 42 Holmston Eoad. 
Turner's (Ayr), Ltd., 112 Main Street and Royal Citadel Stores, 31 South 

Harbour Street. Telephone 3245. 
Turner, Arthur L., Tarn o' Shanter Inn, 230 High Street. 
Turner. Arthur L. (of Turner's (Ayr), Ltd.), Wilmara, 5 Chalmers Road. 

Telephone 3783. 
Turner, Harry W., clerk, 31 South Harbour Street. 
Turner, James, labourer, 13 Lochside Eoad. 
Turner, James W. (of Turner's (Ayr), Ltd.), Charlotte House, 17 Charlotte 

Street. Telephone 3817. 
Turner, James W., grocer and wine merchant, 7 Taylor Street. Telephone 

Turner, James W., spirit merchant, 1 Main Street. 
Turner, John, railway clerk, 54 Castlehill Eoad. 
Turner, Samuel A., 33 Hawkhill Avenue. 

Turner, William (of Turner's (Ayr), Ltd.), 7 Marchmont Road. 'Phone 2718. 
Turner, William, carpenter, 81 South Harbour Street. 

Why not a bold type entry next year? 


Turner, Miss, Western House, New Racecourse. 

Turner, Miss Jane, 14 Charlotte Street. 

Turner, Mrs, 93 South Harbour Street. 

Tuton, John, 23 Falkland Park Road. 

Tuton, John, Crowhurst, 16 Craigie Avenue. 

Tuton, Miss I. L., 6\ Church Street. 

Tuton, Mrs, 53 Church Street. 

Tweedie, Hugh (of James Tweedie, Ltd.), 55 Ashgrove Street. 

Tweedie, James, Ltd., automobile agents, 18 Hoimston Road. 'Phone 3686. 

Tweedie, John (of James Tweedie, Ltd.), 12 Inverkar Road. 

Tweedie, Miss Ann, 48 Allison Street. 

Tweedily, John, auctioneer (of James Craig, Ltd.), 17 St. Leonard's Road. 

Telephone 3868. 
Twiname, James, gardener, 58 Oswald Road. 
Tyeson, Charles, labourer, 42 Nelson Street. 
Tyeson, Charles, railway guard, 91 South Harbour Street. 
Tyre, John, insurance agent, 36 Marchfield Quadrant. 
Tyrell, Thomas, grocer, 20 North Harbour Street. 
Tyrie, Andrew, plumber, 240 High Street. 

Tyrie, James, school attendance officer, Shelligoe, 4 Tig Road. 'Phone 3927. 
Tyrie, John, joiner, 240 High Street. 
Tyrie, John D., plumber and slater, 232 High Street. Telephone 2880. House 

— 3 South Harbour Street. 
Tyrie, John Kerr, railway worker, 99 Wallace Street. 
Tyrie, Mrs, 187 High Street. 

Tyrrell, Thomas M., labourer, 45 Paterson Street. 
Tyson, John, coal salesman, 121 South Harbour Street. 


Ulivi, Angelo, 96-98 Sandgate and 21 Content Street. 

Ulivi, Guilio, confectioner, 78 Allison Street. 

Underwood, Harry, motorman, 47 Green Street Lane. 

Underwood, Mrs, 116 George Street. 

Union Bank of Scotland, Ltd., 128 High Street. Agent— Charles G. 

Tennant. Branch — 58 Main Street. Telephone 3415. 
Unionist Club, 2 New Road. 
Ure, James, 4 Whitehill Street. 
Urie, Peter. 2 Hope Street. 
Urouhart, David. 95 George Street. 
Urquhart, Miss Margaret, 35a Sandgate. 
Utilitarium, Ltd., 3 Newmarket Street. Telephone 2507. 

Vagg, Charles, gardener, 2 Seafleld Road. 

Vagg, Mrs. 53 Sandgate. 

Vailance, James, sculptor, 90 High Street. 

Vallance, James, vanman, 38 Waggon Road. 

Vailance, James, relief agent, 12 Marchfield Quadrant. 

Vallance, John, compositor, 34 Green Street. 

Vallance, John, railway fireman, 17 Falkland Road. 

Vallance, Mrs, 12 Waggon Road. 

Vance, George, football player, 110 George Street. 

Vance, William, 20 Wellington Street. 

Vass, Andrew C, postman, 17 Duke Street. 

Vass, William, 14 Somerset Road. 

Vass, William A., plasterer, 28 Montgomerie Terrace. 

Vaters, John, 14 Taylor Street. 

Vernon. Rev. W. F., 13 Alloway Place. Telephone 2482. 

Victoria Restaurant, (P. Andreoli), 2 New Bridge Street. 

Victoria Stamping Works (James Dickie & Co.), Somerset Road. 

Viewfield Steam Laundry Company, 22-26 Allison Street— L. Kirkland, 

managing partner. Teleohone 3181. 
Villiers, Mrs, The Shieling, 10 Racecourse Road. Telephone 2332. 
Vincent, Robert, caretaker, 57 Marchfield Quadrant. 
Vulcan Engineering Company, 23 York Street Lane. Telephone 2688. 

You read these lines— Others will read yours. 




Wade, Daniel, miner, 37 Elba Street. 

Wade, James, labourer, 152 George Street. 

Wade, Michael, carter, 11 Waggon Eoad. 

Wade, Patrick, miner, 33 Elba Street. 

Wade, William, labourer, 34 King Street. 

Waddell, David (of Waddell & Dunn), 22 Queen's Terrace. Telephone 2975. 

Waddell, Robert P., 20 Robsland Avenue. 

Waddell, William A., Fairport, 30 Racecourse Road. Telephone 2113. 

Waddell & Dunn, boot and shoe repairers, 10 Hope Street. 

Wagstaff, George, miner, 8 Smith Street. 

Waitt. Andrew, labourer, 37 Walker Road. 

Walker, Benjamin, clerk, 2 Goschen Terrace. 

Walker, Forbes M., M.B., Ch.B., surgeon, 48 Park Circus. Telephone 2922. 

Walker, George, carter, 16 Allison Street. 

Walker, George E., 229 High Street. 

Walker, Harry K., traveller, 5 Campbell Street. 

Walker, James, carter, 41 Wellington Street. 

Walker, John, caretaker, 28 George's Avenue. 

Walker, Dr John Bell, physician and surgeon, 6 Cassillis Street. 'Phone 2656. 

Walker, Robert H., motor driver, 19 Paterson Street. 

Walker, William, joiner, 5 Tryfield Place. 

Walker, William G., engine-driver, 4 Heathfield Road. 

Walker, W. G., & Sons, chemical manufacturers, Somerset Road. 'Phone 3122. 

Walker, Miss Agnes, 12 Gordon Terrace. 

Walker, Miss Frances H., 7 Bellevue Road. 

Walker, Miss Janet G., 20 Chalmers Road. 

Walker, Miss Jenny D., 13 Barns Terrace. Telephone 3251. 

Walker, Miss Marjory, 21 Bellevue Road. Telephone 3060. 

Walker, Mrs, 17 North Park Avenue. 

Walker, Mrs, 9 Seafield Drive. 

Walker, Mrs, 17 Eglinton Terrace. 

Walker, Mrs, 31 Woodfleld Road. 

Walker, Mrs, 50 Alloway Street. 

Wallace, Alexander, 57 Workmen's Dwellings, King Street. 

Wallace, Andrew, seaman, 75 St. George's Road. 

Wallace, Andrew, caretaker, 15 Sandgate. 

Wallace. Andrew R., insurance agent, 3 Charlotte Street. 

Wallace, Daniel, engine-driver, 105 Wallace Street. 

Wallace, David H.. stockbroker, Amisfleld, & South Park Road. 'Phone 3621. 

Wallace, George, storeman, 32 St. Leonard's Road. 

Wallace, George, clerk, 26 John Street. 

Wallace, Hugh, tailor, 1 Young Street. 

Wallace, James, foreman, 16 Elmbank Street. 

Wallace, James E. (headmaster, Wallacetown School), 15 Marchfield Road. 

Wallace, John, labourer, 13 Elmbank Street. 

Wallace, John, engineer, 71 John Street. 

Wallace, John, farrier, 10 River Terrace. 

Wallace, John, & Sons (Ayr), Ltd., agricultural implements, Townhead Works, 

tsi Smith Street and Station Bridge. Telephone 3575. 
Wallace, Matthew, fruit salesman, 5 Falkland Place. 
Wallace, Robert, engineer, 51 Dongola Road. 
Wallace, Bobert, 'bus driver, 15 Elmbank Street. 
Wallace, Robert, tobacconist, 12 New Bridge Street. 
Wallace, Robert, Ltd., grocers and wine merchants, 5, 7, and 9 High Street. 

Wholesale warehouse— 5-7 Academy Street. Telephone 3281. 
Wallace, Robert, Ltd., grocers and wine merchants, 23-25 Newmarket Street. 

Telephone 3609. 
Wallace, Thomas D., clerk, 46 Beresford Terrace. 
Wallace, Walter, machinist, 44 Viewfield Road. 
Wallace, William, engineer, 34 Ashgrove Street. 
Wallace, William, clerk, 88 Wallace Street. 
Wallace, William, hairdresser, 59 Woodfield Crescent. 
Wallace, William, railway clei'k, 2 George's Avenue. 
Wallace, William, traveller, 32 Heathfield Road. 
Wallace, William, labourer, 37 Glebe Crescent. 

Why not a bold type entry next year ? 


Wallace, William G., manager, " Ayrshire Post," 59 Dongola Eoad. Tele- 
phone 2369. 

Wallace, William L., grocer, 45 Elba Street. 

Wallace, Miss A., 40 Holmston Road. 

Wallace, Miss Agnes, 10 Charlotte Street. 

Wallace, Miss Christina, 84 High Street. 

Wallace, Miss Jean, 8 Virginia Gardens. 

Wallace, Miss M., 6 Kyle Street. 

Wallace, Miss Marion, 21 Damside. 

Wallace, Mrs, Reigate, Park Terrace. Telephone 3178. 

Wallace, Mrs, 8 Park Circus. 

Wallace, Mrs, Shalimar, Chapel Park Eoad. Telephone 2702. 

Wallace, Mrs, 3 George Street. 

Wallace, Mrs, 57 Wilson Street. 

Wallace, Mrs, 6 Viewfleld Road. 

Wallace Street E.U. Congregational Church, Wallace Street. Rev. Jacob 

Wallacetown North Church, John Street— Rev. Brodie S. Gilflllan, B.D. 

Wallacetown School, Queen Street. Headmaster — James E. Wallace. 

Wallacetown Engineering Company, 62 Viewfield Road. Telephone 2638 

Wallacetown South Church, John Street— Rev. P. W. Clelland. 

Walls, Rev. Charles, St. James' Manse, 1 Prestwick Road. 

Walls, Frederic R., Carston, 1 Victoria Park Road. Telephone 3125. 

Walmesley, Mrs, 71 Russell Street. 

Walters, Evan, 28 Kyle Street. 

Ward, Frank, seaman, 42 St. George's Road. 

Ward, James, 54 Kyle Street. 

Ward, Malcolm, 31 Peebles Street. 

Ward, Thomas, insurance agent, 60 Content Street. 

Ward, Walter, saddler, 161 High Street. House — 17 St. Andrew's Street. 

Ward, Miss Edith, music teacher, 17 St. Andrew's Street. Telephone 2834. 

Wardrop, Alexander, lorryman, 80 Wilson Street. 

Wardrop, Alexander, labourer, 208 Prestwick Road. 

Wardrop, Arthur, machinist, 84 Northfleld Avenue. 

Warnock, Andrew, labourer, 8 Church Place, King Street. 

Warnock, Robert, Hawkbill Post Office, 1 Somerset Road. House — 6 HawkhiH 

Warnock, William, ironmoulder, 19 King Street. 

Warnock, Mrs, 2 Cromwell Place. 

Warnock, Mrs, 18 Kyle Street. 

Warren, Mrs, 52 York Street Lane. 

Warwick, Andrew, dock labourer, 48 Glebe Crescent. 

Wason, Alexander, & Son, joiners and funeral undertakers, 12 Beresford 
Terrace. Telephone 3470. House— 18 Seafield Crescent. 

Wason, Alexander, jun., 28 Kyle Street. 

Wason, Archibald (of Alexander Wason & Son), 12 John Street. 

Wassell, Mrs, 117 Prestwick Road. 

Waters, Mrs, dealer, 19 Wallace Street. 

Watson, Alexander, traveller, Lima, 4 Belmont Avenue. 

Watson, Alexander J., police sergeant, 26 Bellesleyhill Road. 

Watson, Alexander L., 45 Wellington Street. 

Watson & Batchelor, Ltd., auctioneers and live stock salesmen, 33 Burns 
Statue Square and Cattle Market. Telephone 3093. 

Watson, David, milk seller, 5 Northfleld Avenue. 

Watson, David, miner, 89 King Street. 

Watson, Gilbert, 5 Inverkar Road. Telephone 3610. 

Watson, James, governor, Kyle Home, Holmston Road. 

Watson, James, 13 Carrick Park. 

Watson, James, 16 Peebles Street. 

Watson, James, butcher, 8 Englewood Avenue. 

Watson, James, painter, 10 Carrick Street. 

Watson, James, mason, 21 Russell Street. 

Watson, James, badge porter, 9 West Sanquhar Road. 

Watson, James, blacksmith. 55 Mill Street. 

Watson, John, seedsman, 6 Springvale Park. Telephone 2153. 

Watson, John, top cutter, 49 Princes Street. 

Watson, John, 17 Peebles Street. 

Watson, John, clerk, 13 Allison Street. 

Watson, Kennedy, motor mechanic, 40 Oswald Road. 

You read these lines— Others will read yours. 


"Watson, M., 26 Viewfleld Road. 

"Watson, Robert, 65 Prestwick Road. 

Watson, Robert, lath splitter, 58 Allison Street. 

"Watson, Robert, Lochside Dairy, 1 Lochside Road. Telephone 3326. 

"Watson, Dr Thomas, 5 Seafleld Drive. Telephone 2042. 

"Watson, Thomas, dairyman, Eden Villa, 34 Prestwick Road. 

Watson, Thomas B., teacher, Clyde House, Blackburn Drive. 

Watson, Thomas M., export agent, Homelea, 9 Marchmont Road. 

Watson, William, mechanic, 15 Seaforth Road. 

Watson, William, traveller, 81 St. George's Road. 

Watson, William, riveter, 16 Main Street. 

Watson, William, shoemaker, 76 Main Street. House — 1 York Street Lane. 

Watson, William, labourer, 1 Glebe Crescent. 

Watson, William N., grocer and wine merchant, 228 High Street. Telephone 
3665. House— Danecroft, 47 Mid ton Road. Telephone 2808. 

Watson, Miss E., 16 Victoria Street. 

Watson. Miss E. P., Red House, 14 Racecourse Road. Telephone 2134. 

Watson, Miss Jessie R., 22 Barns Street. 

Watson, Miss M., 7 Limond's Wynd. 

Watson, Miss Margaret, ladies' and children's outfitter, 19 Alloway Street. 
Telephone 3182. 

Watson, Miss Marion H. L., 19 Montgomerie Terrace. 

Watson, Mrs, 47 Fort Street. 

Watson, Mrs, 41 Park Circus. 

Watson, Mrs, Balcaskie, 68 St. Leonard's Road. Telephone 2608. 

Watson, Mrs, 19 Dongola Road. Telephone 2^16. 

Watson, Mrs, 41 Nelson Street. 

Watson, Mrs, 55 Peebles Street. 

Watson, Mrs, 18 Academy Street. 

Watt, Alexander, clerk, 31 North Park Avenue. 

Watt, Andrew, engine-driver, 3 Victoria Road. 

Watt, George, postman. 25 Elmbank Street. 

Watt, Gilbert, 30 Hope Street. 

Watt, J. M. & J., solicitors, Wellington Chambers, 64 Fort Street. Tele- 
phone 2006. 

Watt, James, grocer, 78 Sandgate. House — 17 Queen's Terrace. 'Phone 3990. 

Watt, James, 100 High Street. 

Watt, William, plumber. 5 Tryfield Place. 

Watt, William, 153 High Street. 

Watt. William, mason, 17 Crown Street. 

Watt, William, carter, 1 York Street. 

Watt, Miss Elizabeth, 62 Wallace Street. 

Watt, Miss Margaret, M.S.F., masseuse, 3 Queen's Terrace. 

Watt, Mrs, 17 Springbank Road. 

Watt, Mrs, 27 Hawkhill Avenue. 

Watt, Mrs, 22 Marchfield Quadrant. 

Watt, Mrs, 47 Stewart Road. 

Waugh, William, butcher, 28 Duke Street. 

Waugh, William, joiner, 7 Tryfield Place. 

Waugh, Mrs, 33 Nelson Street. 

Waugh, Mrs, 33 Main Street. 

Weames, Mrs, 7 Saltfield. 

Webb, Arthur, labourer, 6 Church Street. 

Weighing House. 2 River Street. 

Weights and Measures Office (County), County Buildings. 

Weir, David, M.R.C.V.S., veterinary surgeon, Ashdell, 8 St. Leonard's Road. 
Telephone 3158. 

Weir, James, 36 Peebles Street. 

Weir, John, grocer, 139 George Street. 

Weir, Malcolm, battery repairer, 22 George Street. 

Weir. Robert, brass finisher, 2 Green Street Lane. 

Weir, Thomas, clerk, 44 Marchfield Quadrant. 

Weir, Walter, grocer, 11 Gordon Street. 

Weir, Misses, costumiers and Spirella corsetieres, 23 Barns Street. Tele- 
phone 2820. 

Weir, Mrs, 42 Hilary Crescent. 

Wellington Motor Company (Ayr), Ltd., Alloway Place. Telephone 3493. 

Wellington School, Carlton Turrets, Blackburn Road. Telephone 2637. 

Wellpark Boarding-House, 29 Miller Road. Telephone 2821. 

Wells, Misses, Oaviot House, 12 Queen's Terrace. 

Why not a bold type entry next year ? 


Welsh, Alastair, tobacconist, 5 Main Street. 

Welsh, David, tenter, 71 Oswald Road. 

Welsh, David, engineer, 134 Hunter's Avenue. 

Welsh, James, upholsterer, 59 Green Street. 

Welsh, Eobert, solicitor, 21 Wellington Square. Telephone 2500. House— 4 
Alloway Park. Telephone 2990. 

Welsh, Professor Eobert E., D.D., 22 Wellington Square. Telephone 2500. 

Welsh, Sam, 105 Green Street. 

Welsh, Mrs, 22 Elba Street Lane. 

Welsh, Mrs E., grocer, Seafield Stores, 43 Blackburn Drive. 

Welsh, Mrs, 29 Prestwick Road. 

Welsh, Mrs, 54 Marchfield Quadrant. 

Wesh, Mrs, KinnouJ, Seafield Road. 

Wesencraft, James, carpet weaver, 69 Oswald Road. 

Westcon, Ltd., caterers, 41 Mill Street and 29 South Harbour Street. Tele- 
phone 2639. 

Westcon, Ltd., Western House, Craigie Road. Telephone 3859. 

Western Automobile and Electrical Engineering Company, 10 Alloway Street. 
Telephone 278511. 

Westfield House, Ltd., boarding-house, Blackburn Road. Telephone 277511. 

West of Scotland Billposting Company, Ltd., too High Street. 'Phone 3979. 

Western S.M.T. Company, Ltd., 'Bus Station, 73-75 Sandgate (telephone 3883), 
and 14 Eullarton Street (telephone 2294). Office— 1 High Street. Tele- 
phone 3423. 78-80 Prestwick Road. Telephone 2124. 

Westwater, Peter M., insurance manager, 26 Quail Road. 

Westwood, Robert, weaver, 26 Springbank Road. 

Wharrie Bros., Ltd , muslin manufacturers, Belvidere Terrace. 'Phone 2635. 

Whigham, Fergusson, Cuningham & Co., Ltd., wine merchants, 8 Academy 
Street. Telephone 2855. 

Whip Inn, 159 High Street. 

Wight, Hugh, labourer, 57 Lochside Road. 

Wight, Mrs, 8 Northfleld Avenue. 

White, Dr Alexander. St Ann's, 7 Prestwick Road. Telephone 2373. 

White. Alexander, baker, 23 Elmbank Street. 

White, Anthony 0., solicitor, 23 Wellington Square. Telephone 3829. House 
—18 Midton Road. Telephone 2020. 

White, Baziel, commission agent, 16 Gordon Street. Telephone 2277. 

White, David, baker, 25 George's Avenue. 

White, George, miner, 51 Main Street. 

White, James, 1 Peebles Street. 

White, John, labourer, 98 King Street. 

White, John, salesman, 9 Craigie Avenue. 

White, John, roadman, 25 Wilson Street. 

White, John, railway waggon inspector, 63 St. George's Boad. 

White, John, railwayman, 42 Russell Street. 

White, John, bricklayer, 30 Green Street Lane. Telephone 2155. 

White, John, labourer, 11 Workmen's Dwellings, King Street. 

White, John, 48 Allison Street. 

White, Robert, insurance agent. 109 George Street. 

White, Robert, bricklayer, 29 Marchfield Quadrant. 

White, Wiliiam, painter, 8 Seaforth Crescent. 

White, William, labourer, 117 Lochside Road. 

White, William, goods guard, 5 Waggon Road. 

White, William B., railwayman, 57 Wellington Street. 

White, Miss Jessie, 16 Teviot Street. 

White, Miss Margaret D., 7 Waggon Road. 

White, Miss M., teacher, 10 Carrick Park. 

White, Miss S. B., L.R.A.M., teacher of music, 14 High Street. 

White, Mrs, 7 Carrick Avenue. Telephone 3163. 

White, Mrs, Hollington, 32 Ash grove Street. Telephone 2394. 

White, Mrs, 19 Weaver Street. 

White, Mrs, 3 Peebles Street. 

White, Mrs, 8 Belvidere Terrace. 

White, Mrs, 81 King Street. 

White. Mrs, 1 Virginia Gardens. 

Whitefleld, John, mason, 41 Allison Street. 

Whitehouse, George, engineer, 4 George's Avenue. 

Whitehouse, George, engineer, 46 Oswald Road. 

Whitehouse, S. F., 65 John Street. 

You read these lines— Others will read yours. 


Whitehouse, William, tenter, 25 Campbell Street. 

"Whiting, Charles, 50 Sand gate. 

Whittle, Misses, boarding-house, 13 Eglinton Terrace. 

Whyte, James, traveller, 7 Noltmyre Road. 

Whyte, John, 3 River Terrace. 

Whyte, Joseph, seaman, 14 Seaforth Crescent. 

Whyte, Thomas, labourer, 3 Millar's Land, Limond's Wynd. 

Whyte, Thomas, 226 High Street. 

Whyte, Misses J. & C, confectioners, 97 Main Street. House— 9 Falkland 

Park Road. 
Whyte, Mrs, 9 Carrick Street. 
Whytock, James, blacksmith, 19 River Street. 
Wilcox, David, grocer, 31 Kyle Street. 
Wilcox, William, gardener, 8 Queen Street. 
Wilkie, Archibald, funeral undertaker, 11 Virginia Gardens. 
Wilkie, William, 30 Kyle Street. 
Wilkie, Miss Christina, 16 Dalblair Road. 

Wilkie, Mrs, boarding-house, 19 Wellington Square. Telephone 2904. 
Wilkinson, Jamgs, 104 Prestwick Road. 
Willet, John A., traveller, 6 Ashgrove Street. 
Willet, Misses, 52 St. Leonard's Road. 

Williams, Regimental Sergeant-Major Ernest George, 115 South Harbour St. 
Williams, John, traveller, 166 High Street. 
Williams, John O., 3 Cathcart Street. 
Williams, Thomas, hairdresser, 50 Ashgrove Street. 
Williams, Robert, butler, 3 Hillfoot Road. 
Williams, Mrs, 28 Oswald Road. 

Williamson Bros., family butchers, 32 Smith Street. Telephone 3046. 
Williamson, David C, butcher, 54 Smith Street. 
Williamson, Hugh B., 3 Albert Terrace. 
Williamson, J. St. Clair, architect, 19 Woodfield Avenue. 
Williamson, James, 24 Miller Road. 
Williamson, James, jun., butcher (of Williamson Bros.), 22 Ashgrove Street. 

Telephone 2494. 
Williamson, Captain John, Gearholm, Doonfoot Road. 
Williamson, John K., teacber of music, Louis-dene, 94 New Road. 
Williamson, John Pollok, family butcher, 23 High Street. Telephone 2987. 

House— Glen Morag, Fairfield Road. 
Williamson, Miss Mary, 18 Academy Street. 
Williamson, Mrs, 59 Hawkhill Avenue. 
Willock, Mrs, Raemoir, 1 Bowman Road. 
Wills, Alexander, shoemaker, 117 South Harbour Street. 
Wills, James (of Afflecks, Ltd.), 9 Montgomerie Terrace. Telephone 2251. 
Wills, Peter, blacksmith, 58 York Street Lane. 
Wills, Peter, 44 York Street. 

Wills, William, commission agent, 16 Peebles Street. 
Wills. William H., caulker, 41 New Road. 
Wills, Misses. 35 Robsland Avenue. 
Wills, Miss E., 2 Elba Street. 
Wills, Mrs, 11 Oswald Place. 

Wilson, Adam, timber merchant, 5 Barns Crescent. 
Wilson, Alexander, 12 Academy Street. 
Wilson, Rev. Alexander A., M.A., 38 Holmston Road. 
Wilson, Alexander F., traveller, 20 Woodfield Road. 

Wilson, Archibald S., baker, 196 High Street. House — 10 Arran Terrace. 
Wilson, Arthur W., teacher, 20 Hilary Crescent. 
Wilson & Campbell, painters, 18 Dalblair Road. 
Wilson, Dickson & Co., Ltd., electrical and wireless engineers, 185 High Street. 

Telephone 2325. 
Wilson, David, miner, 1 Green Street Lane. 
Wilson, David, engineer, 5 West Sanquhar Road. 
Wilson, David, 187 High Street. 
Wilson, David M., 1 Falkland Park Road. 
Wilson, Frank, labourer, 35 John Street. 
Wilson, Frank P.. 126 High Street. 

Wilson, George, shoemaker, 10 Kyle Street. House — 6 Church Place. 
Wilson, George, 21 Hilary Crescent. 
Wilson, George, miner, 13 John Street. 
Wilson, George, fishmonger, 18 Fullarton Street. 

Why not a bold type entry next year? 


Wilson, George, vanman, 90 Wallace Street. 

Wilson, George, shoemaker, 41 Marchfield Quadrant. 

Wilson, George, fireman, 85 Lochside Road. 

Wilson, Hugh, grocer, 8 North Park Avenue. 

Wilson, Hugh, West Sanquhar Farm, Lochside. 

Wilson, Hugh, engine-driver, 6 Marchfield Quadrant. 

Wilson, Hugh A., hamcurer, 71 Wallace Street. 

Wilson, Jacob, 22 Falkland Park Road. Telephone 2908. 

Wilson, Jacob, engine-driver, 91 Bellesleyhill Avenue. 

Wilson, James, joiner, 23 Duke Street. 

Wilson, James, 25 Hawkhill Avenue. 

Wilson, James, 60 Hawkhill Avenue. 

Wilson, James, stableman, 77 Lochside Road. 

Wilson, James, 19 Nelson Street. 

Wilson, James, motor driver, 38 Taylor Street. 

Wilson, James, 95 South Harbour Street. 

Wilson, James, fishmonger, 14 West Sanquhar Road. 

Wilson, James, labourer, 19 Wilson Street. 

Wilson, James, Barrcraigs, 6 Broomfield Road. Telephone 2541. 

Wilson, James, H.M. Customs and Excise, The Dene, 44 Fothringham Road. 
Telephone 2337. 

Wilson, James, 25 Hilary Crescent. 

Wilson, James, 14 Cassillis Street. 

Wilson, James, 34 Mill Street. 

Wilson, James W., seaman, 20 Green Street Lane. 

Wilson, James S., traveller, 13 Ardlui Road. 

Wilson, John, tax officer, 107 Prestwick Road. 

Wilson, John, 7 Englewood Avenue. 

Wilson, John, baker, 32 Hawkhill Avenue. 

Wilson, John, motorman, 40 Hunter's Avenue. 

Wilson, John, seaman, 5 Allison Street. 

Wilson, John, warehouseman, 19 Oswald Place. 

Wilson, John, 91 South Harbour Street. 

Wilson, John, draper, 1 Virginia Gardens. 

Wilson, John, labourer, 53 Wilson Street. 

Wilson, John, shipping agent, 82 North Harbour Street. Telephone 3676. 

Wilson, John, shipping agent, 31 Robsland Avenue. Telephone 3876. 

Wilson, John, traveller, 91 Castlehill Road. 

Wilson, John, bootmaker, 175 High Street. 

Wilson, John, traveller, 30 Inverkar Road. 

Wilson, John, 30 Kyle Street. 

Wilson, John H., clerk, 53 Oswald Road. 

Wilson, John L., M.P.S., pharmacist and photographic chemist, 15 High Street. 
Telephone 2309. House— 15 Dongola Road. 

Wilson, John, boot manufacturers' agent, 29 Ardlui Road. 

Wilson, John, & Son, booksellers, newsagents, and stationers, 118 High Street. 

Wilson, Joseph, 53 Wellington Street. 

Wilson, Peter, joiner, 81 Paterson Street. 

Wilson, Peter, joiner, 78 Wallace Street. 

Wilson, Richard, engineer. 2 Hawkhill Avenue. 

Wilson, Richard M., chemist, 10 Tarn's Brig. 

Wilson, Robert, railway porter, 4 Wellington Street. 

Wilson, Robert, motor salesman, 9 Weaver Street. 

Wilson, Robert, draper, 2 Falkland Place. 

Wilson, Robert, gardener, 22 Oswald Place. 

Wilson, Robert, engineer, 6 Saltfield. 

Wilson, Robert, salesman, 4 Alexandria Terrace. 

Wilson, Robert, sawmill machinist, 42 Princes Street. 

Wilson, Robert, miner, 94 Paterson Street. 

Wilson, Robert, signalman, 41 Springbank Road. 

Wilson, Thomas, warehouseman, Wellmeadow, 48 Ashgrove Street. Tele- 
phone 2929. 

Wilson, Thomas, 20 Marchfield Road. 

Wilson, Thomas, bookmaker, 19 Noltmyre Road. 

Wilson, Thomas, 51 Church Street. 

Wilson, Thomas, labourer. 36 Back Main Street. 

Wilson, Thomas A., chemist, 7 Oswald Place. Telephone 3169. 

Wilson, William, postman, 13 Campbell Street. 

Wilson, William, printer, 153 Prestwick Road. 

Wilson, William, miner, 7 Young Street. 

You read these lines— Others will read yours. 


Wilson, William, engine-driver, 27 Argyle Street. 

Wilson, William. 95 South Harbour Street. 

Wilson, William, clothier, 12 Somerset Road. 

Wilson, William, joiner, 23 Seaforth Road. 

Wilson, William, grocer, 12 Church Street. 

Wilson, William, storeman, 54 King Street. 

Wilson, William, draper, 42 Content Street. Telephone 3844. 

Wilson, William, engine-driver, 58 Church Street. 

Wilson, William B., Sheninghurst, 4 Wheatfleld Road. Telephone 2'677. 

Wilson, William C, jun., 12 Cromwell Road. 

Wilson, William M., fruiterer and florist, 97 New Road. 

Wilson, Misses, 21 Prestwick Road. 

Wilson, Miss, 25 Robsland Avenue. Telephone 3520. 

Wilson, Miss A., 5 Victoria Street. 

Wilson, Miss Eliza, laundry worker, 32 Elmbank Street. 

Wilson, Miss Jean S., grocer, 1 West Sanquhar Road. 

Wilson, Miss Katherine M., 34 Miller Road. 

Wilson, Miss Mary H., ladies' and children's outfitter, 11 Tarn's Brig. 

Wilson, Mrs, 83 Mill Street. 

Wilson, Mrs, Wayside, 42 St. Leonard's Road. Telephone 2829. 

Wilson, Mrs, 10 St. Leonard's Road. 

Wilson, Mrs, Wellsbourne, Savoy Park. Telephone 2744. 

Wilson, Mrs, 30 Robsland Avenue. Telephone 3628. 

Wilson, Mrs, 14 Miller Road. 

Wilson, Mrs, 52 Russell Street. 

Wilson, Mrs, 20 Green Street Lane. 

Wilson, Mrs, 4 Green Street. 

Wilson, Mrs, 6 "Victoria Street. 

Wilson, Mrs, 98 Prestwick Road. 

Wilson, Mrs, 168 Prestwick Road. 

Wilson, Mrs, 187 High Street. 

Wilson, Mrs, Wallace Tower Tea Rooms, 176 High Street. 

Wilson, Mrs, 22 Marchfield Road. 

Wilson, Mrs, 11 Viewfield Road. 

Window Fabrics, Ltd., 12 High Street. 

Winter, John, law clerk, Glenleith, 42 Ashgrove Street. 

Winters, William, labourer, 20 King Street. 

Winters. Mrs, 18 Millar's Land, Limond's Wynd. 

Wiseman, Miss E. S., 12 Robsland Avenue. 

Wishart, Hugh R., teacher, 18 Montgomerie Terrace. 

Wither, Mrs, 15 Carrick Road. 

Withers, Thomas, 7 Hope Street. 

Wood, Alfred H., 8 Charlotte Street. 

Wood, George, hairdresser, 1 Mill Street. House— 65 Dongola Road. 

Wood, James, gardener, Craigie Lodge, 14 Craigie Road. 

Wood, James, baker, 10 Smith Street. 

Wood, James, traveller, 92 Main Street. 

Wood, James A., 11 Inverkar Road. 

Wood, James B.. officer of Customs and Excise, 2 Dongola Road. 

Wood, John, baker, 6 Smith Street. 

Wood, John, draper, 15 Woodfield Road. 

Wood, Robert M., grocer, 5 Mill Street. 

Wood, William, shopman, 1 Whitletts Road. 

Wood, Mrs J., 21 High Street. 

Wood, Miss Mary, 2 Old Bridge Street. 

Woods, Alexander, vanman, 36 Northfield Avenue. 

Woods, Ralph, tanner, 137 George Street. 

Woods, Mrs, 9 Fothringham Road. 

Woods, Mrs, 21 Union Avenue. 

Woodbouse, William R., hotel porter, 106 Main Street. 

Woolworth, F. W., & Co., Ltd., 14-16 High Street. 

Work, John Norman, commercial traveller, 16 Arrol Drive. 

Workman, Miss H., 40 Russell Street. 

Worthington, George, miner, 240 High Street. 

Worthington, Mrs, 21 Elmbank Street. ^^ nr . 

Wregg, John, Symington Villa. 1 Castlehill Road. Telephone 3525. 

Wren. Mrs, 20 Millar's Land, Limond's Wynd. 

Wrierht, Bert, 91 South Harbour Street. 

Wright, Daniel, billiard-rooms. 1 Old Bridge Street. 

Why not a bold type entry next year? 


Wright, Edward, fireman, 75 Paterson Street. 

Wright, Hugh, painter, 91 South Harbour Street. 

Wright, Hugh B., public assistance officer, 39 Dongola Eoad. 

Wright, James, 61 Prestwick Road. 

Wright, John, upholsterer, 3 Viewfield Eoad. 

Wright, Leslie, seaman, 15 Seaforth Road. 

Wright, Dr Norman C, 3 Barns Park. Telephone 2947. 

Wright, William S., grocer, 16 Northfield Avenue. 

Wright, Miss M., 41 Whitletts Road. 

Wright, Mrs, 70 St. Leonard's Road. 

Wyburn, George, joiner, 93 George Street. House— 16 Cromwell Road. 

Wyliie, Daniel, & Co., Ltd., grain and seed merchants and fertiliser manu- 
facturers, 197 High street. Chemical works— Newton-on-Ayr. Seed 
stores— 21 South Harbour Street. Telephone 3259. 

Wyliie, David, leading seaman, 2 Tryfield Place. 

Wyliie, David, drop forger, 84 Elba Street. 

Wyliie, George, 63 Wellington Street. 

Wyliie, Hugh, miner, 51 Green Street Lane. 

Wyliie, J. & J., joiners, Lome Arcade, 115 High Street. 

Wyliie, James, joiner, 3 Marchfield Road. 

Wyliie, John G. C, grain merchant, Riverston, 39 Racecourse Road. Tele- 
phone 3772. 

Wyliie, Neil, printer, 116 George Street. 

Wyliie, Peter, groom, 20 Smith Street. 

Wyliie. Robert, labourer, 24 King Street. 

Wyliie, Robert, salesman, 57 Russell Street. 

Wyliie, Robert, labourer, 30 Stewart Road. 

Wyliie, Robert, 14 Teviot Street. 

Wyliie, Thomas, labourer, 83 Main Street. 

Wyliie, Wallace, training stables, Doon Lodge, 42a Racecourse Road. Tele- 
phone 2843. 

Wyliie, William, storekeeper, 2 Marchfield Quadrant. 

Wyliie, William, horse dealer, Knoweside, 48 Castlehill Road. Telephone 2275. 

Wyliie, William R., motor agent, 10a Dalblair Road. Telephone 3421. 

Wyliie, William Wells, commercial representative, 9 Prestwick Road. 

Wyliie, Miss Agnes, 28 Miller Eoad. 

Wyliie, Miss Agnes, 19 Marchfield Road. 

Wyliie, Miss C. C, Bramley, Fairfield Road. Telephone 2811. 

Wyliie, Miss I., 44 Kyle Street. 

Wyliie, Miss Isabella, Ellalee, Bellevale Avenue. 

Wyliie, Mrs, 47 Bellesleyhill Avenue. 

Wyliie, Mrs, 10 Campbell Street. 

Wyliie, Mrs, 10a Dalblair Road. 

Wyliie, Mrs, Doon Villa, 59 Midton Road. Telephone 2719. 

Wyliie, Mrs, Arrol Drive. 

Wyliie, Mrs, 35 Elmbank Street. 

Wyliie, Mrs, grocer, 2 Smith Street. 

Wyliie, Mrs, 19 Crown Street. 

Wyliie, Mrs, Kerrsdene, 41 Prestwick Road. 

Yair, George, motor driver, 63 Wellington Street. 

Yates, Alexander, 178 Prestwick Road. 

Yates, James, labourer, 35 Lochgide Road. 

Yates, Robert, riveter, 63 Paterson Street. 

Y.M.C.A. Institute, 30 High Street. Telephone 2643. 

Young, Alexander C, 56 Port Street. 

Young, Andrew, M.B.. CM.. 18 Barns Street. Telephone 3861. 

Young, Andrew R. (of William Young, Ltd.), 19 Dalblair Road. 

Young, Andrew, stage manaeer, 3 South Harbour Street. 

Young, Archibald (of George Young & Son), 9 St. Andrew's Street. 

Young, Archibald, stamper, G.P.O., 39 Hawkhill Avenue. 

Young, Arthur, cashier, 34 Fort Street. 

Young, Daniel, vanman, 55 Newmarket Street. 

Young, David, dentist, 63 High Street. Telephone 2474. House— 1 Barns- 

Terrace. Telephone 3646. 
Young, David, motor driver, 30 North Park Avenue. 
Young, David, miner, 19 Carrick Street. 
Young, David, engine attendant, 4 Elba Street Lane. 




./AC C U M U L A f O R 







Prestwick Road Garage 

Phone AYR Ayr 3951 


Bacon Curers, Sausage Makers, 
and Produce Merchants. :: :: 

Dealers in all kinds of Home and Colonial Produce. 


Telephone— 2408 Aye. 

Telegrams— " Provisions, Aye." 


Young, Edward M., clerk of works, 27 Quail Eoad. 

Young, Francis, hotel porter, 106 Main Street. 

Young, George, & Son, bakers, restaurateurs, and caterers, 210 High Street 

and 46 Sandgate. Telephone 2613. 
Young, George (of George Young & Son), The Lynn, 28 Beresford Terrace. 
Young, George, storekeeper, 29 South Harbour Street. 
Young, George, painter, 99 King Street. 
Young, George, 26 Green Street Lane. 
Young, George B, 28 Bellevue Crescent. 
Young, Hugh, law clerk, 75 Dalblair Eoad. House— Ingleside, 30 St. 

Leonard's Eoad. 
Youug, Hugh, railway fireman, 22 St. George's Eoad. 
Young, James, labourer, 51 Main Street. 
Young, James, storekeeper, 52 Allison Street. 
Young, James, labourer, 98 King Street. 
Young, James, labourer, 110 George Street. 
Young, James, docker, 30 Eoss Street. 
Young, James, 29 Montgomerie Terrace. 
Young, James M., baker, 30 King Street. 
Young, James M., 52 Green Street Lane. 
Young, John, burgh surveyor, Town Buildings, High Street. House — 2 

Bellevue Crescent. 
Young, John C, 98 Wallace Street. 
Young, John S., carter, 45 Green Street Lane. 
Young, Quintin, 31 Campbell Street. 

Young, Eobert, insurance inspector, 4 Hartfield Eoad. Telephone 3785. 
Young, Eobert, labourer, 24 King Street. 
Young, Eobert W., The Croft, Hillfoot Eoad. 
Young, Samuel, carter, 6 Limond's Wynd. 
Young, Thomas, engine-driver, 46 Wellington Street. 
Young, Thomas, operator, 42 Weaver Street. 
Young, Thomas, painter, 110 King Street. 

Young, Walter, & Son, umbrella manufacturers, 27 Newmarket Street. 
Young, William, Ltd., motor hirers and riding and livery stables, 33-41 

Carrick Street. Telephone 2281. 
Young, William, carter, 62 York Street Lane. 
Young, William H. M., chauffeur, 20 Wellington Square. 
Young, William, jun., manager, 12 South Park Eoad. 
Young, William, labourer, 14 Church Street. 
Young, William, 128 Prestwick Eoad. 
Young, William, & Co., 234 Prestwick Eoad. 
Young, Miss Agnes, confectioner, 12 Fort Street. 
Young, Miss Agnes, 23 Fort Street. 
Young, Miss A. L., 31 Hilary Crescent. 
Young, Miss Daisy, 56 Fort Street. 
Young, Miss J. B., teacher, 3 Kirkholm Avenue. 
Young, Miss J. L., Kingencleugh, 12 Belmont Avenue. 
Young, Miss Jane T., 20 Wellington Street. 
Young, Miss Margaret, 1 Heathfield Eoad. 
Young, Miss, 5 Springvale Park. 
Young, Mrs, 6 Virginia Gardens. 
Young, Mrs, 14 Alexandria Terrace. 
Young, Mrs, 123 New Eoad. 
Young, Mrs, 15 St. Andrew's Street. 
Young, Mrs, 1 Content Avenue. 
Young, Mrs, 8 Craigie Avenue. 
Young, Mrs, 49 George Street. 
Young, Mrs, 8 Viewfield Eoad. 
Young, Mrs, 51 Green Street. 
Youne, Mrs, 42a Newmarket Street. 
YuilC Alan, 26 George Street. 
Yuill, Allan, fish and chip merchant, 40 Mam Street. 


Zive, Lewis, draper, 84 Main Street. House— 86 Main Street. 


Streets Directory. 


1 Shearer, Mrs Annie. 
Auld, Andrew W. 
M'Ronald, John. 

3 Manson, Donald. 
9 Mowbray, James. 
plumbers and slaters. 

2 The Co-operative Insurance 

Society, Ltd. 
2 Campbell & Scott, surveyors. 
M'Cosh, Pritchard & Co., C.A. 
8 Whigham, Pergusson, Cuning- 

ham & Co., Ltd. 
10 Ayrshire Houses of Refreshment, 

12 Crowe, William D. 
Wilson, Alexander. 
14 Campbell, John. 
16 Loudon, Mrs Mary. 
18 Thomson, William. 
Watson, Mrs Annie. 
Hart, Miss Annie G. 
Williamson, Miss Mary. 
20 Johnstone, John J. 
22 Paulds, Robert. 
O'Hare, Thomas. 
Moore, Mrs Margaret. 


1 M'Kinstray, James. 

3 Torrance, James. 

5 Gordon, Joseph. 

7 M'Murtrie, Misses. 

9 Auld, William, measurer. 

11 Bone, Mrs. 

13 Kennedy, John. 

2 Terry, Charles S. 

Maclaren, Joseph, Sergt.-Maior, 

4 Keenan, Mrs Kate. 

6 Terry, David M., tobacconist. 

8 Murray, John, saddler. 
10 Mark, Mrs. 

12 Smith, Andrew M'G. 

14 Brockie, Thomas, tailor. 
16 Shearer, Charles Hall. 


1 Mutch, James. 

2 Morrison, Thos. G. 

3 Williamson, Hugh B. 

4 Stewart, Miss Jane. 

6 Raworth, Wm. 

8 Jamieson, Mrs. 
Brackenridge, Mrs. 
M'Clymont, Henry. 

10 Lockhart, Campbell. 

12 Murdoch, Mrs. 

14 Gairdner, Wm. 


1 Clark, Miss A. 
Hogg, William. 
Hart, Mrs J. 

Bath, Robert, driver. 

3 Gibb, Robert. 
Cuthbert, Archibald. 
Piper, Mrs Sarah. 
Crompton, Mrs Sarah. 

5 Martin, Samuel, hallkeeper. 

7 Robertson, Miss Jeannie A. 

9 Henderson, Alexander, tailor. 

11 Kellock, John. 

13 Philp, Thomas. 

15 Clarke, Miss Jane. 
17 Morton, Miss Agnes. 
19 Lyon, James, traveller. 
21 Pulton, Andrew. 

23 Pulton, Mrs. 

25 Murphy, Richard. 

27 Allan, David. 

2 Main, James, police constable. 

4 M'Gill, John, miner. 

6 Crawford, Mrs Elizabeth. 

8 Hood, Thomas B. 

8J; M'Culloch, Mrs Mary. 
10 Rowdon, Alfred, nurseryman. 

12 Forrest, James, joiner. 

(off M'Call's Avenue). 

1 Caldwell, John, blacksmith. 

2 Gardner, James. 

3 Connell, Mrs Jessie. 

4 Wilson, Robert, salesman. 

5 Borland, Mrs Agnes. 

6 Halkett, Alexander, railway 





Let us Quote for your Commercial Stationery. 


Sole Agents in South-West Scotland 
. . for . . 


All British Standard and Portable Typewriters. 

"PARKER," "WATERMAN" and Other 
Leading Fountain Pens. 

37 Sandgate and 68 Newmarket St., 

Telephone 2150 AYR- Telephone 2150. 



Alexandria Terrace — continued. 

7 Borland, Robert. 

8 Aitkenhead, Stewart, pipe maker. 

10 Arkieson, John P., clerk. 

12 M'Dowall, Hutcheson, motorman. 

14 Young, Mrs Mary. 

16 Campbell, Joseph. 

18 Service, Mrs Marion. 
20 Howie, John, constable. 


1 M'Fedries, Miss Barbara. 

3 Hogg, Thomas, blacksmith. 

5 Wilson, John, seaman. 

7 Kelly, Mrs Janet. 
Clark, William, labourer. 
Kerr, Alexander, miner. 
M'Lauchlan, Hugh. 
Dalziel, Miss Agnes. 

9 Strang, Mrs Agnes. 

11 Johnstone, Mrs Mary. 
Sturgeon, John, engineer. 
Mitchell, Mrs Annie. 

13 Watson, John, clerk. 

15 Pratt, James, engineer. 


25 M'Laren, Robert. 
27 Robertson, Andrew, hammerman. 

Taylor, Mrs Elizabeth. 
33 Gillon, John, labourer. 
35 Campbell, William, gas stoker. 
37 Jardine, Samuel, confectioner. 
41 Whitefield, John, mason. 
43 Hood, Andrew, gas stoker. 

Limond, Thomas, baker. 
45 Sloan, John, painter. 
47 Morrison, Mrs Jane. 
49 Neill, Alexander, labourer. 
51 Davidson, Mrs Jessie. 
55 Hart & Cumming, joiners. 
61 Gilmour, James, miller. 
63 Montgomery, Mrs Annie. 
71 Montgomery, Mrs Sarah, 

77 Fisher, Kenneth. 

2 Steel, Matthew. 

4 Revie, William. 

6 M'Fedries, Mrs. 

■ Russell Street here. 

8 The Churches of God in South- 

west District. 
10 Graham, Andrew L., police 

M'Kinstrie, Alexander, maltster. 
M'Kill, Mrs Annie. 

12 M'Farlane, John, cashier. 
Coupland, John, linesman. 
Philp, Harry, grocer. 

Allison Street — continued 

Fyfe, Alexander John, labourer., 
14 Aitken, Robert, van driver. 

Smith, Edwin, motorman. 

Baird, John, joiner. 

Gilmour, Robert, engine driver. 
16 Feggans, Mrs Barbara. 

M'Connell, Ivie, junior, shoe- 

Walker, George, carter. 

Stewart, Mrs Hannah. 

LAUNDRY CO. Phone 3181. 
28 Dunlop, John M'Nee, chauffeur. 

Drysdale, George, factory worker. 
30 Reid, Archibald, railwayman. 

Barry, Peter, blacksmith. 

Reid, William, machinist. 

M'Crindle, Adam, carter. 

32 Corbett, Samuel, baker. 
Hamilton, Mrs Marion. 
Beaton, Miss Jessie. 

34 M'Cluskey, George, cabinet- 
36 Brown, Mrs Jane. 

33 Crawford, William. 

40 M'Fadzean, Thomas, lorryman. 
42 Hogg, John, blacksmith. 

Taylor, Thomas, fireman. 
44 Kelly, John. 
46 Ford, John. 
48 Tweedie, Miss Ann 

White, John. 

Duff, Thomas, carter. 

Sands, John Edward, groom. 

Chapman, David. 
50 Johnstone, Robert. 
52 Young, James, storekeeper. 

Gillon, Mrs Helen. 
54 Wallace, Archibald. 

M'Crorie, Andrew. 
56 Gibson, John, railway servant. 

M'Lennan, Mrs Helen. 
58 Watson, Robert, lathsplitter. 

Surgeoner, Matthew, tailor. 
60 Nicholson, William, porter. 

Calderwood, Robert, 'bus driver. 

Sheret, Matthew, telegraph 

Nelson, Malcolm, railwayman. 
62 M'Colm, Muir. 

Smith, David, roadman. 
64 M'Connell, Mrs Janet. 

M'Farlane, Henry 

Findlay, James, joiner. 

Alexander, William, mason. 
68 M'Neillie, William, gas stoker. 
70 Steven, David, engine cleaner. 
72 Bell, Charles, motorman. 
74 Law, Mrs Mary. 



Allison Street — continued 

Cowan, Henry, craneman. 

M'Cormick, William. 

Hannah, John, fireman. 
76 Dinnan, Thomas. 

Law, Samuel, postman. 

Cowan, Mrs Elizabeth. 

Bell, John. 

■ Viewfield Road here. 

78 Ulivi, Guilio, confectioner. 
82 Dick, Miss Lillias. 
84 Crawford, Mrs Agnes. 
86 Campbell, Mrs Marion. 
88 Love, John. 


1 Mitchell, Andrew. 

2 Alexander, William. 

3 Cunningham, Hugh. 

4 Welsh, Robert. 


Norton, William H. 
Thomson, Hugh. 
Wellington Lane here. 

1 Corbett, Mrs. 

2 Douglas, Dr Charles. 

3 Cormack, Dr Robert. 

4 M'Burnie, Thomas. 


• Park Terrace here. 

6 FARMER, EDGAR, Berkeley 


7 Nash, Thomas L. 

8 Geikie, Dr James Stewart. 

9 Laird, Dr James W. Phone 3091. 
Laird, Hugh. 

Alloway Park here. 

10 Guthrie, Mrs. 

11 Kennion, Mrs F. 

12 Landsborough, Dr Wm. 

13 Vernon, Rev. W. F. 

14 Goudie, John T. 


2 Britannic Assurance Coy., Ltd. 

Kennedy, John. 
8 Brackenridge, Daniel. 
10 HIGHET, J. C, & SON. 


Ganly, Andrew. 

Norton, James. 

Hawthorn, Alex. H. 

Alloway Street — continued 
Glass, David. 

Morledge, Joseph. 
12 HIGHET, J. O, & SON. 
14-20 Alexanders Stores, Ltd. 

30 Armour, James. 

32 M'Farlan, Miss Annie. 

34 Clark, John A. 


38 Paterson, Peter G. 

40 M'Call, Malcolm. 


44 Croft, Ernest. 


48 The Royal Bank of Scotland. 
50 Millar, Mrs Mary T. 

Miller, Mrs Jane. 

Walker, Mrs. 

Blair, Robert. 
52 Massey, Alex., & Sons, Ltd. 
54 Pieri, Leo. 

58 Hastings, Gilbert. 

Anderson, Mrs. 

M'Millan & Howie. 

Ayrshire Cattle Herd Book 
60 Napier, N. G., & Sons. 
1-3 Freedman. 
5 & 13 Bell, E. A., & Co. 
11 Anderson, Mrs. 
15 Anderson, Misses. 
17 Watson, Margaret. 
19 Watson, Margaret. 
21 Stewart, Miss A. T. 
25 Hewitson, William D. 
27 Picken Bros. 
29 Smith, Thomas B. 

31 M'Cartney, John R. 
31 Finnie, William. 

33 Carnduff, Robert. 

35 M'Connell, Misses J. & B. 

37 Moryson, Fred. F. 

39 Hewitson, Miss J. W. 

41 Mustard, Robert G. 

43 Inglis, John J., & Sons. 

45 Paton, Andrew. 

Robb, John. 

Cameron, Mrs Margaret. 
Jack, Bertram. 
Ledingham, Jemima. 
45a Forrester, Mrs M. 

47 Mustard, Miss R. S. 



Alloway Street — continued 
47a Dawson, Misses B. A. L. & E. L. 
49 Logan, Robert. 
51 Campbell, G. Stuart. 
53 M'Lean, Duncan. 

Ramsay, Mrs. 

Simpson, George. 

Miller, Walter. 

Swann, Robert. 

Chisholm, William. 
53£ Kerr, Misses E. & M. 
55 Speirs, Robert. 

55 Kennedy, Alex., & Sons, Castle- 
bank Dyeworks. 
57 Templeton, William H. 

Rutherford, Miss M. 

Murdoch, John A. 
67 Mitchell, Mrs. 
69 Morrison, Thomas G. 


1 Paterson, John A., teacher. 
3 M'Lean, Mrs Janet. 

5 Galbraith, Thomas. 
7 Brodie, Robert S. 

9 Bell, Robert A., chemist. 
11 Stewart, Robert, joiner. 

13 Wilson, James S., traveller. 
15 Mackie, John. 

17 MAllister, John Welsh. 
19 Hughes, William M. 

21 Porter, Andrew, clerk. 
23 Maver, Mrs Jessie. 
25 Kerr, Maxwell Wright. 
27 Kay, Allan Wilson. 
29 Wilson, John Morrow. 
31 Currie, Peter G., grocer. 
33 Ross, David, dental mechanic. 
35 Livingstone, Robert, engine 

2 Paterson, John, draper. 

4 Gardner, Thomas, bricklayer. 

6 Dow, Mrs Sarah 

8 Robson, James, engine driver. 

10 M'Crindle, Thomas, pilot. 

12 M'Gougan, Archibald, painter. 
14 Steedman, Miss Ann Lauchlan. 
16 Adams, Edwin, engineer. 

18 Lucas, John, spinning overlooker. 
20 Good, James. 

22 M'Janet, William, joiner. 


2 Devine, Mrs Jane. 

M'Parlane, John, plater. 
4 Purdie, John, tailor. 
6 M'Cafferty, Roderick, newsagent. 

Argyle Street — continued 

8 Richardson, John, carriage 


10 Denham, Joseph, baker. 

12 Niven, Francis, vanman. 

14 M'Cartney, Robert, motor driver. 

16 Cairns, Hugh, brassfinisher. 

18 M'Cubbin, Mrs Jessie. 

20 Goudie, Robert, railway porter. 

22 Limond, Miss Margaret. 

24 Blair, Mrs Marion. 

26 M'Govern, Mrs Margaret. 

28 Muir, Mrs Jessie. 
Hunter, Mrs Margaret. 

30 Lamb, Gilbert, slater. 

I M'Williams, David, gardener. 
Newall, Daniel, butcher. 

3 Livingstone, Miss Jean Scott. 
5 Napier, Alexander, gardener. 
7 Graham, George. 

9 M'Murtrie, George. 

11 Limond, Charles, grocer. 

13 Sinclair, John, railway servant. 

15 Bryan, Mrs Maggie. 

17 Poustie, David, cabinetmaker. 

19 M'Vean, William, grocer. 

21 Rillie, William, engineman. 

23 Currie, Michael, polisher. 

25 Davitt, John, postman. 

27 Wilson, William, engine driver. 

29 Shields, Mrs Janet. 

31 Luke, John, insurance agent. 
Clark, William, miner. 


1 Fisher, John. 

1^ Paton, Andrew. 

2 Hamilton, Captain Alex. 

3 Henry, Miss Jessie. 

4 Clark, Mrs Jane. 

5 Cameron, Miss Minnie. 

6 Archibald, Martin. 

7 Miller, John. 

8 Gardiner, George. 

9 Peyton, William H. 

10 Wilson, Archibald. 

II Campbell, Matthew. 

13 Barbour, David S., veterinary 


14 AULD, ALEXANDER, electrician. 


3 Ferguson, Miss G. C. 

Seafield Terrace here. 

7 Hannah, James. 


11 Kirk, Thomas. 


15 M'Ginn, Robert M'Lean. 



Arrol Drive — continued 
17 King, James. 
19 Wyllie, Mrs. 

21 Band, William. 
39 M'Intyre, Miss. 

2 Stratton, Robert, teacher. 

4 M'Lachlan, Thomas G. 

6 Clark, Hugh. 

8 Grant, Mrs. 

10 Macintyre, Mrs. 

12 Macfarlane, John. 

14 Duncan, Robert Semple. 

16 Wark, John Norman. 

22 Hutchison, Miss. 

24 Dickie, George. 


Rowan, William, cooper. 

HAMILTON, CECIL A. engineer. 

REID, DAVID, & CO., cabinet- 




3 Kirkland, Mrs. 

5 Adams, Mrs. 

7 Hall, James. 

9 Lancey, Mrs J. C. 

11 Reid, Archibald. 

13 MacArthur, John. 

15 Pritty, Miss. 

17 Hunter, Miss E. A. 
19 Gilmore, John. 

21 Davidson, John. 

23 Steele, Misses R. and H. 
Dongola Road here. 

25 Thorn, James. 

27 Richardson, John. 
29 Jack, Alex. A. 
31 Coltart, William. 
33 Hill, John. 
35 M'Innes, David. 
39 Paterson, Thomas. 
41 Brown, Robert H. 
43 Jamieson, Misses C. and C. 
49 Munro, Wm. 
51 Taylor, Miss Jessie H. 
53 Marr, Jack. 

55 TWEEDIE, HUGH (of Jas. 
Tweedie, Ltd.). 

4 Garmen, James L. 

6 Willet, John A. 

8 Murphy, Mrs Margaret. 
10 Tait, William W. 

12 Logan, Miss C. 

14 Milroy, Dr Anthony. 

Ashgrove Street — continued 

16 Kay, John. 

18 Thomson, Matthew. 

20 Campbell, John P., M.D., CM. 

22 Williamson, James, junior. 

24 Duncan, Misses C. S. and A. S. 

26 Toward, James. 
30 Connell, John T. 

Dongola Road here. 

32 White, Mrs. 

34 Wallace, William. 

36 Scott, Thomas E. 


40 Lyon, Thomas B. 

42 Winter, John. 

44 M'Cutcheon, William. 

46 Rowan, Miss. 

48 Wilson, Thomas. 


52 Henderson, Charles. 

54 Thomson, George. 

56 Robertson, Mrs. 

58 Edgar, Miss A. M'C. 

60 M'Creath, Miss M. C. 

62 Clark, Alex. Gunn. 

64 M'Farlan, Miss . 

66 M'Millan, Mrs Agnes. 

68 Christie, Mrs M. and Miss M. 

70 Monteith, Misses M. and C. 

72 Brown, Miss Emily J. 


1 M'Cracken, Robert, railway 

5 Loudon, William W., grocer. 
15 Leggat, Edward, shipwright. 

17 Mackie, William, 'bus inspector. 

19 Martin, Thomas, slater. 

21 Surgeoner, Robert, painter. 

23 Merry, Thomas, motor driver. 

25 Hamilton, Robert, railway 


27 Smith, David, miner. 

29 Moffat, Robert, motor driver. 
Bates, Miss Mary. 


5, 7, and 9 M'CULLOCH, ROBERT. 

22 Bryson, William. 
Campbell, Kennedy, railway 

Neville, Matthew, miner. 
Sneddon, Miss Alice. 
Kennedy, Charles, labourer. 
News, John, benchman. 

24 Hunter, William. 
Hamilton, Hugh, labourer. 
Morrison, Mrs Martha. 
Cole, Edward, lamplighter. 



Back Main Street — continued 
30 Miller, Alexander, labourer. 
Emmet, George, steward. 

32 Park, Mrs Margaret. 
Anderson, William J., mason. 

36 Crombie, Moffat. 
M'Crorie, Frank. 
Barnes, Edward, printer. 
Wilson, Tbomas, labourer. 

33 Gibson, James, baker. 


1 Dunn, William, cycle repairer. 
3 M'Lean, Mrs Ellen. 
11 Hunter, Daniel, labourer. 

Gibson, William, miner. 

M'Kenna, Miss Jemima. 

Scott, Mrs Agnes. 

Garrett, Robert. 

Robertson, Jobn, labourer. 

Gillan, John. 
14- Campbell, Alex., labourer. 

Butler, John, labourer. 

M'Quiston, John, labourer. 

21 M'Kinnon, Walter. 
Sillars, Charles, labourer. 
Millar, James, labourer. 

22 Moore, Mrs Helen. 

23 M'Whirter, James. 

24 Coulter, John, chemical worker. 
Burgess, George, labourer. 
Gemmell, Christian, coalman. 
Steele, John, blacksmith. 


1 Meikle, John R. W. 

2 Hutchison, Misses. 

3 Dalziel, James. 

4 Alexander, Miss Jane. 

5 Alexander, Miss Elizabeth M. 

6 Auld, Miss Annie H. 

7 Morton. Miss Margaret S. 

8 Allan, Mrs. 

9 Andrew, Miss Ena. 

10 Crawford, Mrs. 

11 Oram, Alex. 

12 Spiers, Mrs. 

13 Manson, Mrs. 

14 Ross, Rev. John. 

15 M'Cartney, John. 

16 Lewington, Mrs. 

17 Chisholm, Wm. Stirling. 

18 Orr, Miss Isabella. 

19 Low, Misses. 

20 Grant, Dr James. 

21 Black, William. 

23 Martin, William W. 
24- M'Creath, David. 

Ballantine Drive — continued 

25 M'Creath, Thomas. 

26 Gardiner, Andrew S. 

27 Cresswell, Hubert F. 

The Pines, Hay, Ronald Paterson. 
Parkhouse. Meikle, David. 


1 Landsborough, Misses. 

3 Reid, Miss Agnes M. 

5 Wilson, Adam. 

Donald, James C. Phone 3154, 

7 Dewar, R. A. 

9 Robertson, Mrs. 

11 Reid, Thomas F. H. 

13 Ross, Mrs. 

2 Keith, Mrs. 

4 Carmichael, John A. 

6 Richmond, John Revie. 

8 Glass, Mrs. 

10 Lees, Andrew. 

12 Clark, James M. 


16 Currie, Misses. 


1 Dunbar, James, M.B., Ch.B. 

2 Alexander, John Murray. 
Dereel. Carson, John Findlay, C.A, 

3 Wright, Dr Norman C. 

4 Kennedy, Mrs. 
Mitchell, James. 
Syme, John. 



3 Borland, James. 

5 Sloan, William. 

7 Ayr District Nursing Association. 

— (Nurse M'Lean). 

9 Hillhouse, James, & Co. 
Heathcote, Agnes. 

11 Hunter, John N. 

15 Freedman, Mrs. 

17 Cooper, Thomas. 

19 Gillespie, John, L.D.S. 


23 Weir, Misses. 

25 Kay, Misses. 

27 Bryce, Miss Marion. 

29 Frew, William. 

2 Dunlop, D. & J. 

4 Agnew, James. 

6 Ayrshire Coalowners' Association. 

8 Fingland, George. 

10 Andrew, William F. L. 

12 Martin, John. 

14 Kissell, Richard.: 



Bams Street — continued 
16 Hutchison, Mrs. 
18 Young, Andrew, M.B., CM. 
20 Muir, Dt Alan. 
22 Watson, Miss Jessie R. 
24 Hosie, John. 
26 Freeman, John. 
28 Munro, Robert. 


1 Young, David. 

2 Taylor, Miss Betsy S. 

3 Allan, Miss Jessie H. 

4 M'Clymont, Misses. 

5 Munro, Horace F. M. 

6 M'Cartney, John. 

7 Gardiner, Patrick P. L. 

8 Brown, Hunter. 

9 Ralston, John L. 

10 Graham, Mrs. 

11 Maiden, Dr Georgina F. 

12 Bryson, Mungo. 

13 Walker, Miss Jenny D. 



2 Henderson, James C. 
4 Hay, William A. 

Andrew, Andrew. 

Easton, Alex. 

Miller, John. 

Campbell, James. 

Montgomerie, Miss Jessie. 
6 Boswell, Walter C. 
8 Johnstone, William. 
10 Arbuckle, Archibald. 
12 Kerr, David. 
14 Sinclair, Miss Jane. 
16 M'Millan, John Lyon. 
18 Tosh, Mrs. 


3 Killicoat, Mrs. 
Inverernan. Gow, Thomas 


Bellevale Quadrant here. 

Thirlstane. M'Donald, Alexander T. 
Stronvar. DICKSON, J. GORDON. 
Springhaven. Lord, John George. 
Ellalee. Wyllie, Miss Isabella. 
Rhona. King, Mrs. 
Kiloran. Ross, Mrs. 
Morrison, Mrs. 
2 Riley, Mrs. 

4 Anderson, Misses. 

6 Frew, John Dickie. 

8 Drinnan, James Eadie. 
10 Templeton, Capt. Thomas. 
12 M'Millan, William R. 

Bellevale Avenue — contimied 

14 Harrison, James A. 

16 Bell, Thomas S. 

18 Brown, John Ormiston. 

20 Hyslop, Robert. 

22 Smith, Matthew S. 

24 Charlton, Miss Annie M. 

26 Brown, William. 

28 Brewster, Thomas M. 
30 Bain, Ronald. 

32 Pennington, Herbert. 

34 Suttie, William. 
36 Morgan, Misses. 

38 Kissell, James. 

40 Taylor, Robert F. 

42 MacWilliam, Miss Marion. 

42 M'Dowall, Mrs. 

44 Paterson, Misses. 

46 Houston, Miss Janet. 

48 Slarke, Mrs. 


1 Loudon, Mrs. 

3 Ferguson, James Carrick. 
5 Goudie, Miss Marion T. 

2 M'Lean, Capt. James. 

4 Duncan, Arnold, J. 


Daisy Cottages. 

1 Black, Miss Agnes Richmond. 

2 Samson, William, joiner. 

3 Steele, Alexander Neil, hotel 


4 Spence, Thomas, labourer. 


1 Sutherland, William M'K. 
3 Lawrie, James, confectioner. 

5 Fisher, John, joiner. 

7 Robb, Peter, railway clerk. 

9 Bell, Alexander. 
11 Cole, William Pattinson, 

13 M'Lellan, Miss Catherine M. 

15 Kelman, Mrs Annie. 
15a Nichol, Misses. 

17 M'Whirter, Thomas B. 

19 King, Miss Marion H. 

21 Thow, Henry B., glazier. 

23 Trousdale, Mrs Agnes Gardiner. 
23 Scott, William, gardener. 

25 Macdonald, James, secretary. 

27 Griffiths, Miss E. A., teacher. 

29 Ballantyne, Robert, slater. 
— Alderston Avenue here. 

35 Ross, Joseph. 

39 Shields, Mrs. 

41 Simpson, Mrs. 



Bellesleyhill Avenue — continued 
43 Allison, Robert, clerk. 
— Bellesleyhill Road here. 
45 Reid, James, clerk. 
47 Wyllie, Mrs. 
49 Nixon, Mrs. 

51 Burns, John, drapery manager. 
53 Kay, William Stevenson, draper. 
55 Jardine, William Dalziel, teacher. 
57 Tait, Samuel, ex-constable. 
59 Mitchell, Allan. 
61 M'Killop, William, plumber. 
63 Kilpatrick, Pindlay, mechanic. 
65 Collins, Arthur, hosiery manu- 

69 Smith, Mrs. 

71 M'Aldon, Peter, grain miller. 
73 Miller, Mrs. 
75 Kerr, John S. 

77 Kerr, Alexander, boot finisher. 
79 Paterson, Houston, engine driver. 
81 Thomson, Gilbert. 
83 M'Cracken, John, engine driver. 
85 Martin, John, weaver. 
87 Oakley, Mrs. 

89 Gilmour, Thomas, railway worker. 
91 Wilson, Jacob, engine driver. 


2 Hobson, Joseph, butcher. 

4 Shand, James, foreman. 

6 Stewart, Miss Helen 

8 M'Connell, Miss Mary, milliner. 

10 Guthrie, Charles, grocer. 

12 Sharratt, Mrs. 

14 Hunter, Robert, lorryman. 
16 M'Ghie, William, cashier. 
18 Rae, Miss Mary. 

20 Strange, Robert, joiner. 

22 Gordon, Mrs. 

24 Meek, Mrs Annie. 

26 Watson, Alexander J., police 

28 Somerville, Misses. 
30 Alexander, William, inspector of 

32 Allison, Robert. 
1 Mitchell, George, dock labourer. 

3 Murray, John, engineer. 

5 Blackwood, David, constable. 

7 Landsburgh, James, joiner. 
Springbank Road here. 

9 Jones, Miss Elizabeth. 

11 Neil, Mrs. 

13 Pollock, Misses. 

15 Smith, Miss Margaret. 


1 Anderson, Miss Agnes. 

3 Logan, Robert. 

5 Chisholm, Mrs. 

7 Morton, Alex. P. M. 
9 Cochrane, Robert G. 

11 Dickson, Archibald S. 

2 Bell, Mrs. 

4 Watson, Alex. 

6 Davidson, Alex. 

8 Muir, Mrs Eliz. 

10 Hillhouse, Miss J. 

12 Young, Miss J. L. 

14 Stewart, Quintin. 

16 Burns, Robert S. 

18 Highet, David. 

20 Menzies, Miss A. H. 

22 Robertson, Henry. 

School (St. Leonard's Home). 


Albert Cottage. Gilmour, William J. 


Alexander, George. 
Kerr, James. 
Rae, Robert. 
M'llroy, Wm. 


1 Johnstone, Mrs. 

3 Steele, Alexander. 

5 Crawford, Miss Helen P. 

7 Mackay, Miss Jessie H. 

9 Hunter, Misses. 

11 Stewart, Charles, M.B., CM. 

13 Sherrington, Thomas. 

15 Simmons, William. 

17 Davison, Miss Blanche. 
M'Gowan, Mrs. 
Paton, Mrs. 
Mackinnon, Mrs. 

19 M'Gill, Thomas. 
Elsden, Mrs. 
Killin, Mrs. 

21 Galbraith, William. 
Glen, Mrs. 
Anderson, Robert G. 
Doak, James. 

23 M'Nab, Misses. 
M'Culloch, Miss Agnes T. 

Muir, Miss Mary J. 
25 Hutchison, R. W. 
27a Steele, John. 



Bellevue Crescent — continued 

29 Allan, Mrs. 

31 Macdonald, James. 

33 Beebee, Benjamin. 

35 Lowdon, James. 

37 Smith, John. 

39 M'Vey, James. 
Bellevue Crescent — Continued. 

41 Miller, John H. W. 

43 Maitland, Miss Margaret S. 

45 M'Vie, Thomas. 

49 Freeman, Harris. 

51 Drynan, Mrs. 

53 Gilmour, Matthew. 
55 Macdonald, Mrs. 

57 Hammond, Miss Isabel M. 

59 Callan, Miss Jessie Y. 

61 Stewart, Misses. 

63 Paton, Mrs. 

65 Rowan, Misses. 

Bellevue Lane. Robertson, Charles. 

2 Young, John. 

4 Lewis, Rees M. 

6 Smith, James Wight. 

10 Doughty, Archibald B. 
12 Heyde, Douglas. 
14 Houston, Mrs. 
16 Smart, Misses. 
18 Campbell, Mrs. 
20 Hay, Miss Lily R. 
20 Goodwin, Mrs. 
22 Paton, Robert. 
24 Park, Gilbert. 
26 M'Laren, Malcolm. 
28 Young, George B. 

30 Thomson, Alexander, fruiterer. 

32 Kennedy, Miss Jean M. 

34 M'Cormick, Mrs. 

36 Templeton, Miss Agnes. 

38 Adamson, Mrs. 

40 Jamieson, Robert Agnew, C.A. 


44 Smith, Mrs. 

46 Lyon, Alexander. 
48 M'Gregor, Mrs. 

50 Douglas, Alexander. 

52 Lamont, Mrs. 

54 Symington, Misses. 


Bellevue Cottages. 

1 Dunlop, John. 

2 Cameron, James. 

3 Blackwood, Alexander. 

4 Alexander, Thomas. 
Bellevue Road. 

3 Crawford, Mrs. 

Bellevue Road — continued 

5 Sloan, Mrs. 

7 Walker, Miss Frances H. 

9 Lochhead, Bizland Hamilton. 
Marchmont Road here. 

17 Hillhouse, James. 

19 Grimwood, Harry R. 

21 Walker, Miss Marjory. 

23 Robertson, William. 

25 Porter, Mrs. 

27 Gardner, Miss Janet. 

29 Haldane, J. R. Sheriff-Substitute. 


33 Gray, Joseph. 

35 Latta, Mrs. 

Marchmont Road here. 


6 Carey, Mrs. 


12 Fletcher, Miss Margaret P. 

16 Maclaurin, Mrs. 

18 Orr, Miss E. B. 


1 M'Dermid, Malcolm. 


1 Patrick, John, grocer. 

3 Cuthbertson, George, contractor. 

5 Gilmour, Harry, fireman. 
M'Kinstray, Frank, labourer. 
M'Farlane, Frank. 

Fraser, David, carpet weaver. 

7 MacLagan, Mrs. 
Burgess, Donald, joiner. 
Andrew, Norman. 
M'Kechnie, Robert, billposter. 
M'Cubbin, Martin. 

Conkie, Mrs. 

9 Dunlop, Andrew. 
Hawthorn, Thomas. 
Kilmurray, Mrs. 
Dickie, William, butcher. 

11 Sloan, Mrs. 

Millar, William Reid, gardener. 
Moffat, James, grocer. 
Millar, William, engine driver. 
Robertson, James, labourer. 
Cumming, Robert, baker. 

13 Law, Thomas. 
Blackwood, William, joiner. 
Campbell, Ronald. 
M'Meeking, Gilbert, joiner. 

15 Thornton, Gideon, engine driver. 
Moffat, Peter R., joiner. 
M'Phee, James, fireman. 
Pyper, David, clerk. 



Eelvidere Terra ce — continued 

17 Burgess, William 
Lawson, James, mason. 
Dalling, Robert, storeman. 
Cairns, James, engine driver. 

19 Cairns, James, loco, fireman. 
Cannell, Alexander, compositor. 
Russell, Robert, fireman. 
Christie, Alexander, moulder. 
Lynch, David, constable. 
2 M'Cafferty, George, commercial 

4 M'Quaker, Peter, grocer. 

6 Dickie, Miss I. W., typist. 
Owens, Andrew, vanman. 
M'Clung, Matthew, fireman. 
Priestly, Alexander, guard. 

8 Johnston, George, railway servant, 
White, Mrs Agnes. 

M'Clung, Andrew, engine driver. 
Cannell, John, boot finisher. 
Wharrie Bros., Ltd. 

(off Bellevue Street). 

M'Dowall, Charles. 
Hood, James. 
Reid, Mrs. 
Buck, Richard. 




5 Pringle, John. 


9 M'Donald, Miss Isabel. 

11 Miller, Joseph, & Sons. 
25 BOYD & CO. 

27 FORREST, J., & SON (David 

Murray, sole partner). 
31 Allan, D., & Son. 
Beresford Lye. 

Bairds & Dalmellington, Ltd. 

M'Callum, J., & Sons. 

Cowan, Henry. 

Cowan, John. 

Moore, A. G., & Co., Ltd. 

M'Callum, R., & Son. 

2 Cameron, Miss Elizabeth S. 
4 Hay, Hugh. 

6 Cassells, David B. 

8 Pater son. Alexander. 

10 Smith, Miss Elizabeth B. 

14 Petticrew, Alexander D. L. 




Beresford Terrace — continued 
20 Mackay, William. 
22 KEMP, Madam. 
24 M'Clelland, Mrs. 
26 Roy, Robert C. 
30 Bridges, William. 



36 Kerr, Mrs. 

38 M'Geachy, Miss Jane. 

40 Reid, David H. 

Bellevue Street here. 

42 Green, Robert. 
44 Forrest, Mrs. 

46 Wallace, Thomas D. 

48 Hannah, Mrs Margaret B. 

50 Guthrie, Mrs. 


1 Morton, Matthew. 

3 Cleat, James. 

5 Johnstone, John. 

7 Ferguson, Robert. 

9 Stewart, John S. 
11 Hobson, Joseph. 
13 Unoccupied. 

17 Building. 

33 M'Lelland, R. 

35 M'Lelland, Mrs E. 

37 M'Kenzie, John R. 

39 Hislop, David M. 

41 Tait, Miss Lydia. 

43 M'Dougall, Mrs Ellen. 
M'Cutcheon, William. 
Brand, John. 

Clyde House. Neilson, Mrs. 
Watson, Thomas B. 
Perry, Thomas Nairn. 
Langan, Francis. 

(off Racecourse Road). 

1 Arroll, Richard H. 
3 Tear, Peter E. 

Clarke Avenue here. 

7 Forgan, Rev. James R. 

9 Kilpatrick, Mrs. 
11 Gilchrist, Mrs. 

2 Gregory, Lt.-Col. George M. 



Blackburn Road — continued 
4 Robb, John H. 
6 Mather, James B. 

8 M'Queen, Mrs. 

10 Gudgeon, Mrs. 

12 Dairy mple, William. 
"Wellington School. Carter, Miss Mary. 
Craigweil. Sword, John Cuthill. 

Barry Henry. 
Westfleld. Westfield House, Ltd. 


1 Ayr Amateur Photographic 

Bell, Hugh, commission agent. 
Love, David. 
Hassard, Mrs Mary. 
Strickland, Daniel. 
Neil, Adam. 
Glavin, John. 
3-5 Smith, James, spirit merchant. 

9 Smith, William, & Son, cork- 


11 Reid, William. 
13-15 Smith, Mrs Ada. 


Laing, P. M., & Son, stationers. 
Ross, William, electrician. 

Douglas Street here. 


2 Biagini, Emilio. 
Burton, Mrs Lizzie. 
M'Cartney, John, upholsterer. 
Spiers, Robert, 'bus driver. 

Arthur Street here. 

" Walnes." Thomson, Walter. 
Thomson & Blackwood, joiners. 


1 Willock, Mrs. 

3 Lorimer, John. 

2 M'Vea, Dr James. 


1 Barbour, Mrs. 

2 Muir, Robert, vanman. 

3 M'Dowall, Mrs. 

4 Cochrane, Mrs. 

5 M'Leod, James. 

6 Robb, Ronald, joiner. 

7 Baird, George, horticultural 


8 Barber, William, weaver. 

9 Macrorie, John, baker. 
10 Rodger, James, guard. 


1 Black, Robert. 

3 Bailey, Mrs. 

5 Kennedy, Mrs. 
7 Girvan, Mrs. 

9 Broomfield House. 

4 Smith, Hugh P. 

6 Wilson, James. 


1 Kerr, Mrs Jane. 

2 M'Birnie, Mrs Marion. 

3 M'Kay, Misses. 

4 M'Ewan, Mrs Elisa. 

5 Harper, Thomas W., gas manager. 


1 Steele, Miss Janet. 

2 Ryan, Mrs. 

3 Tait, Mrs. 

4 Innes, James. 

5 Ross, Mrs. 

6 Sadler, Alexander W., postman. 

7 Ross, William, guard. 


1 Angus, Robert C. 

Simmons, William, groom. 
3 Ely, Frederic. 
Murray, Wm. (Glasgow), Ltd. 
Raeside, Mrs. 
5 Brown, Robert H. 
9 Cleat, Wm. M. 
Simm, Robert. 
M'Cartney, George. 
Kay, James. 
Murdoch, Thomas. 
Shaw, James. 
11-15 Cleat, James. 
17-19 MILLER, JOHN. 
21 Anderson, Wm. 
Muir, Geo. L. 
Kirk, George. 
O'Hara, Miss M. 
23 Kerr, David. 
27 Morrison's Restaurant. 
27 PATON, HUGH & CO. (AYR), 
LTD., knitwear specialist. 
Telephone 3013. 
29 M'Gill & Smith, Ltd. 
The Clydesdale Bank, Ltd. 



Burns Statue Square — continued 

M'Kinstry, Alex. 

Dearie, John. 

Dearie, James. 

Bone, Robert H. 

Hitchen, Mrs. 
35 Brown, Niven. 
37 Kerr, Thomas. 
39 Bank of Scotland, Ltd. 
41 Hamilton, Miss M. A. 
43 Muir, Geo. L. 
45 Lamont, John. 

M'Cafferty, Mrs. 


2 MacNicol, Miss Isabel. 

4 Steel, Mrs. 

6 Scottish Coal Supply Co. 


8 English, Thomas D. 

16 and 28 BEAVAN'S GARAGE. 

18 Barnes, John. 

20 Wallace, John, & Sons (Ayr) Ltd. 

22 Chambers, Blackney W. 

24 Steele, John A. 

26 Vine Cottage. Robertson, Mrs. 

(off Hunter's Avenue). 

1 Patrick, Mrs. 

3 Nelson, Charles. 

5 Fullarton, James. 

7 Buchanan, John. 

9 M'Kechnie, James L., traveller. 
11 Hannah, William, compositor. 
13 Bryden, Thomas, foreman fur 

15 Blair, Thomas, baker. 

17 Montgomery, John. 

2 Buchanan, John, contractor. 
M'Given, Mrs. 

(off Union Avenue). 

1 Johns, Walter, salesman. 

3 Clark, Mrs. 

5 Walker, Harry K., traveller. 

7 Terras, James. 

9 Logan, Charles M'Crorie, traveller. 
11 Hutchison, William, hamcurer. 
13 Wilson. William, postman. 
17 Fortune, Andrew, hairdresser. 

19 Murphy, Mrs. 

21 Main, Robert, grocer. 

23 Sadler, Mrs. 

25 Whitehouse, William B., tenter. 

27 M'Donald, John, shoemaker. 
29 Phillips, Miss E. M'G. 

31 Young, Quintin. 

Campbell Street — continued 
33 M'Quiston, Miss Jane Kennedy. 

2 Sargen, John, railway employee, 

4 Milroy, Andrew, foreman. 

6 Leckie, James, railway servant. 

8 Brown, Mrs. 

10 Wyllie, Mrs. 

12 Macfarlane, William, spirit 

14 M'Lean, Daniel, baker. 
16 M'Callum, John C, mining 

18 Thomson, Joseph Alexander, 

20 M'Crorie, Peter, foreman. 
22 M'Kechnie, Mrs. 
24 Russell, Archibald, baker. 
26 Stark, Peter, railway signalman. 
28 Cooper, Robert, wholesale 

30 Gillies, James, signal linesman. 
32 Armour, Miss Martha. 

(off Midton Road). 

1 Perry, Fletcher Smith. 

3 O'Beirne, Mrs. 

5 Hunter, Mrs. 

7 White, Mrs. 

9 Lochhead, Misses. 

11 Mustard, Miss R. S. 
Inglis, Mrs. 

Carrick Park here. 

2 Kennedy, William Henry. 

4 Morrison, Miss Helen. 


8 Mackenzie, Mrs. 
10 Arthur, Alexander. 

12 Bell, Miss Elizabeth. 
14 Noble, Mrs. 

16 Crump, Mrs. 

18 Brown. Miss Jeanie H. 



2 Johnston, Mrs. 

4 Ramage, Miss Annie. 

6 Laing, Alexander P. 

8 Cook, Miss Isabella. 

10 White, Misses. 

12 Buchanan, Alexander NicoL 
14 Neil, John M. 

16 Miller, Robert A. 
18 Fage, James H. 
20 Gibson, John. 
22 M'Gill. John B. F. 

7 Stewart, Charles and Wm. 

9 Pollock, Mrs. 

11 Paton, John. 

13 Watson, James. 





3 Hastie, Miss Helen F. 

5 Dickie, William B. 

7 MacKinnon, John Donald. 
9 QUAITB, Misses. 

9 Fleming, John. 

11 Newsome, Mrs. 

15 Wither, James. 

17 Arthur, Miss Helen. 
Cameron, Misses. 

Bowman Koad here. 

19 Laidlaw, John H. 

21 Hastings, Mrs. 
Smith, Miss M. 

23 M'Connell, Mrs. 

25 Georgeson, Miss Janet B. 

27 Boyd, Thomas. 

29 Oliver, Mrs. 

31 Morton, Mrs. 

35 M'Culloch, Mrs. 

35 Bruce, George M. 

37 Poe, Hugh M. 

39 M'Kerrow, Andrew. 


43 Lye, Dr Beryl P., M.B., Ch.B. 

47 Anderson, John. 

Chalmers Road here. 

2 M'Math, James D. 
2a Kirkpatrick, Robert. 

4 M'Culloch, Mrs. 

6 M'Blain, John. 

8 M'Culloch, John, joiner. 
10 Roddie, George G. 

12 M'Creath, John P. 

14 M'Crae, Miss Mary J. 

16 Graham, Miss Jennie D. 

18 Goudie, Maurice H. 

20 Moody, George A. 


24 Paterson, Misses. 

26 Logan, Miss Susan R. 

28 Ritchie, Dr James B. 

30 Thomson, Charles. 

32 Ogilvie, Mrs. 

34 Moryson, William F. 

36 Robertson, Mrs. 

38 Halliday, David. 

40 Thomson, James. 

42 Smith, Carl. 

44 Gibson, John. 

■ Carrick Avenue here. 


48 M'Crae, John K 
Thomson, John A., gardener. 

Broomfield Road here. 


4 Brodie, Mrs Catherine, temper- 

ance hotel. 

8 Hose, Mrs Jean, newsagent. 

10 Watson, James, painter. 
Hose, Mrs Jean. 

12 Murray, John, shoemaker. 

14 M'Cartney, John. 

16 Greig, James, gardener. 
M'Crae, Mrs Margaret. 
Graham, Daniel. 
Kirkland, Thomas. 

18 M'Lean, William. 
20 Mason, James. 

Eaglesham, Mrs Annie. 

M'Sporran, Maurice, storeman. 

Murray, William, painter. 
22 Pollock, Thomas, hairdresser. 
26-38 Freeman, H., & Sons, house 

40 Dalziel, Alex., hairdresser. 
42-44 Biagini, 01into>. 
Boswell Park here. 

62 Faulds, John, engineer. 

Telfer, John, shoemaker. 

Crichton, Mrs Annie. 

Clark, James. 

M'Connachie, Alexander. 

Lamont, Mrs Elizabeth. 

M'Crindle, Mrs Martha. 
66 Reeves, Miss Agnes. 

Grier, William. 
70 Murray, Robert W. 
Fullarton Street here. 

5 M'Farlane, Mrs. 
5^ M'Farlane, Mrs. 

7 Nightingale, Daniel. 
Gardener, Joseph F. 

9 M'William, William. 
Poustie, Mrs. 
Whyte, Mrs. 

Edey, Charles. 

11 Smith, William. 
Murray, Miss J. 
Davidson, Mrs Janet. 
Greig, Miss M. 

13 Fincllay, Mrs, fruiterer. 

15 Roberton, Thomas. 
Hoggans, Mrs. 
M'Colm, Alex. 
Miller, Robert. 
M'Robert. Robert. 
Little, William. 

17 Curran, John. 

19 Dunlop, William. 
M'Millan, Mrs Eliz. 
Newall, Miss M. 
Gemmell, James. 



Carrick Street — continued 

Young, David. 

Logan, George. 
21 M'Cartney, Mrs. 
23 M'Kenzie, William. 
25 Richmond, Robert. 
29 Kerr, George. 
31 M'Larty, Miss Ella. 
33 Loudon, William 

Murray, James. 

Baillie, Thomas. 

Simpson, Alex. 

Ritchie, Mrs Margaret. 

Haymarch, John. 
35-41 YOUNG, WM., LTD. 
43 M'Callum, Joseph. 

Paul, James. 

Hamilton, Mrs. 
45 Jones, Miss Mary. 
47 Davidson, Ernest. 


Russell, Mrs Mary. 

Harrison, John, & Son. 
49 Ross, John. 

Chalmers, William. 

Shanks, Mrs Margaret. 
51 Meikle, John. 
53 Love, Wm. 
Dalblair Road here. 


2 Brown, Mrs A. E. 

4 Murray, George C. 

— — Charlotte Street here. 

5 Walker. Dr John Bell. 

8 Tait, Mrs. 

10 Fullarton, Mrs Margaret M. 
12 M'Minn, Thomas. 
14 Wilson, James Alexander. 
14 Ayr Bowling Club. 
5 Kerr, Miss Catherine. 

9 Loudon, Mrs. 


1 Guy, Alex. R. 

■ 3 Morrison, Mrs. 
5 Knox, Alexander H. 
7 Christison, Miss B. M. 

2 Kerr, Thos. Keir. 

4 Scott, John. 
10 Finley, David. 


1 Wregg, John. 

3 Gillmor, Herbert. 
Ashgrove Street here. 

5 Pulton. James 
7 Reid, Thomas. 

Castlehill Road — continued 
9 Gilchrist, William. 
11 Cowan, John. 
13 Murchie, John. 
15 Barbour, James. 
17 Ludgate, Mrs. 
19 Dewar, Miss A. M'K. 
21 Kirkland, Miss Jean G. 
23 Aitken, Mrs. 

St. Andrew Street here. 

25 M'Quiston, James. 
27 Dunlop, Mrs. 
29 Telfer, John. 
31 Beggs, James. 
35 Murray, Thomas. 
37 Smith, John. 
39 Dalgleish, Miss P. 

Dongola Road here. 

55 Thomson, David, and Rae, John. 

57 Barry, Geo. S. 

59 Howe, James. 

51 Purdie, Harry S. 

63 Fraser, Alex. 

55 Rorison, Robert. 

Parm of Forehill. Crawford, George. 

Chambers, Andrew H., Forehill 

Forehill Parm. 
71 Shields, James. 
73 Millar, Mrs. 
75 Thomson, William L. 
77 Millar, Miss J. D. 
79 Inglis, Wm. 
81 M'Dougall, Robert. 
83 Pitzpatrick, Richard. 
85 Reid, David. 
89 Baird, Mrs. 
91 Wilson, John. 
93 Dakers, Edward J. W. 
95 Rae, Mrs. 
97 Ramsav, James. 
101 Auld, Alfred. 
103 Talman, John. 
105 Ross, Edwin W. Wallace, C.E. 
Cattle Market. Borland, James, & 
Sons, Ltd. 

Cattle Market. Jack, A., & Son, Ltd. 

Hutchison & M'Creath, Ltd. 

ADAMS, Mrs. 



Ross, C. D., & Co. 

Wallace, J. & W. 

Cochrane, J. A., & Son. 

M'Gill & Smith, Ltd. 

Union Bank of Scotland, Ltd. 

Rodger, Henry, & Co., Ltd. 



Castlehitt Road — continued 
Longmuir & Hunter. 

30 M'Gregor, Mrs. 
M'Bain, James. 
Booth, Herbert. 

32 Thwaites, Miss Anna 

34 Marr, Rev. H. J. 

36 Poison, Mrs. 

Inverkar Road here. 

40 Morgan, Miss H. M. 

42 Grant, Peter R. 

44 Meredith, John. 

46 Scott, Samuel. 

48 Wyllie, William. 
Belmont Avenue here. 

50 Menzies, Alex. 

52 Speir, John. 

54 Turner, John. 

56 Morrison, Miss J. A. Kerr. 

58 Brumwell, George T. 

60 Hyslop, John. 

62 Grant, Mrs. 

64 Murray, Wm. 

66 Kay, Mrs. 

68 Cowan, Robert. 

70 Curr, William. 

72 Thomson, Mrs. 

74 Blair, Mrs. 

76 Bulloch, Miss Grace. 

78 M'Kean, James K. 

80 Mackay, David M. 
■ Castlehill Crescent here. 

82 Simpson, G. W. N. 

84 Cassels, James. 

88 Knox, William. 

90 Dempster, Hugh. 
■ Chalmers Road here. 


1 Bryden, Mrs Jane H. 
3 Forshaw, James. 

Williams, John O. 
M'Millan, John, plumber. 
Cook, Allan, carpenter. 
Tanner, James. 
5 M'Geachie, Mrs M. W. 
7 JOHNSTON & KYLE, painters. 
7a Green, James. 
Crawley, Miss Teresa. 
Holmes, John, tailor. 
9 Ayr Sketch Club. 
9a M'Millan, John Lyon, plumber. 
11 Pettigrew, John, motor driver. 
13 Davidson, Misses. 
15 Watt, Gilbert. 

Ministry of Labour. Phone 3584. 

2 Burgess, Malcolm, joiner. 
M'Gill, Edward. 

Kelly, Mrs Elizabeth. 

Cathcart Street — continued 
M'Lelland, Mrs Annie. 
6 H.M. Office of Works. 

SON, tailors. 
10 M'Clelland, William, architect, 
Loudon, David. 
M'Fadzean, Miss Margaret. 
12 M'Call, Miss Margaret J. 
14 Glen, William. 
16 Ayr Ex-Service Men's Club, Ltd. 

Gourlay, John. 
18 Morrison, James, clothier. 

Hyslop, William, plumber. 
20 Eaglesham, Hugh, architect. 
Gibson, Mrs J. 


" Delcombe." M'Fadzean, Mrs. 

" Corriecravie." M'Dowall, William. 

" Maranbar." Strathern, Misses. 

" Iddesleigh." Feggans, Fred. W. 

" Deanholme." M'Gregor, James L. 

" Greencroft." Ross, Miss M. 

" Redthorn." Barnes, Mrs. 

" Bennals." Findlay, Charles M'l. 

" Walkerburn." Blackwood, John. 

" Cleveden." Johnston, William. 

" Holborn." Cairnie, John B. 

3 Love, Miss Barbara. 


Turner's (Ayr) Ltd.). 

7 Meade, Dr John N. 
9 Phippin, Mrs. 

Ballantine Drive here. 

2-4 Dunn, Hugh Shaw. 

4 Coltart, James. 

6 Reid, James H. 

8 Connell, Thomas. 
10 Love, John W. 

12 Moffat, Misses. 
14 Lusk, John, junr. 
16 Roberts-Reeves, Wm. 
18 M'Millan, William S. 
20 Walker, Miss Janet G. 
22 M'Menemy, Wm. S. 
24 Clark. Misses. 


" Shalimar." Wallace, Mrs. 

Murdoch, Thomas. 
" Mabonga." Brown, John. 
" The Croft." RODGER, JOHN P. M. 




2 Dallas, Douglas. 

4 Biagi, Guglielmo. 
M'Cance, John. 

Paton, John, bricklayer. 

6 Semple, James T. 
Hardwick, Miss Ethel, teacher. 
Russell, Mrs Agnes. 

Kent, Mrs Isabella P. 

8 M'Queen, Mrs. 
Wood, Alfred H. 
Hislop, John H. 
Oswald, John, clerk. 

10 Wallace, Miss Agnes. 
Mackie, Miss Eleanor, nurse. 
Gibson, Miss Jeanie. 
M'Cartney, John R. 

12 Gumming, Miss Agnes A. 

14 Turner, Miss Jane. 


Cassillis Street here. 

26 Newlands, Miss Jean D. 


.50 Findlay, Hugh. 

32 Hume, Mrs Mary. 

jfyx County Council (Education). 

34 Ayr County Constabulary. 
Duffus, William, Deputy Chief 

Dinwoodie, John, sergeant. 
Barr, William, constable. 

36 Logan, James. 

Queen's Terrace here. 

3 Wallace, Andrew R. 

5 Liddell, Walter. 

7 Campbell, Alexander. 

9 Cooper, Misses. 

11 The Scottish Girls' Friendly 


13 M'Laughlin, Thomas. 

15 Dobson, John A. 

17 TURNER, JAMES W. (of Turners 

(Ayr) Ltd.). 
- — Cassillis Street here. 

21 Neill, Thomas. 

23 Ligertwood, Miss Eliza J. 


27 M'Ewan, Elijah. 

31 Dunlop. James. 

33 Allan, Miss Mary E. 

35 Kerr, Misses. 

Barclay, Mrs. 

39 Corbitt, Andrew. 
Queen's Terrace here. 


3 Tannock, Adam. 
Friend, John. 
M'Larty, Gavin. 
Nugent, Jas. 

5 Reid, Archibald. 

Content Street here. 

7 Denham, John. 
9 Fisher, Robert. 
11 Armstrong, Geo. 
13 Pyper, Jas. 
15 Graham, Wm. 

Andrew, Mrs. 

Elba Street Lane here. 

17 Swan, Donald. 

17 Semple, Jas. 

19 Merrie, Alex. B. 

Murray, John. 

Mackintosh, Alex. 

Cumming, John. 
21 Millar, David. 

Dykes, Geo. 

Gordon, Oliver. 

Little, Jas. 
23 Dyke, Alfred. 

Saunders, Mrs. 

Gordon, John. 

Clark, John. 
25 Taylor, John. 

M'Lelland, Hugh. 
25 Miller, Miss Margt. 

Stewart, Arch. 
27 James, Mrs. 
29 Cachie, Misses. 
31 Borland, Miss Mary. 
33 Copeland, Andrew. 
37 Robertson, Mrs. 
39 Kidd, Robt. 

Stark, Arch. 

Lucas, Alex. 

Brown, John. 
41 Roberts, Mrs. 
43 Murray, Robt. 
45 Ritchie, Robt. 

Ogilvie, Edward. 
47 Riddick, John T. 
49 Paton, Robt. H. 
51 M'Dowall, Jas. 

Duncan, Wm. 

Wilson, Thos. 

Campbell, Wm. 
53 Paton, Miss Catherine. 

Tuton, Mrs. 

Caw, Mrs. 

Lamont, Duncan. 
2 Kerr, Mrs. 

Aitken, Wm. 

4 MTntyre, Thos. 
Greenshields, Jas. A. 



Church Street — continued 
6 Boyd, Mrs. 

Cuthbert, Win. 

M'Coll, Mrs. 

Webb, Artbur. 

Jamieson, Jobn. 
8 Hewitson, Robt. 

M'Lelland, Robt. 
10 Mair, Miss Jane. 

Content Street bere. 

12 Wilson, William. 
14 Fisher, Jas. 

M'Clinton, Jas. 

Ross, Antbony. 

Diamond, Mrs. 

Young, Wm. 

Ryan, Jas. 

Muir, Cbas. 

Craig, Ales. 

M'Clinton, Peter. 
16 Milligan, Wm. 

Hunter, Geo. 
18 Jamieson, Mrs. 
• 20 Jamieson, Chas. 

Jardine, Samuel. 


Jamieson, Mrs. 


Caldwell, Wm. 
34 Montgomery, Jobn. 
36 Gillespie, Mrs. 
38 Mansbridge, Tbos. 
40 Bolton, Wm. 
42 Reid, Miss Allison G. 
44 Erskine, Thos. 
46 Stoddart, Allan K. F. 
48 Ross, James. 
50 Capperauld, Mrs. 
52 Clark, Samuel. 

Boyd, Walter. 
54 Carson, David. 
56 Collins, Alex. 
58 Wilson, Wm. 
60 Stewart, Mrs. 
62 Rowan, Wm. 
64 Tuton, Miss I. L. 
66 Robertson, Mrs. 
68 Robertson, Mrs. 
70 Johnson, Alfred H. 

Davidson Place bere. 

72 Caldwell, Gordon. 

Knox, Cbas. M. 
74 Crawford, Jas. 
76 Barr, Andrew M. 

(off Fort Street). 

1 Ritchie, Mrs Nora. 

2 County of Ayr Territorial Army 


Citadel Place — continued 
Malins, Edward F. J. 

4 Goodwin, John M'C, ship 

5 BOWIE, Miss ANNIE A. I. 

6 Pate, Thomas, local government 



1 Macrorie, Mrs. 

3 Colley, Mrs. 

5 Sloan, James D. 

7 MacGregor, Mrs. 
9 Cassells, John C. 

Weston Grey. Girvan, Miss Martha. 
Kinneil. Lochbead, John H. B. 


1 Young, Mrs. 

3 Scott, Robt. J. 

5 Murdoch, John A. 

7 Farquharson, John S. 

9 M'Clusky, Jas. 
11 Simpson, Miss Helen J. 
13 M'Whirter, Robt. 
15 Jack, Miss Janet H. 
17 Meikle, Mrs. 
19 Stevenson, Robt. A. 
21 Simpson, Mrs. 
23 Reid, Robt. R. 
Dam Park. Kirk, Joseph. 


9 Fraser, Donald. 
11 Barr, Jas. 

Lavery, Joseph. 
13 Rankin, John. 

Carlyle, John. 

Richardson, Geo. 

Timminey, Richard. 
15 M'Kenna, Michael. 
21 Ulivi, Angelo S. 

Elba Street here. 

23-25 Dorance, John. 

27 PATON, HUGH D. & CO. (AYR), 

LTD., hosiery factory. 
31 Tortolani, G. 
35 Caddis, Wm. 
37 Niven, Mrs. 
39 Holland, Thos. 

Reid, John. 

Rankin, John. 
41 M'Cutcheon, Matthew. 
43 Simpson, John. 
45 Forbes, Marcus. 

Lawrence, Wm. 

Leggat, Wm. 
47 Anderson, Samuel. 











BECAUSE — The Addresses are 
all reliable and up-to-date — No 
waste in postage or printed 
matter — Names of most likely 
Customers grouped for your benefit 
— Envelopes ready to fill in and 
dispatch — Uniform neatness and 
accuracy — Saves the time of your 
clerks for more profitable work 
- — Relieves you of all anxiety 


Consult us about your business circulars. Estimates given 

Advertising Ag@iats and 


'Phone No. 2469 



Content Street — continued 
Neil, John. 
Fraser, Simon. 
Craig, John. 

49 Beattie, William, senr. 
Beattie, William, junr. 

51 Fletcher, Peter. 

Noble, John. 

-Church Street here. 

53 Anderson, Wm. 

Stanley, Mrs. 

Allison, Mrs. 
55 M' Clung, Robt. 
57 M'Kevitt, Miss C. 
59 Trousdale, Samuel. 

M'Donald, Mrs. 

M'Kevitt, Geo. 
61 Gilchrist, David. 

Seggie, Peter. 

Loudon, Robt. 

Dunlop, Thos. 
63 Cairney, Wm. 
65 Caldwell, Wm. 
67-69 M'Innes, David G. 
2 M'Allister, Robt. 
4 Gilchrist and Anderson, Misses. 
6 Ayrshire Electro Plating Co. 
8 Campbell, Mrs. 

Cowan, Mrs. 
M'Donald, Alex. 

Eaglesham, Samuel. 
10 Rowan, Mrs. 

Andrew, Jas. 

M'Kill, Robt. 

Fisher, John. 
12 M'Callum, Wm. F. 

Telfer, Mrs. 
14 Miller, Wm. 
16 M'Neil, Robt. 

Elba Street here. 

20 M'Quaker, A. T. & J. M'G. 
26 Davidson, Wm. 

Blackwood, Jas. 

Smith, Miss Mary. 
28 Kirk, Wm. 
30 Martin, James. 

Kennedy, Hugh. 
32 Smith, Bart. D. 

Thomson, Mrs. 
34 Leggat, Wm. 
36 Gilmour, Robt. 
38 Jamie, Matthew. 
40 Lauchlan, Robt. 

Jamie, Wm. 

M'Crae, Robt. 

Robertson, Richard. 
42 Wilson, Wm. 
44 M'Quiston, Mrs. 
46 Reid, Archibald. 
Church Street here. 

50 Hill, Felix. 

Content Street— continued 

Hamilton, John. 

Simpson, Andrew. 

Gibson, David. 
54 Johnstone, Mrs. 

Love, Robt. 
54 M'Kay, Joseph. 

Nimmo, Mrs. 
56 Harris, Josepn. 

Halbert, John. 

Gibson, John. 

Cowan, John. 
58 M'Phee, Alex. 

Murdoch, Jas. 
60 Ward, Thos. 

Stobo, Mrs. 
62 M'Kie, Jas. 

Pollock, Robt. 

Cooper, Mrs. 

(off Monument Road). 

2 Sinclair, Donald R. 

4 Hay, Mrs. 

6 Thomson, David. 

8 Coulson, Richard, N., D.S.O. 
10 Mauchline, George. 

12 Stoddart, Archibald. 

14 Milligan, Col. John, D.S.O. 


1 Gilmour, Miss M. H. 
Cameron, Robt. M. 
Murchie, Jas. 
Low, John M. 
M'Kissock, Thos. 
M'Murtrie, Geo. B. 

3 Sinclair, John W. 
Irving, Wm. C. 
Collins, Wm. H. 
Capperauld, David. 
Maxwell, Wm. 
Best, Wm. 

5 Craig, Chas. 
King, Wm. 
Smith, John R. 
Campbell, Jas. S. 
Sands, Jas. 
Campbell, Jas. 

7 Phillips, Mrs. 

Hall, Miss Helen W. 
Blane, Thos. 
Campbell, John. 
Adams, Thos. 
Scullion, Mrs. 

9 Moors, Wm. 
Donnachie, B. J. 
White, John. 
Jack, Thos. 



Craigie Avenue — continued 

M 'Donald, Kenneth. 
Hannah, Alex. 

11 Murray, Thos. 

13 Dalling, Thos. 

15 Fullarton, Roht. 

17 Redmond, Mrs. 

19 King, Mrs. 

21 M'Garva, Jas. B. 

23 Hood, Mrs. 

25 Lamb, Misses. 

2 Rae, Wm. 

4 Cunningham, Robt. W. 
Trotter, Wilfred. 
Fairlie, Mrs. 
Thomson, Geo. 

Sim, Alex. 

6 M'Harg, Peter. 
Murchie, John. 
Ruddock, Alex. B. 
Paterson, Geo-. 
Murphy, Mrs. 
Atkinson, Ernest. 

8 Henderson, Mrs. 
Campbell, John. 
Swan, Alex. 
Hendron, Mrs. 
Aitken, Mrs. 
Young, Mrs. 

12 Stewart, Mrs. 

14 Henderson, John D. 

16 Tuton, John. 

18 Cooper, Francis. 

Pothringham Road here. 

20 Penny, Jas. G. S. 

22 Smith, John. 

24 Stevenson, Miss M. 

26 Morton, Geo. 


1 Old Men's Cabin. 

3 Gemmell. Misses. 

5 Miller, Mrs. 

7 Drinnan, Jas. L. 

9 Lochhead, Misses. 
11 Pullarton, Adam. 

13 Penny, Mrs. 

15 M'Lean, Alex. 

17 llvslop, David. 


21 Mitchell, Geo. W. 

23 Irvine, John A. 

25 Orr, James. 

27 Buchan, Mrs. 

29 Currie, Rev. Robt. G. 

31 Buchanan, Messrs W. & W. D. 

■ Craigie Avenue here. 

33 Cross, Mrs. 

35 Gilchrist, Thos. 

Craigie Road — continued 
37 M'Quaker, Mrs. 
39 Henderson, James. 
41 Prew, Miss Sarah J. 
43 Renton, Thos. 
45 Pindlay, John. 
47 M'Guigan, John. 


4 Speirs, Robt. 

6 Gemmill, Mrs. 

8 Kennedy, Matthew C. 
10 Copeland, Mrs. 
12 Marr, James. 
14 Wood, James. 
16 Davis, Wm. B. 
18 Boyle, Peter. 
20 Lee, Miss C. F. 
22 Findlay, Hugh. 
24 Brackenridge, D. 
26 Shiels, Miss L. E. 
28 M'Culloch, John. 
30 Denham, Samuel. 
32 Campbell, Mrs. 
34 Hilton, Mrs James. 
36 Smith, John. 

Western House. Clark, Robt. J. 
Western House. M'Lurkin, Mrs. 

Western House. Messrs WESTCON, 


1 Service, Robert J. 

2 Warnock, Mrs Annie C. 

3 Shedden, James. 

4 Smith, James. 

4£ Gibb, William D. 
Houston, John. 
Napier, Archibald. 

5 M'Murtrie, Miss Minnie. 

6 Mackie, Mrs Mary 

7 M'Creath, Thomas. 

8 Ingram, Mrs Jane. 

9 Edward, David E., librarian. 


4 Dingwall, George. 
6 Rae, Matthew, vanman. 
8 Allan, Arthur A. 
10 Picken, Alexander, clerk. 
12 Wilson, William C, junr. 

M'Callum, Mrs Jenny. 
14 M'Callum, George. 
16 Wyburn, George, joiner. 
26 Mann, Alexander. 
Allison, William. 




3 Dickie, Miss Rose. 
5 Strachan, James. 
7 Cambers, Walter, cinema 
Davidson, John, labourer. 
Morrison, John, labourer. 
Kerr, William, hammer driver. 
9 Thorburn, Elizabeth. 
Hay, Henry, painter. 
Fogarty, Ellen. 
11 Rodger, Robert, labourer. 

Back Main Street here. 

13 Garrett, Mrs Agnes. 
Carson, Alexander. 
15 Kelly, Thomas. 
Lewis, Hugh. 

17 Watt, William, mason. 
Goudie, James. 

19 M 'Lurk en, Alexander, miner. 
Gray, Mrs Annie. 

Wyllie, Mrs Sarah. 
Thorburn, James, labourer. 

21 Law, John, labourer. 
Morrison, Samuel, labourer. 
Russell, Robert, shoemaker. 
Kenny, Wm. 

23 M'Kie, Mrs Maggie. 

M 'Knight, Hugh, labourer. 

Kenny, Robert, labourer. 

M'Kie, Robert. 

Green Street here. 

27 Sinclair, Archibald, grover. 

Stevenson, Mrs Jessie. 

Nicol, John, stevedore. 
35 Rae, William. 

Alexander, Thomas. 

Girvan, John, electrician. 

Howat, John, brassfinisher. 
52 Fin gland, Mrs Jessie. 

Green Street here. 

48 Strachan, Mrs Ann. 
44 Buchanan, John. 

Lennox, Mrs Janet. 

Crombie, Mrs Annie. 

Greenwood, Mrs Margaret. 
42-40 Clark, Andrew, lorryman. 
32 Cartey, Robtr, & Co., pipemakers. 
26 Gemmell, John. 
26 M'Vey, John, hamcurer. 

24 Lennox, Miss Elizabeth. 
Gibson, Peter, hairdresser. 
Gibson, Miss Minnie. 

24 M'Lelland, Angus. 

Harvey, Hugh, labourer. 

22 Ramage, James, moulder. 
M'Cann, Thomas, labourer. 

20 Gemmell, Robert. 

18 M'Kie, Mrs Helen. 
Murdoch, William, labourer. 

Crown Street— continued 
Hay, James, labourer. 
Back Peebles Street here. 

16 Craig, John, labourer. 

14 Campbell, Mrs Helen 
M'Luskey, Joseph John. 
Spiers, James, labourer. 

12 M'Cluskey, P. & J. 
8 Hill, William. 

Johnston, James, labourer. 
Cuthbert, David. 

6 Richardson, William, painter. 
Dunlop, Alexander. 

4 M'Garvey, William. 
M'Clung, Robert, labourer. 


1 M'Gill, A. W., civil servant. 
3 Hudson, Miss Agnes B. 

5 Davidson, James. 
5 Muir, John. 

Leishman, John. 

7 Kerr, George. 

11 Dobbie, Miss Agnes B. 


15 Springbank Cottage. Stewart, Mrs. 

21 Dempster, John. 

23 Robertson, Neil. 
25 Irvine, John. 
27 Gibson, Thomas. 

Gilmour, John. 
29 Lambie, David. 
31 M'Roberts, Robert. 
33 Findlay, William. 
35 Murdoch, William I. 
37a Findlay, Mrs J. 
37 Henry, James. 
41 M'Whirter, William. 
43 Kelly, Eliz., Dalblair Hand 

45 Polquhairn Coal Co., Ltd. 
47 Paton, Hugh C. 
49 O'Beirne, Thomas. 
51 Smith, Mrs. 

Orr, Capt. Robt. W. 

Blakeley, William. 

Thomson, John Y. 
53 M'Kissock, Mrs. 
57 BROWNING, JOHN, & CO., Ltd. 
59 Neilson, Richard. 

Gordon, Thomas. 

Dietrich, Mrs. 

Caldwell, William. 
61 Refuge Assurance Co., Ltd. 
63 MACMASTER, A. & A. C. 
65 Kay, William M. M., grocer. 
67 Kay, Miss Eliz. Bell. 



Dalblair Road — continued 
Campbell, William. 
Kyd, David. 
Malcolm, Robert. 
69 M'Andrew, David B. 
71-73 Thomson, J., & Co. 
75 Murdoch, Miss Agnes K. P. 
Grieve, Mrs. 
Pieri, Leo. 
Andrew & Addison. 
79 Clacherty, Alex. R. 
85 Short, James F. 

Campbell, Thomas C. 
85 Mair, John. 
2 Nimmo, James. 
4 Deans, Misses. 
6 Shiels, Mrs. 
8 Bacon, Mrs. 
10 Bostock, Francis EL, Commander, 

10a Wvllie, Mrs. 

16 Wilkie, Miss Christina. 
18 M'Kinnon, William. 
18 Wilson & Campbell. 
20 Gibb, Misses. 
26 Haggart, Miss Elizabeth. 
30 Bone, John. 
32 MacDougal, James. 
34 M'llwrick, Mrs. 
36 Kean, Archibald C. 
38 Loudon, John. 
40 M'Crae, Mrs. 
42 Gilchrist's Dairy. 
66 M'Call, John. 
68 Taylor, Misses. 
70 Paton, John M. 
72 Neill, Misses. 
74-76 Marr & Fitzpatrick. 


21 Kirkland, George, labourer. 
Wallace, Miss Marion. 
Spring, George, fish curer. 
Limond, William, caretaker. 
LTD. Phone 3446. 

(off Church Street). 

1 Cuthbert, Wm. 

2 Halliday, Jas. 

3 Dalton, Thos. 

4 Powell, John. 

5 Gait, Adam. 

6 MTnnes, John. 

7 Hunter, John S. 


3 M'Cririck, Mrs. 
5 Gibson, Mrs. 
7 Campbell, David. 

9 Morrison, Donald. 

13 Dick, Miss M. F. 
15 Wilson, John L. 
17 M'Ewan, John. 
19 Watson, Mrs. 
21 Faulds, Miss C. 

Ashgrove Street here. 

23 Cairns, James D. 

25 Howie, John. 

29 Hamilton-Campbell, Miss M. V. 

31 Paton, Charles. 

St. Andrew Street here. 

33 Beavan, Mrs J. 

35 Reid, John. 

37 Thomson, John. 

39 Wright, Hugh B. 

41 Higgie, Mrs A. Walker. 

43 M'Allister, Robt. J. 

45 Jenkins, Mrs M. 

47 Dobie, William J. 

49 Douglas, Henry. 

St.Phillans Avenue here. 

51 Wallace, Robert. 

53 Michael, A. M'Gregor. 

55 M'Clymont, William J. 

57 Hunter, Peter. 


61 Malone, John C. 

63 Murray, James. 

65 Wood, George. 

67 Thomson, David M'C. 

2 Wood, James B. 



2 Mills, Hugh H. 

4 Mapstone, Charles R. B. 

6 Atkinson, James. 

8 Hoy, William R. 

10 Paton, Matt. J. 

12 Seafield Gatehouse. Campbell, D. 
14 Seafield. Martin, Wm. 



Doonfoot Road — continued 
16 Farm of Seafield. Taylor, Hugh. 
22 Galloway, W. B. 
24 MEIKLE, D. 


Carwinshoch View here. 

36 Cunningham, James. 
38 Eastcroft. Lindsay, Miss Colina. 
Cunning Park. Craig, Misses. 
M'Lean, Robt. 
Tannock, Thomas. 
Goukscroft. Hewitt, James. 
M'Culloch, Miss Rachael. 
Girvan, John. 
Abercromby Cottage. Strain, 

Albert B. 
Gearholm. Williamson, Capt. John. 
Low Bridge of Doon. M'Cutcheon, 

Garage. Paton, M.C. 
Low Bridge of Doon. M'Lelland, 

North Lodge, Belleisle. Shaw, 

South Lodge, Belleisle. Hewitt, 

1 M'Nee, James. 


2 Galloway, John, railway porter. 
Christie, Alex., engine cleaner. 

4 M'Padzean, Mrs. 

6 M'Dermott, John, joiner. 

8 Giffen, William, clerk. 

10 Rodie, Mrs. 

12 Sinclair, George, miner. 

14 Hannah, James, engine driver. 

16 Livingstone, John, engine driver. 

18 Morrison, William. 

20 Cowan, Mrs. 

22 Reid, David, joiner. 

24 Hunter, Robert, salesman. 

26 Campbell, Mrs. 

Findlay, William, engine driver. 
28 Waugh, William, butcher. 
1 M'Corkindale, Robert, mate. 

3 Hunter, Robert. 

5 Rodie, John. 

7 Johnston, William R. blacksmith. 

9 Stewart, Miss H. H. 

11 Stewart, Mrs. 

13 Ross, Thomas, painter. 

15 Hornal, Robert, clerk. 

17 Vass, Andrew, postman. 

19 Brackenridge. John, tailor. 

21 Johnston, Robert, fireman. 
Muirhead, Alexander, miner. 
Hood, Robert, porter. 
Johnston, Daniel, engine driver. 

Duke Street — continued 
23 Chalmers, Thomas. 
Wilson, James, joiner. 
Drysdale, James, beamer. 
Millar, Hugh. 
Hassan, Edward, vulcaniser. 


1 Cox, Adam C. 


3 Gordon, Mrs Jessie V. 

4 Bell, James. 

5 Macdonald, Mrs Elizabeth. 

6 Auld, Mrs Mary. 

7 M'Gregor, John. 

8 Niven, John Scott, schoolmaster. 

9 Paterson, Miss Jessie. 

10 M'Ronald, Samuel, spirit 


11 Semple, Miss Jean Mary. 

12 Gordon, Misses. 

13 Whittle, Misses E. and P. 
Ovander, Mrs Agnes. 

14 Connell, Alexander M. 

15 Miller, Mrs Nellie H. 

16 Smilie, Mrs Agnes B. 

17 Walker, Mrs Annie S. M. 

18 Andreoli, Mrs V. M. 

19 Hunter, James B. 

20 Bruce, Miss. 

21 M 'Arthur, Mrs. 

22 M'Millan, Misses. 

23 Robertson, Mrs. 

24 Lymburn, Mrs M. P. 

25 Campbell, George W. 

26 Kean, Mrs Jessie B. 

27 Bone, James, saddler. 

28 Irvine, William. 

Old Brewery House, Eglinton Lane. 
Barnes, George B. 


3 Roman Catholic School. 

Content Street here. 

17 Mitchell, Robt. 
M'Grevy, Henry. 
Armour, Henry. 
21 M'Cluskey, J as. 
23 M'Cluskey, Mrs. 

29 Jackson, Messrs J. & W. 
James Street here. 

31 Bell, Mrs. 

Lynch, Mrs. 

Smirrell, Miss Elizabeth. 

Newton, Miss Jessie. 
33 M'Inally, Andrew. 

Strathearn, Jas. 

Wade, Patrick. 

Ross, Mrs. 



Elba Street — continued 
37 Wade, Daniel. 

Dawson, Daniel. 

Semple, J as. 

Rae, Mrs. 
45 Wallace, William L. 
47 Smillie, Mrs. 
49 Glass, Robt. 

Harvey, Alex. 
57 Rowan, Alexander. 
59 Tierney, Mrs. 

Cooper, Geo. 

Hutton, Jas. 

Galbraith, Wm. 

2 Easdale, Mrs. 
Wills, Miss E. 

4 M'Crindle, Wm. 

6 Dalton, David. 

8 Pirrie, Andrew. 
10 Brown, Robt. 

12 Cross, Walter. 
Cairns, Matthew. 

16 Reddick, Wm. 

Docherty, John. 
18 Revie, Wm. 
20 M'Kevitt, Mrs. 
22 Murphv, Mrs. 
24 M'Quaker, John T. 

Content Street here. . 

30 Bell, Wm. 

Douglas, Charles. 

M'Mynn, Wm. 

Hutchison, Jas. 
32 Jackson, Alex. 
34 Pirie, Jas. C. 
James Street here. 


1 Law, William. . 
Haymarch, Mrs. 

3 Findlay, A. 

5 Neill, James. 

7 Blane, Thomas. 
Finlay, James. 
M'Garva, Andrew. 
M'Ewan, Mrs. 

Victoria Street here. 

9 Aitken, Robert. 

13 Blyth, Robert. 

15 Muirhead, Mrs. 
Morrison, James. 

2 Gallaher. S. 

4 Young, David. 

6 M'Lauchlan, Mrs. 
12 Hoggan, Thomas. 

14 Ritchie, James. 
Hill, Robert. 
Munro, Colin. 
Oliver, John. 

16 Fagan, James. 

Elba Street Lane — continued 

18 Logan, Robert. 
Lynch, Patrick. 
M'Leod, Mrs. 

20 Gilmour, John. 

22 Welsh, Mrs. 
Anderson, John. 
Law, Walter. 


1 Baird, Mrs Agnes. 
7 Thomson, Thomas, ironmonger. 
9 M'Harg, Mrs Mary. 
11 M'Jannet, Thomas, carter. 

Grant, Alexander, mason. 

M'Keen, Mrs Mary. 

Blaikie, Mrs Janet. 
13 Johnston, Alexander, labourer. 

Galloway, Alexander, signalman. 

M'Whinnie, James, tailor. 

Wallace, John, labourer. 
15 Wallace, Robert, 'bus driver. 

Morland, Alexander, railway 

Blaikie, George, carpet weaver. 

Brown, George, surfaceman. 
17 Blane, George, clerk. 

Dunlop, Miss Elizabeth. 

Meikle, Richard, labourer. 

Galloway, William, capstanman. 

19 Caldwell, John A., tailor. 
Pyper, John, carpet weaver. 
Allison, Archibald, shoemaker. 
Pulton, Miss Margaret. 

21 Worthington, Mrs Margaret. 
Currie, Mrs Mary. 
Clydesdale, John, labourer. 
Fisher, Mrs Margaret. 

23 Aitchison, Robert, linesman. 
Ford, George, groom. 
White, Alexander, baker. 
Scott, George, vanman. 

25 Watt, George, postman. 

Miller, William, labourer. 

Loudon, John. 

Scott, George. 
27 Andrew, Mrs Bella. 

Campbell, John, painter. 

Strachan, Mrs Ellen. 

Kerr, Robert, fireman. 
29 Owen, George, bricklayer. 

Bonner, William, carter. 

English, John J. 

M'Kenzie, John, bricklayer. 
31 Ritchie, Robert. 

Scott, Quintin D., joiner. 

Grant, John. 

Ritchie, Bertie, factory worker. 
33 M'Ginnes, Mrs Agnes. 

Campbell, Mrs. 



Elmbank Street— continued 

M'Cartney, Andrew. 

Ness, James W., guard. 
35 Finlay, William, joiner. 

Wyllie, Mrs Agnes. 

Devan, Mrs Katherine. 

Farrow, Mrs Mary. 
37 Brackenridge, John, joiner. 

Cummingj John, shoemaker. 

Gumming, Mrs Elizabeth. 

M'Kie, Mrs Jeanie. 
39 Rodger, James, power loom 

Hogg, Mrs Elizabeth. 

Dillon, Daniel. 

Clark, James, carter. 
41 M'Bride, Mrs Janet. 
43 Adams, Alexander. 

Baird, David M., insurance agent. 
2 Thorn, William. 
4 Jordan, Arthur, foreman weaver. 

Campbell, James, stoker. 
6 Simpson, John, coal trimmer. 
8 Sands, Mrs Jeanie. 
10 Grant, Mrs Helen. 
12 M'Dowall, Andrew, motor driver. 
14 Mitchell, Mrs Agnes. 

Hamilton, James, shoemaker. 

Rae, John, miller. 

Newall, Robert, labourer. 
16 Steel, James, carter. 

Grant, Miss Grace, dressmaker. 

Wallace, James, foreman. 

M'Lean, Mrs Margaret. 
18 Gordon, Hugh, railway worker. 

Hennessey, Mrs Janet. 

Bone, Thomas, coal salesman. 

M'Cutcheon, Mrs Margaret. 
20 Bryden, Thomas, miner. 

Pirry, Robert, weaver. 
. M'William, Hugh, railway guard. 

Flinn, Miss Jane. 
22 Neil, William, linesman. 

M'Lellan, George, railway guard. 

Smith, Alexander, railway guard. 

M'William, Archibald, labourer. 
'24 Hart, Gilbert B., joiner. 

Macmillan, James P. 

Hay, John. 

M'Connachie, Mrs Agnes. 
26 O'Hagan, William, guard. 

Harvey, James. 

Anderson, Mrs Margaret. 

Calder, Hugh, slater. 
28 Hill, James, carpet weaver. 

M'Bride, Robert, shoemaker. 

Hill, Mrs Elizabeth. 

M'Neil, Mrs Janet. 

Elmbank Street — continued 
30 Brogan, Mrs Marion. 

Stewart, Mrs Gertrude. 

Neilson, James, engine driver. 

Aitken, James, engine driver. 
32 Wilson, Miss Eliza, laundry 

Strachan, David, engine fitter. 

Plyn, Robert, painter. 

Cumming, William, slater. 
34 Hainey, Thomas, ham curer. 

Ritchie, Andrew, storeman. 

Andrew, William, carpet weaver. 

Douglas, James, baker. 
36 M'Fadzean, John, labourer. 

Glen, Mrs Margaret. 

Howat, James R. W., motor 

Bryden, John G., carpet weaver. 
38 Carruthers, James A., salesman. 

Aitchison, William, railway 

M'Clung, William, baker. 

Paton, Robert, mason. 

(off Heathfjeld Road). 

1 Picken, Andrew, butcher. 

3 Rogers, Philip. 

5 Taylor, Miss Annie C. 

7 Wilson, John. 

2 O'Hara, John, railway signalman. 

4 Smith, William, vanman. 

6 Campbell, Donald. 

8 Watson, James, butcher. 


Carlock. Jamieson, Hugh A. 
Whinmuir. Boyd, John. 
Barncluith. Brown, Robert W. 
Chapel Park. Greig, Kenneth B. S. 
1 Cowan, John, joiner. 

3 Brown, Mrs Jane. 

5 Abbott, John S. 

7 Thomson, James, nurseryman. 
Fenwick Lodge. M'Farlane, Mrs 

Johnstone, Duncan, gardener. 
Popplewell, Ben. 


Dean Park. Howat, James. 
Glen Morag. Williamson, John 

Bramley. Wyllie, Miss C. C. 
Glendoon. Davidson, Miss Jessie. 




Gray, Miss Mary A. 
St. James' Parish Church Hall. 
Hutchison, Robert W., builder. 
2-4 Gilmour, Mrs A., newsagent. 

6 Hastings, Miss Mary. 
Gilmour, George, railway signal- 

8 Todd, John S. 

10 M'Cormick, Mrs Jeanie. 

14 Gourlay, George, gamekeeper. 

16 Muir, Hugh, insurance agent. 

18 Morrison, Gavin H., retired. 

20 Clark, Samuel F., salesman. 

22 Wilson. Jacob. 


26 Murray, John, stationmaster. 

28 M'lLWRAITH, JAMES, butcher. 

30 Craib, Mrs Matilda. 

32 NEIL, JOHN B., cycle agent. 

34 Clark, James, retired farmer. 

36 M'Millan, Quintin C, blacksmith. 

38 Love, Mrs Elizabeth. 

40 Forbes, John, ex-superintendent 

of police. 
42 Goodwin, James, ship chandler. 
44 Gibb, John, tailor. 
46 Poustie, D., Falkland Creamery 

Co. Phone 3926. 
48 Foggo, John. 

25 Ramage, David, moulder. 

23 Tuton, John. 

21 Leyden, William, draper. 

19 Moffat, Mrs Agnes. 

17 Strathern, Mrs Janet. 

15 M'Ghie, Samuel, joiner. 

13 Irvine, Charles C, painter. 

11 Thomson, David, plumber. 

9 Whyte, Miss Catherine. 

7 Bryden, Mrs Helen. 

5 Morton, Mrs Theodora. 

3 Cree, Robert, blacksmith. 

1 Wilson, David M. 


2 Wilson, Robert, draper. 

4 Scott, John, draper. 

6 M'QUOID, THOMAS, grocer. 

8 Caldwell, Mrs Marion. 
10 Munachen, Peter. 

5 Robertson, Henry, storeman. 
Dickie, Thomson, electrician. 
Wallace, Matthew, fruit sales- 

Mackee, William, fireman. 
5 Craig, John, insurance agent. 
Craig, Mrs Margaret. 

3 Blackwood, Mrs Agnes. 
1 M'Gill, Thomas. 


1 Taylor, David S., clerk. 

3 Boyd, Mrs Martha. 

5 M'Crorie, William F., public- 

house manager. 

7 Muir, William, retired railway 

9 Muir, Charles, mason. 

11 Robson, James. 

Falkland Park here. 

17 Vallance, John, railway fireman. 

19 Armour, William, joiner. 

21 Gilchrist, David. 

23 Hainey, Andrew, shoemaker. 

2 Brown, Mrs Sadie. 

4 Muir, Henry Stewart. 

6 Roberton, Miss. 

8 Guthrie, James, joiner. 
10 Johnston, Miss Jessie 

12 Johnston, William C, painter. 
14 Christie, Mrs Elizabeth. 

16 Taylor, Mrs Agnes. 

18 Mutch, Henry John, signalman. 

20 Hunter, Joseph, baker. 

22 Milne, William, manager. 
Farmers Traffic, Ltd. 

24 Milne, Wm., Ltd., ice merchants. 


2 Paton, Archibald, mason. 

Bradford, Thomas. 

Academy Street here. 

12 Young, Miss Agnes. 

14 Ross, Malcolm. 


18 Logan, Robert, 'bus driver. 

Cathcart Street here. 

24 M'Lean, Alexander. 

BOWIE, M. R., house furnisher. 

St. John Street here. 

26 Alexander, John, clerk. 
28 Milroy, Miss Edith J. H. 

M'Ninch, Robert W., chemist. 

M'Farlane, Mrs Margaret. 

Adamson, Robert, police sergeant. 
30 M'Creath, Robert. 
32 Thomson, Miss Jessie. 
34 Hamilton, John. 

Young. Arthur, cashier. 

Cochrane, Mrs Jane. 

Lees, Robert. 
36 M'Murrav, Mrs Maria. 

motor mechanic. 
42 Ramsay, William. 

Sandgate Church of Scotland 
44 AULD, JAMES B., plumber. 



Fort Street — continued 

46 Armour, Mrs Elizabeth. 
52 Cormack, William J. 
54 Cormack, Mrs Isabella. 
56 Young, Alexander C. 
56 Scott, George. 

Robertson, Thomas. 

Young, Miss Daisy. 

Robertson, George. 
Wellington Chambers. 
62 M'Intosh, George. 


Watt, J. M. & J. 

M'Cosh, William H. 

Murdoch & Loudon. 

Bowie, M. R. 

Anderson, Robert G. 

Morris, James A. 

Brown, John O. 
66 Neill, Miss Mary. 
68 Thomson, Miss Jessie. 
70 Macmillan, William. 

Commissioners of Inland 

Dougall, Goudie & Douglas. 
72 M.arcantonio, L. 
74 BENNETT, J. B., & SONS, LTD. 
5 Hunter, John N. 
Ayr Academy. Loudon, Adam, 

Ayr New Church, St. John the 

Cromwell Place here. 

19 Burnet, James, chauffeur. 

Reid, Robert, painter. 
23 Young, Miss Agnes. 

Kilgour, Miss Elizabeth. 

Cook, James, cashier. 

M'Call, Thomas, baker. 
25 M'Burnie, Mrs Jessie. 
31 GALLOWAY & BOWIE, cabinet- 
makers. (Workshop). 
33 M'Call, David, joiner. 
35 Smith, William. 
37 Bartolucci, Oscar. 
39 Russell, Thomas, draughtsman. 

Campbell, Mrs Jessie. 

Dinning, Miss Elizabeth. 

Paterson, Miss Margaret. 

Card, Mrs M. 
41 Montgomery, Adam. 
43 Murray, Mrs Helen. 

Arthur, Mrs Mary. 

Smellie, Thomas. 

Templeton, Mrs Emily. 
Charlotte Street here. 

M'GREGOR, H. D., & CO. 
45 M'Naughton, Misses. 

Fort Street — continued 
47 Watson, Mrs. 

Nimmo, Mrs. 
49 Poord, Thomas. 

Holmes, John. 

4 Mews Lane. Cochrane, Thomas. 
Baptist Church. 


1 Jamie, Mrs. 

3 Jamie, James. 

5 Montgomerie, Mrs. 

7 Boyle, George. 
9 Woods, Mrs. 

11 Ramsay, James. 

13 Logie, George. 

15 Morton, John K. 

17 Roberton, Misses. 

19 M'Guigan, James B. 

21 Happell, David. 

23 Reid, Robert W. 

25 Barr, James H. 
Craigie Bowling Green. 

2 Hillhouse, A. M. L. 

4 Anderson, Pred. 

6 Scott, Miss E. 

8 Kilpatrick, George. 
10 Aird, William. 

12 M'Kinstry, Mrs. 

14 David, Fred. 

16 Leggat, Mrs Agnes. 

18 Drinnan, William R. 

20 Sim, Robert. 



26 Findlay, Robert. 
28 Christie, David A. 
30 Stewart, Hugh B. 
32 Lennox, Robert. 

34 Garvie, Miss Kate. 
40 Paterson, Robert. 
42 Grant, Richard. 
44 Wilson, James. 


37 Jones, Thomas, bootmaker. 

Dunlop, Mrs Annie C. S. 

M'Creadie, Robert. 
35 Clifford, William. 
35 Crawford, Thomas. 

Ferguson, Duncan. 

Guthrie, Mrs Nellie. 
33 Macfarlane, Miss Jessie. 
31 Irvine, George, cabinetmaker. 
29 M'Creath, James, & Sons. 
27 Kean, John, jeweller. 



Fullarton Street — continued 
25 Taylor, Miss Jeannie. 

Scottish Episcopal Church. 
LTD., motor agents. 
— — -Douglas Street here. 


4 Galbraith, W. Campbell, C.A. 

6 Boyd, Leonard C, & Cochrane. 

Campbell, Mrs. 

M'lvor, John. 

Inglis, James. 

Davis, Fred. A. 

M'Ginley & Craig, Misses. 

12 Steele, Murdoch. 
14 Western S.M.T. Co., Ltd. 
18 Wilson, George. 
20 Neill, John. 
22 Scott, Andrew. 
24 Douglas, Mrs. 

Ayr St. James Masonic Hall. 


3 Parker, Mrs Isabella. 
Baird, Hugh, labourer. 

5 Holland, Charles. 
Fraser, Mrs Euphemia. 
Johnstone, Robert, wheel turner. 
Blyth, Mrs Jane. 

Stewart, James, shopman. 

M'Garvie, Samuel, drop forger. 
' Carnegie Library Hall. 
SONS, LTD., curing house. 
30 and 32 M'Fadzean, James, 

28 Martin, William, draper (store). 
26 Matthias, John, dealer, store 

and shop. 
20 Flynn, Hugh, painter. 

M'Clure, David, mechanic. 

Dunlop, James, shipyard worker. 

Russell, William. 
18 Stewart, Miss Jeanie R. 

Gillon, Jane. 

Neil, Adam. 

Reid, George, labourer. 
16 Murphy, John, gardener. 

Smith, James. 

M'Cracken, George. 

Loader, Arthur, retired. 
14 Clinton, George. 

Faulds, Mrs Jane. 

Murphy, Miss Margaret, shop 

Kelly, William, fireman. 

Garden Street— continued 
Nestor, Thomas, painter. 

8 Flynn, Miss Annie. 
Flynn, Douglas. 
Bryson, Miss Martha. 

4 Clark, William, commission agent. 


1 Shearer, Mrs. 
3 Shearer, John G. 

Wallace, Mrs. 
5 Craig, Alexander. 
7 Brown, Miss Grace C. 
9 Kennedy, Miss Mary. 
11 M'Ninch, Richard. 
13 Dunlop, William. 
15 Glendinning, Thomas. 
19 Tierney, William. 
21 Balmer, William. 
Brown, David. 
Tait, James. 
23 Gilmour, James. 
25 M'Cubbin, Matthew. 
27 Smith, David. 
29 M'Quiston, Peter. 
31 Stewart, James. 

Pollock, Alan. 
33 Thow, James. 

Cameron, Kenneth, junr. 
35 Montgomerie, James. 
35 Quaite, John. 

Montgomerie, Miss M. 
37 M'Cosh, James. 
39 Forrest, James. 
39 Jamie, Messrs R. & J. 
41 and 45 BLACKWELL, DAVID. 
43 Morton, William. 

Elliot, Robert. 
47 Fullarton, Messrs R. & H. 
49 Fullarton, Miss E. 
Young, Mrs. 
Robertson, John. 
53 Dove, Mrs. 
55 Kelly, David. 
Kelly, Misses. 
57 Anderson, Gregor W. 
59 M'Culloch, Miss Janie. 
61 Curran, John. 

Morison Congregational Church. 

Limond's Wynd here. 

65 M'Clelland, Miss Margaret. 
69 Rowan, Hugh. 
71 M'Clure, David. 

Dick, Charles. 
73 Plain, Mrs. 
75 Corrigan, Mrs J. 
77 Cleckner, Miss E. 
79 Monaghan, John. 
79a M'Vie, John. 













George Street — continued 

83 M'Cluskey, John E., spirit 

Picken, David. 

Dante, Alfred, senr. 

Monaghan, William. 

Kennedy, David. 

Newell, William. 

Baldi, Antonio. 

Stevenson, John. 

Wyburn, George. 

Glass, John. 

Porte, Elijah. 

Reid, Gideon. 

Urquhart, David. 

Terry, Mrs. 

Dunlop, Mrs. 

97 M'Fedries, John. 

Hume, Robert S. 


Caldwell, Mrs. 

Graham, Mrs. 

Adams, Albert D. 

Cooper, James. 

Brown, Thomas. 

White, Robert. 

Lawson, Peter. 

Caldwell, Hugh. 

Campbell, George. 

Coulter, James. 

Bell, Mrs Margaret. 

Rillie, George. 

Kelly, Mrs. 

M'll'loney, William. 

Richmond, John. 

Barr Bros. 

Anderson, A. 

Crawford, Maurice. 

127 Paterson, Robert. 

Rollie, William. 

Prentice, John. 

Anderson, George. 

Morrison, George. 

Clive, William. 

Praser, Mrs. 

M'Fedries, John. 

M'Connachie, John. 

Woods, Ralph. 

M'Gill, Alexander. 

Weir, John. 

M'Phee, John. 

Gray, Thomas. 

Cuthbert, Andrew. 

Currie, Enoch. 

Main, David. 

Doughty, A. B. 


Glendinning, Mrs. 

Semple, Alexander. 

George Street — continued 

4 and 10 RAMSAY, JOHN. 
12 Cooper, Waistel, & Co., Ltd. 
14 Gerrand, James G. 
16 Clark, James. 
18 M' Conn ell, Harry. 
20 Ramsay, Thomas. 

Robb, James. 
22 Weir, Malcolm. 

Free Church of Scotland. 

John Street here. 

24 Foulds, James M. 
26 M'Neilage, William. 

Yuill, Alan. 

Fairlie, William. 
28 M'Harg, Mrs. 
30 Mason, William O. 
32 Shaw, Miss Nettie. 
34 Gorrie, A. H. 

Borland, Robert. 

Kissell, Thomas. 
36 Kay, William. 
38 Jaconelli, A. 
40 Taylor, Miss Jane. 
42 Hood, Alexander. 
44 M'Guigan, Miss A. 
46 Ayrshire Electro Plating Co. 
46 Parker, Messrs, & Co. 
48 Dempsey, Peter. 

Peters, John. 
48 Brodie, Mrs. 

Lindsay, Mrs. 

Howie, D. L. 

Strain, Miss M. 
50 Morton, George. 

Content Street here. 

52-54 Davidson, J. & M. 
68 Smellie, Thomas. 
70 M'Farlane, Charles. 

Denham, Mrs. 

Grant, Mrs. 
72 Cathcart, James. 
74 Quaite, Thomas. 

Lockhart, William. 
76 M'Cormick, Miss B. 
78 Houston, Mrs. 
80 M'Bride, S. 
82 Drinnan, William. 
82 Jess, Samuel. 
82 Johnston, William. 
84 Stewart, Miss E. 
86 Knox, James. 

Colquhoun, Robert. 

Black, James. 

Hawson, Miss H. 

Emmett, John. 
88 Drinnan & Murphy, plumbers. 
92 Hamilton. William. 
94 M'Connell, John. 

Gribben, Andrew. 
96 Capperauld, D. 



George Street — continued 

James Street here. 

100 Stevenson, Robert A. 
102 Mitchell, John. 

Gilmour, Hugh. 
104 Madden, Miss Mary. 

M'Ewan, Allan. 

Grant, Hector. 
106 Dunlop, Daniel. 
108 Lafferty, Joseph. 
110 Young, James. 

Richmond, James. 

Stevenson, John. 

Vance, George. 

Easdale, Alexander. 
112 Murphy, Daniel. 
116 Underwood, Mrs. 

M'Callum, Mrs. 

Wyllie, Neil. 

Pettigrew, William. 

M'Millan, James. 

Agnew, James. 

M'Gregor, Mrs. 
118 Sands, Robert. 

Martin, Mrs. 
120 Robertson, John. 
122 Stewart, John S. 

Miller, James. 

Grant, Alexander. 
124 Broadfoot, Miss M. 
126-128 Arnott, John. 
130 Terry, Hugh S. 
132 Campbell, Quintin. 
134 Reid, John D. 
138 Glen & Galbraith. 
140 Gannon, John. 

Leishman, Peter. 

Murphy, James. 

Poole, James. 
142 Poole, David. 
144 Mills, Mrs. 
146 Poole, David. 

Baillie, Mrs. 
148 Mitchell, Mrs. 
148 Gray, Thomas. 

Sheehan, Mrs. 

Gray, James. 

Morrison, Hugh. 
150 Head, John. 
152 M'Giffen, J. 
152 Smith, John. 

Donnelly, John. 

Ruddocks, Robert. 

M'Culloch, John. 

Milroy, Mrs. 

Wade, James. 

Milroy, William. 

Law, William G. 
154 Corrigan, Robert. 
156-158 Galli, Irmo. 
Queen Street here. 

George Street — continued 
160 Stevenson, James. 

Lapham, Thomas. 
162 Gray, Mrs. 
164 Milligan, William. 

Dick, Mrs. 

Brown, Hugh. 
166 Robertson, William. 
168 Milligan, John. 


1 Bramwell, George, foreman 


Pitt, Hugh, greenkeeper. 

Spence, George, miner. 

Ralph, Donald Alexander, motor- 

3 Orr, William, motor engineer. 

5 Praser, Hugh G., salesman. 

7 Campbell, Duncan, gardener. 

9 Mair, Thomas, savings organiser. 

11 Ritchie, James, clerk. 

13 Berry, William, retired constable. 

15 Terras, Robert T., clerk. 

17 Harrison, John, manager. 

19 Harvey, Victor, traveller. 

21 M'Lellan, James. 

23 M'Cleary, George, butcher. 

25 White, David, teacher. 

2 Wallace, William, railway clerk. 
M'Culloch, Peter, bread salesman. 
Hamilton, James Piper, hair- 

Brown, Samuel M'Clung, loco, 

4 M'Lelland, Andrew H., traveller. 
M'Dowall, David, dairyman. 
Whitehouse, George, engineer. 
Russell, John, tram conductor. 

6 Dryburgh, George, grocer. 

8 Dingwall, David, chauffeur. 
10 Brown, John, mechanic. 

12 M'Killop, Mrs. 

14 Jamieson, James, mechanic. 

16 Drysdale, Thomas Ward, 

telephone linesman. 

18 Campbell, John, clerk. 

20 Kerr, William, traveller. 

22 Baird, William, traveller. 

24 M'Gaffney, George, chauffeur. 

26 Hemsley, Edward, railway guard. 
28 Walker, John, caretaker. 


1 Watson, William, labourer. 

3 Rorke, Charles, painter. 

5 Chapman, Mrs Agnes. 

7 Telfer, Thomas, bricklayer. 

9 Agnew, Robert, tanner. 



Glebe Crescent— continued 

11 Law, James, labourer. 

13 Osborne, Robert, labourer. 

15 M'Inally, John, coal trimmer. 

17 M'Lean, Mrs Mary. 

19 Kelly, George, labourer. 
21 Tait, Mrs Mary. 

23 Govan, Thomas, coalman. 
25 Grant, Robert, labourer. 

27 Glass, Francis, labourer. 

29 Dempsey, Walter, labourer. 

31 Brackenridge, Mrs Grace. 
35 Murphy, Michael, labourer. 

35 Agnew, John, dock labourer. 

37 Wallace. William, labourer. 

39 Harbieson, David, labourer. 

41 Ruddocks, Andrew, labourer. 

43 Cunningham, Mrs Jemima. 

45 Barr, Charles, labourer. 

47 Findlay, David, labourer. 

49 Thorn, 'David, slater. 

51 Getgood, Thomas, labourer. 

2 M'Millan, Miss Annie, dress- 
4 Hendrie, George, hammerman. 
6 Corbett, John, labourer. 
8 M'Phee, William, rivet heater. 
10 Kerr, John, mason's labourer. 

12 Graham, Hugh, retired. 

14 Johnstone, William, hawker. 

16 Kilmurry, William, 'bus driver. 

18 Ferguson, William, labourer. 

20 Crosbie, Michael, labourer. 
22 Nicholson, George, postman. 

24 M'Kie, Harry, labourer. 

25 Miller, John, labourer. 

28 Reid, John. 

30 Stewart, William, labourer. 

32 Chapman, James, labourer. 
34 Sampson, Mrs Jane. 

36 M'Colm, James, traction driver. 

38 Buchanan, Andrew, labourer. 

40 Harris, David, drop forger. 

42 Green, Sydney, labourer. 

44 M'Knight, Robert, labourer. 

46 Reid, Mrs Annie. 

48 Warwick, Andrew, dock labourer. 

50 Cuthbert, Mrs Margaret. 

52 Bicker, Mrs Jane. 

54 M'Larty, Robert, cooper. 

56 Robertson, Alexander, stoker. 

58 Cope, James, labourer. 

60 M'Kechnie, Andrew, mason. 

62 Jarvie. Robert, labourer. 

64 Shields, Robert, labovirer. 


1 Black, William, labourer. 

2 Stewart, William, miner. 

3 Gibson, Alexander, labourer. 

Glebe Road — continued 

4 Nelson, James, storeman. 

5 Graham, William, labourer. 

6 Miller, Mrs Jane. 

7 M'Neil, Patrick, boot finisher. 

8 Doolan, John, labourer. 

9 Martin, Claud, clerk. 

10 Hamilton, William, moulder. 

11 Cameron, Hugh, linesman. 

12 Gilmour, James, railway 


13 Glass, Hugh, slater. 

14 Dobbie, James, labourer. 
Glebe Crescent here. 

15 Ryan, Edward, labourer. 

16 Mitchell, William, labourer. 


1 Anderson, James. 

3 Hunter, Mrs. 

5 Paterson, John, clerk. 

7 I^amb, Mrs. 
Tig Road here. 

9 Stitt, Mrs. 

11 Weir, Walter, grocer. 

13 Morledge, Joseph David, clerk. 

15 Thomson, Hugh, butcher. 

17 Sinclair, Mrs. 

19 Arkieson, George, power loom. 


2 M'Crorie, Miss Elizabeth. 

4 Dinwiddie, Joseph, assistant 

loco, foreman. 

6 Buchanan, Misses. 

8 Logan, Mrs. 

10 Patrick, John, clerk. 

12 M'Clung, Thomas, motor driver. 

14 Richmond, Robert, engine driver. 

16 White, Baziel, commission 


18 Cumming, Henry, manager. 

20 M'Creadie, William John. 

22 M'Gafmey, John, electrician. 
24 M'Ewan, Charles. 


2 Proud, Albert. 
Browning & Co., Ltd.) Phone 
4 Mitchell, Alexander. 
6 Smith, Robert. 
6a Surgeoner, Miss E. 
8 Sproat, Robert. 
10 Milne, John. 

Reid, Miss Jane M. 
M'Crorie, Charles. 
12 Walker, Miss Agnes. 
14 Bruce, John. 



Gordon Terrace — continued 

M'Kie, James. 

Shannon, Andrew. 
16 Girvan, Alexander. 
16 Hood, Mrs. 

Barry, Thomas. 

Norris, James. 

16 Hood, Thomas. 
M'Whinnie, A. 

18 M'Naught. William. 
Reid, James. 
Richardson, Thomas. 
Johnston, John. 

20 Murray, Mrs. 

22 Henderson, William G. 
24- Hamilton, William. 

26 Persichini, Frank. 
25 Alexander, Robert. 

27 Muego, Mrs. 
Campbell, Misses. 

29 Gemmell, Thomas. 
31 Buhler, Mrs. 
33 Ferguson, A. B. 
35 Dykes, John. 
37 M'Gregor, John. 
39 Kennedy, James. 


1 Jamieson, Andrew, tenter. 

3 Booth, Mrs. 

5 Boyce, John A., clerk. 

7 M'Nicoll, William. 

9 Smith, John, coal trimmer. 

11 M'Dowall, James, tinsmith. 

13 M'Alpine, William. 

15 Duncan, Robert, engine driver. 

14 Brown, Thomas Irving, postman. 

12 Payne, William, carpet weaver. 
10 Anderson, Mrs. 

8 Lauchlan, William. 

6 Haining, Andrew. 

4 Fraser, Mrs. 

2 Walker, Benjamin, clerk. 


17 Cuthbert, James, labourer. 

19 MTaggart, Angus, labourer. 

21 Agnew, William, labourer. 

23 Curran, John, labourer. 

25 M'Donald, David, engine driver. 

27 Storey, Andrew. 

29 Robertson, Hugh, labourer. 

31 Alexander, James, labourer. 

33 Rodger, Andrew, labourer. 

35 M 'William, John, labourer. 

37 Holland, Andrew, labourer. 

39 Jamieson, William, carter. 

41 Kirk, William, gardener. 

43 Graham, Archibald, watchman. 

Gould Street — continued 
45 Mechan, James, photographer. 
47 Mitchell, Robert, miner. 
49 Johnston, Thomas, labourer. 
51 Fullarton, David, labourer. 
53 Black, James, labourer. 
55 Grant, James, labourer. 

59 Blaikie, Robert, labourer. 
61 Kay, John, burgh sweeper. 
63 Purvis, David, stoker. 
65 Boyd, Mrs. 

67 Cassels, Thomas, labourer. 
69 Letford, John, coal salesman. 
71 M'Cabe, Mrs. 
73 Dickie, Mrs. 


107 Cumming, Miss Amelia, grocer. 
105 Anderson, Mrs Jane. 

M'Cormack, John. 

Gemmell, James. 

Welsh, Samuel. 

King, Alexander. 
103 Clark, Henry, engine driver. 

Dunlop, Charles. 

Beattie, Francis. 

M'Kinlay, John. 
101 Semple, John. 

Cleary, Peter G. 

Brown, Benjamin. 

Callum, Thomas, carrier. 
99 Beattie, Mrs Susan. 

Innes, Mrs Mary. 

Skilling, Mrs Mary. 

Dunlop, Robert I., clerk. 
97 Cuthbert, Thomas, plasterer. 

Cuthbert, Adam, craneman. 

Donnachie, Edward. 

Cowan, Mrs Elizabeth. 
95 Grant, Robert. 

Graham, Mrs Annie. 

Mathieson, John. 

Glass, Mrs Margaret. 
93 Riddex, John. 

Hamilton, Daniel. 

Mathieson, Miller. 

Fullarton, David. 
79 Scott, Thomas, grocer. 

Taylor Street here. 

77 Lavery, Miss Jessie, general 

75 M'Crorie, Charles. 

Lavery, Alexander. 

Sloan, Hugh. 
73 Holland, Thomas. 

Conkie, John. 
71 Smith, Robert. 
69 Thomson, James. 

M'Morland, Mrs Mary. 



Green Street — continued 

69 M'Taggart, James. 

Brogan, James. 
67 M'Millan, James, grocer. 
65 Morrison, Mrs Elizabeth. 
63 Eodger, Miss Isabella. 

Curran, Mrs Rachel. 

Hunter, Miss Jane. 
61 Galloway, Mrs Margaret. 

Lawson, Robert. 
61 Clachrie, Joseph. 
59 Welsh, James, upholsterer. 
57 Lees, Miss Agnes B. 
55 Hewitt, Mrs Jeanie. 
53 Blain, James. 
51 Young, Mrs Mary. 

Arthur, Mrs Jane. 

Martin, Daniel. 
49 Grant, Mrs Isabella. 
4-7 Mackay, Robert. 
45 M'Kergow, Hugh, joiner. 
41 Paterson, John, barman. 

Burgess, Paul. 

Russell, John. 

M'Pherson, Daniel. 

Money, Mrs Selina. 

M'Colm, Quintin. 
39 M 'Quaker, James, grocer. 
35 Logan, Mrs Jeanie. 
33 M'Connell, William. 
33a M'Connell, Mrs Mary P. 
29-31 M'Quaker, Alexander T., and 
James M'G. M'Quaker. 

Crown Street here. 

27 Hannah, Miss Mary. 
25 Hannah, William. 
23 Sinclair, John. 

Logan, James. 

Law, Mrs Margaret. 
19 Gibson, Charles. 

Morrison, George, junr. 

Neil, William. 

Andrew, John. 
17 M'Ewan, Charles. 

M'Callum, John. 

Mcol, Mrs Mary. 

Glen dinning, George. 

M'Whinnie, Thomas, fruit 

M'Colm, Mrs Elizabeth. 

Bethel Mission. 
11 M'Connell, William. 

M'Kelvie, Mrs Elizabeth. 

Swan, Miss Agnes. 

Collins, Alexander, clerk. 
5 and 11 JOHNSTONS, PATON & 

1 Crawford, William. 

Allan, D., & Son, coal agents, 
office and stables. 

2 DUNCAN, PETER, contractor. 

Green Street — continued 
4 Wilson, Mrs Agnes. 
6 Dick, James, brassfounder. 

builders merchants, yard and 
12 Clark, Nelson, barber. 
M'Kellar, Donald. 
Brown, William S., mechanic. 
14 Denham, Joseph, compositor. 
Rae, Alexander, stevedore. 
Hendrie, Robert, flesher. 
Elsdon, Thomas, baker. 
RANKIN, LTD. (Store). 
18 Anderson, William. 

Fortune, James, painter. 
20 Brown, Robert W., builder. 

22 Paulds, Alexander, miner. 
24 Gemmell, James, craneman. 
24 Tennant, Charles, painter. 
Paterson, Hugh, joiner. 
M'Geachie, William, stoker. 

Crown Street here. 

26 Gibson, Mrs Annie. 
28 Gibson, Mrs Annie. 
30 M'Connell. Mrs Mary. 
Main, Mrs Mary. 
Dunlop, John, coal trimmer. 
Gemmell, James, capstanman. 
32 M'Feat, John, fitter. 

Kelso, William, mason. 
34 Vallance, Mrs. 
36 Gibson, John, plater's helper. 
Alcroft, Frederick, shipyard 

Devan, John, linesman. 
38 Monachan, James, labourer. 
40 Lees, Robert, tailor. 
42 M'Intyre, Mrs Flora. 
44 George, Robert, lorryman. 

Adie, Mrs Annie. 
46 Caldwell, Robert W. 
48 M'Lean, Malcolm. 

Stewart, John, baker. 
50 Trousdale, Samuel, craneman. 
52 Mathieson, Robert, sailor. 
54 Dunsmuir, Mrs Isabella. 
Abernethy, Arthur. 
Hay, Thomas, slater. 
Scott, Robert, shoemaker. 
Dunsmuir, Allan, shoemaker. 
56 Brown, David, draper. 
58 Lindsay, Alexander, woodcutter. 
60 Moffat, Mrs Margaret. 

Hodinott, Duncan, railway 
62 M'Crorie, Mrs Agnes. 



Green Street — Continued. 
64 Campbell, Archibald, motor 
Sayers, Robert, coal merchant. 
66 M'Lean, William, baker. 
68 Kerr, Archibald C, grocer. 
70 Coffer, Robert, railway labourer. 
Dick, David, carter. 
Hannah, James, railway fireman. 
Hendry, William, coal merchant. 
72 M'Lean, David, surfaceman. 
74- Eraser, Alexander, dyer. 
Goudie, Robert W., labourer. 
M'Lean, John, railway servant. 
Bingham, William, greenkeeper. 
ForweLL, James, mason. 
Dunlop, William, carpet weaver. 
Bond, William, railway servant. 
Dodds, Leslie, postman. 
76 Templeton, David, blacksmith. 

Shields, Robert, clerk. 
78 Shields, Mrs Jeanie. 
80 Hamilton, John. 
82 Kerr, James, coal trimmer. 
84 M'Vean, William, grocer. 

Taylor Street here. 

86 Findlay, James, labourer. 
Bell, James, glazier. 
Kelso, William, blacksmith. 
M'Larty, Malcolm, hotel porter. 
Irving, Mrs Annie. 
88 Paton, James, tram driver. 
Fraser, Hugh, retired. 
Paton, John, engineer. 
Barlow, Mrs Jane. 
90 Mellon, Miss Rose A., cleaner. 
92-94 M'Ginnis, John, retired. 
96 Hunter, A. & J. 
98 Plain, Ralph, irondresser. 
100 Hunter, John. 
102 Don, Robert C, van driver. 
104 M'Quaker, John, grocer. 
106 Leaske, George, carpenter. 

M'Lean, George M., labourer. 
108 Parker, Mrs Sarah. 
110 Parker, David, fruit merchant. 
Parker, D. & J., fruit merchants. 
(Store and stable). 
112 Barr, James, dealer. 

Sneddon, Miss Elizabeth. 
Gilmour, Mrs Mary. 
Allison, Matthew. 
114 Thomson, Henry S. boilermaker. 
116 Kay, John, joiner. 
Simpson, Mrs Susan. 
Dunlop, Robert, miner. 
Alexander, Hugh, railway porter 
M'Kissock, Andrew, railway 

Mathieson, John, firewood 


69 Harvey, Fergus, mason. 
67 Davidson, Samuel, fireman. 

Kennedy, Daniel, joiner. 

Shields, David B., railway 

Hamilton, Adam, labourer. 

Mitchell, Mrs Sarah. 
65 M'Whirter, James, labourer. 

Munro, William, labourer. 
63 Brebner, John. 
61 Baillie, William. (Store). 

Taylor Street here. 

55 Campbell, Robert, railwayman. 
55 Conkie, William, glazier. 
55 Jamieson, David, railwayman. 
51 Hunter, John, carter. 

Wyllie, Hugh, miner. 

Muir, John, mason. 

Ingram, Harry, labourer. 
49 Tierney, Matthew, rivetter. 
47 Jess, Mrs Mary. 

Logan, Alexander, traveller. 

Hendry, Thomas, coal merchant. 

Underwood, Harry, motorman. 
45 Young, John S., carter. 
43 Conway, John, miner. 

Thomson, Mrs Elizabeth. 

Lindsay, John, carter. 

Toner, Thomas, tailor. 

M'Gill, Mrs Mary. 
41 Morrison, Hugh, labourer. 
39 Kelly, Peter, fireman. 

Morton, William, tenter. 

Morrison, Andrew, labourer. 

Gilmour, Mrs Elizabeth. 

Robertson, Francis, coal trimmer. 

Noble, William, postman. 
37 Thomson, John, vanman. 
35 Smith, William. 

Main, John, craneman. 

Hendrie, Mrs Marion. 

Clark, John, labourer. 
33 Gemmell, Miss Grace P. 
31 M'Whirter, Edward. 
29 Smith, Peter, labourer. 
27 Templeton, David, labourer. 
25 Auld, William, plumber. 
23 Pickles, Edgar, overlooker. 
19 Dick, Robert, coal trimmer. 

Newton Academy (Infants). 
Crown Street here. 

3 M'Dowall, Mrs Margaret. 

1 Wilson, David, miner. 
Brown, Thomas, carter. 

2 Dempster, Robert, carter. 
2 Weir, Robert. 

4 Neil, Thomas, goods guard. 
Fulton, Robert, weighbridgeman. 
Tait, James, fireman. 



Green Street Lane— continued 

6 DUNCAN, PETER, contractor. 

M'Lean, Donald C, builder. 
(Office and shed). 
8 Spence, Hugh, blacksmith. 
10 Spence, Peter. 
12 Rankin, Mrs Sarah. 
14 Lennox, James, fireman. 

Kerr, Mrs Mary. 

Morrison, Samuel, coal trimmer. 

Reid, William, labourer. 
16 M'Connell, Hugh, carter. 
18 M'Donald, Alexander T. 
20 Melville, James. 

Wilson, James W., seaman. 

Crown Street here. 

22 Conkie, Robert, carter. 
24 Law, John, coal trimmer. 

Rodger, Mrs Annie. 

M'Caig, Mrs Janet. 

Law, Henry, coal trimmer. 
26 Fisher, William. 

Hamilton, David. 

Young, George. 

M'Moreland, John. 

Ross, Joseph. 

Hamilton, David. 
28 DUNCAN, PETER. (Stables). 
30 White, John, bricklayer. 

Fulton, James. 

Boning, James M., shoemaker. 

M'Lauchlan, Hugh. 

Newton Academy (Seniors). 
32 Scott, Thomas, janitor. 
34 Ferguson, William, carter. 

Robertson, James. 

M'Intyre, Alexander, motor 
36 Robertson, Mrs Margaret. 
38 Boning, George. 
40 Dillon, Mrs Mary. 
40 Jardine, Alexander, stoker. 

M'Bride, Peter, railwayman. 

Alexander, Thomas, labourer. 

Downs, John, engine driver. 
42 Andrew, Mrs Jane. 

Cunningham, Alexander, 

Calder, John S., docker. 

Newall, Thomas. 
44 Thursby, Thomas, plasterer. 

46-48 Findlay, D., & Co., drysalters. 

Taylor Street here. 

50 Cathcart, James. 

Lindsay, William, salesman. 

Brodie, Andrew B. 
50 Mills, James. 
52 Johnstone, Archibald, rivetter. 

Young, James M. 

Green Street Lane — continued 
Fulton, William. 
Stewart, George, labourer. 


1 Butchart, Mrs. 

2 Mackie, Misses. 

3 Macmillan, Mrs. 

4 Young, Robert. 

7 Lauder, Alexander D. 


2 Wilson, Richard, engineer. 

4 M'Lean, Mrs. 

6 Warnock, Robert, engineer. 

8 English, Thomas D., confectioner. 
10 Morrison, John, manager. 

12 M'Cluskey, John Emmett, spirit 

14 Kelly, James. 

Currie, John, joiner. 
Ui Baird, Mrs. 
16 Craig, John, engine driver. 
18 Currie, John, house factor. 
20 Fraser, John, warehouseman. 
22 Murchie, William O., joiner. 
24 Alexander, Miss Elizabeth M. 

26 Grass, Mrs. 
28 Balderstone, John S. 
30 Anderson, Hugh, checker. 
32 Wilson, John, baker. 

Burnett Terrace here. 

34 Murdoch, Robert, jeweller. 

36 Ferguson, Mrs. 

38 Hunter, Robert M., cashier. 

40 Stewart, David, diesinker. 

42 M'Ronald, Mrs. 

44 Murdoch, Mrs. 

46 Kelly, Mrs. 

48 M'Lean, James Muir, post office 

50 Kennedy, Alexander D. K. 
52 Muir, James, joiner. 
54 Thomson, Robert. 
56 Stevenson, John. 
58 Kay, James. 
60 Wilson, James. 
62 Poustie, Alexander. 
64 Davey, Daniel. 
66 Rae, William A. joiner. 
Dalgig. M'Caig, Thomas, railway 

1 Byrne, Mrs. 

3 M'Pherson, Alexander, clerk. 

5 Torry, Fred., architect. 

7 Hay, James, chauffeur. 

9 Howat, Robert, commercial 




Hawkhill Avenue — continued 

11 M'Callum, Robert, coal merchant. 

13 Paterson, Robert, fitter. 

15 M'Crorie, James S., clerk. 

17 Quinn, John Joseph, teacher. 

19 Dante, Alfred. 

21 Guthrie, Hugh M., clerk. 

23 Innes, Mrs. 

25 Wilson, James. 

27 Watt, Mrs. 

29 M'Kean, James, inspector. 

31 Stewart, George Roger. 

33 Turner, Samuel A. 

35 M 'Donald, John M., assistant 

veterinary inspector. 
Hawkhill Nursery. Farrell, Patrick. 
37 Caddis, David. 
39 Young, Archibald A. 
41 Bates, Robert. 
43 Caldwell, Archibald. 
45 Cumming, Miss Mary. 
47 Corbett, Miss Susan Gray, teacher. 
49 Kel«o, Robert L., architect. 
51 Martin, Gilbert, police inspector. 
53 Dick, Miss Mary. 
55 Secular, Mrs. 
57 M 'Murray, Mrs. 
59 Williamson, Mrs. 
61 Pratt, John, letter carrier. 
61a Taylor, Mrs. 
63 Leggat, Miss Jean. 
65 Leggat, Miss Mary Smith. 



2 Laird, Andrew. 

3 Kay, Thomas. 

4 Dow, Misses. 

6 Dow, Mrs. 

8 Palmer, William F. 


1 Young, Miss Margaret White. 
3 Douglas, Mrs. 

5 Rae, James. 

7 M'Clymont, Robert Jones, cable 


9 M'Minn, Charles. 

11 Agnew, Miss Margaret. 

13 Boyes, William. 

15 Murray, Mrs. 

17 MacGregor, Duncan, clerk. 

19 Jamieson, Miss Agnes. 

21 Johnston, Miss Margaret. 

23 Mathieson, Angus, cashier. 

25 Galloway, John. 

27 Morrison, Mrs. 

29 Rose, Mrs. 

31 M'Quiston, William, butcher. 

Heathjield Road — continued 

33 Pettigrew, William. 
Heathfield School. 

Heathpark. Murdoch, Miss Jean 
Rae, William. 
Rossdale. Murdoch, Frederick 
Strathearn Smith. 
M'Kinnon, Norman. 
Heathfield Hospital. 
Nash, John. 
Beaddie, James. 
2 Hunter, A. 
4 Miller, Miss. 
6 Drinnan, Miss. 
8 Jamie, W. 
10 Douglas, Mr. 

12 Templeton, William, stableman. 
14 Walker, William G., engine 

16 Fairlie, Mrs. 

18 M'Inally, John, engine driver. 
20 Barbour, William, chauffeur. 
22 Paton, Gilbert, painter. 
24 Fisher, Mrs. 
26 Grant, Charles, architect. 
28 Stordy, John, railway shunter. 
30 Kerr, John, mason. 
32 Cross, Mrs. 

34 Smith, David, clerk. 

36 Russell, James F., insurance 

38 Mitchell, James E., P.O. linesman. 
40 Bennett, William, carpet weaver. 
42 Wallace, William, jeweller. 
44 Armour, Daniel, mason. 
46 Morrison, James. 
48 Bowman, David, traveller. 
50 Allan, David, tenter. 
52 Nash, Alfred. 

54 Little, William, coal merchant. 
56 Paterson, James M. 
58 Paterson, James, scalemaker. 


2 and 4 Hunter & Grant, general 

6 Stevenson, John, tobacconist. 
8-10 SHARP, ROBERT, & CO. 

(Ayr) LTD., drapers. 
10 Browning, Mrs Agnes. 

PROVAN, JOSEPH, joiner. 
M'Lelland, James, motor driver. 
12 Window Fabrics, Ltd. 

M'Guigan, James B., commission 

14-16 Wool'worth, F. W., & Co., Ltd. 

& SONS, printers and 




High Street — continued 
22 Napier, N. G., & Son, music- 
24 Tierney, Peter, slater. 
26 Lindsay, M. & W., confectioners. 
28 Russeli, M & J., greengrocers. 
30 Y.M.C.A. Institute. 
34 Sinclair, Mrs Elizabeth, spirit 

36 Jackson, Mrs Sarah. 
38 Burton, Montague, Ltd., tailors. 
40 M'Donald, John. 
Moffat, Samuel P. 
M'Arthur, Robert. 

46 The Royal Bar. 
48 M'Knight, Mrs Ellen. 
Dunlop, William. 
Bowie, Mrs Margaret R., 

Reid, James, photographer. 
Praser, Mrs Cicely, tearooms. 
50 Jacksons, Ltd., hatters. 
54 Lipton, Ltd., provision 

— Auld Brig here. 
58 Robertson, Mrs Agnes, draper. 
60 Brownlie, Miss Catherine, 

62 Shillinglaw, A., & Co., Ltd. 
64 Marshall, Alexander, jeweller. 
66 Dorris Lunch and Tearooms. 

Phone 3637. 
70 Bryan, Robert, caretaker. 

Hill Brothers, Ltd., pawn office. 
70 M'Cartney, James, billiard room. 

Exchange Telegraph Co. 
72 Pullar & Co., Ltd., dyers and 

74 Graham, James. 
M'Connell, Hugh. 
MacCallum, R. & J. A., solicitors 
76 Sears, J., & Co., Ltd., boot 

78 Cooper, James. 

Mitchell, David, storeman. 
Tierney, Bernard, slater. 
C, & SONS, LTD. bakers and 
84 Johnson Bros. (Dyers) Ltd. 
Wallace, Miss Christina. 
Elliot, James, bootmaker. 
Reid, Miss Elizabeth. 
Kelly, William. 
Gibson, James, tailor. 
86 Johnson Bros. (Dyers) Ltd. 
88 Thomson, John, & Son, hatters. 

High Street — continued 
90 Elliott, George, tailor. 

Vallance, James, sculptor. 

Biagi, Guglielmo. 

Thomson, Miss Netta, billiard 

AVERY,W. & T., LTD. 

Buttermarket Hall. 
92 Sherrington, Thomas, outfitter. 
94 Murdoch, Charles, joiner. 

Reid, John, mason. 

Love, Allan, shoemaker. 

Ingram, Mrs Agnes. 

Bruce, Thomas, upholsterer. 

M'Phee, Mrs Julia. 

Dalton, Alexander, fireman. 

Duncan, William. 
96 Shepherds Dairies, Ltd. 
98 Harris, A., Ltd., tobacconists. 
100 GEMMELL, T. M., & Son, 

Andrew, W. B., & Co., ham- 


Scott, George. 

Fortune, Walter, tailor. 

M'Kenzie, James. 

Smith, James. 

Watt, James. 

Stodden, Frederick, musician. 


102-104 Fleming, Reid & Co., Ltd., 

hosiery stores. 
106 Napier, David, fruiterer. 
French polishers and uphol- 
M'Connell, Thomas, painter. 
Commercial Union Assurance 

Co., Ltd. 
Chalmers, Mrs Mary. 
Devlin, John, tinsmith. 
Campbell, John, mason. 
Cumming, James, electrical 

Murray, Robert A. 
CALLAN, T. R., auctioneer and 
110 Timpson, William, Ltd. 
112 Cockburn & Co., Ltd., chemists. 
114 Dick, R. & J., Ltd., shoemakers. 

Kirk Port here. 

116 LIMOND, THOMAS, ironmonger. 
118 WILSON, J. & A., booksellers. 
120 Marshall & Co. (Bootmakers) 

124 Campbell, Alexander, spirit 




High Street — continued 
126 M'Leod, Mrs. 

Lendrum, Thomas. 
Richmond, John. 
M'Derment, Mrs Mary. 
Corrigan, Richard. 
Macinally, Thomas. 
M'Petrie, John. 
O'Donnell, Hugh. 
Fergusson, John C. 
Wilson, Frank P. 

130 Inland Revenue (Valuation 
Ayr Sketch Club. 


Conn, J. Carlyle, insurance 

Ranken & Tait, solicitors. 

134-136 Hepworth, J., & Son, Ltd., 

138 M'Clement, John. 
138 Paterson, Mrs Margaret. 
Swan, Robert. 
Morton, James, grocer. 
Alexander, Peter. 
Kirkpatrick, John. 
140-142 Boots Cash Chemists 

(Northern) Ltd. 
144 Cumming, William, joiner. 
Swan, William. 
M'Intyre, Andrew. 
Matchen, Mrs Amelia. 
Orr, Mrs Annie. 
O'Hagan, Hugh. 
Graham, Alexander. 
M'Roberts, Gordon, dairyman. 
Darroch, Alexander, motorman. 
146 Stead & Simpson, Ltd., shoe- 
143-150 Cooper & Co.'s Stores, Ltd. 
152 Redmayne, S., & Sons, Ltd., 

Nile Court here. 

154 Buchanan, A. N., solicitor. 
M'William, Mrs Jessie. 
M'Creath, Mrs Maggie. 
Henderson, Mrs Elizabeth. 
MacGregor, Mrs Annie. 
Hewitson, William, chauffeur. 
Ayr St. Paul Masonic Lodge. 
publishing & printing works. 
BOWIE, JAMES, & Co., cabinet- 
makers. (Workshops & stores). 

High Street — continued 
156 Imrie & Son, seed merchants. 
158-160 BAILEY'S, grocers. 
160 Forsyth, Mrs Janet. 

Erskine, Mrs Elizabeth. 

H.M. Office of Works, Employ- 
ment Exchange. 
162 Hannah, Andrew, draper. 
164 Buttercup Dairy Co., Ltd. 
166 RUSSELL, Misses, dressmakers. 

M'Millan, Allan, baker's sales- 

Alexander, John, baker. 

Williams, John, traveller. 

Cassells, David. 
168-170 GIRDWOOD, G. & J., bakers. 
172 Robertson, John, draper. 
174 Stoddart, Archibald, spirit 


Mill Street here. 

178 HAY, JOHN W. 

180 Gilmour, John. 

182 Hogg, William. 

184 Templeton, R. & J., Ltd. 

186 Aitken, Mrs M. 

M'William, William. 

Murray, James. 
188 The Home & Colonial Stores, 

190 Moryson, William F. 
192 Surgeoner, Frank. 

Kerr, Mrs. 

Galbraith, Robert. 
194 Greenlees & Sons, Ltd. 
196 Fraser, Mrs Agnes B. 

Scott, Thomas. 

M'Millan, James. 
* Blair, John. 

Kain, Mrs Sophia. 

Brisbane, James. 

M'Crae, David. 
198 Wilson, Archibald. 
200 Russell, John. 
202 Boyd, William. 

Thomson, John. 

Kerr, Nurse A. 
204-206 Fairbairn, Ltd. 
208 and 210 YOUNG, GEORGE, & 

212 M'Millan & Munro, Ltd. 
214 Ross, James G. 
216 Mackie, Robert. 

Lindsay, James. 

Morton, William. 

Purton, Miss M. 

M'Kenzie, Hugh. 


Logan, Mrs E. 

M 'Alpine, William. 



High Street — Continued. 
218 Orr, James. 
220 Boyle, Peter. 
222 Kelly, Miss E. 
224 Fifty Shilling Tailors,. 
226 Craig, Andrew. 

Simpson, Quintin. 

Little, Gilbert. 

Whyte, Thomas. 

Sloss, John. 

Brown, Mrs. 

M'Millan, Mrs. 

M'Callum, Miss W. H. 

Middleton, Ernest. 

Stewart, Alexander. 
230 Tarn o' Shanter Inn. 
Cabinetmaker and Joiner. 
~ Tyrie, John D. 

Logan, William. 
234 Stewart. Alexander. 
238 Munro, Alexander, butcher. 

Eastmans, Ltd. 
240 Taylor, John. 
240 Morland, Joseph. 

Spencer, Mrs. 

Duffin, Charles. 

Tyrie, Andrew. 

Worthington, George. 

Tyrie, John, senr. 

Glass, David. 

Rae, Mrs. 

Tyrie, John P., junr. 

Hunter, John. 

Hunter, Miss M. 

Girvan, John. 
240-242 Low, Wm., & Co., Ltd. 
244 Murchie & Co. 
246 Dow, Mrs. 
248 M'Parlane, John. 

Dow, Mrs. 

Murchie, Miss E. 
250-252 Hay, Andrew, & Co. 
252 Chambers, Blackney W. 

Mackie, James. 

Kelso, John. 

M'Gillvray, Duncan. 

Thomson, Mrs E. 

Strachan, Mrs A. 

M'Aldon, William. 

Gibb, John. 

Moore, Mrs. 

Dean, John. 
256 Clydesdale Supply (1922) Co., 

260 Thurston, Mrs M. 
262 Corbett, John. 
264 M'Crone, James. 

High Street — Contimied. 
Innes, James. 
Boots, Mrs. 
Dalziel, William, jun. 
Milligan, Daniel. 
264 Thomson, Robert. 

Dalziel, William, senr. 
264-266 Davidson, John. 
1 Western S.M.T. Co., Ltd., office. 

grocers and wine merchants. 
9^ Town Clerk's Office. 

Town Chamberlain's Office. 
Town Surveyor's Office. 
Burgh Factor's Office. 
Cleansing Department Office. 
11 Registrar's Office. 
13 Currie, James, hallkeeper. 
15 Wilson, John L., druggist. 
17 Henderson, John D., tobacconist. 
19 Smith, Miss A. C. 
21 M'Clinton, Thomas, slater. 
Beattie, Mrs Annie. 
M'Kenna, Francis. 
Wood, Mrs Isabella J. 
Morrison, James, fireman. 
Slater, William. 
Campbell, David. 
Jess, James. 
Robertson, William C, 

Ross, Thomas, slater. 
Ross, Mrs Margaret. 
23 Williamson, John P., butcher. 
27 AFFLECKS, LTD., house 

29 BROWN BROS., fishmongers. 
31 M'Master. Mrs Nicholas. 
Dawson, Mrs Margaret. 
Haughton, George F., railway 
33 Dundee Equitable Boot Depot. 
35-39 Morledge & Co., drapers. 
41-43 Erskine, James, & Sons, 

45 M'Kissock. Mrs Mary. 
M'Larty, Mrs M. 
M'Larty, David, vanman. 
Grant, Thomas. 
Scott, Andrew. 
M'Culloch, Mrs. 
47 HILL, P. B., fishmongers. 
49 Miller, Mrs Jane. 

Findlay, David. 

53 FORREST, R.. & CO., grocers. 
57-59 BOYD, ROBERT J., shoe- 
61 Mackay, William J. M., spirit 



High Street — continued 
63 Morrison, Mrs Marion. 
Young, David, dentist. 
65 Dickie, John L., watchmaker. 
67 Glasgow Savings Bank. 
71 Henderson, John M., chemist. 
73 Mitchell, Mrs Barbara. 
75 IRVINE, S., & SONS, book- 

Newmarket Street here. 

77 MACARTHUR, J. D., outfitter. 

Phone 2402. 
79 Boyd, J. & A. B., solicitors. 
Cameron, Mrs Wilhelmina, 

Rosie, John, caretaker. 
81 The Clydesdale Bank, Ltd. 
83 Anderson, Frederick, spirit 

85-89 M'Call, Malcolm, baker. 
85 Dyke, Alfred C. 

Everson, Mrs Marion. 
89 BAILLIE, WILLIAM, painter. 
Gemmell, Robert. 
Henderson, David. 
91 Galli, Irmo. 

93 M'Culloch, Archibald, clerk. 
M'Kinstrie. John, coach painter. 
Copland, Miss Jeannie. 
Copland, Mrs Margaret. 
Morrison, William. 
Thornton, Mrs Jessie. 
M'Cartney, James. 
M'Lean. Duncan, blacksmith. 
95 Ross's Dairies, Ltd. 
97 Ballantyne, Peter, slater. 
Prendergast, Joseph. 
Smith, William. 
M'Lean, Mrs Catherine. 
Leckie, Mrs Sarah. 
Atkinson, John, hosiery manu- 
M'Donald, Duncan, commission 

Spence, William, painter. 
Miller, Robert, commission 

Queen, George, commission 
99 Frame, George Murray, 

101 Steven ston, John. 

Hannah, John, joiner. 
Macintosh, James. 

105 Kerr, Robert S., draper. 
Murdoch, Andrew, baker. 
Anderson, Robert. 
Stewart, James. 

High Street — continued 

M'Lellan, Samuel. 

Bruce, Mrs Davidina. 

Henderson, Robert. 

Love, Andrew, upholsterer. 

M'Minn, James, brassfinisher. 

Guidi, Giovanni. 
107-109 Murdoch, Robert, watch- 
Ill Cunningham, Robert M. 

Kirkland, Miss Ellen M. 
113 Morrison, John G. 
115 Lorne Arcade. 

Reid, Mrs Mary. 

M'Kissock, Mrs Isabella. 

Craig, Mrs Euphemia. 

Sutherland, C. & E., hairdressers. 

SCOTT, JOHN, agent. 

Reid, Mrs Jessie, confectioner. 

Wyllie, J. & J., joiners. 

Guidi, Giovanni, restaurateur. 

Ross, William, electrical 

Ayr Equitable Loan Co. 

117 Stewart, Alexander, hosier. 
119 The Hosiery Manufacturing 

Co., Ltd. 
121 Fisher, Harry, commercial 

M'Murtrie, Thomas, bank teller. 

Hepburn, Alexander, grocer. 

Forsvth, Alexander L., teacher. 
123 The British Linen Bank. Phone 

125 Morton, G. & W., Ltd., boot- 
127 Maypole Dairy Co., Ltd. 
129 Muir, William, insurance agent. 

Sterry, Fred. J. 

Neil, Mrs Mary. 

Hall, John. 

Shields, Mrs Janet. 
131 The Picture House and Tea 

133 M'Coll, R. S., Ltd., confectioners. 
135 Dunlop, Mrs Mary. 

Telfer, Stephen, dental mechanic. 

Hunter, Miss Mary. 

M'Roberts, Hugh, sea captain. 

Russell, George, motor driver. 

gent.'s outfitter. 
139 Miller, James, hatter. 
141 Senior, E., & Sons, musicsellers. 
143 Nicholson, Mrs Elizabeth. 
143 Short's Commercial College. 

Smith, Matthew, Cecil Tearooms. 
145 Sloan, James D., spirit merchant. 
147 Adamson, John, salesman. 



High Street — continued 

Clark, Malcolm, chemist. 

M'Cracken, Mrs Jean. 
149-151 CAMERON, ANDREW, & 

SON, grocers. 
153 Howatson, John, photographer. 

Merry, William. 

Watt* William. 

Law, George. 

Irvine, William. 

Freeman, Harris, furniture 
dealer. (Store). 
155 HAMILTON, JOHN P., & CO., 

157 Cassels, James, grocer. 

■ Carrick Street here. 

159 Whip Inn. 
161 Ward, Walter, saddler. 
163 Kean, Archibald C. 
165 Downie, Alexander. 

Goudie, David. 
167 Martin, John. 
169 Forbes, Hugh. 
171-173 M'Culloch, John M. 
175 Wilson, John. 


Skelly, James. 

Murdoch, Charles. 

Jones, Ernest. 

M'Farlane, Daniel. 

Hogg, Miss Margaret. 

Hunter, James. 
175 DODD, W. G., LTD., electrical 

engineers. Phone 2851. 
177-179 Kirkpatrick, Robert. 
181 Fairbairn, Ltd. 
183 Creighton, William. 

Bone, John. 

Johns, Annie. 
183 and 185 WILSON, DICKSON & 
CO., LTD., electrical engineers. 
187 King, Miss Agnes. 

M'Crumb, Thomas. 

M'Colm, Robert. 

Murdoch, Mrs I. 

Cuthbert, Andrew. 

Houghton, Henry. 

Kelly, John. 

Robertson, Miss W. 

Wilson, William. 

Tyrie, Mrs M. 

Holland, Alexander. 

Wilson, David. 

M'Cormick, Thomas. 

Dunlop, Hugh. 

Tyrie, Mrs. 

Thomson, James. 

Murray, Thomas. 
187^ Christie, David A. 
189 Christie, Alex. & Geo. S. 

High Street — continued 
193 Dickie, Robert. 
195 Dickie. Robert. 
195 Caldwell, William. 
197 and 199 WYLLIE, DANIEL, & 

CO., LTD. 
201 Scott, A. L., & Sons, Ltd. 
203-205 M'Laughlan, Matthew. 
207 Lamb, James. 

North British Publicity Co. 

Russell, George A. 

Bruce, Middleton. 

Leggat, Mrs J. 

Feggans, Samuel. 

M'Cracken, John A. 

M'Guigan, David. 

M'Nicol, Mrs. 

M'Laughlan, Matthew. 
209 Dickie, Matthew — Ayr Arms 

211 North of Scotland Bank, Ltd. 
Lockhart, John, W. & G., 
215 General Accident, Fire and Life 
Assurance Co., Ltd. 


Smith, John L. 
217 Hyslop, Robert. 
219 Rodger, James. 
221 Stewart, W. & C. 

M'Clymont, William. 

Smith, James. 

White Bros. & Co. 

Sheridan, Mrs. 

Jamieson, Charles. 

Renton, James. 

Blackwood, William. 

Prentice, Mrs. 

Orr, Mrs. 
223 Climie, Andrew. 
223J; Birrell, Ltd. 
225 Meredith, John. 

grocers and wine merchants. 

Campbell, William. 

Scott, Alexander. 

Walker, George E. 

Marshall, George M'A. 

Paterson, James. 

Hughes, John J. 

Reid, Joseph. 

Raeside, John. 
237 M'Laren, Malcolm. 
239 Steele, David. 

Green, James S. 

M'Kenzie, James. 

M'Kinstray, Misses H. & I. 

Dalling, Thomas H. 

Dove, James. 



High Street — Continued. 

Watson, Robert, engineer. 

Provident Clothing and Supply 

Fleming, J. S., & Co., Ltd. 
Morton, Alexander F. M. 

The Scottish Milk Records 

Hyslop, Lyle & Mackinnon. 
Law, Mrs. 
M'Keand, Michael. 
Cope, Charles. 
Highet, Robert. 
Highet, James. 
Bryden, James A. 
241-243 Hannah, William. 
245 FREW, JOHN, & SONS. 
247 Singer's Sewing Machine Co. 


5 Hyslop, James. 

7 Barlas, Robert. 

9 Milligan, William. 

11 Auld, William. 

13 Robertson, Archibald. 

15 Peterkin, George D., C.E. 

17 Smith, James B. 

19 Kerr, William, junr. 

21 Wilson, George. 

23 Brown, Mrs J. 
25 Wilson, James. 

27 Arthur, Ezekiel D. 

29 Kirkland, Misses J. and A. 

31 Young, Miss A. L. 
2 Cumming, Wm. 

4 M'Master, Donald. 
6 Nelson, Arthur J. 

8 Auld, Robert. 

10 Maxwell, Alexander. 

12 Chambers, Mrs. 

14 Baxter, Michael. 

16 Miller, John. 

18 M'Kinnon, Norman. 

20 Wilson, Arthur W. 

22 Hair, Robert. 

24 Prentice, James. 


28 Kennedy, William 3. 

30 Hood, Mrs. 

32 Gray, John. 

34 Robertson, Ian. 

36 Kay, William. 

38 Paterson, Gavin J. A. 

40 Thomson, James. 

42 Weir, Mrs, and Mrs M. Chalmers. 

44 Delahunty, Thomas E. 

Hilary Crescent — continued 
46 Morrison, William. 
48 M'Gill, David. 
50 M'Gill, Miss J. Murdoch 
52 Dunbar, Alexander. 
54 Reid, Matthew. 


2 Lindsay, Mrs. 

4 M'Kie, James. 

6 Boyd, Mrs. 

8 Steen, William. 
10 Papple, Mrs. 
12 Forbes, Hugh. 
14 Baxter, John. 
16 Holmston Road P. School. 
18 Rorrison, Hugh. 

Dongola Road here. 


26 Cumming, Mrs. 

28 Cowan, James. 

30 Kennedy, Captain Ross. 

32 M'Cardle, Alexander. 

34 Dalling, Miss J. R. 

36 Bryson, Matthew. 

38 Wilson, Rev. Alexander A., M.A. 

40 Wallace, Miss A. M. Adam. 

42 Turn bull, William B. 

44 Thom, Charles. 

46 Buchanan, J. Millar. 

48 M'Dermott, Patrick. 

50 Millie, Miss J. T. 

Ashgrove Street here. 

52 Findlay, Mrs. 
54 Darroch, Alexander. 
Tigh-an-alt. KENNEDY, JAMES C. 
Gardenholm. Dunlop, James. 
Ayr County Hospital. 

M'Cracken. A., gatekeeper. 

Mill Brae here. 

Kyle Home. 

Capperauld, Arthur, gatekeeper. 
Watson, James, governor. 
M'Gill & Smith. 


2 Kerr, Mrs Janet. 
Urie, Peter. 
Murray, James. 
8 AFFLECKS, LTD. (Workshop 

and stores). 
8-12 Landi, Umberto, restaurateur. 
10 WADDELL & DUNN, boot and 

shoe repairers. 
18 Cuthbert, William. 
20 Lochhead, Miss Isabella R., 

antique dealer. 
Newmarket Street here. 



Hope Street — continued 
24 Halliday, David, spirit merchant. 
26 Austin, John. 

Goudie, William. 
28 Carruthers, Mrs Mary. 
30 M'Dowall, James, tinsmith. 
Scott, William, printer. 
Muir, Miss Agnes. 
Watt. Gilbert. 

Newmarket Street here. 

9 The Speed Company. 
7 O'Neil, William. 
M'Kenrick, Henry. 
Withers, Thomas. 
Martin, Mrs Mary. 

7 Bryan, Mrs. 

5 Graham, Miss Elizabeth. 

1 Howat, Mrs Margaret. 
Taylor, William, engine driver. 


2 Glass, John. 

4 Mason, Hugh, evangelist. 

6 Pettigrew, James, railway servant. 

8 Burgoyne, Prank Robert 

Galbraith, postman. 

10 Taylor, John. 
Cambuslea Road here. 

12 Neilson, Andrew, engine driver. 

14 M'Arthur, John, chauffeur. 

16 Baird, William Arthur, teacher. 

18 Briggs, Miss Winifred K. 

20 Love, Samuel John. 

32 Miller, John, evangelist. 

34 Chalmers, James, engineer. 

36 M'Donald, John, police sergeant. 

38 Bell, William, railway servant. 

40 Wilson, John, motorman. 

42 Campbell, Mrs. 

44 Steel, Andrew Prew, police 

46 Smith, Alexander, traveller. 

48 Halkett, George, railway fireman. 

50 Troup, Alexander, traveller. 

52 Telfer, John Smillie, civil 
-Teviot Street here. 

54 Cowan, John Ronald, butcher. 

56 Campbell, Robert, joiner. 

92 Reid, Mrs. 

94 Smith, David, engine driver. 

96 Smith, Louis, warehotiseman. 

98 Reddick, William, painter. 
100 M'Lean, William, insurance 

102 Brown, William, railway servant. 
104 Smith, John. 
106 MacArthur, Miss E. K. 
108 Cook, John, grocer. 
Paterson Street here. 

Hunter's Avenue — continued 

110 Kissell, Nathaniel, engineer. 
112 Livingstone, Duncan, traveller. 
114 Reed, Frederic G., traveller. 
116 Bailes, John F., traveller. 

Stewart Road here. 

118 M'Guigan, William, clerk. 

120 Alexander, Peter, compositor. 

122 Brunton, James, ironmonger. 

124 Lawson, Adam, machineman. 

126 Duff, William, teacher. 

128 Kay, Thomas, pilot. 

130 Gibson, Hugh, bank clerk. 

132 Anderson, William, teacher. 

134 Welsh, David, engineer. 

136 Bell, Henry, teacher. 

138 Morrison, William, tailor. 

140 Gray, George S., traveller. 

142 Rolph, George, coal salesman. 

144 Stevenson, James, engineer. 

Seaforth Road here. 

Curdy, Miss M. M'L. (Shop). 


1 Harrison, Captain R. 

3 Cowan, Robert B. 

5 Watson, Gilbert. 

7 Millar, Miss M. G. 
9 Rodger, James I. 

11 Wood, James A. 

13 Climie, Andrew. 

15 Paterson, Miss M. J. I. 

17 Miller, William. 

19 Steele, Misses. 

21 Jamieson, John C. 

23 Dietrich, Alexander O. 

25 Scott, Carl. 


29 M'Lachlan, Hugh. 

31 Spence, Major A. 


35 Ritchie, Miss E. Kerr. 

37 Ross, Mrs. 

39 Paton, Thomas M. 

41 Lockhart, Mrs. 

2 Burns, James. 

4 Menzies, Samuel. 

6 Boyd, Miss M. 

8 Nisbet, James. 

10 Lindegger. Hermann. 

12 TWEEDIE, JOHN, automobile 


14 Telfer, John. 

16 Traquair, Mrs. 

Hilary Crescent here. 

18 M'Dowall, Mrs. 

20 Hall. Mrs. 

22 Jenkins, Alexander. 

24 Douglas, Mrs. 

26 Lamont, Miss J. 



Inverkar Road — continued 
28 Duff, Mrs. 
30 Wilson, John. 
32 Kay, George. 
34 Papple, William. 
36 Brown, J. W. 
38 M'Crae, Mrs J. Guthrie. 
40 M'Donald, William M. 
42 Burns, Mrs J. 
44 Gordon, D. P. 


2-4 Murdoch, Miss A. (Girls' Club). 

6 M'Lelland, Mrs. 
8 Jackson, William. 

Elba Street here. 

St. John's Mission Church. 
14 Paterson, Walter. 

16 Gracie, Miss Mary. 
3 Crosbie, Mrs. 

Compton, James. 
Galloway, Adam. 
Gilchrist, William. 
Gospel Hall. 
Elba Street here. 

17 Paterson, Miss A. 
Tierney, Peter. 
Mathieson, D. 
Dillon, James. 
M'Bride, S. 
Tierney. Miss M. 
Quinn, James. 


1 Foulds, James M. 
7 Martin, Miss J. 
9 Wilson, John. 
M'Callum, Mrs. 

Clark, James F. 

M'Intyre, James. 

Stewart, Mrs. 
11 M 'Knight, James. 

Truesdale, Miss E. 

Currie, Ernest. 

Dun! op, Andrew. 
13 Smith, William. 

M'Millan, Douglas. 

Spiers, John. 

Wilson. George. 

Gray, Mrs. 
15 M'Knight. Mrs. 
17 Taylor, Andrew. 
19 Hendry, John. 

Benzie. John. 
21 Craik, John. 
23 Parr, James. 

John Street — continued 
25 Scott, John. 

Jamieson, Miss M. 
M'Murtrie, John. 
St. Margaret's R.C. Church. 
27 M'Hardy, J., Very Rev. Canon. 

Elba Street here. 

29 Dalton, Mrs. 
31 M'Creath, Mrs. 
,35 Christie, William. 
Paterson, Mrs. 
Wilson, Frank. 
37 Gerrand, James G. 
41 Cooper, Mrs. 
43 M'Diarmid, Mrs. 
45 Cowan, Andrew. 
49 Findlay, D., junr. 
53 Murphy, Mrs. 
57 Heffron, Thomas. 

Wallacetown North Church. 

Church Street here. 

61 Petticrew, D. C. 
63 Arnott, L. 
65 Whitehouse, S. F. 
67 M'Vicar, Miss. 

Albert Terrace here. 

69 Murdoch, Mrs. 
71 Wallace, John. 

73 Alexander, Messrs Wm., & Sons. 
Ayr Free Church. 
2 Christie, George. 
4 Sproat, Hew. 
6 Downie, William. 
8 Morrison, D. 
10 Hine, Thomas. 

Goudie, Charles. 
12 WASON, A., funeral undertaker. 
14 Hamilton, H. 
16 M'Creath, James. 
Thomson, Mrs J. 
18 Cumming, Mrs. 
20 Gibb, Robert. 
22 Hodge, John. 
Campbell, Ivie. 
Wallacetown South Church. 
26 Feggans, Mrs. 

Wallace, George. 
28 Blair, Robert. 
30 Taylor, William. 
32 Graham, Miss Mary. 
34 Gilchrist, Thomas. 
36 Smith, Misses. 
38 M'Blain, Miss S. 

Leggat, Charles D. 
40 Miller. John. 
42 Connell, Miss M. 
44 Simpson, George. 
46 Jjarmer, Robert. 
48 Clelland, Rev. Peter W. 

Turner's Bridge here. 

50 Provan, D. 



John Street -co nt inued 
Thomson, Robert. 
52 Dunlop, William. 
54 Mitchell, Mrs. 
56 Tait, James. 
58 Gilfillan, Rev. B. S. 


1 Ayrshire and Galloway Hotel. 

2 Graham, David C. 

3 Durham and Wright, Misses. 

4 and 5 Cunningham's Temperance 


6 Connell, Alexander Muir. 

7 Hess, Mrs. 

8 British Linen Bank. 


5 Mitchell, Miss Agnes, grocer. 
7 Bone, John, signalman. 

Barr, Robert, rivetter. 

Smith, Mrs Mary. 

Robertson, George, plater. 
9 Collins, Mrs Jeanie. 
11 Harvey, Mrs Margaret. 

Coulters, Thomas, labourer. 

Hood, Matthew, junr., labourer. 

Hainey, Robert, tailor. 

M'Lean, John, holder-on. 

Hendry, David, labourer. 
13 M'Callum, Wilson, grocer. 
15 Foy, Edward, labourer. 

Aitchison, Mrs H. 

Dunlop, Thomas, labourer. 

Robertson, Thomas, tailor. 
19 Hay, Mrs Susan. 

Warnock, William, ironmoulder. 

Murdoch, Samuel, labourer. 
19 Mulholland. Mrs H. 
23 M'Mahon, Francis. 
25-27 Hill Bros., Ltd., pawnbrokers. 
29 Stuart, Mervyn A., grocer. 

Wallace Street here. 

33 Dean, John, baker. 

35 PATERSON, R., & CO., LTD., 

scale manufacturers. 
41 Hay, Hugh, labourer. 

Forwell, Charles. 

Smith, James, labourer. 

Sloan, Matthew, labourer. 

Kelly, William, labourer. 
45 Davidson, James M., fish curer. 
53 Kelly, Patrick. 
57 Workmen's Dwellings. 

Limond's Wynd here. 

59 Smith. Mrs. 

61 Strickland, Daniel, grocer. 
63 Templeton, Thomas, dairyman. 
65 Front Buildings. 

King Street — continued 

1 M'Kenna, James. 

2 M'Ghie, Mrs. 

3 Mason, John. 

4 Tait, William, miner. 

5 Greenwood, John, baker. 

6 Irvine, Miss Elizabeth. 

7 Little, Mrs. 

8 Kennedy, Hugh. 

9 Goudie, Thomas, labourer. 

10 Shaw, William, tinsmith. 

11 Morrison, George. 

12 Rodger, John, labourer. 

13 Kennedy, Hugh. 

14 Cameron, Mrs. 

15 Clark, James, miner. 

16 Morrison, James, labourer. 
67 Coffer, Mrs. 

69 Greenwood, Alexander. 
71 Sproat, Mrs. 
77 and 79 Caldwell, Mrs 
81 Anderson, Mrs. 

Grant, Peter, shoemaker. 

M'Millan, John, joiner. 

M'Cartney, Misses. 

Bell, Mrs. 

Holland, Charles, storeman. 

White, Mrs. 

Beattie, James. 

Ritchie, Mrs. 

Crichton, William, coal salesman, 

Shields, Joseph. 
83 M'Millan, Thomas, painter. 
87 Kennedy, Alexander, mason. 

Frew, Charles, painter. 
89 Montgomerie, Thomas, ship's 

Fisher, George, joiner. 

Reid, Joseph, miner. 

Coils, John, ship's carpenter. 

Watson, David, miner. 
91 Fisher, Thomas. 
93 Gowans, James, miner. 

M'Millan, John, labourer. 

Gibson, Hugh, labourer. 

Davis, Patrick, labourer. 
95 M'Kenna, William, drover. 
95a Martin, Alexander T. 
97 Kennedy, Alexander, shoemaker.. 
99 M'Kenzie, William, painter. 

Young, George, painter. 
101 Smillie, John, clerk. 
103 Gibb, Miss Margaret H. W. R. 
Church Place. 
4 Lamb, John, joiner. 

Campbell, Neil. 

Beale, George N., salesman. 

Coyle, Mrs. 
6 Dunbar, Alexander, plumber. 

Findlay, James, dealer. 

Wilson, George, traveller. 



King Street — Continued. 

G-eorge, Robert A., miner. 
8 Warnock, Andrew, labourer. 
Sime, Mrs Lizzie. 
Guthrie, James, blacksmith. 
M'Farlane, James, grocer. 

Garden Street here. 

13 Landsburgh, David, mason. 
20 Hendry, James, labourer. 
Winters, William, labourer. 
Clancy, Mrs Jane. 
Dunlop, John, coal trimmer. 
22 Christie, James, carter. 
24 Wyllie, Robert, labourer. 
Cree, John, skinner. 
Young, Robert, labourer. 
M'Miilan, James, plumber. 
26 Paton, Thomas. 
30 Manson, Mrs Elizabeth. 
Young, James M., baker. 
MAllister, Hugh, labourer. 
Telfer, Andrew, fireman. 

Wallace Street here. 

34 Steele, Charles. 
Wade, William. 
36 and 33 Fullarton, Mrs. 
40 M'Mahon, Patrick. 

Thomson, A. 
50 M'Mahon, James. 
52 M'Mahon, Mrs. 
54 Wilson, William. 
Reid, Thomas. 
Kelly, James. 
Murdoch. John. 
56 M'Gill, Miss E. 
58 Mellon, William P. 
M'Kie, Mrs. 
M'Neillie, S. 
Chalmers, Thomas. 
M'Kelvie, John. 
Cavannah, John. 
Paton. William. 
M'Gill, Miss. 
Murphy, Robert. 
Bryson, James. 
Kelly, Henry. 
M'Ginn, Francis. 
60 Conlan, Mrs. 
62 Kelly. John. 
74 Mancini. A. 

Limond's Wynd here. 

76 Kelso, Robert. 

Stewart. Neil L. 
78 and 80 Penwick, Miss H. M. 
84 Conkie. Mrs. 
■86 Bell, Thomas. 
Morrison, Mrs. 
Kelly, Daniel. 
Christie, Hugh. 
Hunter, John. 
Scott, William. 

King Street— continued 
88 Rae, James. 
96 Campbell, John. 
Osborne, Mrs. 
Sawers, John. 
Gage, William. 
Russell, James. 
38 Young, James. 
98 M'Cracken, E. 
White, John. 
Doolan, Mrs. 
Duffy, Mrs. 
Rodger, Robert. 
Russell, A. 
White, William. 
Sproat, Mrs. 
100 Ross, Robert. 
102 M'Mahon, Patrick. 
104 Doolan, Peter. 
106 Clark, Joseph. 
108 Coid, Mrs. 
110 Doolan, Mrs. 
Young, Thomas. 
Bell, James. 
Frew, Peter. 
Frew, Thomas. 
Irvine, Robert. 
M'Pade, Charles. 
112 Quaite, George. 
114 Reid, Alexander. 
Callaghan, D. 
M'Gregor, D. 
Aitken, Alexander. 
116 O'Kane, John. 
Mathieson, John. 
Brady, John. 
Taylor, William G. 


1 M'Fadzean, David J., milk 

3 Young, Miss J. B., teacher. 
5 Robson, James, locomotive fire- 
7 Ross, William H. 
9 Girvan, Walter M., postman. 
11 M'Bride, Thomas S., storeman. 

13 Lindsay, John M., baker. 
15 Devoy, William M. 

17 Reid, George P. 

21 Grant, Mrs Maggie, nurse. 

2 Hill, Alexander, post office 

Ayr Free Church (Continuing). 

14 Bruce, John, salesman. 
I 16 Kerr, Robert, butcher. 




7 Glen, Charles, coachman. 
Hyslop, Miss. 

Bruce, Thomas, upholsterer. 
Gardiner, Peter M'G., dentist. 
Sorley, William. 
Jamieson, Hugh. 
Old Church of St. John the 
14 M'Bride, Mrs Margaret. 
Auld, Mrs Janet. 
Kilgour, Mrs Elizabeth. 

10 Baillie, William W., joiner. 
Thomson, Daniel, groom. 
Paxton, Miss Catherine. 
2 Dickson, Mrs Jeanie. 


1 Harris, Mrs M. 
Gunning, John M. 
Johnston, Mrs. 
Austin, Joseph M'P. 
5 Bryan, Mrs. 
7 Bryan, Mrs M., Victoria 
Temperance Hotel. 
9-11 Cunningham, John, Kyle 
11a Richmond Park Laundry Co., 

13 Bell, E. A., & Co. 
13a Mills, Misses C. & M. 

15 Paton, William, & Sons, Ltd. 
17 MacLean, Mrs M. 
19 M'Connell, John. 

Jamieson, Miss A. C. H. 
Lyon, Alexander. 
M'Connell, John, junr. 
21 Ryley, Arthur E. 
25 Strachan, Robert. 
27 Public Assistance Department. 

(Corporation of Ayr). 
29 Morrison, Thomas. 
31 Morrison, John J. 
Lambie, Miss Grace. 
Kelly, Hugh. 
Bell, David. 
Skinner, David. 
Wilcox, David. 
33-35 M'Connell, Hugh. 
39 Neil, Fred. 

Kyle Street — continued 
41 Terras, Maxwell. 

Rae. Miss M. 
Millar, John. 

Cameron, Mrs. 
43 Fernie, Miss J. 
45 Murray, John. 
51 Locke, William C. 

Love, Mrs. 

Currie, Robert. 

Martin, William. 

Kennedy, Mrs. 

Clark, Mrs. 

M'Murtrie, Gilbert. 

Kennedy, James. 

M'Adam, William. 
55 Paton, Andrew. 
57 Miller, Miss A. 
59 M'Connell, Andrew. 

Skelly, Mrs. 

Stevenson, Samuel. 

Hood, Mrs. 

Crawford, Joseph. 

Salotti, Andrew. 

Austin, John. 

Mack, Robert. 

Speirs, William. 
63 M'Murtrie, J., & Son. 
65-67 British Legion Hall. 
67a Cooper, Waistel, & Co., Ltd. 
69 M'Gill & Smith, Ltd. 

2 Macara, Thomas D. 
4 Rossi, Micbele. 
4J* Maitland, Robert. 
6 Hood, James. 
M'Donald, Mrs. 
Quinn, William. 
Bain, Harold. 
Clark, James. 
Wallace. Miss M. 
8 M'Millan, Matthew. 
10 Wilson. George. 

12 and 14 Brown, Mrs. 
14 Macara, Thomas D. 

16 M'Lean, Mrs I. 
18 Miller, Robert. 
Smith, Mrs. 
Leslie, Gilbert. 
Mori and, Charles. 
Warnock, Mrs J. 
Brown, John. 
Aitchison, Mrs. 
20 M'Turk, Mrs. 
22 Morrison, John. 
24 Staines, William. 
28 Cameron, John. 
M'Lean, Henry. 
Hoggans, Mrs. 
Hunter, Maitland. 



Kyle Street — Continued. 

Cloy, William. 

Alexander, Alexander. 

Walters, Evan. 

Cameron, Robert W. 

Goudie, William. 

Cameron, John A. 

Duncan, Mrs. 

Wason, Alexander, junr. 

Scott, John. 
30 Balfour, James. 

Wilkie, William. 

Brown, Thomas. 

Wilson, John. 

Kelly, John. 

M'Cardle, William A. 
32 Kelly, Mrs M. 
32 and 34 Harvey, George H. 
36 M'Gill & Smith (Store). 
38 Kerr. George, & Son. 
38^ Salotti, Miss Ina. 
40 Rock, Mrs J. 
42 Bone, James. 

M'Gill, George. 

Girvan, Miss M. 
44 Seymour, John. 

Kerr, James. 

Tavendale, James. 

Wyllie, Miss I. 
46 Milligan, D. and J. 
48 Maxwell, Alexander. 

Smith, William. 

Lucas, John P. 

Dickson, James. 
48 Ferguson, Mrs. 
50 Donald, Mrs M. 
52 Cowan, Mrs. 

Shields. John. 

Morland, Frank. 
54 Phillips. James. 

Rillie, Hugh. 

Ward, James. 

56 Chambers, Bros. 

58 Betts, Frank. 


2 BELL, HENRY, chemist. 
4 Ferguson, John, timber 

6 Brown, Archibald E. B., baker. 
8 M'Gregor, Hugh D., house 

10 Stevenson. Allan, retired. 
12 Arthur, Peter Duncan. 
14 Gibson, James. 
16 Robertson, William. 
18 Corrigan, John, locomotive 

engine driver. 
20 Gray, Miss Mary, stationer and 

Lansclowne Road — continued 

22 Findlay, Alexander, bricklayer. 
24 Ewing, John, contractor. 

26 M'Janet, Mrs Jessie. 
28 Baillie, William W. 
30 Sommerville, George, railway 
1 Dunlop, Mrs Jeanie. 
3 Robb, Misses. 
5 Martin, William, draper. 
7 Foggo, William, electrical 

9 HAMILTON, CECIL A., engineer. 
11 Limond, Robert. 
13 Hutchison, Robert W., builder. 

15 Lawrie, Alexander. (Dairy). 
17 Lawrie, Alexander. 


1 Rowan, Hugh. 

3 M'Pherson, John. 

5 Rae, James, miner. 
7 Craig, James, baker. 

9 M'Kenzie, James, moulder. 
11 Brown, Mrs. 
13 Holmes, Mrs. 
15 Kerr, Robert, dustman. 
17 Gray, Samuel, labourer. 
19 Johnston, Andrew, slater. 
21 Devlin, John, fish salesman. 

23 Campbell, John. 


Tain's Brig Sawmills, Ltd., 
timber merchants. (Sawmill, 
office, and timber yard). 
Kelly, Robert. 
Kerr, David. 

Cardie, Samuel, carpet weaver. 
Carey, John & Robert, aerated 
water manufacturers. (Factory). 
1 M'Intosh, David, painter. 
3 Galloway, Alexander, watchmaker. 
Ayr Greyhound Stadium. 


3 Kelly, Charles. 

M'Laughlin, William. 

Muir, Oliver. 

Frew, Miss B. 

Murphy, Alex. 

Johnston, Robert. 

Ramage, James. 

Kerr, Hugh. 
5 M'Murtrie, D. 
7 M'Kinstray, James. 


Limond's Wynd — continued 

7 Robertson, Robert. 
M'Murtrie, John. 

Watson, Miss M. 

9 Logan, W. 

11 Law. Charles B. 
4 Dodds, Barclay. 
6 Tjaing, John. 
€ M'Laren, William. 

Jess, John. 

Young, Samuel. 

8 Poster, William. 

10 M'Nulty, A. 
10 Bell, James. 

Scott, John. 

Thorburn, Robert. 

Cooper, James. 

Dempsey, Arthur. 

Hetherington, Mrs. 
12 Hamilton, M. 
12 Kelly, Peter. 

Little, Thomas. 

Redmond, Mrs. 

Tait, James. 
14-16 Wooden Kirk Mission Hall. 


4 Stevenson. Robert, joiner. 
4 Hunter, William. 

Smith, Alexander 

Downie, John. 

Hodge, Joseph. 

George, Andrew. 
4 Pettigrew, Mrs. 

M'Kinlay, Alexander. 
6 Findlay," Hugh O., grocer. 
6 Fleming, Miss Mary. 

Atkinson, Miss A. L. 

M'Intyre, William. 

Martin, William. 

M'Turk, John. 

Ricketts, Mrs. 


2 Lochside Nursery. Farrell, 

12 Hunter, William, bricklayer. 
14 Caddis, John, labourer. 
16 Cuthbert, Frederick, miner. 
18 King, Frederick, lamplighter. 
20 Nicol, Hugh, carpenter. 
22 Campbell, James, railwayman. 
24 Hay, Thomas, porter. 
26 Taylor, William, electric worker. 
28 Scott, John, welder. 
30 Main, James, seaman. 
32 Hill, Henry, miner. 
34 Cope, James, labourer. 

Lochside Road — continued 

36 Bulloch, James, labourer. 

38 Smith, Samuel, miner. 

40 Clark, James, miner. 

42 Milroy, James, baker. 

44 Agnew, James, mason. 

46 Conkie, John, carter. 

48 Henderson, Mrs. 

50 Couttie, John, carter. 

52 M'Cracken, Thomas, craneman. 

54 Sears, Thomas, labourer. 

56 Bryan, John, railway guard. 

58 M'Callum, Duncan, hairdresser. 

60 Ritchie, George, policeman. 

62 Plain, Robert, painter. 

64 Law, James, docker. 

66 Crossan, Neil, labourer. 

68 Brogan, Hugh, craneman. 

70 Reid, John, roadman. 
Murdoch, Mrs. 

1 Watson, Robert, dairyman. 

3 Frater, William, greenkeeper. 

5 Hamilton, Edward, carter. 

7 Lawson, Allan, labourer. 

9 Bissett, Andrew, labourer. 
11 Campbell, John, labourer. 
13 Turner, James, labourer. 
15 M'Cleary, Allan, labourer. 
17 Hunter, James, blacksmith. 
19 M'Millan, George, lahourer. 
21 Brown, James, painter. 
23 Donaldson, Mrs. 
25 Graham, Ivy, labourer. 
27 Riddex, Mrs. 
29 Morrison, Thomas, fireman. 
31 Kerr, Andrew, labourer. 
33 Agnew, Mrs. 
35 Yates, James, labourer. 

37 Osborne, Samuel, labourer. 

39 Cameron, Duncan, labourer. 

41 Campbell, William, miner. 

43 M'Lean, Mrs. 

45 Steel, William. 

47 Owens, Thomas, labourer. 

49 Adair, Thomas, labourer. 

51 Fullarton, William, labourer. 

53 Clifford, Stewart, labourer. 

55 Craig, Peter, miner. 

57 Wight, Hush, labourer. 

59 Easton, William, joiner. 

61 Scott, James, plumber. 

63 Davidson, James, labourer. 

65 M'Geachie, David. 

67 Brodie, Alexander, stamp worker. 

69 Diamond, John, labourer. 

71 Rarity, David, labourer. 

73 Cunningham, Angus, shipyard 

75 Haymarch, James, sawyer. 
77 Wilson, James, stableman. 
79 Sargent, John, fireman. 



Lochside Road— continued 

81 Stevenson, John, coal weigher. 

83 Mxon, Thomas, cabinetmaker. 

85 Wilson, George, fireman. 

87 Ross, William, carter. 

89 M'Clelland, George, labourer. 

91 Agnew, Robert, labourer. 

93 M'Cracken, William, baker. 

95 Bloy, Alfred, labourer. 

97 Quinn, Blaney, fireman. 

99 Houston, David, miner. 
101 M'Ginlay, Francis, drainer. 
103 Summers, James, seaman. 
105 Reilley, Michael, labourer. 
107 M'Intosh, James, labourer'. 
109 Shields, Robert, tailor. 
Ill Fisher, Thomas, sawyer. 
113 Gibson, James, miner. 
115 Corbett, David, miner. 
117 White, William, labourer. 
West Sanquhar Farm. Bone, Wm. 
South Sanquhar Farm. Adam, Wm., 


Chelston. Reid, James G. 
Ravelston. Bell, Edwin A. 
Strona. Corbett, William S. 


Southwood. Stevenson, Wm., B.Sc. 
Maybur-don. Gebbie, Mrs A. R. 
Norland. Home, Rev. John, 

F.S.A. (Scot.). 
La Linea. M'Connell, A. M. 
Glenreoch. Moore, James. 


Newton Park H.G. School. 

69 M'Clure, John, janitor. 

67 Barr, George. 

65 Miller, Samuel, engineer. 

63 Ogilvie, George, insurance agent. 

61 Lavery, Alexander. 
■ Goschen Terrace here. 

59 Dunlop, Mrs. 

57 Davidson, Hugh, traveller. 

55 Jamieson, Miss Margaret K. 

53 Cuthbert, James, retired station- 

51 Ramage, John, gardener. 

49 Currie, Mrs. 

47 Alexander, James, police 
Britannia Place here. 

45 Cuthbert, Alexander, & Son, shoe 
Alexandria Terrace here. 

JI' Call's Avenue— continued 
43 M'Garva, Miss Margaret, grocer. 
41 Douglas, John, constable. 
39 Dick, William, engineer. 
37 Todd, Miss Wilhelmina. 
35 Bryson, Miss Mary. 
33 M'Connell, John. 
31 Milligan, John. 
29 Loudon, Mrs. 
27 M'Cutcheon, John L., baker. 

Muir, Hugh, coal trimmer. 

Middleton, James, shoemaker. 

Gibson, Robert, finisher. 
25 Smith, Alexander, 'bus driver. 

Hinde, George S., tenter. 

Marks, Michael E., draper. 

Haugh, Mrs. 
23 Dawson, James, chauffeur. 
Kirk, Francis, insurance agent. 

Gibbs, Mrs. 

Robertson, Matthew, cotton yarn 
21 Cornelius, Mts. 

M'Turk, John, engine driver. 

Kane, Mrs. 

M'Garva, Alexander, blacksmith. 
19 Mill, Mrs. 

Bryden, William, railway servant. 

Gardiner, Mrs. 

Aitken, Robert, butcher. 
17 Crichton, Mrs. 

Semple, Robert, fireman. 

Stewart, John, baker. 
Hornal, John, signalman. 
15 Landies, Hugh, hairdresser. 

Murrie, Mrs. 

M'Garva, John, engine driver. 

Ross, Patrick, baker. 
13 Hainey, Thomas B., painter. 

M'Kevitt, Mrs. 

Stewart, Miss Helen Ann. 

M'Cardle, Robert John, time- 
11 Martin, William, currier. 

Allan, Mrs. 

Maxwell, James, plasterer. 

Bryden, Thomas F., french 
9 M'Crorie, Mrs. 

Blaikie, Robert, electrician. 

Sinclair. George, tuner. 

Smith, Thomas, letter stamper. 
7 M'Garva, John, surveyor. 

Stewart, David, carpet steamer. 

Dunnachie, George, traveller. 

Gibson, Mrs. 
5 Robertson, Mrs. 

Robinson, Joseph, clerk. 

M'Lellan, James, police constable. 

Robertson, Mrs. 



M'Call's Avenue — continued 
lg Gallagher, John, 
la Irvine, Misses. 
M'Lean, Andrew, storeman. 

1 M'Geachin, William, builder, 
g M'Intosh, David, painter. 

4 Newtonhead Lye — 
Brown, Thomas, coal merchant. 
Sayers, Mrs, coal merchant. 
Ross, G. A., coal merchant. 
Mowatt, Edward, & Son, coal 

Shell Mex and B.P., Ltd. 
Riley, Robert, coal merchant. 
Hendry, William. 
6-8 Lees, Andrew, & Sons, Ltd., 
boot and shoe manufacturers. 
40-42 Gray, William C, & Sons, Ltd., 
carpet manufacturers, Newton 
Carpet Works. 
44 Earl, Mrs. 

46 Anderson, Hugh, weaver. 
48 Leckie, James, weaver. 
50 Fraser, Thomas, junr. 
52 Kay, Robert, labourer. 
54 Reid, Misses. 
56 Gerrand, Mrs. 

58 Donnelly, Patrick, storekeeper. 
60 Gibson, William, motor driver. 
62 Jordan, Albert V., manager. 
64 Maxwell, William W., postman. 
66 Cave, Charles W. 
68 Cameron, John, foreman packer. 
70 Scott, Mrs. 


2 Robertson, Archibald M. 

4 Charity Organisation Society- 
Thomas B. Gow. 
Collins, John P., Customs officer, 
6 Robertson, Archibald M. 
8 and 10 M'Rae, Thomas, spirit 

10 Kennedy, William, slater. 
12 Carnegie Public Library. 

Librarian — D. E. Edward. 
16 Aitken, William. 
16 Watson, William, rivetter. 
18-20 Smith, James, spirit merchant 
22 Mitchell, Walter, & Sons, Ltd. 
24 Martin, John, butcher. 
26 Miller, John, confectioner. 
28 Dunsmuir, Allan, storeman. 
Holmes, James, railway 

Malone, Mrs Mary. 
Miller, James. 
30 Denovan, Thomas, hairdresser. 

Main Street — continued 
32 Smith, Miss Jenny, draper. 
34 Paterson, Malcolm, butcher. 
36 Martin, William, draper. 

King Street here. 

38 Brown, Robert Alfred. 

Newton-on-Ayr Old Church. 
40 Yuill, Allan, fish and chip 

42 Mackie, John, junr., draper. 
44 Meikle, James, joiners (Office). 
46 Meikle, James (Joinery works). 
48 Calder, Alexander, plumber. 

Park, Thomas, slater. 
50-52 Paterson, David, grocer. 
54 BELL, HENRY, druggist. 
54 Gardner, Robert. 
56 M'Derment, James, tailor. 
56 M'Kechnie, Donald S., dentist. 
56 Mack, Richard, dentist. 
58 Union Bank of Scotland, Ltd. 
60 M'Connell, Mrs Margaret. 

Newton-on-Ayr New Church and 

62 M'Cluskey, Mrs C. (House). 
64 M'Cluskey, Mrs C. (Shop). 
66 Murray, Robert, baker. 
68 M'Kechnie, Mary, confectioner. 
70 Lavery, Mrs Barbara. 

Lavery, Thomas, labourer. 
Reid, Mrs Annie. 
Irvine, Charles, painter. 
Murphy, Richard, plumber. 
Peggans, Fred., builder. 
72 Kay, John H., newsagent. 
74 Coulter, William, leather cutter. 
Hamilton, Robert, groom. 
Hamilton, Andrew, motor driver. 
Dunbar, James, hairdresser. 
M'Call, William J., bricklayer. 
76 Watson, William, shoemaker. 
78 Barr Brothers. 
80 Linden, James, grocer. 
82 Linden, James. (House). 
84 Zive, Lewis, draper. (Shop 

and store). 
86 Zive, Lewis. (House). 
88 M'Connell, Hugh, grocer and 

90 Logan, George A., watchmaker. 
92 Wood, James, traveller. 

Graham, George, painter. 
94 Paterson, M., hosier. 
96 Morrison, Matthew, hatter. 
98 Gibson, Peter, junr., butcher. 

Rae, John. 
100 Rae. James J., fishmonger. 
102 Gibson, Peter, & Sons. 
104 Hannah, Miss Annie. 



Main Street — continued 

106 Kerr, Robert, rivetter. 
Woodhouse, William R., hotel 

Paterson, Miss Agnes. 
Young, Francis, hotel porter. 
Cuthbert, James, railwayman. 
PICKEN, JAMES, upholsterer. 

108 Ross, Miss Hannah, hairdresser. 
110 Galbraith. Mrs. 

112 Turners (Ayr) Ltd., public- 

Turners (Ayr) Ltd., office. 
116 Simkin, Walter, clerk. 

MacDonald, Hugh, painter. 
143 Orr, Ian. 
141 Logan, Mrs Minnie. 
139 Christie, Mrs Jane. 
137 Christie, Mrs Jane. (House). 
Martin, James, joiner. 
Conkie, John. 
Dunn, Hugh. 

Dunn, William J., gardener. 
M'Lelland, William, soldier. 
123 and 121 KILMARNOCK EQUIT- 
119 The Plymouth Brethren. (Hall). 
Geddes, Miss Helen, cook. 
Dick, Gilbert, storeman. 
Corrigan, John, labourer. 
Gibb, Mrs Mary. 
CLARK. QUINTIN, joiner. 
115 Lamb, Mrs Catherine, merchant. 

113 MacDonald, William, shoemaker 
111 Macfarlane, William, spirit 

Crown Street here. 

109 BOWMAN, ROBERT, joiner. 


107 M'Cormack, James, bricklayer. 
M'Kinnon, John, coal trimmer. 
Holland, Mrs Jane. 

105 Leman, Miss Annie. 
103 Heffron, Thomas, spirit 

101 Simpson, Harry, benchman. 

Lyon, Mrs Margaret. 

M'Ewan, Mrs Jane. 

M'Clelland. Mrs Margaret. 

Sullivan, Thomas, checkweigh- 

Main, John, carter. 

Heffron, Thomas. (Store). 

Copperauld, David. 


and plumber. 

Main Street -continued 
99 Freedman, Mrs Bessie. 
97 Whyte, Miss Jeanie. 
95 Millar, Dr Jane M., surgery. 
93 Cannon, Thomas, labourer. 
M'Millan, Alexander, labourer. 

Martin, Alexander, miner. 

Gait, Robert, labourer. 

Dykes, Alexander, blacksmith. 

Cairns, Mrs Janet. 

Paterson, James, rivetter. 

Cook, Adam, labourer. 

Kelly, James, rivetter. 

Shaw, John, motorman. 

Hughes, Arthur. 

Aitchison, Thomas, blacksmith. 

Ritchie, James, labourer. 

Lawson, John, labourer. 

Brown, James, carter. 

Kelly, James, rivetter. 

Morrison, Matthew, tailor. 
91 Cowan, John, flesher. 
89 Law & Co. 

87 Morrison, Matthew, tailor. 
85 Fraser, William, grocer. 
83 Aitchison, Joseph, motor driver. 

Morrison, Miss Margaret. 

Paton, John, baker. 

Graham, James, labourer. 

Taylor, James, gas manager. 

Wyllie, Thomas, labourer. 

Falconer, Mrs Jessie. 

Cochrane, Andrew, coach 

Graham, James, lamplighter. 

Findlay, John, carter. 

Murray, Alexander. 
81 Hutchison, Charles C, dry 

goods merchant. 
79 Anderson, M. & F. 
77 M'Kelvie. Miss Agnes. 
75 Stewart, William, lather. 

Neil, Alexander, painter. 

Gemmell, William, coal trimmer. 

Gemmell, George, pit worker. 

Andrew, James, fireman. 

Gallacher. Jerimiah. 

Stewart, Robert, rivetter. 

Gillan, John, waterman. 

M'Cabe, Mrs Jeanie. 
73 M'Kelvie, Archibald. 
69-71 Picken, Andrew, butcher. 
67 Knight, Thomas, manager. 

63 Piper. Mrs Elizabeth, grocer. 

M'CaT!um, Alexander, painter. 

Lennox, Samuel B., motorman. 

Cochrane, Andrew, boilermaker. 

M'Harg, James, junr. 



Main Street — Co7itinued. 
63 M'Connell, Oswald, joiner. 
Barrowman, Mrs Lily. 
Fraser, George, skinner. 
Ferguson, Mrs Margaret. 
Stark, William, firewood 

M'Farlane, Mrs Susan. 
Neill, Robert, carpenter. 
fruiterer. (Store) 
61 M'CULLOCH, ROBERT. (Shop). 
59 Singer Sewing Machine Co., Ltd. 
57a " Radio." 

53 M'Coll, R. S., Ltd., confectioners 
51 Young, James, labourer. 
Patterson, William, rivetter. 
Clement, Robert, gardener. 
Gibb, William, painter. 
White, George, miner. 
49 Macfarlane, Robert A., news- 
47 Piper, Mrs Elizabeth, grocer. 
45 Calder, William, checker. 
M'Millan, William, labourer. 
Kelso, James. 
Agnew, William. 
43 Greenlees & Sons, boot and shoe 

41 Gibb, Elias, tailor. 

Spence, Thomas, miner. 
Gibb, Miss Helen. 

S Lennox, William, moulder. 

Corbett, John, miner. 
39 M'Cluskey, William S., furniture 
37-35 M'Cluskey, Patrick. (Saloon) 
33 Hood, John A., goods guard. 
33 Waugh, Mrs Margaret. 
31 Filippi, Simon, confectioner. 
29 Newton Welding Company. 
27 Mackie, William, carter. 
Bell, Mrs Agnes. 
Hannah, Mrs Helen. 
Boyes, Mrs Elizabeth. 
Agnew, Mrs Margaret. 
Rowan, William. 
Cook, David. 

Laurie, James, motor driver. 
25 M'Cluskey, P. 

23 Gibson, W. & D., confectioners 
21 M'Connell, Mrs Eliza. 
Chapman, Percy J. V.- 
19 Gaw, William, painter. 
17 Gaw, William. 
15 Vacant. 

13 Russell, William, chauffeur. 
Graham, Mrs Elizabeth. 
Austin, Mrs Margaret. 
Dean, John, baker. 

Main Street — continued 
11 New Zealand Lamb Shop. 

9 Robertson, Mrs Jessie. 

9 Robertson, Robert S., & Sons. 

9a Cooper, Waistel, newsagent. 
7 Dow & Newlands, Misses, 

5 Welsh, Alastair Adam, 


3 Sawyers, James, baker. 

1 Turner, James W., public-house. 
Darlington Church. 


1 Rosie, Andrew N., surveyor. 
3 Semple, Charles, baker. 

5 Butler, William H., P.C.C. 


7 Dunn, Alexander. 

9 Donaldson, William, waiter. 
11 M'Cormick, John, engine driver. 

13 Steele, Miss Jean F. H., teacher. 

15 Morrison, Gordon S., manager. 

17 Allan, William, joiner. 

19 M'Garva, Hector, P.O. clerk. 

21 Kennedy, John, traveller. 

23 M'Arthur, Mrs Annie. 

25 Currie, Mrs Barbara. 

27 Bicker, Peter, beamer. 

29 White, Robert, bricklayer. 

31 M'Kelvie, James, labourer. 

33 Hume, Robert, baker. 

35 Sutherland, Ernest, hairdresser. 

37 "Vincent, Robert, caretaker. 

39 Muir, Gavin, butcher. 

41 Wilson, George, shoemaker. 
43 Stevenson, Mrs Mary. 

2 Wyllie, William, storekeeper. 

4 Gilchrist, Thomas, baker. 

6 Wilson, Hugh, engine driver. 

8 M'Pherson, Peter, coal trimmer. 

10 Bruce, Robert, traveller. 

12 Vallance, James, relief agent. 

14 Grant, Thomas H., motor driver. 

16 Morrison, James. 

18 Gilchrist, Robert, postal clerk. 

20 Shaw, Robert, constable. 

22 Watt, William D., clerk. 

24 Monnickendam, Douglas, 


26 Girvan, John, electrician. 

28 M'Connell, Hans, traveller. 

30 Pollock, John, insurance agent. 

32 Hunter, John, coal trimmer. 

34 Halliday, Joseph, draper. 

36 Tyre, John, insurance agent. 

38 Emslie, Duncan, telephone 


40 Botterill, Darrell B., shoemaker. 



Marchfield Quadrant — continued 
42 Cameron, Charles, fitter. 
44 Weir, Thomas, clerk. 
46 M'Cubbin, Herbert, clerk. 
48 Kay, Thomas, mechanic. 
50 Gray, Kenneth C, clerk. 
52 Fisher, Robert, bootmaker. 
54 Welsh, Mrs Mary. 
56 Glen, Andrew, plasterer. 
58 Cowan, Robert, gardener. 
60 M'Cracken, James, labourer. 
62 Clacker, Miss C, nurse. 
64 M'llloney, John, roadman. 
66 Furlong, Robert, teacher. 
68 Bone, George, traveller. 
70 Graham, Robert H., police 

72 Allardyce, William, retired. 
74 Browning, John, railway fireman 
76 M'Robert, Mrs C. 
78 King, Mrs Elizabeth. 
80 Neilson, Mrs Mary. 
82 Russell, Donald, saddler. 
84 Miller, James, pilot. 
86 Cook, Donald R., engineer. 
88 Smith, George, mechanic. 


1 Shaw, Mrs C. 

3 Wyllie, James, joiner. 
5 Morison, Mrs Janet. 

7 Spenee, Mrs Elizabeth. 

9 Eorepont, Edward, builder. 

11 Reid, James Paterson, engineer. 


15 Wallace, James E., teacher. 

17 M'Callum, Miss Mary. 

19 Wyllie, Miss Agnes. 

2 Duncan, William, stamp worker. 

4 Brawley, James, weaver. 

. 6 Tennant, James, coal trimmer. 

8 Thomson, Mrs Jessie. 

10 Steele, Robert, railway shunter. 

12 Kilgour, John, engineer. 

14 Sproat, James, retired fireman. 

16 M'Call, Gilbert, railway checker. 
- — Young Street here. 

18 M'Crindle, Mrs Janet. 

20 Wilson, Thomas, retired. 
22 Wilson, Mrs Mary. 

24 Brown, Joseph, superintendent. 
26 Burgess, Matthew B. 
28 Muir, Andrew. 
30 King, Thomas, labourer. 
32 Harrison, Robert R., clerk. 
34 Strathern, John R., clerk. 
36 Calderwood, Andrew Y., joiner. 
38 Berry, Mrs Isabella. 
40 Baxter, Miss Margaret, violinist. 

Marchfield Road — continued 
42 Hay, James, football manager. 
44 Simpson, Robert. 


1 Tennant, Miss Janet. 

3 Latta, John. 

5 Ford, Archibald. 

7 TURNER, WILLIAM, of Turners 
(Ayr) Ltd. 

9 Watson, Thomas M. 
11 M'Innes, Charles. 
19 Paton, Robert W. 
21 Hawthorn, Mrs. 
23 Kerr, James. 
25 Alexander, Mrs. 
29 Smiley, Mrs. 
31 Murray, John. 
35 Marshall, Alexander. 
37 Robertson, John W. 
39 Dunlop, Mrs. 
39 M'Intosh, John, gardener. 

2 Clarke, Joseph P. 

4 Paton, Miss Jean F. 


9 Smith, Malcolm. 
11 Muir, Gilbert. 
21 Sloan, Miss. 
23 Jackson, Mrs Isa. 
25 Salomons, Mrs. 
27 Ganley, James, commercial 

29 Dunlop, William R. 
31 Armer, Douglas. 
Annfield Cottage. Brown, John, 

assistant inspector, P.O. 

C. L. 

Carnegie & Sons. 
Annfield House. Drummond, A. 
Auchenhpe Villa. Glen. James M\ 

Dunn, Mrs Jane. 
Burnbank. Halbert, Hugh. 
Burnbank. Hewitt, Miss Margaret. 
Burnbank. Rae, John. 
Finnickland Farm Callan, Mrs. 
Sunnvbra.e. Carnegie, Miss Isa. 
SPOTTTSWOOD. Carnegie, James 

W., nurseryman. 

GLEN. Carnegie, David. 
Woodvale. Dunlop, Mrs Jessie. 
Earnscliff. Crockett, George W. 



Maybole Road — continued 
2 M'Dougall, Miss Margaret. 
4 Barr, Nathaniel, baker. 

6 Allan, Robert M., draughtsman. 

8 Gemmell, Robert. 

10 Hood, Mrs Margaret. 
12 Gray, Miss Isa. 

14 Bry'den, Robert, artist. 

16 Thomson, John, gardener. 

18 Burnett, John R., pipe fitter. 
.20 Torrance, George, junr. 


1 Muir, George K. 

7 Chapel, John M. M. 

9 Forbes, Alexander. 
11 Aitken, Hugh. 

(of Ben Popplewell & Sons). 

15 Paterson, John D. 


(of M'Gilvray & M'Culloch). 

19 Gray, Misses. 

— Bellevue Road here. 

21 Taylor, Miss Margaret H. 

23 Grant, Mrs. 

25 Cuthbert, Mrs. 

27 Paterson, Alexander, junr. 

29 Robb, Thomas L. 
— Springvale Road here. 

31 M'Neill, Mrs. 

(of Dickie. Paterson & 
Rid dick). 
— Springvale Park and Ronaldshaw 
Park here. 

45 Smith. Mrs. 


49 Heron, George. 

51 Bayne, Mrs. 

53 Hoeg, William. 
Wattfield Road here. 

55 Ball, Edmund Bruce. 

57 Smith, Frederick S. 
South Park Road here. 

59 Wyllie, Mrs. 

61 Railton. John J. 

63 Hay, John. 

65 Cowan, Misses. 
Victoria Park heTe. 

67 Green, Hugh, gardener. 

2 Ayr Grammar School. 
2a Pindlav, William. 

4 Camobell, Mrs. 
6 M'Millan, Mrs. 

8 Bain, Miss Janet. 
10 Prineile, John. 

12 Hunter, Mrs. 

16 Hunter, Misses. 

18 White, Anthony C. 

Midton Road — continued 

20 Spiers, Misses. 
22 Milligan, Misses. 
— Carrick Park here. 
Trinity Church of Scotland. 
30 Hood, Miss T. 
32 Morrison, Mrs. 
34 Miller, William. 

36 Gallaher, Miss H. 
38 Sturgeon, Robert. 
38 Fergusson, William. 

38 Sturgeon, James. 

40 M'Cartney, Miss Elizabeth. 
42 Southey, Mrs. 

- — Carrick Avenue here. 

50 M'Gill, James. 

52 Millar, James. 

54 Kennedy, Major Gordon R. T. 
— Broomfield Road here. 

56 Gibson, Mrs. 


60-62 Templeton, James A. 

62 Halliday, Matthew, gardener. 

62 Tait, John, chauffeur. 

64 Gray, Andrew J. 

64 Dunlop, William, gardener. 


Ross. William. 

Gribben, Robert. 

Reid, David H. & Frank. 


1 Wood, George, hairdresser. 
5 Wood, Robert M., grocer. 
7 Corrance, George, shoemaker. 

37 M'Knight, Hugh. 
37 Bell, John. 

37 Macaulay, Mrs Jean. 

37 Kevan, John. 

37 Hunter, James. 

37 M'Garry, Peter. 

37 M'Oracken, Joseph. 

37 Craig. Robert. 

37 Christie, Hueh. 

37 Gourlav, Thomas. 

37 Hunter, Walter T. 

39 Macaulay. Mrs Jean. 

41 WESTC0N LTD. (Stores and 


41 Millar, George D., cabinet- 
— Turner's Bridge here. 

45 Cooper, Thomas. 

45 Davies, John. 

45 Auld, John, senr. 

45 M'Cracken,' John. 

45 Taylor, James. 

45 Stewart, William. 



Mill Street — continued 
51 Capperall, Ellen. 
51 Storrie, William. 
51 Kerr, Mrs M. 
53 Dickson, John. 
53 Shaw, Mrs M. 
53 Kerr, Peter. 
53 Storrie, William. 
55 M'Gawn, Thomas. 
55 Watson, James. 
55 Pollock, Mrs. 
55 Boyd, Montgomerie. 
55 Easdale, William. 
55 M'Cracken, John. 
57 Hewitson, George. 
57 M'Laughlan, William. 
59 Craig, Eobert. 
61 Jamieson, John. 
63 Murdoch, Miss A. 
65 Robinson, Mrs J. 
65 M'Intyre, Edward. 
65 Taylor, Mrs M. 
65 Russell, Thomas. 
65 Hay, Mrs Janet. 
65 Shields, Robert. 
67 Dingwall, James. 
67 Barr, Mrs. 
67 Kean, Miss. 
67 Aird, William. 
69 M'Connell, David. 
69 Piper, Mrs. 
75 Main, Mrs. 
75 Cross, Miss Helen. 
81 Bruce, David. 
81 Robertson, William C. 
81 Murray, Thomas, & Sons. 
83 Park, Samuel. 
83 Brown, Angus. 
83 Henderson, Mrs. 
83 Bentham, Mrs S. 
83 Wilson, Mrs. 
83 Smith, Frederick. 
87 Robertson, John. 
91 Smith, John. 
93 Dickson, Mrs. 
95 Pairley, Alex. 

95 Forrest, William, & Son, Ltd. 
97 M'Quiston, William. 

6 Andreucci, Austin. 

8 Andreucci, Robert. 
10 Andreucci, Miss J. 
12 Burns, William. 
12 Scott, Miss F. M. 
12 Johnstone, James B. 
12 Crombie, John. 
14 Millisran, William. 
16 M'Kelvie, John. 
16 Sinclair, Alex. 
16 Clelland, Mrs. 
18 Cole, Mrs. 

Mill Street — continued 
18 Graham, Donald B. 
18 Smith, Miss M. 
18 Sanders, Thomas. 
20 Fairlie, James. 
22 Smillie, John. 
22 Campbell, Frank. 
22 Thomson, Mrs. 
22 Borland, Mrs. 
24 Lupetti, Alexandre 
26 Cathcart, Hugh. 
28 Dougan, William. 
28 Dickie, James. 
28 Lupetti, Alex. 
28 Dougan, William. 
28 Plane, Mrs. 
28 Hunter, Hugh. 
28 Jamieson, Mrs. 
28 M'Kelvie, William. 
28 Armstrong, Mrs. 
30 M'Croskie, John. 
32 M'lloney, Israel. 
34 Wilson, James. 
36 Galloway, Miss E. 
42 M'Creadie, Mrs. 
44 Moravian Church. 
46 M 'Bride, James. 
46 Cooney, Michael. 
46 Slater, Robert. 
46 M'Creadie, William. 
46 Collins, Mrs. 
48 Garrett, William. 
48 Baird, John. 
50 Halkett, William. 
50 Main, Robert. 
50 M'Kinnon, Hugh. 
52 Smellie, Mrs. 
54 Martin, Mrs. 
54 Lewis, Robert. 
54 Gibson, Arthur. 
54 Carlyle, John. 
54 M'Kinnon, David. 
56 M'Kissock, Mrs. 
56 Hamilton, Frank. 
56 Sinclair, Mrs. 
56 M'Dowall, James. 
58 Smith, William. 
58 Harvey, Albert. 
58 Henderson, John. 
58 Lawson, Mrs. 
58 Carruthers, Mrs. 
58 Hamilton, Alex. 
60 Neill, Daniel. 
60 Jardine, Robert. 
60 Paton, John. 
60 Brotherston, William. 
62 Burgoyne. Mrs. 
62 Oeilvie, James. 
62 M'Kissock, William. 
62 Corrance, Mrs. 



Mill Street — eontinued 
62 Simpson, George. 
64 Corrance, George, junr. 
66 Thomson, Samuel. 
66 Smith, Mrs. 
66 Canning, William. 
66 Sproat, Robert. 
68 French, James. 
68 M'Connell, William J. 
68 Monaghan, John. 
68 M 'Robert, Hugh. 
68 M'Mahon, Alex. 
68 Parker, Norman. 
68 Thomson, Mrs. 
•68 Ross, Miss S. 
68 Clement, William. 
70 Dalziel, Alex. 
70 Bowman, James. 
70 Greer, Mrs. 
70 Robertson, Andrew. 
72 Gilmour, Ambrose. 
72 Harrison, Arthur. 
72 Meikle, James. 
72 Millett, Charles E. 
72 Russell, John. 
72 Jowett, Ernest. 
72 Stewart, Robert. 
72 M'Creadie, Robert S. 
74-76 Templeton, James, & Sons, 

78 Hardie, Thomas A. 
78 Neil, Fred. K. 
80-84 Beebee, Harry, & Co. 
88 Murray, Thomas, & Sons. 
90 Henry, Angus. 
90 Crockart, Alex. 
90 Clark, John. 
90 M'Andrew, John. 
90 Haddow, Gabriel. 
90 Nairn, Miss J. 


1 Cameron, Miss E. S. 

3 Campbell, Aneais B. A. 


5a Anderson, Alfred J. 

7 Duncan, Mrs. 

9 Smith, David. 

13 Loean, Rev. Innes. 
15 Cameron, Rev. Robert T. 
17 Greer, Rev. Samuel. 
19 Gillespie, John, L.D.S. 
21 Tockhart, Mrs. 
23 M'Grory, James. 
25 Goudie, James H. 
27 Raeside, Robert H. 
29 Harvey, Mrs. 
31 Coats." George M. 
33 Sinclair, W. N. 

Miller Road — continued 

35 Maeaulay, Mrs. 


39 Robertson, Mrs. 
41 Ramsay, Mrs. 
43 Money, Andrew. 

2 Lamb, James. 

4 Lusk, James. 

6 Thomson, Miss Jessie. 

8 Campbell, Miss Jessie B. 
10 Henderson, James. 
12 Harvey, William. 
J 4 Wilson, Mrs. 
16 Dudgeon, Miss E. B. 
18 Martin, Miss J. C. 
20 Rice, Mrs. 
22 Murray, Mrs. 
24 Williamson, James. 

28 Wyllie, Miss Agnes. 
30 Templeton, Miss Charlotte J. 
30 Mackenzie, Mrs. 
32 Inglis, Dr. Anthony. 
— Barns Crescent here. 
34 Wilson, Miss Katharine M. 

36 Jackson, Robert. 


1 Sunter, Mrs Agnes. 

2 Parker, Luther, Waste Mer- 


3 M'Call, Misses. 

4 Thomson, Andrew M. 

5 Murdoch, Rev. David A., B.D. 

6 Rainie, Miss J. A. C. 

7 GOULD, JAMES R., Junr. 

8 M'Clure, John, photographic 

supplv merchant. 

9 WILLS,' JAMES (of Afflecks, 


10 Howie, James E., public 

assistance officer. 

11 Austin, Mrs Mary. 

12 Freeman, Albert, salesman. 

13 Stewart, Alexander, clerk. 

14 Harbison, John H. 

15 Mackay, Matthew, laundry 


16 Auld, William L., grocer. 

17 M'Intosh, George, grocer. 

18 Wishart, Hugh R., teacher. 

19 Watson, Miss Marion H. L. 

20 Low, John M., cashier. 

21 Rolph, John G. 

22 Shiels, Miss Georgina E. 

23 Ferguson, Mrs Margaret D. 

24 Strathdee, Miss Mary. 

25 Pater son, William W. 

26 Mitchell, Miss Elizabeth S. 

27 Menzies. Misses E. & M. 

28 Vass, William A., plasterer. 



Montgomerie Terrace — continued 

29 Young, James. 

30 Rowan, Andrew. 

31 Bone, David. 


St. Leonard's Church. 

1 Lacaille, Misses. 

3 Mackay, Duncan. 

5 Cowan, Mrs. 

9 Dunlop, Mrs. 

11 Hannah, William. 

Hartfield Road here. 

15 Galbraith, Mrs. 


(of Gou die's Restaurant). 

19 Brand, Mrs. 

23 Fraser, John. 

Robsland Avenue here. 


27 Hamilton, James. 

29 Stirling, Mrs. 

31 M'Connell, Dr. Thomas S. 

33 Templeton, Mrs. 

Bellevale Quadrant here. 

35 Kilpatrick, James J. 

37 Thorn, Mrs. 
Bellevale Avenue here. 

39 Hunter, Mrs. 

41 Burt, Mrs. 

45 Paterson, Misses. 
Lall Khoti. Milne, Mrs. 
The Neuk. Adam, Misses. 
Ewenfield Road here. 

2 Brand, Dr. A. G. 

4 M'Nab, Rev. J. Strathearn. 

6 Norton, James. 

Rosebank Crescent here. 


(of Ben Popplewell & Sons). 
10 Craig, Miss Martha. 

12 Brown, Misses. 

14 Kennedy, Daniel. 

16 Lawrie, George. 

18 Ramsay, George. 

20 Rose, Mrs. 


24 Blackwood, Mrs. 


28 Neil, Miss Mary. 

30 Cuthbertson, Mrs. 

34 Pender, Joseph. 
Corsehill Road here. 

Corsehill. Hart, George. 
Corsehill. Heron, James, gardener. 
Corsehill. Perrier. John, gardener. 
The Durdans. M'Intyre, John. 

■ Chapelpark Road here. 

Slaphouse Cottage. Snape, J. 
Slaphouse Farm. Burns Bros. 


1 Craig, David, railway porter. 

3 Carruthers, William, railway 


5 Hewitson, George, fireman. 

7 Mossie, James, miner. 

9 Taylor, Robert M., railway 

11 M'Creath, Allan, machineman. 

13 Hetherington, William, care- 


15 M'Leod, John, shoemaker. 

17 Conlin, William, labourer. 

19 Murdoch, Robert, miner. 

21 M'Donald, Bernard, labourer. 

23 Lockhart, Mungo, railway 


25 Provan, David, chauffeur. 

27 M'Crae, John, hairdresser. 

29 Rennie, George, tram driver. 

31 Hutcheon, Alexander, 


33 Roberts, Mrs. 

35 Barlow, James, 'bus driver. 

37 Kelly, Charles, loco, fireman. 

39 Kerr, Hugh, gardener. 


2 Lovie, William. 

4 Carson, Charles, slater. 

4 Honeyman, James, glazier. 

6 M'Kie, Miss Grace. 

8 Irvine, John. 

10 Dick, Miss Mary. 
— Princes Street here. 

12 M'Williams, Peter, insurance 

12 Silk, Edwin T., carpet weaver. 

14 Smith, James, labourer. 
14 Shearer, Robert, grocer. 

16 Jewitt, Thomas, carpet 

16 Dickie, Mrs. 

18 Smith, Mrs. 

20 Hav, Miss Elizabeth. 

22 M'Caffer, Mrs. 

24 Fraser, Thomas, barman. 

26 Price, Frederick John, clerk. 

28 Gibbons, Joseph, motor driver. 

30 Short, Robert, boilerman, 

32 Gilchrist, William, motor 


34 Andrew, Mrs. 

36 M'Farlane, Peter, foreman. 

38 Drysdale, William, baker. 

40 Clark, John, motor driver. 
42 Andrew, Mrs. 

42 Murchie, John, engine driver. 
42 Tyeson, Charles, labourer. 



Kelson Street — continued 

42 Brotherston, Edward J., 

44 Marshall, John, shoemaker. 
44 Johnston, James, labourer. 
44 M'Cluskey, Mrs. 
46 Floyd, Miss Janet. 
41 Watson, Mrs. 
41 M'Kenzie, Thomas, railway 

37 Brown, Robert, railway servant. 
35 Fulton, James, shoemaker. 
— Duke Street here. 
33 M'Lean, Peter, barman. 
33 Waugh, Mrs. 
33 Murray, Miss Sarah. 
33 Cave, Thomas, railwayman. 
31 Murray, Robert P., painter. 
31 M'Harg, James, baker.. 
'31 Campbell, Alexander, black- 
31 M'Crorie, Robert, joiner. 
29 Johnston, Robert, gardener. 
27 Scott, Robert, machineman. 
25 Neil, David, letter carrier. 
— Argyle Street here. 
23 Sommerville, William, mason. 
23 Baird, Mrs Euphemia. 
23 Blyth, Thomas, motorman. 
23 Smith, Alexander, storeman. 
21 Shea, William, grocer. 
19 Johnston, Robert, car driver. 
19 Wilson, James. 
19 Morrison, William, car driver. 
17 Stroyan, Charles P., grocer. 
15 M'Cafferty, Henry E., grocer. 
— Princes Street here. 
13 Clelland, James, vanman. 

9 Hendrie, Misses. 

7 Henderson, John, fencer. 

5 Gibson, Thomas J., signalman. 

3 Martin, John, slater. 

1 Scott, Mrs. 


1 Thomson, John, chemist. 

3 Elliot, James G., dentist. 

3 M'Culloch. George, storekeeper. 

3 Smith, Donald. 

7 Matthews, James, fish 

9 Edwards, Walter. 
9 Bianchini, Marcello. 
9 Downie, James. 
11 Bianchini, Marcello, 

13 Smith, John, wine and spirit 

15 M'Fedries, Alexander. 

New Bridge Street— conttnucd 
15 Cochrane, Andrew. 
15 Smith, Miss Annie. 
15 Nicol, Mrs Martha. 
15 Bulloch, William, chauffeur. 
15 Braney, Mrs. 

15 Dunlop, Hugh. 

17 M'Cleary, George, butcher. 
19 M'Cartney, James. 

19 M 'Kitting, Andrew, slater. 
19 Sloan, John, clerk. 

19 M'Millan, Alexander, tenter. 
— High Street here. 

21 Town Hall. 

23 Cumming, Mrs Martha. 
29 M'Clure, James, plumber. 
29 Neil, James D., fireman. 
29 M'Gregor, Ian, fireman. 

29 Cooper, John, fireman. 
29 M'Ewan, Allan, fireman. 

2a Calder, Mrs Margaret. 
2a Hodgert, Joseph, hamcurer. 
2a Campbell, Andrew L. 
2a Campbell, Mrs Elizabeth. 
2a Aitken. Mrs Jenny. 
4 Lucas, John Pollock, newsagent. 
6 Greenlees, John, Ltd., boot 

8 Singleton, Thomas, temperance 

10 Glasgow Chocolate Manufactur- 
ing Co. (1921), Ltd. 
— Boat Vennel here. 
12 Wallace, Robert. 
14 Kennedy, Peter, grocer. 

16 Ross, Thomas, jobbing con- 

16 Mackie, Hugh, dentist. 
16 Sutherland, Mrs Isabella. 
16 Eaglesham, James, wholesale — 


18 Pieroni, Giuseppi. 

20 Apps, Thomas. 
20 Crichton, George. 

20 M'Vey, Mrs Jeanie. 
20 M'Taggart, Mrs Mary. 
20 M'Pherson, James. 
20 Purdie, John, clothier. 

22 ALLAN, ROBERT, fishmonger. 

24 Andrew, Mrs Jeanie. 
24 Auld, Mrs Elizabeth. 

24 M'Lean, David, tennis court 

24 Reid, Stephen, joiner. 
24 Gibson, William, butcher. 
24 Dickson, John. 
24 Russell, Robert S. 
26 Ferguson, James, & Sons, 




New Bridge Street — continued 
28 Thomson, Miss Hildur, 


30 Aitken, Misses A. & M. 
30 Traynor, James, cabinetmaker. 
30 Black, James, railwayman. 
30 Biagi, Arturo L. 
30 Sichi, Romolo, restaurateur. 

30 Wood & Kerr. 

34 National Bank of Scotland, Ltd. 


Hope Street here. 


5 Kerr, Miss M. & C. 

7 Gilchrist, John B., engineer. 

7 Howie, George, butcher. 

7 Thornton, William J., painter. 

7 and 9 Gilchrist, Mrs Margaret D. 

II Mark, M., & Sons. 
13 Tennent, Mrs Sarah. 

15 Houston, Andrew, gent.'s out- 

17 Andrew, Thomas, solicitor. 

19 Houston, W. Wyllie, tailor and 

21 Cumming, George G., messenger- 

21 Fletcher, Miss Mary. 

21 Scottish Legal Life Assurance 

21 Morrison, Mrs Annabella. 


27 Young, Walter, umbrella maker. 

29 London and Lancashire Insur- 

ance Co., Ltd. 
29 SCOTT, JOHN T., accountant 

and Alfred T. Scott, C. A. 
29 Goodall, George, painter. 


31 Russell, M., hatter. 
33 Conn, Mrs. 

33 Kilpatrick & Wilson, solicitors. 
33 Gardiner, Patrick P. L. 

35 HENRY, HUGH, LTD., printers. 
37 ROBERTSON, JOHN B., cabinet- 

37 MacColl, A., & Co., merchants. 
39-43 BENNETT, A. M., & CO., 

41 South Ayrshire Unionist Assoc. 
45 The Christian Scientists' Society 

in Ayr. 
45 Baillie, William W. 
45 Car and General Insurance Co. 
45 Irvine, George, upholsterer. 
47 Hamilton, John, watchmaker. 

Newmarket Street — continued 

49-51 Fisher, Miss K., ladies' out- 
53 M'Cartney, George, draper. 
55 Young, David, vanman. 
55 Scottish Automobile and General 

Insurance Co., Ltd. 

57 Brown, Mrs Elizabeth M., 

ladies' outfitter. 
59 RUSK, JAMES, optician. 
61 Love, John, & Son, clothiers. 
63-69 BOWIE, JAMES, & CO., 

71 Kilgour, Miss Bella, ladies' 



2 Parker, Peter. 
2 Fyfe, James, caretaker. 
4 Allan, Wallace, watchmaker. 
6 M'Whirter, Mrs Hilda, 

8 Jackson, Thomas. 
10 Gallaher, Miss Helen, fruiterer. 
12 Hannah, Miss M., boot and shoe 

14 Davis, Miss Elizabeth. 
14 Clark, Miss Margaret. 
14 Pettigrew, Miss Catherine. 
16 Hannah, Thomas, tobacconist. 
18 M'Leod, Miss Annie W., fancy 

good merchant. 
20-22 Sproul, Miss Helen, milliner. 
24 Goldman, Max, money lender. 
26 Campbell, Daniel, antique 


30 Bone, James, saddler. 
32 Vacant. 

36 SCOTT, JAMES B., house agent. 
38 MacCallum, Winifred H., and 

Andrew, Mrs H. M., antique 


music sellers. 
42 Mitchell, A. S., & Co., 

42a Young, Mrs Ellen. 
44 OGG & CO., chemists. 
46 M'Ginn, Robert M'Lean, 

48 Meng, Fleury, Ltd., con- 
50 LE CLAIR, LOUIS, hairdresser. - 
52-64 BOWIE, JAMES, & CO., 

house furnishers. 




120 Christian Brethren (Mission). 

118 Ochiltree, Miss Susan. 

116 Sillars, Misses. 

114 Hogg, Robert, engine driver. 

112 Andrew, Samuei M'Connell. 

110 Hunter, Mrs. 

108 Clacherty, Alexander Ross, 

106 Cree, William, tailor. 
104 M'Alpine, James. 
102 Allan, James. 
100 Baird, William. 

98 M'Guigan, David, horse trainer. 

96 Perrott, Albert, postman. 

94 Williamson, John K., teacher of 
■ Allison Street here. 

92 M'Oafferty, Roderick, stationer 
and newsagent. 

90^ Gillespie, John G., draper. 

90 Christie, James, vanman. 

90 Miller, Miss Margaret. 

88a Fisher, Kenneth. 

88 Pettigrew, William. 

86 Favali, Eliseo, confectioner, 

84 Favali, Eliseo. 

82 Lawson, Allan, bricklayer. 

80 Grant, John, dyer's labourer. 

78 Struthers, James, cardcutter. 

76 Boning, Charles. 

74 Alexander, Andrew, engine 

72 M'Oulloch, William, potato 

70-68 Dick, William, dairyman. 

66 Reddick, Miss Margaret, 
clerk ess. 
Viewfield Road here. 

60 Fullarton, James, lathsplitter. 

58 Davidson, Misses J. & M. 

56 Edgar, William, traveller. 

52 Fraser, Mrs Margaret H. 

50 Brown Charles. 

48 Easdale, Andrew, labourer. 

46 Shaw, James, clerk. 

44 Naismith, John, baker. 

42a M'Clelland, Donald, weaver. 

42a Glass, Hugh, sawyer. 

42 Frattarolli, Fransesco', con- 

40 Mackie, Miss Margaret. 

38 Adamson, Robert, railway 

34 Picken, Archibald, boot repairer. 

32 Collins, William Henry, 

32 Kennedy, James, mechanic. 

30 Morris, Robert, clerk. 

28 M'Crorkan, Peter, gardener. 

New Road — continued. 

28 Rae, Archibald, grocer. 

26 Morgan, Mrs Annabella. 
22-24 NEIL, JOHN B., showroom 

and garage. 
20 Brown, Hugh, labourer. 
20 Meredith, David. 
20 Hall, Thomas. 
20 Gallacher, James. 

20 Pirrie, Mrs Annie. 

18 Telfer, Mrs Elizabeth (shop). 

16 RUSSELL, GILBERT, plumber. 
14 Harvey, Fergus. 

14 Jenkins, Fred. 
14 Galbraith, John. 

14 Robertson, James, agent. 

12 M'Cormack, George, drapery 


6 Salvation Army Citadel. 
Newton Picture House. 

2 Unionist Club. 

Anderson, David, clubmaster. 
1 Tulloch, James, chemist. 

3 Hamilton, Mrs Margaret, house 

and surgery. 
5 Connell, John, chimney sweep. 

7 Montgomerie, James, shoemaker. 

15 Mancini, Antonio, restaurateur. 

17 Henderson, Frank, 




21 Thomson, Misses, public house. 
23 Bell, Hugh, commission agent. 
25 M'Leod, Mrs A. 

25 Park, Mrs Mary. 

27 Loudon, James, blacksmith. 

29 M'Lean, Daniel, baker. 
31 Fisher, Mrs Isabella. 
31 Allan, A. D., tailor. 
31 Macintosh, John. 

31 Scott, Mrs Elizabeth. 

31 Hendry, Alexander. 

33 Hart, Miss Mary, china 

35 Fortune, Andrew, hairdresser. 
37 Newton-on-Ayr Old Church Hall. 
39 Campbell, Alexander, retort 

39 dimming, Claud, engine driver. 
39 M'Crae, Mrs. 
39 Fulton, Mrs Jane. 
41 Cuthbert, Mrs Jane. 
41 Wills, William H., caulker. 
41 M'Cubbin, Andrew. 
41 Morrison, William, conductor. 
43 Brown, Miss Helen. 
45 Haugh, J., & Son, fruiterers. 



New Road— continued 
47 Gollan, Miss Agnes. 
47 Gibson, James, railway fireman. 
49 Gibson, Miss Mary M. 
51 Sorley, William. 
51 DUNBAR, ALEXANDER, slater. 
51 Monaghan, Mrs S. 
51 M'Blane, Alexander, traveller. 
57 Elliot, Harold, gardener. 
57 Duff, John. 
57 Merry, Mrs Jessie. 
57 M'Lauchlan, Walter, miner. 
61 DUNLOP, WILLIAM, joiner, 
61 Bannatyne, John, contractor. 
63 Muir, Miss Margaret. 
65 Leslie, Mrs Elizabeth. 
65 Richmond, James. 
67 M'Intyre, Charles A. (shop). 

Waggon Road here. 

69 Hare, Mrs Blanche, house and 

71 Reid, Miss Helen. 
73 Nicol, William, cabinetmaker. 
75 Hendrie, James, joiner. 
75 Sandiford, Joseph, baker. 
77 Hendrie, George, joiner. 
79 Skilling, Robert, railway 


83 Richmond, Hugh, fishmonger. 
85 Kerr, David, clerk. 
87 Picken, James, butcher. 
89 Blair, John, grocer. 
89 Miller, James, miner. 
89 Smith, William, tailor. 
89 Caddis, Hugh, drop forger. 
91 Dickie, Miss Agnes. 
91 Smith, John, stone mason. 
95 Martin, Matthew, butcher. 
95a Carmichael, Peter, ironmonger. 
97 Wilson, William M., fruiterer 

and florist. 
97a Brand, Miss Charlotte. 
99 Bowman, Robert, joiner. 
101 Houston, Archibald, marine 

103 Todd, Mrs Sarah S. (shop). 
103a Todd, Allan, railway traffic 

305 Newlands, Mrs Janet. 
105a Martin. John. 
105a Kennedy, William M. 
107 M'Lellan', Hugh (shop). 
107a John, Walter, outfitter. 
109 Morrison, John S., wireless 

109a GROENER, ALBERT, hair- 
Ill Hannah, Mrs Margaret. (House). 
113 Blair, John C, grocer. 

Neiv Road — continued 
117 Thomson, Misses. 

Hendry, George. 
119 Hannah, Mrs Margaret (Tarn's 

Brig P.O.), draper. 
121 Hood, Thomas, joiner. 
121 Dewar, Miss Margaret H. 

123 Young, Mrs Annie. 
123 M'Quaker, John. 


1 Cree, John C, draper. 

3 Dunn, Thomas, electrician. 

5 Reid, David, fitter. 

7 Whyte, James, traveller. 
9 Johnston, John, miner. 

11 M'Ronald, William, labourer. 

13 Sinclair, Malcolm, watchmaker- 

15 Kennedy, Samuel, miner. 

17 Lawson, William, railway 


19 Wilson, Thomas, bookmaker. 

21 Clark, Robert James, gardener. 

23 Russell, Robert, labourer. 

25 Lees, James, butcher. 

27 Boyd, Mrs. 

29 Mackie, William, motor driver. 

31 Cooper, George, labourer. 

33 Bicker, James, carter. 

35 Barr, John, liftman. 

37 Scott, Robert, labourer. 

39 Martin, Mrs, 

2 Kirkland, William, motor 


4 Blane, David, railway guard. 

6 Pindlater, James W., 


8 Crook, Robert, clerk. 

10 Mason, A. Archibald, engineer. 

12 Munro, Allan, railway shunter. 

14 Smith, Robert, coal trimmer. 

16 Murray, Andrew, railway 


18 Tait, William, chauffeur. 

20 Jones, Ian, railwayman. 

22 Kelly, George. 

24 M'Clymont, John, miner. 

26 M'Crone, John, carter. 

28 M'Pherson, Adam, miner. 

30 Salter, Mrs. 

32 M'Ghie, Thomas, labourer. 

34 Moore, David, postman. 

36 Maurer, James, dyer. 

38 Docherty, John, labourer. 

40 Smith, John, telephone lines- 





2 Traill, Miss Janet. 
4 Kichmond, John, coal agent. 
6 Grant, Mrs. 
— Garden Street here. 
8 Wight, Mrs. 

10 Kerr, William, railwayman. 

12 Cathcart, Mrs. 

14 Hood, Miss Grace Scott. 

16 Wright, William S. 

18 Shields, John Wilson. 
— Camphell Street here. 

20 Fisher, James. 

22 M'Intosh, David, painter. 

24 Hendrie, John. 

26 M'Coll, William, clerk. 

32 Ackroyd, John, dairyman. 

32a Bajbour, John, grocer. 

34 Stroyan, John, clerk. 

36 Woods, Alexander, vanman. 

38 Airdrie, Robert, painter. 

40 Macdonald, Mrs. 

42 Craig, James, shoemaker. 
— Northpark Avenue here. 

44 Crisp, Albert E., fruiterer. 

46 Plinn, Joseph, cable jointer. 

48 Blair, David, joiner. 

50 Hamilton, James, railway 

52 Hutchison, Charles, insurance 

54 Campbell, John, electrician. 

56 Jardine, Joseph, inspector. 

58 Large, Joseph. 

60 Paterson, Ivie. 

62 Hamilton, David, traveller. 
— St. George's Road here. 

64 Paterson, Thomas, quarter- 

66 Rowan, William, mason. 

68 Henderson, Angus, master 

70 Stewart, Adam, engineer. 
— George's Avenue here. 

80 Lapsley, William, guard. 

80 Guthrie, William. 

80 M'Gregor, Irvine. 

80 Meredith, Mrs. 

82 Spence, Prank, electrician. 

82 Tait, Mrs. 

82 Livingstone, William, baker. 

82 Baker, Mrs. 

84 Donald, Alexander, upholsterer. 

84 Sloan, William, fruit and vege- 
table dealer. 

84 M'Neil, Henry, labourer. 

84 Wardrop, Arthur, machinist. 
1 Mosshill Cottage. Guthrie, 


Northfield Avenue — continued 

2 Mosshill Cottage. Barclay, 


41 Foster, Anthony. 

39 Blunt, William, weaver. 

37 Cunningham, Robert, shoe- 

35 Taylor, Hugh, engineer. 

33 Cooper, William H. W., weaver. 

31 Hunter, James, railwayman. 

29 Nicol, Alexander, joiner. 
27 Rankine, Andrew Dunlop, 


25 Harvey, Robert George. 

23 Campbell, Mrs. 

21 Richardson, Mrs. 

— Hunter's Avenue here. 

19 Old Men's Cabin. 
Public Bowling Greens. 
Public Tennis Courts. 
Public Putting Green. 

— Bellesleyhill Avenue here. 

17 Bryson, James B. 

11 Steel, Mrs. 

9 Scott, Miss Janet, machinist. 

7 Begg, John, grocer. 

5 Watson, David, milk seller. 

3 Hannah, Charles, weaver. 

3 M'Callum, Robert, lorryman. 
1 Lewis, Robert, currier. 

1 Hassard, Joseph, fishmonger. 


2 Thorpe, James. 

4-6 Pyper, Colin R., clerk. 
8-10 Lapham, William, junr. 

12 Lapham, William, foreman 

— Green Street Lane here. 
14 Tognini, Luigi, confectioner. 
16 Tognini, Luigi, confectioner. 

18 Compton, William, labourer. 
18 Morrison, William, labourer. 
18 Murchie, Alexander, plumber. 

20 Tyrell, Thomas, grocer. 

22 Mitchell, Mrs Barbara. 
22 Murchison, Mrs Margaret. 
22 Wright, Mrs. 

24 M'Quiston, Thomas. 

24 Gilmour, John, miner. 
24 Hewitt, Andrew. 

26 Berry & Son, hairdressers. 
— Green Street here. 

30 Millar, Bruce D., foreman. 
— York Street Lane here. 

32 Seamen's Christian Friendly 

Society. Soldier's Recrea- 
tion Rooms. 

34 Seamen's Christian Friendly 

Society. Sailor's Recreation 



North Harbour Street — continued 

36 limes, William S., spirit 


38 Goodwin, John M., ship 

40 Miller, Robert, clerk. 
42 Knox, James, salesman. 
44 Transport and General Workers' 
Union, per D. Campbell, 
44 Bruce, Mrs Mary, grocer. 
46 Petto, Mrs Mary, spirit 

— York Street here. 
48 Paton, James, & Sons, timber 
Baillie, George Scott, light-house 

Bairds & Dalmellington, Ltd. 

Kerr, William F v coal exporter. 
Burns & Laird Lines, Ltd., dock 
82 Wilson, John. 

Mitchell, George W., shipping 
agant. 'phone 2265. 


la Armour, James, tailor. 

1 Mitchell, Miss Annie. 

3 Grant, Charles, chauffeur. 

5 Copeland, John, baker. 

7 M'Intosh, William Kelso 1 , 


9 Russell, Archibald. 

11 Bowman, Edmund. 

13 M'Pike, James, traveller. 

15 Braekenridge, Mrs. 

17 Walker, Mrs. 

19 Barr, John Wallace. 
21 Munro, George H., mechanic. 
23 Whyte-Stewart, Mrs. 
25 Hunter, Mrs. 
27 Paton, Mrs. 
29 Gray, Mrs J. 
31 Watt, Alexander Douglas. 
33 M'Taggart, Mrs. 
35 Bryden, James, cutter. 

37 M'Gill, Robert, boot top cutter. 

39 Martin, Hugh, police constable. 

2 Campbell, David, book-keeper. 

4 Johnstone, William, grocer. 

6 Connell, Robert, tenter. 

8 Wilson, Hugh, grocer. 

10 Parker, Robert, joiner. 

12 Peebles, William M'C, clerk. 

14 Laidlaw, James, traveller. 

16 Clark, Richard P., engine driver. 

18 Drysdale, Mrs. 
20 Reid, Mrs. 

North Park Avenue — continued 
22 Fraser, John, upholsterer. 
24 Rodgers, Mrs. 
26 Kerr, Mrs. 
28 Graham, Alfred, clerk. 
30 Young, David, motor driver. 
32 Baillie, John, engineer. 
34 Hall, Misses. 
36 Rarity, Mrs. 
38 Simpson, Miss Mary Nicholson, 

40 Thomson, Miss Susan S. W. 
42 M'Clure, Miss Sarah. 
44 Hood, Miss Marion R. D., 

46 M'Dowall, Alexander, joiner. 


1 Wright, Daniel, billiard rooms. 
5 Dick, William, outfitter. 

7 Newtonia Wallpaper Co., Ltd. 
9i Dick, Miss Mary B., children's 

9 Lyall, Miss Mary. 

11 Brodie, Robert S., tailor. 

13 Gibb, David, brassfinisher. 
Chesney, James. 

Munro, William, & Co. 

M 'Par lane, James, machineman. 

15 Neil, John, tobacconist. 

16 Pindlay, John, & Son. 

14 Gibson, John, tobacconist. 

12 Leach, William J., postman. 
10 Thomson, Mrs A., spirit 

6-8 Lyall, Miss Mary, confectioner 

and fancy goods merchant. 
4 LYALL, HENRY, watchmaker. 

2 Titterington, Robert M., clerk 
2 Kilmurray, Edward, insurance 

2 Cameron, Mrs Sarah. 
2 Maclachlan, David. 
2 M'Lean, Miss Mary. 
2 Wood, Mrs Mary Jane. 
2 Munro, Miss Catherine. 

2 Maclachlan, James, shoemaker. 


1 Dickie, William, coach 

3 Thorburn, David. 
Brechany, Mrs Helen. 
Parker, James. 


1 Kennedy, John A., organist. 
3 Hesp, John W., weaver. 



Oswald Place — continued 

5 Surgeoner, Charles, engineer. 

7 Wilson, Thomas A., chemist. 
9 Hair, James D., joiner. 

11 Wills, Mrs Jemima. 
— Woodfield Avenue here. 

13 Shearer, John, plumber. 

15 Reid, Alexander, mason. 

17 Gemmell, John, engineer. 

19 Wilson, John, warehouseman. 

21 Monachen, Mrs Jane. 

23 Richmond, William, fishmonger. 

25 Dawson, Mrs Elizabeth H. 

27 Harrison, Alf. T., parks 


29 M'Callum, Donald, upholsterer. 

31 Barnes, Archibald W., engine 


33 Broadfoot, James, joiner. 

35 Todd, David, fruit merchant. 

2 Pace, Andrew, civil servant. 

4 M'Feat, John, traveller. 

6 King, David, cashier. 

8 Loudon, Gavin M., traveller. 
10 M'Ewan, Thomas, railway guard. 

Woodfield Avenue here. 

12 Ross, Anthony, engine driver. 

14 Crorkan, Mrs C. 

16 Duff, Mrs Janet. 

18 Campbell, Fergus, guard. 

20 Campbell, George R., engine 


22 Wilson, Robert, gardener. 

24 Currie, William, gardener. 

26 M'Kie, Alexander, craneman. 

28 Brown, James, motor driver. 

30 Gilchrist, Matthew, P.O. driver. 

32 Hamilton, Alexander, butcher. 

34 Paterson, Malcolm, butcher. 

36 Crawford, George D. 


1 M'Phee, Mrs Margaret, shop. 
M'Phee, Hugh (house). 

3 Henry, Herbert, baker. 

5 Richmond, Gavin, railwayman. 

7 Ross, Archibald, railway 


9 Gait, David, foreman. 

13 M'Farlane, James, tailor. 

15 Paterson, James, ex-detective 


29 Lauder, Ian, banker. 

31 Tnnes, John M. B., teacher. 

33 Richardson, David, traveller. 

35 Kyd, David R., assistant 

inspector of poor. 

37 Fisher, Thomas, chauffeur. 
39 Ross, Donald, retired. 

41 Hamilton, Thomas H., 
inspector of mines. 

Oswald Road — continued 
43 Buchanan, Mrs Agnes. 
45 Melrose, Andrew G., insurance 

47 Milne, William, retired. 
49 Auld, Mrs Grace. 
51 Bicket, James, mechanic. 
53 Wilson, John H., clerk. 
55 Cook, Mrs Agnes. 
57 M'Donald, Kenneth, banker. 
59 M 'Gibbon, James, goods 

61 Oliver, David J., clerk. 
63 Forker, Kenneth A., V.S. 
65 Campbell, William C, teacher. 
69 Wesencraft, James, carpet 

71 Welsh, David, tenter. 
73 Dunlop, Matthew S., retired. 
75 Anderson, Thomas, engine 

77 Bryden, Alexander, engine 

79 Paterson, Thomas, engine 

81 Paterson, Miss A. M., clerk. 
81 M'Neill, James, teacher. 
83 Taylor, Archibald, retort setter. 
85 Singleton, Alexander J., 

87 M'Colm, Mrs Margaret. 
89 Ness, James W., railway 

91 Pratt, Joseph, joiner. 
93 Pringle, William E. 
95 Muirhead, George, painter. 
97 Biggans, Robert. 
99 Milroy, Alexander, engine 
101 Graham, John, engine driver. 
103 Govan, Robertj labourer. 
105 Cleckner, William, carpet 

107 Rennie, John, butcher. 
109 Innes, Daniel, shoemaker. 
Ill Milroy, Thomas, motor driver. 
113 Dick, David, carpenter. 
115 Perry, John. 
117 M'Lean, Alexander, coal 

119 Barr, Henry, engine driver. 
121 Outhbert, Thomas, plasterer. 
123 Leonard, Thomas, clerk. 
125 Gardiner, John, guard. 
2 M'Kinstray, Robert, mason. 
4 Sillars, Robert, loco, driver. 
6 Craig, James, engineer. 
8 Graham, Archibald, hairdresser. 
10 Cassel, Mrs Margaret. 
12 Munro, Miss Marion S. 



Oswald Boad— continued 
14 Cruickshanks, John, miner. 
16 Clark, David J., clerk. 
— Woodfield Crescent here. 
— Marchfield Quadrant here. 
18 M'Grory, Patrick, commission 

20 Graham, Wallace, janitor. 
22 Scott, Malcolm D., chemist. 
24 Duncan, George M., civil 

26 Hyslop, William, school 

28 Williams, Mrs Elizabeth. 
— Woodfield Avenue here. 
' 30 Fredericks, George, banker. 
32 Thomson, John, pressman. 
34 Dudgeon, Miss Nan, P.O. clerk. 
36 M'Ninch, John, engine driver. 
38 Spiers, William, 'bus inspector. 
40 Watson, Kennedy, motor 

42 Kidd, James W., traveller. 
44 Napier, Andrew, salesman. 
46 Whitehouse, George, engineer. 
48 Hall, Stanley, electrical 

58 Twiname, James, gardener. 

Marchfield Road here. 

60 Martin, Theodore, hairdresser. 
62 Crisp, Albert, fruiterer. 
64 Orr, Robert, traveller. 
66 Taylor, Alex. M., motor 

68 M'Queen, James, butcher. 
70 Kennedy, William C, butcher. 
72 M'Cracken, Duncan, labourer. 
74 Gilmour, Hugh, salesman. 
76 Armstrong, Nicholas, engine 

78 Campbell, James, bricklayer. 
80 Craig, William, moulder. 
82 Maitland, David, motor driver. 
84 Goudie, George, motor driver. 
86 Braokenridge, Alexander, baker 
88 Smith, William, water superin- 
90 Morren, William, soldier. 
92 Bicker, William, labourer. 
94 Robertson, Stewart, labourer. 
96 Craigie, Matthew, engine fitter. 
98 Fairbairn, George, insurance 


3 Stewart, Major John C. 
5 Napier, Nimmo G. 

Park Circus — continued 

7 Moore, Mrs. 

9 Dobbie, Miss Janet. 
11 Thomson, Mrs. 
13 Russell, Miss Annie A. K. 
15 MacCallum, Miss Annie. 
17 Thomson, Peter Allan. 
19 Harkness, Mrs. 

21 Capes, Mrs. 

23 M'Dougall, Mrs. 

25 Lockhart, William M. 

27 MacKenzie, William. 

29 Logan, William. 

31 Naftalin, Ephraim. 


35 Ferguson, Mrs. 

37 Rodger, Edward C. 

39 St. Andrew's Church of 


41 Watson, Mrs. 

43 Douglas, Miss Is a K. 
— Bellevue Street here. 

2 Hyslop, William. 

Leith, James. 
4 Gardner, William. 
6 M'llwraith, Mrs. 

8 Wallace, Mrs. 
10 Smith, Mrs. 

22 Terras, Mrs. 

24 M'Derment, Misses. 

26 Cuthbert, Ross. 

28 M'Call, Malcolm. 

30 Kellie, Mrs. 

32 Candlish, Hugh C. 

34 Boyd, Leonard C. 

36 Mackenzie, Rev. Archibald. 

38 Morton, James B. B. 

40 Boyd, James. 

42 Kirkland, Miss Agnes G. 

44 Craig, Mrs. 

46 Allan, William. 
48 Walker, Forbes M., M.B., 


1 Peacock, Capt. George W. 

2 Bignold, Dr Chas. A. 

3 M'Cbnnochie, Mrs. 

4 M'Cosh, William H. 

5 Sloan, Mrs. 

6 Tait, David H. 

7 Lees, Mrs. 

8 Orr, Miss V. H. 
Ardgreen. Maclaclan, Mrs. 
Greenside. Glover, Miss J. S. 
Reigate. Wallace, Mrs. 
Sunnyside. Herbertson, Mrs. 




1 Paterson, Thomas M., butcher. 

3 Neilson, David, engine driver. 

5 Merry, John, telephonist. 

7 Kilmurray, George, joiner. 

9 Cuthbert, John, coal trimmer. 
11 Lang, William, cloth finisher. 
13 Murdoch, John W., electrician. 

15 Niven, James, machineman. 
17 Hunter, William B., 

19 Walker, Eobert H., motor 

21 Campbell, Hugh, railway 

23 Smith, William, miner. 
25 Kirkland, David. 
27 Bulloch, John, labourer. 
29 Telfer, James, labourer. 
31 Stewart, M. A., grocer. 
33 Cuthill, John, lathsplitter. 
35 Galloway, Alex., baker. 
37 Black. William, baker. 
39 Dungavell, William, traveller. 
41 Foulds, Basil, traveller. 
43 GRAHAM, JOHN D., window 

45 Tyrrell, Thomas M., labourer. 
47 M'Kechnie, A. E., dentist. 
49 Tanner, George, craneman. 
51 Bissett, Mrs Mary. 
53 Lees, Robert, moulder. 
55 Haymarch, James, labourer. 
57 Colquhoun, Joseph, railway 

59 Thomson, John L., chauffeur. 
61 Crabtree, Jack, musician. 
63 Yates, Robert, rivetter. 
65 Dunlop, Edward, railway 

67 Cuthbert, Robert, craneman. 
69 Dunlop, William, labourer. 
71 Galloway, William, railway 

73 Duncan, William, gardener. 
75 Wright, Edward, fireman. 
77 Duffy, S., ex-soldier. 
79 Thomson, Alex., storeman. 
81 Wilson, Peter, joiner. 
83 Parker, R., weaver. 
85 Copeland, S., gardener. 
87 Templeton, J. K., clerk. 

2 M'Lean, Alex., compositor. 

4 Dornan, S., engine driver. 

6 Kelly, Mrs C. 

8 Henderson, G., 'bus driver. , 
10 Cannon, J., painter. 

1" Porter, J., engine driver. 
M Hood, Alex., surfaceman. 

16 Clark, G., mechanic. 

Paterson Street — continued 

18 Marshall, William, motor 

20 M'Creath, Mrs J. 

22 Jones, Thomas A., weaver. 

24 M'Kean, James, engineer. 

26 Thomson, A., railway worker. 

28 Scott, P., roadman. 

30 M'Walter, William. 

32 Clement, J., craneman. 

34 Lancaster, Mrs J. 

36 Dickson, James. 

38 Aitken, J., motor driver. 

40 Trousdale, A., confectioner. 

42 Dempster, Austin G., scale- 

44 Garland, Robert, postman. 

46 Campbell, A. B., iron dresser. 

48 Hood, David, labourer. 

50 Craig, James, engine greaser. 

52 Easton, John, insurance 

54 Christie, George, barman. 

56 M'Larty, Neil, railway guard. 

58 Hunter, D., clerk. 

60 Johnston, William, painter. 

62 MTntosh, J., engineer. 

64 Caldwell, Hugh, painter. 

66 Carey, A., labourer. 

68 Storey, S., miner. 

70 Crockett, R., miner. 

72 M 'Roberts, James, joiner. 

74 Johnston, James, cemetery 

76 Sharp, D., fishmonger. 

78 Shaw, S., labourer. 

80 Anderson, R., hamourer. 

82 Cain, John, miner. 

84 Hood, Hugh, railway fireman. 

86 Copeland, James, labourer. 

88 Duff, William H., labourer. 

90 Graham, William, labourer. 

92 Paterson, James M'L. 

94 Wilson, Robert, miner. 

96 Neil, Alex., motorman. 

98 Houston, Francis, customs 
100 M'Callum, William, wood- 
102 Girvan, Mrs J. 
104 M'Culloch, Thos., electrician. 


1 Getgood, James, rivetter. 
White, James. 
Dick, Hugh, painter. 
White, Mrs Mary. 
Davidson, Andrew. 
Gallacher, Mrs Mary, store. 
Murphy, Alexander. 



Peebles Street — continued 

5 Lawson, William. 
Reid, Miss Mary, school 
7 Scott, William D., shop and 

11 Ross, James, coal merchant, 

house and stable. 
13 Kennedy, James, trimmer. 
Miller, David, baker. 
Graham, Hector, seaman. 
Murphy, Alexander, miner. 
Muir, Charles, drop forger. 
M'Donald, D., drop forger. 
15 Hall, James, labourer. 
M'Ewan, Hugh, labourer. 
Drysdale, Rutherford, labourer. 
Hall, Charles, dock labourer. 
17 Cuthill, Miss Jessie. 
Watson, John. 
Stewart, George, miner. 
19 Cowan, James. 
23 Kelly, Robert, shipwright. 
25 Gray, Adam, retired. 

Hali.'s Vennel. 

1 Sargent, John, carter. 
Traynor, Robert, labourer. 
Bell, William, railway servant. 
Kane, William, miner. 
Hall, John, confectioner. 

Peebles Street. 

27 M'Connell, John, foreman. 
29 Bulloch, Robert, baker. 
31 Campbell, Hamilton, barman. 
31 Begg, Robert. 
31 Ward, Malcolm. 
plasterers, yard and shed. 
37 Clive, George, weaver. 

Thomson, Charles, railway 

Redmond, William, joiner. 

M'Connell, William, trivetter. 
39 M'Cormack, George. 

Hendry, Robert. 

Cleary, Mrs Marion. 

Murray, William, & Son, 
45 Morrison, James, coal trimmer. 
49 Morrison. Hugh, plumber. 
51 Milroy, Bobert, storeman. 
53 Addie, Alexander. 
55 Brownlie, Charles, bricklayer. 

Cameron, Mrs Agnes. 

Peebles Street — continued 

Watson, Mrs Agnes. 

Hunter, Miss Annie. 
57 Blakeley, Hawthorn, joiner. 

Bishop, Elijah, labourer. 

Neil, James, painter. 

Smith, John, plumber. 
59 Patrick, Alex. H., joiner. 
61 Davidson, John, lorryman. 

M'Clymont, George, roller 

Smith, John, craneman. 

O'Parrell, John, waggon tester. 

Hyslop, James C, plumber. 
50 Gibson, John, labourer. 
46-44 Bannatyne, John, contractor. 
42 M'Fadzean, Mrs H. 

Dunlop, John, joiner. 

Clark, William, sawyer. 
40 Neil, Daniel. 
38 Campbell, Thomas, miner. 

Maclellan, John. 

Grant, John. 

Eaulds, Thomas., jnr., slater. 

Scott, John 

M'Vie, Thomas, miner. 
36 Shields, James, labourer. 
36 M'Cafferty, Patrick. 

Conlin, Thomas, painter. 

Cunning, James, motor driver. 

Weir, James. 

M'Call, Landale, motor driver. 
28 M'Blain, Alexander, joiner. 

M'Clymont, Mrs Eliz. 

Neill, Andrew, motor engineer. 

Thomson, James, motor hirer. 
26 M'Millan, Samuel, labourer. 

Dickson, John, clerk. 

Haffey, Thomas, joiner. 

Thomson, William, coal 
24 Gibson, John, coal trimmer. 

Agnew, James, caulker. 

Gleeson, William J., electrical 

Drinnan, John, moulder. 
22 Hyslop, Mrs Annie. 
18 Dempsey, James. 

Short. "Pdward. 

Campbell, Mrs Agnes T. 

M'Leod, Norman. 
16 Hark, Joseph, surfaceman. 

Watson. James. 

Wills, William, commission 

.Tardine, James, dealer, 

Kennedy, Miss Jane. 
4 Martin, Robert, fireman. 

Gibson, Mrs Prances. 
2 Spenoe, Louis G., vanman. 




tit. James' Church. 

1 Walls, Rev. Charles (St. James 

3 Reid, James, painter. 
5 M'Kean, Misses. 
7 White, Dr Alexander. 
9 Wyllie, William Wells, com- 
mercial representative. 
11 Kay, Mrs John. 
13 M'Harg, Samuel, stevedore. 
15 Logan, William. 
17 Redmond, Misses, milliners, etc. 
19 Smith, James, draper. 
21 Wilson, Misses. 
23 Climie, Thomas, butcher. 
25 Boon, William, craneman. 
27 Monnickendam, Alexander, 

29 Welch, Mrs Jean M. 

Falkland Road here. 

31 M'Kenna, Dr Fergus. 

33 Tulloch, Mrs Mary H. 

35 Frew, George Frederick, L.D.S. 

37 Morledge, Joseph, draper. 

39 Parker, Mrs Margaret. 

41 Wyllie, Mrs Mary. 

43 Brown, Niven, baker. 

Lansdowne Road here. 

45 Hamilton, Miss Jessie A. 
47 Foggo, Miss Emily J. 
49 M'Call, Hugh, solicitor. 
51 Lamont, Miss. 
51 Bowman, Misses. 
53 Foego, William. 
—Quail Road here. 
55 Brown, Adam M., civil servant. 
57 Miller, James, teacher. 
59 Greenway, Mrs Jeanie. 
61 Wright, James. 
63 Ryley, Arthur Edward. 
65 Watson, Robert, retired. 
67 Picken, David, butcher. 
69 KAY, DAVID WATT, chemist. 

Ardlui Road here. 

71 Taylor, Mrs Catherine. 
73 Cameron, Kenneth, jnr., 

hardware merchant. 
75 O'Brien, Misses. 
77 Lapraik, Hugh. 

Lisburn Road here. 



CO., garage. 
81 Goodwin, William G., motor 

83 Cowan, Alexander, joiner. 
85 Maxwell, James, railway 

87 Cowan, Mrs Agnes. 

Prentwick Road — continued 
89 Paterson, James, fishmonger. 
91 Fairlie, Alexander, plasterer. 
93 M'Fadzean, David J., dairyman. 
95 M'Lean, Alexander, joiner. 
95 M'Fadzean, David J., dairy. 
97-99 Park, Mrs Catherine (house 
and shop). 

Kirkholm Avenue here. 

101 Fleming, Mrs A. 

103 Muir, John S. Ramage, deputy 

chief constable. 
105 Paterson, John, retired. 
107 Wilson, John, tax officer. 
109 Spier, Miss Jessie. 

Woodfield Road here. 

Ill Thomson, Alexander, traveller. 

113 Steel, Mrs Janet. 

115 Robertson, David M. 

117 Wassell, Mrs Mary. 

119 Hannah, James, retired goods 

121 Steen, William, house factor. 
123 Bone. Misses J. F. & E. M. 

Woodfield Crescent here. 

125 Smith, Miss Charlotte. 

125 Butter Supply Co. (Hugh Bone) 

127 Kerr, William Ferguson, coal 

129 Gray, Mrs Margaret. 
131 M'Nicol, Hector, bank clerk. 
133 Irvine, David, teacher. 
135 Pringle, David, auctioneer. 
137 Sangster, James, motor 

139 Downie, Mrs Margaret. 
141 Oliver, Alexander, teacher. 
143 Robson, James E., engineer. 
145 Ross, James G., publican. 
147 Craig, Charles, depot superin- 

Woodfield Avenue here. 

149 Gray, George G., grocer. 
153 Wilson, William, linotype 
M'Vey, Misses. 
Graham, Donald, seaman. 
Owens, Alexander, butcher. 
155 Logan, William, butcher. 
Rae, Miss Isobel, draper. 
Finn, Miss Mary. 
Black, Dixon W., chemist. 
157 Napier, David, general 

159 M'Corquodale, Donald A., 

retired inspector of police. 
163 M'Arthur. Mrs Janet. 
165 Hunter, John, insurance 

district manager. 
167 Himter. Robert, railway clerk. 
169 Cross, John, bar manager. 



Prestwick Road — continued 

• Marchfield Road here. 

171 Mackie, David, railway clerk. 

173 Gibson, Hugh, barman. 

175 Duncan, William, gardener. 

177 Smith, William, sweep. 

179 Norris, Stephen, slater. 

181 Andrew, William. 

183 Gilmour, James, railway 

185 M'Blaue, James, vanman. 
187 M'Roberts, Gordon, watchman. 
189 Graham, Robert, ice worker. 
191 Craig, James, miner. 
193 Kidd, William, sergeant of 

195 Craig, James, miner. 
2 M'Kenzie, Hugh. 
4 Mackie, Adam, draper. 
6 Cuthbertson, Mrs. 
Allan, James, sculptor. 
Dunlop, A., civil engineer. 
Shaw, Robert L., insurance 

Foulds, James M., traveller. 
Blair, John C, grocer. 
10 Provins, Miss Mary. 
12 Grant, Miss A. S. 
16 Samson, Thomas, grocer. 

Union Aveue here. 

18 Pick en, James, butcher. 

20 Ferguson, William. 

22 M'Harg, Andrew. 

24 Kerr, Mrs B. 

26 Goudie, Miss C. 

28 Hood, William B., dentist. 

Tig Road here. 

30 Blane, Quintin, signalman. 

32 Cowan, Misses. 

34 Watson, Thomas, dairyman. 

36 Martin, Miss Mary. 

38 Robertson, George, chauffeur. 

40 M'Gaan & Stark, Misses. 

42 Mudie, Rev. P. L. K. 

44 Wait, Miss E. 

Northfield Avenue here. 

46 Cairns, Mrs E. 

48 Cochrane, John, merchant. 

50 Green Mrs E. 

52 Henderson, John M., chemist. 

54 Buchanan, Miss M. 

56 Drvsdale, Miss A. 

58 Scott, Dr A] ex. 

60 Frew, Mrs Jessie. 

62 BOYD, ROBT., boot merchant. 

64 Harvev, Misses C. & A. 

66 Forsyth, Misses E. & M. 

72 Cowan, Misses M. & J. 

74 Honeyman, Thomas. 

76 Clement, Miss Margaret. 

Prestwick Road — continued 

Alderston Avenue here. 

78-80 Western S.M.T. Co., Ltd. 

Bellesleyhill Road here. 

84 M'Caffer, Alex., labourer. 
84 Merry, Robert, 'bus driver. 
84 Western S.M.T. Co., Ltd. 
88 Christie, Daniel. 

Messrs Rankine & Murchie, 

automobile engineers. 
Little, Thomas, stable. 
90 Scott, Captain A. H. W., R.A. 
92 Lennox, Mrs Mary. 
98 Wilson, Mrs Jeanie. 
100 M'Bride, Miss Jeanie. 
M'Lean, Mrs Mary. 
Kerr, Robert, traveller. 
Smith, Robert S. 
102 Scott, Robert. 

Jamieson, William T. 
Blane, Robert. 
Kelly, Mrs Sarah. 
104 Riddex, Arthur. 
Johnston, Misses. 
Stevenson, William. 
Wilkinson, James. 
116 Miller, Misses J. & A. 

Seaforth Road here. 

120 Armour, Robert B. 

122 Green shields, Robert. 

124 Dow, Thomas, 

126 Service, William. 

128 Young, William. 

130 Sloan, Miss Jeanie. 

132 Davidson, William, upholsterer. 

134 Thomson, John, insurance 

136 Buchanan, Mrs A. 
138 Ronald, Gordon, warehouse 

140 M'lntyre, Charles, grocer. 
142 Dow, Thomas. 
144 Douglas, Mrs Mary. 
148 Murphy, John, confectioner. 
150 Pieri, Leo, confectioner. 
152 Botterill, Darrell. 
158 Draper, Walter. 
160 Ronie, Mrs Jeanie. 
162 Love, William, 'bus driver. 
164 Gray, Miss Jeanie. 

Goudie, Richard, tailor. 
Anderson, John, labourer. 
166 Murray, Miss T. R. 
168 Wilson, Mrs Jane. 

Andrew, James, pointsman. 
Gemmell, William, craneman. 
Fairlie, Mrs Annie. 




170 Harrow, Mrs Ellen. 

Gibson, Allan, bricklayer. 
M'Ginlay, Francis, baker. 
Ronie, Charles, miner. 

172 Agnew, Andrew, dairyman. 

174 M'Call, Robert, hairdresser. 

176 Agnew, Andrew, dairyman. 

178 Hill, Alex. 

Yates, Alexander. 
M'Cord, Alex., surfaceman. 
180 Riddex, Mrs Mary. 
182 Scott, Robert, ship's plater. 
184 Scott, Mrs Barbara. 
188 M'Whirter, Mrs C. 
190 Laing, George, teacher. 

192 New Prestwick Baptist Churcn. 

196 Ross, William. 

198-206 Ross, William, Regal 

Picture House. 
208 Wardrop, Alex., labourer. 

210 Pollock, James. 
212 M'Naught, Mrs Theresa. 
214 Briodv, Patrick, labourer. 
216 Kerr, ' Frank W. 
218 Ferguson. Mrs Annie. 

220 Heathfield Service Garage, 

Heathfield Works. 
222 M'Call. William, gardener. 

Heathfield Road here. 

226 M'QUOID, THOMAS, grocer. 
228 Ferguson, Miss E. 
230 Rae, Miss Isobel G., milliner. 
232 Forrest, Mitchell, general 

234 Young, William, & Co. 
236 Paton, Messrs, builders. 
240 Shearer, Mrs Agnes. , 
240 Shearer, Andrew, joiner. 
242 Smith, Misses M. & C. 
244 Smith, Adam, tailor. 
246 Kerr, William. 
250 Macrae, Alex., plumber. 
250 Kidd, Robert. 
252 Galbraith, William J., 

256 Cumming, James, electrician. 


2 Stewart, Mrs Jane. 

4 M'Murtrie, David. 

6 Howieson, Robert, motorman. 

8 Allison, John, storeman. 

10 Burnie, John. 

12 Pollock, James, architect. 

14 Neil, Adam, dairyman. 

16 Neil, Mrs. 

18 Neil, Robert, dairyman. 

20 Neil, Robert, motor engineer. 

24 Neil, Mrs Jessie. 

Princes Street — continued 

Nelson Street here. 

28 Trousdale, James, fishmonger. 
32 Larmer, William. 
Sim, Andrew. 
Brown, Walter. 
Begg, Adam. 
34 M'Donald, Ronald. 

Forwell, Henry. 
36 Baird, Andrew. 
Scoular, Mrs A. 
38 M'Clure, James, insurance 
Ritchie, Alex. 

Murphy, David, letter carrier. 
Moffat, Alan, yardsman. 
40 Hart, John, railway servant. 
Garner, Thomas, butcher. 
M'Lellan, Robt., cabinetmaker. 
Graham, David, fireman. 
42 Simpson, Wm. G., 'bus driver. 
Lowe, Alex., turner. 
Wilson, Robert, sawmill 

M'Murtrie, Robert, fireman. 
44 M'Callum, Mrs E., confectioner. 
46 Simmons, Mrs A. 

Lawrie, John, 'bus driver. 
M'Lellan, Neil, fireman. 
48 M'Cracken, Thomas, porter. 
Morrison, Robert, rivetter. 
M'Lauchlan, Wm., carpet 

Mackie, Peter, upholsterer. 
50 Biagioni, Francesco. 
Auld Alex. 

Gemmell, Charles, shoemaker. 
Smith, Charles, salesman. 
52 Brown, William, motorman. 
Martin, Robert, railway fireman. 
Lindsay, George, storeman. 
Allison, William, railway 
54 Paterson, Hugh, labourer. 
Milligan, Robert, miner. 
Best, John, hairdresser. 
Henderson, Joseph, electrician. 
56 Borthwick, James, railwayman. 
1 Mowatt, Mrs Grace. 

Cunningham, Alex., vanman. 
3 M'Callum, John. 
5 Murray Mrs Mary. 
7 M'Crindle, James, engine 
11 M'Cartney, Mrs Jane. 
13 M'Cartney, Miss M. 
15 Robb, Fleming, engineer. 
17 M'Olymont, James, vanman. 
19 Montgomery, Hugh, tailor. 
21 Smith. John, gardener. 
23 M'Millan, John, caulker. 



Princes Street — continued 

Eeid, James, confectioner. 

Nelson Street here. 

49 M'Alpine, Samuel A., engineer. 

Watson, John, top cutter. 
51 Pyper, Mrs Jane. 
53 Pratt, Miss Mary. 

Currie, John. 
55 Morgan, William, miner. 

Clark, William, carriage 

Cumming, David, joiner. 

Kelly, Peter, shoemaker. 
57 Thomson, James, bar manager. 

M'Lean, William, carter. 

M'Lean, Thomas, vanman. 

M'Lelland, John, coach painter. 
59 Mackie, James, barman. 

Morton, Robert, joiner. 

Clark, James, joiner. 

M'Crorie, Mrs. 
61 M'Crindle, David. 

Diamond, Miss Mary. 

M'Clement, John, watchmaker. 

Larmer, Miss C. 
63 M'Cubbin, John, miner. 

Dick, Hugh, joiner. 

Muir, Mrs B. 

M'Laren, Robert, joiner. 
65 Capperauld, David. 

Moffat, James, shoemaker. 

M'Callum. Donald, baker. 

Ramsay, Mrs. 
67 Slater, Matthew, brassfinisher. 

Johnston, Mrs. 

Dunlop, Jacob, slater. 

Campbell, James, vanman. 
69 Rankin, James, storeman. 

Anthony, William, machineman. 

M'Lean, Robert, painter. 

Cumming, Peter, grocer. 
71 Graham, Thomas, cloth 

Dunnachie, William, shoe- 

Campbell, Mrs C. 

M'Whinnie, Hugh, tailor. 


I Irving, James, superintendant. 
3 Tnglis, John, retired. 

5 Logan, George, watchmaker. 
7 Campbell, Mrs Sarah. 

II Henderson, Frank, photo- 

1.3 Galhraith, Miss Jeam'e. 
15 Ballantvne, Andrew, slater. 
17 Parker, 'John. 
19 Smith, Matthew, retired. 
21 Henderson. James, cashier. 
23 Hornal, David, joiner. 

Quail Road — continued 

25 Brown, John, retired. 

27 Young, Edward M., clerk of 


29 Craig, Arthur J., musician. 

31 M'Kenzie, Daniel, nursery 


33 Barclay, Misses M. S., and 

Jeanie W. 
35 M'Kechan, Alexander, waggon 

2 M'Nair, John F., journalist. 

4 Nicol, George, hairdresser. 

6 Halliwell, Mrs A. K. 

8 Hunter, Mrs Annie M. 

10 Park, Thomas, surgeon dentist. 

12 Cumming, Alexander, coach 


14 M'Keand, William. 

16 Sommerville, Mrs B. 

18 Hart, Adam, joiner. 

20 M'Cubbin, Fergus, painter. 

22 M'Kinnell, William. 

24 M'Lean, James, foreman. 

26 Westwater, Peter, insurance 


28 Morrison, Hugh M., inspector. 

30 M'Callum, William, gas 


32 Graham, Miss Margaret, 


34 Geddes, John R., photographer. 

1 Burgess, John. 

3 Morrison, William. 
Copeland, John. 
Cave, Charles W. 

5 Dunn, John. 
Corbett, Mrs. 

7 Sproat, James. 

9 Muir. William. 

11 M'Lean, James. 

13 Peggie, Thomas. 
Hogg, James. 
Andrew, Samuel. 

15 Surgeoner, Thomas. 

17 Mackie, Miss Mary. 

19 Parker, Francis. 

9i M'Fadzean, James. 

Wallactown Public School here. 

? Muir, William. 

4 Andrew, James. 

6 Dunnett, Sinclair. 

8 Wilcox, William. 
M'Millan, Thomas. 

10 M'Callum, J. 

Elba Street here. 

12-14 Templeton, Thomas. 

16 Caddis, Hugh. 

18 Thomson, A. 

f'.O Thomson, James T. 




1 Macmillan, Dr Campbell. 

3 Watt, Miss Margaret. 

5 Sellar, Mrs. 

7 Kerr, Misses. 

9 Barton, Miss Janet. 

11 Crawford, Mrs. 

13 Lyon, George. 

15 Howie, William. 

17 Watt, James. 

Charlotte Street here. 

19 Thompson, Miss Alexandrina 

G. M. 
21 Parkyn, John Herbert. 

23 Logan, Mrs Mary. 

25 Rowley, Samuel J. 

27 Lyle, Peter, C.A. 

29 Paul, Miss Esther L. 

31 M'Millan. Mrs Jessie A. 

33 Mason, John, motor hirer. 

2 M'Conechy, Mrs. 

4 Cunningham, Mrs. 

6 Harbison, Mrs. 

8 Miller, Andrew. 

10 Hamilton, Andrew. 


14 Hutchison, Thomas. 

16 Clunie, Miss Margaret. 
Charlotte Street here. 

18 M'Gregor, George 0. 

20 Macpherson, Mrs Jessie. 

24 Holland, Frederick S., chef. 

26 Barnes, George Benjamin, clerk. 

28 Craig, Mrs Jane M. 

30 M'Gill, John, cabinetmaker. 

32 Henderson, Walter, clerk. 

34 Lyle, Alexander. 

36 Stephenson, Mrs Fanny E. 

36 Spier, Mrs Jeanie. 

38 Munro, William, chemist. 


1 Ballantine, Bobert. 

3 Beid. David. 

5 Hood, Miss Jessie. 

5a Ardantrae. M'Gill, John F. 

7 Elmsley. Fullarton, Mts. 

9 Ardair. Martin, John. 
Park Circus here. 

11 Arnsheen. M 'Knight. Hugh. 
13 Burnock. Aitken, Mrs. 

15 Craigencallie. Broun, Rev. 
Francis D. 
Bellevue Crescent here. 

17 Dryburgh. Gardner, William B. 

19 Dundas, Kenneth. 

Fairlie, David, gardener. 
Bellevue Road here. 

Ra Roa d — continued 
21 Ross, George. 

23 M'Crone, Robert 0. O., research 

25 Ramsay, Misses. 

27 Russell, William L. 

29 Neish, Misses, South Lodge 

Nursing Home. 
Gatehouse. Aitchison, Alex. 

31 Westerlea, Milligan, Mrs. 
Ronaldshaw Park here. 

33 Adam, Thomas. 

35 Haysmuir. Dunlop, Mrs. 

37 South Park. M 'Andrew, Mrs. 
South Park Road here. 

39 Riverston. Wyllie, John G. C. 5 
Victoria Park Road here. 

8 Murdoch, James A. D. 
10 Villiers, Mrs. 

Falconer, William, gardener, 
14 Watson. Miss E. F. 
Savoy Park here. 

24 Gillieson, Rev. W. Phin. 
Wheatfleld Road here. 

28 Andrew, Miss I. R. 
Blackburn Road here. 

30 Waddell, William A. 

32 Herbertson, James. 

34 Kay, Miss E. C. 

36 Boyd, Edwin R., C.A. 

38 Thomson, Capt. James G. O. 

40 Gartferry Hotel. Fairbairn, Ltd. 
42 Gray, John. 

42a Wyllie, Wallace. 

44 Strathdoon. Thomson, Mrs 

46 Invercloy. Brown, Misses. 


1 Sherriffs, Mrs. 

2 Middleton. Abbott, George S. 

3 Neilson, Mrs. 

Midton Road here. 

Corsehill Road here. 

Stranleur. Cuthbertson, William 
B., junr. 

Knowlton. Bryson, Archibald. 

Oumnor Hall. Mathieson, John. 

Shalimar. Wallace, Mrs. 

Hartley. Thomson, Neale. 


Corporation of Ayr Weighing 

5 Dante, Alfred, junr. 

6 M'Farlane. James, retired. 

7 Steen, William, spirit merchant, 

tavern and store. 



River Street — continued 

10 Campbell, John, dealer. 
Garden Street here. 

11 Bryan, Mrs Martha. (Store). 

12 Bryan, Mrs Martha. 



14 M 'Par lane, Garret, plumber. 



Shaw, J. & E., sheet metal 

workers. (Workshop). 
Darlington Place Church 
Mission Hall. 

17 Kelly, Thomas. (Shop & House). 

18 Hall, John, confectioner. 

19 Murdoch, John W, (Workshop). 
Hamilton, William, blacksmith. 
Whytock James, blacksmith. 


(Garage and Stables). 
Taylor, Andrew. (Garage). 
Lamb, John. (Workshop). 
Meade, Thomas, salesman. 
Logan, Robert, jeweller. 
Thomson, John, slater. 
M'Crorie & Meredith, car hirers. 

20 M'Harg, Mrs Rosina. (Shop). 
21 Murchie, Charles, painter. 

M'Guigan, James, cabman. 
22 Sibbald. Alex. (Public House). 

25 Alexander, Miss J., draper. 

26 Thomson, John, chemist. 


3 Brown, Mrs. 
Whyte, John. 

5 Aul'd Brig Motor Co. 
7 Hull, Percy, motor hirer. 
9 Brady, E. 

M'Millan, S. 
11 Russell, Miss. 
13 Fisher, Peter. 
Strang, John. 
M'Colm, George. 
M'Cutcheon, John. 

15 Robertson, A. 
Ramsay, Mrs J. 
Fraser, H. A. 

Hunter, Mrs. 

17 Dunlop,, W. M., & Co., hide & 

skin factors. 'Phone 3962. 

4 M'Laren, James D. 
Ballantyne, A. 

River Terrace — continued 

10 Davidson, James. 
Wallace, John. 

12 Sinclair, D. R. 
Garven, Mrs. 

14 Brady, Edward. 

14 Thomson, Misses. 
Lamont, Miss. 
Andrew, James. 


1 Hill, Samuel. 

5 Frew, Misses. 

7 Cameron, Mrs. 
9 Gray, William. 

11 Reid, Miss Mary T. 

13 Kirk, James. 

15 Laverie, John. 

17 Davidson, Robert B. 

19 Ferguson, Mrs. 

21 Emery, Mrs. 

23 Smith, D. Rankin. 

25 Wilson, Miss Mary H. 

27 Burns, Miss Jean. 

29 Girdwood, Gavin, C.A. 

31 Wilson, John. 

33 M'Millan, George. 

35 Wills, Misses. 

37 Haddow, James. 


4 M'Nair, William. 

6 Marchbank, Mrs. 

10 Moffat, James. 

12 Wiseman, Miss E. S. 

14 Caldwell, David. 

16 Auchinachie, Alexander. 

18 Kerr, Hugh G. 

20 Waddell. Robert P. 

22 Brown, Hugh. 

24 Scott, George B. 

26 Lohoar, James. 

28 Houston, Andrew. 

30 Wilson. Mrs. 

32 Caldwell, William. 

34 M'Murtrie, David. 

36 Beveridge, Harold J. C. 

38 Manson, Robert K. 
40 Raeside, Joseph. 

42 Smith, John. 

44 Scott, Charles A. 


5 Bone, James. 

7 Gilmour, David W. 
9 Greenlees, Muir C. 

15 Frew, James. 

17 Boase, William R. 



Ra net Idsli a w Park - continued 


4 Roberton, John S. 

6 Bone, Hugh. 

8 Comrie, William. 
10 Paterson, Alexander. 
12 Dunlop, Mrs. 
14- Aitken, Miss Agnes. 
16 MacKenzie, Miss Margaret E. 


1 Nisbet, Robert. 

3 Anderson, Miss Mary S. 

5 Erskine, William. 

9 Banks, Misses. 

11 Halliday, James. 

13 Cellars, David. 

15 Bain, Misses. 

2 Johnston, Mrs. 

4 M'Harg, Samuel. 

6 Reid, Robert A. 

8 Jack, Misses. 
10 Gray, Robert. 

12 Miss Margaret Fyfe. 

14 Taylor, David G. 

16 Bovd. John A. M. 

18 ERASER, GEORGE D., junr. 

20 Douglas, William H. 

22 Ochiltree. John Barr. 

24 Arthur. George F. 

26 Senior Mrs. 

28 Park, John. 

30 Sproat, James. 


1 Martin. Henry N. 

6 Dick, Charles, labourer. 

8 M'Kinnon. Wm., carter. 
10 Caddis. Stewart, miner. 
12 Kelly, James, labourer. 
14 Berry, Mrs Jeannie. 
16 Truesdale, Robert, miner. 
18 Lumsden, Joseph, motor driver. 
20 M'Lean, Alex., docker. 
22 Goudie. William, railwav worker. 
24 M'Quater, Samuel, railway 

26 Tavlor, Alex., loco fireman. 
28 Martin, George, miner. 
30 Young, James, do'cker. 
32 Pobertson, Alex., labourer. 
34 Thorburn, Mrs M. 
36 Dillon, Edward, labourer. 


2 High, John, nurseryman. 
4 Bell, Andrew, labourer. 

Davidson, Benjamin, labourer, 

M'Kie, Thomas, vanman. 
6 Hood, John, vanman. 
8 Gill, John J., railwayman. 
12 Hood, John, plumber. 
14 Stewart, William, joiner. 
16 M'Donald, Mrs. 
18 M'Culloch, Thomas. 
20 Bonar, Miss A. 
22 Bonar, Edward. 
26 Hunter, James, boot finisher. 
28 Davey, Owen. 
30 M'Andrew, James. 

Blair, Allan, engineer. 

Craig, Mrs E. 

M'Crae, David. 

Munro, Joseph, labourer. 
30 M'Lennan, Henry, loco fireman. 
32 Alexander. James, baker. 

Russell Terrace here. 

34 Anderson, Hugh, railway 

36 Hogg, John. 

Gribbon, John W., painter. 

Muir, Gilbert. 
38 Craig, Miss E. 
40 Clark, Charles, engineman. 

Workman. Miss H. 

Allcroft, Mrs. 
42 White, John, railwayman. 
46 Cowan, Andrew, lorryman. 
48 Spence, Mrs. 
50 Gill on, Daniel. 
52 Wilson, Mrs. 
54 Alexander, Robert. 
56 Milby, Mrs. 
56 Lyon, John. 
58 Davidson. Thomas, janitor. 

Russell Street School. 
Reid's Square. 

3 Morrison, Mrs, field worker. 
Hos:gans, John. 

4 M'Gregor, Mrs. 

5 Breen, Patrick. 
M'Guire, Hugh. 

6 Munro, Colin. 

7 M'Millan. Alex. 

8 O'Hara, John. 
70 Dawson, James. 

76 Jamieson. Alex., shoemaker. 
78 Burns, Miss Jenny. 

Messrs Barr Bros. 

Kelly, James, hoistman. 
80 Messrs Barr Bros. 
82 Murrav, James, surfaceman. 
84 Hearton, Bobert. 

M'Lean, John. 



Russel Street — continued 
86 Gordon, William. 
88 Hamilton, James, blacksmith. 

Dalt-on, Thomas. 
90 Brown, Andrew. 
79 Mulhearn, Mrs. 
77 M'Connell, David, shoemaker. 
75 Reid, Robert. 

73 M'Ginnes, James, shoemaker. 
71 Walmsley, Mrs. 
69 Gooden, Henry W., draper. 
€7 Murchie, Hugh, engineer. 
65 Brown, Charles, baker. 
63 Dunnett, Mrs. 

61 Kerr. Robert, loco, engine driver. 
59 Crorkan, Mrs. 
57 Wyllie, Robert, salesman. 
55 Macrorie, A., dyer. 
53 Gardner, Mrs. 

51 Thomson, Robert, horse trainer. 
49 Kelly, John, boot finisher. 
47 Corrigan, John, builder's 

43-45 Murchie, Miss Isa. 
39-41 Alexander, Robert, grocer. 

Nelson Street here. 

37 Ross, Mrs. 
35 M'Laren, James D. 
33 Borland, Mrs Carrie. 
31 Dunlo'p, Miss Agnes. 
29 Christie, John, fireman. 

Robson, Frank. 

Moffat, Mrs. 

Telfer, William, mason. 
27 Hogg, Donald, slater. 

Paton, Thomas, brassfinisher. 
25 Johnstone, James, engine driver. 
23 Surgeoner. Thomas, upholsterer. 
21 Sproat, Samuel, engine driver. 

Watson, James, mason. 

Lelland, Robert N., engine 

Robson, Joseph, engine driver. 
19 Sillars. William, engine driver. 

Neil, Daniel, motorman. 

M'Creadie, Mrs. 

Martin. Mrs. 
17 Scott. Evan, motor mechanic. 

Mitchell. William, slater. 

Smith. David, railwayman. 

M'Call. John, railway porter. 

Kirk. John, gardener. 
15 Bovd. William, joiner. 

Wellington Street here. 

13 Cattanaeh. Peter H. 
11 Hunter, Mrs. 
9 M'Gill, Misses J. & C. 
7 Cochrane, John, sawyer. 

M'Gill, Robert. 

Corrigan, William. 

Russel Street — continued 

5 Niven, John, railway servant. 

Thomson, James, railway 

M'Giffen, Andrew, joiner. 
3 Spiers, Mrs Annie. 

Shields, John, plumber. 
1 M'Fedris, Miss. 


2 Taylor, James, butcher. 

4 Faith, Ian, optician. 

6 Barclay. Robert, joiner. 

6 Beattie, Maxwell, letter carrier. 

6 Kevan, Mrs Margaret. 

6 Ross Miss Ann. 

6 Elder, Mrs. 

6 Hyndman, Gilbert, marine 

6 Ayr Daisy Lodge, No. 69, British 
Order of Ancient Free Gar- 
8 Bridges, William, spirit mer- 
10 Bridges, Harry. 
10 Davidson, Mrs. 
12 Thomson, Matthew, grocer. 
16 Brown, Mrs. 
16 Kean, John S. 
16 Stoddart, William. 
16-18 Prudential Assurance Co., 


Cathcart Street here. 

22 M'Nair. John, butcher. 
24 Neil, Mrs Jessie, caretaker. 
24 Shaw &■ Co., David W., solici- 
M'Harg, A., solicitor. 
Tear, Peter E., solicitor. 
24| The Bank of Scotland. 
26 Brand, John, confectioner. 
26 Melville, James, commission 

26 Scottish Film Photos. 
26 Lumsden, Miss Margaret, clinic. 
28 Samson, Thomas, grocer. 
30 Clyne, John S. 
32 Brand, John, billiard saloon. 
32 Muir, John. 

St. John Street here. 

34 The Commercial Bank of Scot- 
land, Ltd. 
36 M'Coll, Ltd., R. S., confection- 


40 Jeffrey, H. 

42 Service & Son, John, measurers. 



Set ndgate— continued 
44 Geddes, John K., photographer. 
46 Young, George, & Sons, caterers. 
50 Clark, William, joiner. 
50 Whiting, Charles. 
50 Johnson, Mrs. 
50 Mitchell, Daniel, billposter. 
50 Baillie, David. 
52 Robertson & Bryan, electricians. 
54 Gibson, Misses J. & C, con- 
56 Hamilton, Thomas, baker. 
56 Stevenson & Cassels, Allan, 

56 Cowan, Alexander, joiner. 
58 Monnickendam, Alexander, 
Sandgate Church. 
60 Campbell, Daniel, antique 

62 Pieroni, Giuseppi. 
64 Pieroni & Biagi. 
66 Auld, Mrs Margaret. 
66 Donald, Mrs Elizabeth W. 

72 Ross, Misses, drapers. 
74 Ross, Misses. 
78 Watt, James, grocer. 
30 Kerr, Miss Agnes, stationer. 
82 Rankin, Robert, motor hirer. 
82 M'Minn, Robert, postman. 
82 M'Clymont, Quintin. 
82 Rankin. Arthur. 
82 Murphy, Miss Mary. 
84 Fawcett, Miss Agiies W., arts 

and crafts. 
86 Blair, John C, fruiterer. 
88 Stewart, Alexander. 
90 Birrell, Ltd., confectioners. 
92 Sichi, Romolo, restaurateur. 
92a Gemmell, Misses. 
94 Bowman, Miss M. L. 
96-98 Ulivi, Angelo. 
100-102 Bartolucci, Oscar, restaura- 
1 Park, Thomas, dentist. 
1 King, William, joiner. 
3 Littiejohn Brothers. 
7 Auld, Mrs Mary, china mer- 
9 Cumming, William, inspector. 
9 M'Call, Hugh, solicitor. 
9 Ivory, Michael, plumber. 
9 Grant, Donald, motor driver. 
13 Paterson, Robert, firemaster. 

San dgate — continued 
15 Wallace. Andrew, caretaker. 

23 M'Murtrie, Miss Jessie, confeC' 

25 Edgar, William, fisherman. 
25 Neil, Daniel, plumber. 
25 Clark, Frank, painter. 
27-29 LAWRIE & SMITH, LTD. r 


35 Caldwell, Robert, engineer. 
35a Urquhart, Miss Margaret. 
35a Malar, George, pastry baker. 

— ; — Newmarket Street here. 
39 The Royal Bank of Scotland. 
39 Kirk James, bank agent. 
41 The Avr County Club. 
43 H.M. Postmaster General, Post 

45 Terry, David M., tobacconist. 
47 Smith, James, confectioner. 
49 Thomson, Matthew, hairdresser. 
51 Hunter, James K., architect. 
53 Burgess, Miss Mary. 
53 Armour, Miss Janet. 
53 Vagg, Mrs Jessie. 
55 Thorn, Miss Margaret, milliner. 
57 Haugh & Son, J., florists. 
59 Houston, John A., Imperial 

61 M'Ninch, Robert W-, chemist. 
63 Boswell, Misses, Sandgate 


Boswell Park here. 


69 Ayr United Liberal Association 

Club Rooms. 
71 Auld, Miss Bessie W., outfitter- 
73-75 Western S.M.T. Company, 

Ltd., 'bus station. 


Buchanan, Maurice B., Savoy. 
Morris, James A., architect, 

Savoy Croft. 
Wilson, Mrs. Wellsbourne. 


1 M'Morland, Miss Mary. 

2 Morrison, James. 

3 Morrison, James, railway guard- 



Saltfteld — continued 

4 M'Innes, Duncan, railwayman. 

4 M'Millan, Daniel. # 

5 Mackay, William, jun. 

5 M'Kay, William, machinist. 

6 Wilson, Robert, engineer. 
6 Dalton, Robert, clerk. 

6 Cowan, Alexander. 

7 Gumming, Daniel. 

7 Weames, Mrs Mary. 
7 Fitzsimmons Thomas. 

7 Rees, William. 


2 Gemmell, James, painter. 
2 M'Fedries, John, carter. 
4 M'Dowall, George. 
6 Kennedy, John. 


2 Caldwell, James C. 

4 Thom, Lennox, C.A. 

6 M'Callum, John D. 

8 Adam, Miss Jeanie. 

10 Gerrand, James G. 

12 Kirby, Mjs. 

14 Law, Charles B. 

16 Drummond, Miss Agnes. 

18 Manson, John M. 
20 Crichton, Misses. 

22 Allan, Miss Elizabeth. 
1 M'Allister, William, Seafield 

3 Dunlop, Mrs. 

5 Toll, John H. 

7 Toll, Miss Jeanie. 

9 Rock, Mrs. 

11 Middleton, Arthur 

13 Tait, Daniel. 

15 M'Gregor, Matthew. 

17 Mackenzie, John. 

19 Black, Joseph. 


1 Barr. Campbell. 

2 Breakenridge, Miss. 

3 Hastings, Mrs. 

4 MacKay, John. 

5 Watson, Dr Thomas. 

6 Goldie, Andrew. 

7 Brash, Mrs. 

8 Grierson, Robert. 

9 Walker, Mrs. 

10 Thomson. Christopher. 

11 M'Dougall, Miss Agnes. 

12 Smith, Mrs. 

13 Martin, Andrew. 

14 Hesketh, Mrs. 

Seafield Drive — continued 

15 Ferguson, Miss Janey. 

15 MacCallum, Miss Helen I, 

17 Anton, James. 

18 Marshall, Miss Agnes. 

20 M'Clelland, John. 

21 Riddall, Archibald C. 

22 Easton, Hugh. 

23 MacLean, George M. 

24 Callan, Miss Sarah. 

25 Fowler. James J. 

26 Pirie, Mrs. 

28 Alexander, James. 

29 Curley, John. 


1 Dandie, James, traveller. 

2 Nimmo, Gavin A., shipwright. 

3 Clark, James, chemist. 

4 Miller, Joseph. 


1 Philp, Miss Evelyn. 

3 Coyle, Mrs. 

5 Dunlop. George. 

7 Stark, Daniel B. 
9 Rae, John. 

11 Smith, James R. 

13 Campbell, Mrs. 

15 Macfarlane, George. 

17 Crowe, Mrs. 

19 Currie, Mrs. 

21 Gilchrist, Miss Marion. 

23 Peterkin, Misses. 

2 Galloway, Mrs. 
2 Vagg, Chas. 

4 Hay, Miss Susan. 

6 Tinsley, Joseph. 

8 M'Dougall, James S. 


2 Spence, Joseph. 
4 Craig, Wm., labourer. 
6 Burns, Wm., seaman. 
8 White, Wm. 
10 Abernethy, Jas., weaver. 

12 Flaherty. Jas., labourer. 

14 Whyte, Joseph, seaman. 

16 Steele, Wm., labourer. 

18 M 'Knight, Andrew, shipyard 


20 Hamilton, Mrs. 

22 Mackie, Mrs. 

24 M'Connell, David, bricklayer. 
26 Thomson, David, caretaker. 

28 Lyle, Andrew B., inspector. 
30 Rennie, John D., ticket col- 
. lector. 



Seaforth Crescent -continued 

32 Christie, John, fireman. 
1 King, Jas., labourer. 

3 Miller, Jas., fireman. 

5 Chisholm, Adam, seaman. 

7 Tierney, Peter, printer. 

9 Paton, John, miner. 
11 Logan, Arch., labourer. 
13 Lindsay, Alex., engineer. 
15 Law, Wm. B., clerk. 
17 Murphy, William, joiner. 
19 Davidson, Hugh, drop forger. 
21 M'Murtrie, Alex., labourer. 
23 Eae, Arch., seaman. 
25 Cochrane, William, labourer. 
27 Connar, Patrick, labourer. 
29 Somerville, Thos., hairdresser. 
31 M'Creath, James, labourer. 

33 Kelly, William, labourer. 
35 Longair, James, labourer. 
37 Kerr, Adam, hammerman. 
39 Campbell, Robt., tailor. 

41 Ewart, William, packer. 
43 Bell, John, moulder. 
45 Merry, Daniel, railway worker. 
47 Craig, George, labourer. 
49 Murray, James, fruit salesman. 
51 Brown, John F., chauffeur. 
53 Hunter, Thomas, motor driver. 
55 Hilston, James, painter. 
57 M'Whinnie, Thomas, miner. 
59 Clive, Thomas, dyer. 
61 Bagen, Mrs. 

63 Colquhoun, John, ship worker. 
65 Taylor, Joseph, barman. 
67 Gilmour Alex., printer. 
69 Marshall, Alex., labourer. 
71 Robertson, John N., railway 


1 Murray, Henry G., sheriff clerk 

3 Spence, Miss Isa, nurse. 

5 Robertson, John, moulder. 

7 Gait, David, traveller. 

9 Samson, Arthur, joiner. 
11 Pyfe, Thomas, labourer. 
13 Wright, Leslie, seaman. 
15 Watson, William, mechanic. 
17 MTvor, John, electrician. 

■ Seaforth Crescent here. 

19 Murchie, Findlay, carter. 

21 Pollock, Thomas, hairdresser. 

23 Wilson, William, joiner. 

25 Cowan, James, railway worker. 

27 M'Culloch, William, insurance 

29 Eaglesham, James, labourer. 
31 Ness, John, labourer. 

Seaforth Road — continued 
33 Thomson, Mrs A. 
35 Lochhead, Robert, clerk. 
37 Brown, James C, traveller. 
39 Perry, John, tailor. 
41 Black, Mrs. 

43 Gemmell, Joseph B., printer. 
45 Foord, Mrs. 
47 Meek, Thomas B. 
49 Love, John. 

51 Brown, Thomas, coal merchant. 
53 Manson, John, insurance agent. 
55 M'Donald, John, joiner. 
57 Jack, James, motor driver. 
59 Curdie, Mrs. 
61 Fullarton, William, lather. 

2 Miller, William. 


6 Blane, John, engine driver. 

8 Aitken, Mrs. 

10 Douglas, Andrew, architect. 
Springbank Road here. 

15 Reid, Matthew, labourer. 
14 Law, James, coal trimmer. 

16 Dow, John C, motor mechanic. 
18 Kilpatrick, Mrs. 

20 Penny, Peter, motor engineer. 
22 Telfer, Andrew, labourer. 
24 Bryan, Fergus, 'bus driver. 
26 M'Kay, James, postman. 

Bellesleyhill Avenue here. 

28 Morton, Wm., railway servant. 
28 Smith, John, goods guard. 
30 Duff. James, carter. 


2 Wyllie, Mrs. 
4 Neill, Mrs. 

Bowman, Mrs. 

M'Lelland, John. 

M'Cance, Mrs. 

Moore, Robert. 
6 Jenkins, James. 

M'Murtrie, George. 

Manson, Robert G. 

O'Hara, Peter. 

Wood, John. 

Murdoch, Arthur. 
8 Dickie, James. 

Murchie, David. 

Wagstaff, George. 

M'Phail, Mrs. 

Robb, John. 

M 'Vicar, Thomas. 
10 Beecher, Henry G. 

Hunter, Mrs. 

Thomson, James. 

Sutherland, Peter. 

Wood, James. 

Smith, Samuel. 



Smith Street — continued 

12 Goudie, Kobert. 

Smith, John R. 

Ewing, Peter. 
16 Ayrshire Hide, Skin, Fat, and 

Wool Company. 
LQ Wallace. John, & Sons (Ayr), 

Kyle Street here. 


Anderson, James. 

Betts, Frank. 
20 Macgregor & Gillmor. 

Wyllie, Peter. 
22 M'NAB, JOHN. 
24 Hyslop & Co. 
26 Andreucei, Roberto. 
30 Reid, Thomas. 

Bone, Robert. 

Spiers, James. 

Murray, John. 

Andreucei, Roberto. 

Reid, John. 


Thomson, Thomas. 

Sharp, George K. 

Hunter, Peter. 

Campbell, Thomas. 
32 Williamson Bros. 
34 Morton, Miss Jean. 
36 Chester, Mrs. 
38 Peacock, Miss J. 
40 Fulton, James. 
42 Andrew, James. 
44 Shields, John. 

Strickland, Daniel. 

Murchie, Miss Jane. 

Logan, James. 
46 Kirk, James. 
48 Ellis & Cumming. 
50 Rennie, Miss Elizabeth. 
52 Brockie, Thomas. 
54 Cunningham, Andrew. 

Bryan, Tames. 

Bowman, Isaac. 

Williamson, David C. 
56 Brucciani, Pietro. 
58 Haugh, J., & Son. 
60 Fisher, S. 


2 Warnock, Mrs. 

4 Terras, Robert, engineer. 

Hunter, Robert S., iron moulder. 

Darrell, Mrs. 
6 Hay, John. 

Moffat, Alexander, grocer. 

Barlow, Edward, fireman. 

Smith, Robert, tinsmith. 

Somerset Bond — continued 

Murray, William, asphalter. 

M'Crorie, Robert, loco, fireman, 
10 Irving, Matthew, pointsman. 
12 Hodge, Mrs J. 

14 Gemson, Lawrence, teacher. 
16 Paterson, Robert, postman. 
18 Reid, James, photographer. 

20 Manson, James, cashier. 
22 Aird, Robert, postman. 

24 Mackenzie, Wm., grain miller. 
26 Wilson, William, clothier. 

28 Hamilton, James, postman. 

30 Vass, William. 

32 Boyd, David, engineer. 
34 Dickie, James, & Co., Victoria 
Stamping Works. 
Hamilton, Charles K., baker. 
Ayr United Football and 
Athletic Club, per A. Gibson, 
1 Hunter, W., Foreman. 
3 WALKER, W. G., & SONS. 


1 Ailsa Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. 

3 Lindsay, James. 

5 Paton, Thomas. 

7 Sutherland, John. 

9 Arnott, Mrs Elizabeth. 


1 Gibson, Hugh, spirit merchant. 
3 Tyrie, John D., plumber. 
Fulton, Alexander J., clerk. 
Young, Andrew, stage manager. 
M'Kenzie, Kenneth, constable. 
7 Coyle, Wm., spirit merchant. 

Crozier, Miss Margaret. 
9 Queen's Hotel. Tel. 278411. 
11-13 Stevenson, James, tea mer- 

15 Smith, Mrs. 

17-19 M'Taggart, Miss Alice. 

21 WYLLIE, D., & CO., LTD. 
Fort Street here. 

23-25 Brucciani, Pietro & Stephano, 

Young, George, storekeeper. 
Healy, Patrick Joseph, groom. 

31 M'Crindle, William, joiner. 
Turner, Harry W., clerk . 
Provan, Mrs Minnie. 
Turners (Ayr), Ltd. 
Hunter, Aaron, cabinetmaker. 



South Harbour Street — continued 
33 Cook, Mrs Janet. 
35 M 'Ronald, Samuel, spirit mer- 
37 Stewart, Mrs Marion. 
43-53 Cochrane, James A., & Son, 

grain merchants. 
55-65 Steele, John A., grain mer- 
69 M'Taggart, Miss Elizabeth. 

Kennedy, Thomas, burgh em- 

Doeherty, William. 
71 Brown, Angus, foreman. 
75 Small, Mrs. 

Henry, William. 

Cummings, Miss A., dressmaker. 

Black, W. Austin. 
77 Henry, Mrs. 
79 M'lntyre, James, grocer. 
81 Hose, David. 

Murray, David, railwayman. 

Turner, William, carpenter. 

Taylor, Mrs Margaret. 
83 Nicol, William, jun. 

Nimmo', John, plumber. 

Aberneihy, Alexander, painter. 
87 Andreucci, Robert, restaurateur. 
89 Scott, David. 
91 Dempster, Mrs Bessie R. 

Stewart, Colin, electrician. 

Wright, Hugh, painter. 

Tyeson, Charles, railway guard. 

W'right. Bert. 

Wilson. John. 

Conway, Robert. 

Nicol, Frederick, engine fitter. 
93 Arthur, Mrs Margaret. 

Turner, Mrs Agnes. 

Smilh, John, storeman. 

French, Thomas, Corporation 

Irvine, Bryce, waterman. 
95 Murray, Thomas, craneman. 

M'Kelvie, Mrs Mary. 

Inglis, Mrs Isabella. 

Brotherston, John. 

Wilson, James. 

Brotherston, David, cabinet- 

Wilson, William. 
97 M'Cardle, Mrs Catherine. 
99 Sandgate Church of Scotland 
West Congregation Home 

Brotherston, Mrs Jean. 

M'Lauchlan, William. 

Chapman, Archibald, riveter. 

Kelly, John. 
101 Thomson, Mrs Catherine. 

Murdoch, Mrs Helen. 

South Harbour Street — continued 
103 M'Cullagh, Reginald, engineer. 

Love, William. 
105 Rodger, Robert, painter. 
107 Calder, John, spirit merchant. 
109 Gibb, Miss J. C. 
Ill County of Ayr Territorial Army 

Association Hall. 
113 Williams, Regt. Sergt.-Major 

Ernest George. 
115 M'Pherson, Alex., carpenter. 

Girvan, John, hawker. 

Savage, Hugh. 

Fisher, Mrs Margaret. 
117 Dochertv, Daniel, blacksmith. 

Wills, John. 

Stevens, Mrs Rebecca. 

Wills, Alex., shoemaker. 
119 Riley, Mrs Catherine. 

Higgins Joseph. 

Taylor, James. 

Davis, James, railway porter. 
121 Brown, David, mason. 

Munro, George. 

M'Cartney, Mrs Janet. 

Tyson, John, coal salesman. 
123 Inglis, Thomas. 

Lamont, Mrs Agnes 

Scott, John, blacksmith. 

Russell. Mrs Helena. 
125 M'Camiey, William. 

Cassels, Allan W., painter. 

Johnston, Alex., engineer. 

Gaffnev, Rodger. 
127 Taylor^ William, rigger. 

Liddle, Miss Annie P., weaver. 
129-131 Eaglesham, James, grocer. 
South Beach Road here. 

Henderson, J. & W., Ltd. 

Devlin, Thomas L., & Sons, 

Jary, Fred. G., Ltd., fish sales- 

Persichini, Frank. 


3 Wallace, David H . 

5 Alexander. Mrs. 

9 MacLehose, Hamish A. 

11 Lammie, Misses. 
Mossie, Robert. 

4 Ayr Tennis Club. 

6 Miller, George. 
8 Kennedy, Mrs. 

10 Steele, Mrs. 

12 Young, William, jun. 




1 Pollock, Mrs. 

3 Sawers, Mrs. 

5 M'Pherson, Angus, engine 


7 Stewart, Mrs. 

9 Murdoch, John A. H. 

11 Thomson, Alex., engine driver. 

13 Nelson, George T. 

15 Mackenzie, William, ship's 


17 Watt, Mrs E. 

19 MacFarlane, Miss A. 

21 Greenlees, John. 

23 M'Alister, Mrs. 

25 Brown, Miss. 

27 Forrest, James, railway clerk. 

29 M'Carroll, Robert H., police 


31 Fulton, William W., carpenter. 

33 Smith, Mrs. 

35 Cuthbert, Mrs. 

37 Main, Alex., machineman. 

39 Barclay, Walter, motor driver. 
41 Wilson, Robert, signalman. 

43 M'Kenzie, Hugh, die sinker. 

2 Dunlop, Allan C, dyer. 

4 Hamilton, William, postman. 

6 Boyd, John C, plumber. 

8 Boyd, Wm. B., plumber. 

10 Richmond, James. 

12 M'Burnie, Robert. 

14 M'Murtrie, Miss Agnes. 

16 Ferguson, James. 

18 Galloway, Andrew, painter. 

20 Gibson, John, engine driver. 

22 Cumming, Wm. A., joiner. 

24 Cowan, Mrs. 

26 Westwood, Robert, weaver. 

28 Galloway, Alex., traveller. 

30 Boyd, John, iron driller. 

32 Milroy, Hugh, baker. 

34 Monaghan, Wm., railway guard. 

36 Lyall, David, jeweller. 

38 Roxburgh, William B., coal 


40 Christie, Hugh, engineer. 


3 Krause, Mrs. 

5 Young, Mrs. 

7 Latta, James D. 

9 May, Mrs. 

11 Munro, Misses. 

13 Macintvre, Mrs. 

13 Boyd, Miss Janet W. 

15 Gibson, James. 

2 Johnston, Miss Helen. 

4 Stewart, Miss Elizabeth. 

6 Watson, John. 


1 Peddie, William. 

3 Smith, Colin F. 

5 Atkinson, John. 

7 Allan, George. 



4 Girdwood, Miss Margaret. 

6 Davidson, John H. 

8 Hunter, Miss Lilias. 
10 Galbraith, Mrs. 

12 Trounson, Mrs. 
14 M'Cutcheon, Mrs. 


Pollock, A. & W. 

M'Lachlan, Hugh. 


2 Alexander, Thomas, labourer. 

4 M'Crindle, James, 'bus driver. 

6 Cameron, James, baker. 

8 Mill, James, police constable. 

10 Hunter, James, traveller. 

12 Beattie, William, fireman. 
14 Spiers, John, railway guard. 
16 Jamieson, R., photographer. 
18 Steele, John M., shoemaker. 
20 Scott, George, butcher. 

22 Johnstone, William, shoemaker. 
24 M'Cafferty, Geo., cattle checker. 
26 Reid, James, stoker. 
28 Munro, John, clerk. 
30 Wyllie, Robert, labourer. 
32 Parker, Thomas, groundsman. 
34 Miller, Hugh, hawker. 
36 Miller, William, hawker. 
38 Berry, Thomas, hairdresser. 
40 Stewart, John, machineman. 
42 Ness. David, 'bus driver. 
44 Edgar, John, labourer. 
46 Montgomery, James, joiner. 
48 Fullerton, James, labourer. 
50 Galbraith, Robert, labourer. 
52 Glendinning, Joseph, fireman. 
54 Grant, David, clerk. 
56 Elson, Eric B. 
1 Tarbet, Thomas, mechanic. 

3 Stevenson, John, labourer. 

5 Eobertson, Thomas, labourer. 

7 Hogg, William, baker. 

9 Sloan, Robert, carter. 

11 Law, George, coal trimmer. 

13 Quagliozzi, Ernest, shopkeeper. 



Stewart Road — continued 

15 Fulton, David, traveller. 

17 Caldwell, John, traveller. 

19 Campbell, Fred. R., clerk. 

21 Donnelly, Samuel, labourer. 

23 Auld, Charles, electrician. 

25 Keenan, William, miner. 

27 Gemmell, Andrew W., insur 

ance agent. 
29 M'Gill, Edward, joiner. 
31 M'Clure, Alex., tram driver. 
33 M'Pherson, Alex., engineer. 
35 Telfer, Thomas, labourer. 
37 Miller, James, coal bagger. 
39 M'Michael, William, carter. 
41 Jamieson, Alex., fireman. 
43 Johnston, Robt., railway worker. 
45 Douglas, John, signalman. 
47 Watt, Mrs. 

49 M'Cubbin, David, gardener. 
51 Chapman, A., tram conductor. 
53 M'Clure, John, miner. 
55 Kirk, Robert, motor driver. 


1 M'Dougall, John R. 

3 Munro, Miss A. 

5 M'Fadyen, Mrs A. Carr. 

7 Singleton, Hugh. 

9 Young, Archibald. 

11 Mills, Mrs. 

13 Cumming, William. 

15 Young, Mrs. 

17 Ward, Waiter. 


21 Storey, John. 

23 Crawford, Hector L. 
25 Shaw, Misses N. & M. 
27 M'Cubbin, James. 

29 Clemenson, Peter. 
31 Hood, A. 

2 Campbell, Misses. 

4 Headley, Mrs A. G., and Miss 


6 Forrest. William. 

8 Chalmers, Robert D. 
10 Forbes, Mrs. 

12 Mackenzie, Misses M. & A. 

14 Murray, Charles. 

16 Clark, Mrs. 

18 Ross, James. 

20 M'Gill, John. 

22 Steel, Andrew B. 

24 Senior, James. 


2 Begg, Mrs E. 

4 M'Ronald, John, salesman. 

6 M'Ninch, Richard, draper. 

St. George's Road — continued 

8 Cummings, Wm. S., police 


10 M'Callum, John, railway fire- 


12 Bell, Jas., post office linesman. 

14 Jardine, Peter, platelayer. 

16 Murphy, Thos., joiner. 

18 Pratt, Jas., greenkeeper. 

20 Greenlees, Wm., joiner. 

22 Young, Hugh, railway fireman. 

24 M'Clung, Matthew, 'bus driver. 

26 Gibson, Wm., railway fireman. 

28 Lauder, Wm., police constable. 

30 Cuthbertson, Wm., motor driver. 

32 Brooks, Archibald, musician. 

34 Gemmell, Robt., labourer. 

36 Kellock, W. J., motor driver. 

38 Stevenson, John, labourer. 

40 Easton, George, tramway motor- 


42 Ward, Frank, seaman. 

44 M'Millan, Wm., coalman. 

46 Leggat, Alex., joiner. 

48 Killan, John, labourer. 

50 Brady, Thos., labourer. 

52 Collins, John, baker. 

54 Colville, Ritchie, engine driver. 

56 Clegg, Thos., engine driver. 

1 Findlay, Wm., cemetery worker. 
3 Cochrane, George, weaver. 
5 Calder, John R., plasterer. 
7 M' Dowel 1, Peter, dock labourer. 

9 Potts, James, labourer. 

11 Grant, Peter, labourer. 

13 Monachan, John, iceworker. 

15 M 'Bride, Alex, carpet weaver. 

17 Merry, Thos., labourer. 

19 Grace, Jas., labourer. 

21 Chalmers, Robt., tinsmith. 

23 Scott, Arch., miner. 

25 M'Culloch, John, carter. 

27 Coulter, Hugh, motor driver. 

29 M'Farlane, Robt., labourer. 

31 Neill, Mrs Agnes. 

33 Brown, Mrs M. 

35 Lumsdsn, Thos., motor driver. 

37 Monaghan, Thomas, labourer. 

39 M'Donald, Allan, carter. 

41 Hagan, Wm., labourer. 

43 M'Creadie, Duncan, miner. 

45 Johnstone, Hugh, gardener. 

47 Barclay, Robt. 

49 Munro, David, fisherman. 

51 Austin, Matthew, baker. 

53 Allan, John, loco, fireman. 

55 Gibson, John, plumber. 

57 Irving, Wm., baker. 

59 Muir, Hugh, loco, fireman. 
61 M'Whi.onie, Hugh, loco, fire- 




St. George's Road — continued 

63 White, John, railway waggon 

65 Kerr, Robt., butcher. 

67 M'Turk, Jas., clerk. 

69 Kilgour, Wm., tramway con- 

71 Gibson, John, checker. 

73 Fisher, Wm., clerk. 

75 Wallace, Andrew, seaman. 

77 Shields, Benjamin, foundry 

79 Goudie, Wm., railway police. 

81 Watson, Wm., traveller. 

83 Lauchlan, Jas., butcher. 




6 Byars & M'Cubbin, painters. 

8 Dobbie, Richard M. 

1 Burns, James N., bank agent. 


1 Anderson, William Boyd. 
3 Orman, Ernest J. 

5 Sommerville, Mrs. 

7 Frew, James D. 

9 Gray, Misses. 

Hazelwood Road here. 

11 Gow, Mrs. 

13 Murray Miss Agnes. 

15 Sloan, Misses. 

17 Tweedily, John. 

21 Lumsden, James. 

23 Smith, Edwin. 

Cailan, William. 
25 Dempster, Robert. 
27 Hunter, Miss Jeanie. 
29 Craig, John. 
31 Arnold, Miss Margaret. 
33 M'Whinnie, William. 
35 Edgar, Mrs. 

37 Johnstone, Miss Helen M. 
39 Percy, Mrs. 
41 Fergusson, Mrs. 
43 Paterson, David W. 
45 Robertson, John. 
47 M'Millan, George A. 
49 Burton, Mrs. 
51 Smith, Misses. 

Black, J. & R. 

Paterson, James, Belmont 

M'Clew. Jas., Belmont Crossing. 

Blair, Wm., Belmont Crossing. 

Miller, Robt., Belmont Crossing. 

M'Garvie. David, Belmont 

Allan, Miss E. N., Belmont 

2 Hepburn. Miss Jessie. 












St. Leonard's Road — continued 
Bethune, Mrs. 
Brown, Thomas. 
Weir, David. 
Wilson, Mrs. 
Galloway, Thomas. 
Allison, Miss Helen. 
Drinnan, Miss Jane. 
Melrose, Mrs. 
Revie, Mrs. 
Campbell, Mrs. 
Blackwood, Misses. 
Cassels, Andrew. 
Young, Hugh. 
Wallace, George. 
Nisbet, Misses. 
Muir, Miss Effie. 
Smith, Mrs. 
Jardine, Robert. 
Wilson, Mrs. 
Hayworth, William. 
Cassels, Thomas M'G. 
Laughland, John. 
M'Clymont, Andrew. 
Willet, Misses. 
Kerr, Matthew. 
Neishman, Miss Helen. 
Wiseman, J. O. 
Keith, Claud H. T. 
Pearson, Alexander. 
Johnston, Mrs. 
Watson, Mrs. 
Wright. Mrs. 
Grassick, Mrs. 
Hyslop, Mrs. 

Laughland, C.A., William. 
Ferguson, Mrs. 
i Henderson, Herbert. 
•Robsland Avenue here. 
Bird, Mrs. 
Cumming, John. 
Dunsmuir, Mrs. 
Rodger, Henry T. H. 
Meikle, William. 
Marsden, Clifford. 
Laird, Thomas. 
Moffat, Alexander C. 
Downie, Mrs. 
Guthrie, William. 
Morton, William S. 
Dunlop, Miss Margaret. 
Bellevale Avenue here. 
Campbell, Gavin, Bellevale 

Robertson, George. 
Morris, William. 
Pitts, James, Ewenfield House. 
Andrew, William, Ewenfield 






3 Brown, Niven, baker. 

5 Paton, John, hairdresser. 

7 Crisp, Miss Gladys, fruiterer. 

9 Bianchini, Marcello, con- 

11 Wilson, Miss Mary H., draper. 

13 Jackson, Thomas, grocer. 

15 Freedman, Misses A. & L. 

17 Forbes, Hugh, baker. 

19 Dunlop, George, butcher. 

21 Laurie, James, confectioner and 
Gee, Mathieson, Ltd., funeral 

2 The Clydesdale Bank, Ltd. 

4 Maybole and District Farmers' 

Association, Ltd. 

6 Arthur, Peter. 

8 Orr, Thomas T., ironmonger. 
10 Wilson, Richard M., chemist. 


1 O'Neil, Edward, dealer. 
Russell, James, labourer. 
Crow, Mrs Gertrude. 
Murdoch, James, labourer. 

3 Stuart, Alexander, coal trimmer. 
Cumming, Robert, currier. 

Green Street Lane here. 

5 Smith, Duncan, engine driver. 
Thomson, James, motor driver. 

Green Street here. 


9 Brogan, Alex., craneman. 

13 Smith, Thomas, coal trimmer. 

15 M'Pherson, Daniel. 

Mack, David, coal salesman. 
Thomson, Mrs Elizabeth. 
Norris, Frederick. 

York Street Lane here. 

17 Morrison, Robert. 
19 Merry, James, motorman. 
York Street here. 

2 M'Kinnon, Mrs Jessie. 

4 Sloan, James. 
M'Kinnon, Mrs J. 

8 Rees, Mrs Margaret. 
Black, James B., clerk. 

10 Campbell. William, labourer. 

Mullen, David. 
12' M'Millan, Miss B., carpet 

Green Street Lane here. 

14 Vaters, John. 

16 Baillie, William, waste and 

metal merchant. 
Park, John, surfaceman. 

Taylor Street — continued 

18 M'Kinlay, Stephen, sawmill 

20 Thomson, John, motor haulage 

22 Fyvie, William, traveller. 

Green Street here. 

26 Quagliozzi, Ernest, restaurateur. 
28 Gibson, James. 

M'Neil, Mrs Sarah. 

Bolton, Mrs Euphemia 

Sullivan, Mrs Helen. 

O'Lone, James, stoker. 

Dunlop, John. 

Boon, Neil Clark. 

M'Millan, John. 

Davidson, Mrs Elizabeth. 

M'Laren, Hugh. 

Martin, Alexander. 
30 Kerr, Alexander. 
32 M'Quaker, Alex., shoemaker. 
34 Thomson, Alex., motor driver. 
38 Pollock, Thomas, boilermaker. 

Law, George, shipwright. 

Norwell, Mrs Sarah. 

Wilson, James, motor driver. 

Docherty, George. 

Murray, Mrs Mary. 

Agnew, William, driller. 

M'Kie, Mrs Grace. 

M'Morland, William. 

Campbell, John, blacksmith. 

Rowan, David, riveter. 

Kelly, Edward. 
40 Boyd, John, bootmaker. 
42 Currie, Peter, confectioner. 

York Street Lane here. 

44 Leith, Mrs Agnes W. 

46 Brown, Arthur, loco, fireman. 

48 Robertson, Miss Janet B. 

York Street here. 

50 Beattie, Thos., railway fireman. 
52 Reid, Mrs Margaret. 
54 Murdoch. Andrew. 

Smith, James. 

Baillie. Walter. 

Gemmell, John. 
56 Morrison, William. 


2 Ramsay, James, clerk. 

4 Tait, Peter, manager. 

6 Adams, Mrs, hairdresser. 

8 Dunn, Alex., school teacher. 
10 Norris, Hugh, stevedore. 
12 Burgoyne, Misses. 
14 Wyllie, Robert. 
16 White, Miss Jessie. 



Tcviot Street— continued 

1 Campbell, John, traveller. 
3 M'Farlane, Daniel, mason. 
5 Pollock, Peter, compositor. 
7 Smith, Sydney, chemist. 
9 Campbell, John, glazier. 
11 Clark, Thomas, works manager. 


1 Rodger, William, inspector. 

2 Rae, Mrs, and Gardner, Mrs. 

3 Rhodes, John. 

4 Tyrie, James, school attendance 


5 Love, Robert, tailor. 

6 Smith, Robert, gardener. 


1 Cowan, Mrs. 

Hogg, David, engineer. 
Cairns, Samuel, slater. 
Clearie, John, vanman. 

2 Wyllie, David G., leading sea- 

Maxwell, John, railway servant. 
Mitchell, James, loco, fireman. 
Murray, David, labourer. 

3 M'Clements, John, blacksmith. 
M'Crorie, Richard, engine fitter. 
Hepburn, Mrs. 

Scrimgeour, David, carpet 

4 Dunn, James, railway servant. 
Rennie, Andw., railway servant. 
Murray, William, carter. 
Cairns, James, slater. 

5 Hamilton, David, mason. 
Walker, William, joiner. 
M'Wbirter, Mrs. 

Watt, William, plumber. 

6 Crisp, Herbert, cropper. 
Birrell, George R., clerk. 
Dunn, Edward, tweed finisher. 
Hogg, John S., baker. 

7 Eaglesham, Mrs. 
Morrison. Mrs. 

Murray, David, railway servant. 
Waugh, William, joiner. 

8 Mitchell, Richard, railway set 

Hunter, William, fitter. 
Benzie, Prank, plumber. 
Kilpatrick, Thos., footballer. 

9 Robinson, Robert L., railway 


Jamieson, Thomas, railway ser- 

Rodger, Anthony, shunter. 

Neeson, John, baker. 


2 Robertson, Donald, policeman. 

4 Dick, John. 

6 Darbison, Joseph, butcher. 

8 Logan, Ales. R., compositor. 

10 Drinnan, Mrs. 

12 Caldwell, George, constable. 
14 Highet, Robert, plumber. 

16 Sloan, John, clerk. 

18 Tavendale, Wm., commission 


20 Simpson, William. 

22 M'Lardie, Robert, baker. 

24 Smith, Mrs. 

26 Stewart, James B., engineer. 

28 Murray, Wm., bookbinder. 

30 Richmond, John. 

32 M'Whirter, Thos., drapery 


34 Gilchrist, Jas., spirit merchant. 

36 Munro, Mrs. 

38 Brown, Andrew S., motor en- 


40 Irving, Mrs. 

42 Stewart, William, painter. 
44 Spence, Wm. N., master painter. 
46 Taylor, David. 
48 Campbell, John. 
50 Crawford, Mrs. 
lb Paterson, Miss A., grocer. 
1 M'Culloch, David R., fruit 

3 Osborne, Wm., retired school- 

3a Anderson, Robert, coal mer- 

5 Ferguson, Thomas M'C. 

7 M'Callum, Duncan, pilot. 



11 Fisher, Thomas. 

13 Carey, John, aerated water 


Gordon Street here. 

15 Wilson, Mrs. 

17 Duncan, Mrs Annie. 

19 Clark, Richard, bricklayer. 

21 Woods, Mrs A. E. 

23 Stewart, Mrs Margaret. 

25 Greig, Miss Eliza. 

27 M'Dougall, Samuel, clerk. 

29 Cowan, Mrs Agnes H. 
Campbell Street here. 

31 M'Nider, Miss Isa J. S. 

33 Salvation Army. 

35 Gemmell, Misses B. & M. 

37 Halliday, Mrs Jessie E. 

39 Scott, Charles, gardener. 

41 Mackay, Niven O, grocery 




Union Avenue— continued 
43 Burt. Mrs Margaret 
45 Cunningham, Mrs Margaret. 
47 Ruddock, Win., checker. 
49 Scott, James, shopman. 


1 Walls, Frederic R. 
3 Paton, David W. 

5 Niven, Mrs. 

5 Murdoch, William. 

2 Burrell, Gordon. 


1 Johnstone, Mrs Isa. 

3 Watt, Andrew, engine driver. 
Ferguson, David, signalman. 

5 M'Vie, John, baker. 

2 M'Callum, Mrs Sarah. 


5 Wilson, Miss A. 
Ferguson, Miss H. 
Morgan, Mrs. 

7 Wilson, William. 

9 Porter, Mrs. 
Martin, Mrs J. 
Johnston, Mrs. 

31 Miller, Robert. 

32 Fulton, Roderick. 
Fisher, George. 

30 M'Garva, J. 

28 Reid, Alexander. 

Hogg, Daniel. 
26 Aitchison. Thomas. 

Irving, John. 

Stewart, John M. 

Muir, Mrs M. 
24 M'Call, S. 
22 M'Call, John. 
20 Kelly, Miss Jane. 

Taylor, George. 

Jamieson, A. 

Ross, Mrs Janet C. 
18 Granton. Mrs J. 

Smith, John. 
16 Watson, Miss E. 

Stewart, Miss A. 
14 Baker, George. 
12 Mitchell, James. 

10 Morrison, Hugh. 
M'Candlish, Matthew. 

8 M'Garrachie, Peter. 
Bryden, Neill. 
Campbell, James. 
Paterson, William. 

6 Donnelly, John. 
Kennedy, John. 

Victoria Street — conti)iued 

Wilson, Mrs E. 

Powell, Mrs. 
4 Bell, John. 

Crawford, Hugh. 

M'Annaly. D. 

Duncan, William. 
2 M'Kinlay, S. 

Alexander, D. 


2 Hart, Mrs Hannah. 

4 Hart, Alexander B., joiner. 

Hendry, Wm., coal merchant. 
6 Wallace, Mrs Jane. 
8 Young, Mrs Margaret. 
10 Somerville, Robert. 

M'Allister, Alexander. 
12 Bell, James, motor contractor. 

M'Kelvie, Matthew, brass- 
14 Fraser, Abraham, engineer. 

Chalmers, Joseph, moulder. 
16 George, David, fishmonger. 

Stro/an, Mrs Isa. 

Wellington Street here. 

18 M'Callum, Donald, butcher. 

20 Ganly, Andrew, cabinetmaker. 

22 Burgess, Thomas, riveter. 

24 Scott, Adam. 

26 Watson, Miss Margaret. 

28 Manson, James, boilermaker. 

30 Smith, William. 

32 M'Connell, Thomas, painter. 

34 Cumming, William. 

36 Love, Andrew, upholsterer. 

38 M'Nee, C, slater. 

M'Clung, Andrew, butcher. 
40 M'Cartnev, Hugh, lamplighter. 

M'Culloch, Thomas, carter. 
42 Bone, John, coal salesman. 
44 M'Culloch, John, porter. 

Barry, Adam, shoemaker. 

Kennedy, Allan, guard. 

Wallace, Walter, machinist. 
46 Robertson, Thomas B., plasterer. 

Gibson, Thomas, guard. 
48 Findlay, Mrs Margaret. 
50 M'Cutcheon, Mrs Margaret. 

Nelson Street here. 

52 Thomson, Jas., motor engineer. 
54 Stewart, Alexander, draper. 
56 M'Dermont, Peter, mason. 
58 Hutchison, George A. 
60 Thomson, Robert, carriage 

62 Wallacetown Engineering Co. 

Moncrieff, Thomas, salesman, 
Rosebank Cottage. 

Grier, Mrs Marion, Rosebank 



Viewfield Road— continued 

21 Tierney, Benjamin. 
19 Hamilton, Robert. 
17 Begg, Alexander, & Co., manu- 
15 Moore, Thomas, corkcutter. 
13 Dunlop, Robert, plasterer. 
11 Wilson, Mrs Sylvia. 

Newtonhead School, Ayr County 
7 Ritchie, Mrs Isa. 
Smith, Miss Agnes. 
Cook, Miss Annie. 
Milne, Mrs Elizabeth. 
5 Rae, Andrew, mechanic. 
Shaw, George, traveller. 
Parker, Robert, joiner. 
Steel, Alex., railway worker. 
3 Paton, George. 
Wright, John, upholsterer. 
Barclay, Mrs Margaret. 
Montgomery, Mrs Sarah. 
1 Reid, Wm., coach painter. 
Cameron, Wm. S., painter. 
Priestley, Samuel, goods guard. 


1 Dunlop, William, joiner. 

Wilson, John, draper. 

Fleming, Thomas, plasterer. 

White, Mrs Maria. 
3 Rodie, John. 


Robson, John. 

Ritchie, Mrs Jemima. 
5 Haddow, Miss Annie. 

Murdoch, David, plumber. 

Brown, Hugh, painter. 

M'Donald, Mrs Emily. 
7 Lang, William, baker. 

Smith, Andrew. 

French, Thomas, plumber. 

Fulton, Joseph, machineman. 
9 Kilmurray, James, grocer. 

Leggat, George A., letter carrier. 

Lauchland, Mrs Janet. 

Seales, Robert, bricklayer. 
11 Manson, Thomas. 

Thomson, David, plater. 

Wilkie, Archibald, funeral 

Ritchie, Mrs Margaret. 
13 Dow, Mrs Margaret. 

Clark, Misses M. & A. 

M'Clymont, John, engine driver. 

Murray, Thomas, clerk. 
15 M'Anespie, Henry, traveller. 

M'Lean, Robert, painter. 

M'Creadie, Mrs Elizabeth. 

Prentice, Miss Jeanie. 

Virginia Gardens — continued, 

17 Loudon, James, blacksmith. 
Sim, John, electrician. 
Dowie, James, loco, fireman. 
Brackenridge, Mrs Agnes. 

12 Russell. James, fireman. 

10 Muir, Wm., shipping checker. 
Irvine, Miss Agnes. 

Tait, Charles, chemist. 
Douglas, John, signalman. 
8 Wallace, Miss Jean. 
Crawford, Alex., joiner. 
Semple, David, hairdresser. 
Boyd, John, joiner. 

6 Cook, William. 

Telfer, Thomas, blacksmith. 
Templeton, Mrs Elizabeth. 

4 Manson, Miss Elizabeth. 
Rowan, Wm., assistant caterer. 
Young, Wm., assistant caterer. 
Dick, James A., ironmonger. 
M'llwraith, Thomas, joiner. 

2 Montgomery, Hugh, painter. 
Payne, Walter, pit drawer. 
Austin, David, baker. 

M 'Andrew, Mrs Janet. 


1 Reid, William, grocer. 

3 Reid, William (house). 

5 White, Wm., goods guard. 

7 White, Miss Margaret D. 
Sinclair, Mrs Annie. 

11 Wade, Michael, carter. 
Brackenridge, Mrs R. 

13 Devlin, James, seaman. 
Peebles Street here. 

15 Clark, Joseph, van driveT. 
19 Gibson. James, shunter. 

Anglo-American Oil Company. 

Green Street Lane here. 

29 Jardine, James, weaver. 

Dunlop, Mrs Ellen. 

Shirran, George, railway servant. 

Harris, Mrs Agnes. 
31 Cook, Alexander. 

M'Cormick, Mrs Jane. 

Neil, Robert, engineer. 

Cleary, Robert W. 
54 M'Clymont, Mrs. 
52 Stewart, John. 
50 M'Clymont, Mrs Margaret. 
48 Jess, Alex., goods guard. 

Jess, John, foreman. 

M'Ewan, Thomas, guard. 

Robertson. Robert B., clerk. 

Miller, Alex., crossing keeper. 

M'Neil, James, railwayman. 

York Street Lane here. 

45 Gordon. David, painter. 



Waggoii Road — continued 

Cochrane, James E. 

Cowan, Wm., coal salesman. 

Brown, Mrs Annie. 
40 Gunning, Thomas, labourer. 

Smith, David, grocer. 

Ross, James, engine driver. 

Holland, Mrs M. 
38 Vallance, James, vanman. 
36 Cameron, James. 
34 Brackenridge, David. 
32 Crombie, Mrs Mary. 
30 Robertson, Henry. 
28 M'Gaw, Alex., storeman. 

Glebe Road here. 

26 Dempsey, Martin, labourer. 
24 M'Guigan, Miss Eva. 

22 Martin, John, labourer. 
20 Martin, Henry, labourer. 

18 Caddis, Thomas, labourer. 

16 Marshall. James, labourer. 

14 Brown, Mrs Jean. 

12 Vallance, Mrs Martha. 

10 M'Millan,.Alex. W., blacksmith. 
-Glebe Crescent here. 

8 Durie, Mrs Sarah. 

6 M'Millan, Quintin, blacksmith 

4 Hare, Mrs Blanche, shop. 

2 Hare, Mrs Blanche, house. 


1 Thomson, John, chemist. 
Milne, Adam, traveller. 
Pearl Assurance Co., Ltd., office. 
Burgess, Robert. 

3 Alexander, John, hairdresser. 

5 Scaife, William, fruiterer. 

7 Findlay, Mrs Annie. 
Tierney, Mrs Isabella. 

9 Findlay. Robert. 

11 Martin, John, butcher. 

13 Corrieri, Ugo. 

15 Gerrand, James G. 

17 Martin, John, butcher (store). 

19 Waters, Mrs Elizabeth. 

23 Gibson, Miss Jane. 

Lambie, James, railway servant. 

Donelly, William, sawyer. 

Sturgeon, John, hamcurer. 

Sutherland, Peter, motor driver. 

E.U. Church. 
25-27 Unemployed Men's Club. 
29 M'Swan, Mrs Jane. 

Shields, James, shoemaker. 

Hughes, Hugh. 

Galbraith, Thomas, railway 

Peggans, John. 

M'Swan, John, shipwright. 

M'Murtrie, Mrs A. 

Smilie, John. 

Wallace Street — continued 
31 M'Cracken, Miss E. 

Buchanan, Andrew, foreman 

Lamb, William, & Co., con- 
35 Roy, Mrs Elizabeth. 
37 Graham, John. 

Paterson, Peter. 
39 Pyper, James, grocer. 
41 Cannell, Alexander, printer. 
43 Moodie, James, dock labourer. 

Quinn, Blaney, spirit salesman. 

Allan, William, miner. 
47 Kenny, Wm., dock labourer. 
49-51 Houston, Archibald. 
53 Taylor, John, labourer. 
55 Ford, Richard. 

M'Crindle, David, shoemaker. 
57 Bulloch, Samuel, labourer. 
59 Duncan, Robert, grocer. 
61 Bulloch, James, barber. 
63 Baird, Robert. 

King Street here. 

65 Mitchell, John. 

67 M'Culloch, Thomas, miner. 

Davidson, Mrs Margaret. 

M'Kelvie, David, labourer. 

Ferguson, David, painter. 

Saunders, Mrs Isa. 

M'Cartney, Philip, railwayman. 
69 Hunter, John, labourer. 

Devlin, George, miner. 
71 Sproat, Mrs Jane. 

M'Culloch, John, postman. 

Wilson, Hugh A., hamcurer. 
75 Duffy, James. 
79 Bell, James, labourer. 

Hainey, Daniel, stableman. 

Hogg, John, & Robert Stewart. 
81 M'Whinnie, William, miner. 
83 Sharp, James, vanman. 

M Dade, Charles, labourer. 
85 Mills, J. K., & Co., sack mer- 
87 Dunbar, James, hairdresser. 
89 Camp Dell, Ivie, drainer. 
91 Neilson, Henry. 

M'Fedries, John, plasterer. 

Frew, James. 

M'Culloch, Mrs Margaret. 
95-97 Jackson. John. 
99 Tyrie, John Kerr, railway 

101 Devan, John. 
103 M' Don aid, Peter B. 
105 George. William. 

Wallace, Daniel, engine driver. 

Beavis, Leonard. 

Armour, Joseph, tenter. 
107 Blackwood, Peter, blacksmith. 



Wallace Street— continued 
109 Rennie, Kennedy, lather. 

Cardy, Mrs Jane. 
Ill Somerville, Hugh, mason. 
Norris, Edward, craneman. 
Steven, Mrs Mary. 
O'Farrell, James, hameurer. 
Lawson, Adam, carter. 
Martin, Henry, miner. 
115 Jardine, James C, labourer. 
M'Padzean, John, loom tenter. 
M'Nee, Mrs Agnes. 
M'Crorie. Allan. 
119 M'Nee, Wm, ship's caulker. 
Davidson, Samuel, miner. 
Hood, David. 
Cerri, Urbano. 
121 Cerri, Urbano. 
104 Brackenridge, Thomas, leather 
Campbell, Wm., engine driver. 
M'Creaih, Robert, motor sales- 
102 Kerr, Mark N., saddler. 
100 Hastings. Fred, blacksmith. 
Quinn, George, labourer. 
98 Young, John C, 
Cunningham, John. 
Dawson, Charles, labourer. 
94 Tanner, Hugh, painter. 
Scullion, William. 
M'Gill, Mrs Jane. 
Alexander, James, baker. 
90 Wilson, George, vanman. 
88 Wallace, William, clerk. 
88 Grierson, Alexander. 
86 Smith, Mrs Barbara. 
84 Bell, Mrs Helen. 

Hood, Matthew, labourer. 
Bell, Mrs Emma. 
Boyle, James, blacksmith. 
Beattie, Robert, labourer. 
78 Wilson, Peter, joiner. 
76 Riley, Miss Jane 

Kelly, Alexander, joiner. 
74 Kelly, Mrs Margaret. 
72 Shields, William, joiner. 
Munro, Mrs Harriet. 
Milligan, Alexander. 
Tennant, John, gardener. 
Johns, Stephen, postman. 
70 Campbell, James G., plumber. 
Boyd, Samuel. 
Tanner, Mrs Sarah. 
Poster, William, labourer. 
68 Paterson, James, shoemaker. 

Wallace Street — continued 
66 Tierney, Wm., ironmoulder. 
Fisher, Hugh, baker. 
Strathern, James. 
Smith, Samuel. . 
64 Martin, Thomas, slater. 
62 Watt, Miss Elizabeth. 

Garven, Allan, shoemaker. 
60 M'Gowan, George, sawmiller. 
58 Burns, Thomas, groom. 
56 Crockett, John, fitter. 
54 Breen, Patrick. 

King Street here. 

52 Gonnella & Mazzei. 
50 Kennedy, John. 
48 Thomson, A. 
46 Rennie, Thomas. 
M'Bride, James. 
Roselea Football Club. 
Ross, Mrs S. 
Munn, David. 
44 Cosh, Mrs Isa. 
42 Rae, James. 

Graham, John. 
40 Bell, James. 
38^ Graham, D. 
36 Kenny, Robert. 
34 Fairlie, A. II. 
32 Preston, H. 
Devine, Mrs. 
Stewart, Thomas D. 
Fairlie, A. H. 
Kenny, Robert, jun. 
M'Genn, John. 
28 Glendinning, J. 
Humm, Thomas. 
Landsburgh, D. 
Robertson, J. 
Kennv. Robert. 
26 Campbell. Miss M., 
24 Begg, Mrs. 
22 Bradley. Mrs. 
Eaglesham, J. 
Campbell, Mrs 
Neil, James. 
20 Haugh, J., & Son. 
18 Caddis. Mrs. 
16 Mitchell, Charles. 
14 M'Gregor, James. 

Simpson, J. 
12 Montgomerie, Mrs. 
10 Tomlins, Mrs. 
8 Alexander, J. 
Robertson, Mrs. 
Thomson, J. 
Montgomery, William. 
6 Montgomery, Hugh D. 
2 Shearer, Mrs. 





1 Adamson, James. 

2 M'Murtrie, David. 

3 Millar, Misses. 

4 Symington, Matthew. 
Auld, Alexander. 

5 Connell, Mrs. 

6 Aberdein, Andrew. 

7 M'Clelland, James. 

8 Alexander, Alexander S. 
Wattfield Bowling Club. 


27 Tait, John, bricklayer. 

29 M'Kenna, George, labourer. 

31 Bell, Henry, labourer. 

33 Cloy, Robert, labourer. 

35 Reynolds, Thomas, miner. 

37 Waitt, Andrew, labourer. 

39 Lydon, Thomas, labourer. 

41 Dickie, Alex., railway fireman. 

43 M'Kinlay, John, labourer. 

45 Clewlow, Thomas, labourer. 

47 Kennedy, Alexander, labourer. 

49 Brackenridge, David, labourer. 

51 Furrey, John, labourer. 

53 Tait, John, labourer. 

55 M'Kie, Thomas, labourer. 

57 Monaghan, Mrs Ellen. 

59 Lobban, John, lairage foreman. 

61 Elliot, William, mason. 

63 Gibson, James, labourer. 

65 Marshall, Peter, labourer. 

67 Moffat, Robert, labourer. 

69 Barr, Andrew, 'bus driver. 

71 Pulton, William, labourer. 

73 M'Callum, John, baker. 

75 Hendry, James, coal bagger. 

77 M'Kie, Thomas, labourer. 

79 Steel, Robert, moulder. 

81 M'Cartney, Peter, labourer. 

2 Green, Patrick, labourer. 

4 Christie, Daniel, labourer. 

6 Rodgers, Samuel, riveter. 

8 M'Graw, Thomas, labourer. 
10 Baird, James, tailor. 
12 Hastings, John, labourer. 
14 Cowan, John, labourer. 
16 Christie, William, riveter. 
18 Boyle, James, labourer. 
20 Lawrie, Robert, labourer. 
22 M'Ginn, John, fruit salesman . 
24 Thomson, Wm., 'bus driver. 
26 M'Camley, Joseph, baker. 

28 M'Avoy, Robert, labourer. 

30 Murphy, Prancis, labourer. 

32 Mullen, John, groom. 

34 Smith, William, motor driver. 

Walker Road — continued 
36 M'Gregor, Duncan, 'bus driver. 

38 Smith, Robert, labourer. 

40 Fullarton, Robert, labourer. 

42 Cowan, Henry, carter. 

44 M'Fadzean ? Wm., railwayman. 
46 Cooper, William, waterman. 
48 Douglas, Charles, painter. 
50 M'Mahon, Thomas, labourer. 
52 Scott, Mrs Lizzie. 
54 Porte ? John, miner. 
56 Ogilvie, Mrs Margaret. 


9 Fyfe, Mrs Hannah. 

Wilson, Robert, motor salesman. 
19 M'Millan, John, potato mer- 
White, Mrs Sarah. 
29 Beattie, Isabella Linton. 

39 M'Culloch, Harry. 
Morrison. William. 

41 Pettigrew, Miss C. 

43 Candlish, Wm., engine driver. 
56 Dickie, George. 

54 Noble, Mrs Annie. 

Caravan, Andrew, seaman. 
50 Naismith, Misses Crawford & J. 

44 Erskine, Charles, railway porter. 

42 Kelly Patrick, butcher. 
Semple, Hugh, groom. 
Young, Thomas, operator. 

40 Spiers, Mrs Mary. 
M'Kerrow, James. 
Cunningham, Archibald, riveter. 

34 M'Millan, Alexander, labourer. 
32 Hamilton, John, lace finisher. 


Naftalin, Ephraim, merchant. 
Martin, John, foreman. 
M'Kinnon, James, foreman. 


1 Hay-Boyd, Mrs. 
Powe, Mrs. 

2 Macpherson, Prank H. 

3 Dewar, Frederick C, Strathie & 

Co., C.A. 
Laughland, Wm., C.A. Tel. 

Drynan, David. 

4 Alexander, John. 

5 Royal Insurance Co., Ltd. 
Cowie, William. 

Mair, Mrs. 



Wellington Square — continued 

6 and 24 County Ayr Territorial 

Army Association, per Colonel 

Butler, William H., inspector, 

M'William, Edward. 

7 Black, Robert. 

Lusk, John, county collector. 
Tel. 2181. 

8 M'Cartney, Mrs. 

8 Lusk, Mrs. 

9 Coyle, Mrs. 

10 Sisters of the Cross and Passion. 
M'Keand, Thos., 29 Mews Lane. 

11 MacDonald, Misses. 

12 Hendrie, Mrs. 

13-15 M'Laren, Malcolm. 

Taylor, Roland, commissionaire, 

County Buildings. 
Johnstone, Thomas A., County 

16 Maxwell, James. 
Orlandi. Luigi. 

17 Ayr District County Veterinary 

Inspector (Alex. Douglas). 
Tel. 2921. 

Bryson, Robert H., stables, Wel- 
lington Lane. 

Picken, Mrs. 

18 Ayrshire Nursing Association. 
Andrew, Miss Mary. 

Bain, Miss Janet. 

19 Wilkie, Mrs. 

Gow, David, Wellington Lane. 

20 Mair, Alexander. 
Silver, Young & Cosh. 
Young, William H. M. 

21 Welsh, Robert. 
Ferguson, William. 

22 Welsh, Professor Robert E., 


23 White, Anthony C. 

CO., LTD. 
M'Tavish, Mrs. 

24 Home, Sergeant David. 
County of Ayr Territorial Army 


25 Carrick, James. 
Corbett. William S. 
Commissioners of Inland Re- 

Dunbar, Miss Sarah. 
Ayr Burghs Central Unionist 

26 Ayr Town and County Club. 
Carson, William, steward. 

27 H.M. Office of Works. 

28 Bryden, Miss Margaret. 


71 M'Queen, Charles, burgh em- 
Bell, William, railwayman. 
69 Cameron, John A., police ser- 
67 Nicol, Mrs Jane. 
65 Galloway, Archibald, dock fore- 
63 M'Carton, Prank, compositor. 
63 Wyllie, George. 

Yair, George, motor driver. 
Sloan, Mrs Robina. 
61 Lamont, Mrs Margaret. 
Limond. George. 
Paton, William. 
M'Murtrie, Mrs Mary. 
59 Paton, Miss Agnes. 
57 White, William B., railwayman* 
Robertson, George, slater. 
Cunningham, William, foreman* 
55 M'Cutcheon, John. 
53 Wilson, Joseph. 
51 M'Quiston, Mrs Susan. 
Sargen, Mrs Christina. 
M'Clung, John, traveller. 
Sargen, Miss Isa. 
Newell, Thomas. 
49^ M'Crea + h, James, guard. 
Paterson, Miss Mary. 
Cave, Miss Mary. 
49 Stewart, Andrew. 
47 Birch, Francis. 
45 Watson, Alexander L. 
43 Holland, Mrs Jane. 
41 Cook, Miss Jeanie. 
Miller, Mrs Catherine. 
Walker, James, carter. 
Richmond, James D. 
39 Dickie, Miss Jeanie. 
37 Kay, James, shipwright. 
Bryden. Alex., engine driver. 
Barnard, Mrs Jeanie. 
Turnbull, James, carter. 
35 Brackenridge, John S., sawyer. 
M'Pherson, Francis, coal 

Drummond, Miss Jean, factory 

M'Creath, William, stevedore. 
33 Thornton, Wallace. 
Leckie, Walter. 
Johnston, Mrs Jeanie. 
31 Cumming, Robt., carpet weaver* 
29 O'Hare, Mrs Martha. 
25 Dalrymple, Mrs Isa. 
23 Thomson, James, sen., mason* 
21 Kennedv, John, grocer. 
19 Mair, Hugh. 
17 Ireland, Mrs Elizabeth. 





Wellington Street — continued 

Frattaroli, Giacinto. 

Cumming, Alexander. 

M'Cleary, Mrs Mary. 

Mackie, William. 

Cowan, John, engineer. 

Simpson, James, butcher. 

Smith, Miss Jessie. 

M'Connell, Mrs Sarah, fruiterer. 

Sproat, Gilbert M., egg mer- 

M'Kay, William (store). 

Hulcheon, John, slater. 

Dickie, Adam, storeman. 

Holland, Robert, storeman. 

Owens, John. 

Reddick. Hugh, miner. 

Wilson, Robert, railway porter. 

Fairlie. Alexander, labourer. 

Kay, Mrs Margaret. 

Scott, James, stamper. 

Fairlie, James, baker. 

Clark, William, stamper. 

Clark, Miss Sarah, factory 

Barr, Mrs Jessie. 

Cumming, Mrs Margaret. 

Morrison, James, butcher. 

Stewart, Mrs Jane. 

-Princes Street here. 

Mowatt, Mrs Grace. 

M'Gresior, Mrs Barbara. 

Fulton. David H. 

M'Donald, Miss Lillias. 

Agnew, James. 

Collins, Mrs Agnes. 

Buchanan, Miss Elizabeth. 

Noble, Miss Annie. 

Young, Miss Jane T. 

Vance, William. 

Noble, Mrs Marion. 

Stewart, James. 

Vance, Mrs Annie. 

M'Gregor, Miss Jane. 

Sime, Hugh, slater. 

Barnard, Mrs Jeanie. 

Argyle Street here. 

Docherty, John, engine driver. 

M'Creadie, Mrs Agnes. 

M'Nee, John, labourer. 

Ross, Joseph, platelayer. 

Guthrie, Henry, fireman. 

M'Lean, James, engine driver. 

Dick, James, brassfinisher. 

Beattie, Isaac, blacksmith. 

Steele, Hugh, joiner. 

Qua, John, engineer. 

M'Ninch, Mrs Mary. 

Price, Richard, labourer. 

Neville, Mrs Janet. 

Sargent, Henry, painter. 

Wellington Street — continued 

Duke Street here. 

42 M'Corquodale, Jas., mechanic. 
44 M'Kay, Patrick, tiler. 
46 Young, Thos., engine driver. 
48 Barr, Misses M. & M. 


1 Moryson, Frederick. 

3 M'Donald, James 

5 M'Clintock, William. 

7 Kennedy, George. 
9 Gordon, Andrew. 

2 Roy, Robert P. 

4 Milne, Randle. 

6 Paterson, James. 


2 Scottish Stamping and En- 

gineering Co., Ltd., Neptune 

4 Train, Mrs Jane. 

6 Berry, James. 

8 Shankland, Andrew 

- — Whitehill Street here. 

10 Neil, Mrs Elizabeth. 

12 M'Farlane, Alexander. 

14 Wilson. James, fishmonger. 

16 Alexander, Charles. 

18 Rutherford, Peter, foreman. 

20 Logan, Thomas. 

22 M'Cardle, William, joiner. 

24 Aitchison, James, chauffeur. 

26 Murdoch, Mrs Agnes. 

Newton Park H.G. School. 
1 Milton, George, vanman. 

Wilson. Miss Jean S., grocer. 

Cleckner, Harry, carpet weaver. 

3 Brown, John J., carter. 
Wilson, David, engineer. 
Hollas, Mrs Janet. 
M'Tnnes, Neil, railwayman. 

5 Green, Miss E. 
Dawes, Robert, labourer. 
Black, Wm. A., engineer. 
M'Nee, Robert, vanman. 

7 M'Connell, Adam, shoemaker. 
Sloan, James. 

Reid, James, coal merchant. 
Richmond, Mrs Elizabeth. 

9 Sykes, Edward, weaver. 
Watson, James, badge porter. 
Kirk, Alexander, 'bus driver. 
Rowan, Wm. J. C, ironmonger. 

11 Skinner, William, joiner. 
Carragher, James, cashier. 
Smith, Miss Annie B. 
Diamond, James, driver. 

13 Scott, Robert, acetylene welder. 



West Sanquhar Road — continued 

Girvan, Daniel. 

Rae, William J., clerk. 

M'Lellan, Alex., pithead worker. 
15 Morrison, William, baker. 

Firth, Wilmot, painter. 

Eohan, Hugh, checker. 

Stewart, Neil, inspector. 
17 Low, William, chauffeur. 

Scott, James G., clicker. 

Moffat, Alex. R., steel worker. 

M'Garva, John, motorman. 
19 Grant, Hector, joiner. 
19 Telfer, James, automobile agent. 

Marshall, Alex., railwayman. 

Kilgour, William, draper. 
21 Stevenson, David, grocer. 

4 Wilson, William B. 

6 Blackley, Mrs. 

8 Highet, John J. I. 

10 Cuthbertson, William B. 
12 Maclaurin, Mrs. 

1 Eaglesham, Hugh. 


1 Lennon, Hugh. 

3 MTlveen, John. 

5 M 'Bride, David. 

7 Marr, Mrs Isa. 

9 Hunter, Hugh. 

11 King, George. 

2 Dodds, Charles. 

4 Ure, James. 

6 Law, George. 

8 Robertson, James, welder. 
10 Meikle, John. 

12 M'Geachy, John. 


1 Wood, William, shopman. 

2 M'Cartney, Mrs Harriet. 

3 Adams, Frank, clerk. 

4 M'Kissock, John, teacher. 

5 M'Cartney, Miss Margaret. 

6 Russell, John, spirit merchant. 

7 Cringan, Wm. G., teacher. 

8 M'Master, David, engineer. 

9 Miller, Mrs Jane. 

10 Orr, Misses. 

11 Davidson, Hugh. 

12 Leman, Mrs Jessie. 

13 MacGregor, Mrs Janet. 

14 Love, Mrs Janet. 

15 Boyle, Miss Jessie. 
15a Jackson, John, mason. 
15b Jackson. Charles, mason. 

16 Marshall, James, retired school- 


17 M'Neilage, Mrs Mary. 
Burnett Terrace here. 

18 Ferguson, William, cashier. 

19 M'Crorie, Robert A., manager. 

20 Smith, John, goods clerk. 

21 Macintyre, Misses. 

22 Caldwell, Peter, analytical- 


23 Thomson, Mrs Jeanie. 

24 Ewing, Miss Harriet. 

25 Downie, Mrs Grace. 

26 Dickie, Miss Helen. 

27 Beavan, John A., railway 


28 Chambers, Mrs Jeanie. 

29 Sinclair, Hugh. 

30 Clarke, Misses. 

31 Moffat, Mrs. 

32 Smillie, D. Murray, lecturer. 

33 Duncan, Matthew. 


35 Pyper, Mrs Mary. 

36 M'Connell, William. 

37 Hannah, Thomas, joiner. 

38 Drinnan, James H. 

39 Morrison, Mrs J. 

40 Drinnan, Miss Mary. 

41 Wright, Miss M 


43 Clark, James F. 

Hawkhill Avenue here. 

44 M'Crorie, Mrs Helen. 

45 M'Lauchlan, Mrs. 

46 Borland, John H. 

47 M'Quaker, Alexander. 

48 Affleck, Alexander B. 

49 Alexander, William R., teacher. 

50 Hamilton, John. 

51 M'Cartney, John. 

52 Sheridan, Misses. 

53 Hay, Mrs Margaret. 

54 Pratt, Joseph. 

55 Eunson, Mrs Jessie. 

56 Stewart, Miss Annie. 

57 Reid, James A. 

58 Campbell, Miss Annie. 

59 Mark, Matthew, watchmaker. 


61 Bruce, Middleton. 

62 M'Quaker, Mrs Elizabeth. 

63 Perry, Bertram P., lecturer. 

64 Smellie, Mrs Jane. 

65 Johnston, Mrs Mary. 

66 Gray, John. 

67 Wilkinson, Richard. 
- — -Walker Road here. 

68 Peterkin, John E., insurance 


69 Steele, John. 

70 Smith, John. 

71 Duncan, Mrs Grace. 

St Margaret's R.C. School. 

Craigie Road here. 

Hannah, Matthew. 
Ayr Racecourse. 




1 Stevenson, John, riveter. 

3 Graham, Mrs Elizabeth. 

5 Hunter, Alexander, labourer. 

7 Nisbet, James, window cleaner. 
9 Hamilton, William. 

11 Kincaid, William, baker. 

13 Gillespie, Robert, bricklayer. 

15 Corbett. William, labourer. 

17 Kiltie, James, labourer. 
19 Wilson, James, labourer. 

21 M'Kellar, James, hawker. 

23 Smith, Owen. 

25 White, John, roadman. 

27 M'Neil, Henry, labourer. 

29 Anderson, John A. 

31 Darrell, Miss Agnes. 

19 Anderson, David, skinner. 

51 M'lnally, J. Francis, labourer. 

53 Wilson, John, labourer. 

55 Gouiiav, Thomas, miner. 

57 Wallace, Mrs Elizabeth. 

59 M'Sporran, Robert, grocer. 

61 Miller, Mrs Sarah. 

63 Dempsey, Peter, labourer. 

65 M'Kenna, Thomas, plasterer. 

67 Rodger, Thomas. 

69 Dunlop, George, waterman. 

71 Monaghan, Martin, labourer. 

73 Caddis, Thomas, labourer. 

75 Glass, George, labourer. 

77 Findlay, Mrs MaTy. 

79 Quinn, Miss Margaret, 'bus 

81 Jess, James, labourer. 
83 Kenny, John, labourer. 

Walker Road here. 

85 MTUoney, Archibald, labourer. 
87 Nestor, Samuel, labourer. 

2 Haymarch, Alexander, carter. 

4 Bell, David, painter. 

6 M'Lelland, Andrew, railway 


8 M'Murtrie, John, bricklayer. 
10 Jacobs, Arthur. 

12 Collins, Thomas, labourer. 

14 Thomson, John, roadman. 

16 Lawrence, Alexander, carter. 

18 Truesdale, George, watchman. 

20 Johnston, Miss E. 

22 Quinn, James, miner. 

24 Brown, Walter, blacksmith. 

26 M'Auiay, Mrs Sarah. 

28 Hutchison, Wm., roadman. 

30 M'Mahon, James, labourer. 

32 Logan, John. 

34 M'Lean, Alexander, barman. 
36 Reid, George, labourer. 
38 Hogg, Alexander, slater. 
40 Milby, Mrs Anna. 
42 Collins. John. 

Wilson Street — continued 

44 Bicker, Miss Annie, weaver. 

46 M'Cord, James, labourer. 

48 Neil, Finlay, 'bus driver. 

50 Clark, John, miner. 

52 limes, John, miner. 

54 Peaston, Mrs. 

56 Black, Mrs Mary. 

58 M'Kinnon, Alexander, miner. 

60 Murdoch, Robert, labourer. 

62 Chapman, Archd., ship's plater. 

64 Morrison, John, labourer. 

66 Smith, William, labourer. 

68 M'Kie, William, labourer. 

70 Hay, Mrs. 

72 M'Callum, William, marine 

74 Ingram, James, storeman. 

76 M'Burnie, Alex., labourer. 

78 Campbell, Robert, labourer. 
Walker Road here. 

80 Wardrop, Alex., lorryman. 

82 M'Queen, James, labourer. 

84 Christie, Wm., paper salesman. 
84a Currie, William, labourer. 

86 M'Connachie, John, hewer. 

88 Agnew, Thomas, shipyard 

90 Goudie, John, coal salesman. 
90a Holmes, James, labourer. 

92 M'Coy, John. 

138 Graham, Wm., machineman. 
140 M'Knight, John, carpenter. 


2 Blue, Robert, traveller. 

4 Scott, Wm. B., manager. 

6 Carmichael, Peter, ironmonger. 

8 Gillespie, Mrs Jessie. 

10 Macdonald, David, shipping 

12 Hart, Percy, milk tester. 

Marchfield Quadrant here. 

14 Gillan, Thomas, printer. 

16 M'Donald, William, policeman. 

18 Phillips, Mrs Margaret. 

20 Kelly, John, baker. 

Oswald Place here. 

24 Cassels, James, school teacher. 
26 Ferguson, Mrs Mary. 
28 M'Killop, James, grocer. 
1 Robertson, Andrew, manager. 

3 Crawford, Thomas, clerk. 

5 M'Nab, Archibald, clerk. 

7 Inrig, Alex. G., accountant. 

9 Main, James, constable. 

11 Gray, George G., electrician. 
Marchfield Quadrant here. 



Woodfield A venue — continued 

13 Johnstone, John, retired. 

15 Mathieson, Robert, assistant 
superintendent of slaughter- 

17 M'Harg, Alex., tel. inspector. 

19 Williamson, J. St. Clair, archi- 
Oswald Place here. 

21 M'Kenzie, Mrs Mary. 

23 Thomson, William, traveller. 

25 Murray, Robert, goods guard. 

27 Meaton, Frederick, clerk. 


1 Cochrane, Wm. T., teacher. 

3 Samson, William, baker. 

5 Proudfoot, James, painter. 

7 Bayes, Alfred, colorist. 

9 M'Cardle, George, joiner. 
11 Kennedy, William M., grocer. 
13 Moran, Henry L., chef. 
15 Craig, Hugh, traveller. 
17 Davis, Hugh, engine driver. 
19 M'Caig, Ivie, engine driver. 
21 Timpany, John, slater. 
23 Russell, William, labourer. 
25 Fraser, William, baker. 
27 M'Tavish, Leslie, police con- 
29 Stitt, Jonathan, railway worker. 
31 Gilchrist, William, retired. 
33 Stewart, James L., teacher. 
35 Hamilton, Charles K., baker. 
37 Boyd, David, constable. 
39 M'Callum, John, joiner. 
41 Peat, Edward, baker. 
43 Reid, Eric W., salesman. 
45 Shellotto, Alfred W., caterer. 
47 Smith, Mrs Margaret. 
49 Pollock, Peter, grocer. 
51 Auld, Mrs Jeannie. 
53 Little, John N. H., machineman. 
55 Hannah, James, telephonist. 
57 Duncan, Charles, joiner. 
59 Wallace, Wm., hairdresser. 
61 Mackie, William, painter. 
63 M'Neill, Malcolm, cashier. 
65 Black, James, marine fireman. 
67 Cochrane, James G., traveller. 
69 Paterson, Andrew, grocer. 
71 Hawkyard, Frank, engineer. 
73 M'Nincb, William, retired. 

2 Fulton, James, clerk. 

4 Beattie, Robert, weaver. 

6 Faber, James, postman. 

8 Seymour, Neil, clerk. 


2 Elliot, Thomas, draper. 

4 Dingwall, Mrs Sarah. 

6 Andrew, William B., merchant. 

8 Aston, Mrs Marion. 

10 Lindsay, Mrs Isabella. 

12 Henderson, Andrew, sculptor. 

14 Byars, James, painter. 

16 Shand, James M. 

18 Greenshields, Miss Margaret S. 

20 Wilson, Alex. F., traveller. 

22 Richardson, Alex., grocery 


24 M'Millan, Mrs Joanna. 

26 Smith, Thomas. 

28 M'Kinnon, William R. 

30 M'Kellar, Miss Jane . 
1 Hamilton, Robert B. 

3 Mackie, Alexander M., butter 


5 Thomson, Mrs Elizabeth. 

7 Gemmell, Miss Margaret. 

9 Gibson, David, confectioner. 

11 Bird, Robert. 

13 Richmond, Mrs A. 

15 Wood, John, draper. 



19 Johnston, Frank, teacher. 

21 Craib, John B., detective in- 


23 Findlay, Wm., factory manager. 

25 Robertson, Robert L., assistant 

inspector of poor. 

27 Bain, Daniel, chemist. 

29 Little, Walter, county sanitary 


31 Walker, David. 

33 Napier. William, P.O. clerk. 

35 Butler, Herbert. 

37 Bruce, Miss Jessie L. 

39 Ferguson, John K., teller. 

41 Gorman, Miss Janet W. 


4 Petto, Mrs Mary A. 

6 Scott, John, carter. 
Ewart, Mrs Margaret. 
Ramage, James, tailor. 
Fiddes, William. 
Dougan, James. 
Gemmell, Neil. 

8 Reid, Wilson. 

M'Callum, Daniel, bricklayer. 
Hood, Bryce. 
M'Call, Mrs Margaret. 
Miller, Henry, painter. 
Cree, George. 
10 Lindsay, Robert. 
M'Millan, Andrew. 



York Street — continued 

Boon, Neil. 

Bell, Malcolm. 

M'Crindle, James, deck hand. 

Muir, William. 
12 Kane, Mrs Elizabeth. 
14 M'Gill & Smith, Ltd., grain 

L8 Vulcan Engineering Co. Tel. 

20 Conwav, Robt. J., Trades Hotel. 
22-24 Wyflie, D., & Co., Ltd. 
26 Hughes, James. 

Mulligan, Mrs Letitia. 

Blaikie, Walter. 
30 Bobertson, Miss Janet B. 
34 Paton, John, painter. 

Taylor Street here. 

36 Corbett, William, clerk. 

M'Connell, John, butcher. 

Cannon, John. 

Hogg, John. 

M 'Anally, Alexander. 

Gray, James. 
38 M'Caim, Andrew. 

M'Pedries, Hugh. 
40 Blaikie, Walter J. 

M'Clure, Mrs Isabella. 
42 Bell, James, craneman. 

44 M'Millan, James, moulder. 
Thomson, Mrs Rosina. 
Clachrie, Mrs Maria. 
Wills, Peter. 
Petticrew, James. 

46 Thomson, Joseph. 

48 Dunlop, Thomas, plasterer. 

Robson, William Hay. 
50 M'Graw, Mrs Margaret. 
52 Agnew, William. 
54 Kerr, Mrs Mary. 
58 Forrest, Thomas, dealer. 
60 Main, William. 
62 Smith, Mrs Mary. 

Smith, Hugh. 

Chisholm, Mrs Elizabeth. 

Roy, Thomas. 

Fisher. Mrs Joan S. 
64 M'Dowall, Mrs Marion. 
68 Hogg, Donald, slater. 

Rennie, Robert. 

M'Kerrow, John. 
70 M'Cormack, . Robert, miner. 
72 M'Killop, Mrs Agnes. 
74 Dunlop, Daniel. 
76 Cowan, Samuel, carter. 
78 Paton, William, engineer. 

45 M'Pherson, Hugh. 
M'Pherson, Walter M'K. 

43 M'Phee, John, hairdresser. 

Chalmers, Alex. P., plumber. 
41 Gordon, Mrs Agnes. 

York Street — continued 

39 M'Meekin, Francis. 

Davies, Harry. 

Burleigh, Miss Mary. 
37 Green, Mrs Annie. 
35 Neil, Mrs Margaret. 
33 M'Pherson, Robert. 
31 Murray, William. 

Murray, William, roperunner. 

M'Lellan, James. 

Roy, Thomas. 
29 Rae, Donald. 
17-19 M'Fedries, James. 
19 M'Millan, Wm., coal merchant. 
15 Thomson Bros., motor hirers. 
3 Thompson, James, saw doctor. 
1 Watt, William, carter. 
49 Cunningham, Alex., plater. 
47 Taylor, John, mechanic. 
45 Galloway, Thomas. 
43 Borland^ John, plumber. 

27 Miller, William, jun. 

25 Alexander, David, storeman. 
Dougan. James. 
M'Cormick, John. 

23 Smith, Owen. 

Vulcan Engineering Co. 

Crown Street here. 

11 Rodger, Henry, & Co., Ltd., 
sheep dip manufacturers. 
M'Master, Miss Margaret. 

5 Galbraith, James, hammerman. 

1 Watson, William, shoemaker. 

2 Ritchie, Mrs Margaret. 

6 Crombie, Alexander. 
Mackay Bros., coal merchants. 

26 Jamieson, Hugh, coal salesman. 
Munro, Mrs Margaret. 
Taylor, Robert, seaman. 
Main, William. 

Baird, George. 

28 M'Kay, William. 
32 Miller, Angus. 

Hendrie, James, oil salesman. 

Findlay, Mrs Elizabeth. 

Morrison, Mrs Margaret. 

Gemmell, William. 
34 Armstrong, Robert, mason. 

Taylor Street here. 

50 Sands, David. 

52 Warren, Mrs Katherine D. 

54 Barr, Mrs Mary. 

Martin, Peter, plasterer. 

Paton, Mrs Elizabeth. 

Crossan, Mrs Annie. 

Dillan, Alexander. 

Alexander, James. 

Burns, Mrs Marion. 

Deans, James. 

Lorimer, Thomas. 



York Street Lane — continued 
56 Rowan, Andrew. 
58 Wills, Peter. 

Bryce, Mrs Rachel. 

Denipsey, Thomas. 

Hull, William J. 

M'Callum, Mrs Sarah. 

O'Neil, Robert, coalman. 

Gillon, Mrs Robina. 

Alexander, William, carter. 
62 Young, William, carter. 

Johnston, Thomas, gardener. 

Connell, Malcolm, riveter. 

Slater, Mrs Mary. 
66 Gilchrist, James, dairyman. 
68 Rankin, Colin. 

M'Alpine. Donald. 

Craig, Mrs Margaret. 
70 M'Colm, Stephen, driver. 

Fulton, Hugh, seaman. 
72 Black, Andrew. 
74 Graham, Mrs Bridget. 

Jeffrey, David. 

Johnston, Richard, painter. 

Stevenson, James. 

Cannon, Alexander. 

M'Kinnon, Donald, motorman. 

Cowan, Henry, carter. 
76 M'Adam. William. 

Smith, Alexander. 

Crombie, William. 
78 Rock, Henry, tailor. 

York Street Lane — continued 

80 Mullen, Thomas, shoemaker. 

Brackenridge, James. 
82 Miller, Mrs Elizabeth. 
84 Campbell, Miss Margaret. 
86 Eaglesham, Richard. 

Fergie, James, roadman. 
88 Shannon, James, plater. 

Ferguson, Geo., carpet worker. 

Cumming, Mrs Mary. 
90 Gribben, Francis, tailor. 
92 Greenwood, William. 

Clark, John. 

Cuthbert, James, craneman. 

Grant, John, carpet weaver. 

Richardson, Mrs Margaret G. 


1 Wallace, Hugh, tailor. 

2 M'Intyre, John, traveller. 

3 Douglas, William, miner. 

4 Downie, Mrs Jessie. 

5 Collins, Thomas, railwayman. 

6 M'Kean, Robert, mason. 

7 Wilson, William miner. 

8 M'Bwan, Richard, grocer. 

9 Ross, James A. D., motor 


10 Johnstone, Wm., marine officer. 

11 Black, Alexander, joiner. 

12 Kennel, William, labourer. 



District Manager, - ARCH. DUNLOP. 

All classes of Industrial Assurance business transacted, 
and arrangements can be made for Fire, Accident and 
Burglary Insurance with the National Insurance Company 
of Great Britain. 

Motor Car Insurances also arranged. 

National Health Insurance proposals accepted for the 
City of Glasgow Approved Society. 


Business Directory. 


Bell, E. A. & Co., 5 and 13 Alloway 
Street. Tel. 3638. 

De-war, F. C, Strathie & Co., C.A.. 
3 Wellington Square. Tel. 3503. 

Galbraith, W. Campbell, C.A., 4 
Fullarton Street. Tel. 3218. 

Girdwood & Walker, C.A., 64 
Wellington Chambers. Tel. 3027. 

Hyslop. Lyle & MacKinnon, 239 High 
Street. Tel. 2435. 

M'Cosh, Pritchard & Co., C.A., 
National Bank Buildings, Sand- 
gate. Tel. 2074. 

Paterson, David, & Black, C.A., 130 
High Street. Tel. 2686. 

Scott, John T. & Alfred T., 29 New- 
market Street. Tel. 2401. 

Simpson & Davidson, 2 Newmarket 
Street. Tel. 2958. 


Browning, John, & Co., Ltd., adver- 
tising agents, 57 Dalblair Road. 
Tel. 2469. 

Francis & Lewis, Ltd., press agents, 
42 Whitletts Eoad. Tel. 2846. 

West of Scotland Billposting and 
Advertising Co., Ltd., 100 High 
Street. Tel. 3979. 


Carey & Co., l Limekiln Eoad. 
Turners, Ltd., Newton Breweries, 
Damside. Tel. 3245. 


Pollock, A. & W. G., Station Bridge. 

Tel. 21, Mauchline. 
Wallace, J., & Sons (Ayr), Ltd., 

Townhead Works, Smith Street. 

Tel. 3575. 
Wallace, William, & Son, Burns 

Statue Square. Tel. 2576. 


Carrick, James, 25 Wellington 
Square. Tel. 3045. 

Cowie, William, F.E.I.B.A., 5 Wel- 
lington Square Tel. 3477. 

Eaglesham, J. & H. V., A.E.I.B.A., 
20 Cathoart Street. Tel. 3500. 

Hunter, James K„ 51 Sandgate. 
Tel. 3600. 

M'Clelland, William, 10 Cathcart 

M'Nair, C. J., 15 Charlotte Street. 
Tel. 3514. 

Mair, Alexander, 29 Wellington 
Square. Tel. 3030. 

Morris, J. A., F.E.I.B.A., I.A., Wel- 
lington Chambers, 64 Fort Street. 
Tel. 2841. 

Stevenson, Allan. & Cassels, 56 Sand- 
gate. Tel. 3860. 


Afflecks, Ltd., 27 and 49 High 
Street and 15-17 Sandgate. Tel. 

Alexander, Mrs Lennox, The But- 

and-Ben, 4 Wellington Square. Tel. 

Arts and Crafts, 84 Sandgate. 
Bowie, J., & Co., 52-64 and 63-65 

Newmarket Street. Tel. 3117. 
Campbell, D., 26 Newmarket Street 

and 60 Sandgate. Tel. 3393. 
Galloway & Bowie, 59 Alloway 

Street. Tel. 2882. 

Lochhead, Misses, 20 Hope Street. 

MacCallum, Misses W. & H., 38 New- 
market Street. Tel. 3626. 

M'Leod, Miss A. W., The Gift Shop, 
18 Newmarket Street. Tel. 3492. 

Petticrew, Alexander, Beresford Ter. 

under Insurance. 



Tel. 2816. 



B Hope Street, 



in the 


Range of Goods and Variety of Styles 
equal to the best city shops. 

X-Ray Shoe Fitting, Chiropody, Dyeing, Repairs,, 
by certificated operatives. 






Afflecks, Ltd., 27 and 49 High Street 
and 15-17 Sandgate. Tel. 2251. 

Barr, Andrew, Auld Brig. Tel. 3949. 

Callan, Thomas R., 108 High Street. 
Tel. 2064. 

Craig, James, Ltd., Cattle Market 
and Union Buildings. Tel. 2241. 

Dewar, Robert, & Sons, 23 Kyle 
Street. Tel. 2387. 

Freeman, H., & Sons, Carrick Furni- 
ture House. Tel. 2732. 

Watson & Batchelor, Ltd., 29 Burns 
Statue Square. Tel. 3093. 

Motor Agents, etc. 


Barr Bros., 80 Russell Street, 121 

George Street, and 78 Main Street. 

Tel. 2321. 
Brown, Niven, Tarn's Brig and 33 

Burns Statue Square. Tel. 3708. 
Clark, James F., 16 George Street. 

Tel. 2822. 
Corbett, John, 262 High Street. 
Davidson, J. & M., 52 George Street. 
Dean, John, 31-33 King Street. 
Forbes, Hugh, Central Restaurant, 

169 High Street and 17 Tarn's Brig. 
Galbraith, W. C, & Sons, Ltd., 80 

High Street (tel. 3253) and Main 

Street, Prestwick (tel. 7644). 
Gilchrist, James, Ltd., Boswell Park 

and 233 High Street. Tel. 2238. 
Girdwood, G. & J., 168 High 

Street and 20 Sandgate (tel. 3351); 

The Cross, Prestwick (tel. 7418). 
Kilmarnock Equitable Co-operative 

Society, Ltd., M'Call's Avenue (tel. 

2422), 109 George Street (tel. 

2525), and 24 Taylor Street. 
M'Call, A., 87 High Street and 40 

Alloway Street. Tel. 2085. 
Meng, Fleury, Ltd., 48 Newmarket 

Street. Tel. 2392. 
Palmer, J., 15 Main Street. 
Picken, A., 69 Main Street. Tel. 

Ross's Dairies, Ltd., 95 High Street. 

Tel. 2083. 
Wilson, Archibald S., 198 High St. 
Young, George, & Son, 208-210 High 

Street and 46 Sandgate. Tel. 2613. 

BANKS— See Page 43. 


Thomson, James, & Sons, Lome 
Arcade, 115 High Street. Tel. 


Albert Billiard Rooms, 1 Boat 

Bartolucci, Oscar, 104 Sandgate. 
Brand, John, 2 St. John Street. 
M'Cartney, James, 70 High Street. 
Thomson, Miss N., 90 High Street. 
Wright, Daniel, 1 Old Bridge Street. 


The West of Scotland Billposting 
and Advertising Company, Ltd., 
High Street. Tel. 3979. 

Those marked (F.) are Farriers. 

Chisholm, Alexander, 53 Alloway 
Street (F ). 

Dickie, James, & Co., Victoria Stamp- 
ing Works, Somerset Road. Tel. 

Hamilton, William, 19 River Street 

Harrison, John, & Son, 47 Carrick 
Street (F.). 

Hogg & Stewart, 79 Wallace Street 

Kerr, George, 38 Kyle Street (F.). 

M'Lean, Duncan, 93 High Street. 
Tel. 3151. 

M'Millan, Quintin, 6 Waggon Road. 

Thomson, James, & Sons, 115 High 
Street (F.). Tel. 2306. 

The Scottish Stamping and En- 
gineering Company, Ltd., Neptune 
Works, West Sanquhar Road. Tel. 

Whytock, James, 19 River Street (F.). 



Ayr and Newton Breweries, Ltd., 

Damside. Tel. 3245. 
Turners, Ltd., 29 South Harbour 

Street. Tel. 3245. 


" Ayrshire Post," Nile Court, High 

Street. Tel. 3521. 
Henry, H„ Ltd., Newmarket Street. 

Tel. 3877. 


Anderson, Mrs, 11 Alloway Street. 

Bowman, Miss M. L., 94 Sandgate. 

Cooper, Waistel, & Co., Ltd., 67a 
Kyle Street, 8 George Street, and 
9a Main Street. Tel. 2620. 

Fergusson, Alexander, & Sons, 18 
High Street. Tel. 2918. 



Foulds, James M., 24 George Street. 
Henry, H., Ltd., 35 Newmarket 

Street. Tel. 3877. 
Irvine, S., & Sons, High Street. Tel. 

Kay, John H., 72 Main Street. 
Kerr, Miss Agnes, 80 Sandgate. 
Kerr, Misses, 59 Alloway Street. Tel. 

Laing, P. M., & Son, 30 Boswell Park. 

Tel. 3014. 
Lucas, John P., 4 New Bridge Street. 
M'Cafferty, R., 92 New Eoad. 
M'Call, James, 38 Sandgate. Tel. 

M'Cririck, H., 236 High Street. 
MacFarlane, R. A., 56 Alloway Street 

and 49 Main Street. Tel. 3792. 
M'Gregor, Campbell, 47 Burns Statue 

Square. Tel. 3015. 
MacKenzie, Hugh. 2 Prestwick Eoad. 
Muir, George L., 43 Burns Statue 

Smith, T. B., 29 Alloway Street. 
Stephen & Pollock, 37 Sandgate. 

Tel. 2150. 
Thomson, Miss, 28 New Bridge 

Street. Tel. 2941. 
Wilson, J., & Sons, 118 High Street. 


Cuthbert, Alexander, & Son, M'Call's 

Avenue. Tel. 2338. 
Lees, Andrew, & Sons, Ltd., St. 

Crispin Works. Tel. 2050. 
Scott, A. L., & Co., 201 High Street. 
Sears, J., & Co., Ltd., 76 High Street. 
Timpson, William, Ltd., 110 High 



Boyd, Alexander, 57 High Street. 
Tel. 3063. 

Carrick Boot and Shoe Shop, 41 and 

43 High Street. 
Dick, E. & J., Ltd., 114 High Street. 
Dundee Equitable Boot and Shoe 

Warehouse, 33 High Street. 
Greenlees, James, & Sons, 194 High 

Street and 41 Main Street. 
Greenlees, John, Ltd., 6 New Bridge 

Greenshields, Miss Elizabeth, Burns 

Statue Square. Tel. 3739. 

Hannah, Miss M., 12 Newmarket 

Street. Tel. 3910. 
Jacksons, Ltd., 48 High Street. 
Kilmarnock Equitable Co-operative 

Society, Ltd., 117 Main Street. 

Tel. 2037. 
Marshal], William, & Co. (Boot- 
makers), Ltd., 120 High Street. 
Morrison's Ayr Shoe Stores, 6 Hope 

Street. Tel. 2816. 
Morton, G. & W.. Ltd., 125 High 

Murray, John, Carrick Street. 
Scott, A. L., & Son, 201 High Street. 
Sears. J., & Co., Trueform Shop. 76 

High Street. 
Stead & Simpson, 146 High Street. 
Stewart, Alexander, 90 Sandgate and 

234 High Street. Tel. 2336. 
Timpson, W., Ltd., 110 High Street. 


Boyd, Alexander, 57 High Street, 
Tel. 3063. 

Carrick Boot and Shoe Shop, 41 and 

43 High Street. 
Corrance, George, 7 Mill Street. 
Dundee Equitable, 33 High Street. 
Dunlop, William, 13 George Street. 
Jamieson, Alexander, 76 Eussell St. 
Jones & Sons, 175 High Street. 
MacDermid, M„ 1 Bellevue Street. 
M'Donald, William, 113 Main Street. 
Montgoinerie. James, 7 New Eoad. 
Morrison's Shoe Stores, Hope Street. 

Tel. 2816. 
Morton, George, 50 George Street. 

Tel. 2382. 
Muir, William, 2 Queen Street. 
Picken, Archibald, 34 New Eoad. 
Stewart, Alexander, 234 High Street 

and 90 Sandgate. Tel. 2336. 
Waddell & Dunn, 10 Hope Street. 
Watson, William, 76 Main Street. 
Wilson, George, 10 Kyle Street. 


Dick, James, brassfounder, 6 Green 
Street. . 

M'Minn, James, general brassflnisher, 
105 High Street. House— 27 Elm- 
bank Street. 


Fitzsimmons, Mrs, 16 Eiver Street. 
Mathias, John, 2 Garden Street. 
Naftalin, E. T., Weir Eoad. Tel. 

3429. ■ , 

Parker & Co., 46 George Street. Tel. 





Brown, Robert W., 25 Academy- 
Street. Tel. 2736. 

Clark, Quintin, Main Street. Tel. 

Clarke, William, 50 Sandgate. 
Cumming & Henderson, Reliance 

Works, Llmond's Wynd. Tel. 3666. 
Drinnan, William, 82 George Street. 

Tel. 2342. 
Ecrepont, £., St. Andrew's Street. 

Tel. 3341. 
Feggans, F. W., Iddesleigh, Chalmers 

Road. Tel. 2912. 
Foggo, J. & W., 48 Falkland Park. 
Hart & Cumming, Allison Street. 

Tel. 3784. 
Hutchison, Robert W., 3 Falkland 

Park. Tel. 2038. 
Jackson, J. & W., 29 Elba Street. 
Kirkland, David, Union Arcade, 33 

Burns Statue Square. Tel. 2126. 
Lapraik, Hugh, 77 Prestwick Road. 

Tel. 2938. 
Mackay, Thomas M., 7 Bellevue Cres. 
M'Lean, A. & D., 24 Fort Street. Tel. 

M'Lean, Donald C, 6 Green Street 

Meikle, James, 46 Main Street. Tel. 

Milligan, D. & J., 46 Kyle Street. 

Tel. 3770. 
Paton, Hugh, & Son, 47 Dalblair 

Road. Tel. 3696. 
Paton, William, & Son, Ltd., 19 

Kyle Street. Tel. 3618. 
Stewart, John S., 122 George Street. 

Tel. 3090. 


Halifax Building Society, 130 High 
Street. Local agent— David Pater- 
son, C.A. Tel. 2686. 

Leeds Building Society, 4 Fullarton 
Street. Local agent — W. Campbell 
Galbraith, C.A. Tel. 3218. 

Woolwich Equitable Building Society,, 
64 Wellington Chambers. Agents — 
Girtiwood & Walker. Tel. 3027. 


Brackenridge, D., 8 Alloway Street. 

Tel. 2539. 
Climie, Andrew, 223 High Street. 

Tel. 2370. 
Cowan, John, 91 Main Street. Tel. 

Dempster, Hugh, 36 Alloway Street. 

Tel. 3953. 
Dunlop, George, 19 Tarn's Brig. 

Tel. 2906. 
Eastmans, Ltd., 238 High Street. 
Frew, John, & Sons, 51 High Street 

(tel. 3217) and Alloway Chambers, 

245 High Street (tel. 2184). 
Fullarton, Robert, 47 George Street. 
Gibson, P., & Sons, 102 Main Street. 

Tel. 3451. 
Kerr & Andrew, New Zealand Lamb 

Shop, Main Street. 
Kilmarnock Equitable Co-operative 

Society, Ltd., 8 New Road and 103 

George Street. Tel. 3364. 
M'Cleary, George, 17 New Bridge 

Street. Tel. 3810. 




Estimates Given. 

Phone 2126. 




M'llwraith, James, 3 Peebles Street. 
Tel. 2669. 

M'Nair, W. & J., 22 Sandgate Street. 

Tel. 3100. 
Martin, John, 167 High Street (tel. 

3439), 24 Main Street, and 11 

Wallace Street. 
Martin, M., 95 New Road. 
Mitchell, Walter, & Sons, 14 Main 

Street. Tel. 2710. 
Munro, Alexander. 238 High Street. 

Tel. 3675. 
New Zealand Lamb Shop, Main 

Paterson, Malcolm, 34 Main Street. 

Tel. 3067. 
Picken, Andrew, 71 Main Street. Tel. 

Picken, David, 27 Alloway Street 

and 85 George Street. Tel. 3308. 
Picken, James, 87 New Road. Tel. 

Speirs, Robert, 55 Alloway Street. 

Tel. 2579. 
Taylor, James, 2 Sandgate. 
Williamson Bros., 32 Smith Street. 

Tel. 3046. 
Williamson, J. Pollok, 23 High Street. 

Tel. 3987. 


Coylton — Alexander Duncan, leaves 
Sun Inn yard Tuesdays and 
Fridays. Tel. 2s, Joppa. 

Crosshill— John Gallaeher, leaves the 
Ayrshire and Galloway Hotel, Kil- 
loch Place, every Tuesday. 

Dalrymple— Allan Main, leaves Sun 
Inn yard Tuesdays and Fridays. 

Dalrymple and Dalmellington — 
Gemmell & Son, leave Sun Inn 
yard daily. 

Glasgow— E. Ferguson, leaves Arthur 
Street, top of Lome Arcade, daily 
at 9 a.m. Tel. 3339. 

Glasgow— John M'Cloy, leaves A. 
Fergusson & Sons, 18 High Street, 
daily at 9.30 a.m. Tel. 2918. 

Girvan — R. Wilson, leaves Ayr Arms 
yard, 207 High Street, daily (ex- 
cept Wednesday) at 11 a.m. 

Girvan — P. C. Smith, leaves John 
Wallace & Sons' yard, Smith Street, 
every day (except Wednesday), at 2 
p.m. Tel. 3575. 

Kilmarnock— Jas. M'Fadzean, leaves 
28 and 30 Garden Street Tuesdays, 
Thursdays, and Fridays at 10 a.m. 
Tel. 2554. 

Kirkmichael — William Fitzsimmons, 
leaves the Sun Inn yard Tuesdays 
and Fridays at 2 p.m. 





Leaves SUN INN YARD, AYR, daily 

Phone, AYR 2614. 

Central Garage, Irvine, 

Phone, Irvine 73. 




Sun Inn Yard 

Telephone No. 2614 

House Address: 

Motor Haulage and General 
Carting Contractors. <£ £> 

Furniture Removed in Covered Van or 

Lorry any distance by Experienced 



7 CARRICK PARK -:- Telephone No. 2959 


Maybole — William Murray, leaves 

Sun Inn yard every day. 
Mauchline and New Cumnock — James 
M'Kinnon ((Steadfast Carrier), 
leaves Wellington Garage, Alloway 
Place, daily (except Saturdays) at 
10.30 a.m. Tel. 3493. 
Ochiltree — 
Hugh Dick, leaves Tweedie's 
Garage, Holmston Eoad, on Tues- 
days. Tel. 3686. 
James Smith, leaves Wm. Young, 
Ltd., Carrick Street, on Tuesdays. 
Tel. 2281. 
John Peden, leaves Sun Inn yard 
on Tuesdays. 
Skares — J. Smith, leaves Sun Inn 

yard on Tuesdays. 
Prestwick and Troon— E. Ferguson, 
leaves Arthur Street, top of Lome 
Arcade, at 8.30 a.m. daily. Tel. 


Troon— William Wallace, leaves Peter 
Duncan's yard, Dalblair Road, 
every Tuesday and Friday at 3 

Glasgow — Samuel Menzies, leaves 
M'Cardle & Cassie's garage, 53 New 
Road, daily (except Saturdays). 
Tel. 2680. 

Ardrossan— Robert Paterson, south- 
west carrier, leaves Sun Inn yard 
daily. Tel. 2614. Central Garage 
Irvine. Tel. 73, Irvine. 

Glasgow— John S. Thomson, leaves 
Ayrshire and Galloway Hotel, Kil- 
loch Place, daily (except Satur- 
days) at 10 a.m. 


Aitchison, J., 73 South Harbour 

Street. Tel. 3141. 
Auld Brig Motor Company, 5 River 

Terrace. Tel. 3449. 
Bannatyne, John, 44 Peebles Street. 

Tel. 3939. 
Bryden, James A., 239 High Street. 

Tel. 2519. 
Buchanan, J., & Son, 7 Cambuslea 

Road. Tel. 3104. 
Dawson, John, 70 Russell Street. 
Duncan, Peter, 2 Green Street (tel. 

2492) and 12 Dalblair Road (tel. 

Farmers' Traffic, Ltd., Falkland 

Road. Tel. 2850. 
Hall, Alexander, 9 River Street and 

59 Peebles Street. Tel. 3858. 
L.M. and S. Railway Company, Goods 

Station. Tel. 3236. 
M'Fadzean, James, 28 and 30 Gar- 
den Street. Tel. 2554. 
M'Fedris, John, 97 George Street. 

Tel. 2348. 
M'Ronald, J. & W., 42 Hawkhill Ave. 
Murray, William, & Son, 53 Peebles 

Street. Tel. 3589. 
Neill, Samuel, 7 Russell Terrace. 

Tel. 2910. 
Stewart, W. & C, Sun Inn Yard. 

Tel. 2614. 
Thomson Bros., Green Street Lane. 

Tel. 2473. 
White, John, 42 Green Street Lane. 

Tel. 2155. 




Afflecks, Ltd., 27 and 49 High 
Street and 15-17 Sandgate. Tele. 


Sowie, James, & Co., 52-64 and 63-65 
Newmarket Street. Tel. 3117. 

Bowie, M. R., 24 Fort Street. Tel. 

Bruce, Thomas, 7 Kirkport. 

Galloway & Bowie, 59 Alloway Street. 
Tel. 2882. 

Ganly, Andrew, 10 Alloway Street. 

Irvine, George, 45 Newmarket Street. 

Kelso, Robert, 76 King Street. 

Love, Andrew, 105 High Street. 

H'Callum, W. & H., 38 and 41 New- 
market Street. Tel. 3626. 

Picken, James, 106 Main Street. 
Tel. 2870. 

Reid, David, & Co., Arthur Street. 
Tel. 2244. 

Robertson, John, & Son, 68 Sand- 
gate. Tel. 3823. 


<?ray, William C, & Sons, Ltd., 
Newton Carpet Works, M'Call's 


Andreoli, P., Goudie's Restaurant, 
231 High Street. Tel. 2575. 

Belleisle House (Henry Scott). Tel. 
5, Alloway. 

Galbraith, W. C, & Sons, Ltd., 89 

High Street. Tel. 3253. 
Gilchrist, James, Ltd., Boswell Park 

and 233 High Street. Tel. 2238. 
Girdwood, G. & J., 168 High Street 

(tel. 3351), 20 Sandgate, and The 

Cross, Prestwick (tel. 7418). 
Hotel Daltolair, Alloway Street. Tel. 

Kilmarnock Equitable Co-operative 

Society, Ltd., 10 New Road. Tel. 

Meng, " Fleury, Ltd., 48 Newmarket 

Street. Tel. 2392. 
Milrig Hotel, Charlotte Street. Tel. 


J.. 15 Main Street. 
Hotel, Townhead. 




Young', George, & Son, 208-210 High 

Street and 46 Sandgate. Tel. 2613. 

House, Westcon, Ltd. 
Office, 41 Mill Street. 




Henderson, J. & W., Ltd., South Har 

hour Street. Tel. 3700. 
Johnstons, Paton & Rankin, Ltd., 

Green Street. Tel. 2071. 

Rankin & Co. (Glasgow), Ltd., Goods 

Steele, John A., 61 South Harbour 

Street. Tel. 2013. 


are the essentials of true Pharmacy. 

We keep only the highest quality in all 
goods we handle and our dispensers are 
thoroughly qualified. .... 

We carry a very large selection of 
Toilet Requisites, Perfumes, etc. 


Pharmaceutical Chemist 
Euros Statue Square 

Phone No. 3448 




Mitchell, Walter, & Sons, Ltd., Main 
Street. Tel. 2710. 


Walker, W. G., & Sons, Ltd., Hawk- 
hill Works, Somerset Road. Tel. 


Bell, Henry, 54 Main Street. Tel. 

Boots, Ltd., 140 High Street. 

Tel. 2937. 
Cockburn & Co., Ltd., 112 High 

Street. Tel. 2045. 
Henderson, J. M., 71 High Street. 

Tel. 3640. 
Kay, David W., 14 Sandgate 

Street (tel. 3973) and 1 Tarn's 

Brig (tel. 3776). 
M'Millan, James M., 6 Alloway 

Street. Tel. 2388. 
M'Ninch, Robert W., '61 Sandgate 

Street. Tel. 3726. 
Weldrum, Martin, 7 Burns Statue 

Square. Tel. 3448. 
Jgg & Co., 44 Newmarket Street, 

Tel. 2366. 
Thomson, John, 1 New Bridge Street 

and 26 River Street. Tel. 2685. 
Tulloch, J. B., 1 New Road. Tel. 

Wilson, J. L., 15 High Street. Tel. 

Wilson, Richard M., 10 Tarn's Brig. 


Connell, John, 5 New Road. 
Cuthbert, David M., 101 Main Street. 

House — 3 Alderston Avenue. 
Irvine, John, 25 Dalblair Road. Tel. 

Lamb, Gilbert, 30 Argyle Street. 
Martin, John, 3 Nelson .Street. 
Ross, Thomas, 61 Peebles Street. 

House— 21 High Street. 
Tierney, William, 21 George Street. 


Alexander's Stores, Ltd., 14 Alloway 
Street. Tel. 3447. 

Blackwell's Stores, 45 George Street. 
Tel. 3756. 

Bowie, James, & Co., 63-65 New- 
market Street. Tel. 3117. 

Brown, Robert A., 38 Main Street. 

Hart, Miss Mary, 35 New Road. 

Kilmarnock Equitable Co-operative 
Society, Ltd., 10 New Road. Tel. 

Limond, Thomas, 116 High Street. 
Tel. 2211. 

Lyall, Miss, 6 Old Bridge Street. 
M'Laughlin, Matthew, 203-205 High 

Miller, John, 17-19 Burns Statue 

Square. Tel. 3886. 
Rennie, Miss E., 50 Smith Street. 
Thomson, J., 7 Sandgate. Tel. 2444. 
Woolworth, F. W., & Co., Ltd., 14 

High Street. 


Morrison's Shoe Stores, Hope Street, 

Tel. 2816. 
Ayr Foot Hospital, Kyle Street. 

Tel. 2692. 

Mackay, Mrs, 7 Bellevue Crescent. 


Fergusson, A., & Sons, 18 High 

Street. Tel. 2918. 
Irvine, S., & Sons, 75 High Street. 

Tel. 2315. 

Laing, P. M., & Son, Boswell Park. 

Tel. 3014. 
Lucas, J. P., 4 New Bridge Street. 
M'Cririck, H., 236 High Street. 
Macfarlane, R. A., 56 Alloway Street. 

Tel. 3792. 
Muir, W. J., 43 Burns Statue Square. 
Stephen & Pollock, 37 Sandgate. 

Tel. 2150. 
Wilson, J., & Sons, 118 High Street. 


Aitkenhead, Stewart, 32 and 34 

Crown Street. 
Carty, Robert, & Co., 32 Crown Street. 


Caldwell, William, 65 Content Street. 

Tel. 2009. 
Mains & Co., Ltd., 33 Burns Statue 

Square and 46 George Street. Tel. 



Allan, D., & Son, Beresford Depot. 

Tel. 2712. 
Black, J. & R., Belmont Sidings. 

Tel. 3948. 
Boyd & Co., Beresford Coal Depot. 

Tel. 3814. 
Forrest, James, & Son, Beresford Lye. 

Tel. 2874. 
Polquhairn Coal Company, Ltd., 45 

Dalblair Road. Tel. 2329 
Scottish Coal Supply Company, 

Neptune Sidings and Burns Statue 

Square. Tel. 2866. 




Milne, William, Ltd., Falkland Eoad. 

Tel. 2082. 
Murray, Thomas, & Sons, Mill Street. 

Tel. 3031. 

Gibson, John, 44 Carrick Road. Tel. 

Graham, John, 35 Wallace Street. 

Tei. 3048. 
-M'Donald, Duncan, 97 High Street. 

Tel. 3940. 
M'Guigan, James B., 14 High Street 

and Kirkport. Tel. 2261. 
Melville, James, 26 Sandgate and 20 

Green Street Lane. Tel. 2224. 
Miller, Robert, 97 High Street. Tel. 

Morledge, Harold, 10 Alloway Street. 

Tei. 3291. 
Norton, James, 10 Alloway Street. 

Tel. 3226. 
Queen, George, 97 High Street. Tel. 

Scott, John, Lome Arcade. Tel. 

Tavendale, William, 19 River Street. 

Tel. 2691. 
Taylor, John, Union Arcade. Tel. 


Birrell, Ltd., 223* High Street and 

90 Sandgate. 
Campbell, G. Stuart, 51 Alloway 

Clark, John A., 34 Alloway Street. 
Cummiiig, Mrs, 27 New Bridge Street. 

Tel. 2875. 
English, Thomas D., Burns Statue 

Fisher, S., 6C Smith Street. 
Gibson, Misses, 54 Sandgate. 
Glasgow Chocolate Manufacturing 

Company, 10 New Bridge Street. 
Kirkpatrick, Robert, 177 High Street. 
Lindsay, M. & W., 26 High Street. 
Low, William, & Co., Ltd., 242 High 

Street. Tel 2801. 
Miller, John, 26 Main Street. 
M'Coll, R. S., Ltd., 133 High Street, 

36 Sandgate, and 53 Main Street. 
M'Cuiloch. Robert, 61-65 Main Street. 

Tel. 2802. 
MacMillan & Monro, Ltd., 212 High 

Street. Tel. 2447. 
M'Murtrie, Misses, 23 Sandgate. 
M'Whirter, Miss H., 6 Newmarket 

Morrison, John G., 113 High Street 

and 69 Alloway Street. 
Muir, John, 32 Sandgate. 
Pieri, Leo, 54 Alloway Street and 

150 Prestwick Road. Tel. 3136. 
Pieroni & Biagi, 64 Sandgate. Tel. 

Eeid, Mrs Mary, 115 High Street. 
Smith, Miss Jean, 47 Sandgate. 
Wallace, Robert, Ltd., 5 High Street 

(tei. 3231) and 23-25 Newmarket 

Street (tei. 3609). 


Bruce, Middleton, 207 High Street. 

Tel. 3538. 
Clacherty, Alex. R., 79 Dalblair Ed. 
Central Confectionery Company, 175 

High Street. 
Eaglesham, James, 16 New Bridge 

Gibson, W. & D., 23 Main Street. 
Lamb, William, & Co., 33 Wallace 

Street. Tel. 3107. 
M'Quoid, Thomas, 226 Prestwick 



Rowan, William, Ayr Cooperage, 
Lome Arcade. 


Anderson, Misses M. C. & F., 15 

Alloway Street and 79 Main Street. 

Tel. 3454. 
Buttercup Dairy Company, Ltd., 164 

High Street. Tel. 3536. 
Butter Supply Company (H. Bone) 

125 Prestwick Road. 
Falkland Creamery Company, 46 

Falkland Park Road. 
Laverie & Laurie, 15 Landsdowne 

Road. Tel. 3779. 
M'Fadzean, David J., 93 Prestwick 

Road. Tel. 2989. 
Mackie, Alexander M., 3 Woodfield 

Maybole and District Farmers* 

Association, Ltd., 4 Tarn's Brig. 

Tel. 3102. 
Mavnole Dairy Company, Ltd., 127 

High Street. Tel. 3052. 
Ross's Dairies, Ltd., 95 High Street. 

Tel. 2083. 
Shepherds Dairies, Ltd., 96 High 



Ayrshire Electro Plating Company, 
6 Content Street. Tel. 3825. 

Clydesdale Supply Company, High 

Donald, Alexander, 15 River Street. 
Dunn, William, jun., 1 Back Peebles 

M'Cluskey. Patrick, Main Street. 
Neil, John B., 24 New Road (tei. 

2979) and 3 Kyle Street (tei. 2419). 
Riley, A. E.. 21 Kyle Street. 
Robertson, David, 30 Alloway Street. 
Scott, William D., 7 Peebles Street. 
Speed Company, 9 Hope Street. 


Ackroyd, John, Knoweside Dairy, 32 
Northfleld Avenue. Tel. 3333. 

Agnew, A., Woodfield Dairy, 170 
Prestwick Road. 



Anderson, M. & F., 79 Main Street. 
Baird, Andrew, Koselea Dairy, 34 

Princes Street. 
Bone, Robert H., Union Arcade. Tel. 

Bryson, Jam'es B., 17 Northfield 

Avenue. Tel. 3712. 
Cowan, James, 68 Castlehill Road. 
Cowan, Robert B., 3 Inverkar Road. 
Dick, William, '68 and 70 New Road. 
Galloway, Miss, 36 Mill Street. 
Gilchrist, James, 66 York Street 

Gilchrist, W., 42 Dalblair Road. 
M'Fadzean, David, 95 Prestwick 

Road. Tel. 2989. 
Millar, Robert, 29-31 Victoria Street. 
Muir, George K., & Son, Midton 

Dairy, Midton Road. Tel. 3317. 
Murray, R., 64 Cafrick Street. 
Murray, Thomas, Craigie Dairy, 

Craigie Avenue. Tel. 2075. 
Neil. Adam, 14 Princes Street. Tel. 

Robertson, George, Bellevale Dairy, 

114 St. Leonard's Road. 
Robertson, William, 166 George 

Sturgeon, James, Lunnon Dairy, 38 

Midton Road. 
Templeton, Thomas, 14 Queen 

Street and 63 King Street. 
Watson, Robert, 1 Lochside Road. 

Tel. 3326. 
Watson, Thomas, 34 Prestwick Road. 


Chambers, B. W., Burns Statue 

Chambers Bros., 56 Kyle Street. 

Tel. 2341. 
M'Dowall, James, 30 Hope Street. 
Pollock, A. & W. G., Station Bridge. 
Wallace, J., & Sons (Ayr), Ltd., 

Townhead Works, Smith Street. 

Tel. 3575. 
Wallace, William, & Son, Burns 

Statue Square. Tel. 2576. 


Anderson, William, dentist, 21 Burns 
Statue Square. Tel. 2581. 

Bryan, James, Burns Statue Square. 

Elliot, James G., 3 New Bridge 
Street. Tel. 3724. 

Gardiner. Peter M'G., L.D.S., 1 Kirk- 
port. Tel. 3614. 

Gillespie, John, L.D.S., 19 Barns 
Street. Tel. 3550. 

Hamilton, Alexander, 3 New Road. 

Honeyman, Thomas, 74 Prestwick 

Hood, Douglas, L.D.S., Alloway Place. 

Hood, W. B., 28 Prestwick Road. 
Tel. 2939. 

Lamb, James, 2 Miller Road. Tel. 

M'Kechnie, D. S., 56 Main Street. 
M'Math, J. Dove, L.D.S., 2 Carrick 

Road. Tel. 2854. 
M'Nair, R. H., L.D.S., 19 Barns 

Street. Tel. 3550. 
Mackie, Hugh, 16 New Bridge Street. 
Money, Andrew, L.D.S., 43 Miller 

Road. Tel. 2358 
Nash, Thomas L., L.D.S., 7 Alloway 

Place. Tel. 3133. 
Park, Thomas, L.D.S., 1 Sandgate. 

Tel. 3103. 
Paterson, Alexander, 11 Beresford 

Telfer, John, 29 Castlehill Road. 

Tel. 2551. 
Tulloch, E." B., L.D.S., 33 Prestwick 

Road. Tel. 2465. 
Youne, David, 63 High Street. Tel. 

Young, L. M., L.D.S., 63 High Street. 

Tel. 2474. 

DOCTORS— See Medical Practitioners. 


Anderson Pros., 62 Alloway Street. 
Tel. 2179. 

Auld. E., & Co., 71 Sandgate. 
Baby's Castle, 45a Alloway Street. 

Tel. 2372. 
Bonar, Miss, 20 Russell Street. 
Brown, Miss, 43 New Road. 
Brown, Mrs E. M„ 57 Newmarket 

Cowan, Robert, 2 George Street. Tel. 

Cross, J. & J., 11 Sandgate. Tel. 

Dawson, B. & E„ 47a Alloway Street. 

Tel. 2838. 
Dick, Catherine Seton, 32 Beresford 

Terrace. Tel. 3655. 
Dick, Miss Mary B., 9i Old Bridge 

Dick, William, 5 Old Bridge Street. 
Dow & Newlands, Misses, 7 Main 

Duff, Robert, Beresford Terrace. 

Tel. 3617. 
Ellis & Cummin g, 48 Smith Street. 
Fisher, K., 49 Newmarket Street. 

Tel. 3408. 
Freedmans, 1 Alloway Street. Tel. 

Gemmell, M. & M., 92a Sandgate. 
Grand Emporium Com- 
pany, 35-39 High Street. 
Gould, James, & Sons, 38 Wallace 

Street. Tel. 3807. 
Hamilton, J. P., & Co., 155 High 

Street. Tel. 2927. 
Hannah, Andrew, 162 High Street. 
Hannah, William, 241-243 High 

Hannah, Mrs, 119 New Road. 
Henderson, James, & Sons, ladies'" 

tailors, Miller Road. 


The Home of Models. 


Ladies' tailors 





Sole Agents for Ladies' Hats 
by Henry Heath and Lincoln Bennett. 


Telephone No. 3 153. 



Hourston, D., & Sons, 22 Alloway 
Street. Tel. 3283. 

Hunter & Grant, 2 High Street. Tel. 

Hyslop & Co., 24 Smith Street. 
Hyslop, Robert, 217 High Street. 
Kilgour, Miss B., 71 Newmarket 

Kilmarnock Equitable Co-operative 

Society, 121 Main Street. Tel. 

Kissell, Richard, ladies' tailor, 14 

Barns Street. Tel. 3791. 
Lawrie & Smith, Ltd., 29 Sandgate 

Street. Tel. 2140. 
Macarthur, Winton Buildings, 77 

High Street. Tel. 2402. 
M'Cartney, George, 53 Newmarket 

Street. Tel. 2288. 
M'Con'hell, Misses M. & M., 60 Main 
, Street. 

M'Connell, Miss, 35 Alloway Street. 
M'Culloch, John, 171 High Street. 

Tel. 2004. 
Macdonald, Kenneth, & Son, ladies' 

tailors, 42 Newmarket Street. Tel. 


Macdonald, Neil, & Son, 103 High 
Street. Tel. 3512. 

Macfarlan, Miss Annie, 32 Alloway 

Mac Master, 63 Daiblair Road. Tel. 


M'Ninch, Richard, 11 George Street. 
Mackie, Adam, 4 Prestwick Road. 
Mackie, John, 42 Main Street. 
Martin, Miss J. C, Spirella specialist, 

18 Miller Road. Tel. 3768. 
Martin, William, Ltd., 36 Main 

Street. Tel. 2114. 
Meredith, John, 225 High Street. 
Morledge & Co., 55-39 High Street. 
Robertson £ Co., 172 High Street. 
Robertson, Mrs A., 58 High Street. 
Ross, J. W., & Co., 72 Sandgate. 
Sharp & Co. (Ayr), Ltd., 8 High 

Street. Tel. 3903. 
Sherrington, 92 High Street. Tel. 

Smith. Miss A. C. 19 High Street. 
Smith, Miss J., 32 Main Street. 
Stewart, Alexander, 117 High Street. 
Watson, Margaret, 17 Alloway Street. 

Tel. 31S2. 
Wilson, W'Jliam, 42 Content Street. 

Tel. 3844. 
Wilson, Miss Mary H., 11 Tarn's 



Those marked (M.) are milliners 


Anderson Bros., Union House, 62 
Alloway Street. Tel. 2179. 

Auld & Co., 71 Sandgate. 
Burt, Miss, 43 Union Avenue. ■ 
Dawson, Misses B. & E., 47a Alloway 

Street. Tel. 2838. 
Dick, Miss Catherine Seton, 32 Beres- 

ford Terrace. Tel. 3655. 
Durham & Wright, Killoch Place. 
Findlay & Martin, 5 Alloway Street. 

Georgette, Madame, 2 Barns Cres- 
cent. Tel. 3988. 
Hourston, D., & Sons, 22-30 Alloway 

Street. Tel. 3283. 
Hunter '& Grant, 2 High Street. Tel. 

Kerr, Misses M. & C, 5 Newmarket 

Kilmarnock Equitable Co-operative 

Society, Ltd., 121-125 Main Street. 

Tel. 2037. 
Lawrie & Smith, Ltd., 29 Sandgate. 

Tel. 2140. 
Macarthur, Winton Buildings, 77 

High Street. Tel. 2402. 
M'Call. Miss. 12 Cathcart Street. 
M'Clelland, Mrs E., 16 Beresford 

Terrace. Tel. 3629. 
M'Connell, M. & M., 60 Main Street 

M'Donald, Kenneth, & Son, 42 New- 
market Street. Tel. 3153. 
Macdonald, Neil. & Son, 103 High 

Street. Tel. 3512. 
M'Donald, Miss I.. 9 Beresford Ter. 
M'Ginlay & Craig, Misses, 6 Fullarton 

Macmaster, 63 Daiblair Road. Tel. 

MacNicol, Miss I.. Burns Statue 

Square (M.). 
Mills, C. & M., 13a Kyle Street (M.). 
Neill, Miss Mary, 68 Port Street (M.). 
Peacock, Miss Jean C, 58 Smith 

Street. (M.) Tel. 2091. 
Russell, Misses, 166 High Street. 
Sham & Co. (Ayr). Ltd.. 8-10 High 

Street. Tel. 3903. 
Sproul. Miss Helen. 22 Newmarket 

Street (M.). Tel. 5105. 
Thorn, Miss, 55 Sandgate (M.). 
Thomson, Miss Jessie, Wellington 

Chambers. Tel. 565.3. 
Weir, Miss E. A., 23 Barns Street. 

Tel. 2820. 


Ayrshire Laundry Company, 4 
Wallace Street. Tel. 3891. 

Brand & Moliison, Ltd., 21 Sand- 
gate. Tel. 3607. 

Greenan Laundry Co., Doonfoot. Tel. 
Alloway 7. 

Johnson Bros. (Dyers), Ltd., 86 High 

Kennedy, \lex., & Sons, Castlebank 
Dye Works, 57 Alloway Street. Tel. 

Pullar, J.. & Sons, Ltd., 72 High 
Street. Tel. 3555. 

Richmond Park Laundry Co., Ltd., 11 
Kyle Street. Tel. 2737. 

Viewfieid Laundry Company, 32 
Allison Street. Tel. 3181. 


Utilitarium, Ltd., Newmarket Street. 
Tel. 2507. 




Cook, John, 108 Hunter's Avenue. 

Tel. 3906. 
Parker & Co., 110 Green Street. 
Sproat, Gilbert M., 1 Wellington St. 


Electrical and Wireless Dealers. 

Auld, Alexander, Alloway Place. Tel. 


Brown, Robert F., 3 Ewenfield Road. 

Tel. 5934. 
Clydesdale Supply Co. (1922), Ltd., 

256 High Street. Tel. 2131. 
Cumming, James, 108 High Street. 

Tel. 2101. 
Dodd, William G., Ltd., 175a High 

Street. Tel. 2851. 
Fairbairn, Ltd., 181 High Street. 

Tel. 2930. 
Girvan, John, 240 High Street. Tel. 

Morrison, John S., 109 New Road. 
Murdoch, Anderson & Co., 19 River 

Street. Tel. 3442. 
Napier, N. G., & Son, 60 Alloway 

Street and 22 High Street. Tel. 

Radio. 57 Main Street. 
Ross, Williani, Lome Arcade. Tel. 

Stewart, Colin C, 239 High Street. 
Weir, Malcolm, 20a George Street. 
Wilson, Dickson & Co., Ltd., 185 

High Street. Tel. 2325. 

Electro Plating and Welding. 

Ayrshire Electro Plating Company, 6 
Content Street. Tel. 3825. 

Newton Welding Company, 29 Main 
Street. Tel. 2666. 


Dickie, James, & Co., Victoria 

Stamping Works, Somerset Road. 

Tel. 3494. 
Hamilton, Cecil Allan, Lome Arcade. 

Tel. 2660. 
Reid, D. H. & F., Victoria Bridge. 

Tel. 2333. 
Scottish Stamping and Engineering 

Company, Neptune Works, West 

Sanquhar Road. Tel. 2866. 
Thomson, James, & Sons, 115 High 

Street. Tel. 2306. 
Wallace, John, & Son, Ltd., Railway 

Bridge, Townhead. Tel. 2575. 
Wallacetown Engineering Company, 

62 Viewfield Road. Tel. 2638. 
Vulcan Engineering Company, 18 

York Street. Tel. 2688. 

Sanitary and Heating. 

Auld. William, & Sons, 70 Sandgate. 

Tel. 2717. 
Dunbar, Alexander, 4 St. John Street. 

Tel. 2857. 

Fraser, James, & Sons, 175 High 
Street. Tel. 2514. 

Highet, J. C, & Sons, io Alloway 
Street. Tel. 2036. 

M' 1 1 wrath, Cowan & Co., 55 New- 
market Street. Tel. 2138. 

Meikle, John, & Son, 13 and 14 
River Street. Tel. 2149. 

Russell, Gilbert, 16 New Road. Tel. 


Lyall, John, 9 Old Bridge Street. 


Arts and Crafts, 84 Sandgate. 
Bowman, Miss, 94 Sandgate. 
Fairbairn, Ltd., 206 High Street. 

Tel. 2930. 
Fergusson, A., & Son, 18 High Street. 

Tel. 2918. 
Henry, Hugh, Ltd., 35 Newmarket 

Street. Tel. 3877. 
Irvine, S., & Sons, 75 High Street. 

Tel. 2315. 
Kerr, Misses, 53 Alloway Street. Tel. 

M'Call, James, 38 Sandgate. Tel. 

M'Cririck, Homer, 236 High Street. 
M'Gregor, Campbell, Burns Statue 

Square. Tel. 3015. 

M'Leod, Miss A. W., Gift Shop. 18 
Newmarket Street. Tel. 3492. 

Rennie, Miss Elizabeth, 50 Smith 

Smith, T. B. 29 Alloway Street. 

Stephen & Pollock, 37 Sandgate. 
Tel. 2150. 


Goldman, Max, 24 Newmarket Street. 

Murray, William (Glasgow), Ltd., 3 

Burns Statue Square. Tel. 3349. 


Art Fireplace Company, 8 Fullarton 
Street and Burns Statue Square. 
Tel. 2746. 


Burgon, John, 101 South Harbour 
Street. Tel. 2893. 

Davidson. James M., 45 King Street. 

Devlin, Thomas L., & Sons, South 
Quay. Tel. 3987. 

Duncan, George, 75 South Harbour 
Street. Tel 3523. „ 

Jary, Frederick G., Ltd., South Har- 
bour Street. „ 

M'Fedris, William, South Quay. 
Tel. 3662. 

M'Taggart, Misses, 67 South Quay. 
Tel. 3557. 

Nichols, ffra., 42-44 Waggon Road. 

Reid, Thomas, 7 Castlehill Road. 




Allan, Robert, 22 New Bridge Street. 

Tel. 3211. 
Brown Bros., 29 High Street. Tel. 


Galloway, David, 7 New Bridge St. 
Hay, John W., 178 High Street. 

Tel. 3363. 
Hill, P. B„ 47 High Street. Tel. 

Logan, Robert. 49 Alloway Street. 

Tel. 2356. 
Mason. William Orr, 30 George 

Street. Tel. 2190. 
Rae, James J., 100 Main Street. Tel. 

Richmond, Hugh, 83 New Road. 
West Coast Fisheries, 7 New Bridge 

Street. Tel. 2405. 


Barnes, John, Burns Statue Square. 

Tel. 2969. 
Kirk, James, Smith Street. Tel. 



Brownlie, Miss, 60 High Street. Tel. 

Crisp, Miss, 7 Tarn's Brig. 

Gallaher, Miss H., io Newmarket 

Street. Tel. 2317. 
Gerrand, James, 14 George Street. 

Tel. 3915. 
Haugh, J., & Son, 57 Sandgate, 

Wallace Street, and New Road. 

Tel. 2404. 
Kerr, David, 23 Burns Statue Square. 

Tel. 3381. 
M'CulIoch. Robert, 65 Main Street. 

Tel. 2802. 
Milroy, James, & Son, 2-4 Alloway 

Street. Tel. 2228. 
Napier, David, 106 High Street. Tel. 

Russell, M. & J., 28 High Street. Tel. 

Steel, J. F., Burns Statue Square. 

Tel. 3161. 
Stewart, Miss, 21 Alloway Street. 


Crossley, Herbert, & Co., 108 High 
Street. House— 21 Fort Street. 

Kelly, Mrs R„ 23 Peebles Street. 


Blair, John C, 84 Sandgate Street. 

Tel. 3375. 
Brownlie, Miss C, 60 High Street. 

Tel. 2143. 

Craig, Mrs Euphemia, 115 High St. 
Crisp, Miss G., 7 Tarn's Brig. 

Findlay, Mrs J., 13 Carrick Street. 

Tel. 2982. 
Gallaher, Miss Helen, 10 Newmarket 

Street. Tel. 2317. 
Gerrand, James G., 14 George Street. 

Tel. 3915. 
Hannah, Miss Annie, 104 Main St. 
Hare, Mrs, 69 New Road. 
Haugh, J., & Son, 57 Sandgate, 58 

Smith Street, and 45 New Road. 

Tel. 2404. 
Jackson, J., 97 Wallace Street. 
Kerr, David, 23 Burns Statue Square. 

Tel. 3381. 
M'CulIoch, R., 65 Main Street. Tel. 

M'Kelvie, Archibald, 73 Main Street. 
Milroy, James, & Son, 4 Alloway 

Street. Tel. 2228. 
Napier, David, 106 High Street. Tel. 

New Bridge Fruit Stores, 2 Main 

Street. Tel. 2552. 
Russell, Misses M. & J., 28 High 

Street. Tel. 2035. 
Steel, J. F.. Burns Statue Square. 

Tel. 3161. 
Stewart, Miss, 21 Alloway Street. 
Thomson, A., 28 New Bridge Street. 

Tel. 2941. 
Wilson, William M., 97 New Road. 


Milroy, James, & Son, 2-4 Alloway 

Street. Tel. 2228. 
M'CulIoch, Robert, 65 Main Street. 

Tel. 2802. 


Afflecks, Ltd., 27-29 High Street and 

15-17 Sandgate. Tel. 2251. 
Barr, Andrew, Auld Brig Furniture 

Salerooms. Tel. 3349. 
Callan, T. R.. 108 High Street. Tel. 

Dewar, Robert, & Sons, 23 Kyle 

Street. Tel. 2387. 
Findlay, James, & Co., 16 Old Bridge 

Findlay, John, 18 Old Bridge Street. 
Findlay, Mrs. 9 Wallace Street. 
Freeman, H., & Sons, 24 Carrick 

Street. Tel. 2732. 


Kemp, Madame, 22 Beresford Ter- 
race. Tel. 2410. 

MacOonald, Kenneth, & Son, 42 New- 
market Street. Tel. 3153. 

Noble, Miss 29 Newmarket Street. 

Redmond, Misses, 17 Prestwick Road. 



Telephone No. 2084. 




Estimates Given. 

All classes of Jobbing promptly executed. 


Afflecks, Ltd., 27-29 High Street and 

15-17 Sandgate. Night address— 

15 Sandgate. Tel. 2251. 
Bowie, James, & Co., 52-64 New- 
market Street. Tel. 3117. 
Bowie, M. R., 24 Fort Street (tel. 

2446). House — Wallacefield, 

Alloway (tel. 74, Alloway). 
Bowman, Robert, 109 Main Street. 
Dove, James, 239 High Street. Tel. 

Forrest, James, 39 George Street. 
Fulton, Robert H., 20 Church Street. 

Tel. 2564. 
Galloway & Bowie, 59 Alloway Street. 

Tel. 2882. 
Gerrand, James G., 15 "Wallace 

Street. Tel. 3915. 
Lamb, John, & Sons, 19 River Street. 

House— 4 Church Place. Tel. 2909. 
Love, Andrew, 105 High Street. 
Lyon, John, 56 Russell Street. 
M'Creath, James, & Sons, 29 

Fullarton Street. Tel. 3355. 
Murdoch, Charles, 175 High Street. 
Picken, James, 106 Main Street. 

Tel. 2870. 
Provan, Joseph W., 10 High Street. 

Tel. 2616. 
Reid, David, & Co., Arthur Street. 

Te!. 2244. 
Robertson, John B., & Son, 68 Sand- 
gate. Tel. 3823. 
Wason, A., & Son, Beresford Terrace. 

Tel. 3470. 

Auld, William, & Sons, 70 Sandgate. 

Tel. 2717. 

Ayr Gas Company, Ltd., 28 Crom- 
well Road. Tel. 3950. 

Dunbar, Alexander, 4 St. John Street. 
Tel. 2857. 

Fraser, James, & Sons, 175 High 
Street. Tel. 2514. 

Highet, J. C, & Sons, 10 Alloway 
Street. Tel. 2036. 

M'llwrath, Cowan & Co., 55 New- 
market Street. Tel. 2138. 

Meikie, John, & Son, 13 and 14 
River Street. Tel. 2149. 

Newton-onAyr Gas Company, Ltd., 
Damside. Tel. 3446. 



Kirk, George G., Ltd., 100 High 
Street. Tel. 3693. 

Thow, James, 33 George Street. 

Tel. 3705. 
"Wright, A. S., & Co., Ltd., 232 High 

Street. Tel. 2743. 


Cochrane, James A., & Son, 43-53 

South Harbour Street. Tel. 2217. 
Inglis & Son. 43 Alloway Street. Tel. 

M'Gill & Smith, Ltd., Kyle Street. 

Tel. 3960. 
Steele, John A., 55-65 South Quay. 

Tel. 2013. 
Wyllie, Daniel, & Co., Ltd., 199 High 

Street. Tel. 3259. 


Alexander, Robert, 41 Russell Street. 
Bailey's, grocers and wine merchants, 
158 High Street. Tel. 2848. 

Barbour, John, 32a Northfield Ave. 
Barnard, Mrs, 24 Wellington Street. 
Blair, John C, 113 New Road. Tel. 

Cameron, Andrew, & Son, grocers and) 

wine merchants, 149 High Street. 

Tel. 2234. 
Cassels, James, licensed grocer, 157 

High Street. Tel. 2604. 
Cooper & Co.'s Stores, Ltd., 148 High 

Street. Tel. 2391. 
Davidson, J., licensed grocer, 266 

High Street. Tel. 3468. 
Duncan, Robert, licensed grocer, 59 

"Wallace Street. Tel. 3775. 
Forrest, R., & Co., licensed grocers, 

53 High Street. Tel. 2434. 
Fraser, William, 85 Main Street. 
Galbraith. Mrs J. G„ licensed grocer, 

110 Main Street. Tel. 2832. 
Hogg, Matthew, & Son, 182 High 

Street. Tel. 3021. 



Kay, William, 36 George Street. 
Kennedy, Peter, licensed grocer, 14 

New Bridge Street. Tel. 3384. 
Kilmarnock Equitable Co-operative 

Society, Ltd., 5 South Harbour 

Street (tel. 2522), 10 New Road 

(tel. 3890), m George Street 

(2525), and 154-156 Prestwick 

Linden, James, 80 Main Street. Tel. 

Lipton, Ltd., 54 High Street. Tel. 

Loudon, William W., Back Hawkhill. 

Tel. 3954. 
M'Clelland, Miss Margaret, 67 George 

M'Oluskey's Grocery Stores, 39 Main 

M'Dougall, Mrs E., Blackburn Drive. 
M'Parlane, Mrs A., 54 Carrick Street. 
M'Innes, David, 67 Content Street. 
M'Intosh, Q., Wellington Chambers. 

Tel. 2506. 
M'Intyre, C. A., 67 New Road. 
M'Intyre, James, 79 South Harbour 

M'Quaker, A T. & J. M., grocers and 

wine merchants, 29-31 Green Street. 
M'Quaker, John, & Sons, licensed 
20 Content Street. Tel. 




John, 104 Green Street. 
Thomas, 226 Prestwick 

Mrs, grocer and spirit 

merchant, 78 Green Street. 

Massey, A., & Sons, Ltd., 52 Alloway 

Street. Tel. 2422. 
Orr, J., & Sons, 218 High Street. 

Tel. 2658. 
Paterson, David, & Son, licensed 

grocers, 50 Main Street. Tel. 2661. 
Paterson, W., & Sons, licensed 

grocers, 227 High Street. Tel. 3552. 
Ramsay, John, licensed grocer, 10 

George Street. Tel. 3867. 
Beid, William, 1 Waggon Road. 
Revie, William, licensed grocer, 2-4 

Allison Street. Tel. 2339. 
Samson, Thomas, licensed grocer, 28 

Sandgate Street. Tel. 3685. 
Shields, Mrs J., licensed grocer, 78 

Green Street. 
Stevenson, John, 91 George Street. 
Stevenson & Sons, 100 George Street. 
Strickland, D., 61 King Street. 
Templeton, R. & J., 188 High Street. 

Tel. 2183. 
Thomson, Matthew, licensed grocer, 

12 Sandgate Street. Tel. 2940. 
Turner, James W., grocer and wine 

merchant, 7 Taylor Street. 
Wallace, Robert, Ltd., grocers and 

wine merchants, 5-9 High Street 

(tel. 3281) and 

Street (tel. 3609). 
Watson, William N. 

228 High Street. 
Watt, James, 78 

Tel. 3990. 
Weir. John, 139 George Street. 
Wood, Robert M., 5 Mill Street. 

23 Newmarket 

, licensed grocer, 
Tel. 3665. 

Sandgate Street. 



1/8, 2/-, 2/6, 2/8 per Lb. 






Phone : 3281 (2 Lines). 
. . and . . 


Phone : 3609. 





Telephone 2901. 

Telegrams: "Milrig House." 



Beautifully situated in Private Grounds, near sea and town. 


Special Catering for Children's Parties, Whist, At Homes. 

Moderate Terms. 

Personally supervised by MRS. ROCHE and DAUGHTER. 


Anchor Temperance Hotel, 23 and 25 

South Harbour Street. 
Anderson, John, Curtican, 47 Carrick 

Road. Tel. 277211. 
Andrew, William, Newnham Hotel, 

10 Barns Street. Tel. 2881. 
Armour, Mrs, 46 Fort Street. 
Arnsheen Board Residence, 11 Race- 
course Road. Tel. 2992. 
Ayr Arms Hotel (licensed), 209 High 

Street— Matthew Dickie, proprietor. 

Tel. 2526. 
Ayrshire and Galloway Hotel 

(licensed), 1 Beresford Terrace. 

Tel. 276811. 
Belleisle House— Henry Scott. Tel. 

5, Alloway. 
Beresford Temperance Hotel, Beres- 
ford Terrace. Tel. 2102. 
Blackburn Board Residence, 2 Black 

burn Road— Miss Dalgleish, pro- 

prietrix. Tel. 278911. 
Blendon Private Hotel, 18 Bellevue 

Road— Miss E. B. Orr. Tel. 2687. 
Bryan, Mrs M., Temperance Hotel, 7 

Kyle Street. 
Cairns, John L., Northfleld Hotel, 

Prestwick Road. Tel. 2862. 
Carlton House Private Hotel, Sea- 
field Drive. Tel. 2622. 
Conn ell, Mrs, hoard-residence, 14 

Eglinton Terrace. Tel. 2547. 
Corhett, Mrs, Green Lodge Boarding- 

House, Queen's Terrace. Tel. 2427. 
Cormack, Mrs, Pladda View, 54 Fort 

Coyle, Mrs J., 9 Wellington Square. 

Tel. 278611. 

Eldon Boarding-House, Eglinton Ter- 
race. Tel. 3065. 

Farmer, Edgar, Hotel Berkeley, 1 
Barns Street (licensed). Tel. 3658. 

Gartferry Private Hotel, 40 Race- 
course Road. Tel. 2420. 

Goldie, Mrs, Burnage, 6 Seafield 

Harvey, Mrs, Wellpark Boarding- 
House, 29 Miller Road. Tel. 2821. 

Hotel Carrick, 4 Carrick Street. Tel. 

Hotel Dalblair, Alloway Street 
(licensed). Tel. 2007. 

Hotel Windsor, 6 Alloway Place. 
Tel. 2017. 

Imperial Hotel, 59 Sandgate Street. 
Tel. 2428. 

M'Lelland, Mrs R., Seafield Boarding- 
House, 36 Blackburn Drive. Tel. 

Malcolm Lodge Hotel, 44 Prestwick 

Milrig Hotel, Charlotte Street. Tel. 


Queen's Hotel, 9 South Harbour 

Street. Tel. 278411. 
Ross, Mrs, Auchengray, 37 Inverkar 

Singleton, Thomas, Waverley Tem- 
perance Hotel, 8 New Bridge St. 
Station Hotel, Townhead. Tel. 3268. 
-Statue Hotel, 6 Killoch Place. Tel. 

Wells, Misses, Daviot House, 12 

Queen's Terrace. 
Westfield House, Ltd., Blackburn 

Road. Tel. 277511. 
Wilkie, Mrs, 19 Wellington Square. 

Tel. 2904. 





Within easy reach of Burns' Cottage, Alloway Kirk, 
Golf Course, Racecourse, etc. 

CAR PARK. Garage Free during meals. 


BREAKFAST from 7. 




Alexander, J M'A., 3 Wallace Street. 

Tel. 2097. 
Berry & Son, 26 North Harbour St. 
Cameron, Elizabeth, 8 Beresford 

Terrace. Tel. 2565. 
Central Hairdressing Company, 108 

High Street. Tel. 2632. 
Christie, David A., 187a High Street. 
Craig, Alexander, 5 George Street. 
Crowe, James, 254 High Street. Tel. 

Dalziel, Alexander, 40 Carrick Street. 
Denovan, Thomas, 30 Main Street. 
Dietrich, H., & Son, 46 Alloway 

Street. Tel. 2318. 
Dunbar, James, 87 Wallace Street. 
Fisher, K., 88 New Road and 77 

Allison Street. 
Fortune, Andrew, 35 New Eoad. 

Tel. 2062. 
Groener, A. G., 109 New Road. Tel. 

Le Clair, L„ 50 Newmarket Street. 

Tel. 3716. 

M'Andrew, Miss Nan, 69 Dalblair 

Eoad. Tel. 3713. 
M'Call, Robert, 174 Prestwick Eoad. 
Morgenthaler, E. & A., 63 Alloway 

Street. Tel. 3491. 
Morton, Miss Jean, 34 Smith Street. 

Tel. 2633. 
Neil, John, 15 Old Bridge Street. 

Paton, Andrew, 55 Kyle Street. 
Paton, John, 5 Tarn's Brig. Tel. 

Pollock, John, 22 Carrick Street. 
Eoss, Miss Hannah, 108 Main Street. 

Tel. 2892. 
Stevenson, John, 6 High Street. 
Sutherland, Charles H., Lome 

Arcade, 115 High Street. 
Thomson, Matthew, 49 Sandgate. 

Tel. 3020. 
Wood, George, 1 Mill Street. 


Andrew, W. B., & Co., 100 High 

Street. Tel. 3912. 
Dickie, Paterson & Riddick, 82-86 

Wallace Street. Tel. 2408. 
Mitchell, Walter, & Sons, Ltd., 14 

Main Street. Tel. 2710. 


Atkinson, John, 97 High Street. 
Fleming, Eeid & Co., Ltd., 102-104 

High Street. 
Hosiery Manufacturing Company, 

119 High Street. 
Jeffrey, Miss H., 40 Sandgate. 
M'Kinstray, Misses N. & I., 239 

High Street. 
Paterson, Miss, 91 Main Street. 
Paton, Hugh, & Co. (Ayr), Ltd., 27 

Content Street and 27 Burns Statue 

Square. Tel. 3013. 






109 NEW ROAD (near Tarn's Brig), 

_ _ and at Phone 3049. 


Phone 7468. 




Bowman, Robert, 109 Main Street. 

Tel. 3649. 
Clark, Mrs James, 82 Sandgate. 
Dewar, Frederick C, Strathie & Co., 

3 Wellington Square. Tel. 3503. 
Dewar, Robert & Sons, 23 Kyle 

Street. Tei. 2387. 
Freeman, H., & Sons, 26 Carrick 

Street. Tel. 2732. 
Hunter, John N., 5 Fort Street. 
Hyslop, Lyle & Mackinnon, Alloway 

Chambers, 239 High Street. Tel. 

Reid, Archibald, 64 Fort Street. 
Richmond, James, 41 Wellington St. 
Scott, James, 36 Newmarket Street, 

Tel. 2171. 
Scott, John T., 29 Newmarket Street. 

Tel. 2401. 


Afflecks, Ltd., 49 High Street and 

15-17 Sandgate. Tel. 2251. 
Bowie, James, & Co., 52-64 New- 
market Street. Tel. 3117. 
Bowie, M. R., 24 Fort Street. Tel. 

Carrick Furniture House, Carrick 

Street. Tel. 2732. 
Findlay, Mrs A., 9 Wallace Street. 
Galloway & Bowie, 59 Alloway 

Street. Tel. 2882. 
Gould, James, & Sons, 38 Wallace 

Street. Tel. 3807. 
Hay's Furnishing Store, 250 High 

Street. Tel. 3177. 
Kilmarnock Equitable Co-operative 

Society, Ltd., Main Street. Tel. 

M'Cluskey, P. & J., 35-39 Main 

Street. Tel. 3322. 
Reid, David, & Co., Arthur Street. 

Tel. 2244. 
Thomson, J., & Co., 71-73 Dalblair 



Automotor Finance, Ltd., 55 New- 
market Street. Tel. 3012. 

Ayrshire Glass Insurance Company, 
Ltd., 29 Newmarket Street. Tel. 

Britannic Assurance Company, Ltd., 
2 Alloway Street. Tel. 3463. 

British Legal Life Assurance Com- 
pany, 24 Sandgate. 

Caledonian Insurance Company, 23 
Wellington Square. Tel. 2640. 

Car and General Insurance Corpora- 
tion, Ltd., 45 Newmarket Street. 
Tel. 3633. 

City of Glasgow Friendly Society, 13 
Kyle Street. District manager- 
Archibald Dunlop, 26 Hilary 

Commercial Union Assurance Com- 
pany, Ltd., 108 High Street. Tel. 

Co-operative Insurance Society, Ltd., 
2 Academy Street. Tel. 3128. 

Eagle, Star, and British Dominions 
Insurance Company, Ltd., 140 West 
George Street, Glasgow. Tel. 
Douglas 1316. Telegrams, " Dor- 
marico," Glasgow. Resident In- 
spector— F. W. M. Bennett, St. 
Anne's, Arrol Drive. 

General Accident, Fire, and Life 
Assurance Corporation, Ltd., 215 
High Street. Tel. 3567. 

Halifax Building Society, 130 High 
Street. Local agent— David Pater- 
son, C.A. Tel. 2686. 

Liverpool Victoria Legal Friendly 
Society, Alloway Chambers, 239 
High Street. 

London and Lancashire Insurance 
Company, Ltd., 29 Newmarket 
Street. Tel. 2401. 

Norwich Union Life Insurance 
Society — A. F. Mathie Morton, 
Alloway Chambers. Tel. 3857. 

North British and Mercantile Insur- 
ance Company, Ltd., National 
Bank Building, 2 Academy Street. 
Tel. 2157. 

Pearl Assurance Company, Ltd., 1 
Wallace Street. Tel. 2974. 

Phoenix Assurance Company, Ltd.. 2 
Barns Street. 

Prudential Assurance Company, Ltd., 
18 Sandgate. Tel. 2738. 

Railway Passengers Assurance 
Company, 2 Academy Street. 

Refuge Insurance Company, 61 Dal- 
blair Road. 

Royal Insurance Company, Ltd., 5 
Wellington Square. Tel. 2833. 

Scottish Automobile and General 
Insurance Company, Ltd., 55 New- 
market Street. Tel. 3012. 

Scottish Clerks' Association, 239 
High Street. 

Scottish Girls' Friendly Society, 11 
Charlotte Street. 

Scottish Legal Life Assurance 
Society, 21 Newmarket Street. 

Union Assurance Society, Ltd., 
Agent — Archibald Reid, Wellington 


Conn, J. Carlyle, 130 High Street. 
Tel. 3946. 

Davidson, William A., & Co., 2 New- 
market Street. Tel. 2958 


Hunter, A. & J.. Vulcan Foundry, 
96 Green Street. Tel. 2548. 

Rodger John M„ & Son, Kyle 
Foundry, Smith Street. Tel. 2189. 




Alexanders Stores, 14-20 Alloway 

Street. Tel. 3447. 
Blackwell, David, 41 b George Street. 

Tel. 3756. 
Carmichael, Peter, 95a New Koad. 

Tel. 3005. 
Christie, Alexander, 189 High Street. 
Oaw, William, 17-19 Main Street. 
Hutchison, Charles C, 81 Main St. 
Limond, Thomas, 116 High Street. 

Tel. 2211. 
Lovie. William, 2 Nelson Street. 
Miller, John, 17-19 Burns Statue 

Square. Tel. 3886. 
Orr, Thomas, 8 Tarn's Brig. 
Stewart, Miss E., 84 George Street. 


Bowman, Robert, 109 Main Street. 
Clarke, William, 50 Sandgate. 
Clark, Quintin, 119 Main Street. Tel. 

■Cowan, Alexander W., 56 Sandgate. 

Tel. 2495. 
Camming, William, 144 High Street. 

Tel. 2025. 
dimming & Henderson, Ltd.. 

Limond's Wynd. Tel. 3666. 
Dove. James. 239 High Street. Tel. 

Drinnan, William, 82 George Street. 

Tel. 2342. 
Dunlop, William, 61 New Eoad. 
Forrest, James, 39 George Street. 

Fulton, Robert H., 20 Church Street. 

Tel. 2564. 
Gee, Mathieson (Ayrshire), Ltd., 

Tarn's Brig. Tel. 3401. 
Gibson, J. W., 26 Green Street. 
Hart & dimming, 55 Allison Street. 

Tel. 3784. 
Kirkland, David, 33 Burns Statue 

Square. Tel. 2126. 
Lamb, J., & Sons, 4 King Street and 

19 Eiver Street. Tel. 2909. 
Love, Andrew, 105 High Street. 
M'Callum, James, Old Toll. Tel 

M'Cardle, Robert W., 19 New Road, 

Tel. 2084. 

M'Creath, James, & Sons, 29 Fullar 

ton Street. Tel. 3355. 
M'Lean, A. & D., 24 Fort Street. Tel 


Meikle, James, 46 Main Street. Tel 

Milligan, D. & J., 46 Kyle Street 

Tel. 3770. 
Murchie, William 0., 232 High 

Street. House address— 22 Hawk 

hill Avenue. Pel 
Murdoch, Charles, 175 High Street. 
Paton, William, & Sons, 19 Kyle 

Street. Tel. 3618. 
Provan, Joseph W., 10 High Street. 

Tel. 2616. 
Stewart, John S., 122 George Street. 

Tel. 3090. 
Thomson & Blackwood, Boswell Park. 

Tel. 3918. 
Wilson, Peter, 78 Wallace Street. 
Wyllie, J. & J., Lome Arcade. 





House Address- 




William O. Murchie, 





Fullarton, J. & W., 59 New Eoad. 

Ayrshire Laundry Company, 4 
Wallace Street. Tel. 3891. 

Greenan Laundry Company, Doon- 
foot. Tel. 7, Alloway. 

Kelly, Miss, Dalblair Laundry, 43 

Dalblajr Road. 
Richmond Park Laundry, 11 Kyle 

Street. Tel. 2737. 
Taybank Laundry, Maybole Road. 

Tel. 38, Alloway. 
Viewfield Laundry Company, 

Allison Street. Tel. 3181. 


Ayr Foot Hospital, 61 Kyle Street. 
Tel. 2692. 

Dalziel, James, 3 Ballantine Drive. 
Fleming, John, 8 Carrick Road. Tel 


M'Ginn, Robert, M.I.C.M., 46 New- 
market Street. Tel., 3515. 

Mackay, Mrs, 7 Bellevue Crescent. 

Quaite, Miss M., 8 Carrick Road. 
Tel. 3725. 


Campbell & Scott, surveyors, National 
Bank Buildings, 2 Academy Street. 
Tel. 3591. 

Mackay, David M., F.S.I., F.F.S. 
(Chartered), surveyor, 80 Castle- 
hill Road. Tel. 2925. 

Service, John, & Son, measurers, 42 
Sandgate. Tel. 2644. 

Campbell & Scott, measurers. 
National Bank Buildings, Sandgate. 


Brand, George A., M.B., Ch.B., 2 
Monument Road. Tel. 2657. 

Campbell, John, M.B., CM., 20 Ash- 
grove Street. 

Cormack, Robert, M.B., Ch.B., 
F.R.C.S., 3 Alloway Place. Tel. 

Douglas, Charles, M.B., Ch.B., 2 
Alloway Place. Tel. 3483. 

Dunbar, James, M.B., Ch.B., 1 Barns 
Park Tel. 3025. 

Geikie,' J. S., M.D., 8 Alloway Place. 
Tel. 3511. „ , 

Grant, James, M.D., D.P.H., 20 Bal- 
lantine Drive. „ 

Hill, Robert, M.B., Ch.B., 18 Barns 
Street. „ „ _ 

Inglis, Anthony, M.D., D.P.H., Lis- 
more, Miller Road. Tel. 3652. 

Laird, James W., M.B., Ch.B., 9 
Alloway Place. Tel. 3091. „ 

Landsborough, Wm., M.B., Ch.B., 12 
Alloway Place. Tel. 2108. 



Lye, Beryl P., M.B., Ch.B., 43 Carrick 

Road. Tel. 3373. 
M'Connell, Thomas S., M.B., Ch.B., 

Hermiston. Tel. 3501. 
M'Kenna, F., M.B., CM., Stronvar, 

Prestwick Road. Tel. 3'651. 
M'Vea, James, M.B., CM., Netherton, 

Carrick Eoad. Tel. 3440. 
M'Vea, Janet, M.B., Ch.B., Netherton, 

Carrick Road. Tel. 3440. 
Maiden, Georgina F., L.M., S.S.A., 11 

Barns Terrace. Tel. 2424. 
Miller, Jane M., M.B., Ch.B., 9 Whit- 

letts Road. 
Muir, Alan, M.B., CM., 20 

Barns Street. Tel. 2109. 
Scott, Alexander, M.B., Ch.B., 58 

Prestwick Road. Tel. 2976. 
Stewart, Charles, M.B., CM., 11 

Bellevue Crescent. Tel. 2040. 
Walker, F. M., M.B., Ch.B., 48 Park 

Circus. Tel. 2922. 
Walker, J. Bell, L.R.C.P., L.R.C.S., 

L.R.F.P. and S.. 6 Cassillis Street. 

Tel. 2656. 
Watson, Thomas, J.P., M.B., CM., 

Cranford, Seafleld Drive. Tel. 

White, Alexander, M.B., CM., St. 

Ann's, Prestwick Road. Tel. 2373. 
Young, Andrew, M.B., CM., 18 

Barns Street. Tel. 3861. 

Ophthalmic Surgeon. 

Pollock, W. B. Inglis, 6 Dalblair 



Ayr Automobile and Electrical 
Supply Company, 79 Prestwick 
Road, Garage. Tel. 3951. 

Ayr County Automobile Company, 
County Garage, Beresford Terrace. 

Tel. 2C27. 
Ayrshire Electro Plating Company, 

Content Street. Tel. 3825. 
Beavan, John, Burns Statue Square. 

Tel, 3773. 
Dallas (Ayr), Ltd., Burns Statue 

Square. Tel. 3338. 
Fairbairn, J. J., 24 Dalblair Road. 

Tel. 2681. 
Fraser, A. & D., (Ayrshire), Ltd., 

Fullarton Street and Boswell Park. 

Tel. 2285. 
Haning, James, 44 Dalblair Road. 

Tel. 2585. 
Heathfield Service Garage, Ltd., 

Heathfleld Works. Tel. 3016. 
Langan, Francis, Clyde House 

Garage. Tel. 2694. 
M'Cardle & Cassie, 53 New Road. 

Tel. 2680. 
M'Diarmid, Colin, Belmont Garage. 

Tel. 2991. 
M'Quistcn, Hugh, Beresford Lane. 

Tel. 2089. 


Hoimston Road, Ayr. 


'Phones 3293-6. 'Grams "Power." 




Automobile Engineers. 


Morris Cars and Commercial Vehicles. 

53 NEW ROffD, MYH. 

'Phone 2680. Battery Repairers. 

Marr & Fitzpatrick, 74 Dalblair 

Road. Tel. 2612. 
Rankine & Murchie, 88 Prestwick 

Road. Tel 3692. 
Reid, Allan W., 14a Main Street, 

Whitletts. Tel. 3893. 
Robertson, Robert S., & Son, 7 Main 

Street. Tel. 3721. 
Tweedie, James, Ltd., 18 Holmston 

Road. Tel. 3686. 
"Wellington Motor Company (Ayr), 

Ltd., Alloway Place. Tel. 3493. 
Western Automobile and Electrical 

Engineering Company, 10 Alloway 

Street. Tel. 278511. 
Wyllie, William R., 10 Dalblair 

Road. Tel. 3421. 

Haning, James, 44 Dalblair Road. 

Tel. 2585. 

Henderson, George, Fullarton Street. 

Tel. 2021. 
Meredith, David, 20 New Road. 
M'Cartney, Robert, 14 Argyle Street. 
M'Crorie, Andrew, 54 Allison Street. 
M'Robert, Robert, 10 Alloway Street. 
Russell, George, 207 High Street. 
Spiers, James, 30 Smith Street. 
Swan, Robert, 53 Alloway Street. 
Wyllie, W. R., 10a Dalblair Road. 

Tel 3421. 
Young, William, Ltd., 35-41 Carrick 

Street. Tel. 2281. 


Napier, N. G., & Son, 60 Alloway 
Street and 22 High Street. Tel. 

Paterson, Sons & Co., Ltd., 40 New- 
market Street. Tel. 2714. 

Senior, E„ & Son, 141 High Street. 
Tel. 3187. 


Abernethy, Miss Mary, pianoforte, 26 

Viewfield Road. Tel. 2535. 
Alexander, Miss, 2 Alloway Park. 

Tel. 2170. 
Butchart, Mr, piano, 1 Hartfield 

Cassie, Mrs M., piano, 19 St. 

Andrew's Street. Tel. 2970. 
Cresswell. Hubert F., organist, 27 

Ballantirte Drive. 
Dickie, Miss 0., piano, 193 High 

Street. Tel. 3754. 
Doak, James, organist, 21 Bellevu© 

Crescent. Tel. 2326. 
Ely, Frederic, voice and piano, 

Palais de Danse, Alloway Street. 

Tel. 430, Troon. 
Hannah, Miss, piano, Green Street. 
Laird. Miss, St. Elmo, Hazelwood 

Road (piano). 
Larmer, Robert, violin, 46 John St. 



M'Crae, Mrs. piano, 40 Dalblair Road. 
M'Millan, Mrs J., 24 Woodfleld Road 

(voice culture). 
Mackie, Alexander M., organist, 3 

Woodfleld Road. 
Michael, A. M'Gregor, piano and 

organ, 53 Dongola Road. 
Morton, Matthew, L.R.A.M., organist, 

2 Blackburn Drive. 
Pennington, Herbert, organist, 

Treveso, Bellevale Avenue. 
Rose, A., L.R.A.M., violin, 141 High 

Senior, James, 'cello, 141 High Street. 

Tel. 3187. 
Ward, Misses E. & D., piano and 

violin, 17 St. Andrew's Street. Tel. 

Welsh, R. Rae, violin, T.M.C.A. 

Chambers, 26 High Street. Tel. 

7172, Prestwick. 
White, Miss, piano, Barns Street- 
Williamson. Miss. 94 New Road 

(voice and piano). 


Wharrie Bros., Ltd., Allison Street 
Lace Factory. Tel. 2635. 


Those marked (S.) are Seedsmen 

only; those marked (M.) are Market 

Gardeners only. 

Carnegie & Sons, Belmont and Ann- 
field Glen Nurseries, Maybole Road. 

Carnegie, C. L„ Woodlea Nursery, 
Maybole Road. 

Carnegie, David, Bungalow, Maybole 

Cunningham, E. & R., Hillfoot. 

Dow, Thomas, jun., Arranview 
Nursery, 142 Prestwick Road. 

Farrell, Patrick, Hawkhill Nursery, 
Lochside Road. 

Gilmour, William J., Albert Nursery, 
Belmont Road. 

Imrie, Thomas, & Sons (S.), 156 High 

Inglis, John J., & Sons (S.), 43 

Alloway Street. 
M'Gill & Smith, Ltd. (S.), 69 Kyle 

Street, 29 Burns Statue Square, 

and Holmston Road. 
Marshall, William, & Co., Castlehill 

Rae, William, Heathfleld Road. 
Rowdon & Son, A. F., Alderston 

Thomson, James, St. Leonard's 

Nursery, 7 Ewenfleld Road. 
Wyllie, D., & Co. (S.), 197 High 


Jobbing Gardeners. 
M'Neil, J., 28 Elmbank Street. 
Copeland, Andrew, 33 Church Street. 
M'Call, William, 23 Alloway Street. 
Milligan, John, & Son, 168 George 

Drynan, David, 3 Wellington Square. 


Ayr Rest Home (Miss E. Goudie), 36 
Charlotte Street. 

Kinsley Nursing Home, 90 Prestwick 

South Lodge Nursing Home, 29 Race- 
course Road. 


Findlay, D.. & Co., 46-48 Green Street 
Lane. Tel. 3579. 


Those marked (E.) are qualified by 


Alexanders Stores, Ltd., Alloway 
Street. Tel. 3447. 

Faith, Ian (E.), 4 Sandgate. 

Kean, J. S., D.C.O., F.C.O., 163 High 
Street. Tel. 2563. 

Moryson, W., 190 High Street. 

Rusk, James, F.S.M.C. (E.), 59 New- 
market Street. Tel. 2530. . 

Thomson, John (E.), 1 New Bridge 
Street. Tel. 2'685. 

Thomson, William, F.S.M.C. (E.), 26 
Sandgate. Tel. 2807. 

J. B. Tulloch (E.), 1 New Road. Tel. 

Erector of . . 
Rock Walls, 
Rose Gardens, 
Crazy Paving, 
Tennis Courts. 

William D. M'Call, 

Landscape Gardener & Rustic Maker, 

Old Gardens Remodelled, New Gardens Constructed, Plans Prepared. 
House Address : 23 Alloway Street, Ayr. 




Barbour, James, 15 Castlehill Road. 
Greenlees, John, 21 Springbank Ed. 


Anderson Bros., Union House, 
Alloway Street. Tel. 2179. 

Anderson, carries, 7-9 Alloway Street. 

Bennett, A. M., & Son, 43 Newmarket 
Street. Tel. 3778. 

Caldwell, William, 195 High Street. 

Croft, Ernest, 44 Alloway Street. 

Fifty Shilling Tailors. 224 High 

Forbes & Ferguson, Ltd., 67 Sand- 
gate. Tel. 3131. 

Gibson, John, 31 Burns Statue 
Square. Tel. 2493.* 

Gould, James, & Sons, 38 Wallace 
Street. Tel. 3807. 

Grant & Watson (Ayr), Ltd., 33 
Sandgate. Tel. 2378. 

Hepworth, Joseph, & Son, 134-136 
High Street. 

Hourston, D.. & Sons, 22-30 Alloway 
Street. Tel. 3283. 

Houston, Andrew, 15 Newmarket St. 

Jackson's, Ltd., 50 High Street. 

John. Walter, 107a New Road. 

Kilmarnock Equitable Co-operative 
Society, Ltd., 121-125 Main Street. 
Tel. 2037. 

Millar, James, & Sons, Beresford Ter- 
race. Tel. 3174. 

Morrison, Matthew, jun., 96 Main 

Pringle, John, 5 Beresford Terrace. 

Redmayne & Co., 152 High Street. 

Russell, M., 31 Newmarket Street. 
Tel. 2847. 

Sharp & Co. (Ayr), Ltd., 8-10 High 
Street. Tel. 3903. 

Smith. John L., 215 High Street. 

Sorley, William, 7 Kirknort 

Thomson, J., & Son, 88 High Street. 

Turnbull, George B., 137 High Street. 


Baillie, W., & Son, 12 Kirkport. Tel. 

Bennett, J. B., & Sons, Ltd., Welling* 
ton Chambers. Tel. 3983. 

Byars & M'Cubbin, 2 St. John's^ 

Lane. Tel. 3846. 
Corrigan, Mrs J., 75 George Street. 
Cuthbertson, James, 24 River Street. 
Fraser, G. D., 77 Dalblair Road. Tel, 

Irvine, Charles, 70 Main Street. 

Tel. 2501. 
Johnston & Kyle, 7 Cathcart Street. 

Tel. 2487. 
M'Gilvray & M'Culloch, 55 Dalblair 

Road. Tel. 3809. 
M'Gregor, H. D., & Co., 45 Fort 

Street. Tel. 2347. 
M'Intosh, David, Tarn's Brig. 
M'Leod, John, 28 Newmarket Street. 

Tel. 2409. 
Montgomery, H. D., 8 Wallace Street- 
Reddick, William, 98 Hunter's Ave. 
Spence, William, 97 High Street. 
Stewart, William, Kyle Street. 
Wilson & Campbell, 18 Dalblair 



Ayr Equitable Loan Company, 115> 

High Street 
Boyle, Peter, 220 High Street. Tel. 

Hill Bros., Ltd., 70 High Street and 

25-27 King Street. Tel. 2831. 
M'Murtrie, John, Lome Arcade, 115 

High Street. 


Anglo-American Oil Company, Ltd.,. 

Waggon Road. Tel. 3404. 
Russian Oil Products. Ltd., Weir 

Road. Tel. 3116. 
Scottish Oils and Shell-Mex, Ltd.,. 

Tarn's Brig. Tel. 3445. 

[Established 1899.] 


Painter, Decorator and Dry-salter, 










House Address : 


Geddes, J. Russell, 44 Sandgate 
Street. Tel. 2973. 

Henderson, Frank, 17 New Eoad. 
Tel. 2127. 

Monniekendam, Alexander, 58 Sand- 
gate. Tel. 2462. 

Nimmo, James. 2 Dalblair Eoad. 
Tel. 2528. 

Beid, James, 48 High Street. 

Thomson, Hugh, la Alloway Place. 


Glen & Galbraith, 34 Union Avenue. 
Leggat, James, & Sons, 11 Nelson 

StT66t Tfil 33T0 

Miller, William, 40 Mill Street. Tel. 

Thursby, Thomas, 44 Green Street 


Auld, William, & Sons, 70 Sandgate 

Street. Tel. 2717. 
Ballantine, Andrew, 6 River Terrace. 

Tel. 2221. 

Boyd, John, 6 Springbank Eoad. 
Chapel, John M. M., 7 Midton Eoad. 

Tel. 2926. 
Dalrymple, Alexander, 115 High 

Street. Tel. 2705. 
Drinnan & Murphy, 88 George Street. 

Tel. 2583. 
Dunbar, Alexander, 4 St. John 

Street. Tel. 2857. 
Fraser, James, & Son, 175 High 

Street. Tel. 2514. 
French, Thomas, High Street. 
Highet, J. C, & Son, 10 Alloway 

Street. Tel. 2036. 
Highet. William G., 239 High Street. 

'Phone No. 2857. 


PLUMBER (Regrd.) and SLATER, 

4 ST. JOHN STREET (off Sandgate), 



House Address : 51 New Road. 



Hogarth, David, & Son, 20 Fort 
Street. Tel. 3664. 

Jamie, R .& J., 39 George Street. 
Tel. 3083. 

M'llwrath, Cowan & Co., 55 New- 
market Street. Tel. 2138. 

M'Millan, James, 20 Church Street. 
Tel. 2300. 

M'Millan, J. Lyon, 9 Cathcart Street. 
Tel 2826 

Meikle, John, & Son, 13 River Street. 
Tel. 2149. 

Murchie, Alexander, 18 North Har- 
bour Street. 

Murphy, Richard, 70 Main Street. 
Tel. 3450. 

Ross, Thomas, 16 High Street. 

Russell, Gilbert, 16 New Road. 
House— 24 Falkland Park Road. 

Smith, John R., 57 Peebles Street. 
Tel. 3916. 

Thomson, John, 19 River Street. 
Tel. 3925. 

Tyrie, J. D., 232 High Street. Tel. 

Wilkie, Walter, 19 Wellington 
Square. Tel. 2904. 


Atkinson, William, & Son, Goods 

Station. Tel. 2464. 
M'Culloch, Robert, 63 Main Street. 

Tel. 2802. 

M'Culloch, William, 12 Back Peebles 

M'Millan, John, 19 Weaver Street 

and 16 New Road. 
Thornthwaite, John G., 8 Midton 

Road. Tel. 2693. 


" Ayr Advertiser," 100 High Street. 
Tel. 3866. 

" Ayr Observer," 31 Burns Statue 

Square. Tel. 3144. 
" Ayrshire Post," Nile Court. Tel. 

Ayrshire Ticket Writing Company 

10 Alloway Street. Tel. 2416. 
Cannell, Alexander, 41 Wallace St. 
Fergusson, Alexander, & Sons, 18 

High Street. Tel. 2918. 
Henry, Hugh, Ltd., 37 Newmarket 

Scott, William, 30 Hope Street. 


Bannatyne. John A., 61 New Road- 
Tel. 3939. 

Feggans, F., 70 Main Street. Tel- 

Hutchison, R., 3 Falkland Park. Tel. 

Kirkland, David, 33 Burns Statue 
Square. Tel. 2126. 

Lapraik, Hugh, & Sons, 77 Prestwick 
Road. Tel. 2938. 

M'Andrew. Charles, & Son, 24 St. 
Leonard's Road. 

M'Whirter, T., Elmbank Street. 

Milligan, D. & J., 46 Kyle Street. 
Tel. 3770. 

Paton, W., & Sons, Ltd., 13-15 Kyle- 
Street. Tel. 3618. 

Phone No. 2904 Ayr. 




Jobbing promptly attended to. 

Estimates Given, 




Andreoli, P., Goudie's Restaurant, 

231 High Street and Victoria 

Restaurant. Tel. 2575. 
Girdwood, G. & J., 168 High Street 

and 20 Sandgate. Tel. 3351. 
Kilmarnock Equitable Co-operative 

Society, Main Street. Tel. 3422. 
Wallace Tower Dining-Rooms, High 

Street. Tel. 2905. 
Western Contracting Company, 41 

Mill Street (tel. 2639) and Western 

House (tel. 3859). 
Young, George, & Son, 208-210 High 

Street and 46-48 Sandgate. Tel. 



Adams, Mrs, Market Inn. Tel. 2411. 
Andreoli, Pierre, Victoria Restaurant, 
New Bridge Street. Telr~2575. 

Cecil Lunch and Tea Rooms, 143 

High Street. Tel. 3820. 
Clark's Restaurant, 42 Smith Street. 

Tel. 2470. 
Corbett, J., 262 High Street. ' 
Curaming, Mrs M., 27 New Bridge 

Street. Tel. 2875. 
Dorris Lunch and Tea Rooms (Miss 

A. J. Roberts), 66 High Street. 

Tel. 3637. 
Dow, Mrs. 246 High Street. 
Forbes, Hagh, Central Restaurant, 

165 High Street. 
Eraser, Mrs Cicely, 48 High Street. 
Gilchrist, J., Ltd., Land o' Burns 

Tea Rooms, Boswell Park. Tel. 

Goudie's Restaurant, 231 High 

Street. Tel. 2575. 
Green's Cafe, Boswell Park. Tel. 

Hourston, D., & Sons, Alloway 

Street. Tel. 3283 
M'Clusky, Mrs C, 64 Main Street. 
M'Laren, M.. The Plough, 235 High 

Street. Tel. 3368. 
Marcantonio, L., 72 Fort Street, 

Wellington Chambers. 
Meng, Floury, 48 Newmarket Street. 

Tel. 2392. 
Morrison's Restaurant, 27 Burns 

Statue Square. Tel. 2740. 
Munro, Robert, 44 Fullarton Street 

and 28 Barns Street. Tel. 3406. 
Orient Picture House Cafe, Main 

Street. Tel. 3419. 
Pavilion Cafe, Low Green. TeL 

Picture House Cafe, High Street. 

Tel. 2407. 
Pieri, Leo, Brig o' Doon Cafe, 45 

Alloway Street. Tel. 3136. 
Ross's Dairies, Ltd., 91 High Street. 

TgI 208"^ 

Wilson, Mrs M., Wallace Tower 
Restaurant, 176 High Street. Tel. 


Hess, Mrs, 7 Killoch Place. 
Hewitson, William D., 25 Alloway 

Street. Tel. 3366. 
Jones, Miss, 45 Carrick Street. 
Sandgate Registry, 21 Sandgate. 

Tel. 3607. 
Scott's Registry, 36 Newmarket 

Street. Tel. 2171. 


Mills, J. K , & Co., 85 Wallace Street. 
Tel. 2603. 


Curran, John, 17 Carrick Street. 
Murray, John, 45 Kyle Street. 
Speir, John, Burns Statue Square. 
Tel. 2573. 

Ward, Walter, 161 High Street. 
Tel. 2834. 


Lawn, J., 16a Crown Street. 
Goodwin, John M., 38 North Harbour 


Alexander. William, & Sons, Wallace- 
town Mills. Tel. 3330. 

M'Gregor. J & G., 7 Eglinton Ter- 
race. Tel. 2445. 

Paton, James, & Sons, North Quay. 
Tel. 3558. 

Tarn's Brig Saw Mill, Ltd., Limekiln 
Road. Tel. 2703. 


Boyd, Joseph, Beresford Terrace. 

Tel. 2106. 
Kennedy, James C, Holmston Road. 

Tel. 2859. 

M'Lachlan, Hugh, Station Road. 
Tel. 2641. 


Automatic Scale Company, Ltd., 3 

Englewood Avenue. Tel. 3157. 
Avery, W. & T., Ltd., local repair 

depot, Butter Market Close, 90 

High Street. 
Paterson, R., & Co., 35 King Street. 

Tel. 3307. 


Rodger, Henry, & Co., Ltd., York 
Street Lane. Tel. 3124. 




Shaw, J. & E., 16 Eiver Street. Tel. 


Goodwin, John M., 38 North Harbour 
Street. Tel. 3837. 


Burns and Laird Lines, Ltd., Dock 
Buildings (lei. '2012) and North 
<4uay (tel. 3392). 

Fergusson, A., & Sons, 18 High 
Street. Tel. 2918. 

Guthrie, A. & J., North Quay. Tel. 

Mitchell, George W., North Quay. 
Tel. 2265. 

Scott's Shipping Agency, 36 New- 
market Street. Tel. 2171. 

Wilson, John, Dock Buildings. Tel. 


Those marked (C.G.) are Certificated 
General; (CM.) Certificated Mid- 
wifery only. 

Cunningham, Mrs, (C.G.), 45 Union 

Ferguson, Miss (CM.), 33 Gordon 

Grant, Mrs (CM.), 21 Kirkholm 

Guthrie, Mrs (CM.), 35 Fullarton 

Hainey, Mrs (CM.), 13 M'Call's 

Lees, Miss (CG.), 57 Green Street. 
M'Callum, Miss (C.G.) (G.M.H.), 23 

Alderston Avenue. 
M'Crae, Miss (C.G.), 27 Moss-side 

Road, Heathfield. 
M'Fadyen, Miss (G.E.M.H.), 10 Cath- 

cart Street. 
Sawyer, Mrs (CM.), 3 Springbank 

Scott, Mrs (CM.), 31 New Boad. 
Spence, Miss (G.M.), 3 Seaforth Boad. 
Thomson, Miss (C.G.), 14 Biver Ter. 
Killin, Miss Jean E., masseuse, 

C.S.M.M.G., M.E.L.E.T., 19 Bellevue 

Quaite, Miss M., massage and elec- 
trical treatment, Shielate, 9 

Carrick Boad. 
Dalziel, James, masseur and electro 

therapentist, 3 Ballantine Drive. 
Fleming, John, massage and elec- 
trical treatment, 9 Carrick Boad. 
M'Ginn, Bobert MTJean, I.C.M. and 

S.A., masseur, 46 Newmarket 



Ayrshire Hide, Skin, Fat, and Wool 
Company, 16 Smith Street. Tel. 

Dunlop, W. M., & Co., John Street. 
Tel. 3741. 

and Spirit Merchants. 


Street. Tel. 3447. 
Ayrshire Bubber Company, Smith 

Street. Tel. 2861. 
Bone, William, & Son, 30 Newmarket 

Street. Tel. 2650. 
Hourston & Sons, 22-30 Alloway 

Street. Tel. 3283. 
Speir, John, 25 Burns Statue Square. 

Tel. 2573. 
Young, Walter, 27 Newmarket Street. 


Dewar, F. C, Strathie & Co., C.A., 

3 Wellington Square. Tel. 3503. 
Hyslop, Lyle & MacKinnon, 239 High 

Street. Tel. 2435. 
Paterson, David, & Black, C.A., 130 

High Street. Tel. 2686. 
Scott, John T. & Alfred T., C.A., 29 

Newmarket Street. Tel. 2401. 
Simpson & Davidson, 2 Newmarket 

Street. Tel. 2958. 


Allan, A. D.. 33 New Boad. 

Armour, James, la North Park 

Bennett, A. M., & Co., 43 Newmarket 
Street. Tel. 3778. 

Brockie, Thomas, 52 Smith Street. 

Brodie, E. S., 11 Old Bridge Street. 

Burton, Montague, Ltd., 56 High 

Connell, A. Muir, 6 Beresford Ter- 
race. Tel. 2654. 

Cree, William, 105 New Boad. 

Elliot, George, 90 High Street. 

Forbes & Ferguson, Ltd., 67 Sand- 
gate. Tel. 3131. 

Gould, James, & Sons, 38 Wallace 
Street. Tel. 3807. 

Harvey, George H., 34 Kyle Street. 

Hay, Hugh, 3 Burns Statue Square. 

Henworth, J., & Son, Ltd., 134-136 
High Street. 

Hourston, D., & Sons, 22-30 Alloway 
Street. Tel. 3283. 

Houston, W. Wyllie, 19 Newmarket 
Street. Tel. 3708. 

Hyslop & Co., 24 Smith Street. 

Kissell, Bichard, 14 Barns Street. 

Tel. 3791. 

Lawrie & Smith, Ltd., 29 Sandgate. 
Tel. 2140. 



Tailored Suits with that 
Correctness of Style only found 
in Better Clothes. 

Made to Measure or 
Ready for Wear. 

Boys' Clothes from Cloths 

selected for Sound Wear with 

Good Appearance. 

School Blazers and Caps. 





Love, John, & Sons, 61 Newmarket 

M'Cartney, John R., 31 Alloway 

Street. Tel. 2288. 
M'Cosh, James, 37 George Street. 

Tel. 2320. 
Macdonald, Neil, & Son, 103 High 

Street. Tel. 3512. 
Miller, Joseph & Sons, Beresford 

Terrace. Tel. 3174. 
Morrison, Matthew, & Sons, 87 Main 

Prices Tailors, Ltd., 224 High Street. 
Purdie, William, & Son, 20 New 

Bridge Street. 
Eedmayne & Sons, 152 High Street. 
Smith, Adam, 236 Prestwick Road. 
Turnbull, George, 137 High Street. 
Alexanders Stores, 14-20 Alloway 


Beebee, Harry, & Co., 86 Mill Street. 
Tel. 3485. 


Empire Tea Importing Company, 12 

Alloway Street. 
Inglis, Mrs W. G., 41 Alloway Street. 
Lyons, J., & Co., Goods Station, 

North Harbour Street. 
Munro, William, & Co., 52 High 

Street. Tel. 3460. 
Stevenson, James, 11 South Harbour 

Street. Tel. 3627. 


Chambers Bros., 56 Kyle Street and 

Burns Statue Square. Tel. 2341. 
Chambers, B. W., 252 High Street. 
M'Dowall, James, 30 Hope Street. 


Anderson, Mrs M. W., 11 Alloway 

Bell, James, 40 Wallace Street. Tel. 

Brown, Robert H., 5 Burns Statue 

Square. Tel. 3560. 
Carndufl, Robert. 33 Alloway Street. 

Tel. 2003. 
Chester, Mrs J. C, 36 Smith Street. 

Tel. 2873. 
Dalling, Thomas H., 239 High Street. 

Tel. 2459. 
Dante, Alfred, 5 River Street. Tel. 

Diokiei Robert, 195 High Street. Tel. 

English, T., Burns Statue Square. 
Favali, E. P., 86 New Road. Tel. 

Ferguson, James, & Son, 26 New 

Bridge Street. Tel. 2960. 
Foulds, James M., 24 George Street. 

Frame, George M., 99 High Street. 
Gibson, John, 14 Old Bridge Street. 

Tel. 3205. 
Hannah, Thomas, 16 Newmarket St. 
Harris, A., Ltd., 95 High Street. 
Henderson, John D., 17 High Street. 
Kerr, Thomas, 37 Burns Statue 

Kisty's, 5 Main Street. 
Macfarlane, R. A., 56 Alloway Street. 

Tel. 3792. 
M'Lean, Mrs, 18 Carrick Street. Tel. 

Mustard, Miss R. S., 47 Alloway 

Street. Tel. 2931. 
Neil, John, 15 Old Bridge Street. 
Norton, William H., la Alloway 

Place. Tel 3359. 
Stevenson, John, 6 High Street. 
Terry, David M., 45 Sandgate. 
Wallace, Robert, 12 New Bridge St. 


Paterson Eros., Ayr Tweed Mills, 
Viewfield Road. 


Fergusson, Alexander, & Sons, 18 
High Street. Tel. 2918. 

Henry, Hugh, Ltd., .37 Newmarket 
Street, Ayr (tel. 3877) and The 
Cross, Prestwick (tel. 7432 Prest- 

M'Call, James, 38 Sandgate. Tel. 


M'Gregor, Campbell, 47 Burns Statue 
Stephen & Pollock, 37 Sandgate. 


Young, Walter, 27 Newmarket St. 


Macgregor & Qillmor, 3 Castlehill 

Road. Tel. 3744. 
Weir, David, 8 St. Leonard's Road. 

Tel. 3158. 


Newtonia Wallpaper Company, Ltd., 

7 Old Bridge Street. 
Shillinglaw, A., & Co., Ltd., 62 High 



Allan, Wallace, 4 Newmarket Street. 

Tel. 2516. 
Dickie, John L., 65 High Street. 
Galloway, Alexander, 3 Limekiln 

Hamilton, John, 47 Newmarket 

Street. Tel. 3892. 
Kean, James T.. 163 High Street. 

Tel. 2531. 
Logan, George, 90 Main Street. 



Lyall, Henry, 4 Old Bridge Street. 

Lyall, John, 9 Old Bridge Street. 

M'Millan, M., 8 Kyle Street. 

M'Murtrie, John, & Son, 63 Kyle St. 

Mark, Matthew, & Son, 11 New- 
market Street. Tel. 3145. 

Marshall, Alexander, 64 High Street. 
Tel. 3003. 

Moryson, W. F., 190 High Street. 

Murdoch, Robert, 107 and 109 High 

Paterson, Peter G., 38 Alloway 
Street. Tel. 3353. 


Avery, W. & T., Ltd., local repair 
depot, Butter Market Close, 90 
High Street. 

Paterson, R., & Co., Ltd., 35 King 
Street. Tel. 3307. 


Bailey's, 158 High Street. Tel. 2848. 

Littlejohn Bros., 3 Sandgate. Tel. 

Turners (Ayr), Ltd., Newton. Tel. 

Wallace, Robert, Ltd., 5 to 9 High 
Street (tel. 3281) and 23-25 New- 
market Street (tel. 3609). 

Whigham, Ferguson, Cunningham & 
Co., 8 Academy Street. Tel. 2855. 


Begg, A., & Co., Viewfield Eoad. Tel. 

Templeton, James, & Son, Ltd., Mill 

Street. Tel. 3231. 


Ayr and District Window Cleaning 
Company, 43 Paterson Street. Tel. 

Red Ladder Window Cleaners, 33 
George Street. Tel. 3911. 


Adams, Mrs Allan F., Cattle Market 
Hotel. Tel. 2411. 

Anderson, F„ 83 High Street. 
Andreoli, P., Goudie's Restaurant, 
231 High Street. Tel. 2575. 

Ayrshire and Galloway Hotel, Burns 

Statue Square. Tel. 276811. 
Betts, Frank. 58 Kyle Street. 
Bridges, William, Prince Alfred Bar, 

8 Sandgate. 
Calder, John, 107 South Harbour 

Campbell, Alexander, Imperial Bar, 

124 High Street. 
Cleat. James, Athole Arms, Burns 

Statue Square. Tel. <s047. 
Coyle, William, 7 South Harbour St. 
Cross Keys, 61 High Street. Tel. 

Cunningham, John, Kyle Hotel, 9-11 

Kyle Street. 
Dickie, Matthew, Ayr Arms Hotel, 

209 High Street. Tel. 2526. 
Doughty, A. B., 145 George Street. 
Gibson, Hugh, Anchor Tavern, 1 

South Harbour Street. 
Gilchrist, Mrs M. D., 9 Newmarket 

Halliday, David, 38 Carrick Road. 
Hawthorn, William, 8 Main Street. 
Heflron, Thomas, 103 Main Street. 
Henry, William, 77 South Harbour 

Innes, Wiliam S., 36 North Harbour 

Macara, T. D., 2 Kyle Street. 
Macaulay. Mrs J., 39 Mill Street. 
M'Cluskey, John E., 31 and 83 George 

M'Clusky, James, 21 Elba Street. 
M'Connell, Hugh, 33 and 35 Kyle St. 
M'Donald, A. T., 18 Green Street 

M'Farlane, William, Main Street. 
Mackay, W. J. M., 61 High Street. 
M'Laren, Malcolm, Plough Inn, 235 

High Street. Tel. 3368. 
M'Rae, Thomas, 8 Main Street. 
M'Ro/iald, Samuel, 35 South Harbour 

Montgomery, Mrs R., 12 Wallace St. 
Paterson, Robert, 125-127 George St. 
Petto, Mrs, 46 North Harbour Street. 
Rodger, James, 219 High Street. 
Ross, James G., 214 High Street. 
B,oyal Bar, 46 High Street. 
Russell, John, 200 High Street. 
Sibbald, Alexander, Black Bull, 22 

River Street. 
Sinclair, Mrs Elizabeth, 34 High St. 
Sloan, James D., 145 High Street. 
Smith, Mrs A. M., Wallacetown Bar, 

59 King Street. 
Smith, James, Boat Vennal and 18 

Main Street. 
Smith, John, 13 New Bridge Street. 
Steen, William, Robert Burns Tavern, 

7 River Street. 
Stoddart, Archibald, 174 High Street. 
Thomson, Mrs A., 10 Old Bridge St. 
Thomson, Misses, 21 New Road. 
Turners (Ayr), Ltd., Newton 

Breweries. Bonded stores— 41 South 

Harbour Street. Tel. 3245. 
Whigham, Fergusson, Cuningham & 

Co., 8 Academy Street. Tel. 2855. 
Ye Whippe Inn, 159 High Street. 






Made under the most modern hygienic conditions 
Visit our Bakery and see it being made 

James Gilchrist, Ltd. 


Boswell Park, :: Ayr 


Local Associations, Clubs, Etc. 


Ayrshire Agricultural Association. 

President— John M. Hannah, Girvan Mains. Girvan. Chairman of 
directors— Colonel W. T. R. Houldsworth, Kirkbride, Mayhole. Secre- 
tary and treasurer — James A. Paterson, 13 Kyle Street, Ayr. 

Ayr Ram Society. 

President— Jacob S. Murray, Dalgig, New Cumnock. Secretary and 
treasurer— James A. Paterson, 13 Kyle Street, Ayr. 

Ayr and District Canine Club. 

President— James A. Paterson. 35 John Street, Ayr. Vice-President — 
Miss Ina Cuthbert, Springvale, Ayr. Secretary and treasurer— John 
Thomson, 32 Oswald Eoad, Ayr. Shows held in Ayr, Girvan, and 

Ayrshire Cattle Herd Book Society of Great Britain and Ireland. 

President— The Right Hon. the Earl of Stair, D.S.O., Lochinch Castle, 
Stranraer. Secretary, treasurer, and editor— Hugh Bone, 58 Alloway 
.Street, Ayr. 

Scottish Milk Records Association. 

Secretary and treasurer — John Howie, 58 Alloway Street, Ayr. Superin 
tendent— William Stevenson, B.Sc. Supervisor— Percy H. Hart. 

Ayrshire Dairymen's Association. 

Secretary — Anthony C. White, 23 Wellington Square. 

Ayrshire Gardeners' Mutual Improvement Association. 

President — W. J. Rae, St. Nicholas Nurseries, Prestwick. Hon. secre- 
tary and treasurer — Norman A. Jamie, 1 Fothringham Road. 

Burgh of Ayr Allotment-Holders' and Horticultural Association. 

President — John Ramsay, 10 George Street, Ayr. Hon. treasurer — D. 
Murdoch, 5 Virginia Gardens, Ayr. Hon. secretary — T. French, 7 
Virginia Gardens, Ayr. 

Ayr Chrysanthemum Society. 

President — James Durward (Thomas Imrie & Son). Hon. secretary and 
treasurer — John S. Smith, 42 Robsland Avenue, Ayr. 

Trades House Incorporation. 

Deacon convener — Robert S. Brodie. Tailors : — Deacon — Robert S. 
Brodie. Clerk and treasurer — W. R. Gould. Shoemakers : — Deacon — 
H. P. Smith. Clerk— J. T. Goudie. Squaremen :— Deacon— David 
Highet. Clerk— A. C. White. 

The Ayr and District Landlords' and Factors' Association. 

Chairman— William M'Geachin. Secretaries — Hyslop, Lyle & M'Kinnon, 
239 High Street. 

Ayrshire Coalowners' Association. 

Secretary — James Borland, 6 Barns Street. 

Ayr and District Licensed Grocers' Association. 

President — Walter Paterson, 227 High Street. Treasurer — John 
Davidson, 266 High Street. Secretary— John Ramsay, 10 George Street. 

Ayr Grocers' and Provision Merchants' Association. 
Hon. secretary— Andrew H. Linden. 

Ayr Citizens' League. 

Chairman— D. Mackay, 3 Monument Road. Hon. treasurer— J. D. 
Paterson, Drongan Cottage, 15 Midton Road. 

Ayr and District Women's Citizen Association. 

Hon. secretary— J. L. Boyd, Winton Buildings, Ayr. 

League of Nations Union— Ayr Branch. 

President— Colonel C. L. C. Hamilton. C.M.G., D.S.O. Hon. treasurer- 
James G. Campbell, Clydesdale Bank, Townhead. Hon. secretary— E. 
A. Bell, Ravelston, Ayr. 

National Service League— South Ayrshire Branch. 

President— The Earl of Eglinton and Winton. Hon. secretary and 
treasurer— John Hay, solicitor, 2 Barns Street, Ayr. 



Ayr United Liberal Association and Ayr and South Ayrshire Liberal Club, 
69 Sandgate. 

Secretary— William Sorley. Treasurer— William M'Oonnell. Secretary, 
Ladies' Coimnittee — Mrs Munro. Clubrnaster — Walter Hay. 

Ayr Unionist Association. 

Secretary and registration agent — William Gardner, 22 Wellington 
Square. Treasurer— Alfred T. Scott, C.A., 29 Newmarket Street. 

Ayr Burghs Unionist Association. 

Chairman— Colonel T. C. Dunlop. Hon. treasurer— J. E. Andrew, IT 
Newmarket Street. Secretary and organiser — Miss Cowan, 25- 
Wellington Square. 

Independent Labour Party. 

Secretary — Oliver Muir, 4 Limond's Wynd. Treasurer — John Tyrie, 
36 Marchfield Road. Chairman— R. White, 109 George Street. Vice- 
chairman— John Pollock, 30 Marchfield Road. Hall— 26 Sandgate. 

South Ayrshire Unionist Association. 

President— The Marquis of Ailsa. Secretary— John T. Reid, 41 New- 
market Street. 

South Ayrshire Liberal Association. 

Secretary — W. H. M'Cosh, 64 Wellington Chambers 

Ayr, Newton, and Wallacetown Working Men's Unionist Club. 

Joint presidents — Colonel T. C. Dunlop and Commander Billyard-Leake. 
Secretary and treasurer — David Paterson, C.A. Clubrnaster — David 

Scottish Socialist Party. 

Chairman — Houston Paterson. Secretary— A. W. Gemmell, 27 Stewart 
Road. Hall— 20 New Bridge Street. 


District Board of the River Ayr. 

Chairman — Major Julian Oswald, of Auchincruive. Clerk — Charles 
Young, Dornoch. 
District Board of the River Doon. 

Chairman— The Most Noble the Marquis of Ailsa. Clerk — Charles 
Young, Dornoch. 

Ayr Badminton Club. 

President — A. F. Mathie Morton. 7 Belmont Avenue. Hon. secretary 
•nd treasurer — W. Alfred Pollock, 24 Whitletts Road. 
Ayr Southern Badminton Club. 

l resident— Hugh Bone. 6 Ronaldshaw Park. Hon. secretary and. 
treasurer— C. R. Bedford Mapstone, Rhu, 4 Doonfoot Road. 

Avr Cassillis Street. 

■resident— Melville Law. Vice-president— James W. Turner. Treasurei 

—James Stee'n. Secretary— William Fergusson. 
Craigie, Craigie Road. 

President— William Miller. Treasurer— David J. Oliver. Secretary- 
James M'Dougall, 32 Dalblair Road. 
Hawkhill, Back Hawkhill. 

I resident— T. Agnew. Secretary— John P. Arkieson, 10 Alexandria 

Terrace. Treasurer— J. M. Smith, Whitletts. 
Municipal Bowling Green, Newton Park. 

Treasurer— T. L. Robb, town chamberlain. 
Wattfield Club. _. .^ ± _ _ „ _ 

President— Robert Hutchison. Vice-president— Ernest J. Orman. Hon. 

secretary and treasurer— James Ramsay, 11 Fothringham Road. 


Ayr Amateur, 25 High Street. 

Secretary— Alexander Reid, jun., 15 Oswald Road. 
Carrick Club, 105 High Street. 

Secretary— William M'Kay, Newton Lodge. 


Ayr Cricket Club. 

Instituted 1859. President, Lieut.-Colonel T. C. Dunlop, T.D., A.D.C. 
Hon. secretary — G. W. N. Simpson, 2 Newmarket Street, Ayr. Hon. 
ireasurer— J. R. Marshall, jun., Struan, Castlehill Road, Ayr. Ground- 
Dam Park. 

Ayr Charity Football Committee. 

Chairman — Matthew Jamieson. Vice-chairman — William M'Clelland. 

Hon. secretary and treasurer — James Reid, 45 Bellesleyhill Avenue. 
Ayr United Football Club. 

Ground— Somerset Park. Secretary — Alexander Gibson. 
Ayr Rugby Football Club, 

Ground — Old Racecourse. Hon. secretary and treasurer — Alan R. Tear,. 

3 Blackburn Road. 

Ayr Burgh Golf Courses, Nos. 1 and 2, Belleisle Estate. 

Secretary— P. A. Thomson, town clerk. Treasurer— T. L. Robb, town 
chamberlain, Town Buildings, Ayr. Greenkeeper and manager — John 

Ayr Belleisle Golf Club. 

President— K. A. Forker, S Arran Terrace. 
Secretary — James Ramsay, 2 Teviot Street. 

St. Andrew's Golf Club, Belleisle. 

Hon, president— Major A. Bryson, Knowlton, Racecourse View. Secre- 
tary — John Lamont, 45 Burns Statue Square. 

Belmont Riding School, Belmont Avenue. 

Proprietor— W. W. Harrison. 
Young, William, Ltd., 33 Carrick Street and Alexandria Avenue, Prestwick, 

Ayr Amateur Swimming Club. 

Hon. secretary— Miss M. Barclay, Mosshill Cottage, off NorthfielcL 
Avenue, Ayr. Hon. treasurer— H. Corrigan, Russell Street, Ayr. 

Ayr Fort Lawn Tennis Club. 

Secretary— Miss Mary M'Intosh, 17 Montgomerie Terrace. 
Ayr Tennis Club, South Park. 

Hon. secretary and treasurer— John K. Murray, 40 Newmarket Street. 
Municipal Tennis Courts, Northfield Avenue. 

Treasurer— T. L. Robb, town chamberlain. 
Municipal Tennis Courts, Eglinton Terrace. 

Treasurer— T. L. Robb, town chamberlain. 

Ayr Motor Cycling Club. 

Secretary— James Thomson, 52 Viewfleld Road. 


Ayr Academy Club. 

President— John M'Gill. Secretary— William Kilpatrick, 9 Blackburn 

Road, Ayr. 
Ayr Amateur Photographic Society. 

Rooms— 16 New Bridge Street. Hon. president— Police-Judge Wilson 

Hon. vice-president— Thomas M'Clure. Int. hon. vice-president— J. 

MClure. President— C. W. M'Bain. Vice-president— G. S. Barry. Hon. 

secretary— A. J. Nelson, 6 Hilary Crescent, Ayr. Hon. treasurer— G 

B. Young, 28 Bellevue Crescent, Ayr. 
Ayr Burns Club. 

Federated 1920. President— John Boyd. Secretary— Miss M. H. Gordon 
„. F -.?- LS -' „ 12 Eghnton Terrace, Ayr. Treasurer— Miss H. Wregg. 
Ayr Club, 11 Academy Street. 8 

Secretary— David Paterson, C.A., 130 High Street. Clubmaster— 3 




Ayr and District Field Club. 

Secretary— Miss Agnes M'C. Edgar. 58 Ashgrove Street. 
Ayr Girls' Club and Hostel, 2 James Street. 

Hon. president— Mrs George Baird, Colstoun, Haddington. President- 
Mrs Oswald, Mount Charles. Vice-presidents— Mrs Margaret Geikie, 8 

Alloway Place, and Mrs N. Kennedy, Doonholm. Hon. secretary— Miss 

Macdonald, 11 Wellington Square. Hon. treasurer— Alexander B. Boyd, 

solicitor, 79 High Street. Matron— Miss Murdoch. 
Ayr Masonic Burns Club. 

President— R. Loudon. Secretary— William Johnston, 1 Kyle Street. 

Treasurer — George Loudon. 
Ayr Model Yacht Club. 

Commodore— James Cleat, 3 Blackburn Drive. Secretary— F. Thomson 

headmaster, Fisherton School. 
Ayr Rotary Club. 

Secretary— Alexander Black, C.A., 130 High Street. President— Ban., , 

James Wills. Meetings every Monday at Fleury Meng's Restaurant 

at 1 p.m. 
Ayrshire Association of Federated Burns Clubs. 

Instituted 1908. Federated February, 1910. President — freorge 

Campbell. Secretary and treasurer — William Lennox, 11 Nursery 

Avenue, Kilmarnock. 
Ayr Readers' Union. 

Secretary — D. E. Edward, Carnegie Library. 
Ayr Sketch Club, Union Bank Buildings, 130 High Street, Ayr. 

President, 1933-35— G. Diamond. Vice-president, 1933-35— W. Browning. 

Hon. secretary and treasurer — James Morrison, B.Sc, 25 Morris Road, 

Ayr United Supporters' Club. 

Secretary — John Kerr, 75 Bellesleyhill Avenue. Treasurer — J. Reid, csO 

Smith Street. 
Ayr United Ladies Supporters' Club. 

Hon. secretary — M. Smith. 
British Legion. 

President— Lieut.-Colonel T. C. R. Moore, C.B.E., M.P. Hon. president— 

The Earl of Glasgow. Vice-presidents — Colonel T. C. Dunlop, A.D.C., 

T.D., and Commander E. M. Billyard-Leake. Chairman— Colonel M. B. 

Buchanan. Vice-chairman— Captain F. B. Neilson. .Secretary — A. H. 

M'Crindle. Treasurer — R. J. M'Alister. 
County Club, 41 Sandgate. 

Instituted in 1872. Chairman — Marquis of Ailsa. Secretary and 

treasurer— W. H. Kennedy. Clubmaster— J. Corbett. 
Ex-Service Men's Club, 16 Cathcart Street. 

Secretary — Alexander Barlow. President — Charles Thomson. Treasurer 

— George Wilson. Clubmaster — John Gourlay. 
Newton-on-Ayr Burns Club. 

President — J. S. Jackson. Secretary and treasurer — J. H. Alexander, 35 

Crown Street, Ayr. 
Town and County Club, 26 Wellington Square. 

Secretary and treasurer— A. C. White. Clubmaster— William Carson. 


His Majesty's Inspector of Schools— Gilbert Watson, H.M.I. S., 
5 Inverkar Road. Ayr. 

Academy, Fort Street. 

Rector — Dr James Ritchie, B.Sc. Infant mistress— Miss White. English 
— James D. Cavins, M.A. Classics — James M'Clelland, M.A., and 
assistants. Arithmetic and mathematics — James Cassells, M.A., B.Sc, 
and assistants. Art — T. Bonar Lyon and assistants. Science — John 
Begg, M.A., and assistants. Modern languages— Miss Ada Jaffray, 
M.A., and assistants. Gymnastic instructor— Thomas B. Watson. 
Gymnastic instructress — Miss Moodie. 

Grammar School. Midton Road. 

Master— John H. B. Lochhead, M.A. Mistress— Miss Ramsay. 

Heathfield Public School, Heathfield Road. 

Master— Donald C. Macmaster, M.A. Mistress— Miss Menagh. 


Holmston Public School, Holmston Road. 

Master— John G. Ballantyne. Mistress— Miss Thomson. 
Lady Jane Hamilton's School, Charlotte Street. 

Mistress— Miss Janet Y. Fullarton. 
Newton Academy, Green Street Lane. 

Master— Alexander D. Thomson, M.A. Mistress— Miss Jack. 
Newton Park H.G. School, M'CaH's Avenue. 

Master— Eees M. Lewis, B.Se. Mistress— Miss M. Mackay. 
Newtonhead School, Viewfield Road. 

Master— W. Hamilton. Mistress— Miss Grove. 
Russell Street School, Russell Street. 

Master— John S. Niven. M.A. Mistress— Miss Bain. 
St. Leonard's Home, Special School, Belmont Avenue. 

Master— E. Erskine Paterson. Matron— Mrs C. Sutherland. 
Wallacetown School, Queen Street and Church Street. 

Master — James E. Wallace. Mistress — Miss Murchie. 


Roman Catholic. 

Senior, Hawkhill. Master— Joseph H. Daly, B.Sc. 
Infant, Elba Street. Mistress — Miss Heffron. 


Ayr Preparatory School, Cambusdoon, Alloway. 

Headmaster — Rev. S. Lennie, B.A. 
Bellevue School (Misses Lacaille), 1 Monument Road. 
Kyle Commercial College, 43 Kyle Street. 

Shorthand School and Commercial Academy, 5 Cathcart Street— Mrs M'Geachie 
Short's Commercial School and Copying Office, 143 High Street. 
Wellington School, Carlton Turrets. 

Boarding and day school for girls. Principal — Miss M. Carter. 


Ancient Order of Foresters Court (Robert Burns), No. 5747. 

Headquarters in New Road opening in June, 1934. Chief ranger — James 
Loudon. Treasurer — Alexander G. Dunbar, P.C.R.. Joint secretaries- 
Simpson & Davidson, 2 Newmarket Street. 

Ancient Free Gardeners, Ailsa Lodge, No. 31, St. Andrew's Order 

Meets every alternate Tuesday in Masonic Hall, 20 New Bridge Street. 
R.W.M. — David Poole, jun., 146 George Street, Ayr. Secretary— Adam 
Begg, 32 Princes Street, Ayr. 

Ancient Free Gardeners, Ayr Daisy Lodge, No. 69. 

Meets every alternate Monday in Free Gardeners' Hall, 6 Sandgate. 
W.M. — William Waugh. Secretary — James Tyrie, 4 Tig Eoad, Ayr. 
Treasurer — Daniel Hunter. 58 Paterson Street, Ayr. 

I.O.R., Dawn of Freedom Tent, No. 2387. 

Meets in River Street Hall every second Tuesday at 8 p.m. Secretary — 
William M'Connell, 36 Whitletts Road. Treasurer — John Hamilton, 34 
Port Street. Juvenile Tent, Hope of Ayr, No. 1467. meets in River 
Street Hall same night as adults. Juvenile Tent, William Goodwin, 
No. 2387, meets in Village Hall, Whitletts, alternate Wednesdays at 
6 p.m. 

Knights of St. Columba. 

Chairman— Joseph Flynn. Secretary— Peter Garry, 30 Elmbank Street. 
Treasurer— Captain M'Donald, 9 Craisrie Avenue. 

Loyal Order of Ancient Shepherds, Tarn o' Shanter Lodge, No. 2024. 

Meets every alternate Monday in Ex-Service Men's Club, 16 Cathcart 
Street, at 7.30 p.m. Secretary— William Scott, 30 Hope Street. 
Treasurer — John Miller, 7 Arran Terrace. 

Loyal Order of United Oddfellows, Caledonian, No. 41. 

Meets every alternate Tuesday in hall, 8 Allison Street, at 7.30 p.m. 
Secretary— D. Hamilton. Treasurer— R. S. M'Creadie. 


Order of the Eastern Star, Ayr Chapter, No. 136. 

Worthy matron — Miss Annie Climie, 23 Prestwick Road, Ayr. Worthy 
patron — Mr Andrew Paterson, 69 Woodfleld Crescent, Ayr. Secretary — 
Miss Jenny W. Crockatt, Earnsclifle, Maybole Road, Ayr. Treasurer — 
Miss Margaret Miller, 90 New Road, Ayr. Meetings held on first 
Thursday of each month at 7.30 p.m. in Masonic Hall, Nile Court. 

Rechabites, Banks of Ayr Tent, No. 2149. 

Secretary — Alexander Lucas, 39 Church Street. Treasurer — Thomas 
Murray, 13 Virginia Gardens. Juvenile Tent, Banks o' Doon, No. 952. 
Superintendent— John M'Callum. 11 Russell Street. 

Scottish Girls' Friendly Society (Ayr Branch). 

President — Mrs Hamilton, Rozelle. Hon. secretary and treasurer — Mrs J. 
W. Robertson, 11 Charlotte Street, 


Ayr Conclave, No. 7. 

Meets second Thursday of each month from September to April in 
Masonic Temple, Nile Court, Ayr. Sovereign — William S. Lanham. 
Viceroy— William A. Davidson. Recorder— G. W. N. Simpson, 2 New- 
market Street, Ayr. Telephone 2958. 

Ayr St. Paul Royal Arch Chapter, No. 18. 

M.E.Z.— William A. Davidson, 4 Craigie Avenue. Scribe— James Clark, 
Franklin Villa. Chapter room — Masonic Hall, Nile Court. Meets third 
Thursday of every month. 

Ayr St. Paul Ledge, No. 204. Instituted 1799. 

R.W.M. — William A. Davidson, 4 Craigie Avenue. Secretary — Charles 
Grant, 16 Heathfield Road. Treasurer— Hugh B. Wright, 39 Dongola 
Road. Hallkeeper — Thomas Quaite, 74 George Street. Lodge room — 
Masonic Hall, Nile Court. Meets first and third Monday of every month 
at 8 p.m. 

Ayr Royal Arch Chapter, No. 250. 

M.E.Z. — Duncan Brisbane, 10 Crofthead Road, Prestwick. Treasurer — 
William Niven Spence, 44 Union Avenue. Scribe E. — David Hogarth, 
215 High Street. Chapter room — Masonic Hall, Fullarton Street. Meets 
first Friday of every month at 8 p.m. 

Ayr Lodge Council, No. 250 E.G.Z. 

W.M.E.C— David Millar, 21 Church Street. Treasurer— George 
Alexander, Bellrock Cottage, Ayr. Recorder — David Hogarth, 215 High 
Street. Meets in Masonic Hall, Fullarton Street, every quarter. 

Ayr St. Paul Lodge in Council. 

Secretary — Charles Grant, 16 Heathfield Road. 

Ayr St. Paul's Royal Ark Mariners Lodge. 

Secretary— A. G. M. Paterson, 69 Woodfleld Crescent. Meets in Masonic 
Temple, Nile Court, every fourth Thursday, May, August, November, 
and February. 

Provincial Grand Lodge of Ayrshire. 

Provincial Grand Master — George Clark. Provincial Grand Secretary — 
John M'Donald, 43 Main Street, Dairy. 

Provincial Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Ayrshire. 

Grand Superintendent of Ayrshire — Right Hon. the Earl of Cassillis, 
Culzean Castle. P.G. Scribe E— D. A. Buchanan, Aitken Street, Dairy, 

St. James, Newtor-on-Ayr, Lodge, No. 125. Instituted 1771. 

R.W.M. — Robert Stewart, 75 Main Street. Treasurer— John Easton, 52 
Paterson Street. Secretary— David Hogarth, 215 High Street. Lodge 
room — Fullarton Street. Meets second and fourth Monday of every 
month at 7.30 p.m. 



Ayr Choral Union. 

Hon. president — Andrew Mitchell, Alloway Park, Ayr. President — Rev. 
Williani Frederick Vernon, Holy Trinity Rectory, Ayr. Vice-president — 
William Walker. Secretary and treasurer — Robert A. Paterson* 
solicitor, 21 Wellington Square, Ayr. Conductor — Matthew Morton, 

Ayr Burgh Choir. 

Conductor — Frederic Ely, 7 Sandilands, Troon. Telephone, Troon 430- 

Ayrshire Philharmonic Opera Company. 

Hon. secretary — William M'Connell, 36 Whitletts Road, Ayr. 

Ayrshire Philharmonic Opera Society. 

Secretary — A. A. Lauder. 

Ayr Amateur Orchestral Society. 

President — J. C. MacCallum. Vice-president — J. Mair. Hon. secretary — 
Miss C. J. B. Templeton. Hon. treasurer — D. Paterson, C.A. Librarian — 
W. Wills. Conductor — James W. Senior. 

Ayr Amateur Opera Company. 

Hon. president— Colonel C. L. C. Hamilton, C.M.G., D.S.O. President — 
A. Maxwell. Hon. secretary and treasurer — W. H. Templeton, solicitor. 
Producer — T. Gordon. Conductor — Miss Rainie. 

Ayrshire Musical (Competition) Festival. 

Secretary— E. D. Wood, 13 Charles Street, Kilmarnock. 

Ayr Amateur Players. 

Hon. president — Lieut.-Colonel W. T. R. Houldsworth, of Kirkbride, 
Maybole. Hon. vice-president — Mrs Ogg, St. Niniau's, Prestwick. Hon. 
secretary and treasurer— P. Duncan, 12 Dalblair Road. 

Land of Burns Caledonian Strathspey and Reel Society. 

President — James R. Gould. Conductor — Alexander Rose, L.R.A.M. Hon. 
secretary — Adam J. Stewart, 70 Northfleld Avenue, Ayr. Hon. treasurer 
— John Bone, 183 High Street, Ayr. 

Coila Minstrel Choir Association. 

President — J. Smillie. Treasurer — Mrs A. E. Paterson, 15 Inverkar 
Road. Ayr. Secretary— Mr Edwin Adams, 16 Ardlui Road, Ayr. Choir 
practices held in Y.M.C.A. Hall, High Street, Mondays, at 8 p.m. 

Ayr Pipe Band. 

Band vice-president — A Beattie. Pipe-Major — W. Johnstone. Secretary 
—David Callaghan. Hall— 105 High Street. 

Ayr Repertory Players. 

President— Charles B. Cordon. Hon. secretary and hon. treasurer — 
A. Black, C.A., 130 High Street, Ayr. 


Ayr Gaiety Theatre. Proprietors, Ben Popplewell & Sons. Telephone 2536. 

Green's Playhouse, Boswell Park. Telephone 3702. 

Pavilion Ballroom, Esplanade. Telephone 2466. 

Palais de Danse, Burns Statue Square. Telephone 275711. 

Picture House. Telephone 275311. 

Orient Cinema, Main Street. Telephone 3419. 

Regal Picture House, Prestwick Road. Telephone 3914. 

346 local institutions, etc. 


Territorial Army Association of the County of Ayr. 

President— The Most Hon. the Marquis of Ailsa, LL.D. Chairman- 
General Sir Charles Fergusson, G.C.B., G.C.M.G., D.S.O., M.V.O., LL.D. 
Secretary — Lieut.-Colonel A. C. Adair, O.B.E. 


The 4/5th Battalion Royal Scots Fusiliers, Keg. Dist. No. 21. Head- 
quarters and C Company — 24 Wellington Square. 

79th (Lowland) Field Brigade R.A. (T.A.) and 313th Field Battery R.A. 
(T.A.). Headquarters — 111 South Harbour Street. 

-Ayrshire Yeomanry (E.C.O.). 

Headquarters— 2 Citadel Place, Ayr. 

Royal Scots Fusiliers. 

Depot— South Beach Road. Major G. R. T. Kennedy, M.C.; Captain and 
Brevet Major R. G. Parsons, M.C. ; Captain E. P. O. Boyle, M.V.O. ; Lieut. 
R. S. M'Naught (Adjutant), Lieutenant W. G. Smith, Lieut. J. H. F. 
Cox, Captain J. M'Lean, D.C.M. (Quartermaster). 

The Boys' Brigade— Ayr Battalion. 

President — Rev. W. Phin Gillieson, M.A., M.C, 24 Racecourse Road. 
Vice-president — W. R. Becket, Station House, Prestwick. Hon. secretary 
and treasurer — Hugh Bone, 58 Alloway Street. 

Soy Scouts. 

Hon. secretary— R. A. Reid, 6 Rosebank Crescent, Monument Road, 
Ayr. Hon. treasurer— C. G. D. Tennant, 128 High Street, Ayr. Hon. 
badge secretary— William Munro, 38 Queen's Terrace, Ayr. 
Sir! Guides and Brownies— Ayr District. 

Secretary— Miss M'Millan, 18 Chalmers Road, Ayr. Badge secretary- 
Mrs Geikie, 8 Alloway Place, Ayr. 


Bakers — Joseph Hunter, 20 Falkland Road. 

Boilermakers — William M'Connell, 37 Peebles Street. 

Blacksmiths— Walter Kerr, 5 Russell Terrace. 

Joiners— William Murchie, 22 Hawkhill Avenue. 

Masons — John Shields, 3 Russell Street. 

National "United General Workers— J. M'Turk, 6 Lisburn Road. 

Plasterers' Union — T. Cuthbert, 121 Oswald Road. 

Plumbers — George Melrose, 18 St. Leonard's Road. 

Railwaymen — Thomas Paterson, 79 Oswald Road. 

Sawyers— William M'Kay, 5 Saltfield House, Taylor Street. 

Shipwrights— Allan Stoddart, 46 Church Street. 

"Union of Postal Workers— D. Moore, 34 Noltmyre Road. 

Electric Trades Union— H. Mansbridge, 16 Princes Street. 

Railway Clerks' Association (Ayr Branch)— Wm. Wallace, 4 St. George's Rd. 

Transport and General Workers— D. Campbell, Dockers' Office, 44 North 

Harbour Street. 
Insurance Agents— William M'Lean, 100 Hunter's Avenue. 
N.U.D.A.W.— Robert Lamont, Main Street, Monkton. 
Building Trade Workers— William Martin, 6 Lisburn Road. 
Slaters— G eorge Robertson, 57 Wellington Street. 
Scottish Painters— John Paton, 34 York Street. 

N.U.V. Builders— Findlay Ferguson, 4 Glenmuir Place, Whitletts. 
A.E.U. (Engineers)— A. C. Smith, 7 Virginia Gardens. 
Typographical— J. W. Reid, 13 Gordon Terrace. 
Boot and Shoe Operatives— A. M'Quaker, Taylor Street. 
Scottish Clerks— D. Hyslop, 239 High Street. 

Tailors and Garment Workers— William M'Olement, 16 Marchfield Quadrant. 
Miners' Union, Ayrshire— Gilbert Steele, 94 New Dykes Road, Prestwick. 




Ayr Old Church of St. John the Baptist (1654), Kirkport, off High Street, and 
Ayr New Church of St. John the Baptist (1810), Fort Street. 

First Charge— Rev. W. Phin Gillieson, M.C., M.A. 

Second Charge— Eev. Archibald Mackenzie, B.D. 
Cathcart Street (1816). 

Rev. James B. Donald, M.A. 
Darlington Place Church (i860), Main Street. 

Rev. Samuel Greer, M.A. 
Newton-on-Ayr New Church (1862), Main Street. 

Rev. P. Laurence K. Mudie, M.A. 
Newton-on-Ayr Old Church (1778), Main Street. 

Rev. D. A. Murdoch, B.D. 
St. Andrew's Church (1893), Park Circus. 

Rev. Harry J. Marr. 
St. James' Church (1885). Prestwick Road. 

Eev. Charles Walls, M.A. 
St. Leonard's Church (1886), St. Leonard's Road. 

Rev. J. Strathearn M'Nab, M.A. 
Sandgate Church (1845), Sandgate. 

Rev. R. T. Cameron, M.A. 
Trinity Church (1898), Midton Road. 

Rev. J. R. Forgan, M.A. 
Wallacetown North Church (1834), John Street. 

Rev. Brodie S. Gilfillan, B.D. 
Wallacetown South Church (i860), John Street. 

Rev. P. Williamson Clelland. 


Free Church of Scotland, Martyrs' (1832), John Street. 
E.U. Congregational (1798), Wallace Street. 

Rev. Jacob Morrison. 
Baptist (1812-1887), Fort Street. 

Rev. Alexander A. Wilson, M.A 
Baptist, New Prestwick (1901), Prestwick Road. 

Rev. Benjamin Bridges. 
United Free Church of Scotland (Continuing), Kirkholm Avenue. 

Rev. William Scott. 
Morison Congregational (1799), George Street. 

Rev. Robert G. Currie. 
Scottish Episcopalian (1838), Fullarton Street. 

Eev. W. F. Vernon, M.A. 
St. John's Mission Hall, James Street. 

Rev. W. R. Torvaney, M.C., M.A. 
Roman Catholic (1826). John Street. 

Very Rev. Canon Joseph M'Hardy, M.C., Rev. George M'Cafferty. and 

Rev. Francis Meaney. 
Original Secession Church, Robertson Memorial (1901), Craigie Road. 

Rev. David Bennie. 
Catholic Apostolic Church Hall, 54^ Sandgate. 
Gospel Hall, James Street, Wallacetown. 
Salvation Army Citadel, 3 New Road. 

Officers' Quarters — 33 TJnion Avenue. 
Brethren, Victoria Hall, Main Street. 
Brethren, Ebenezer Hall, Tarn's Brig. 
Bethel Mission, Green Street. 
Wooden Kirk Mission, Limond's Wynd. 

Missionary— Alexander B. Brackenridge. 86 Oswald Road. 
United Evangelistic, Mill Street. 



Cathcart Street— Mr E. J. W. Dakers, Magnor, 93 Castlehill Road, 

Darlington Place— Mr J. H. Wilson, 53 Oswald Eoad. 

Newton-on-Ayr New— Mr D. Eeid, 14 Prestwick Eoad. 

Newton-on-Ayr Old — Mr E. M'Ewen, 5 Buckingham Terrace. 

St. Andrew's— Mr Alexander Dalrymple, Bennington, 24 Fothringham Eoad. 

St. James' — Mr W. Gardner, 4 Park Circus. 

Ayr Old Church of St. John the Baptist and Ayr New Church of St. John the 

Baptist— Mr G. M. Lockhart, 211 High Street. 
St. Leonard's— Mr W. S. M'Millan, 58 Alloway Street. 
Sandgate— Mr George Moody, 20 Carrick Eoad. 
Trinity— Mr Robert Gemmell, 8 Maybole Eoad. 
Wallacetown North— Mr G. Henderson, 39 Craigie Eoad. 
"Wallacetown South — Mr Charles Duncan, 57 Woodfield Crescent. 


Hon. president— General Sir Charles Fergusson, Bart., K.C.B., K.C.M.G., M.V.O., 
D.S.O., LL.D., of Kilkerran. President— Colonel C. L. C. Hamilton, 
C.M.G., D.S.O. Vice-president — Duncan Mackay, M.A. Treasurer — 
Eobert Jardine. Secretary — James Eusk, 5 Alloway Place. 


Ayr Boys' and Girls' Religious Society. 

Hon. president — Eoss Cuthbert. President — Jobn Martin. Vice- 
presidents — John dimming and H. H. M'Anespie. Secretary and 
treasurer — Hugh Morrison, jun., 10 Victoria Street. 

Ayr Branch Seamen's Christian Friends' Society, Sailors' Rest, 34 North 
Harbour Street. 

British Women's Temperance Association and S.C.U. 

President — Mrs MTntyre, Titwood, Prestwick. Vice-president — Mrs 
Dunlop, Castlehill Eoad. Secretary — Mrs Bell, Eavelston, Longbank 
Eoad. Treasurer — Miss Taylor, Fernbank, 21 Midton Eoad. 

Christian Scientists' Society. 
Miss Janet Houston. 

National Bible Society of Scotland (Ayr Auxiliary). 

President— Eev. Samuel Greer, MA. Secretary— Miss Eachael Hepburn. 
Treasurer — William Comrie, Bank of Scotland. 

Sisters of the Cross and Passion Hostel for Ladies, 9 Wellington Square. 

Sunday School Union. 

President — A. Hill, Hillbury, Kirkholm Avenue. Secretary — W. 
M'Creadie, 20 Gordon Street. Treasurer— William Eeddick, 98 Hunter's 

Ayr Young Men's Christian Association. 

Hon. president — Sir Charles Fergusson, Bart. President — Colonel C. L. 
C. Hamilton, C.M.G., D.S.O., of Eozelle. Secretary— Cowan Fergusson, 
Doonfoot. Treasurer— E. Borland, 34 George Street. Institute— 30 
High Street. Institute open from 3 p.m. till 10 p.m.; Saturdays, 1 p.m. 
till 10 p.m. 


Ayr Society for Social Service. 

Hon. president— The Marquis of Ailsa. Vice-president— The Provost 
of Ayr. Chairman of Executive— General Sir Charles Fergusson, Bart. 
Vice-chairman— Councillor W. H. Kennedy, 2 Carrick Avenue. Chair- 
man of Decision Committee— The Eev. W. Phin Gillieson, M.A., M.C. 
Hon, treasurer— Thoma3 B. Gow, agent. National Bank. Office— 4 Main 
Street. General secretary — Miss J. Wylie. 


Ayrshire Branch of Glasgow and West of Scotland Society for Prevention of 
Cruelty to Animals. 

Hon. secretary and treasurer — Mr Anthony C. White, solicitor. Officer — 
James M'Kean, 29 Hawkhill Avenue. 

Ayrshire County Nursing Association, 18 Wellington Square, Ayr. 

Hon. president — Beatrice, Countess of Eglinton and Winton, Queen 
Anne's Mead, Windsor. President— Mrs Oswald, O.B.E., Mount Charles, 
Ayr. Vice-presidents — Lady Alice Fergusson, Kilkerran, Maybole, and 
Mrs Arthur, Kosemount, Prestwick. Chairman — Mrs Neilson, Chapel- 
toun, Stewarton. Hon. secretary — Miss Macdonald, 11 Wellington 
Square, Ayr. Hon. treasurer — C. G. D. Tennant, Union Bank of Scot- 
land, Ltd., Ayr. County superintendent — Miss Thompson, Nurses' Home, 
18 Wellington Square, Ayr. Telephone 2725. 

Ayr District Sick Nursing Association. Established 1874. Nurses' Home— 7 
Barns Street 

President — Mrs Oswald, of Mount Charles. Vice-president — Mrs James 
E. Shaw. Treasurer — Mr Allison, British Linen Bank. Hon. secretary 
— Miss Margaret Boswell, Sandgate House. 

Ayrshire Mission to the Deaf and Dumb, Peebles Street. 

Hon. president — Duke of Portland, K.G. Chairman of directors — 
Treasurer John H. Carnie, Kilmarnock. Hon. secretary and treasurer 
—P. P. Lyon Gardiner, B.L., solicitor, 55 Newmarket Street. Missionary 
and secretary — John B. Kirker, £0-32 Peebles Street, Ayr. Telephone — 
Kilmarnock 591. 

Ayrshire Sanatorium for Consumption, Glenafton, New Cumnock. 

For patients resident within the County of Ayr, including the Burghs 
of Cumnock, Galston, Irvine, Kilmarnock, Kilwinning, Newmilns, Salt- 
coats, Stewarton, Troon, Darvel, Ardrossan, Ayr, Prestwick, Girvan, 
Maybole, and Largs. Besident physician — Edward E. Prest, M.B., 
Ch.B. Matron— Miss E. H. Gordon. Secretary— J. E. Shaw, County 
Buildings, Ayr. 

County Hospital, Holmston Road. 

Patron — The Marquis of Ailsa, Lord Lieutenant of Ayrshire. Hon. 
directors — The Duke of Portland, K.G.; J. Arthur, of Montgomerie; 
Archibald Walker, Newark Castle; Alan Muir, M.B., Ch.B., Ayr; Ernest 
S. Coats, of Sundrum. Directors — Colonel W. T. B. Houldsworth 
(president), Robert Jardine (vice-president), George S. Abbott, Robert 
Dempster, John F. M'Gill, James M. M'Millan, Major W. H. Coltman, 
W. H. Kennedy, John Mathieson, Robert A. M'Crorie, Robert Jardine, 
John M'Intyre, R. D. Macmillan, representing Ayrshire County 
Council; Bailie Wills, representing Ayr Town Council. Secre- 
tary aiid treasurer — William Lyle, Ayr County Hospital, Holm- 
ston Road, Ayr. Visiting Staff — Senior surgeons — J. S. Geikie, 
M.D., Ayr; Arnold Jones, M.B., Ch.B., Prestwick. Junior sur- 
geons—Charles Douglas. M.B., Ch.B.; Alexander Scott, M.C., M.B., Ch.B.; 
A. George Brand, M.B., Ch.B.; Forbes M. Walker, M.B., Ch.B.; Robert 
Cormack, M.B., F.R.C.S.— Ayr. Senior physician— A. Young, M.B., CM., 
Ayr. Junior physicians — A. Rowatt Brown, M.B., Ch.B., Prestwick; 
Walter J. Scott, M.B., Ch.B., Annbank. Hon. consulting surgeon — 
Farqubar Macrae. M.B., CM., Glasgow. Consulting surgeon— J. Scouler 
Buchanan, M.B., Ch.B., Glasgow. Consulting ophthalmic surgeon — W. B. 
Inglis Pollock, M.D., Ch.B., Glasgow. Hon. anaesthetist— A. Rowatt 
Brown, M.B., Ch.B. Anaesthetist— Georgina F. Maiden, L.M.S.S.A., Ayr. 
Hon. dental surgeon— Lawrence M. Young, L.D.S., L.R.C.S.E., L.R.C.P.E., 
L.R.F.P.S.G., Ayr. Hon. radiologist— A. George Brand, M.B., Ch.B., Ayr. 
Assistant hon. radiographer — John Robertson, Ayr. Pharmacist — George 
A. M'Millan. M.P.S., Ayr. Matron— Miss Clark. Masseuse— Miss Ina 
Love, C.S.M.M.G., Seaforth Road, Ayr. Collector— David Smith, 24 
Heathfielcl Road, Ayr. Visiting hours — Town visitors, Tuesday, Satur- 
day, and Sunday, 4 to 5; country visitors, Tuesday and Saturday, 2 
to 3, Sunday, 4 to 5. 


Fever Hospital, Heathfield Road. 

Secretary — T. L. Robb, town chamberlain, Ayr. Matron — Miss Maud L. 
Guthrie Clark. 

Glengall Hospital (for Mental Diseases). Erected 1868. 

Visiting day — Saturday. Medical superintendent — Douglas M'Eae, 
M.D., F.R.C.P.Ed. Matron— Miss Christie. Chaplain— Rev. William 
Crawford. House steward — John S. Thomson. Head attendant — 
Patrick M'Barron. Clerk and treasurer— J. E. Shaw. Gardener— John 
Kaye. Clerk of works — J. D. Moir. 

Kirkmichae! House Convalescent Home. 

Secretary — James Borland, '6 Barns Street, Ayr. 

Seafield Maternity and Child Welfare Hospital. 

Secretary — James E. Shaw, County Buildings, Ayr. 

Smallpox Hospital, Crofthead. 

T. L. Bobh, town chamberlain, Ayr. 

Kyle Home. 

This Home is managed by a Joint Committee consisting of representa- 
tives of Ayr and Kilmarnock Town Councils and Ayr County Council. 
Chairman — Treasurer Carnie, Kilmarnock. Vice-chairman — A. W. Brady, 
Irvine. Committee — Ex-Provost R. Smith, A. W. Brady, Robert 
Goodwin, Daniel Sim, Bailie Scott, Bailie Dickie, the Earl of Glasgow, 
N. J. K. Cochran-Patrick, John Trotter, Provost M'Dowall, Police-Judge 
Reid, Councillor M'Queen, Bailie Kirkland, James Patrick, Thomas 
Robertson, Bailie Edward M'Gowan, Councillor William B. Tannahill, 
Treasurer John H. Carnie, Bailie George H. Wilson, Bailie Wills, Police- 
Judge Thomas Wilson, ex-Provost Stewart. Governor — James Watson. 
Matron — Violet Winifred Watson. Chaplain— Alexander Brackenridge. 
Medical officer — Charles Douglas, M.B. Secretary and treasurer— James 
E. Shaw, County Buildings, Ayr. 

Royal National Lifeboat Institution. Founded 1824. 

Supported entirely by voluntary contributions. Patrons — His Majesty 
the King, Her Majesty the Queen. President — H.R.H. the Prince of 
Wales K.G. Ayr branch— President— The Most Hon. the Marquis of 
Ailsa. Hon. vice-president — Lieut. -Commander A. B. T. Cayzer, R.N. 
Hon. treasurer — Colin Ferguson. Secretary — William S. Corbett, 
solicitor, Wellington House. 

Royal Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children. 

Hon. secretary — James Hillhouse, solicitor, 9 Barns Street. Chairman 
—Colonel C. L. C. Hamilton, C.M.G., D.S.O., of Rozelle. Inspector- 
William Henry Butler. 6 Wellington Square. 

St. Andrew's Ambulance Association. 

Ayr Local Committee : — Hon. president— General Sir Charles 
. Fergusson, Bart., G.C.M.G., of Kilkerran, Maybole. Hon. vice- 
presidents— Ex-Provost Thomas Wilson, 48 Ashgrove Street, Ayr; ex- 
Provost John S. Stewart, Blackburn Drive, Ayr; ex-Provost J. R. 
Gould, 2 Eglinton Terrace, Ayr; Provost Galloway, Tanglin, 12 St. 
Leonard's Road, Ayr; Provost Howie, Maxwood, Prestwick (vice-chair- 
man); Colonel John Milligan, D.S.O., The Garth, Corsehill Road, Ayr. 
Vice-chairman— H. F. Munro, M.A., Chief Constable of Ayrshire, 
Charlotte Street, Ayr. Joint secretaries and treasurers — John T. Scott, 
corporate accountant, chartered secretary; Alfred T. Scott, chartered 
accountant. Office— 29 Newmarket Street, Ayr. 

Soldiers' and Sailors' Families' Association. 

President — The Countess of Glasgow, Kelburne Castle, Fairlie. Vice- 
president— Mrs Oswald, Mount Charles, Ayr. Hon. treasurer — Lieut.- 
Colonel A. C. Adair, O.B.E. Hon. secretary (for county)— Colonel C. L. 
C. Hamilton, C.M.G., D.S.O., 6 Wellington Square, Ayr. Hon. secretary 
(for Ayr only)— A. N. Buchanan, 154 High Street, Ayr. 




Adarnton, Monkton : Wm. Lindsay 

Carlow. Tel. 7403, Prestwick. 
Afton Lodge, Annbank Station : Jas. 

A. Clarke. Tel. 18, Annbank. 
Annbank House: James Dickie. Tel 

32, Annbank. 
Annick Lodge, Irvine : Mrs James 

Lindsay. Tel. Irvine 218. 
Auchans House, Drybridge : Mrs 

Coats. Tel. 44, Troon. 
Aucheni'ail House, Mauchline : A. E. 

Stephen. Tel. 2, Mauchline. 
Auchenkyle, Monkton : Mrs J. Park 

Barry. Tel. 189, Troon. 
Auchinleck House : J. D. Boswell. 

Tel. 16, Catrine. 
Balgarth, by Ayr : Mrs Fergusson. 

Tel. 1, Alloway. 
Ballochmyle House, Mauchline : Lady 

Rosina Shaw. Tel. 3, Catrine. 
Barskimming, Mauchline : Robert J. 

Dunlop. Tel. 10, Mauchline. 
Beechgrove : Major G. L. Dunn. Tel. 

47, Mauchline. 
Belmont, Ayr : John M. M. Morton. 
Bower, The, Monkton : Alex. Mair. 

Tel. Prestwick 7388. 
Braes, Darvel : Mrs Jamieson. Tel. 

211, Darvel. 
Broadmeadows, Symington : James 

Percival Agnew. Tel. Symington 30. 
Broomhill, Dunlop : Jas Allan. Tel. 

Dunlop 31. 
Broomlands, Monkton : J. Sillars. 

Tel. Prestwick 7467. 
Bourtreehill, Irvine : R. Kenneth 

Tel. 40, Irvine. 
Caprington Castle, Kilmarnock : Col. 

W. W. S. Cuninghame, D.S.O., 

J.P., D.L. Tel, 157, Kilmarnock. 
Carbieston House, by Ayr : James M. 

Rankin. Tel. 3827, Ayr. 
Carnell, Hurlford : G. D. Findlay- 

Hamiiton. Tel. Fiveways 36. 
Cassillis House, Maybole : Miss Strain. 

Tel. 2, AUoway. 
Castle, The, Mauchline : Lieut.-Col. 

A. C. Adair. Tel. 32, Mauchline. 
Castlehill. Ayr : Mrs Wilson. Tel. 

2133, Ayr. 
Catrine House, Catrine : Mrs 

Cessnock, Galston : J. Harling 

Turner. Tel. 23, Galston. 
Chapelton, Stewarton : Hugh Neilson. 

Tel. 5, Stewarton. 
Chelston, Longbank Road, Ayr: 

James G. Reid. 
Cloncaird Castle, Kirkmichael : Mrs 

Wallace. Tel. 6, Kirkmichael. 
Coodham, Symington : Sir Henry H. 

Houldsworth, Bart. Tel. 110, 

Corraith, Symington: Lady Mackie. 

Tel. 19, Troon. 
Corsehill, Monkton : R. Laidlaw. 

Tel. Prestwick 7261. 

Cragston, Stewarton : Alexander 

Cunningham. Tel. 45, Stewarton. 
Craig, Kilmarnock : Col. William 

Pollok-Morris. Tel. Drybridge 47. 
Craigie House, Ayr : James A. 

Campbell. Tel. 2061 Ayr. 
Craigowan, Symington : Miss Esther 

Bell. Tel. 10, Symington. 
Craufurdland Castle, Kilmarnock : 

Mrs Houison-Craufurd, O.B.E. Tel. 

Fenwick 54. 
Crookedholm House, Hurlford : R. G. 

D. Hunter. Tel. 894 Kilmarnock. 
Crosbie House, Monkton : Sir F. N. 

Henderson. Tel. 153, Troon. 
Cunninghamhead House : Mrs E. A. 

Kerr. Tel. 188Y, Irvine. 
Daldorch. Catrine : W. H. Campbell. 

Tel. 5, Catrine. 
Dallars, Hurlford : Gordon Miller. 

Tel. Fiveways 34. 
Dalmore, Stair : Miss Montgomerie. 

Tel. 8, Trabboch. 
Damhead, Kilmarnock : D. A. S. 

Dankeith, Dundonald : Major J. 

Mann-Thomson. Tel. 304 K'm'nock. 
Deaseholm, Troon : R. A. D. Howie. 

Tel. 105, Troon. 
Dinwoodie House, Coylton : James 

W. S. Greenlees. Tel. 3, Dalrymple. 
Doonholm, by Ayr : Colonel Norman 

Kennedy. Tel. 6, Alloway. 
Drummellan, Maybole : Charles 

Crawford. Tel. 10, Maybole. 
Dunalton, Monkton : W. C. A. Gray. 

Tel. 22, Troon. 
Dunlop House. Dunlop : Unoccupied. 
Enterkine, Annbank Station : W. C. 

Fairweather. Tel. 16, Annbank. 
Fairfield, Monkton: Mrs F. J. Smith. 

Tel. 7416, Prestwick. 
Fairholme. Monkton : Miss Mary 

Guthrie. Tel. 7328, Prestwick. 
Fa.irlie House, Kilmarnock : Captain 

P. J. Crichton-Stuart. Tel. 388, 

Fenwick Lodge, Ayr : Mrs M'Farlane. 

Tel. 2701, Ayr. 
Flatfield. Symington: W. J. Paul. 

Tel. Symington 6. 
Frognal, Monkton : Mrs Mary J. 

Hart. Tel. 128, Troon. 
Fullarton House, Troon : Unoccupied. 
Gadgirth, Annbank Station : Stewart 

Kennedy. Tel. 21 Annbank. 
Gilmilnscroft, Mauchline : Mark 

Oliver. Tel. Catrine 17. 
Glenholm, Monkton: Captain G. 

Mackie-C'ampbell. Tel. 196, Troon. 
Gowanbank. West, Darvel : A. 

Morton. Tel. 202, Darvel. 
Gowanbank, East, Darvel : Mrs 

Morton. Tel. 230, Darvel. 
Grange, Maybole : Mrs N. E. 




Grey Gables, Monkton : Captain 

Collins. Tel. 53, Troon. 
Hallhouse, Fenwick : Mrs E. D. 

Findlay. Tel. Fenwick, 35. 
Hapland, Dunlop : Thomas Mackie, 

J.P. Tel. Dunlop 29. 
Hareshawinuir, Kilmarnock : E. 

Eichmond Paton. Tel. Fenwick 43. 
Haughbank House, Mauchline : 

Office of Ballochinyle Creamery Co. 
Hillhouse, Troon : Mrs J. B. Thorney 

croft. Tel 33, Troon. 
Hillhouse Lodge, Fenwick, Kilmar- 
nock : Alex. Fairlie. Tel. Fenwick 

Hollybush House, Hollybush : Lieut.- 

Com. E. Billyard-Leake. Tel. 14, 

Kennox, Stewarton : Godfrey 

M'Alister : Tel. 31, Torranyards. 
Kingencleugh, Mauchline : J. F. 

Forrest. Tel. 17, Mauchline. 
Kirkbride, Maybole : Lieut.-Colonel 

W. T. E. Houldsworth. Tel. 2, 

Kirkiand, Dunlop: Eobert Clement. 

Tel. Dunlop 23. 
Knockdon, Maybole : Eobert Cross. 

Tel. 86, Maybole. 
Ladykirk, Monkton : Eobert L. 

Angus. Tel. Prestwick 7417. 
Lainshaw, Stewarton : W. H. Gofi. 

Tel. 9, Stewarton. 
Lanfine, Newmilns : Sir H. E. Cayzer, 

Bart. Tel. 209, Darvel. 
Lochgreen, Troon : Mrs G. Morton. 

Tel. 41, Troon. 
Lochridge, Stewarton : T. H. Gollan. 

Tel. 2, Stewarton. 
Loudoun Cottage, Galston : H. W. 

Seagrave. Tel. 22, Galston. 
Martnaham Lodge, Coylton : Herbert 

J. Dunsmuir. Tel. 4, Dalrymple. 
Monktonhead, Monkton : Col. K. H. 

M. Connal. Tel. 7559, Prestwick. 
Monkton House, Monkton : Col. G. 

Staunton. Tel. 7401. Prestwick. 
Monkton Miln, Monkton: E. A. 

M'Lean. Tel. 7588, Prestwick. 
Monkwood House, Ayr : P. C. Eoss. 

Tel. 39 Alloway. 
Montgomerie. Tarbolton: Jas Arthur. 

Tel. 34, Tarbolton. 
Montgreenan, Kilwinning : Sir John 

Bell, Bart. Tel. 6, Kilwinning. 
Mount, Kilmarnock : Jas. L. Lawson. 

Tel. 204 Kilmarnock. 
Mount Charles, by Ayr. Mrs E. A. 

Oswald. Tel. 28, Alloway. 
Mount Hamilton, by Ayr : Wilson 

Harvey. Tel. 7464, Prestwick. 
Neilsbill, Annbank Station: Walter 

P. Naismitb. Tel. 2, Annbank. 
Nether Auchendrane, Maybole : 

Eobert Paterson. Tel. 17, Alloway. 
Nethermuir, Monkton : Misses Bone. 

Tel. Prestwick 7195. 
Netherplace, Mauchline : Mrs E. 

Hamilton-Campbell. Tel. 1, Mauch- 
Newark Castle, by Ayr : Archibald 

Walker. Tel. 4, Alloway. 

Newfield, Kilmarnock: Col. C. G. 

MacAndrew. Tel. 396 K'marnock. 
Newhouse, Hurlford : D. Simpson. 

Tel. 682, Kilmarnock. 
Norwood, Duulop : James N. Cuth- 

bert, J.P. Tel. 66, Stewarton. 
Old Auchendrane, by Ayr : Mrs J. 

Galloway. Tel. 37, Alloway. 
Orangefield House and Hotel, Prest- 
wick. Tel. 7281, Prestwick. 
Perceton, Irvine : 
Eavelston, Longbank Eoad, Ayr : A. 

E. Bell. Tel. 3037, Ayr. 
Eedbrae, Monkton : G. Farie Ander- 
son. Tel. Prestwick 7628. 
Eedburn, Irvine : Brigadier-General 

Walker. Tel. 18, Irvine. 
Eedcroft, Monkton: H. J. Taylor. 

Tel. Prestwick 7201. 
Eobertland, Stewarton : Dr Cun- 
ningham. Tel. 56, Stewarton. 
Eodinghead House, Mauchline : Eus- 

seLl Broom. Tel. Fiveways 33. 
Eosemount, Monkton : A. Arthur. 

Tel. 7641, Prestwick. 
Eoune Knowe, Monkton; Fred J. W. 

Service. Tel. Prestwick, 7492. 
Eowallan Castle, Kilmarnock : Lord 

Eowallan. Tel. 127, Kilmarnock. 
Eozelle, by Ayr : Colonel C. L. C. 

Hamilton. Tel. 31, Alloway. 
Sandhills, Monkton : A. C. Eobertson. 

Tel. 7405, Prestwick. 
Sauchrie, Maybole : Colonel T. C 

Dunlop. Tel. 55, Maybole. 
Shawhill, Hurlford: James H. Neill. 

Tel. 590, Kilmarnock. 
Sorn Castle, Mauchline: Mrs T. W. 

MTntvre. Tel. 2, Catrine. 
Southpark, Monkton: W. P. Stewart. 

Tel. 131, Troon. 
Sonthwood. Monkton : John G. 

Couper. Tel. 387, Troon. 
Springhill, Kilmarnock : Miss Finnie. 

Tel. 29 Kilmarnock. 
Stair House, Tarbolton: G. M. 

Lockhart. Tel. 10, Trabboch. 
Stairaird, Mauchline : H. J. J. Howie. 

Tel. 11. Mauchline. 
Stockbridge, Symington : Eev. J. 

L. Davies. Tel. 2, Symington. 
Struther House, Dunlop : Mrs Agnes 

Sundrum, by Ayr: Ernest S. Coats. 

Tel. 2352, Ayr. 
Symington House, Symington: Eer. 

H. G. Eoberts Hay-Boyd. 
Temple House, Annbank Station : 

Mrs E. A. M. Davidson. Tel. 19, 

Templetonburn : F. C. Howie. Tel. 

7o, Kilmarnock. 
The Dean, Kilmarnock: Eight Hon. 

Lord Howard de Walden. Tel. 26, 

Tbe Grange. Darvel : Dr Alexander. 

Tel. 264, Darvel 
Thorntoun, Crossbouse : Mrs Margaret 

Sturrock. Tel. 112, Kilmarnock. 
Tour, Kilmaurs: Major E. G. R. 

Lloyd. Tel. 54, Kilmaurs. 
Towans. Prestwick: Eobert T. 

Neilson. Tel. 7406, Prestwick. 



Treesbank, Kilmarnock : Gavin 

Morton. Tel. 58, Kilmarnock. 
Trynlaw, Symington : J. Graham 

Young. Tel. 13, Symington. 
Underwood, Symington : Major John 

Kennedy. Tel. 8, Symington. 
Westburn, Monkton : A. N. Murdoch. 

Tel. 7550, Prestwick. 
Westercrof t, Symington : Mrs M. K. 

Dubs. Tel. 219, Troon. 
Westlands, Newmilns : Wm. Morton. 

Tel. 256, Darvel. 

Westwood, Prestwick Koad, Monk- 
ton : Mrs E. Fleming. Tel. 2700, 

Westwood, Dunlop : Miss E. Andrews. 
Tel. 67, Stewarton. 

Woodend, Hurlt'ord : Miss M. T. Gil- 

Woodside, Mauchline : Mrs Bain and 
R. Yuille. Tel. 6, Mauchline. 


Printers, Bookbinders 
and Stationers. 

Specialists in 

Leather Goods : : 
Office Requisites 

it, The Cross, PRESTWICK Td. 7432 

Begd. Office: 37 NEWMARKET STREET, AYR Tel. 3877 








Estimates Free 






House Agents -f"TL JL JL^. Funeral Undertakers 

Phone— Day, Ayr 2446 :: Night, Alloway 74 


Rural Directory. 


Adam, William, South Sanquhar, by 

Alloway District Nursing Association, 

Athole Cottage, by Ayr. 
Anderson, Mrs, spirit merchant, 14 

Main Koad, Whitletts. 
Andrew, Miss K., 3 Belleisle Cot- 
tages, Alloway. 
Armstrong, Walter, Friarland Farm, 

by Ayr. 
Auld, Thomas, blacksmith, Alloway 

Smithy, Alloway. 
Baird, James B., Schoolhouse, 

Alloway. Tel. 26, Alloway. 
Baird, Robert and John, Mount 

Ferguson, by Ayr. 
Bamber, Mrs, Alloway Cottage, 

Barclay, Hugh, Belston Farm, by 

Ayr. Tel. 26, Joppa. 
Baxter, Henry, gardener, 11 Rozelle 

Terrace, Maybole Boad, by Ayr. 
Bone. William, East Sanquhar, by 

Ayr. Tel. 7586, Prestwick. 
Bone, William T., Mid Sanquhar, by 

Ayr. Tel. 7657, Prestwick. 
Borland, Robert, signalman, 6 

Rozelle Terrace, Maybole Road, by 

Bowden, Mrs, Burns Monument Hotel, 

Alloway. Tel. 18, Alloway. 
Bowie, Richard A., The Homestead, 

Clochra'nhill Road, Alloway. 
Bowie, David 0. D., laundryman, 

Muirdale, Alloway. Tel. 16, 

Bowie, John W. (of M. R. Bowie), 

cabinetmaker, upholsterer, and 

funeral undertaker, Wallacefield, 

Alloway. Tel. 74, Alloway. 
Brittan, John, foreman gardener, 1 

Rozelle Cottages, Maybole Road, by 

Brown, Mrs, Kenstay Cottages. 

Browning, William, teacher, School- 
house, St. Quivox, by Ayr. 
Bryan, James, labourer, 9 Rozelle 

Terrace, Maybole Road, by Ayr. 
Buchan, William, Glenlea, Dalrymple 

Burgess, Daniel, gardener, 1 Wright- 
field Cottages, Alloway. 
Burns Bros., Slaphouse, Ayr. 
Campbell, Gilbert, motor mechanic, 

5 Rozelle Terrace, Maybole Road, 

by Ayr. 
Campbell, James, gardener, 10 

Rozelle Terrace, Maybole Road, by 

Campbell, James G., bank account- 
ant, Smithy Cottage, Alloway. 

Carlyle, W. & R., Bankfield, Dalmel- 
lington Road, by Ayr. Tel. 2364, 

Carnegie & Sons, Belmont and Ann- 
field Nurseries, by Ayr. Tel. 50, 

Carnegie, C. L„ Woodlea Nursery, 
Maybole Road, Ayr. Tel. 54 

Carrick, James, Martins, Greenfield 
Avenue, by Ayr. Tel. 52, Alloway. 

Clark, James, High Cockhill Farm, 
by Ayr. 

Clark, Mrs, Lea Park, Carcluie Road, 
by Ayr. 

Combe, Edwin T., sales manager, 
Oastlehill, Ayr. 

Cook, Edward D., St. Evox, Auchin- 
cruive, by Ayr. Tel. 7497, Prest- 

Cowan, Henry & William, Whiteford- 
hill Farm, by Ayr. 

Craig, Charles 0., Kincaidston Farm, 
by Ayr. Tel. 48, Alloway. 

Craig, Jam-3s, Ltd., Holmston Farm, 
Ayr. Tel. 2241, Ayr. 

Crawford, Alexander, High Thorney- 
flat, by Ayr Tel. 9324, Ayr. 

Cunningham. Andrew, joiner, Ven- 
nacher, Alloway. 

Cunningham. John T., joiner, Car- 
rick View, Alloway. 

Cunningharue, Andrew, Millbrae, 

Cunninghame, Elias C, Ronachan, 

Dickie, Andrew C, Shawhill Farm, 
Monkton. Tel. 7375, Prestwick. 

Dickson, John, caretaker, Monument 
Cottage, Alloway. 

Dill, Dr Marcus G., Greenfield House, 
Alloway. Tel. 47, Alloway. 

Douglas, William J. A., accountant, 
Sunnyside, Alloway. 

Downie, Alexander, shunter, 2 
Station Cottages, Alloway. 

Downie, Alexander, forester, Belle- 
isle Stables, by Ayr. 

Drummond, Messrs, Laigh Thorney- 
fiat, by Ayr. Tel. 9334, Ayr. 

Dunlop, James, Shaw Farm, Monkton, 
by Ayr. Tel. 7473, Prestwick. 

Dunlop, William, Clune Farm, Monk- 
ton. Tel. 7362, Prestwick. 

Dunn, Mrs, Taybank Hand Laundry, 
Belmont, Ayr. Tel. 38, Alloway. 

Ferguson, Carmichael, telephone 
linesman, 12 Rozelle Terrace, May- 
bole Road, by Ayr. 

Frew, Thomas, flesher, Mount 
Oliphant, by Ayr. 

Frew, Thomas, High Corton, by Ayr. 
Tel. 34, Alloway. 

Gemmell, John, Braehead Farm, by 
Ayr. Tel. 2477, Ayr. 



Gibb. Joseph P., Brocklehill Farm, 

Annbank. Tel. 10, Annbank. 
Gilinour, William, Wheatpark Farm, 

by Ayr. Tel. 9321, Ayr. 
Halliday, John, greenkeeper- 

manager, South Lodge, Belleisle, by 

Hamilton, Colonel, Rozelle House, 

Ayr. Tel. 31, Alloway. 
Hamilton, James, chauffeur, 1 Stone 

Cottage, Alloway. 
Hamilton, Rev. John, B.D., Manse, 

Doonholm Boad, Alloway. Tel. 36. 

Hannah Dairy Research Institute (T. 

W. Gibson^ Kirkhill, by Ayr. Tel. 

7192, Prestwick. 
Harvey, John, gardener, Rozelle 

Cottage, £ lloway. 
Harvey, Wilson, engineer, Mount 

Hamilton, by Ayr. Tel. 7464, 

Henderson, James, storeman, Rose 

Cottage, Old Toll, Ayr. 
Hope, James, greenkeeper, Belleisle 

Stables, by Ayr. 
Hopkin, John S., Barwheys Farm, 

Annbank Station. 
Howat. Andrew, Kirklandholm Farm, 

Monkton. • 

Howatson, Gilbert, gardener, Belle- 
isle Cottages, Doonfoot, by Ayr. 
Hutton, James & John, Laigh Corton 

Farm, by Ayr. 
Hutton, James, jun., Lochfergus 

Farm, by Ayr. 
Irving, John, Alloway Dairy, Mains- 
hill, Alloway. Tel. 66, Alloway. 
Johnstone, Messrs, Braston Farm, by 

Johnstone, William, Sessionfleld 

Farm, by Ayr. 
Kelly, William, merchant, 6 Belleisle 

Cottages, Alloway. 
Kennedy, Colonel Norman, D.S.O., 

Doonholm, Ayr. Tel. 6, Alloway. 
Kerr, James & David, South Corton 

Farm, by Ayr. 
Kerr, Matthew, goods agent, Station 

House, Alloway. 
Kirk, Archibald, grieve, High Glen- 
gall Farm, by Ayr. 
Lennie, Rev. Selby, Cambusdoon, 

Alloway. Tel. 53, Alloway. 
Limond, John, Aiwyn, Clochranhill 

Road, Afloway. 
Logan, John T., dealer, Hopetoun 

Cottage, Dalrymple Station. 
Lymburn, Robert, land steward, 

Craigie Home Farm, by Ayr. 
M'Alpine, William, clerk, Station 

House, Auchincruive, by Ayr. 
M'Callurn, James, joiner, Old Toll, by 

Ayr. Tel. 3350, Ayr. 
M'Callurn, John D„ clubmaker, Belle 

isle Estate, Ayr. 
M'Clymont. Hugh, pointsman, Dal- 
rymple Junction, by Ayr. 
M'Colm & Gibson, Whitehill Farm, by 

M'Creath, William D., Mainholm 

Farm, by Ayr. Tel. 9333, Ayr. 

Macdonald, Robert, 1 Belleisle Cot- 
tages, Ayr. 
M'Donald, James, joiner, 4 Belleisle 

Cottages, Alloway. 
M'Dowall, James, foreman, Macnair- 

ston Farm, by Ayr. 
M'Garvie, William, shoemaker, 2 

Rozelle Terrace, Maybole Road, by 

M'George, Mrs, 1 Belleisle Cottages 

Doonfoot, by Ayr. 
M'Kerrow, William, Dalmilling Farm 

by Ayr. Tel. 9323, Ayr. 
M'Kitting, John, carter, stables 

Belleisle Estate, Ayr. 
M'Mynn, Thomas, caretaker, Burns 

Cottage, Alloway. 
M'Nair, Robert H., dentist, Bar 

bainie. Main Road, Whitletts. Tel 

9332, Ayr. 
M'Naughton, S., Fulshaw Wood Farm 

by Ayr. Tel. 9325, Ayr. 
M'Nee, James, Greenfield Cottage 

M'Rae, Dr., Glengall, by Ayr. Tel 

5080, Ayr. 
M'Whirter, Robert & James, Car 

cluie Farm, by Ayr. Tel. 19, Dal- 
Mack, William J., The Bield, 

Maclay, George, motor engineer, 2 

Belleisle Cottages, Ayr. 
Manson, James, Highfield Farm, by 

Ayr. Tel. 7187, Prestwick. 
Marshall, Miss Annie, Doonlea, Doon- 
holm Road, Alloway. Tel. 44, 

Marshall, William, & Co., nursery- 
men, Castlehill, Ayr. Tel. 3671 

Mathie, James B., Old Toll, Ayr. 
Meeking, Miss Barbara, 3 Belleisle 

Cottages, Doonfoot. 
Melville, Peter, Greenfield Cottage, 

Miller, Edward J., motor patrol, 37 

Low Road, Whitletts. 
Miller, Miss, matron, Auchincruive 

Hostel, by Ayr. 
Monaghan. Mrs, Swanston, Doonholm 

Road, Alloway. Tel. 71, Alloway. 
Morrison, Thomas, 8 Eozelle Terrace, 

Maybole Road, by Ayr. 
Morton, John M. Mathie, M.B., CM., 

Belmont, Ayr. Tel. 2689, Ayr. 
Murdoch, John, motorman, Stables, 

Belleisle Estate, by Ayr. 
Murray, William, Carrick Place, 

Napier, N. fiardiner, Doonholm Road. 

Ormsby, Mrs, Brickrow Farm, by 

Ayr. Tel. 9336, Ayr. 
Oswald, Mrs, Mount Charles, by Ayr. 

Tel. 28, Alloway. 
Paterson, David, porter, Station 

House, Dalrymple. 
Paterson, William, 36 Main Road, 

Paton, John, 2 Belleisle Cottages, 




Paton, M'Kenzie C, engineer, 4 Belle- 
isle Cottages, Doonfoot. 
Pollock, Donald G., Trees Farm, by 

Pollok-Morris, Robert M., Doonbrae, 

Alloway. Tel. 32, Alloway. 
Reid, Allan W., 6 and 14 Main 

Road, Whitletts. Tel. 3895, Ayr. 
Reid, William, gardener, Belleisle 

Cottages, Doonfoot. 
Ritchie, David, manager, Nursery- 
hall, by Ayr. Tel. 2607, Ayr. 
Robertson, Thomas A. G., Alloway 

Croft, Doouholm Road, Alloway. 

Tel. 49, Alloway 
Robertson, Messrs, Laigh Glengall 

Farm, by Ayr. 
Robertson, Messrs, Clochranhill. 

Alloway. Tel. 22, Alloway. 
Robertson, Thomas, Clochranhill, 

Roney, David, gunsmith, 7 Rozelle 

Terrace, Maybole Road, by Ayr. 
Ross, David. Peggieshill Farm, by 

Roxburgh, John, Buruton Farm, Ayr. 
Scott, Henry, restaurateur, Belleisle 

House, by Ayr. Tel. 5, Alloway. 
Scott, William, caretaker, 5 Belleisle 

Cottages, Alloway. 
Shennan, Robert, Bank Farm, by 

Ayr. Tel. 5294, Ayr. 
Sim, John F., 26 Main Road, Whit- 
Sime, Archibald, Bellsbank Farm, by 

Smith, Miss Margaret H., Beresford, 

Doonholm Road, Alloway. 
Smith, John & Robert, Shields Farm, 

Monkton. Tel. 7658, Prestwick. 
Smith, Matthew & William, Moss- 
blown Farm, Annbank Station. 
Snape, John W., musician, Slaphouse 

Cottage, by Ayr. Tel. 2570, Ayr. 
Steele, Thomas F., grain merchant, 

Overmills House, Overmills, by Ayr. 

Tel. 2534, Ayr. 
Stevenson, John, Gateside Farm, Ayr. 

Tel. 3484, Ayr. 
Stewart, Mrs. Carrick Place, Alloway. 
Strain, William B., Narvada, Ful- 

shaw Wood, by Ayr. 
Tait, Andrew, market gardener, 3 

Rozelle Terrace, Maybole Road, by 

Taylor. James F., market gardener, 

Wrightfield Nursery, Alloway. 
Thomson, Alexander D., teacher, 

Glencairn Cottage, Alloway. 
Thomson, Fred W., engineer, North 

Park, by Ayr. Tel. 77, Alloway. 
Thomson, James, gardener, Summer- 
field, by Ayr. 
Thomson, John S., house steward, 

Woodend Cottages, Glengall, by 

Turnbull, John C, Drumbarr, 

Alloway. Tel. 12, Alloway. 
Ure, Donald M., Dutch Mills, 

Alloway. Tel. 40, Alloway. 
Ure, Donald M., Wallacefield, 


Wallace, John, gardener, Rozelle Cot- 
tages, by Ayr. 
Watson, David, jun., Abbothill 

Farm, by Ayr. 
Watson, David, jun., Thornhill 

Farm, by Ayr. 
Watson & Batchelor, Ltd., cattle 

salesmen, Forehill Farm, Ayr. 
Wilson, Mrs, Castlehill, Ayr. Tel. 

2133, Ayr. 
Wilson, Messrs, Broomberry Farm, 

Wilson, Messrs, Barrhill Farm, 

Wilson, Hugh, Noltmire Farm, by 

Wilson, Rev. James P., B.D., St. 

Quivox Manse, St. Quivox. Tel. 

7576, Prestwick. 
Wither & Lindsay, nurserymen, Bel- 
mont, Ayr. 
Wyllie, Robert M., Masonhill Farm, 

by Ayr. Tel. 3550, Ayr. 
Young, Charles, water inspector, 4 

Rozelle Terrace, Maybole Road, by 

Young, Robert, jun., Blackhill Farm, 

by Ayr. 
Young, John M., Pleasantfield Farm, 

Young, Matthew, Roodlands Farm, by 

Young, Mrs, Sandyford Farm, by 



Aird, John, Broadhead Farm, Coyl- 
ton. Tel. 24, Joppa. 
Alexander, Samuel, Laigland, Auchin- 

cruive. Tel. 55, Annbank. 
Blair, John, Milncraig Farm, 

Caldwell, Robert, Knockshoggle, Tar- 

Clark, Thomas, Whitehill Farm, 

Coats, Ernest S., Sundrum House, by 

Ayr. Tel. 2352, Ayr. 
Cowan, Hugh, Bowmanston Farm, 

Cowan, James, Corsehill Farm, 

Cowan, Robert B., Lochend Farm, 

Dale, William, Raithhill Farm, 

Dunsmuir, Herbert J., engineer, 

Martnahani Lodge, by Ayr. Tel. 

4, Dairymple. 
Dykes, James & William, Potterhill 

Farm, Tarbolton Station. 
Dykes, James, Barclaugh Farm, 

Findlay, James, coalmaster, Craigen- 

gower, Hillhead, Coylton. Tel. 17 

Greenlees, James W. S., Dinwoodie 

House, Hollybush. Tel. 3, Dai- 



Hart. Ilev. A. E., M.A., Manse, 

Hay, James, Gallowhill Farm, 

Hutchison, T. C. J., Barwheys Farm, 

Hutton, James, LocMergus Farm, by 

Kay, John, Pettock Farm, Coylton. 
Kennedy, Walter S., Gadgirth 

House, Annbank Station. Tel. 21, 

Knox, John, High and Low Knock- 

murran, Drongan. 
Lambie, Eobert, Dalmacca Farm, 

Lammie, Andrew, sen., Martnaham 

Mains, by Ayr. 
Leggat, Robert, Craigengower, Coyl- 
ton. Tel. 9351, Ayr. 
Lockhart, John, Bridend Mains, 

Logan, Andrew, Overton Farm, by 

Logan, Andrew, Southcraig Farm, 

Logan, James, Mossend Farm, by 

Logan, John M'G., Bargenoch Farm, 

Mair, James, Hall Farm, Drongan. 
Mair, James, East Drumsuie, Coylton. 
Mair, John, Colquhairnan Farm, 

Martin, Richard, Shalloch Farm, 

Montgomerie, William D., Duchray 

Farm, Coyiton. Tel. 15, Trabboch. 
Murchie, Alexander, Bogside Farm, 

Murdoch, John, sen., Highpark 

Farm. Coylton. 
Murdoch, John, sen., Laighpark 

Farm, Coylton. 
M'Harg, Gilbert, Broadwood Farm, 

Tarbolton Station. 
M'Harg, Wm., Drumsuie, Drongan. 
M'Lintock, John, Barclaugh Farm, 

M'Taggart, James, Dinwoodie Farm, 

ZSIicol, Alexander F., Barngore Farm, 

Pollock, James, Holebogs Farm, 

Prentice, George & Edward, Raith- 

hill Farm, Coylton. 
Purdie, William S., Littlemill Farm, 

by Patna. 
Rankin, James N., Carbieston House, 

Coylton. Tel. 3827, Ayr. 
Scott, Dr Walter J., Coylbank, Tar- 
bolton. Tel. 7, Trabboch. 
Semple, Matthew, Sandhill Farm, 

Smith, James, Carbieston Farm, 

Stevenson, John, Gateside Farm, 

Coylton. Tel. 3484. Ayr. 
Thomson, Joseph, Laigh Dalmore 

Farm, Tarbolton. 

Thomson, Joseph, Springs Farm, Tar- 

Watson, Alexander, Rankinston 
Farm, Bankinston. 

Watson. William M., Hole Farm, 

Wyllie, R. L. & D., Barnhill, by 

Young, Hugh W., Carbieston Byres, 

Young, Samuel, Bridgend Farm, 


Baird, Hugh, High Balsarroch, Dal- 
rymple. Tel. 18, Dalrymple. 

Barr, Mrs, Ashintree Farm, Patna. 

Billyard-Leake, Lieut.-Com., Holly- 
bush House, Hollybush. Tel. 14, 

Brown, Mrs, Laurieston Farm, Holly- 

Burgess, John. Boreland Farm, 

Calderwood, Robert, Boneston Farm, 

Calderwood, Walter, Potterston 
Farm, Dalrymple. 

Drummond. John, Malcolmston 
Farm, Hollybush. 

Ferguson, John, Woodlands, Dal- 

Houston, William, Kerse Park, 

Hyslop, Robert & David, Holehouse 
Cottage, Hollybush. 

Jess, Joseph, Farden Farm, Holly- 

Lammie, A., Martnaham Mains, Dal- 

Logan, Adam, Cloncaird Farm, by 

M'Clymont, James H, Smithston 
Farm, Patna. Tel. 11, Patna. 

M'Olyrnont James, Auchendoon 
House, Hollybush. Tel. 5, Dal- 

M'Naught, Hugh C, Knockshinnoch 
Farm, Patna. 

Mair, David, Knock jarder Farm, 

Murdoch, William & Henry, Bal- 
green Favm, Hollybush. Tel. 7, 

Pollock, Robert, Benston Farm, Dal- 

Pollock, William, Dustyhall Farm, 

Pollock, Mrs, Lindston, by Ayr. 

Seath, Rev. G. A., Manse, Dal- 
rymple. Tel. 11, Dalrymple. 

Weir, James G., Skeldon House, Dal- 

White, A. J., manager, Hollybush 
Mains, Hollybush. 

White, John, High and Laigh 
Stewarton, Dalrymple. 

Wyllie, R. D. & J., Bow Farm, Patna. 

Wyllie, Mrs, Holms Farm, Dalrymple. 




Aird, Frederick, blacksmith, Bally- 
coach, Maybole. 

Allan, William, Cloyntie Farm, 

Anderson, Miss M. E., Orchard Farm, 
Kirkmichael. Tel. 9, Kirkmichael. 

Andrew, Alexander, Glenside Farm, 

Andrew, Robert, Rowanston Farm, 

Andrew, William, Garpin Farm, 

Andrew, Mrs, Barcully Farm, Cross- 

Auld, Thomas, Auchalton Farm, 

Baird, John, jun., Kilmore Farm, 

Baird, William, Dalhowan Farm, 

Baxter, Andrew, Cassillis Mill, Dal- 

Brackenridee, William G., Balloch- 
brae, by Maybole. 

Brown, Mrs, Cullochknowes Farm, 

Bryce. Miss Jane, Laigh Woodstone, 

Bryce, Mrs, Cassington Farm, May- 

Callan, William, gamekeeper, Clon 
caird, Kirkmichael. 

Campbell, Mrs, Guiltree Mill, Kirk- 

Clowes, Alexander, gardener, Clon- 
caird Bouse, Maybole. 

Cowan, Hugh W., East Mainshill, 

Crombie, John, Aitkenhead Mill, 

Douglas, John, Glenhowe Farm, 

Downie, Alexander, Barnford Farm, 

Drummond, Alexander, Longhill 
Farm, Kii'kmichael. 

Drummond, William, Pinmerry 
Farm, by Maybole. 

Dunlop, Hugh, Drumwhill Farm, 

Dunlop, James, Mackailston Farm, 

Dunlop, Quintin, West Barnshean, 

Dunlop. William, Kileekie Farm, 

Dunn, Mrs, High Woodstone, Dal- 

Gardner, James, Fairyknowes Farm, 

Gray, Mrs, Aitkenhead Farm, Kirk- 

Harkness, Charles & James, millers, 
Baird's Mill, Kirkmichael. 

Hiddleston, James, manager, Far- 
den William, Maybole. 

Hodee, George, Burnton Farm, Cross- 

Hope, Robert, gamekeeper, Bigg. 

Houldsworth, Lieut. -Colonel, Kirk- 
bride, Maybole. Tel. 2, Crosshill. 

Houldsworth, Lieut.-Colonel, Threave 
Farm, Kirkmichael. Tel. 4, Cross- 

Hughes-Onslow, Captain 0., Lady- 
burn House, Crosshill. Tel. 6, 

Hutton, Allan, Lindsayston Farm, 

Johnston, Bev. George A., Manse, 
Kirkmichael. Tel. 5, Kirkmichael. 

Johnston, Mrs, The Lodge, Cloncaird, 

Kennedy, John, Crawfordston Farm, 

Mair, William, Parkfairn Farm, 
Kirkmichael. Tel. 3, Crosshill. 

Mair, William B., Montgomerieston, 
Dalrymple. Tel. 12, Dalrymple. 

Marshall, Bobert, Merkland Farm, 

Maybole and District Farmers' 
Association, Ltd., Aitkenhead 
Creamery, Kirkmichael. Tel. 3, 

Milne, James, Cloncaird House, Kirk- 

Montgomerie, James, Kirkbride 
Farm, Crosshill. 

Moodie, Alexander, Dunree Farm, 
Dalrymple. Tel. 17, Dalrymple. 

Morton, Das-id, Ashfield Farm, Kirk- 

Murdoch, James, gamekeeper, Clon- 
caird Kennels, Maybole. 

M'Olure, John, gardener, Cloncaird, 

M'Crindle, James, Balsaggart, May- 

M'Fadzean, James, Barneil Farm, 

MTadzean, John, Goosehill Farm,